As a male human noble, how can I marry Anora and become king?

  1. The Dragon Age wiki says that it is possible to arrange a marriage between yourself and queen anora if you are a male human noble. Exactly how does one go about achieving this?

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Accepted Answer

  1. During the landsmeet when you have a chance to speak with Anora in Arl Eamon's Estate there will be a dialogue option to present the idea of marriage to her.

    At the actual landsmeet gathering you will battle against Loghian. After he is defeated you have the choice to allow him to live (causes other story issues heh), kill him yourself, or make Alistair kill him. Make sure you do not kill him yourself, make Alistair do it instead. The opposite will apply if you wish Alistair to marry her. She will refuse to marry the man who kills her father.

    During the final portion of the landsmeet after defeating Loghain state your intention to marry Anora to the gathering.

    For the ending, obviously you must live to actually marry her. So you must either accept Morrigan's offer, or allow Alistair to sacrifice himself rather than you.

    Though, becoming a true king isn't what really happens at the end. Anora wears the pants in this union.

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