Deserted Building?

  1. In Denirm, I'm having a problem with the deserted building. In my group i have me, a mage mainly for healing, Alister, Sten, and Morrigin. I dont know why but i die a lot. I was told i don't need to boost up my con but everyone attacks me. I always have Sten put on threaten and he taunts when he can but that isn't helping. Should i take away my offensive spells? My spells do a lot of damage so I'm thinking that may be the problem. All help would be of use!

    User Info: Jviper21

    Jviper21 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I agree with both of the previous answers.

    Also wondering what level you are doing this? I know this game adjusts as you level but I died WAY to much when doing this quest with my first character so I waited and did it a little later in the game with my second and did this questst when I went to Denirum to do the Landsmeet and it was much easier to get through. In that party I had Myself (Warrior off tank), Alister (Main Tank), Zevran (DPS) and Morrigan (crowd control).

    I would recommend saving often, perhaps waiting until your characters have some of the upper level skills which help, and having Alister as your main tank since he is a sword and shield warrior he can just take it better then Sten IMO. But I have also not played through as a Mage yet so this could all be moot

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  1. I think one of the problems you might be having is Sten tanking. Alistair is much better for that, Sten is really for damage dealing. I haven't done this situation yet, so I can't really give you detailed help, just a suggestion.

    User Info: Dantethedvl

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  2. I had trouble with this area too. Make sure to fight in smaller rooms if possible, so you won't take as much damage from ranged enemies. This also increases the effectiveness of spells like Morrigan's Mind Blast or the dog's Dread Howl. Basically, tell everyone to hold their ground in a room you think is a good place for a fight, kite some enemies back there with you, spam stun abilities, kill, rinse, repeat.

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  3. Target/focus-fire your group on the ranged ones first before the melee ones....

    User Info: Mazinger_Kaiser

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  4. I had my problems with that the first time aswell. The Thing is if you play mage(worse Healer) as Main you HAVE TO controle the field, you have noone backing YOU up youi back THEM UP. If there are too many enemy's near you use Mind Blast to stunn them and direckt one of you're DD's to kill them. Also Important is the tactics. Have Alister set to attack any Enemy that attacks you AND most importatnt have any character set a slot for healing themselfs with pots once HP drops under 25%(Very important befor you have Groupe Heal). The First thing you'd want to do is killing the enemy Mages, set Sten to do that with "Mighty Blow" which will probably stun them when not killing them off. Also I'd recomment using Leilana over Morrigan in that constallation, she will stay near you(you should make her use Bows) and pick of targets from the back. The rest should be not too difficult after the mages are dead.
    GENERAL ADVICE: Save befor entering a new room. Pause the game every few Seconds and direct you're allies efficiently.
    If you follow this you will pretty much have no problem throughout the game except maybe for Broodmother, Dragons and the Endboss, the thing giving you the endge there is managing most moves of you're complete party, meaning pausing the game --> order ---> wait a second ---> rinse and repeat.

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