What's the best group?

  1. Im wondering, what's the best group. I am a low level healer, but with another character i have come across everyone. Should i keep the group i have( Alister, Sten, and Morrigan) and level them, or change?

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    Jviper21 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Short Answer: 1 Tank + 1 Healer + 2 Damage Dealers

    Long Answer :

    The thing with Dragon Age: Origins is that most encounters do not require a Tank-Healer-DPS setup, as most other RPG's of that caliber. That being said, the people in your party start off with an inclination towards a specific role:

    Alistair leans towards tanking in the beginning, but since you get him early, you can spec him towards dealing damage with 2-Handers or Dual Weapons

    Morrigan starts off as a damage dealer. Again, since you get her pretty early, you can spec her to play support as well.

    Dog is a damage dealer, though his usefulness pans out later on.

    Sten is heavily invested in 2-Hand weapon talents, so he'll probably be a damage dealer. He's inferior in many ways to Ohgren, so once you get the latter, there's no compelling reason to use Sten.

    Lelianna starts with mostly Archery talents and 2 levels of Deft Hands, though she can easily be specced towards melee early on.

    Wynne is heavily invested towards support spells, so it'll be wise to continue as such.

    Zevran has a lot of Assassination and DW talents at the beginning, though no deft hands. If you plan on making him your lockpicker, you're probably going to gimp his damage potential early game.

    Shale is pretty much the same as Dog, and also her usefulness pans out later on

    Ohgren is easily a 2-H berserker. Getting him late means he's stuck in that role.

    Lohgain is a tank. Again, since you get him late, he's stuck there.

    Apart from your group's inclinations toward specific roles, their specializations will matter too, since most specialization talents do not stack with each other. For instance, having 2 rangers won't really do a thing since you should only have 1 pet per group at a time. Same with Bard Songs and the Champion's Rally.

    Also determining how effective your party make-up is how much money you have. If money is no object, a team composed of 4 damage dealers can steamroll most random encounters since they have good gear and can chug pots like no tomorrow.

    Finally, the last thing determining how effective a party composition is, is how well you can micro-manage them. Well thought-out Tactics scripts works wonders during combat, but nothing beats good micro-management.

    So in summary, making the "best possible" group will depend on how you spec your party, how much money you have, and how well you control your characters. Since all 3 of these are variables, there's no overall "best" group. "Best" is how well a group works for you.

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Other Answers

  1. The best group makeup is what works for you. Differences of play-style determines what works the best when you break down the numbers. Do not forget, that no matter what is best on paper may not be what you have the most fun playing with.

    With that disclaimer out of the way....

    I would dump Sten. 2h warriors are relatively weak due to lack of utility to go with damage output (unlike mages and rogues who have an abundance of utility). Also, out of the 2h warriors available to you (Sten & Oghren) Sten is the weaker. He only gets 1 specialization point rather than 2.

    To round out the group, pick up a rogue to pick locks. Leliana is the easiest option. Max out the device mastery line and get her cunning to 30 and you'll be able to open every lock in the game. Setting up as an Archer, Bard, Ranger is the best way to go with her. Keep Song of Valor running to increase regen rates, Song of Courage can be nice as well, though. I often choose not to spend more points into Bard to free up talent points for other things as it helps keep her low on micromanagement, you'll just have to play with it and find what works for you. Once you gain access to Ranger pets they can deal solid damage and are an extra body to soak damage. Also, as a Blood Mage you can drain health from the pet rather than your groupmates. My favorite is the bear, but the biggest problem is he's huge and can get in the way in cramped quarters.

    Morrigan I can go either way on. She's a great help to any party but I find myself micromanaging too much when she's around. I prefer to keep the focus on my main character, but again, that's my personal play-style and what works for me. For example, even when I'm playing a healer speced mage I still pick up enough crowd control and damage spells to fill that role. If I bring another mage with, I prefer Wynne. With proper setup of tactics she can keep the group alive easily with very little micromanagement.

    Alistair is always in my group, no matter what class or specialization I'm playing.

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