What is the best spec for mage?

  1. Although I'm still a low lvl mage, i have set his skills towards attacking since I plan to have wynn in my group. So, what would be a good spec? I haven't looked at the specs, but i know one of them is blood mage. If i choose that, will it effect how my group or people in general look at me?

    User Info: Jviper21

    Jviper21 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Shapeshifter = absolutely useless. There is never a logical reason to change into a form to use abilities that pale in comparison to real spells while doing sub-par damage. If you play your character and game well you will never have mana issues, making the argument of using a shapeshift when out of mana not an issue.

    Arcane Warrior = very effective but is a playstyle that I don't personally enjoy, I'd rather cast spells consistently. Can also be confusing to new players due to management of sustained abilities vs spellcasting. Both Spirit Healer and Blood Mage mix well with AW, you just have to adjust your play-style.

    Spirit Healer = awesome no matter how you cut it. All 4 abilities in this tree are extremely effective. Cleansing Aura isn't quite as good as it may sound but it's nice none-the-less.

    Blood Mage = borderline ridiculous in how powerful it is when used properly. Even if you did nothing but swap in and out to use Blood Wound you'll be happy with the spec. Once you learn how to maximize your stats, gear, strategy, and sustained abilities... unreal. Being a blood mage has little effect on the game story or your companions. Just don't mention you are a blood mage during conversation and there will be no issues.

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Other Answers

  1. If you choose blood mage no your party won't look at you differently only thing with blood mage is you might need to put a few points into constitution but thats your choice too. Blood mages have a very good crowd control spell and if you use him the right way you will never run out of casting juice. Spiritual healer or Arcane Warrior, its really up to you I like being the healer because I think they require just a bit of managing but I've also made AW mages just so I could wear armor and use Shimmering Sheild but never really used melee weapons... the sheild spell may be worth it but I think making a blod mage/healer with all points into Magic is the way to go lol

    User Info: RoySD18

    RoySD18 - 7 years ago 0 0

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