How to ramance wit both morrigan & leilana and not letting me choose 1 of them ???

  1. I am romancing with both Leilana & Morrigan ..... actually just kissed leilana once , now they want me to choose 1 of them but i dont want to do dat , any help ?
    Is there anyway 2 have threesome from both of them ?

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    assamrifle - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Without a workout around (bug exploit) you cannot romance both of them. You cannot have a threesome with them either.

    If you want to take advantage of the bug which exists in the coding, here is a copy & paste of my post on the bioware forums:

    Started out with Morrigan, as she's easy. Got up to around +60 approval and just stopped there once bedding her. So then I started working up Leliana's approval. I decided to try something a little different and just kept stacking up gifts for her in my inventory instead of giving them to her as I acquired them. I got her approval rating high enough to unlock her personal quest. I might have given her just 1 gift, I can't remember now but it hardly matters as long as you can still aquire enough total gifts in your inventory to get passed this next part....

    After finishing her personal quest, I toughened her up, and the very next conversation was her ridiculing me for having a relationship with Morrigan. This was NOT the "her or me" ultimatum conversation, as I was not in a full romance with Leliana yet, she was just in the 'interested' stage. It's the jealously masked behind 'it's dangerous for our group' conversation. So instead of taking the -15 hit, I just reloaded to just before the conversation.

    At this point, I tossed all the gifts I had on her. Approval shot up enough that the next time I talked her we skipped the above conversation and went straight to the kiss then the tent. From this point Leliana never mentioned Morrigan again. I could bed both freely without either giving me the ultimatum. This is basically the point in which I had read others got to. I wanted the next step, full maxed 'love' category from Morrigan and neither of them telling me to choose.

    Later on, Morrigan ended up being moved to 80 approval 'adore' rating. Think that happened after her approval of preserving the Anvil of the Void and killing Carridan hehe. At this point she gave me the ultimatum "her or me" conversation.

    So, after trying to get around this more ways than I can remember, without the desired result, I finally figured out the right sequence of events. I knew the Golden Mirror was going to be the key, if it worked at all, but it took a while to figure out how to do it:

    Instead of talking to Morrigan, I went to talk to Leliana instead. Leliana gave me the ultimatum and I chose her. From here I went back to Morrigan. Morrigan gave me the break-up speach. *Edit*, Oops I think I left out the fact I had to talk to Morrigan at this point doing the "way are you here" line to reduce her approval further. Otherwise she went too high in approval again. I had a specific approval number goal, to keep her at 56 or below before doing the next part else approval went too high too fast. I'll double check this later.

    Next, I gave Morrigan the Golden Mirror. During that conversation there is an option to bring romance up again by telling her "It's a gift for a beautiful woman". The mirror is a massive approval boost (+23). After that she immediately went into the giving me the ring (more approval hehe).

    I talked to Morrigan once again and she gave me the ultimatum. So I chose Morrigan. But there was no approval hit for Leliana. So now Morrigan is back into love category and I talked to her again... she gave me the ring a second time lol.

    So then I went back to Leliana, expecting my latest experiment to fail yet again with a break-up conversation.... it didn't happen! I have both in the Love category and no more ultimatums! Quite easy to lose some approval with Morrigan from here to get back down under 90 if you wish to tent her.

    A fun exploit for anyone with as much free time on their hands as my post-surgery recovery has provided me heh. Be sure to save your game before every single conversation you start or you may mess up. If this has been posted before, I apologize, but can't hurt as people still ask about this constantly.


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