Build/guide for rouge assassin?

  1. Just got the game, needing a build for assassin/rouge that includes skills, stats and abilities :)

    User Info: cloudwolf7

    cloudwolf7 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Str 20
    Dex 26/28/30/35/36 resp. for DW-Expert/Punisher/Whirlwind/Evasion/DW-Master
    Cun rest
    Other stats dont touch.

    Combat Mastery
    Stealing (rank 1 is good enough, there isnt much use for it, but you open a quest line with at least R1)

    Put points into str/dex 2/1 until str is 20, after that dex/cun 2/1 until you have your desired dex score, after that cunning all the way.

    Skills, get Combat mastery first and coercion, after that poisons.

    Lockpicking You need R4+30Cun to open every lock in the game, for each rank less, you need 10 more cunning. So at Rank3 you would have to have 40 cunning to open everything.

    You should also work towards lethality first, this is the skill that allows us to add the cun modifier instead of str to calculate the dmg and we need more cun than str anyways, so build on that.

    Dirty Fighting is always a good pick, as is the whole line.

    DW Talents everything except each 4th talent, they are only medicore useful, which is why the dex recommendation is so versatile. Some people like the skills, others argue that you do more dmg without them (which is sadly true) so its up to you if you want to use them.
    Best DPS will be with momentum alone. If you choose to hasten your group with your mage, be sure to turn of momentum, as both modifiers together are bugged and result in a slower attack speed. Only Warriors can benefit from both if they use precise striking as well.

    Side note.. why not visit the forums with that question? There are more than enough tips and hints that go that way.

    User Info: Amokhunter

    Amokhunter - 7 years ago 0 0

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