Watchguard for The Living?

  1. How can I solve this Quest? [In the Circle of Magi]

    User Info: Ravenx3x

    Ravenx3x - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. On, I believe the 3rd level of the tower, you'll find a giant room close the start of that level. In it are 3 statues and you have to click on them in the right order. If you click on the right one it looks like nothing happens. If you click on the wrong one it will shock you. If you can't click on them at all then you need to go back down to the lower levels and find more of the Codex pages about the quest.

    Anyway, the order of the statues is the one closest to the exit to the next room. Then the one closest to the entrance of the level. Then the middle one. As I said before if you did it right it will seem like nothing has happened. After that then there is one more statue you need to click on. It is in the final room of that level in the same place as the stairs to the next. The statue it's self is in the middle of the room. Once you click on it, and have rightly done the others, you'll get a message that says something has appeared in the lower levels of the tower, or something along those lines, if you did the other statues wrong then this one will shock you as well.

    So, after you've got your message go back down to level One I believe it is, in the same room you found Wynne in. If you haven't noticed it before on the wall is a small stair case leading down to a locked door. Run over to that door and click on it. A message will pop saying it's locked and out of no where a fire demon will spawn. Kill it and take your nice new two handed sword.

    User Info: CrippledCarny

    CrippledCarny (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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