What is the best strategy for Dual Weapon Rouge?

  1. Hi!

    I chose a dual weapon Rouge city elf. And my question is following: What attributes+skills should I boost, if I want to have insane attack speed, and evasion?

    Once again, I dont need much life, or damage, or armor. I want to evade nearly every attack, and hit like a frenzy barbarian in D2 :)

    Also some help would be appreciated in what items to wear. (here the main aim, is stamina regeneration)

    Thank you very much!

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    Bozso46 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Str to 20 (for best light armor), Dex to 36 (required for talents and daggers), rest into Cunning (highest damage increase available). Con and Wil to balance out survivability from spell AEs and ability usage.

    You won't need much stamina regen as you won't need to use many activated abilities. If you are behind your opponent (or opponent stunned), then most activated abilities are a damage reduction rather than boost.... backstab is godly. The most sta you will need will be for stun/escape abilities which don't use much to begin with.

    My favorite specialization setup is Assassin/Bard. Assassin for Exploit Weakness (+dmg to backstabs based on Cunning score). Bard for Distraction and buffs. Ranger is killer for those who like to play with less than normal party size (or completely solo) for cannon fodder. Duelist is mediocre at best.

    Defensive stats (avoidance) are a complete waste unless you are trying to solo your way through the game. Keep the mobs on the tank and your backstabs will destroy anything in seconds. Between Combat Stealth, Distraction, Dirty Fighting, and Riposte, you will have more than enough escapes to make defensive stats worthless.

    An alternate build is stacking Dex and ignoring Cun. This will give you higher defense (tho poor armor rating) but at the cost of a ton of your damage output. Cunning dips into multiple sources for damage increases. Cunning itself gives Armor Penetration. You will also find high armor pen and +backstab damage (up to +30%) naturally on daggers. Also, Lethality changes your Str damage bonus to be based on Cunning instead. Since you don't need more than 20 Str but can stack Cunning to 50+... the damage bonus + armor penetration adds up fast. And Exploit Weakness for backstab damage bonuses based on Cunning on top of it all. With level and gear maxed out, I backstab for 120-180+ a hit. Single target, nothing else comes even remotely close to a backstabbing rogue.

    Gear - Base Game Only (meaning no dlc or awakening)
    Main Hand Weapon: The Rose's Thorn, sold by Garin in Orzammar Commons.
    Armor: The Felon's Coat, Wade's Emporium, Denerim (available only after your 2nd set of Drakeskin is completed)
    Gloves: Red Jenny Seekers, multiple sources... usually get from the Crow's Quests in Denerim.
    Boots: Bard's Dancing Shoes (sold by Bodahn in camp, can get 2 pairs if you purchase the first time you enter the camp, then again on later visits)
    Helmet: I prefer the Armsman's Tensioner for the +6 ATK bonus. Otherwise you could get +2 Cun or Dex, or 0.5-1 sta regen. Your choice.
    Belt: Anudril's Blessing would be best, but I tend to give that to a mage or tank instead. Not many other options available without DLC, take whichever bonus you like most, same as helmet.

    Avoid +critical CHANCE items. Backstabs are a glorified version of a critical hit, if you are in the proper position every attack is a critical and adding additional +crit chance will do absolutely nothing.

    Regardless of what anyone says, though, play how you see fit. That's the point of single player RPGs. Have fun!

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