Is it possible to get robes like the one worn by First Enchanter Irving?

  1. I don't like the ones with the fur on the shoulders, or the ones that show chest cleavage. The standard mage robes (apprentice, mage, senior enchanter) are okay, but they're a little weak. If you look closely, you can see that Irving and Zathrian (keeper of the Dalish elves) both wear a slightly different style of robe than the other mages. I haven't found one like it to wear.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Yes you can. You have to first finish The Trial of Crows quest in Denerim. You have to complete all parts of it and you can not choose to kill Master Ignacio. Once you've finish the last part of the quest Master Ignacio will leave and tell you that Cesar, his merchant friend in the Market District, will now show you his "special stock."
    Go to Cesar ask him about the stock and he'll show you a new set of items you can buy from him. It's mostly trash with a few recipes as well as the First Enchanter Robes. These are the exact ones Irving has on.
    You can pick up the robes from him for 5 gold and 40 silver and the stats on it are as follows:
    +3 Willpower
    +3 Magic
    +9 Defense

    Also, you can buy the Which Hunt DLC. After you've finished the Achievements in the DLC you will unlock a set of items for all the characters on your account. As well as all the ones you make in the future.
    One of the items is a robe called Vestments of the Seer. They look just like the First Enchanter Irving has on but with different stats.
    The stats on these robes are as follows:
    +9 Willpower
    +6 Magic
    +10 Armor
    +12% Spell Resistance

    Your 3rd option is to learn how to use the tool set and make some robes that look like Irving's with what ever stats you want.

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