How to i open the Console??

  1. When i push the ~ button it doesnt work and ve done the 2 steps. So why doesnt it work???

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    MAr05321 - 6 years ago


  1. First of all, have you created a shortcut to for the "daorigins.exe", not the "DAOriginsLauncher.exe"?

    After that, did you add "(spacebar)-enabledeveloperconsole"" to the "Target" line (after right-clicking on your shortcut and going to Properties)? (ie. "your path" -enabledeveloperconsole"?

    Next, did you modify the "KeyBindings" configuration file in your Bioware/Dragon Age/Settings folder? I'm running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit and for me the path is "C:\Users\Spy\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings" so it's NOT where you INSTALLED the game, but this may be different depending on your OS, and of course your User Name.

    First you really should back up this KeyBindings file, I myself can't run the 'console' version for more than an hour without a crash, I only use it when I need to, and then replace the KeyBindings file with the default and run the default shortcut.

    But like I was saying, in the KeyBindings file you need to find the "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_Grave" line (use the "find" command if you can't find it on your own). You then have to change it to "OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::`" if you want `/~(tilde) to open the console, or replace "`" with any other key.

    You need to do all these steps in order for it to work, and like I said, I don't recommend running the game using this shortcut and KeyBindings file. Only replace/use them to use the console quickly, save the game under a new file, and then go back to using the normal shortcut and the normal KeyBindings file.

    1) Create the special shortcut
    2) Add the special line to the "Target" line in Properties
    3) Backup and then modify the KeyBindings file
    4) Run the game by using the special shortcut
    5) Go back to using the default version if you have problems

    I hope that answered your quest because if that doesn't, you probably won't be able to do it at all. If you just search how to enable the console, you will find the same directions explained in many different ways.

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  2. I wanted to add a few things to my previous answer:

    First of all, if you sent me a PM with your email, I will send you the 2 copies I keep of the KeyBindings file. One for the original and one for the console version. I will also answer any other questions you may have.
    What I've found is easiest for me is to create another folder inside my "C:\Users\Spy\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings" folder (where the KeyBindings file is located), and name it "KeyBindings Backup". This of course will not interfere with the game, and I stock that folder with two files: One called "KeyBindings_Backup" and one called "KeyBindings_Console". When I'm ready to change to the console version to add a command (more on this below), I copy the "KeyBindings_Console" into the Settings directory, delete the original KeyBindings file, and then delete the extra "_Console" part from the file I pasted in (it won't work if it keeps the _Console part in it's name). That completes the switch, and still leaves me with the 2 backups in my backup folder. In this way, I constantly have both versions of the KeyBindings (getting tired of typing that word) file in my folder.

    About the console commands:
    You can find MANY commands that do many things. However, I consider a lot of them to be dangerous and/or unstable and/or just too much of a cheat (the game wouldn't be fun in God mode, what's the point?). The ONLY cheats I ever use are the ones that add money when I need to buy some nicer equip (or the equip available from some mods), and the add xp cheat if I'm struggling and need a level or two.

    The add money command is "runscript zz_money X" (without the quotes of course), where X is the amount of money in copper.

    The add xp command is "runscript addxp X" (again, without quotes).

    One last word of advice because it can be slightly confusing the first time: When you first press ~ (or whatever button you assign the console to) you will see NO CHANGE to your screen. You simply have to start typing your command. When you do start typing, an overlay of the alphabet/numbers/symbols (but NOT YOUR COMMAND), will appear at the top of the screen. You can't see what your typing, so make sure you type it correctly. Press enter when finished with the command line and the stuff on the top of the screen will slowly fade and you'll see your money or exp added at the bottom of your screen like it normally would.

    Like I said in my first answer, in my experience the console is very unstable. In some instances the game will even freeze as soon as I load a save, before even enabling the console. Therefore I only use it to quickly load up the game (and then make sure it's not frozen), add my money/exp, make a new save and exit. I HIGHLY suggest you do the same. After that, replace the file to it's default, and run the normal launcher. For that reason, keep both shortcuts on your desktop.

    User Info: Spy3028

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