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    Gift Guide by SparrowHawk5953

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    This guide for deciding whom to give a gift to, so that you get
    maximum effect from the gifting.
    I made this for myself, but decided to put it on gamefaqs 
    also, for the general public.  The first section lists gifts 
    alphabetically so that you can quickly find out who to give
    the gift to.  The second section lists gifts by person, and also
    tells you where to find it.  Use the second section if you need
    to boost a specific companions approval, and need to know where
    to find the gift.
    I pretty much consider this done. Its simplicity is its charm
    in my opinion.  I could go into long winded stories about how
    Oghren loves beer as a gift, but it would take away from the
    fast reference which I wanted this to be.
    What? I didn't give contact information?  It must have been an
    oversight... really! 
    Feel free to do whatever you wish with this guide, including 
    but not limited to: posting it to other sites.
    I know it's not pretty, but enjoy.  I hope you find it useful.
    I refer to it all the time.
    Alistair's Mothers Amulet - Alistair
    Alley King's Flagon - Oghren
    Ancient Map of the Imperium - Loghain
    Andraste's Grace - Leliana
    Antivan Leather Boots - Zevran
    Beef Bone - Dog
    Black Grimoire - Morrigan
    Black Runestone - Alistair
    Botanist's Map of Thedas - Loghain
    Bronze Symbol of Andraste - Leliana
    Chantry Amulet - Leliana
    Chasind Sack Mead - Oghren
    Current Map of Ferelden - Loghain
    Dalish Gloves - Zevran
    Discovering Dragon's Blood - Wynne
    Duncan's Shield - Alistair
    Etched Silver Symbol - Leliana
    Fancy Scroll - Wynne
    Flemeth's Grimoire - Morrigan
    Garblog's Backcountry Reserve - Oghren
    Gold Amulet - Morrigan
    Golden Demon Pendant - Morrigan
    Golden Mirror - Morrigan
    Golden Rope Necklace - Morrigan
    Golden Scythe 4-90 Black - Oghren
    Golden Symbol of Andraste - Leliana
    Lamb Bone - Dog
    Large Bone - Dog
    Legacy White Shear - Oghren
    Locket - Morrigan
    Map of the Anderfels - Loghain
    Map of Occupied Ferelden - Loghain
    Medium Gold Bar - Zevran
    Medium Silver Bar - Zevran
    Nug - Leliana
    Ox Bone - Dog
    Painting of a Rebel Queen - Sten
    Portrait of a Goosegirl - Sten
    Remarkable Amethyst - Shale
    Remarkable Diamond - Shale
    Remarkable Emerald - Shale
    Remarkable Garnet - Shale
    Remarkable Greenstone - Shale
    Remarkable Malachite - Shale
    Remarkable Ruby - Shale
    Remarkable Sapphire - Shale
    Remarkable Topaz - Shale
    Silver Brooch - Morrigan
    Silver Chain - Morrigan
    Silver Framed Still-Life - Sten
    Silver Medallion - Morrigan
    Silver Sword of Mercy - Leliana
    Small Carved Statuette -  Alistair
    Small Gold Bar - Zevran
    Small Silver Bar - Zevran
    Steel Symbol of Andraste - Leliana
    Sten's Sword - Sten
    Stone Dragon Statuette -  Alistair
    Stone Warrior Statuette -  Alistair
    Sun Blonde Vint-1 - Oghren
    Tattered Notebook - Wynne
    The Guerrins of Ferelden - Wynne
    The Rose of Orlais - Wynne
    The Search for the True Prophet - Wynne
    Tribal Necklace - Morrigan
    Veal Bone - Dog
    White Runestone - Alistair
    Alistair's Mothers Amulet
      Desk in Castle Redcliffe: Main Floor
    Black Runestone 
      Chest in Aeducan Thaig
    Duncan's Shield 
      Armor Stand in Market Warehouse
    Small Carved Statuette 
      Crate in Lothering
    Stone Dragon Statuette 
      Pile of Dragon Filth in Caverns
    Stone Warrior Statuette 
      Chest in Castle Redcliffe: Upper Floor
    White Runestone 
      Abomination in Third Floor of Circle Tower
    Beef Bone
      Sacks / Chests (Ostagar / Templar's Quarters (Circle Tower))
    Lamb Bone
      Chest in Castle Redcliffe: Main Floor
    Large Bone
      Corpse in Village Store (Haven)
    Ox Bone
      Rubble in West Brecilian Forest
    Veal Bone
      Chest in Run-down Apartments (Denerim Alienage)
    Andraste's Grace 
      Flower in Redcliffe, West Brecilian Foest, or Elven Alienage
    Bronze Symbol of Andraste 
      Lothering Chantry
    Chantry Amulet 
      Templar Corpse in Senior Mage Quarter (Circle Tower)
    Etched Silver Symbol 
      Ruck in Ortan Thaig
    Golden Symbol of Andraste 
      Legnar's Store in Orzammar Commons
      Nug Wrangler in Orzammar Commons
    Silver Sword of Mercy 
      Dwarven Vendor in a Random Encouter
    Steel Symbol of Andraste 
      Brother Genitivi's Hom in Denerim Market
    Ancient Map of the Imperium
      Wonders of Thedas Store (Denerim Market)
    Botanist's Map of Thedas
      Chest (Castle Redcliffe - after landsmeet)
    Current Map of Ferelden
      Alarith's Store (Denerim Elven Alienage)
    Map of the Anderfels
      Gorim (Denerim Market)
    Map of Occupied Ferelden
      Chest (Redcliffe Castle Upper Floor Guest Room)
    Black Grimoire 
      Irving's Quarters in Circle Tower
    Flemeth's Grimoire 
      Chest in Flemeth's Hut (After quest from Black Grimoire)
    Gold Amulet 
      Garin in Orzammar Commons
    Golden Demon Pendant 
      Corpse in Urn of Sacred Ashes Room
    Golden Mirror 
      Garin in Orzammar Commons
    Golden Rope Necklace 
      Barlin in Dane's Refuge (Lothering)
      Locked Chest in Village Store (Haven)
    Silver Brooch 
      Varathorn in Dalish Camp
    Silver Chain 
      Vanity in Senior Mage Quarters (Circle Twoer)
    Silver Medallion 
      Dragon Hoard (Elven Ruins - Upper Level)
    Tribal Necklace 
      Barrel in Tower of Ishal (Top Floor)
    Alley King's Flagon 
      Legnar's Store in Orzammar Commons
    Chasind Sack Mead 
      Dusty Scrolls in Ruined Temple
    Garblog's Backcountry Reserve
      Dog might fetch this
    Golden Scythe 4-90 Black
      Crate in Lothering
    Legacy White Shear 
      Sarcophagus in Lower Ruins
    Sun Blonde Vint-1
      Banity in Templar Quarters (Circle Tower)
    Remarkable Amethyst 
      Alimar's Emporium in Orzammar's Dust Town
    Remarkable Diamond 
      Garin's Gem Store in Orzammar Commons
    Remarkable Emerald 
      Figor's Store in Orzammar Commons
    Remarkable Garnet 
      Wonders of Thedas (Denerim Market)
    Remarkable Greenstone
      Cellars of Village of Honnleath
    Remarkable Malachite 
      Shaperate Store (Circle Tower)
    Remarkable Ruby 
      Alarith's Store (Denerim Elven Alienage)
    Remarkable Sapphire
      Legnar's Store (Orzammar Commons)
    Remarkable Topaz
      Faryn's Store (Frostback Mountains)
    Painting of a Rebel Queen
      Dwarven Merchant (Random Encounter)
    Portrait of a Goosegirl
      Faryn (Frostback Mountains)
    Silver Framed Still-Life
      Chest (Redcliffe Castle Upper Level)
    Sten's Sword
      Scavenger (Lake Calenhad Docks)
      Garyn (Frostback Mountains)
      Dwyn (Redcliffe Village)
    Discovering Dragon's Blood - Wynne
      Bookshelf in Ruined Temple
    Fancy Scroll - Wynne
      Sarcophagus in Lower Ruins
    Tattered Notebook - Wynne
      Dog may fetch this
    The Guerrins of Ferelden - Wynne
      Bookshelf in the Upper Leven of Castle Redcliffe
    The Rose of Orlais - Wynne
      Pile of Books - Senior Mage Quarters (Circle Tower)
    The Search for the True Prophet - Wynne
      Locked Chest in Orzammar
    Antivan Leather Boots
      Iron Chest in Village Store
    Dalish Gloves
      Chest in West Brecilian Forest
    Medium Gold Bar
      Tresure Pile in Arl of Denerim's Estate
    Medium Silver Bar
      Chest in Anvil of the Void
    Small Gold Bar
      Charmed Templar in Templar's Quarters (Circle Tower)
    Small Silver Bar
      Inscribed Chest in Haven Chantry

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