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    FAQ/Walkthrough by genius of the hole

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/07/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     Tom Clancy's
        ######### ########### #       # ###    # ######### # ###### ###########    
        #       # #         # #       # # #    #     #     #        #         # 
        #         #         # #       # #  #   #     #     #        #         #
        ######### # ######### #       # #  #   #     #     ######## # #########
                # #           #       # #   #  #     #     #        #        #
        #       # #           #       # #   #  #     #     #        #         #
        ######### #           ####### # #    # #     #     ######## #         #
                              ######## # ###### #        #                        
                              #        #        #        #
                              #        #        #        #
                              #        ######## #        #
                              #        #        #        #
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                              ######## ######## ######## ########
               ** *  *   **    ***  ***  ***** *  *  ***  ***  **** *   *
              *   *  *  *  *  *  * *       *   *  * *    *  *  *  * *   *
              *   **** ****** *  *  **     *   **** **** *  * *****  ***
              *   *  *  *  *  *  *    *    *   *  * *    *  *  * *    *          
               ** *  *  *  *  ***  ***     *   *  *  *** ***   *  *   *
                  *                            *
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Author:   The Genius of the Hole
    Version:  1.4   
    E-mail:   kayko_2(at)t-online(dot)de
                   Table of contents
                   I.    Introduction
                   II.   What's new
                   III.  General Game Tips
                   IV.   Hacking
                   V.    Walkthrough
                   VI.   Personal Review
                   VII.  Copyright and Special Thanks
                                  I.     Introduction
    Welcome to my second guide to the splinter cell series. Those of you who have 
    read the last one will know that I usually aim my guides at beginner or medium 
    players and that they therefore contain quite detailed descriptions.
    This also means that some of the approaches to certain situations might seem a 
    bit rough and 'unprofessional' ...but who cares as long as it works, right?
    For those of you who haven't played any of the previous splinter cell games: a 
    piece of advice - consider playing those first. Unlike in the last games this 
    game is not designed to get you started with the controls and the trainings 
    videos are only a minor help unless you already know what you are doing anyway.
    That is not to say it is impossible to play it otherwise - constant mission 
    failure just might take the fun out of the game.
    And since this is a sequel and in small parts builds on the previous game (some 
    of you might have spotted some hints in Splinter cell Pandora Tomorrow (well 
    done!) - it is simply more fun to be familiar with what happened so far.
    Oh and one more thing: I know I mention this every time I write a walkthrough, 
    but English is not my first language so please ignore any spelling errors or 
    mistakes in grammar or whatever you've might spotted while reading this FAQ.
    That's it for the intro, let's move on.
                                   II.    What's new
    You will realize that some things have changed since we've last accompanied Sam
    on a mission. This includes new moves, new equipment, and a lot smarter 
    enemies. Here a couple of things that are new in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory:
    The most obvious points concerns your ENEMIES. 
    They all seem to have taken a crash course in 'how to be bad' and are now 
    a lot smarter.
    This means for example that it is no longer so easy to lure them into a trap. - 
    While whistling in the previous game was the ideal means to get enemies to 
    exactly the position you needed them in, it now can give you away as an 
    intruder. - Use it wisely and only once at a time otherwise you will fool no 
    -  Enemies have also gotten smarter during shootouts. They will take cover 
    immediately and hide behind obstacles in order to shoot you from a distance or 
    alternatively will try to get into your back if given the chance to.
    It is, however, still possible to wait in a safe place until they get tired 
    looking for you, but it has gotten a lot harder to find such a place and you 
    will need a lot of patience.
    -  Enemies have also learned a thing or two about darkness. That it is bad for 
    them, for example. This means some of them will be wearing flares or torches, 
    so be careful and make sure to avoid the light once they are coming for you. 
    You won't be able to see who will be using one of those in advance. The safest 
    thing to do is still to take them out as fast as possible.
    But it is not just the enemies who have learned a couple of things. SAM has 
    also not been lazy and has acquired some new skills.
    -  For example one real let-down in the last game was Sam's inability to walk 
    forward while holding hostages. This has changed and Sam is fully mobile with 
    or without another character.
    -  you will also discover improvement on his shooting skills - he is now able 
    to change the side of his weapon when taking a shot. This can come in handy 
    when you are using a wall for cover
    -  New abilities in hand to hand combat will also give you the opportunity to 
    attack enemies in a lethal or non-lethal way - the same goes for disposing 
    yourself of any hostages.
    -  It does not just look good it is also extremely useful: attack an enemy from 
    below and drown him in the water. All you need: a dark puddle, a stupid enough 
    enemy and some patience.
    There have been new developments in your EQUIPMENT, too:
    -  during the game you will encounter a lot of lights and cameras which will be 
    unbreakable. However, Sam's handgun will be equipped with a new device, the 
    OCP, which will disable cameras and other electronic gadgets for about 15 
    seconds giving you some time to pass certain locations unseen. You will have to 
    aim well however, in order to make it work. If you miss the batteries will have 
    to recharge.
    -  It might not be the newest inventions of mankind, but it is certainly a 
    handy one - the knife. Good for cutting throats and materials. Provide yourself 
    with an additional entrance by slicing through tarpaulin and curtains. Most 
    helpful to get into somebody's back.
    -  the EEV. Once activated it can serve different purposes. Hacking, scanning, 
    zooming and taping, to name some of them.
    -  Your goggles. The only thing new about this is the EMF. This, more or less 
    useful function enables you to see objects that can be manipulated. If you are 
    looking for something particular, like weapon crates that need marking, for 
    example, use it to see those object in a bright white light.
    -  Sam's SC-20K has once again been improved. So apart from the usual launcher 
    it is now upgraded with a shotgun attachment. Strong but loud. Probably not to 
    everyone's liking.
    -  Gotten lost? Check out the 3D-map on your OPSAT
    -  we have all gotten used to hiding away in the dark, constantly checking our 
    stealth meter. However, there is a new parameter to look out for: background
    noise. So quiet now.
    Further changes have taken place in the GENERAL MAKE-UP of the game.
    -  For example there are now primary, secondary and opportunity objectives, of 
    which only the primary ones have to be completed in order to accomplish a 
    -  Success rates have been added in a summary at the end of a mission and the 
    percentages given depend on factors such as alarms raised, civilians killed, 
    times being identified as an intruder. - Not to be seen is the key to success 
    This also means that unlike in the last game it is not bullets or medipacks 
    that is being counted for your statistics in the end. Blast away with your guns 
    as much as you like and get high on painkillers if you want to.
    -  Another new feature is the loadout. This usually consists of 'Redding's 
    suggestion', 'stealth' and 'assault' (unless your mission objective is to leave 
    people unharmed, in which case you won't be given the option 'assault'). For 
    all newbies and 'not so sneaky' people out there 'assault' might be the best 
    option since it provides you with a lot of ammunition.
    SAVING - Good news for all of us who hate having to play parts of a game over 
    and over again. SAVEPOINTS during the game have gotten rarer but we are now 
    given the opportunity to save our progress separately. Saving your game before 
    hacking doors or computers might prevent you from having to raise an alarm, and 
    timer missions get a hell of a lot easier when progress can be saved.
    There is now also the possibility of restarting the whole mission if you feel, 
    for example, that you started out with the wrong equipment or wasted your 
    That's about all the innovations I can think of for now. But see for yourself.
                               III.   General Game Tips
    Here some general tips in no specific order:
       #     what no-one saw did not happen - make sure it is dark around you 
    before you take out enemies, this will also prevent you from being seen by a 
    camera you could have overlooked; once you managed to take out an enemy without
    being spotted no-one will miss him or get suspicious about his absence.
       #     who switched off the lights - disable lights with your OCP and you
    won't be heard. If you shoot them straight away an enemy will realize he's
    being shot at and raise an alarm.
       #     conversation is important - feel free to interrogate enemies even if
    other guards are around - you won't be heard and neither will he...
       #     assault is the best defense - if you are new to splinter cell games or
    don't feel too confident about your skills, the 'assault' loadout might be the
    best option for you, unless one of the mission objective is not to kill
    anyone. In this case I'd advice you to go for Redding's recommendation.
       #     take it easy - don't rush into unknown territory unless a timer has
    started (and even then it is advisable to check out the situation first); 
    enemies usually walk on a given route over and over again - unless you
    did disturb their routine. Try to figure out the pattern first, then act on
    the situation.
       #     there is more to it than meets the eye - You are well equipped with
    thermal and night vision. Use them both before entering a new area or 
    proceeding down an unknown corridor. You might get alarmed to some nasty
    surprises you couldn't see before (laser beams are a good example). The EMF is
    useful too. It will tell you about the locations of switches, cameras and
    sometimes provide you with information about your objectives.
       #     violence is no solution - sometimes it is easier to sneak past guards
    than to take them on. Check the location for dark areas and try to figure out
    the patterns of movement of the guards, you might find a way through.
       #     I wonder where it leads to - always keep an eye open for vents, crawl
    spaces and gaps in walls. They usually lead you somewhere useful and will help
    you to avoid difficult situations.
       #     silence - always remember that guns cause noise. So unless you are
    intending to start a shoot-out, take a special shot with the sniper mode or are
    sure you are alone, leave the SC-20K where it is. The pistol is silenced and
    will less likely result in you being shot at.
    (You might also want to take note that shooting an enemy will lower your 
    mission rating at the end of a level. - By 2% for each dead body to be precice 
    - ...this is at least what Kevin McNee calculated with his magnificent 
    math-skills :) .)
       #     I'm in - don't rush the hack, you have more time than you think you
    have. If you have to abandon the hack or miss the number it is unlikely that
    you will figure out the right number. Wait until you are sure you can hit the
    button on time. (NOTE: depending on which numbers you lock in which order it is
    possible that even with all attempts of locking a number being successful, the
    hack will result in more than one number left on the list. You'll have to
      #     CrashBoomBang - having a hard time disabling wall mines? Some of you
    do, so here is what Crij2000 suggested: - if no one is around to hear the noise 
    I just shoot them or throw a can or bottle at them (if they are available) -
      #     smile your on camera - Your sticky cameras can come in more handy than 
    you might think. While they are easily dismissed as a unnecessary piece of 
    equipment you should keep in mind that they can not only be used to distract
    guards, no, more importantly they can be used to knock guards out by releasing
    the gas at the right moment. Try it yourself. (I've added a couple of instances
    to the guide where they can help you to achieve a 100% result. -Thanks Lee
    Here a tip brought forward by Nataly who also e-mailed me some useful tips for
    the hacking section:
       - make sure you know what all of your weapons can do, u never know 
    how they may come in handy. "Necessity is the mother of invention" 
    And by the way, if you are aiming for a good statistic: your result will depend
    on whether you are spotted or not and on how many people you have killed or 
    injured (which is regarded negatively) - not to be seen is the route to 
    Jame Tiede wanted me to remind you of the following (- note that I consider
    this as requiring advanced skills and therefore do not mention this approach in 
    may guide):
      - You can use objects you pick-up (Rocks, bottles, cans and soap (the latter 
    in the bath house, so I guessed it was soap) as impromptu weapons with 
    surprising effectiveness.  Throwing one at an enemy's head is silent, alert's 
    no one (except bottles, whcih break and unless the others are watching their 
    comrade) and is instant.  In other words, it's very similar to a sticky shocker 
    except you can pick it back up.  Oh, and you can use it on lights.  In the bank 
    mission, in the courtyard, there's a rock not far from you.  Pick it up, heave 
    it at your first guard when privacy allows, hide his body, retrieve your rock.  
    Repeat steps one and two for the second guard.  Don't quit now.  Enter the 
    front door, OCP the camera, pick your rock back up and heave it at the light.  
    If you're quick, you can rush the door, otherwise OCP the camera again and 
    proceed.  From cover, heave the rock at the guard at the desk and OCP the 
    camera.  Hack the computer, pick up your rock and travel on.  Stone sleepy 
    Steve and voila.  Not a shot fired.  Not a single launcher piece gone.  Stealth 
    maintained. ...
       This business of chucking objects works well in the bath house, too, many 
    guards fell to the mighty soap bar.  Best of all, if you miss, the guard isn't 
    too bothered, at worst he'll check out the sound.  Presumably, this gets him 
    turned around anyway.  And, you haven't wasted a sticky shocker or airfoil 
    ring.  Just a thought.  I'm sure it can be used elsewhere. -
    Give it a try.
    That should cover the most important points. If anything else crosses my mind I 
    will update this section.
    'UPDATE': For all of you who have specialized in taking people out in an
    elegant or professional way or simply want to get it right, here is an e-mail I 
    received a couple of days ago which might be of some interest for you:
    I have found out the diff between KO by hand, KO by Shocker, KO by Airfoil, and 
    a kill.
    Usually, when you knock out a person by hand (e.g. closer than ever mode) if a 
    guard finds the body, he will attempt to wake him up, but then say something 
    like, "He's out cold" ,and raise an alarm
    But with a shocker, if a guard finds the body, he will do the same as above, 
    but will usually succeed in waking him up.
    With an airfoil, there is a slim chance that the guard will wake the 
    unconscious guard up, but will fail 4 out of 5 times.
    I tested this on the penthouse mission, from after the first guard, you head to 
    the right and shimmy to a thin alley, then I split jumped and shot the SS, AF, 
    and used closer than ever (grab) mode on the National Guard standing there, and 
    left the body. 
    Thank you for your time
    Bryan Seacrest
    'UPDATE' on 'UPDATE' above:
    Apparently the information above is a general rule, but as usually there are
    exceptions. So for example, Drew pointed out:
    - On both the Cargo Ship and Battery levels, I knocked a guard out after 
    interrogating him and hid the body. But both times the body was discovered, and 
    both times the victim was woken up! The guy who wakes the victim up will say 
    something like "You have to be more careful", and the victim will say something 
    like "he was too fast for me" or "he came out of nowhere" or something of the 
    sort. But neither one of them went to raise an alarm. However, I think this is 
    a rare happening, since many times the body was discovered and not woken up. 
    The instance on the Cargo Ship was of particular interest. Right after you take 
    the stairs below deck, you will see a guard sleeping. I disabled the light 
    above him with the OCP, and he woke up, ran up the stairs, and ran all the way 
    back to the bow of the ship, where the mission started. He found a body I hid 
    and woke him up, and they both began patrolling the bow. -
    Seems to me you better not leave any bodies lying around....
                                    IV.    Hacking
    Not as difficult as it sounds, once one has figured out what to do. And since 
    the booklet isn't much of a help here I've decided to add a section on this as 
    The principle is quite simple. Don't get confused by all the numbers in the top 
    part of the screen - simply ignore them. 
    What you have to focus your attention upon is the handful of numbers that is 
    changing in the row below that. Once a number lights up use the left analogue 
    stick to move the square to its position and hit the square button as fast as 
    you can. If you are too slow you will miss the number and it will have changed 
    by then. If you are fast enough this number will be locked and a couple of 
    combinations will turn grey above. 
    You will only have to watch out for those numbers you haven't locked yet. 
    Repeat this method until there is either only one combination left in the 
    larger screen, in which case you should hit the x-button to use it, or, in case 
    there are more combinations left, choose the one you want to try. 
    The figure next to the row with the moving numbers will tell you how many you 
    will be able to lock. If you have to abandon the hack the figure will go down 
    so it is advisable to save your game before hacking a computer or door. The 
    figure will also go down if you miss a number while trying to lock it. If the 
    hack fails completely you will raise an alarm. 
    Such a failure can also occur if you are run out of time. There is a little 
    stroke moving from right to left above the row of changing numbers. This is the 
    timer. If it reaches the left side before you are done an alarm will be the 
    Here some useful tips sent in by Nataly. This will make hacking a lot easier 
    and will propably prevent you from having to guess the correct code:
    1.A.while hacking, its alot better to try to get the first # in the sequence 
    locked, it really narrows down all of those #'s to a single set. 
    1.B.when confronted by 2 or 3 sets of #'s look at the numbers you haven't 
    locked yet in the sequence below. The #'s that appear and dont light up are not 
    the #'s---obviously that means you can strike those #'s out of the remaining 
    sets and pick the correct set w/out having to wait for the#'s to light up. 
    works for me all the time... : )   
                                  V.     Walkthrough
    Lighthouse: the Dungeons
    CHECKPOINT. Once the opening cinema is over you'll be once again in control of 
    Sam Fisher. 
    Since there won't be an introduction to Sam's movements this time, you are 
    advised to check out the trainings videos in advance.
    Proceed until you reach a lit area. There are no enemies around at the 
    moment, but you might want to shoot the light for the sake of the game. You'll 
    see another smaller light to the right on some rocks near the wall (don't shoot 
    it from a close range). Climb up  there in order to find an entrance in the 
    wall to your right. Follow the path and enter the crawl space and exit on the 
    other side. Climb the wall ahead of you and encounter your first two enemies. 
    My advice is to stay on the platform just below the surface. One of your 
    enemies will eventually walk past you and turn his back to your position. Be 
    fast to climb up and sneak up behind him. If you do it right you will be able 
    to grab him and drag him with you onto the platform before his friend gets 
    near. Interrogate him if you feel like it, the other guard won't hear you. He 
    might even be stupid enough to take the same position your previous victim 
    did, so send them both to sleep one after another. 
    Now cross the bridge and follow the corridor to the right. There is a guy 
    practicing his shooting abilities which causes a lot of noise. Use it to your 
    advantage when proceeding forward. The easiest way to take him out is to shoot 
    the light from a safe position in the dark area near the entrance. This will 
    cause him to snoop around and all you have to do is to send a bullet to his 
    head. The more elegant solution is to get your timing right and sneak up to one 
    of the wooden beams underneath the ceiling. Grab it, pull yourself up including 
    your legs and cause the guard to come for you. Then ...surprise him.
    Time to use your EEV. Simply check out the crate to your left. (You will know 
    which crates to check out when you use your EMF - those objects which are 
    shining brightly are the ones you can interact with.)
    Turn right and go up the stairs. Follow the corridor and you will hear someone 
    screaming. That guy is obviously in trouble, so lock-pick the door to the left 
    and prepare to take on two guards. 
    Here the assault solution: Hurry down the stairs and get your SC-20K ready. 
    Climb onto the box and send a bullet into the wall near the doorway you see 
    ahead. Now you will need a fast trigger finger because these boys are fast. 
    They will come running out of the doorway trying to get into a good position to 
    shoot you. They might even split up if you are not fast enough, so make sure 
    you are ready to shoot them the second they pass your crosshairs.
    You could also wait until the guards have finished their conversation, then
    one of them will go for a walk. This will give you the opportunity to take them 
    on one by one.
    Morgenholt is most likely already dead, you can still cut him down though.
    If you shoot Morgenholt Lambert won't be pleased with your good intentions...
    Go back upstairs and use the medikit if you need to. Then open the door again
    to see the second crate you need to scan with your EEV. Done with it go back to 
    where you found Morgenholt and turn right to enter the fortress.
    Lighthouse: the fortress
    CHECKPOINT. Use your thermal vision to checkout the tent to your right. This
    guard looks busy, let's end his shift. Cut the material of the tent and grab
    him from behind. You can interrogate him if you want to. Time to leave. Return
    to your starting point and shoot the light above the door ahead. This will 
    probably cause a guard to come out. If you are fast enough you can get rid of
    him straight away. Otherwise wait until he takes up his patrol again and sneak 
    up to the doorway. It is also possible that the guard isn't there yet, then 
    simply wait for his return and take him out. Hurry to hide his body, another 
    guard could be coming any second. (He sometimes doesn't, don't ask me why). 
    Check out the next door with your optic cable, but be prepared to withdraw 
    quickly in case he is already behind it. Once in the next yard, check out the 
    tent-like thing to your right. There is the third crate you need to scan. If 
    you want to save yourself some trouble proceed to the right and climb into the 
    the crawl space. Once outside use the one to the left as well. And left again. 
    If you take the other route which will end up at exactly the same point, you 
    will have to take out two guards in the next yard (or the one after that if you 
    let them get away in the first one). Get upstairs and pick the lock. 
    Quiet now! You can pass this room without any further action, simply sneak to 
    the left to the doorway, but if you are keen on it grab the guy on the chair 
    and present him with sweet dreams. If you managed to get injured somewhere 
    along the way use the medikit on the wall near the door you came in.
    Now head down the stairs. Simply follow the corridor and go up the stairs at 
    its end. If you are quiet enough you can grab the technician near the computer 
    and interrogate him. Then scan the crate near the door you came in and use the 
    computer in order to delete Morgenholt's files. You can also read the listed 
    e-mails. Now exit through the door to the left and follow the corridor until 
    you reach a room with a trap door. Climb down there to enter the lighthouse.
    Lighthouse: the lighthouse
    CHECKPOINT. There is quite a simple way to take out the two guards ahead. Shoot 
    the light in the yard but stay in the room you dropped into. The guards will 
    come to check out what happened. Since they will be lined up one after another 
    all you have to do is to shoot them before they are able to react. Just aim for 
    the head.
    Now scan the last crate which is to the left of the doorway, then head down the 
    stairs to the left. Follow the corridor and go down the ladder. Since you can't 
    open the next door climb up and jump down on the other side. Proceed and you'll 
    might be warned by a shadow on the wall that you are not alone. Either shoot 
    the guard in the back or, if he is already too far away, 'switch off' the 
    lights. This will probably alarm him so get rid of him fast because he will be 
    using a flare to check out the scene. Hide his body and follow the path. One 
    more guard between you and the lighthouse. Shoot him from a distance otherwise 
    the moonlight will give you away. 
    Approach the lighthouse and open the door near the back. Stealth! This way you 
    will be able to complete your next goal of finding out where the weapons are 
    coming from. Sneak up to the guy on the radio, but let him finish his 
    conversation before starting your own with him (interrogate him). 
    Now climb up the ladder and use the medikit if you need to. Then proceed higher 
    up the tower. You will hear somebody whistling so be prepared for one more 
    guard at the top.
    Since you won't be able to shoot the lights in this last section what you'll 
    have to do is get your timing right. Once you've reached the top room climb the 
    ladder as far as you possibly can without being hit by the lights. (Which is 
    quite far actually). You will be able to see parts of the windows. Look to the 
    right and wait until the patrolling guard has passed your position. Now be 
    quick to climb up and shoot him through one of the windows with the broken 
    glass. You could also sneak up on him following him around the tower but why 
    bother? Now go to the left in order to find the switch for the lights.
    You are ready to leave so call for extraction.
    Cargo ship: lower decks
    Well, we all knew this wasn't going to be a pleasure cruise so let's get to 
    work. Don't get tricked into storming right at your first enemy. Turn around 
    and sneak further to the left to see his comrade coming up the stairs. We 
    don't want him in our back, so let's take him out first. If you shoot him his 
    friend will check out what's going on, if you wait until he reaches his 
    colleague one of them will leave making it easier for you to take them on.
    Once both of them are out go down the stairs and enter the doorway. No enemies 
    here, but as soon as you get close to the stairs further ahead leading into the 
    bowels of the ship make sure to make no noise. Sleeping during one's shift? 
    Calls for a punishment. You can either send a bullet to his head from the 
    stairs or sneak up on him. Either way get rid of him.
    Now enter the cargo space and get a new assignment. Make your way to the other 
    side of the room to the left corner. You will find a narrow passage you can 
    slide through and your first weapon crate on the other side. Place a tracking 
    device on it and follow the passage through the boxes to the next ladder. More 
    good news. Well, since we are already here we might as well save a ship from 
    sinking. Climb up and use the medikit if you need to. Then open the door. It's 
    advisable to shoot the next light in case you will alarm a technician nearby. 
    Then proceed down the corridor until you can slide open a door to your right. 
    The guy in there is pretty busy. Use the noise his machine is making to your 
    advantage and sneak up on him. No need to kill him, he's just a civilian, but 
    as usual you shouldn't let his body lying around. Just in case.
    Now proceed through the crawl space and exit on the other side. See the 
    pipe on the ceiling to your right? Use it to take out your first enemy, but be 
    quick to either get into shooting position afterwards or find another way to 
    take out the second guard in case you made too much noise. He will be using a 
    flare to check out what happened to his comrade robbing you of any potential 
    cover of darkness. Having eliminated both your problems get down the stairs and 
    use the pump. 
    Now exit through the door and follow the corridor. Turn right into the cargo 
    space. What you are looking for is not hard to find. Climb the boxes and read 
    the bill of landing. Careful now. Two guards will have taken up patrol on the 
    corridor outside. You can simply engage them in a shoot out. Wait up there on 
    the pile of boxes in a position from where you can aim at the doorway but are 
    covered by darkness. Once they pass the doorway open fire. But make sure you 
    get them both otherwise one of them will take cover and give you a hard time 
    luring him into the room. You could also try and sneak past them using the hole 
    in the ground outside the room. It will lead you to the other end of the 
    catwalk where you can climb up again.
    Smoothly done, Deathbycontrol. Here is a really smart solution to the 'guard
    problem'...remember, the room is filled with water...:
    - After reading the bill of lading, hide and wait for a guard to pass. Then 
    whistle to get his attention. He should call his comrade. Equip a sticky 
    shocker, and when both of them are in the water, shoot a sticky shocker into 
    the water to immediately knock both of them out. - 
    Now that's what I call a useful tip.
    Bad news for all of us who rely just a little too much on their fire power. No 
    firing...and nope, enemies aren't smart enough to realize this. You might want 
    to SAVE here just in case someone blows you up. Oh and by the way: non-lethal 
    weapons won't work either.
    Stay close to the doorway and hide in the darkness. You'll see a guard slightly 
    to your right. Enter and get a close as you possibly can without being spotted 
    by him. As soon as he starts to move and turns around, grab him and drag him 
    outside. Interrogate him if you like. Done with him re-enter, but be careful 
    not to bump into a technician. Sneak on further down the corridor and check out 
    the left side of the room for his position. Get into the middle of the room and 
    face the entrance. Once you located him either make sure he has turned his back 
    to your position and will remain like this for a little while or sneak up on 
    him and send him to sleep. The latter option is more dangerous because he too 
    has a gun and will use it. Climb over the pipe to the left or use the long way 
    around in order to get up the stairs. Make sure you pass the lights as fast as 
    possible since you cannot shoot them. 
    Here is another way to get upstairs which has been sent in by Justin1ofakind -
    please note that those very 'vivid' descriptions are not mine....
    - On the second mission on the ship where there's highly explosive gas instead 
    of your technique you can slash the first NPC's trout take him in the back away 
    from the hanging light and then wait for the technician to come close enough to 
    slash his throat then stash is body and after that you can cut the light with 
    your pistol and get up the stairs without being seen by the time your at the 
    top of the stairs the light should come back on and cut it out once again as 
    soon as you can which will give you enough time to sneak behind the other NPC 
    and play another game of "cut throat" with him and proceed as normal -
    Upstairs there is another guard. Make sure you get your timing right when using 
    the catwalk to the left otherwise ... well. 
    Wait until he is in the left corner of the room from where he has to take 
    the long way back to the middle and then rush up to the next stairs but without 
    causing too much noise. No problems on the next level so simply cross the room 
    and enter the upper decks by sliding past the crates. SAVEPOINT.
    Cargo ship: upper decks
    CHECKPOINT. Go upstairs and turn into the open doorway to the left. Two guys 
    talking. But despite his wishes for Lacerda's death the crewman won't be 
    pleased if you shoot the guard so make sure you get rid of both of them as fast 
    as possible. You could also shoot the light and then use the crawl space in 
    the first of the two rooms in order to get into their backs and take them out. 
    Use the computer on the desk in order to get the transit ledgers. You can also 
    use the other one in the first room to download an e-mail. Time to pay the 
    captain a visit.
    Exit through the door at the other end of the room (the one you didn't come in 
    through). You'll find a medikit and another computer in the room to the left. 
    Use them if you need or want to and proceed through the next door. Place the 
    next tracker onto the crate next to the door and go upstairs. Ignore the first 
    door to the right for now, instead proceed further upstairs in order to enter 
    the bridge.
    Cargo Ship: the bridge
    CHECKPOINT. Head on until you reach an open doorway. Enter and turn left. Open 
    the door stealth and sneak up on the guy ahead. Send him to sleep. Now turn to 
    the guy to the right (behind you). He is the captain, although he doesn't quite 
    look like it. Interrogate him. 
    Now proceed to the left and down the stairs.
    Use the medikit if you need to, then open the door and follow the corridor. 
    Take out the crewman and prepare for a guard in the corridor to the left.
    Having passed the next doorway turn left to find your next weapon crate. Then 
    go downstairs and enter the upper decks. CHECKPOINT.
    Slide the door open and turn right. You might encounter a crewman on your way. 
    In the room ahead there are two guards having a conversation. End it and then 
    turn left to find another crate. Place the tracking device and leave the same 
    way you came. 
    If you want to check out the other corridor there are two more guards drinking 
    coffee (and probably the crewman in case you haven't met him along the way). 
    Apart from this there is just some ammunition in this room, so no need to kill 
    anyone. Return to the bridge area. CHECKPOINT.
    Back where the boxes are blocking the way slide past them. Open the door and 
    prepare to eliminate your target. Two guards will be with him, so proceed 
    carefully into the room to the right. Switch off the light. This will cause at 
    least one of the guards to check out what's going on. If you shoot him the 
    other one will either run for cover or try to shoot you.
    If you are lucky he will get trapped between table and chair on his way to the 
    second door.
    Hurry to shoot the light in the next room and then go assault in order to kill 
    both of the remaining men - the one in the white shirt is Hugo Lacerda. If you 
    are not fast enough they will try to get into your back from the other side of 
    the corridor. Once everyone is down you are theoretically free to exfiltrate to 
    the extraction point. 
    Here is a solution for all of you who take pride in their perfect results:
    - Instead of having to rush in and kill everyone, wait for Lacerda to finish 
    his conversation with the guards. He will go get a drink in the little room 
    next to the captain's quarters. When he is looking for rum in the little 
    refridgerator, grab him and and bring him into the hallway. Interrogate him, 
    and when the guards call to Lacerda, interrogate him again, and he will calm 
    them down. 
    Anyway, continue interrogating Lacerda until he tells you who he was dealing 
    with. Actually, he will tell you he doesnt know. But it will complete your 
    secondary objective. Then kill Lacerda (if you choose to end the interrogation 
    non-lethally, you will kill him anyway). So that completes your primary and 
    secondary objectives. Since the two guards in the other room dont have anything 
    you need, just let them live. They will stay in the room and do nothing. Then 
    proceed to extraction. -
    Thanks Drew, seems like patience can be quite rewarding at times...
    If you check your goals, however, you will see that you are not quite done here 
    yet, so let's finish the job.
    Return to the bridge by following the corridor to the left. Turn right and go 
    up the stairs. Leave the bridge through the other door and approach the open 
    doorway straight ahead. Outside you will see the next crate to the left. But be 
    careful when placing the tracker since this area is guarded from above. 
    Simply sneak into the passage to the left and wait until you see the guard 
    patrolling around the catwalk to your left. Shoot him and you'll save yourself 
    a lot of trouble. If you are of the sneaky kind you can also climb up there and 
    follow him around until you get a good opportunity to send him to sleep.
    Whatever you do climb up there anyway and follow the catwalk until you reach a 
    door you can slide open. There are two guards in there and it can be a bit 
    tricky to take them out since they will raise an alarm the moment you shoot the 
    light. Shoot the first guy to the head (for some reason the second one won't 
    raise the alarm straight away) and then hurry to end the life of his comrade 
    as well. If you withdraw for a moment in between he might not even see you. 
    Use the computer once your are done with them. Leave the room and return to the 
    catwalk. Cross over to the other side using the narrow bridge and then go left. 
    You will come to a ladder which leads to a platform with a guard on it. Take 
    him out, but be careful not to alarm his comrade on the next level. Then use 
    the ladder to climb down and take out the guard on this level as well. Use the 
    ladder to the left to reach your the last crate. Once you have placed the 
    tracking device climb back up to the first platform and use the ladder on the 
    other side of the platform in order to reach your extraction point.
    Bank: North Wing
    I hope you are wearing your sneaking shoes. Simply wait until those guards have 
    finished their conversation then follow the guard closer by on his patrol. Grab 
    him and provide him with sweet dreams. For the second one cross the yard using 
    the darkness as cover and approach the tree in his back. If you stay really 
    close to that tree, almost as if you wanted to walk against it, you'll be able 
    to get into his back. Be fast to grab him and drag him to his compulsory nap. 
    Now go to the door to the right. 
    Thanks Gary
    (note: I consider the path across the rooftop the easier one, but if the 
    above makes more sense to you, feel free to try it.)
    Use your OCP to disable the light if you want 
    to and cross the room ahead. Follow the path until you reach an archway leading 
    to an area with another door. There is a camera to the left. Your OCP will work 
    on it, but you could also simply sneak your way along the left wall, timing 
    your moves with that of the camera. Climb the ladder and turn left. Pick the 
    lock of the door to the left and find the switch for the magnetic window 
    inside. Now exit and turn right to climb down and begin with your bank robbery.
    The guard you might have seen moving around in the hallway will soon settle 
    down, so ignore him for now and focus on the task at hand. Listen to your 
    'advisor' and then get your pistol out. Use the OCP to make your way to the 
    computer. You'll have to aim at the birth point of a laser beam in order to 
    switch it off. 
    Worried about laser beams coming back on? Here's the way to go:
    Use the EEV on the computer and hack it from a distance.
    -Thanks Drew.
    Use the computer to get rid of the rest of the beams. Now sneak 
    out of the cabin and approach the guard from behind. He has fallen asleep by 
    now so ...kick him like Beckham...you know what I mean. Once he is out, it is 
    time for your first hack. You might want to SAVE before you get to work with 
    the retinal scanner to the right. Enter the west wing.
    UPDATE: This tip has been send in by Cory Ambrosino aka Sauron892:
     -... there is an easier way to get past the retinal scan terminal that 
    leads into the west wing. 
    Instead of knocking out (or brutally murdering) the sleeping guard in 
    the chair, get behind him. 
    If you get behind him at a certain angle, you will be able to grab him. 
     Now interrogate him. 
    He will tell you that he can unlock the scanner for you.  Face the 
    scanner with him still in custody and select the option that shows up. 
    Crafty, simple, and a much smaller risk of setting off an alarm. 
    Makes me wonder whether there is a guard near every retinal scanner who's just 
    waiting to be 'asked' to cooperate... You might want to check this out guys. I
    can think of one in the Displace mission near the laser beam nightmare.
    Bank: west wing
    SAVEPOINT. Proceed until you can see a camera on the wall to the right. Use 
    your OCP on it and hurry to get past it. But don't cause too much noise, there 
    is a guard fixing the keypad ahead. Whistle or do something to get his 
    attention and lure him into the shadow. Retreat and grab him the minute he 
    turns around again. Interrogate him to get the keycode for the door.
    Nevermind if you don't get the code from the guard - it is also possible to 
    hack the keypad
    Enter the room and use the computer. Hack the security access in order to plant 
    the fake e-mail. Seven more to go. Now search the cabinet next to the desk 
    before you use the switch to the right.
    Ignore the crawl space for now - it leads to a useless guard, a camera and a 
    doorcode you don't need.
    Back on the corridor turn right instead and immediately left. There is a room 
    with a couple of guards (three if you missed out on the one in the corridor). 
    There is a mean but easy way to take them out. Hack the door. This will cause 
    one of the guards to get suspicious. Withdraw, wait for him to step outside and 
    shoot him in the head. His comrade is likely to step into exactly the same 
    position when coming for you, so keep your trigger finger ready and be fast. 
    Alternatively you could whistle and try to sneak up on the guard once he 
    followed you outside, or if you are fast take your chances when he walks over 
    to the computer to get into the left dark corner (the only dark corner! this 
    option is for pros only) and then go assault or something.
    Whatever option you've used, use the computer afterwards to plant another fake 
    e-mail - that's two down, six to go.
    Leave the west wing the way you came but remember to disable the camera when 
    passing it. Enter the north wing.
    Bank: north wing
    SAVEPOINT. Simply use the door next to the one you just came out of in order to 
    enter the east wing.
    Bank: east wing
    SAVEPOINT. Listen carefully and you will get aware of a camera. Disable the 
    light with your OCP, then shoot it. The camera is further ahead, but there are 
    two guards in the room around the corner that need your attention first. You 
    could simply lure them out and try to get hold of them one by one, or you use 
    the opening in the window to get rid of the first one with a couple of bullets 
    into his back. Not a very fair approach, I know, but it will cause the other 
    guard to come out of the room and thereby to run straight into your line of 
    One other advantage of this approach is that if will also spare you the trouble 
    of hacking the door since they will leave it open for you to enter and load up 
    the third fake e-mail. You will also get the keycode for the security door 
    Done with the upload leave the room and proceed further down the corridor. 
    There is a medikit to the left, just in case things didn't go as smoothly as 
    Quiet now, you don't want to alarm the guard further up the stairs. This area 
    is well lit so make sure only to move when he is further away. He is patrolling 
    the upper level and will be turning his back on your position for a little 
    while. Use it to get upstairs and into a dark corner. 
    Ok, don't even bother sneaking up behind him, following him around. Too much 
    trouble. Here is the easy way to get through this part of the game:
    Wait until he almost exits the area with the laser beams on YOUR side. Then, 
    simply shoot him. The beams will stay offline, so pick him up and carry him 
    with you. Voila, your very own personal laser beam disabling device. :)
    By the way, you should stop half way down the hall to use the computer for 
    another upload, but don't forget to pick up your useful friend again.
    Well, you know what to do for the next part. Place the guard you've been 
    carrying somewhere safe and dark and use exactly the same method on the next 
    one. Wait until he reaches your side, send him to his ancestors and carry him 
    around. It's as easy as that.
    Use the medikit if you need to, then get your sneaky shoes on again. The camera 
    to the left can be avoided by timing your moves and turning right into the 
    corridor next to the office made of glass. Quiet now. Make sure all the guards 
    are seated comfortably, then use the keypad of the door. No need to bother 
    taking anyone out or something. Just sneak to the left and use the computer and 
    disable the cameras. Also seize the opportunity to delete their archive. 
    Now use the switch next to the door. Time to use your EEV on the computer one 
    of the guards is using. Zoom in on the part that shines in a bright orange when 
    you use your thermal vision. Upload the faked e-mail, or if you prefer to do it 
    manually (according to the manual it is easier this way) just switch of the 
    vent. I will describe what to do for that option later. Now leave those nice 
    men alone. 
    Sneak further to the right and stay as close to the wall as you possibly can. I 
    know, it looks as if he was staring right at you, but it is possible to sneak 
    past the guy looking out of the window. Immediately turn right into the 
    corridor. Hack the door and enter. Simply pick the lock of the next door and 
    look for the third switch to authorize your entrance to the vault in the right 
    corner next to the desk. Oh, and while you are there: don't forget to use the 
    computer. You need to upload another e-mail. Time to get to the vault. You have 
    to get back to the security room where you took on the two (three) guards in 
    the west wing. Simply sneak past the glass office again (remember to stay 
    close to the wall while passing the daydreaming guy), down the corridor past 
    the camera, and remember to pick up your 'personal laser beam disabling 
    devices' along the way in order to get through the beams. Head down the stairs 
    and leave the east wing. Enter the west wing and turn left into the corridor 
    after you passed the camera to the right. The door which had 
    been locked before will now be open. 
    Turn immediately right to get to your equipment. If you turn right again you 
    will find a computer you can use, but unfortunately there is no upload 
    Check the rows of boxes to find box 1024. Open it and pick up what you need for 
    your little robbery. You heard the man, get to the main vault. Exit the room 
    and turn right and simply follow the corridor.
    The lockpick is not as hard as it sounds. It's basically a normal one, just 
    wait until all of the lights have turned green again before you even move your 
    left analogue stick again. That's it.
    Now comes the fun part. Time to blow something up. Place the charges on the 
    vault and back off. Detonate the charges.
    Enter the vault and use the computer. Apart from hacking the security access 
    you should also use the other options. Then it is time to raise Sam's salary. 
    Get some money and get back to the entrance of the vault.
    Careful now! Use your thermal vision in order to find out what I am talking 
    about: First time I played the game I was able to leave and finish my job in 
    uploading these e-mails. The second time around for some reason all the ways to 
    the entrance area (where there is the next computer) was blocked and the 
    objective of uploading faked e-mails had been cancelled... The reason being a 
    laser beam you won't have been told about. If you trigger off the alarm your 
    mission will end here, but it won't fail. Use the OCP of your pistol to disable 
    the beam (Thanks Keving McNee for reminding me of this possibility) or just 
    wait for it to switch off for a second, which it does now or then. 
    Anyway, if this should have triggered the alarm simply leave through the door 
    where you encountered your very first camera. You will find an emergency exit 
    door at the end of the corridor which will lead you back to the yard you 
    started from. Go to the back wall in order to find your extraction point.
    If, however, you manage to get passed the beam head past the door with the 
    camera and exit the west wing. Go past the sleeping guard and cross the area 
    you came in through. Open the door to the right stealth and sneak up on the 
    guard who is starting to fall asleep on his reception desk. He might get up the 
    moment you reach him, so be fast to grab him. Interrogate him if you like, then 
    use the computer to upload the e-mail.
    If you didn't upload the faked e-mail in the glass office here an 
    alternative option: return to the west wing using the door with the retinal 
    Bank: west wing
    SAVEPOINT. If you switched of the cameras in the glass office on the second 
    floor you won't need to worry about any alarms or guards any more. Return to 
    the office where you uploaded the very first e-mail. Remember the crawl
    space I mentioned at the beginning of your mission? Use it now and then look 
    for a rainpipe on the opposite wall. 
    Gary has used the alternative route to the get into this yard. Here is what
    he wrote:
    Note: Yes, but as I mentioned earlier in my guide, it is not necessary to do
    so, so you might want to focus on getting up the rainpipe instead.
    Climb up and climb over to the balcony. There is another crawl space in the 
    wall. Use it and follow it all the way until you find yourself above the glass 
    office. If you switched off the vent it should be possible to climb down there 
    since there is a hole in the roof - haven't tried this though. But I know for 
    sure that this is a good position to go assault on these blissfully unaware 
    guards making it less likely that they will be able to raise an alarm. Once 
    they are down take either the long way around through the building to get back 
    to the office or climb down (if it is possible) and use the computer.
    That's all objectives completed, return either to the door in the west wing 
    where you had to get past the first camera or use the main entrance to get back 
    to the yard you started from. Approach the right corner at the farend in order 
    to exfiltrate.
    Penthouse: Abandoned building
    SAVEPOINT. New York, New York. First of all remember not to kill anyone. This 
    means your L1 button will be your best friend for this part of the game.
    Get into one of those entrances to the left and wait for the guard to return. 
    Now sneak up on him and put him to sleep after you interrogated him. 
    Turn left around the corner and switch on your night vision to see another  
    volunteer guarding an alley.
    Note that, as Grant Hill has pointed out to me, there is a ladder straight
    ahead of you when you are still in the alley you start the mission from (I sure 
    did see it and climbed up, but couldn't quite make out what it might be useful 
    for...). Here is what you actually can do with it:
    - Pull yourself up and walk up the stairs until you can't climb any farther 
    (due to a break).  From here, you can jump up and grab the ledge which will 
    be above the ledge that you would have to grab after knocking out the second 
    guard and climbing the rain pipe.  Basically, just shimmy to the left until 
    you're over the wire, like before, and let go.  It's a floor higher than the 
    previous method which you mentioned in the walkthrough but Sam won't get 
    injured at all.  When you land on top of the van, turn around (make sure the 
    guard that comes in and out of the building isn't in site) and fire at him with 
    a Ring Airfoil or a Sticky Shocker. -
    Well, anyway, try whatever works for you.
    Simply sneak towards him and make sure no-one is in the alley to your left when 
    you knock him out. But be fast and show no hesitation otherwise he'll might get 
    a chance to react.
    Once he is out and hidden away climb the rain pipe in the alley he was 
    guarding. Shimmy to the right until you see a wire underneath you. Make sure 
    you are right above it and let go of the ledge. Sam should slide over to the 
    truck and land on its roof. Wait until the guard comes out of the building to 
    the right and then get his attention. He will come towards the truck. Sneak 
    forward and when he has almost reached the car rush towards him pressing L1. 
    Sam will do a really cool knock-out move and a roll.
    Enter the building the guard came out of and use the door. 
    Once inside turn left into the corridor and immediately left again. There is a 
    guy repairing an elevator. Sneak up on him and take him hostage. Retreat 
    into the darkness while interrogating him, there could be another guard showing 
    up any second and you don't want to get caught, do you? 
    Since the volunteer didn't finish his repairs you'll have to use the long way 
    and climb up. Use the hole in the elevator roof to get on top of it and use the 
    Once the elevator stopped climb inside. Listen carefully and you will hear a 
    guard patrolling the area behind the doors. Wait until you are convinced he 
    must be further away before rushing out and rolling into the darkness in the 
    left corner.
    I haven't tried this myself yet but sounds like a good tip to me - the 
    following has been e-mailed from Nataly:
    - ... instead of only relying on your ears to hear the enemy leave away from 
    the elevator you can always use the thermo to see them leave. This really 
    helped me during co-op mode with my bud, I gave her the signal to open the 
    door.....hee hee. 
    Wait for the return of the guard and knock him out. If something should have 
    gone wrong, there is a medikit on the wall to the left. Leave the room through 
    the next door. 
    This part can be a bit tricky, but it's not too hard really. You could even 
    cross this area without knocking anyone out at all, but you would have to get 
    your timing right while climbing up to the neon sign otherwise you will be 
    spotted and shot at.
    So here is another way: Turn left and proceed until you've reached a small gap 
    between to buildings where you can do a split jump. Now get the attention of 
    some guards and knock them out by dropping on top of them. If they are coming 
    together and you are fast enough you can take out two at once, simply hit the 
    second guy as hard as you can as soon as you dropped onto the first one.
    If this caused the third guard to snoop around that's even better, wait for him 
    in the darkness and take him out. If he doesn't come for you alarm him in any 
    way or shoot him with a non-lethal projectile. Now climb the neon sign and jump 
    up to grab the wire.
    Penthouse: Zherkezhi's Pad
    SAVEPOINT. Ok, time to stop handling people with kid gloves. These boys are the
    usual type of bad guys, so feel free to shoot who you consider necessary. Well, 
    almost free that is: make sure you get hold of this first guy in order to 
    interrogate him, otherwise you will be unable to complete all you objectives. 
    By the way, there is a crawl space at the other end of this balcony like area. 
    Try to memorize it for later.
    Now use your OCP on the light bulb above the door and shoot it afterwards. Then 
    get inside. Sneak into the middle of the room and wait for a guard to come from 
    the right. Grab him and interrogate him before sending him to sleep. The guy 
    doing the repairs seems pretty tired too, so do him the same favour. 
    Now use the computer to the right in order to get the plans you where looking 
    It doesn't really matter whether you use the route through the elevator first 
    or use the crawl space, but let's say you used the elevator to begin with 
    the more difficult part.
    Climb into the elevator and use the roof to get to the next level.
    Listen to what Redding has to tell you and then switch on your night vision. 
    You will see a camera immediately to the right once you exit the elevator. It's 
    hard to see its beam with the night vision since it is a well lit area. Use 
    your OCP and rush underneath it in order to run a tap on it. Done with it DO 
    NOT REMAIN there, you will trigger an alarm if you do. Immediately head further 
    down the corridor and get behind some cover without opening the door ahead. 
    There is a guard in there, but he is going to fall a sleep any minute so your 
    main problem will be a camera on the wall to the right. If you shoot the guard 
    it will realize this, if you get caught on camera in any way, ..well you know. 
    Just tap it. It's possible to cross this room simply using your OCP on the 
    camera when ever necessary, but to be honest it is a lot easier to send the 
    guard to sleep first, especially since you will have to cross this room again 
    on your way back. Simply take cover behind the pillar so that the camera won't 
    see you and then whistle. If he comes for you make sure he cannot be seen by 
    the camera before you take him out.
    On your way upstairs make sure you use your night vision to see the parts of 
    the stairs the beam of the camera can see. It's possible to use the OCP but 
    it's a lot easier to position Sam so that he can jump up and get hold of the 
    next level (turn his back to the camera). Climb up and enter the next door.
    Leave your night vision switched on and you will see a camera to the left in 
    the room. Either use your EEV to hack the computer or make your way through the 
    room. If you stick like glued to the right side of the room you won't even need 
    your OCP.
    Return to the door you came in through (but don't leave) and this time make 
    your way to the opening next to the camera. Turn left to find the computer you 
    were looking for. Use it to enable Grim to get access.
    Return to the camera and tap it. Now go to the door you haven't used yet. Cross 
    the room and enter a narrow hallway. Listen to those two guys talking. One of 
    them seems to know something. So let's ask him.
    When you look around you will realize that this is a clear split-jump situation 
    so make use of it. Shoot the lights and return to the wall near the door to 
    make a split-jump. One of the guys will check out the corridor so be fast and 
    whistle. Once he is underneath you surprise him. Now approach the door to the 
    greenhouse and open. Get his attention and retreat until you get the 
    opportunity to grab him. Do not enter the greenhouse! There is a camera above 
    the door. Interrogate him and give him sweet dreams. Now it is time to take 
    care of the camera. Get your timing right and enter. You will have to get away 
    from the door in order to close it. Now tap the camera and leave. If you have 
    been injured use the medikit first.
    Return to the hall with the stairs. You can simply drop down at the farend to 
    land in a position the camera won't see. Now leave the room and use your OCP on 
    the camera in the corridor. Use the elevator to climb down again.
    Remember the crawl space I mentioned earlier? 
    Go there. Simply head back to the balcony like thing and turn left. Get into 
    the crawl space and exit on the other side. Now turn right and climb up the 
    rain pipe. Careful now. There are two guards on the balcony. Wait until the 
    patrolling one is further away and knock out the lazy one. Now wait for the 
    return of his colleague. He won't realize his comrade has been knocked out so 
    don't move and wait next to him until you get a chance to grab him. Now shoot 
    the light ahead to make it easier for you to see the beam of the camera. Use 
    your OCP and tap the camera. Return to the crawl space, but don't get in. (You 
    could also use the door next to the camera to get back to the elevator but you 
    would have to use the crawl space again to get back.) 
    Tap the camera and you will be done with this part of the mission. Now shoot 
    the guard who is watching the stairs next to the camera. You might need to use 
    your thermal vision and the sniper mode in order to get a good shot. Now use 
    the OCP on the camera and rush up the stairs. Enter the corridor and proceed to 
    the next door. 
    Ok, don't let your nerves get to you now. What ever you do, don't shoot the old 
    man. He will help you for this next part of the mission. Use the computer in 
    the left corner of the room, then talk to him. You will have to talk to him a 
    couple of times before he will understand what you want. Be patient and follow 
    him around. 
    Don't worry about this next part you have as many attempts as you need. Once 
    you've figured out what to do it's actually easy. First talk to the old man to 
    get his assistance. Now switch on the main server and use your thermal vision 
    to see which of the servers starts to get yellow. Switch it ONCE. Don't bother 
    about the right side of the room just stay in your part. It's only three 
    servers you will have to switch in the right order. (With your back turned to 
    the main server its the one to the left then the second one on the right 
    side and then the first one on the right side.)If you fail simply start the 
    main server again and you can repeat the whole procedure.
    Retrieve the punch cards and you are done here. Time to go home.
    Return to the elevator to exfiltrate.
    - Since there is no option 'assault' available in the loadout I would advise 
    you to use Redding's recommendation -
    Note: Objective 'find out real identity' incomplete
    (not sure it is possible to complete it here since it will be transferred to 
    your next mission)
    UPDATE: Received the following e-mail by manilenio:
    In the Displace level (after the bank), on the 3rd floor, to complete the 
    secondary objective, when you enter the hallway that has 2 guards talking 
    inside the second glass room, don't make the glass transparent, just aim 
    your EEV at it and it should start recording the conversation of the two 
    (one in a suit, the other in full gear with an assault rifle).  They will 
    be talking about Milan Nedich (or Milo, the butcher).  This will complete 
    your mission. 
    SAVEPOINT. Once again you are not allowed to kill anyone so be careful. Proceed 
    until you reach an open area. Wait for one of the guards to take up his patrol 
    then follow him until you can grab him. Interrogate him and end his shift. Now 
    stay close to the left wall of the yard and approach the fence. Climb over it 
    and time your moves with that of the technician. Take him out and use the 
    switch for the vent. Go back to the huge vent in the middle of the yard and 
    pick the trap in order to rappel down. 
    Turn right and you will hear a conversation. You can use the optic cable to 
    hear what's going on. Once they are leaving climb down into the office and 
    follow those men. 
    Alternative solution:
    - In the Displace mission, after the part where you repel down the fan shaft go 
    as quickly as you can (without making noise) to the Trap Door and open it. Here 
    you will hear the two guards talking. Now instead of having to chase the guy 
    with the computer down the hallways, I discovered this. As soon as you open the 
    Trap whip out your EEV. Move over until you can clearly see the laptop on the 
    floor now scan and hack it. You should have about a minute to do this so don't 
    panic if you're good or average at hacking.-
    - Thanks,Brandon H. Splintercell Junkie 
    Turn right and shoot the lights this might alarm those guys 
    but just wait for them to calm down. Now follow them through the doors. You 
    will have to hack a keypad on your way. You will find them standing around in 
    the corridor. Watch out for the camera to the left, stay in the dark and use 
    your EEV on the laptop one of them is carrying. Hack the security access. If 
    you miss out on this opportunity you will still be able to follow them around 
    and try it again.
    Let's assume you made it. Now wait until they have left the area and shoot the 
    lights - use your OCP first to avoid any suspicion. Now approach the door 
    ahead. It will slides open so repeat the same method on the lights in here. 
    He is well hidden, but there is a guard behind the computer terminal. Sneak up 
    on him and interrogate him before sending him to sleep. Now turn to the door 
    leading to the training room. Enter and you will get a new objective from 
    Grim. Open the next door stealth and switch off the lights to your left. Knock 
    out the guy coming to switch it back on and then approach the railing right 
    behind the other guard. Climb up, jump down and grab him. Alternatively you 
    could have used the beams in the room to cross over safely. Use both computers 
    in the room and upload the first tracer. If you are hurt for some reason use 
    the medikit right next to this computer. Leave and get back to the room leading 
    to the main server. You will have to hack the retinal scanner to enter the next 
    I received an e-mail from Jessica pointing out the following:
     - I have a tip for Displace when going through the laser beams after the 
    retinal scanner.  If you pick up the guard that you knocked out in the 
    previous room after making him use the retinal scanner and walk towards the 
    beams, they will automatically go off because of the beacon on his body.
    YOU COULD DO YOUR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE FIRST - but you will have to return to this 
    floor if you do.
    If you don't want to have to return - here your opportunity objective:
    Go back to where you hacked the laptop of this suitwearing guy. Head back to 
    the office where you started your mission from, but stop on the corridor where 
    you shot the lights. This suitwearing guy is hanging around in his office. Lure 
    him to your position and interrogate him. 
    If you have been too quick his colleague might just cross the corridor. Wait 
    for him to enter the next room and follow him. Stay close to the door and 
    whistle. He will come for you, so grab him and ask him a couple of personal 
    questions. Now switch off the lights and wait for the second guard to come to 
    the switch. Grab him, have a little chat with him and send him to sleep. Use 
    the computer to the left and access the other ones if you like.
    Now return to the room with the retinal scanner and hack it if you haven't done 
    so yet.
    Careful now! Switch on you thermal vision and you will see a real nightmare.
    The first couple of laser beams aren't too hard, but the third row of beams 
    won't switch off. You OCP will work however and it is possible to dodge through 
    if you keep going (otherwise Sam will get up a bit hitting the beams).
    Go through the next door and use the switch for the lights next to the retinal 
    scanner. If it doesn't alarm a guard he might still be in another room, but he 
    will come eventually so take him out. Now approach the doorway to the next room 
    - don't worry if you here gunshots they are not directed at you and get the 
    attention of the other guard. Give him a headache and then use the computer in 
    the room you just crossed. Now use the computer in the next room as well and 
    hack the security access. Feel free to use the medikit near the doorway if you 
    need to. Now go to the next room and switch off the turret. Hack it if you 
    like, but I can't see the use of it. Go past the target and jump up to grab the 
    vent. Pull yourself up and enter the first floor.
    Displace: first floor
    SAVEPOINT. Follow the vent and climb down. Use the computer and then 
    immediately climb up again. As Grim puts it: You've got company. Wait inside 
    the vent until a man started using the computer. Then climb down again and grab 
    Interrogate him, but get out of sight with him, the door will open now or then 
    if the guard passes by. Once the computer guy is asleep it's time to take out 
    the guard. Either lure him inside (be quick to knock him out) or get outside 
    when you are sure he isn't there and wait in a dark corner for his return. 
    Proceed down the corridor until you reach another door. Go through and head 
    down the corridor. Switch off the TV screen while passing - the darker the 
    better. Now open this next door stealth. Don't go outside yet. Watch the scene 
    until you see a guard passing by. Follow him, but make sure not to get spotted 
    by the camera. Don't attack him just yet - he is not alone and camera and 
    comrade are not fun to be with. Instead stay in the dark short corridor he has 
    gone through and do a split-jump. Now just wait and take him out. If this 
    alarms his comrade repeat the same procedure, if it didn't, well, get his 
    attention. You could also 'switch off' the lights in the next area and try to 
    get to him this way. Whatever you do, once both are out go back to the area 
    with the camera and turn right into the opening - you will see a reception desk 
    with a computer (useless, just some camera access). Follow the corridor and you 
    will find a door to the left. Enter and use the second door to the left. Shoot 
    the lights and retreat immediately. The guard coming for you will use a torch. 
    Hide away on the corridor outside the bathroom and get into his back. Once he 
    is out enter the room ahead, but be quiet not to alarm the guy working on the 
    computer. Grab him from behind and send him to sleep. Now use the computer and 
    make Grim a happy girl. Go back to the elevator and use it to get to the third 
    Displace: third floor
    SAVEPOINT. Leave the elevator and turn left. Switch off the lights for the next 
    corridor and then wait at its other end. A couple of guards will pass by 
    realizing that something isn't quite right so retreat into the dark area 
    halfway down the corridor. The reason being: this guy has a torch so you need 
    to get into his back in order to grab him and interrogate him. But stay away 
    from the door in this dark corner, there is a camera right behind it and you 
    don't want to get spotted blackmailing a poor man on duty, do you? He'll give 
    you a keycode, so thank him by sending him to sleep. 
    Now go back to the elevator and head into the other direction. But be careful 
    there is a guard patrolling the corridor. Switch of the lights and wait for him 
    to come back. Sweet dreams little soldier... Now approach the recreation room 
    ahead and open the door stealth. If you are quiet enough this guy won't even 
    hear you coming before it's too late. Grab him and interrogate him for another 
    That's the area cleared from guards, feel free to use any computer you like.
    Remember the dark area you interrogated the first guard on this floor in? Go 
    there and cause the door to slight open. Use your OCP on the camera and 
    immediately rush through the next door. Use the key pad if you did get the 
    code, otherwise hack it. 
    There are two guards talking in the second room on the right. Since they are 
    absolutely useless you could might as well leave them alone, but if you want to 
    play with them: Switch of the lights. Now use your OCP to toggle the state of 
    the windows of their room. This will cause one of the guards to come out. Send 
    him to sleep. The next guy will come if you whistle a tune. Knock him out and 
    proceed down the corridor.
    NOTE: I was wrong to claim they were absolutely useless! It is here that you 
    will be able to complete the objective about finding out the real identity...
    simply follow the advice by manilenio at the beginning of this mission...My 
    mistake, sorry about that.
    You could have the code for this door. Get in and use the two computers. 
    You can go to extraction now, but don't forget to use the OCP on the camera on 
    your way back to the dark area. And be careful. It will see you if the door 
    slide open and you miss with the OCP. Back in the dark area turn right and 
    you will find a door at the end of the corridor. Open it and you will find a 
    fire exit. Hack the keypad and go upstairs to extract.
    Hokkaido: Common area
    Forget about Redding's comments at the beginning of your mission - it is true 
    there is less high-tech, but the guards are as blissfully unaware as ever. 
    SAVEPOINT. Ok, first of all shoot the light ahead (the one dangling from a 
    tree). Your OCP will work on it, though to me it looks like a candle. Anyway, 
    this will cause a guard to snoop around. Careful, he will be using a flare, 
    retreat as far as possible. He will throw it away eventually and this is the 
    moment you should get into his back. Just wait until he has climbed down to 
    your level.
    Climb all the way up and enter the building. 
    This is a 'sneaking mission'. The floorboards will be loud and there won't be 
    an awful lot of background noise going on. Take your time and stay invisible, 
    most situations can be solved with a bit of patience (and a silenced gun).
    Don't rush ahead, there is a guard with a torch walking around. Instead wait 
    until he went outside before you follow him. Slide the door open and simply 
    drop down from the catwalk to land behind the first car. Use your EEV on the 
    license plate of the car the soldier is leaning against.
    Wait until they take up separate positions. And climb back up on the catwalk. 
    Once the guard that had been on it left it, use your OCP and shoot the light. 
    You might have to drop down from the catwalk again once both guards start 
    snooping around again, but it shouldn't take too long. Now simply sneak up on
     the guy with the torch who is standing around on the catwalk and be quick to 
    send him to sleep. Ignore the guy in the middle of the yard for now, though it 
    would be quite simple to knock him out the same way. You'd be running the risk 
    of alarming a third guy if you get caught in the headlights. Instead sneak past 
    him staying close to the right wall. You will find a window to the left. climb 
    up and make sure you are alone before you shoot the light. Careful now, there 
    will be a guard coming out of the corridor to the right. He will use a torch, 
    so make sure you stay close to the right wall near the crawl space when he 
    walks past. Grab him or do anything else with him, he is just an idiot anyway 
    (ask him something and you will see for yourself). Alternatively you could have 
    used the beam on the ceiling in the corridor to take him out from above, but 
    that seems to be too much trouble to me. Don't use the crawl space to proceed, 
    I find it easier not to jump out in the middle of a corridor with two guards 
    around you, and you will miss out on the first MIC if you do. Instead take the 
    long way through the corridor the guard came through. 
    Shoot the light in the livingroom like area and wait for the guard to calm 
    down if you alarmed him. Use your EMF to check out the area next to
    the cupboard with the telephone on it. You will see a bright spot. That's your 
    first MIC - disable it. Now take care of the guard next door. Sneak up on him, 
    he is standing behind that carpetlike thing in the middle of the corridor. 
    Interrogate him and he will be really helpful.
    Now let's do something really cool. You might have seen this in the demo at the 
    beginning of the game. First make sure the corridor is dark, then approach the 
    next room. Wait until the guard leaves and then sneak in and to the right. Drop 
    into the bath and position yourself halfway near the edge where the guard stood 
    a couple of seconds ago. Now just wait. He'll be back and you'll be able to 
    grab him...
    Cross the next area and you'll see a guard lighting a candle in the next room. 
    Take him out anyway you want. It is easy to sneak up on him and follow him 
    around since the candle leaves you with enough dark areas to hide in. He isn't 
    really useful and you will pass the kitchen anyway.
    Proceed and enter the temple and garden area.
    Hokkaido: temple and garden
    SAVEPOINT. Use the time while these guys are talking to sneak into the right 
    dark corner. Once the smarter one has disappeared it is time to follow the 
    stupid one around. Send him to sleep, that's better for him anyway. Now follow 
    the other guard into the next area. He'll be looking for MICs there. It's easy 
    to follow him if he passes the door, if he doesn't, get rid of the lights and 
    then of him. You will find the MIC next to the cupboard on the opposite wall. 
    Use your EMF.
    Enter the next room to find the medikit one of the guards told you about and 
    some ammunition. 
    Slide the next door open and you will find a yard with two guards patrolling 
    the area. Unfortunately they have torches, so it is not going to be easy to get 
    rid of them. It is actually a lot easier to simply leave them alone. All you 
    have to do is wait until one of them (the one in the yard itself) is leaning 
    against a tree. Now make sure the walking guy is far enough away from you and 
    sneak down the stairs ahead. Make sure you stay in the dark! Now hurry to move 
    on, otherwise the torch using guy will come back and you'll be - to use 
    Lambert's words - lit up like a Dutch brothel. Cross the yard and you will 
    reach a doorway. Get in there staying as close to the dark wall as possible.
    When you proceed you'll hear voices. Turn right in the next room to find a 
    crawl space next to a door. You could just simply open the door, cause them to 
    come out and go assault. But you will miss out on a hell of a lot of 
    information if you do and it's actually quite fun to use the crawl space and 
    sneak around while they are talking. The guy in the suit is your target. Once 
    the guards left he'll be taking a bath. Wait until he is in the bathroom (use 
    your thermal vision to see him behind the wall paper) and then grab him from 
    behind through the wall (cool!). Once he has told you everything he knows send 
    him to his ancestors. Before you leave remember to look for the MIC and disable 
    it, and don't forget about the guards on the corridor outside! They'll be 
    snooping around with torches. You can simply shoot them or play a game of hide 
    and seek. 
    Either way they have to disappear. Now enter the room next to the corridor with 
    the crawl space. There's your next phone with the MIC. Follow the doors 
    until you reach the living area.
    Hokkaido: living quarters
    SAVEPOINT. Slide the door open and shoot the light. Now you will come to an 
    area with a greenhouse. Stay in the doorway and look to the right. You will see 
    a switch and a valve. There is a sneaky method to get through this room 
    involving those two, but you'll have to be quick here otherwise the guard will 
    see you. Use the valve first. Then be quick to use the switch. Get to the end 
    of this niche and jump up to get hold of the ledge above you. Hurry, the guard 
    will check out what triggered off the sprinklers. Once you are upthere and in 
    the next corner you'll be safe. Now simply cross over to the other side of the 
    room and use the valve there - the guard will return to his post providing you 
    with a good spot to land on: His head. But hurry to either hide him away or get 
    your gun out, another guard is patrolling the corridor outside and he won't be 
    too pleased with you knocking out his comrade. 
    Use one of the doors ahead to enter the TV room. There is a medikit in case you 
    need it. The other thing you should take care of is the MIC next to the table. 
    The last MIC is immediately in the adjoining room, so check it out.
    Proceed and slide open the next door. 
    Ok, ignore the stairs to the right for now, it is easier to take the route from 
    the lower level than to sneak up some well lit stairs with a guard watching 
    you. Instead jump over the railing ahead of you and you will find a door to the 
    right. Open it and you probably will see a guard unless he has gone upstairs 
    for a while. Take care of the lights. This might cause both of the guards to 
    snoop around so be patient and just wait. If you get a chance to, get hold of 
    the first one. If not, well, whistle him a tune to lure him into a good 
    position. The second guard will also react to any sound you make so cause him 
    to come down and take him out.
    Get upstairs and proceed until you reach a crawl space. Get in there.
    Unfortunately it doesn't really matter what you do now. Zherkezhi is dead 
    anyway. If you wait and listen - he'll die, if you jump down and try to do 
    something - he'll die. That's just the way the story goes I'm afraid. You 
    can try and rush after Shetland, but well, why bother, he is supposed to get 
    away. You're done here, don't bother about the guard in the right corner of the 
    yard and proceed through the building until you reach a backdoor. You'll might 
    encounter another guard on your way there - wasn't there the last time I 
    played, but the next time around he was standing there with a sabre...strange 
    things happen in Japan. Use the medikit in the building if you get hurt 
    You'll be back in the yard where you scanned the license plate. It is easy to 
    get into the back of each guard and take them out one by one, but actually it 
    is a waste of time, all you need to do is return to extraction. Simply sneak 
    past them and enter the building to the right. Go all the way back to the place 
    you started your mission from.
    That's goodbye to Japan.
    SAVEPOINT. Careful while sliding down, the workers might see something. You can 
    take them out if you want to, just get rid of the light and then do what Sam 
    does best, but actually you could just jump into the hole to the left (from 
    where you rappelled down). Yep, ignore the door, it just leads to a nasty 
    camera. The hole on the other side is a safe and fast way in. Turn left, 
    right, left, left, right and right again to reach a ladder. Climb up, open the 
    trap and send this nice man on his desk to sleep. 
    Leave the room and use the corridor to the left. Open it stealth and sneak up 
    on this guard. He is not exactly of the brave or bright kind, but you can 
    interrogate him if you want to. He is better off sleeping. Now use the computer 
    terminal he has been working on. Hack it for an e-mail. Now leave through the 
    door just opposite the one you came in through. But be quiet. The man next door 
    looks busy. Do him a favour and send him to sleep. Now use his computer for the 
    first of the shipping logs.
    Leave and use the door to the right. 
    Follow the corridor and shoot the lights. If you've checked the cameras on the 
    first possible computer, you'll know there is one to the left behind these 
    double doors. Get your pistol out and use the OCP on the camera as soon as 
    you've opened the door. This should cause a worker to check on it. Lure him 
    into the corridor and send him to sleep. Strangely enough this could be enough 
    to trigger off a mad comrade chasing after you, so get ready to shoot him or do 
    something else to defend you from this maniac. It didn't matter what I tried, 
    he always came for me. If you should get more lucky than I did: he will be in 
    the room further down the corridor to the right. Go there anyway and proceed to 
    the next room in order to find an unattended computer. Use it and retrieve some 
    repair logs. Use the medikit in the first room if you need to.
    Go back outside and down the stairs to the left.
    Battery: command center
    SAVEPOINT. This part can be really tricky. There is no way to switch off this 
    light and there are two workers who are able to see the doorway AND there is a 
    camera on the wall to the right. NASTY.
    One of the problems with those guys is that they don't leave their area, so you 
    can't lure them into the corridor (at least in my experience). But there is one 
    thing you can do to help you: head to the entrance while these guys are still 
    having their conversation. Now be quick to place a wall mine into the entrance 
    and retreat as fast as possible. They will see you, and they will come for you. 
    They will even see the mine, but in an attempt to disable it one of them will 
    blow up. Yes! One down, one to go. In my experience the other guy will be 
    totally confused now and will talk non-sense about your potential position and 
    stuff like that. Good for you. Shoot the light in the room and retreat. When 
    you go back in be fast to leave the area with the light. He will be confused, 
    but he will shoot eventually!
    If this method shouldn't work for you for some reason, there is still the 
    option of simply luring them into the entrance and then to blast away while 
    running towards them. You will take damage while doing this and you will 
    probably be seen by the camera, but it will get you inside the hangar.
    UPDATE: Nice one. Here an alternative way into the hangar which was e-mailed to
    me by daytrader:
     - If you picked up the gas grenades earlier in the level, it's not that 
    tricky any more. Move around the corner just far enough to see the light 
    bulb and not be spotted. Along that line of sight, there is a stack of two 
    crates in the background, a little behind and right of the guards. If you 
    shoot a gas grenade at the upper crate, it should bounce off nicely towards 
    the guards, taking them both out. As soon as you have fired the grenade, 
    shoot the light bulb - if you like, you can OCP the camera before firing 
    the grenade to buy yourself a little more time, but it shouldn't be 
    necessary unless you shoot like a stormtrooper. Shooting a sticky camera at 
    the crate and releasing gas might also work. 
    Finally got around to adding this nice piece of advice:
    - Here's what I did:
    (I did stop to get the gas grenades in the warehouse room, but I didn't end up
    needing them.)  When in the hall with the indestructable light in the corner
    end and the camera and guards just around the corner, sneak immediately to the
    end of the left wall, lean around, and OCP the security camera, then 
    immediately shoot out the light hanging in front of the camera--don't OCP it,
    cause you'll need it dark later.  Back away into the darkness of the hall 
    again, and shoot a sticky camera onto the same wall that the security camera is 
    on, but in the little entryway to the big hangar.  When looking through the 
    sticky camera, you should be able to see the hangar, but not the security 
    camera to the right side of your sticky camera.  Wait until the patrolling 
    guard comes down the stairs at the far end of the hangar, then push the X 
    button for your sticky camera to make noise.  When BOTH of the guards are 
    standing close to the sticky camera, push Y to emit the gas.  It should knock 
    them both out cold. Don't pick up any bodies yet--instead, use the OCP on the 
    security camera again. Then hide the bodies in the shadows.  SAVE IT!!  No 
    alarms, no used ammo, no lost health.  Snap!
    Here's to gaming,
    arcadiawalker - 
    And here is to you for a 100% completion!
    You are a hell of a sniper? Then this one might work for you:
    - the 2 guards beyond the corridor with the light that cant be taken out and 
    the camera in the next room can be lured over but its a bit risky and you take 
    a chance of getting caught..u can shoot the light ((he is talking about the 
    hangar itself)) after the guards talk and one will walk over and stop in the 
    corridor wheres its dark and if you are able to land a headshot then the other 
    guard will say "what was that?"(or something to that effect) and the other 
    guard will be in the corridor and you will have a clear shot at his head if you 
    use your night vision and aim carefully(he is about 90% obscurred by the 
    corridor by the time he is in your sights) -
    Lee Justice actually managed to get into the hangar without being spotted -
    (one of the instances in which sticky cameras can come in really handy):
     - Simply lay back in the shadows as far down the corridoor as you can, but 
    make sure Sam is still able to see the wall and entrance to where the gurads 
    are, shoot a sticky camera onto the wall, as far into the main room as 
    possable, hit a few clicks and wait for the guards to come over an investigate, 
    then simply gass them. Hide the bodies, activate the missile across the room 
    and hike into the command centre proper using the missile rail above.... Same 
    with the two guys after you drop down from the missile rail. Just hit a camera 
    into the wall and click their attention, gas them when they come for a look. 
    You don't get any info but you don't get seen -
    Sounds good to me...
    Now sneak past the camera and bypass the circuit you will find. Now head to the
    platform at the other end of the hangar, but remember to stay in the dark. 
    Bypass the next circuit and then jump onto the construction the missile had 
    been hanging above. What you have to do is climb as high up on this thing as 
    you possibly can. There is some kind of roller like thing at its end, you can 
    use that for example. What you need to do is to grab onto the girder and 
    make your way to the other side. So pull your legs up and get going.
    Jump down on the other side and climb into the hole. Now proceed forward until 
    you reach the next corridor. Careful now, one sitting guard, one entering the 
    corridor from the right. Try to lure the walking guard into your fist, then 
    take care of the other one. If you switch off the lights use your OCP only, 
    anything else will probably alarm a third guard behind the gate to the left. 
    Let's take care of him before we do anything else. Enter the gate to the left 
    and sneak through the next door. Grab the guy on the computer and ask him for 
    directions. Then return back outside, pick up the goodies on the box if you 
    haven't done so yet and hack the keypad in order to use the elevator.
    Here a useful piece of advice for those of you who prefer the sneaky way (the 
    splintercell way so to say...): Having asked the guy near the computer for 
    directions follow Ryan Rhine's directions instead in order to avoid some
    rather unpleasant surveilance measures:
    - As you walk out the doors of the room he's in, look up in front of you in the 
    hall way and you will see an opening in the ceiling.  You can jump here and 
    pull yourself up and in.  Once inside it allows you to move around and end up 
    on top of the elevator.  Here you bypass the circuit and the elevator will move 
    up.  When it stops, enter the crawl space and move forward exiting out the 
    other side.  Now, move forward and a little to the right and there will be a 
    hole to drop down in to.  STOP> Only drop in to the hole and hang on the edge.  
    Doing so will start the conversation between the Capitan and the Commander (if 
    you drop in all the way they will see you), you hear all the same conversation 
    resulting in the Commander shooting the Capitan, etc.  When they finish 
    speaking, drop down.  Now you are on a hidden ledge above the Command center 
    behind some flags or something.  Move around the ledge in the only direction 
    you can go and eventually it will bring you to a grate like door that you can 
    open.  Do so, drop in and sneak up behind the guard, knock him out and proceed 
    up the left side to the Commander and resume your directions as described in 
    your FAQ. -
    Good job soldier, keep up the good work ;)
    First of all shoot the light in the elevator, then pick up the object. There is 
    a pretty tricky situation ahead involving a camera, some lights and a security 
    guard. The thing is, you can't really approach the guard without being seen. If 
    the camera won't see you he probably will, so you will have to lure him 
    somewhere where you can take him out without being spotted. The camera will 
    mainly cover the right side of the room (seen from the doors of the elevator). 
    Get him to go into the dark corner to the left. You probably will have to keep 
    the doors of the elevator open. One method that worked well for me was: open 
    the doors of the elevator and step almost outside. Whistle and retreat (the 
    doors will close) head back to the switches and open the doors again and your 
    present should be standing right in front of you. All you have to do is hit him 
    hard and hope he won't drop into the sight of the camera. Remove the body from 
    the seen and you are almost done here. Now to the door ahead. (Forget about the 
    computer, bloody useless thing). There is a dark path through this room leading 
    exactly to the door and the retinal scanner, try to roll the last meter into 
    the dark corner. Maybe you are better off with the OCP. Use it anyway before 
    entering after you hacked the retinal scanner. 
    Proceed and listen to this interesting conversation. Unfortunately it won't be 
    enough to complete your mission, so get ready and sneak inside. First go down 
    to the left and grab the guy on the computer. Interrogate him and send him to 
    sleep. Use his computer and then head up the stair to the left. If you are 
    quiet enough the commander won't pay much attention to his surrounding either. 
    Use this to your advantage and grab him. Interrogate him and get some bad news. 
    Once he is out use the computer in order to retrieve more shipping logs.
    Leave the room and head back to the elevator. Don't forget to use the OCP on 
    the camera. Go back down and use the corridor to the right. If you've followed 
    my advice the guard in here will be sleeping, so cross the room (use the 
    medikit if you need to) and exit quietly at its other end. 
    Battery: west launcher
    SAVEPOINT. You'll hear a camera once you enter, so be careful. Follow the 
    darkness which will lead you to your victim. He's to the left checking some 
    machines. Give him sweat dreams and then shoot the light to the left (seen from 
    your position behind the worker). Use the door and the next one as well. Go 
    down the stairs and follow the corridor. Use your optic cable to see a guard 
    outside next to the launcher you are supposed to hack into. Lure him to the 
    door to take him out in order to avoid the camera to the right. It's possible 
    to lure him behind the closed door and bash the door open.
    Now use your OCP on the camera and rush down the stairs. Ignore the launcher 
    for now, you will have to abandon your hack anyway, so don't risk being spotted 
    in an useless attempt. Open the door ahead carefully. A guy will be coming 
    straight at you, but he shouldn't see you. There is a second guy working in 
    here, use the dark area to the left to work out a method to take them out. One 
    of them will take position near that area, so it's easy to drag him to his 
    sleep. But the other guy will keep pacing around. Sneak up on him and knock 
    him out. Use the computer to the right and retrieve the last log. Now by-pass 
    the circuit and use the medikit if you got hurt. Use the other exit and sneak 
    carefully up to the launcher. Stay out of sight of the camera. Now you'll have 
    to be really quick: Use the OCP rush to the side of the launcher facing the 
    door you came out of in the first place, use the computer and retreat as fast 
    as you can. It won't work if you are not kneeing down! 14 seconds is all you 
    have to do this, don't waste any or you'll be spotted.
    You heard the two. Get back to the area with the elevator. You know: corridor, 
    stairs, door, hangar, room. Use the other corridor. Cross the room and enter 
    the east launcher.
    Battery: east launcher
    SAVEPOINT. Two guards in here who urgently need to go to sleep. One is 
    immediately to your left. Watch out for his torch when you lure him into your 
    fist. Retreat and be fast to rush up to him and knock him over, or if you get 
    the chance get into his back. The second on is to the right. Shoot the light 
    and he'll be snooping around. An easy target. Don't get caught by the camera to 
    the right! Use the door and follow the corridor. Get down the stairs and get 
    underneath the catwalk in order to proceed. Take my advice now: By-pass the 
    circuit and then ignore any conversation. As soon as the gate permits it rush 
    to the left and down the stairs. A timer will start. My advice save the game as 
    soon as it does. You could have made it just through the door into the launcher 
    room. Now it's important to stay calm. Three minutes aren't an awful lot, but 
    enough to make it unless you do something stupid. I tried blasting away the 
    first time, but I got killed by the third guard before I had gotten rid of the 
    second one. The solution is a cold blooded, cool headed, sneaky one. Grab the 
    standing guy first, then take the other one out and immediately hack the 
    computer to the right. NOT DONE YET! 
    Rush away from the computer and back to the gate you came through. Back to the 
    hangar you knocked the two guards out and back to the room with the computer 
    terminals. The timer will still be running! Use the computer to stop the 
    launch. That was close! But for those of you who easily get nervous under 
    pressure: it is possible to make it in one minute thirty, if you followed my 
    advice of proceeding immediately. Time to get to extraction. It's the launcher 
    platform above the control room you just got the codes from. But before you can 
    hitch a lift you should take care of the remaining guard on the platform. Get 
    back to the gate where you by-passed the circuit and go back down the stairs. 
    Use the door on the opposite side and sneak up on him. Grab him and send him to 
    sleep. All you have to do now is run to the left and exfiltrate down the cliff.
    Seoul: east market
    Leave the room and turn right. You will find a hole in the wall so rappel down, 
    but Keep an eye on the guard underneath your position. Now take him out. 
    Approach the alley to the left, but stop to by pass the circuit on the wall. 
    This is part of your objective just in case you are wondering. Climb over the 
    fence, but be careful on the other side. There is a little nasty package on the 
    wall to the right. Approach it carefully and take it when the light turns 
    Now how handy is that! The special forces you are looking for are straight 
    ahead - and they are not special at all. Wait until one of them mentions he was 
    going to take a leak, he'll walk over to the left to relieve himself so get 
    hold of his comrade in the meantime. Drag him somewhere dark, like the alley, 
    but make sure you withdraw far enough, since his colleague will check there. (I 
    sure hope you've removed the mine!) Interrogate the soldier. Then take care of 
    his comrade.
    Turn left into the alley until you cannot go any further and by-pass the second 
    circuit. Now use the rain pipe right next to it to climb up. Open the door and 
    position yourself underneath the pipe. Jump up and cross over to the other 
    side. Now cut the material to your left and enter. Use the switch right next to 
    the door and you will alarm a guard to your presence. - well not to yours, but 
    to something. Take him out and get back outside onto the corridor. Turn right 
    and open the door.
    Get outside and follow the balcony the long way around to its other end. 
    (You'll end up right in front of a speaker.) Climb down but make sure you 
    won't be seen by a guard patrolling the yard. Careful now, be aware of a wall 
    mine nearby! Ignore it for now and take care of the guards first. One of them 
    will be patrolling up and down the yard, while the other one will stay close to 
    the command centre. Depending on your style you might find it easier to get 
    past the patrolling guard unseen and take out the easier target first - which 
    is the guard near the lorry. You'll then just have to position yourself 
    somewhere in a dark spot along the route of the patrolling guard and let him 
    walk into your ready fist. But you might as well can grab him when he is next 
    to your position underneath the balcony. If you get around to by-pass the 
    circuit straight away, its location is only a step away from where you dropped 
    down. If not, well, do it later. Use the computer in the truck. 
    Ok, you could just simply use the door, follow the corridor, use the pipe, take 
    out some guard from above, jump down to the next level (eventually taking out 
    another guard on the stairs) and then approach the computer for the drives. 
    BUT, I found a quicker and safer way, so here's my suggestion. Use the ladder 
    next to where the wall mine was instead. Then get into the crawl space to the 
    left and follow it until you reach a ladder on its other end. Get down there 
    and use the trap. Turn right switch off the lights and follow the path to the 
    computer, if you are quick to use it, you'll be gone before the guards even 
    arrive. Well, the thing is, you'll have to leave a different way you came. The 
    guards will split up so you will have to take out at least one of them. If this 
    alarms the other one..., well, he asked for it. Now take out the guard on the 
    stairs, if he's not there he's patrolling the corridor nearby. Sneak up the 
    stairs and you will meet him somewhere along the way. Send him to sleep. If you 
    are injured you might want to use the medikit in the room to the left, if not 
    use the elevator.
    A slightly different approach to the area with the computer has been sent in by 
    Matt Crook, so here it goes: Having climed down through the trap door
    - place one of your wall mines on the double doors and quickly move out of its 
    way, after switcing off the lights got get the CD drives, then you will hear 
    gaurds say "blow the door!" stay on the opposite side of the room, away from 
    the doors, by placing your wall mine on the doors, it will create a big enough 
    explosion to take out 2 gaurds, move out of the room and take the 3rd gaurd 
    from behind, he should walk past you -
    To be continued...
    SAVEPOINT. Nice cutscene. Hard mission. First of all, hit the select button to 
    check your map. Get an overview of your surrounding - you won't have much time 
    during gameplay to think about where you are heading. 
    The situation is as follows: you will start in a dark spot - good for you. A 
    guard is right behind you - bad for you. A flying device with a searchlight
    heading your way - VERY bad for you. THE GOOD NEWS: you can take them down with 
    your sniper attachment. But my advice for now: forget about both (guard and 
    device) and get your ass out of sight. There is a gap between the wall and some 
    ventilation building (or what ever that is) just opposite your current position 
    when you turn towards the stairs behind you - it has a roof. This will hide you 
    from the flying device and will give you a chance to lure the guard to your 
    NOTE: There is more good news. I received an email from drumhead89 stating that
    it is possible to disable those flying devices with your OCP. - Seems I've 
    overlooked the most obvious option...But remember, your OCP works only 
    Here a piece of advice by Crij2000:
    - the UAV's on the Seoul  mission can  be taken out with the shotgun 
    attachment.  They have to be pretty close for it to work.  I suggest disabling 
    them with the OCP and then blast away.  I have found one shot does the trick. 
    Take him out and then check the sky for the device. You will see the 
    beam if it is near you. Turn left and rush down to the vents. There is a 
    computer to the right and a wire you can use to slide over to the other side. 
    Climb over the fence. Use the door and the next one and squeeze yourself 
    through the pipes. Now check your gun. Depending on your loadout you will see 
    that it has changed into a sniper attachment. VERY HANDY! Try it on the guy who 
    will be patrolling the next area. But be aware that he is not alone. Stay on 
    your side of the gap in order to take the shot. Another guy will come for you 
    and shoot from you from behind a cover, you can snipe him down, too, just be 
    quick to pull the trigger. There is a third guy to the right, but you will have 
    to cross over to get him. Use the pipe to the left. (You could have tried to 
    cross over before you took those guys down, but I found this rather difficult 
    since there was always at least one guy who realized I had taken out his 
    comrade). Once your are on the other side, drop down and climb the small 
    building part to your right. Use the sniper rifle to check out the catwalk 
    further in a distance. That's target number three. Once he is down go to his 
    former position and use the computer. You will find a trap door to the left.
    Jump down and follow the corridor until you reach the elevator. There is a 
    wooden door near by which will lead to a roof top. Use your optic cable to see 
    another flying device. Open the door and snipe the guy on the roof underneath 
    you. Now use your EEV on the computer in order to use it from a distance. You 
    could attempt a mad dash to the door on the other side, using the ledge to 
    cross over to the other part of the building (I mean get past the wall you are 
    facing), rushing to the right (I assume your back against the wall) and 
    across the bridge like formation but I'd really advise you to snipe that thing 
    down. You are safe near the door and you have all the time in the world to do 
    so, so do yourself that favour. Now climb down and use the medikit on the wall 
    on the second level from above. Enter the door and use the pipe to get to the 
    city streets.
    Seoul: city streets
    SAVEPOINT. Once these cowards are gone jump down and sneak up on the counter. 
    Climb up and take out the guard. Now open the door to the right and the next 
    one as well. Stealth! Take out the guard and use the computer.
    Exit through the next door and wait. Don't bother about the guy repairing the 
    car, bother about the guy shooting him. Once he is out as well, go to the right 
    and climb the fence. Wade through the water and go to the right. Shoot the 
    guy who's busy shooting someone else. (Better him than you.) Now check out the 
    street to the left to find another soldier who needs to be taken out. You will 
    also see a tank further down the road. Now I didn't wait to find out whether or 
    not it would shoot me, I rather got out of its range by rushing down there and 
    up the pipe to the right. By the way, I wasn't alone up there. Take out the 
    guard and use the computer. Proceed to enter the north market.
    UPDATE: I received an e-mail by Jeremie who told me that the tanks could be 
    disabled with the OCP. I haven't tried it myself though.
    NOTE: Has been confimred. (Thanks Drew)
    Here a very handy tip from Dave - since I am very busy at the moment I haven't
    checked it myself yet, but it sure sounds pretty cool:
    - In mission number 8 ( Seoul ), it is very easy to take out the tanks by 
    dropping a frag grenade down their open hatches. This will allow you to achieve 
    " BONUS OBJECTIVES " rescue the EA-68 pilots and disable all type 86 battle 
    Note that this information has been confirmed by now. Thanks Crij2000
    Seoul: north market
    SAVEPOINT. Follow the corridor and use the medikit if you need to before you 
    take position at the window. Get your sniper rifle out and wait for the flying 
    device in order to snipe it down. This will alarm a guard in the yard, but he 
    should calm down after a while. Get outside and shoot him from above before 
    using the wire to slide over to the other side. You might have alarmed another 
    guard who had been in the truck. Shoot him from above and then use the ladder 
    at the other side to climb down. Get into the truck and use the computer.
    Follow the alley, but disable the wall mine along the way! Climb over the 
    fence and you are almost at the plane. Wait at the end of the alley for a guard 
    to show up, shoot him and proceed to the right. But watch out for the tank 
    which actually can shoot you if you are unlucky. You will find the pilots but 
    get a nasty order. (I carried the pilots behind the tank and the cutscene 
    showed no explosion in that area, but maybe that was just wishful thinking). I 
    assume you are standing left of the plane, so check the area near the dumpsters 
    for a rain pipe. Climb up and disable the last radar. Now follow the narrow 
    roof with the gap in it and use the wire to slide over to the structure on the 
    other side. Climb to the top and use your EEV on the plane to designate it as a 
    target. Watch the tragic-heroic cutscene.
    UPDATE: According to Jeremie it is possible to disable the tank with the OCP.
    UPDATE: Dave suggested to throw a frag grenade down the open hatches of the 
    UPDATE: CHECK THIS OUT! there seems to be a way to rescue the pilots against
    all odds. Here is what Kevin McNee sent in:
    - Hi, I was replaying the Seoul mission and found a way to successfuly rescue 
    the pilots (and complete the bonus objective). To do this carry one of them 
    into the ally with the fence that was used to enter this section of the 
    map(the one just meters away from the designation stucture). LAMBERT will 
    tell you when he is safe. Then go and bring the other one to that location. 
    Doing this also brings up arguing between Sam and Lambert. I goes something 
    like this: 
    -when you approch the ally with the first one: "Sam if you compromise this 
    mission for the pilots..... 
    -when first pilot is in the safe zone: "Ok he should be safe here now call 
    the airstrike...... 
    -when you return for the other piolet: "Fisher what are you doing?" 
                                                         "No sence rescuing one 
    and leaving the other" 
    -when you approch the ally with the second one: "Your compromising the 
    mission Sam no way are you going to get a medal for this." "Medals don't 
    help me sleep at night Lambert" 
    -when both piolets are safe: "ok they're safe now please call the airstrike" 
     "with pleasure" 
    When you call the airstrike Sam won't say "God forgive me" 
    Bathhouse: reception
    SAVEPOINT. Follow the alley until you see two guys talking. One of them will 
    get to work on the phone line to the right. Make sure the other guy isn't 
    watching then grab him and ask him a couple of questions. Now bypass the 
    circuit. Now check out the wall next to it to find a suitable pipe to climb up. 
    Slide over to the other side. You'll be now in a good position to drop on this 
    guys head. Once he is out hide his body and use the trap door.
    Follow the corridor and use the ladder at its other end. Now that's a mean 
    trick: it will be nice and dark when you climb up, but if you wait for too long 
    one of those guards will switch on the lights. Surprise! They weren't exactly 
    glad to see me...
    Here's what to do to avoid this unlucky situation. Sneak up on the chair to the 
    left as soon as you exit the trap door. Now wait for the guy to sit down and be 
    fast to grab him. Drag him somewhere nice and interrogate him. Now sneak to the 
    right and wait for the walking guy to get near your position. Follow him and 
    take him out. 
    Go up the stairs and use your optic cable to hear a conversation. Now enter the 
    room stealth and follow the walking guard around until you get the opportunity 
    to grab him. Interrogate him and then take care of the receptionist. Head 
    through the door next to the reception and follow the corridor. 
    Use the optic cable to watch two guys talking. Once one of them has left be 
    patient. You are waiting for the other guard to get close to the door. Now bash 
    it open and hide his body. Use the computer for an e-mail, a camera view and 
    the security access. Hack it and you will be able to disable the camera system.
    Use the large doors you can slide open and whistle to lure a guard into a trap. 
    Take him out and climb onto the roof above the doors. Jump up and grab the 
    ledge, now shimmy over to the left. There is an open window, but be quiet 
    once you get inside otherwise you will have an unpleasant encounter with a 
    cleaner. Instead lure him into your fist. Turn right into the corridor and hack 
    the keypad. Once inside search the cabinet for the information you are looking 
    for and use the computer.
    Here is something I overlooked when I was playing the game myself. It has 
    been sent in by Peter Shaw (sorry it took me so long to add it to my guide.):
    - I have found out on Bath house: Reception, if you manage to interrogate the 
    cleaner after climbing in the window, He will reveal the code for the nearby 
    keypad and the fact that their is crawlspace in the office. This leads to a 
    Secondary objective. I have drafted up a bit you could put in. Feel free to use 
    it directly.
    After searching the Cabinet, be sure to use the crawl-space right next to it. 
    After exiting, STAY IN COVER. There are two heavily armed I-SDF assault 
    soldiers in the room too. After listening in to their conversation,
    wait for the mobile guard to move away from the one at the computer. Introduce 
    him to your fist. Deal with his comrade after. Simply hack into both the 
    computers to complete a secondary objective.
    Return to the reception using the stairs, but be careful, there could be a 
    guard downstairs snooping around. Once in the reception room use the door to 
    the south to enter the public bath
    Bathhouse: public bath
    SAVEPOINT. Follow the corridor into the next room and try to sneak up on the 
    toilets. Bash the left of the two doors to take out a soldier. If this doesn't 
    work for you shoot the light from a distance and climb the first row of lockers 
    seen from the entrance door. Now wait for the guard to take up his patrol and 
    drop onto him when he passes you. Problem solved. Leave the room through the 
    next door. 
    Turn left into the corridor and cut the material. Once in the bath get to the 
    left and wait for one of the guards to take up his patrol on your side of the 
    pool. Grab him and send him to sleep. Now use your OCP and shoot the small bulb 
    to the right. This should cause the second guard to go there to check out 
    what's going on. You can drop down into the pool to avoid him and get into his 
    back, but make sure you get somewhere close to the wall where it is dark. Get 
    up again and take him out. You could have used the scaffoldings as well but 
    this way seems pretty foolproof at least if you've made it so far.
    Now by-pass the circuit near the spots and get back onto the corridor.
    Check out the next room from the doorway. One man standing looking away, one 
    patrolling. Use the OCP on the light and shoot it. Retreat until everything has 
    calmed down. Now wait for the guard to come back on his patrol and start 
    walking the moment he has turned around again. Your aim: left corner where it 
    is dark and cosy. Climb up and drop into the water. You know what comes now: 
    soldier needs a bath. Grab him, drown him, job done.
    Stay inside the water, his comrade can't swim either. Whistle and retreat a 
    bit, then grab him and make him wash his ears.
    Leave the room on the other side, and sneak up on the next area. You will see a 
    civilian turning his back to your position. But not for long he will proceed to 
    the door pretty soon so be quick to send him to sleep. Use the medikit to the 
    left if you need to, then proceed to the next door.
    You could have gotten to this next room using a trap door, but it is actually 
    the longer way, so don't bother. First of all climb into one of those baths 
    ahead of you and cross over to the next one with the water in it. Switch on 
    your night vision and you will see a patrolling guard coming your way. Try the 
    same method you used in the previous room. Whistle and drown. It works really 
    well on both of them. If you have opened the trap door in the empty bath the 
    second guard will get nosey anyway and a sound from you will lure him to your 
    position for sure. Use the second door on the same side you came in and enter 
    the private bath.
    Bathhouse: private bath
    SAVEPOINT. Sneak through the curtains and take position right behind the 
    talking guy. Now wait until he said 'dismissed' and grab him. Drag him away 
    from this position, the other guy might have realized that there was something 
    wrong with his superior. Interrogate the guard and then take care of his 
    comrade. This could alarm a third guard further down the corridor - if not, 
    well you'll meet him eventually. Bypass the circuit behind the desk and 
    Listen to the conversation and wait until the guard has returned to
    his position. Hit him hard and move on. Proceed down the corridor and ignore 
    the one to the right. Get into the crawl space and exit on the other side. 
    Cross the room until you see some kind of green house on the other side. Shoot 
    the right window and enter the crawl space. Listen to the conversation.
    Jake provided us with this information:
     - in the private bath area, before you must defuse the bombs in the bathhouse, 
    when you listen in on shetlands conversation, you can scan the laptop next to 
    him with your binoculars to get an email about the Chaos Theory.
    Terminator had a useful hint as well - check this out guys!
     - Tired of getting 'smoked', during the : Firefight, in the Bathhouse section
    (just after listening to Shetland's conversation), or do you just fancy a 
    laugh, for the hell of it ?
    Start this section, as: ' Assault '  (so you start off equipped with 2 Wall
    Just before heading for the wall vent, (to listen to Shetland);  strategically
    place these 2 in the corridor, where you know the firefight ' badguys '   are
    going to appear.
    (Personally, I prefer to put one at the ' paper ' doors (which get blown open)
    at the top of the corridor, and the other, at the doors which are already 
    Then, just smirk to yourself,  as you hear a couple of very satisfactory bangs  
    as you are exiting the vent, and making your way there !
    The other 2 Wall Mines, you pick up, also come in very handy.
    Just after picking up the last one;  Replace it, but on the last door frame,
    before the fence door. (While Shetland is still ' bending your ear ' ).
    This will neatly catch the guy who tries to sneak up to ambush you, and will
    flame his underpants nicely, while your busy defusing the first bomb !
    Immediately afterwards, run back and either set your second Wall Mine in the
    same place or SaveGame and experiment a little (maybe trying different
    locations) at the top of the stairs.
    This should toast the tonsils of the pair which make an appearance, after
    you've defused the second bomb.
    You can always lob an odd ' frag ' grenade, you know, just to sort of :
    ' smarten them up '  a bit !
    Don't forget to save your LAST grenade, to quickly, lob through the last
    door,the INSTANT it opens, after defusing the last bomb. -
    Sounds like fun. Give it a try!
    Ok, get going - bad guy needs to be taken out. Exit the vent and ignore the 
    corridor. It's blocked by a shootout. Instead use the first vent again and turn 
    right into the corridor to take the long way around and into the back of one of 
    those shooting maniacs. Rush into the now open door and use the medikit if you 
    managed to get hit by the crossfire.
    Ok, this is one of the hardest parts in the whole game. But there is one thing 
    you should take care of first, and that's the wall mine nearby. 
    Note: an alternative approach to this next part is given below.
    Three guys ahead in the shower room. They'll be wearing helmets with torches 
    and will be eager to take you down in the doorway. Now I hate shoot-outs so I 
    am not going to advise you to dodge into the room and dash from cover to cover. 
    Here is my method - not very elegant but who cares as long as they die: Forget 
    about night vision and normal sight. Thermal vision is the answer to your 
    problem. That and a lot of ammunition which I hope you still got. I usually 
    wait until they've calmed down and then try to figure out the position of one 
    of them approaching the doorway as careful as I possibly can. They will spot 
    you so be quicker than they are to fire some rounds into one of them. Then 
    retreat and wait. Save after each dead man if you want to. That takes the 
    pressure out of the situation. And there is one more thing that makes life 
    (staying alive) a lot easier: remember the medikit next door. Use it every time 
    you did get hurt - But make sure there are no guards on the corridor behind you 
    when you do so (remember the guys caught up in the shoot-out? they might turn 
    against you, so watch your back). If you have the suitable loadout you'll might 
    be able to make use of the sticky shocker on the ground. There is water nearby, 
    so see what you can make of it. 
    Once they are all down, exit through the next door. 
    You hate killings or are simply aiming for the prefect result? Try this:
    - During the big shootout in the shower room, there is a way to get by without 
    having to kill anyone. You need the launcher attachment to do this. Equip the 
    launcher attachment and load airfoil rounds. Stand at the doorway to the shower 
    room and shoot out both lights. Then retreat back so no one can see you. Wait, 
    a couple of the guards will come out to check out the room. Move to the door, 
    and see if any are in the open (it may take some time for them to come out). If 
    you have a shot, take one down with an airfoil round. Then wait again for the 
    next guard (it's okay if they see you, as long as they dont kill you!) and take 
    him down with an airfoil round. Then launch a sticky camera to the wall on the 
    right side of the shower room and use it to locate the last guard. Equip a 
    sticky shocker and take him down. If at any time you need to heal, use the 
    medical kit in the previous room. 
    ...However, only use sticky shockers on the last guard! If you use shockers on 
    any of the first two guards, he will be revived by the others ... . - 
    Well done Drew.
    I told you sticky cameras could come in handy more than once throughout the
    game - here is another one:
     - This trick works well throughout the game, particularly in the bathouse as 
    you enter into the room before the bomb defuse (after the 1st wall mine, 
    chasing shetland). Pick up the sticky's being carefull not to get the guards 
    attention in the room as they are night viz kitted, sneak upto the door, armed 
    up with the camera ready to fire, and hit a camera onto the far wall straight 
    in front of you as you're looking through the door, noise the guards out and 
    sticky shocker them one by one..... no need to get in there cos they can 
    easilly see you. i managed to sneak through there once without being seen 
    though! -
    Once again an info provided by Lee Justice.
    Disable the wall mine and head down the corridor. I hope you didn't think this 
    hunt was going to be easy. Break the lock of the door in the fence and 
    immediately turn left and squeeze yourself past the boiler. 
    Note: Drew has informed me that if you leave the gate open a guard will appear
    behind you. This will not happen if you close it.
    A timer has started, the bomb is to the left where you cannot go further. The 
    moment you start to disable it the timer will stop, but it will start over 
    again so don't think it is over yet. 
    Ok, things are really getting from bad to worse. Guards have entered the area 
    and will shoot you the second they'll see you (and they will since they are 
    wearing goggles like yourself). For the second bomb return to the door (watch 
    out for a guard to the right if you are too slow you'll meet him on the catwalk 
    above) and run up the stairs. Climb onto that thing ahead of you (guard ahead 
    on the catwalk) and drop down on the other side. Jump down to the right and you 
    will land right next to it. Jump up again and look for a red light that is 
    flashing further to the right. Follow the catwalk to the right but make sure 
    you have your gun ready. Jump over from the catwalk to the heating and you will 
    be able to disable the last (finally!) bomb. Shetland will pass you, but you 
    won't be able to move until he's gone.
    Are you having a hard time with the shoot-out or are you even going for a
    100% stealth success? Here is an alternative method by Sumudu Fernando to get 
    through the shoot-out and bomb defusing part:
    - I used the stealth loadout (was going for 100% rating), and sticky 
    cameras turned out to be essential. 
    First for the room with the three badguys (after the wallmine & before 
    the bomb defusing): 
    Start by running into the room right away (e.g. right after defusing 
    the wallmine) and hiding behind the short wall - this is done while 
    the three men are "setting up" and they won't see you.  Shoot a sticky 
    camera into the far-left corner of the room (near the roof) -- this 
    should give you a nice view of the three men, one of which is hiding 
    in the shower below the camera. 
    Hit the "noise" on the camera, and wait for two of the men to turn 
    around and look.  At this point you can safely go down the right side 
    of the room and through the door (go as fast as possible without 
    making noise).  Note that the third man never moves, but he is looking 
    the wrong way to see you. 
    Next is the area with the bombs.  Break the lock, and then place some 
    sticky cameras around the room before defusing the first bomb.  I 
    recommend putting one camera at the top of the first set of stairs, 
    and one that overlooks the catwalk from the door leading to the roof. 
    Make sure you put this second camera on the left side of the catwalk, 
    so that the guard will turn *away* from you to look at it.  You can 
    use more cameras if you want. 
    After defusing the first bomb, you will know which side the guard is 
    coming from by listening for him to complain about the broken lock on 
    the fence (usually it is the first guard that comes from here, but not 
    always).  Use the cameras to figure out where the guard is (just tap 
    "down" on the d-pad to switch to cameras, and L1/R1 to cycle between 
    cams), and then distract him with the "noise".  While he's 
    investigating, get behind him and sticky shocker him. 
    Repeat this for the 2nd bomb & guard (who usually comes from the other 
    door).  Then defuse the third bomb and run to the exit & Shetland. 
    I hope that that is pretty clear (I'm sure if you try it you'll get 
    where to put the cameras).  This was the only way I could manage to 
    get 100% rating for this mission (e.g. subdue those guards without 
    them seeing me first). -
    Follow him outside and climb up the ladder. Open the door and let Sam do what 
    he has to. Pull the trigger.
    NOTE: you do not want to shoot an old friend? - Take the gun down to have Sam 
    take an alternative approach to the problem....
    (No mission failure if you do so.)
    Thanks Brittney Schmelter
    Kokubo Sosho: reception
    NOTE: There are at least three ways to get into the building and to the 
    hostages. I decided to describe the one I consider the easiest since my 
    intention is to provide help for every level of gamer. For the rest of you: 
    keep an eye open for crawl spaces and gaps underneath the ceiling and pipes 
    above cleaners. 
    SAVEPOINT. Seems it's not over yet. Careful now - the red light you see has its 
    source in a flying device guarding the area above you. Since you have to go on 
    this mission without a sniper attachment your only choice is a dash past it. 
    Move straight ahead until you cannot go any further and check the wall to the 
    right. You should see a crawl space. That's the aim of your dash. Get in there 
    and follow the vent. On the other side use your night vision to see two guards 
    patrolling the area ahead of you. Watch out for the camera - you'll see its 
    beam with the night vision (it seems to be able to penetrate the wall as well - 
    I got caught while sneaking to the right). You'll be safe once you reached the 
    door so use your OCP on the camera and pick the lock of the door to the right.
    Climb up the ladder and use the crawl space. Now bash the right door in the 
    men's room. (You can see some feet under the door). Use the medikit on the 
    corridor if you need to and proceed. Use the OCP on the lights and then shoot 
    it. The guard will use a torch so it might take some following around in 
    circles until you will be able to grab him, but once you get hold of him 
    interrogate him. If you feel the urge to use the computer to the right switch 
    off the lights (switch to the left in the corridor) and time your move with the 
    camera (it spotted me once despite the lights being off (night vision), so you 
    might want to forget about the computer -it contains only e-mails anyway). 
    Alternatively you could use Sam's ability to hack the computer from a distance
    (thanks Rob for reminding me of this). Use the door to the left instead and 
    enter the offices.
    Kokubo Sosho: offices
    SAVEPOINT. Wait until those two guys have finished their conversation - it's 
    rude to interrupt anyway. Now wait until one has gone upstairs and the other 
    one has taken position in front of a computer screen. Grab him and drag him 
    away to question him. Now use the computer to the right and hack it for an 
    e-mail and a code. 
    Nice sculpture! And really useful! (Some people say modern art wasn't any good 
    - I say it's a real enrichment!) Climb up and cross the room. On the other side 
    turn left above the stairs and let yourself down a bit. Wait until the guard 
    passes your position and drop onto his head. Repeat the sculpture climbing 
    method and this time cross the room all way through before you turn left. Now 
    use the crawl space and listen to the conversation. Drop down (careful it's a 
    bit too high, you will get hurt if you drop all the way at once.) 
    There is a camera behind the wooden beam to the right. You can't see it from 
    your position, but you can hear it. Get as close as you can and whistle to get 
    hold of the guard. Interrogate him and end his shift. Now shoot the light bulb 
    above the hostages and talk to them. Exit through the door and turn right. 
    Follow the corridor to the room with the sculpture and you will know why I took 
    out the guard in advance. Go down the stairs, but stop one level above the 
    ground. A new guard has taken up patrol. Drop down over the railing and sneak 
    up on him. Take him out and use the security gate to get into the I-SDF base.
    Kokubo Sosho: I-SDF base
    You can get caught during this part of the mission. Never mind - it's actually 
    quite funny - except that all the guards will be on the highest level of alarm 
    Here's what you have to do if you should fall into their hands:
    You will wake up in an interrogation room with your hands tied behind your 
    back. A guy will be questioning you, but of course Fisher won't answer. Instead 
    use the option 'pick cuffs'. It's basically a normal lock pick, just without 
    seeing what you are doing - just like Fisher. Now use your left analogue stick 
    to open the cuffs. Unfortunately every time you do get hit you have to start 
    over again. But your chance will come when the guard decides to use stronger 
    methods and starts to prepare some drugs. Open the cuffs and take him out - 
    interrogate him first if you like.
    Now bash the door and pick up your equipment outside. It's near the door you 
    step out of next to some shelves.
    That's back to work for you. Pick the lock.
    SAVEPOINT. Switch the object on the wall to the right and retreat. Now wait for 
    a guard to come to switch it back on again. It is not possible to lure him to 
    the dark side of the corridor, so I hope you still got something non-lethal in 
    your pocket. Use it and proceed down the corridor.
    FUNNY: Mark provided me with one of those tidbits by the programmers I was 
    talking about. Here is what he told me (sorry that it took me so long to add 
    - In the Kokubo Sosho: I-SDF base level, if you interrogate the first guard 
    that comes up the ramp after you switch off the lights, he makes a funny joke 
    about Metal Gear Solid and how you can shake the guys for weapons and ammo.
    Use the dark area to get rid of each guard one at a time, but mind the camera, 
    which is this round thing on the ceiling.
    Head to the right and hack the retinal scanner. Follow the corridor and unless 
    you want some sticky shockers ignore the room to the right and go immediately 
    to the server room. You could have the code, so either hack or use the keypad.
    Immediately use your night vision to see the cameras. It is quite easy to 
    follow them around and if you stay in a corner and you don't move they 
    shouldn't be able to see you. You have to use the computer in the middle 
    corridor between the servers. 
    Note: I found an e-mail on the second computer in the room claiming those 
    servers would sink into the ground if an alarm was sounded and could only be 
    brought up again using the retinal scanner in the room. Don't know whether that 
    happens or not, but in case it does, you know what to do now.
    Use the computer and leave the room. Go back to the first camera and turn right 
    into the corridor to get to the area with the war room. 
    Unfortunately I haven't found a way through that next part without raising an 
    alarm, but at least I can tell you how you won't get caught by the guards. The 
    problem is the camera, which is either left or right of the room. The OCP 
    doesn't seem to work from that distance and you cannot shoot it either. 
    So here is what I did: I use a smoke grenade to obscure the sight of the guards 
    throwing it underneath the camera. Then I switched on my thermal vision and 
    rushed down there knocking out guards along the way. Two of them that is. You 
    can also take them out with a sticky camera which will release gas.
    J.Pitts seems to have found a way to get into the war room without raising 
    an alarm. Here is what he wrote, try it for yourself:
    - I've knocked out the camera to the right by walking near that corridor, 
    staying close to the protruding piece of wall to my left. 
    Then use the OCP near the base of that camera. 
    The sticky camera method I mention above has been confirmed by Lee Justice. 
    Here is where he did place this technological wonder:
     - just hang back in the shadows as you move into the corridoor that leads 
    around the war room, with the infra red camera up near the top end, hit the far 
    wall beyond the all seeing camera eye with a sticky cam and do the works on the 
    two guards before busting the all seeing with the pistol's secondary. -
    Climb onto the platform and you will find a vent to the right. Use it and watch 
    the scene below you. Use your EEV and press L1 aiming at the screen once the 
    conversation has started. Now use your EEV on the computer and keep listening 
    (keep it pointed after using the computer and press L1 to record it). Get out 
    of the vent again and this time your OCP will disable the camera since you can 
    get close enough, but you will have to aim at its holder. Rush to the exit. And 
    use the elevator outside.
    Kokubo Sosho: lower levels
    SAVEPOINT. I sure hope you didn't stand on the trap door. Anyway, you have to 
    get down there so let yourself down into the hole and move to the side opposite 
    the elevator doors, then let go. And let go, and let go. You get the picture, 
    be fast in order not to be seen.
    Three guards patrolling this corridor. They look dirty, let's get their ears 
    cleaned. If you are patient enough you can take them out one by one simply by 
    grabbing them off the platform and into the water. 
    NOTE: Here a cool move to get rid of the three guards which was sent in by Evan
    Kaufman. This will require a lot less patience:
    - In the I-SDF base, after dropping out of the elevator and into the water, 
    theres the three guards to take care of, as well as the wall mines.  in your 
    FAQ, you suggest "If you are patient enough you can take them out one by one 
    simply by grabbing them off the platform and into the water."  If, however, 
    you're not the patient type (or you just like fireworks, heh) you can grab the 
    first guard from the water, then jump out, inch to the corner on the right 
    (careful, cause the two other guards are right by there), and toss a flashbang 
    grenade (or a frag, possibly even a smoke) to land right near the closest wall 
    mine.  the mine will detonate, causing a chain reaction, taking out the 
    remaining guards AND the rest of the mines in one rather spectacular move.
    Its easier, of course, just to wait & grab them all at the edge of the water, 
    but its certainly more fun to send em off with a bang :)
    NOTE: There are days even the most professional of us overlook the most obvious 
    thing to do ;):
    Simply shoot one of the mines (from an appropriate distance this is) and you
    should get rid of all your problems. Thanks Johnnie S.
    Funny: Whisteling seems to be enough to set off the chain reaction. Arent_we_
    sarcastic told me that this could cause one of the guards to turn around 
    quickly. Too quickly, thereby causing the explosion. Check it out guys -
    sounds like fun.
    You like using your cameras? Try this:
     - Move left when Sam is in the water and camera the wall that is in shadow, 
    wait for a guard to get close, click and he'll come for a look, wait for the 
    2nd guard to get close and click him over too while the first one is still 
    looking. Once they're stood together shock em and move onto the third guy who 
    is usually standing still near to the door down on the other side, oblivious to 
    his comrades' plight. No explossions, no dead bodies, 100 % success.... -
    That's at least what Lee Justice claims.
    Get out of the water and prepare for another rush of adrenaline. A timer will 
    start. Three minutes that's all you got. But be careful there are wall mines at 
    different locations in the room. My advice: turn right after climbing out of 
    the water and disable the two wall mines next to the door. Follow the corridor 
    and open the next corridor. Dead bodies all over...could have something to do 
    with the laser beams in the corridor. Avoid them by staying low and making 
    Note: Arent_we_sarcastic informed me about a control panel to the right
    (immediately behind the door through which you enter the corridor). This should
    switch off the laser beams enabling you to cross the corridor safely.
    Careful when you enter the server. You'll be shot at if you rush in there. 
    Instead climb over the railing and stay behind the orange screen while 
    proceeding to the right. Use the computer at the other end of the platform and 
    then place a charge. Get out of reach and detonate it. That should solve the 
    missile problem for now. 
    You might want to get out a good gun now. Nasty company. My advice: if you have 
    some sticky shockers left, use them now! Those guy will be shooting like mad 
    from the second you fired your first shot. And stay away from that shooting 
    device on the ceiling near the computer terminals. I managed to take out two 
    guys using sticky shockers and rushed up to the last guy knocking him over. 
    (Don't worry about your health as long as you stay alive).
    Once they are out go into the corridor to the right and go to the room with the 
    large windows. (Not the door to the right.) Typical. You will have to save 
    him, so get to the room to the left and jump into the hole. Now go forward 
    until you cannot go any further and turn left. Jump up and save Otomo. (You 
    will need to approach him from the side of the windows, otherwise no option 
    will pop up.) Time to go home now, you saved the world. Place a charge at the 
    windows with the waterfront and go behind the wall with the smaller window next 
    to it. Return to the incoming water and exfiltrate.
    I received an e-mail by Schlauchi who claims he was a reliable source for the 
    following: (If you've spent hours switching lights on and off and it didn't 
    work, please send your complains to directly to Schlauchi)
    SplinterCell 3 Chaos Theory Team Picture Cheat:
    Go to the menu where you can choose between online and offline mode. Now press 
    R2 and insert the following: circle, circle, circle, circle, circle, square,
    square, square, square, square, circle, square, circle, square, circle, square,
    circle, square, circle, square 
    !!EASTEREGG!! in the bank level:
    Activate the sprinkler system and switch off the lights. Go to the stairs in 
    order to leave the tresor.
    Return back into the tresor and switch off the lights again. Go back to the 
    stairs in order to leave.
    Return to the switch for the lights and use it 30 times in a row without 
    Note: Schlauchi claims to be one of the guys from the cheat above. If I have 
    been fooled, please let me know.
    !!IMPORTANT NOTE!!: I have not been fooled. His identity has been 'proven', the 
    cheat code is correct. Thanks Schlauchi.
                                VI.    Personal Review
    This is a new section which has been requested by some of you sending me 
    So here you go - my personal opinion:
    Thumbs up for another brilliant ubisoft game!
    If you ask me 'Splinter cell Chaos Theory' is a 10 out of 10 on my personal 
    scale. Apart from potential difficulties for newbies I haven't found any real 
    downside to it. 
    The graphics are good, the handling is fine and smooth like ever and the 
    storyline is fast and dynamic (-and almost topical I may add).
    Each mission provides you with new surroundings, new challenges and requires 
    different skills. Nothing to get bored with.
    Conversations are likely to make you smile and Sam is sarcastic like ever (if 
    not better). Keep an eye open for the tidbits of the programmers!
    My verdict: A must for anyone who loves stealth games!
                          VII.   Copyright and Special Thanks
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    My special thanks go to ubisoft for making this excellent stealth game.
    I also want to thank those of you who have encouraged me to keep going and who 
    appreciated my work.
    I guess it is quite obvious that writing a FAQ means investing a lot of time, 
    energy and work. Therefore it should be a matter of course that people should 
    treat this work with some respect. But for those of you who need it spelled 
    Don't take it as a whole or in parts and present it as your own work. 
    This is guide is for private use only, and if you have anything else in mind 
    This also goes for other web sites which are interested in using this 
    Walkthrough: ask for written permission before using any part of this guide.
    For all honest user of this walkthrough: I hope you have enjoyed it and that
    you found what you were looking for. If, however, any further problems arise, 
    or something should be unclear, you can e-mail me, BUT ONLY IF YOUR MAILS ARE 
    can do to help. Also, only friendly and serious mails, and make it clear in the 
    title of your e-mail that you are referring to 'Splinter Cell Chaos Theory'!, 
    since anything else will probably be deleted as junk mail.
    Until then, 'embrace the darkness'!
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                           Copyright 2005 Katrin Koblischke

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