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"Sam fisher storms back into action with minty fresh breathe"

Let me clear up the minty fresh breathe thing, Watch the first missions cinematic sequence, a famous brand of mints is featured.

With that off we go with the review...

I first got into the splinter cell games back with the original although at the time I can't say I was very interested in stealth games and it took my cousin a long time to convert me, and he did and I am glad he did, This recent SC game has to be the best so far and here is how it got a 9/10...

Story 7/10

Its nothing extremely great, but its solid and you do feel like you have a purpose other than just to complete your objective, I won't spoil the game but basically you are trying to eliminate someone with a code, or rather find them and complete this task, I won't tell you why... No spoilers here I am afraid.

Graphics 9/10

I am quite impressed by this releases graphics, I have tested it on both a machine close to the minimum specs and the recommended specs, both performed great, obviously the low end system required a lot of graphics qualities to be lost, but it still played extremely well given the beautiful lighting techniques, great textures and well sam fishers model is up to a great standard once more. A few nice graphical beauties are the sparks when you shoot a light or how material simply splits when you cut through it with your knife, now there is a nice note here, the material such as the entrance to a tent moves very realistically, what can I say but I am impressed.

Sound 8/0

This game has the best sound in any SC game so far but and this is why it got a lower than 10 rating in sounds, the sound on certain things sound muffled or as if the location from which they are originating is inside a wooden box, but they are few and far between but still annoying, other than that everything sounds crisp, from the guns which sound as they should do to you walking on a wooden platform, not really anything here to fault other than mentioned above.

Game play 10/10

Just as good in this SC release as the previous 2, basically the same with some new actions, Still easily controllable and still very interactive, as you would have come to expect from a splinter cell game now or any game for that matter, Nothing is ludicrously hard to perform nor stress full, the camera as always has its moments but thats always been a problem with SC games IMO but then again its nothing major and rarely even comes close to annoying or stressful.

Multi player 9/10

The good old spy's vs merc's is back but with new editions in the form of maps and now there is even a co-operative mode which adds that extra incentive to go on line, that is if you can stand downloading the already released 77-mb patch, but thats nothing major either. The Graphics, gameplay and sound are just as good here as the single player campaign but now we have something which adds alot quality to an already awesome MP experience.
A level editor to create your own maps for versus mode (spy vs merc).
If you are familiar with the unreal tournament editor then you will get to grips with this very easily.

Overall this game gets a 9/10 from me and it deserves it....

So if you were to ask me, Should I buy this game or give it a miss?
I think you know my answer, If your a fan of the SC series of games or a fan of stealth and have not entered the SC experience yet, this is the one you want to start with, Simply amazing and simply worth your cash...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/01/05

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