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    Victim FAQ by Longsword24

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 09/07/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Silent Hill 4 : The Room
    Xbox / Playstation 2
    Victim FAQ
    Stephen Laird aka Longsword24
    Email: Nehpetslaird1@hotmail.com
    Version 1.6
    Table of Contents
    1) Introduction
    2) Legal Stuff
    3) Version History
    4) Weapons of Choice
    5) Victim List
    6) Hauntings
    7) Frequently Asked Questions
    8) Conclusion and Thanks
    Welcome. Finding the ghosts to be to irritating? I certainly did after
    an hour of playing the game. Never fear though, despite emitting
    noises which make you want to commit suicide and being more resistent
    to damage than the main villain of the game, there are ways around
    them. Read on. (Only if you can bothered of course)
    Legal Stuff
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    The only sites currently with permission to host this FAQ are:
    Now, on with the guide.
    Version History
    Version 1.0 - This is the first edition, mostly completed and will stay
    that way for now. I'm still double-checking my research so it will
    probably change in future.
    Version 1.2 - Changed some of the information regarding Victims
    12 + 14
    Version 1.4 - Added my new e-mail address, changed 04's weapon
    description to "trowel" (A minor pointer 
    from Mephianse@*insert email*)
    Added the Sword of Obedience locations.
    Again altered the speed information around some of the Victims.
    Version 1.6 - Very minor change along with a few other of my guides.
    Basically includes my new e-mail address as for some reason I still
    get quite a few e-mails over this guide. Tidied the format up a
    little and revised the strategy for the "Super-Victims"
    Weapons of Choice
    Most of the time, these will be Henry's legs as they carry him far
    away from danger. Let me be clear, the Victims are among the most
    commonly seen enemies in the game. Not only that, but they are
    completely immune to damage as well. Basically, they will not stop
    until you are dead. There are however ways to get around them.
    There are a few weapons which can stop the ghosts in their tracks.
    These are:
    The Saint Medallion
    The Sword of Obedience
    The Silver Bullets
    The Saint Medallion will weaken the Victim and stop their aura of
    damage. Be wary however, they will break after prolonged use in
    the area of the Victim.
    The Sword of Obedience is the only way to ensure that you will
    never see the Victim again. When a Victim has received enough
    damage then you can pin them down with the sword. There are only
    five swords but many more Victims in the game so choose wisly.
    The Silver Bullets are an EXTREMELLY rare set of ammunition for the
    Pistol. One shot will knock the Victim straight onto their back
    ready for pinning. Make sure you don't miss.
    NOTE: I believe there is more than one "Victim Oldtype". Pinning
    one of them does not mean you will never see him again. If I 
    turn out to be wrong, I will adjust the FAQ accordingly.
    Using the Swords of Obedience:
    To pin a ghost, continue to attack them until they fall down to a
    point where you can use the Sword. Henry will then pin the ghost.
    Sometimes the ghost will do some form of animation which tells
    you they are down for pinning. (e.g Cynthia will sometimes scream),
    although they will normally just moan and collapse.
    Sword of Obedience Locations:
    1) Building World 1st time, pinning down Eric Walsh.
    2) Building World, at the top of one of the elevators and through
    the opposite door from entering. There will be a corridor with
    the Spade and a Sword of Obedience at the end.
    Depending on whether you pick it up during your 1st or 2nd
    visit, there will be different monsters guarding it.
    3) Subway World, 2nd time. When you move the train, you will
    see it lying at the side of the exit corridor.
    4) Prison World, 2nd time. You will receive instructions
    detailing a room with a hidden sword. It is under the bed.
    5) Outside Room 302. In the back of the artists room. This
    Sword is badly placed, as all the major ghosts should be pinned
    by now.
    The Victim List
    I will display the relevant information for each Victim like this:
    Victim Number
    Victim Name
    Murder Method
    Theme of Murder
    Recommended Strategy
    Danger Rating
    Victim - 01
    Victim Number: 01 (From now on, will be known as Victim-Oldtype)
    Victim Name: Jimmy Stone
    Description: They look like old, bald men in ragged old clothes.
    They are also the first Victim to be seen.
    Murder Method: Shot in the head
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Frequency: Common
    Speed: Average
    Power: Low
    Recommended Strategy: Don't bother wasting your time on them, they
    are not that dangerous. Just run away.
    Danger Rating: Low
    Comments: These are the bog standard Victims. I think there are 
    more than one of them so don't bother pinning them.
    Victim - 02
    Victim Number: 02
    Victim Name: Bobby Randolph
    Description: See "Victim Oldtype"
    Murder Method: Strangulation
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Victim - 03
    Victim Number: 03
    Victim Name: Sein Martin 
    Description: "Victim-Oldtype"
    Murder Method: Strangulation
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Victim - 04
    Victim Number: 04
    Victim Name: Steve Garland
    Description: Steve is the middle-aged ghost wearing the blue 
    dungarees only done up with one strap. He also carries round
    a trowel.
    Murder Method: Shot with a Sub-Machine gun
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Frequency: Average
    Speed: Fairly Slow
    Power: Average
    Recommended Strategy: Steve is the only common Victim I would
    recommend you even consider pinning. He can give out a nasty
    bit of damage should he whack you with his trowel. Steve is
    a bit on the slow side so either run away or continue to
    batter him with the Rusty Axe then pin him.
    Danger Rating: Average
    Comments: Steve used to own the Pet shop seen in the building
    world though strangely, he never haunts this room. You will
    however see MANY other Victims in there on the second run 
    Victim - 05
    Victim Number: 05
    Victim Name: Rick Albert
    Murder Method: Bludgeoning with a Golf Club
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Frequency: Never
    Victim - 06
    Victim Number: 06
    Victim Name: George Rosten
    Murder Method: Bludgoning with an Iron Pipe
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Frequency: Never
    Victim - 07
    Victim Number: 07
    Victim Name: Billy Locaine
    Description: Billy is one half of the Victim 07&08 monster.
    These are large, cloaked double headed baby monsters with
    no legs and big arms.
    Murder Method: Blood loss due to being mauled by an Axe
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Speed: Fast
    Power: Average to High
    Recommended Strategy: These monsters can be killed with
    enough damage. If they are on their own, then just attack
    them with either the Pipe or the Bat or the Axe depending
    on what you have. If there is more than one, then pull
    out the pistol and keep firing. The bullets will go through
    an entire row of these monsters.
    Comments: There is quite an interest as to why these Victims
    did not become ghosts. Some theorys include:
    Konami saw the idea of twin monsters as a good one. (Which
    it was)
    Konami thought ghost children would be innapropriate
    The childrens' bodies were not completely whole
    The children were not weighed down with sins
    Victim - 08
    Victim Number: 08
    Victim Name: Miriam locaine
    Description: Miriam is the other half of the Victim
    07&08 monsters.
    Murder Method: Hacked to pieces by the same Axe as Billy
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Frequency: See Victim 07
    Comments: If you have played Silent Hill 2, then you may
    remember a certain gravestone with the name "Miriam K - 
    Traitor" This may well be referring to MIRIAM LoCAne,
    though there is no official confirmation of this.
    Victim - 09
    Victim Number: 09
    Victim Name: William Gregory
    Murder Method: Stabbed by a Screwdriver
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Frequency: Never
    Victim - 10
    Victim Number: 10
    Victim Name: Eric Walsh
    Description: Eric is the ghost first seen pinned down in his
    home in the Building world. Take the Sword out, it has much
    better candidates than Eric. He is recognised by a green
    jumper and short hair.
    Murder Mthod: Shot in the Head
    Theme of Murder: Ten Hearts
    Frequency: Average
    Speed: Fast
    Power: Average
    Recommended Strategy: Just run away from him. Run as
    fast as you can because he is as fast as you are sometimes.
    Comments: Eric is the one of the fastest ghosts in the game.
    Luckily, he will not show up quite as often as other
    Victim - 11
    Victim Number: 11
    Victim Name: Walter Sullivan
    Description: Walter is the stranger in the trenchcoat
    who relentlessly pursues Henry and Eileen. He is not
    a ghost like most of the other Victims.
    Murder Method: Suicide. Blood loss from severed carotid artery
    Theme of Murder: Assumption
    Frequency: Rare
    Speed: Fast
    Power: High
    Recommended Strategy: Try and run away. You will only fight
    Walter in a few rooms. There is one occasion however when
    you should take him out, outside the main building on the Water
    Prison. I think he gets in the way too much in this area. (And
    it's REALLY creepy hearing his footsteps but not seeing him!!)
     Just equip Eileen with the Night Stick and hack at him with
    the Rusty Axe, he will go down soon enough.
    Comments: Walter is the main villain of SH 4, and if I may
    add, my personal favourite of any game. Walter will be 
    equipped with three different combinations of weapons:
    Pipe and Pistol
    Chainsaw and Pistol (Don't worry, the Chainsaw is not
    that dangerous)
    Dual Pistols
    Victim - 12
    Victim Number: 12
    Victim Name: Peter Walls
    Description: Peter is the teenager wearing the beanie and
    sports jacket.
    Murder Method: Internal bleeding from being beaten to death
    Theme of Murder: Void
    Frequency: Average
    Speed: Very Fast
    Power: Average
    Recommended Strategy: RUN RUN RUN. I do believe he is the
    fastest ghost but he doesn't show up that often.
    Comments: Aside from his speed, Peter is mostly just an 
    average ghost, though for some reason, I found him to be
    quite annoying. I don't know why.
    Victim - 13
    Victim Number: 13
    Victim Name: Sharon Blake
    Description: Sharon flies around in a dress and a hat
    Murder Method: Drowned
    Theme of Murder: Darkness
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Speed: Slow
    Power: Low
    Recommended Strategy: Sharon is the weakest and slowest of
    all the Victims. There is no point in fighting her.
    Comments: You can laugh all you want at this Victim. She
    actually looks quite funny and can't even do anything
    to you for laughing.
    Victim - 14
    Victim Number: 14
    Victim Name: Tony Archbolt
    Description: Tony is the fairly large Victim wearing brown
    Murder Method: Massive internal injury due to being dropped
    from a cliff.
    Theme of Murder: Gloom
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Speed: Fast.
    Power: Average
    Recommended Strategy: Run away very quickly. Thankfully, I do
    not believe you will see him in an area where Eileen accompanies
    Comments: You can easily recognise Tony because of how twisted
    and broken his body looks. He is possibly the fastest, but I
    do think he is a little slower than Eric and Peter.
    Victim - 15
    Victim NUmber: 15
    Victim Name: Joseph Schreiber
    Description: Joseph is never seen.
    Murder Method: Unknown
    Theme of Murder: Despair
    Frequency: Never
    Comments: Joseph is the writer of the scraps of red diary that
    yo find in the game. He will help you out towards the end as
    well. There is also a rumour that he may be involved with one of
    the hauntings.
    Victim - 16
    Victim Number: 16
    Victim Name: Cynthia Velasquez
    Description: Cynthia is the red-clothed woman which is first
    seen in the Subway World.
    Murder Method: Blood loss from many stab wounds
    Theme of Murder: Temptation
    Frequency: Very common
    Speed: Average
    Power: Average to High
    Recommended Strategy: Wear a Saint Medallion and keep on hitting
    her with the Axe or the Spade, whatever takes your preferenece.
    Eileen can be a help with the Handbag here. When she falls
    down after enough damage then pin her as fast as possible.
    Be careful, after falling down, she will often crawl away.
    If you choose to let Cynthia wander the game and not pin her
    then you will run into some SERIOUS problems later on. Cynthia
    shows up in one hell of a lot of rooms during the second half,
    most notably in the Subway and Building world. She seems to
    end up in rooms with other ghosts a lot of the time too, making
    her the most annoying ghost in the game. (If not the most
    Comments: Cynthia is one of the characters who Henry felt
    slightly more guilty about when he saw her die before his eyes. 
    Technically, her occupation is "unknown". Yeah, whatever you
    say Konami.
    Victim - 17
    Victim Number: 17
    Victim Name: Jasper Gein
    Description: Jasper is the ghost who is still burning up
    from being set on fire.
    Murder Method: Burning
    Theme of Murder: Source
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Speed: Slow
    Power: High
    Recommended Strategy: Try to avoid the Candlestick that he will
    try to whack you with. Eileen will be a help with the Chain.
    Start whacking him with the Axe or the Spade. Also, remember to
    wear a Saint Medallion. When he goes down, pin him quickly.
    Luckily, Jasper is slow at both moving and attacking.
    Jasper is a ghost that you could let wander around if you've
    somehow missed most of the swords. He is quite a tough cookie,
    but due to the fact that he only shows up now and again, he doesn't
    tend to get in the way too much.
    Comments: Jasper's stutter really hasn't improved since inhaling all
    that smoke. Somebody ought to get him speech therapy really, poor
    Victim - 18
    Victim Number: 18
    Victim Name: Andrew DeSalvo
    Description: Andrew is the fat ghost who sings. He is not
    seen until quite late on in the game.
    Murder Method: Drowning
    Theme of Murder: Watchfulness
    Frequency: Rarest
    Speed: Slow
    Power: Very High
    Recommended Strategy: Again, a Saint Medallion is a must.
    He will dish out some nasty attacks including a barrel roll
    which you REALLY want to avoid. This is a perfect example
    on what to use a Silver Bullet on. It will knock him straight
    on his back, and you really can't resist putting a sword in his
    tummy. Keep in mind, you must pin this ghost in order to take
    a required item.
    After pinning Andrew to get the key from him, you might want
    to take the sword out depending on how many you have.
    I think he will only show up in one more room later on, but
    never the less, he is a fat tub of lard who is better off stuck
    like the squealing pig he is.
    Comments: Andrew has the most dangerous ghost aura of all the
    Victims. Considering he was murdered, he is a very happy
    looking ghost. He even sings a nice song.
    Victim - 19
    Victim Number: 19
    Victim Name: Richard Braintree
    Description: Richard is the most scary enemy in the game.
    You WILL know him when you see him.
    Murder Method: Electrocution
    Theme of Murder: Chaos
    Frequency: VERY rare
    Speed; Fast
    Power: High
    Recommended Strategy: This ******* is MEAN. MAKE SURE
    YOU WEAR A SAINT MEDALLION!!!. If you don't, he will teleport
    behind you. I highly recommend using the second silver bullet.
    If you don't, or you miss, then use his own Revolver against 
    him. This happens to be one of the few areas in the game where 
    a firearm is more useful. The pipe he wields gets used at 
    ridiculous speeds and it can hurt. PIN HIM IMMEADIATLY.
    Never let Richard wander around. Ever. He's just too nasty
    and he's also far too creepy.
    Comments: Is the only ghost who prefers to walk around rather
    than float. He met the most grisly end of all the victims,
    and seems to be none too happy about it.
    Victim 20
    Victim Number: 20
    Victim Name: Eileen Galvin
    Description: The character with the most pathetically
    rubbish A.I I have ever seen in a game.
    Murder Method: Unsucessful
    Theme of Murder: Mother
    Victim 21
    Victim Number: 21
    Victim Name: Henry Townshend
    Description: All protagonists have a purpose in life. Henry's
    is to spread the words: "What.....the.....hell?"
    Murder Method: Unsucessful
    Theme of Murder: Wisdom
    The Hauntings
    The Hauntings are a random occurence that will happen in your
    apartment during the second half of the game. They are supposed
    to be the ghosts invading your apartment. They are definitley
    one of the games scary points.If you step too close to them,
    then you will receive damage. There are two methods of
    excorcising the hauntings.
    The first, involves placing a Holy Candle near the location of
    the invading ghost. This is the most effective way of removing
    the haunting, all it takes is one candle.
    The second is by wearing a Saint Medallion and standing next to
    the haunting. I would recommend only doing this if you don't
    have a Holy Candle.
    Here is a list of all the hauntings in the game:
    The clock will start running much too fast.
    The windows will start banging open and
    closed. (A typical poltergeist-like action)
    Your shoes will decide to go for a walk.
    Many cracks will appear in your walls.
    The tap will start running blood.
    The fridge will fill itself with an.....
    unpleasent surprise.
    The chair shows some blood stains.
    The closet contains the shadow of a boy crying.
    The peephole will start bleeding. (Try looking
    through it when this happens)
    The TV turns on by itself.
    You will receive an unwelcome visitor through
    your wall.
    The picture of Silent Hill church will change....
    Your phone will talk to you.
    Many dolls will appear in the wall above your
    chest (This can be avoided by not taking the Shabby
    Doll when it is offered to you).
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How do I pin a Ghost?
    A: Keep on attacking a ghost until it falls down to a point
    when you can stamp on it. Then, it is ready for pinning.
    Q: What do the Saint Medallions do?
    A: The Saint Medallions will elimanate the possibilty
    of receiving damage from the ghost aura though they can be
    used elsewhere in the game.
    Q: Why does Eileen suddenly show a load of damage when
    Walter turns up?
    A: The best explanation I've heard for this happening
    is as follows.
    Eileen shows more signs of injury after receiving more
    damage. The cut-scene that introduces the hostile Walter,
    however, requires Eileen to be looking quite healthy.
    I have heard, that Konami decided to only make Eileen
    show damage after that cutscene, and so, if she has 
    already received a large amount of damage, then a huge
    amout of visible injury will appear all at once.
    This would explain why she only seems to sometimes receive
    injury, it all depends on how well you have protected her
    until that point.
    Conclusion and Thanks
    That sums up all you need to know about the Victims. For more
    in-depth information try here:
    Thanks to GameFaqs and NeoSeeker for hosting the guide.
    Thanks to Konami for making another great game.
    Thanks to TranslatedMemories.com for a source of information.
    Thanks to the Silent Hill fans for keeping the series alive.
    All monsters and weapons mentioned in this guide are the property
    of Konami and their respective copyright holders.
    Copyright 2005-2007 Stephen Laird

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