Art DirectorDavid Longo
Art LeadWes Saulsberry
ArtistAndrew Griffin
ArtistDusty Petersen
ArtistKen Taya
Artist/AnimatorPatrick Watje
Audio DirectorJames Ackley
ComposerNathan Grigg
Creative Director/Script WriterCraig Hubbard
Director of TechnologyKevin Stephens
Lead Level DesignerJohn Mulkey
Lead Motion Capture TechnicianSimon Wong
Lead Software EngineerBrad Pendleton
Level DesignerLeo De Bruyn
Level DesignerMartain Ka'ai Cluney
Level DesignerMichael Drummond
Level DesignerJared Gerritzen
Level DesignerChris Voss
Motion Capture ActorHans Altweis
Motion Capture ActorCharity Parenzini
Senior ArtistKevin Deadrick
Senior ArtistSteve Lee
Senior ArtistJohn Turner
Senior Artist/AnimatorAndy Grant
Senior Software EngineerDoug McDiarmid
Senior Software EngineerJohn O'Rorke
Senior Software Engineer, AIJeff Orkin
Software EngineerJeff Cotton
Software EngineerKevin Francis
Software EngineerJim Geldmacher
Software EngineerEric Gross
Software EngineerTerry Jones
Software EngineerPiotr Mintus
Software EngineerRuss Pecoraro
Sound DesignerKristofor Mellroth
Sound DesignerBrian Pamintuan
Sound DesignerKristen Quebe
Voice Actor (Aldus Bishop)Todd Licea
Voice Actor (Alice Wade)Melissa Roberts
Voice Actor (ATC Security)Jock Blaney
Voice Actor (Delta Force)Andre Sogliuzzo
Voice Actor (Douglas Holiday)David Scully
Voice Actor (Genevieve Aristide)Meg Savlov
Voice Actor (Harlan Wade)Grant Goodeve
Voice Actor (Jin Sun-Kwon)Susanna Burney
Voice Actor (Norton Mapes)Greg Baldwin
Voice Actor (Paxton Fettel)Peter Lurie
Voice Actor (Rowdy Betters)Jim Ward
Voice Actor (Soldiers)Mark Lund
Voice Actor (Spen Jankowski)Tim Gouran
Voice Actor (The Senator)Colby Chester


Data and credits for this game contributed by Scottie theNerd, Super Nova, and oliist.

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