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    FAQ/Walkthrough by shadowmaster2552

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 02/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ______________    ______________             ___             _________        
    |              |  |              |           /   \           |         \       
    |    __________|  |    __________|          /     \          |    ___   \      
    |   |             |   |                    /   _   \         |   |   \   \     
    |   |______       |   |______             /   / \   \        |   |___/   /     
    |          |      |          |           /   /___\   \       |          /      
    |    ______|      |    ______|          /             \      |    ___   \      
    |   |             |   |                /   _________   \     |   |   \   \     
    |   |             |   |__________     /   /         \   \    |   |    \   \    
    |   |             |              |   /   /           \   \   |   |     \   \   
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    Game Developer: Monolith Studios
    Original FAQ Release Date:
    Author: shadowmaster2552 a.k.a. Alex Taylor
    || Table of Contents ||
    1. Contact Information
    2. Version History
    3. Legal Information
    4. Introduction
       4.1) The Story So Far
       4.2) The Main Characters
       4.3) The Controls
    5. Survival 101
       5.1) The Weapons
       5.2) The Gear
       5.3) The Enemies
       5.4) Combat Tips and Strategies
    6. Walkthrough
       6.01) Interval 01 - Inception
       6.02) Interval 02 - Initiation
       6.03) Interval 03 - Escalation
       6.04) Interval 04 - Infiltration
       6.05) Interval 05 - Extraction
       6.06) Interval 06 - Interception
       6.07) Interval 07 - Redirection
       6.08) Interval 08 - Desolation
       6.09) Interval 09 - Incursion
       6.10) Interval 10 - Revelation
       6.11) Interval 11 - Retaliation
    7. The Story Explained
       7.1) Icarus & Origin
       7.2) Perseus
       7.3) The Synchronicity Event and The Vault
       7.4) The Armacham Incident
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
       8.1) Game Questions
       8.2) Technical Questions
    9. Credits
    1. Contact Information
    Me: Alex Taylor
    E-mail: shadowmaster2552@yahoo.com
    AIM: shadowmaster2552
    Any information that you would like to send me to help me write this FAQ would
    be much appreciated.  However, I am a college student with a rather busy
    schedule, so please try to keep e-mails concise.  Also, try to read through my
    FAQ carefully before e-mailing me as to avoid sending me an e-mail telling me
    about a secret or method that is already in my FAQ.  Please do not e-mail me to
    tell me how stupid I am for the way I suggest to get through an area, because
    it will only waste my time as well as yours and the message will be promptly
    deleted and the sender blocked.  The same rule applies for instant messages.
    Also, there is no need to use profanity in your e-mails.  I further request
    that you make the e-mails legible, i.e. use correct grammar.  Unreadable
    e-mails are quite useless to me.  Those issues aside, I gladly welcome advice
    on ways to better my FAQ.  I will also answer some question in the FAQ section,
    but only if they are not already addressed specifically in my FAQ.
       Thank you,
       -Alex T.
    2. Version History
    Version 0.95 (01/21/06) - Original release version.  Introduction and Survival
         101 completed.  Walkthrough complete. The Story Explained started.
    Version 1.01 (01/26/06) - First update.  All sections completed and minor
         corrections made to Introduction.  Some spelling and grammar errors
    3. Legal Information
    Copyright 2005 Alex Taylor
    This FAQ is the intellectual property of me, Thomas Alexander Taylor, and as
    such it is illegal to proliferate this guide without my express permission.  It
    is published by www.gameFAQs.com and will be available to you the reader for
    your personal use.  However, you may not post this FAQ on your personal website
    or create links to this FAQ on your website without express permission.
    Furthermore, it is illegal to produce copies of this FAQ claiming it to be your
    work.  Any hints submitted to me by readers that are used in this guide will be
    attributed to those sources and are also under copyright.  If you see anyone
    proliferating this guide, please contact me.
    4. Introduction
    This section is merely an introduction to the world of F.E.A.R. and how it is
    played.  Although experienced players will not likely need this section, it may
    be useful to novices and intermediate players alike, as some of the tips given
    may not be so obvious.  F.E.A.R. is a combination of the horror-survival genre
    and the FPS genre, creating a unique experience that is without rival.  In
    general, F.E.A.R. is unlike any other horror game out there.  Rather than using
    grotesque monsters jumping from the shadows to try and make you pee your pants,
    F.E.A.R. does its damned best to get inside your head.  The combination of
    atmosphere, sound (or lack thereof), and subliminal suggestions, F.E.A.R. will
    keep you constantly on edge, and will continue to mess with your head long
    after you are done playing
    4.1 The Story So Far
    You are the newst member of an elite team of special operatives known as First
    Encounter Assault Recon, known collectively as F.E.A.R.  You were selected for
    F.E.A.R. because of your super-human reflexes, moving so fast that the naked
    eye can barely track your movements.  However, you have yet to prove yourself
    in combat.  Your superiors are eager to see how you perform in battle.
    4.2 The Main Characters
    This section will give you the lowdown on the most important characters of the
    game, so at least try and remember their names.  I'll also try to not ruin the
    plot for you too early.
    The New Guy
    This is you, the newest guy on the F.E.A.R. team.  You are the best of the best
    and you are ready to prove it.  Your cat-like reflexes, devestating melee
    attacks, and uncanny ability to slow down time will give you the edge you need
    to survive.  Any more info about your character and I might ruin the end.
    Rowdy Betters
    Betters is the senior man on the F.E.A.R. team, and he will relay important
    information to you, as well as update your objectives when necessary.  Though
    he is essentially your commanding officer, he gives you free reign to complete
    your objectives on your own time.  He is also conspicuously absent from the
    scene of the action, except on the first level, where he drops you off to go
    after Fettel.
    Jin Sun Kwon
    Originally intended to be the F.E.A.R. sniper, Monolith made her the team medic
    and forensic analisyst because they couldn't find enough places to make her
    useful as a sniper.  But she is easily the nicest person on the F.E.A.R. team,
    but that's not necessarily saying much, since two are testosterone-injecting
    death machines, and the other is a codgy old man.  Apparently she also thinks
    you're kind of cute.
    Leo Jankowski
    The F.E.A.R. point man, he is the only other member of F.E.A.R. that goes into
    combat.  He always seems rather disgruntled, for the most part treating you
    like a three-year-old.  Also, he never actually helps you fight, instead going
    an entirely different route.  Despite being the first member of F.E.A.R. aside
    from Betters, he's not as well praised as you, perhaps the source of his cold
    attitude towards you.
    Douglas Holiday
    The leader of the SFOD-D team (short for Special Forces Operational Detachment:
    Delta), Holiday was originally to be a member of the F.E.A.R. team, filling the
    role of demolitions, and perhaps heavy weapons as well.  Like Jin, Holiday was
    removed from the F.E.A.R. team due to a lack of effective uses.  However, he
    still makes his face seen at a couple points in the game.
    Paxton Fettel
    Fettel is the main focus of the game for quite some time, with almost all of
    your objective revolving around finding and killing him.  As far as we can tell
    at the beginning of the game, Fettel is a powerful psychic, who was developed
    by Armacham into a psychic commander of hundreds of elite, clone soldiers.
    However, it seems that the little girl we see has some degree of influence over
    him, though we don't find out until later the extent of her control over his
    mind.  Fettel also uses his psychic ability to put images in you head, which is
    the cause of some of the creepiest moments in the game.
    First seen in the introduction cutscene, little is known about who (or for that
    matter what) she is, but we can tell that she has some control over Fettel.
    Although I don't want to ruin any surprises about her origin, I will reveal
    some of her abilities, one of which is the ability to get inside you're head,
    much like Fettel does.  More disturbing however, is her ability to literally
    disolve the flesh right off of her enemies, leaving behind nothing but blood
    and a pile of bones.  And there will be lots of blood.
    4.3 The Controls
    Since this is an FPS, you can modify the controls as you see fit.  There is
    also a layout of the keys on the back of the manual.  However, in case you have
    lost the manual, I will give a layout of the controls as well as the
    combination of keys needed to perform some of the special manuevers.
    Walk Forward             W
    Walk Backward            S
    Strafe Left              A
    Strafe Right             D
    Turn Left                Left Arrow
    Turn Right               Right Arrow
    Sidestep                 Right Ctrl
    Walk                     Unassigned
    Jump                     Space Bar
    Crouch                   C
    Lean Left                Q
    Lean Right               R
    Toggle Walk              Unassigned
    Toggle Crouch            Unassigned
    Fire                     Mouse 0 (Left Mouse Button)
    Melee                    Mouse 1 (Right Mouse Button)
    Throw Grenade            G
    Use                      F
    Reload                   R
    Aim/Zoom                 Shift
    SlowMo                   Left Ctrl
    Flashlight               X
    Weapon Slot 1            1
    Weapon Slot 2            2
    Weapon Slot 3            3
    Next Weapon              Mouse Wheel Down
    Previous Weapon          Mouse Wheel Up
    Last Weapon              Unassigned
    Select Frag Grenade      4
    Select Proxy Grenade     5
    Select Remote Bomb       6
    Next Grenade             Unassigned
    Use Medkit               Z
    Holster Weapon           H
    Scores/Refresh HUD       Tab
    Mission Status           M
    Talk                     T
    Team say                 Y
    Team radio               V
    Look Up                  Up Arrow
    Look Down                Down Arrow
    Center View              End
    Quick Save               F5
    Quick Load               F9
    Melee Attacks
    Punch                    Melee(Weapons holstered)
    Weapon Butt              Melee(Weapons unholstered)
    Roundhouse Kick          Jump + Melee
    Slide Kick               Forward + Crouch + Melee
    Jump Kick                Forward + Jump + Melee
    These controls can be rearranged as you see fit to optimize your control as
    well as your comfort.  I found the regular controls to be a bit cumbersome, and
    rearranged them some.  Although my control setup will not work for everyone, I
    will give a few tips about key placement.
       1)Move the grenade throw key.  It is awfully close to the use key, and the
         last thing you need is to throw a grenade when trying to open a door and
         blow yourself to pieces.
       2)Move the flashlight and or medkit key.  It is rather wasteful to use a
         medkit at nearly full health because you are trying to turn your
         flashlight on.
       3)If you are using a mouse with more than two buttons, use them!  I assigned
         both the Aim/Zoom function and the Melee function to my mouse because I
         use them so often.
    5. Survival 101
    I call this section Survival 101 because it's devoted to keeping your butt
    alive from the beginning to the end of the game.  This section has all the info
    you need to beat the odds, from what gun to use to when to hide and when to
    fight.  Follow my advice here, and you just might make it out alive.
    5.1 The Weapons
    This section provides an in-depth examination of each weapons strenghts and
    flaws, so use it to compare weapons before deciding to run into a group of bad
    guys with a rocket launcher and a pistol.
    AT-14 Pistol
    Power: 5/10
    Accuracy: 7/10
    Rate of Fire: 5/10
    Range: 6/10
    Description: The AT-14 pistol is a decent weapon, with relatively average
       stats and usefulness.  One advantage is the ability to dual wield it,
       increasing the clip size and decreasing the likelihood of having to reload
       in a firefight.  However, the AT-14 suffers because of its averageness.  Its
       lack of stopping power, combined with its low rate of fire, severely limit
       its usefulness later in the game when enemies become stronger.  Furthermore,
       since the fire button has to be hit each time you fire, your trigger finger
       may get tired, a conditon the true FPS player fears and despises.  The only
       way to make the AT-14 useful later in the game, is if you can line up
       headshots like it's nobody's business, which, though possible, may be rather
       difficult for beginning players.  A further handicap for the AT-14 is the
       extreme scarcity of ammo toward the end of the game.
    My conclusion: Use it until you can find 3 better weapons.
    RPL Sub-Machinegun
    Power: 3/10
    Accuracy: 4/10
    Rate of Fire: 10/10
    Range: 4/10
    Description: Before you make a judgement on the RPL because of the stats I give
       for it, I must warn you, statistics can be used to decieve.  The RPL is one
       of the most useful guns in the early and middle parts of the game.  Its
       combination of high rate of fire and mediocre damage make it a lean, mean,
       killing machine at close range.  Even at medium range it can be effective,
       if used in single shots or bursts.  It can also be useful for laying down
       suppressing fire before moving in for the kill.  A further advantage of the
       RPL is that its recoil is very minimal, allowing you to empty an entire clip
       with little muzzle climb.  Later in the game, the RPL begins to suffer, as
       the enemies become better armored and the damage it inflicts is minimal at
       best.  Just remember to never use the RPL at long range, unless of course
       you want to piss away ammo.
    My conclusion: Keep it until you don't have any bullets to shoot or until the
       enemies just laugh when you pull it out.
    VK-12 Combat Shotgun
    Power: 9/10
    Accuracy: 2/10
    Rate of Fire: 2/10
    Range: 2/10
    Description: The VK-12 is a true powerhouse, unleashing death and destruction
       wherever it goes.  At close range, no gun in the game can match the sheer
       stopping power of the shotgun, and most enemies will die in a single blast
       from this badboy.  It can even remove limbs or blow an enemy entirely in
       half, an effect for which I give serious props to the developers at Monolith
       Studios.  Although it suffers from a very low rate of fire in the game, it
       is of little consequence if you can kill an enemy with every shot.  The
       downside to its power is its range.  Because of the spread, the shotgun
       rapidly loses its effectiveness over distance, becoming useless at any range
       greater than a dozen yards or so.  However, the frequency of close quarters
       fights throught the game mean that it will be fairly useful and worth that
       slot in your inventory.  After all, what would a FPS be without a boomstick.
    My conclusion: This baby's a keeper.
    G2A2 Assault Rifle
    Power: 6/10
    Accuracy: 7/10
    Rate of Fire: 7/10
    Range: 7/10
    Description: The G2A2 is essentially a modified version of the RPL to make it
       more effective at a range.  The G2A2 boast superior firepower and accuracy
       over the RPL, but suffers from a decreased rate of fire as well as a
       substantial increase in recoil.  However, the increase in firepower and
       accuracy is well worth the disadvantages, because it enables you to take out
       your enemies at a distance, something that will be very valuable in the
       early and middle parts of the game.  It can also function as a more powerful
       submachingeun at close and medium range.  The G2A2 becomes especially useful
       towards the end of the game, when it is found more often in the hands of the
       enemy, and ammo is more plentiful.
    My Conclusion: An all around good weapon that can fix any problem.  Kinda like
       duct tape.
    ASP Rifle
    Power: 8/10
    Accuracy: 8/10
    Rate of Fire: 5/10
    Range: 9/10
    Description: I've never been a big fan of snakes, and, as such, I'm not a big
       fan of the ASP.  Although its stopping power is quite nice, the fact that
       burst fire mode is the only way you can use the gun tends to become a bit
       annoying, especially at long range.The fact that it has a scope might make
       one think it is for use at long range, but that proves to be a bit counter-
       intuitive.  Although the first shot is spot-on accurate, those other two
       always manage to end up somewhere else than buried in the head or chest of
       your target.  In fact, this gun is most useful at medium range, where the
       spread of the burst isn't nearly as bad.  The other downside to the ASP is
       that it is extremely difficult to find ammo for it.  Despite these problems,
       the ASP is still the only weapon that can take down enemies at a distance in
       the early part of the game.  So some times it is a necessary evil.
    My Conclusion: Use it when you need to, but replace it when it has outlived it
       usefulness (which won't take long I assure you).
    10mm HV Penetrator
    Power: 7/10
    Accuracy: 9/10
    Rate of Fire: 5/10
    Range: 8/10
    Description: Despite its name, the Penetrator does not penetrate armor all that
       well.  Although it has a decent rate of fire, the lack of power takes what
       could have been an extraordinary weapon and makes it more mediocre.  One
       distinct advantage, however, is its accuracy and range.  The Penetrator can
       often be used in lieu of a real sniper weapon, as the first shot is always
       spot-on accurate.  The Penetrator shines in one-on-one and small group
       combat, but loses effectiveness against larger groups, due to its small clip
       capacity and low rate of fire.  Also, ammo for the Penetrator is somewhat
       uncommon, and it's not unusual to quickly find yourself without any ammo for
       it.  One plus to the Penetrator is that the first shot always kills if it is
       a headshot or chestshot.  Overall though, its not too impressive.
    My Conclusion:  Use it in when there's nothing better, but replace it once you
       have a better gun.
    Type 7 Paricle Weapon
    Power: 10/10
    Accuracy: 10/10
    Rate of Fire: 1/10
    Range: 10/10
    Description: The Type 7 is, without a doubt, one of the best guns in the game.
       It has incredible power, killing light- and medium-armored anemies in a
       single shot.  It shoots a beam of particle energy, causing your enemies to
       literally disolve, as the particles rip their flesh off, leaving nothing
       but bones and blood.  Now that sounds like a toy I wanna give to my kids.
       The Type 7 also has incredible range and accuracy when standing still, as
       well as the best zoom in the game, making it the best sniping weapon in the
       game, hands down.  However, its rate of fire is quite slow, and ammo is very
       scarce, so make each and every shot count.  Also, don't try to run-n-gun
       this bad boy, because accuracy goes down the toilet when you try and shoot
       the Type 7 on the run.  Also, the Type 7 isn't as useful against heavy
       enemies because of that slow rate of fire.  But it can still beat the socks
       off of your average grunt.
    My Conclusion: If you find this bad (expletive deleted), pick it up and don't
       let go until they pry it from your cold dead hands.
    MOD-3 Multi-Rocket Launcher
    Power: 10/10
    Accuracy: 7/10
    Rate of Fire: 3/10
    Range: 7/10
    Description: The name says it all.  And if it confuses you, maybe you shouldn't
       be reading this guide.  The MOD-3 shoots (surpise!) 3 rockets in a spiraling
       path towards your enemies.  Although I gave the MOD-3 a high power rating,
       that's only if you hit the same enemy w/ all thre rockets, a task that can
       prove difficult on all but the biggest hulking enemies.  That said, the
       splash damage does decent damage, but not nearly enough for a one-shot kill,
       even on weak enemies.  But it can be useful to launch a rocket at a group of
       unsuspecting enemies, as they take lots more damage.  Then you can finish
       off the ones that didn't die with a back-up gun.  Just remember, rockets go
       BOOM, so don't use one on a guy that's close enough to reach out and touch
       you.  That said, the MOD-3 is best at medium to long range, but at long
       range you better be using it on a big target, as it is much harder to
       predict the path those rockets will follow.  And don't try to fire this
       weapon on the run, as your chances of hitting what your aiming at are slim
       to none.
    My Conclusion: Use this behemoth to knock those big guys down a few pegs, but
       dont expect it to be a panacea for all your FPS woes.
    MP-50 Repeating Cannon
    Power: 8/10
    Accuracy: 8/10
    Rate of Fire: 6/10
    Range: 6/10
    Description: Repeating Cannon.  Don't you just love the sound of that as it
       rolls off the tounge.  Unfortunately, the MP-50 doesn't quite live up to its
       name.  You would expect a gun like this to kill in one hit, but apparently
       Monolith thought otherwise.  On high difficulties it usually takes several
       hits to put someone down for the count.  That said, it slightly redeems
       itself with a decent rate of fire, and a large clip.  Most useful however,
       is that it causes enemies to stagger when hit.  This makes it incredibly
       useful against heavy armors, as it is one of the few guns that can make them
       flinch.  It is also useful against enemies that are hiding behind cover, as
       it does do a bit of splash damage, though not nearly as much as the MOD-3.
       Also, this gun doesn't lose as much accuracy on the run as the Type 7 does,
       so you can use it while moving from cover to cover.
    My Conclusion: Use this gun when you can, but don't expect it to be as powerful
       as it looks, sounds, feels, and seems.
    5.2 The Gear
    In this section, I will explain the uses of all of the gear in the game that
    doesn't shoot something, from grenades to medkits.
    N6A3 Fragmentation Grenade
       Generally refered to as frag nades, this type of grenade is easily the most
       versatile of the bunch.  While only a direct hit will kill instantly, they
       still have many uses that can lead to the death of your enemy.  Primarily,
       frag nades can be used to flush enemies out from behind cover.  They can
       also be used to finish off a damage opponent that is hiding, or to inflict
       some initial damage so that you can finish them off quickly.  Just remember,
       you can only carry a few, so don't go crazy.
    AT-S Proximity Mine
       Proxy mines as I like to call them, these are used mostly for setting traps
       to draw your enemies into.  If anyone but the person who planted them gets
       too close, they detonate, inflicting considerable damage.  In general, place
       these mines near chokepoints, then try to draw enemies in, multiple ones if
       possible.  They are somewhat ineffective if you just throw them into a group
       of enemies, because by the time the motion sensor activates, they will
       usually have run away.
    M77 Remote Bomb
       A personal favorite of mine since the days of GoldenEye, the remote mines
       are fun and effective, both for traps and as an offensive weapon.  The
       reason they are so awesome is because you can blow them up anytime.  Set one
       on the ground, then wait until an enemy is right on top of it, then detonate
       it, blowing the guy to pieces.  Also, you can throw them at an enemy who is
       hiding, behind a box for example, then detonate it when it is right over his
       head.  It can also be tossed into a group of enemies and then detonated at
       the right time to do massive damage to all the nearby enemies.  There are so
       many possibilities it makes my head spin.
       Like any FPS, F.E.A.R. uses medkits to help you regain health lost during a
       battle, or other damaging encounter, such as a fall from a high platform.
       Each medkit cures 50 points of damage, so only use them if you need to.  You
       can carry up to 10 medkits at a time, so if you can pick one up, do it.  One
       thing to remember is that if your health gets below a certain point (the
       amount depends on the difficulty) your health will regenerate.  So if you
       end up in that zone, and you aren't in the middle of a firefight, let it
       recharge before using your medkit.
       There are two types of boosters in the game: health and reflex.  Health
       boosters raise your maximum amount of health, obviously.  Reflex boosters
       increase the amount of use available for SlowMo.  Each health booster will
       increase your max health by 5 hit points, as well as healing any damage you
       have taken, so if you are coming up on a health booster soon, avoid using
       medkits, since you will get all that health back anyway.  Reflex is not
       measured definitely like health, but I assume that each booster raises your
       maximum amount of reflex by about 5% of the original amount.
       Though not gear in the sense that it is a corporeal object that you carry
       with you on your hip, SlowMo is still one of your greatest assets in battle.
       SlowMo allows you to slow time to about half its normal speed, allowing you
       to shoot with unerring accuracy, even while moving.  SlowMo can be used to
       help out in tight spots, where there seem to be too many enemies to handle,
       by letting you pick up those headshots without spending forever trying to
       line one up.  More strategies for SlowMo will be found later on.
    5.3 The Enemies
    This section will give you the lowdown on all of the enemies in F.E.A.R. so you
    can beat them with ease.  In this section, I will assess the enemy armor rating
    and threat level, which follows this pattern: Minimal, Low, Moderate, High,
    Extreme.  I will also make som allowances for difficulty level, as most enemies
    become much more diffiuclt on hard and extreme.
    ATC Security
    Armor: 3/10
    Threat: Minimal to Low
    These guys are the most lightly armored enemies in the game.  They are pretty
    easy to kill, but they make up for that by attacking in numbers, usually in
    groups of 4 or more.  They carry a variety of weapons, but mostly just the
    standard weapons (i.e. RPL, AT-14, G2A2, etc.).  They still act like a team,
    but they are considerably less effective than the Replicas.
    Replica Light Infantry
    Armor: 4/10
    Threat: Minimal to Moderate
    The Replica light infantry is the most common enemy in the game, and as such
    they are not to difficult to defeat.  Any weapon can be effective against
    these enemies, so feel free to use whichever gun you please to take these guys
    out.  They use basic and mid-level squad tactics to attack you, but they aren't
    much of a threat unless they attack in large groups (5 or more), which is not
    too common.  These guys carry most all of the standard weapons, except for the
    AT-14.  Towards the middle of the game, they start coming in groups that also
    include medium infantry.
    Replica Medium Infantry
    Armor: 6/10
    Threat: Low to Moderate
    The Replica medium infantry is the second most common enemy in the game, and
    much like the light infantry, they are not very hard to kill.  Though they take
    a noticably greater amount of damage, they still stun just as easily as the
    light infantry, so the only real difference is the amount of ammo it takes to
    kill one.  Any weapon can be used effectively against them, and they carry most
    of the standard weapons, and sometimes carry special weapons, though rarely.
    Medium infantry use all of the basic squad manuevers, but they can also allow a
    group to use more advanced manuevers, especially the multi-directional attack,
    in which you get attacked from two or more sides at once.  If they didn't die
    so easily, I might have given them a high threat level, but I decided not to.
    Replica Elite Infantry
    Armor: 7/10
    Threat: Moderate to High
    The Replica heavy infantry IS NOT the same as the heavy armor, which I will
    discuss next.  That said, the heav infantry is the least common of the basic
    enemies, and can take quite a beating.  They don't appear until near the end
    of the game, and they usually carry more powerful weapons, including the unique
    weapons.  They usually come in small groups, so they generally don't use many
    squad based tactics, but they more than make up for it by being incredibly good
    shots.  Because of their good armor, light weapons are less effective, so tend
    more towards high-powered weapons when fighting these guys, unless you can get
    in close enough to make the light weapons effective.
    Replica Heavy Armor Soldier
    Armor: 9/10
    Threat: High to Extreme
    This bad boy is quite the bruiser, doling out punishment by the ton, and taking
    just as well as he gives.  You can spot these guys easily by the huge armored
    plates on their shoulders, as well as the fact that they stand a good foot or
    so taller than the rest of the Replicas.  Fortunately, encounters with heavy
    armors are quite rare, but unfortunately they hardly ever attack alone.  If you
    see a heavy armor, there is almost always a pair or more of Replica light or
    medium infantry with them, so always take those guys down first.  Now for how
    to deal with a heavy armor: Move.  Never stand still, because heavy armors are
    quite good shots, and can rip you to pieces in no time.  A strategy that I find
    to be quite effective is to lure the heavy armor in close, then use your melee
    attacks and your shotgun to rip him a new one.  If this isn't viable for any
    reason, then use weapons with decent armor penetration, such as the G2A2 or the
    ASP.  SlowMo is also a very good asset in battles against heavy armors, since
    it allows you to rack up those headshots, making them much easier to kill.  But
    I warn you, on Extreme these guys take so much punishment they are almost
    invincible, so be careful.
    Replica Assassin
    Armor: 2/10
    Threat: High to Extreme
    I think these enemies easily win the Most Annoying Enemy In The Game award.
    These enemies come equipped with a cloak that renders them all but invisible,
    in a manner similar to the Predator's from the Schwarzenegger movie of the same
    name.  These guys have no guns, but instead attack with a devestating melee
    attack that can deplete a full health bar in no time.  Fortunately, you usually
    get a slight warning before they attack, since they like to jump through nearby
    windows before coming after you.  Also, they have very little health and armor,
    so a single shotgun blast or a swift melee attack can make them no more.
    Luckily, you only fight these guys a few times.  When fighting them, I suggest
    you find a location such that they can only attack from one direction, thus
    preventing them from sneaking up behind you and beating you like a dog.
    Automated Turret
    Armor: 5/10
    Threat: Low to High
    Automated turrets are a bit of a wildcard, since they can be really easy to
    destroy, or a major pain in the ass.  The armor rating is perhaps a bit
    misleading because they are really easy to destroy on the Easy difficulty, but
    they take forever on the Hard and Extreme difficulties.  They also do
    considerably more damage on the higher difficulties as well.  My suggestion is
    to try and get underneath them and use your shotgun, since they turn slowly and
    won't be able to target you if you can keep moving so they can't hone in on 
    you.  Some can also be disabled using special methods, such as turning off the
    power via a nearby switch.
    Armor: 10/10
    Threat: High to Extreme
    The EVE is basically a heavily armored walking tank that shoots rockets.  That
    sounds fun already.  The AI for the EVE is very predictable: it's gonna walk at
    you and shoot its rockets or its machine guns.  That simple.  However, the task
    of defeating one is another story entirely.  They take incredible amounts of
    damage, and their heavy armor makes light weapons useless against them.  One of
    the best strategies to use against EVEs is to lay traps using proxy and remote
    mines to whittle away their health before you attack directly.  When you attack
    with guns, use the MOD-3 or the MP-50 if you have them.  If not, use long range
    weapons like the G2A2, the ASP, or the Type 7.  Just stay away from walls and
    doorways, since the rockets can inflict splash damage if they hit too close to
    you, and those machine guns can rip you up if you stand still.
    Aerial Attack Unit
    Armor: 5/10
    Threat: High
    These enemies are one of the more annoying in the game, as their laser does a
    lot of damage, and they have very good accuracy.  Just about any weapon can be
    used to take these guys down, depending on how close or far away they are.  I
    recommend the G2A2 for most encounters, but if they are real close, the shotgun
    can take them out much faster.  Just keep moving and hope their lasers miss.
    Evil Spirits
    Armor: 1/10
    Threat: Moderate
    These enemies are the easiest enemies in the game to kill, requiring only one
    shot each.  However, if they touch you, they cause massive damage.  Usually
    they only attack during dream sequences, but at the end of the game they start
    attacking in considerable numbers.  Just try and take them all out before you
    get overwhelmed.
    5.4 Combat Tips and Strategies
    F.E.A.R. is a first-person shooter and the most valuable assets you can have
    are quick reflexes and an even quicker trigger finger.  Although the tips I
    give here aren't the only way to play through F.E.A.R., the can definitely
    increase your chances for survival, especially on higher difficulty levels.
       1)Headshots work wonders
         I can't reinforce this point enough.  Headshots are the most effective and
         ammo-efficient way to take down an enemy.  An unsuspecting enemy will die
         with a single headshot from any gun, and even enemies who know you are
         there will go down much quicker with a shot to the head.
       2)Don't just stand there and bleed!
         Never stay still for too long in a firefight.  If you stop moving, the
         enemy will throw grenades at you, or use the opportunity to regroup and
         rush your position.  Neither of these will end well, so don't just stand
         around, get moving!
       3)Use cover
         The mechanics of F.E.A.R. make the use of cover essential to victory,
         especially on the higher difficulties.  When you are taking heavy fire,
         quickly duck behind cover and wait for your enemies to reload.  Then pop
         out and blast those suckers with ease.  Also, cover can be very useful for
         those times when you need to reload during a firefight.  Just duck behind
         a corner or box, pop in a new mag, then unload some more lead on those
         (not so) stupid Replicas.
       4)Lean on me
         Remember to use your lean when behind cover.  You only expose a small bit
         of your body, making you a smaller target, while still allowing you to
         shoot back at your enemies.  By the same token, you can crouch behind low
         cover to decrease the amount of your body that is exposed, as well as
         getting a nifty little increase in your accuracy.  So, by putting one and
         one together, we get two: an extra small target and increased accuracy.
         So just duck and lean, and you might just find this game get a bit easier.
       5)This ain't Doom, hotshot!
         The AI in this game is, without a doubt, the most impressive I have ever 
         seen in any game, and I have been playing video games for over 15 years.
         The AI responds incredibly realistically to almost every situation in the
         game, and it only gets smarter at the higher difficulties.  When they spot
         you, they spread out and attack as a group.  When you eliminate most of
         a group, the survivors will call for backup. They go for cover, use nades
         to flush you out, and use the level to try and flank you.  This can make
         for some pretty intense firefights later in the game, when you find
         yourself being rushed by three different groups of enemies from three
         different directions.   So just remember, these aren't some dumbass goons.
         These guys think like you, so you might have to get smarter to beat them.
       6)Don't hit a screw with a hammer!
         Having trouble getting through an area?  Maybe you aren't using the right
         tool for the job.  Trying to use the shotgun to snipe guys half a block
         away just might prove to be somewhat ineffective.  Always try and find the
         right gun for the situation.  This may change rapidly, as you could be
         trying to eliminate guys on the far side of a big area, when you suddenly
         get rushed by a pair of soldiers.  So you may find yourself changing your
         weapon a lot as the situation changes.  So always carry around a diverse
         arsenal, so you don't end up with a bunch of guns you can't use.
       7)My name is Neo
         Although the description that the game gives is that you have super-human
         reflexes, SlowMo is essentially a Matrix-style bullet time effect that 
         allows you to see what's going on at a reduced speed.  This can allow you
         to place your shots with deadly accuracy, as well as greatly increasing
         your ammo efficiency.  SlowMo is most useful when you encounter a large
         group of weak enemies, or a small group consisting of a few weak enemies
         and one or two stronger enemies.  It has to be used sparingly though, as
         your reflex meter depletes rapidly and builds back up slowly.  SlowMo can
         also be very effective against a single tough enemy, such as a heavy or an
         EVE.  One important thing about SlowMo is that it GREATLY increases your
         accuracy, so feel free to run-n-gun, since it makes you a hard target.
         Just remember, SlowMo doesn't make you bulletproof, so if you take a few
         rounds in the chest, you won't get back up like Neo.
       8)Smack my bitch up
         You may be thinking to yourself, "Why on earth did Monolith decide to put
         melee attacks in this game?  I mean, its a FPS.  Besides, melee attacks
         are useless."  Well that's right Slappy, it is a FPS, but those melee
         attacks are far from useless.  Most melee attacks can kill an enemy in one
         hit, and still do considerable damage to heavy enemies.  This can be very
         useful if you find yourself being rushed by multiple enemies, or if you
         just run out of ammo.  But I would advise against just rushing into a
         group of bad guys and trying to go Jet Li on their asses, as they will
         procede to blow your stupid ass into little chunks.  I would also advise
         against trying to use a melee attack on robotic enemies.  Call me crazy,
         but I just don't think a roundhouse is going to take down a walking tank.
         But in a one-on-one situation, a good slidekick or jumpkick can help you
         save some ammo.  Besides, melee attacks look so cool.
       9)FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!
         Grenades are useful in F.E.A.R., though they're not as deadly as they are
         in some FPS games.  Although mainly used to flush enemies out of heavily
         entrenched positions, they can also be used to take out clusters of bad
         guys (a rare occurance, but it can happen).  If you ever see a group of
         unsuspecting baddies, toss a frag nade at them and you might be able to
         take them all out at once.  The most useful function of grenades though is
         to create traps.  For example, lay a proximity mine or remote bomb behind
         a box, then stand up and shoot at a nearby enemy to get him to head toward
         you.  When he crosses past that box, BOOM!  They'll be wiping him off the
         walls with a sponge.
       10)Communications have been compromised
         If you hear an enemy tell his pal that they're gonna flank you, maybe you
         should move somewhere else.  Listening in on enemy transmissions can clue
         you in on what your opponents are up to.  Use it to your advantage!  If
         they call for reinforcements, there is probably only one or two guys left
         alive, so go ahead and attack.  And if you hear them say that they can't
         find you, take them out while they aren't expecting it.  Of course, some
         communications also reveal plot info, so always be listnening for the
       11)Play smart!
         The best hint I can give is for you to use your brain muscles.  Maybe they
         have fallen into disuse because of too many lost hours playing Quake, but
         F.E.A.R. might need you to think sometimes.  Don't try and use the same
         strategy over and over again just because it worked once.  Improvise, find
         new methods of betting a section, and just play on your toes.  This is the
         key to success.  Even someone with the worst hand-eye coordination in the
         world can succeed in F.E.A.R. if he thinks his way through each encounter.
    This is all of the wisdom I can impart.  Now prepare to dive headfirst into the
    gaming experience that is F.E.A.R.
    6. Walkthrough
    In this section I will provide a complete walkthrough of the game, including
    the locations of all of the health and reflex boosters.  For the more difficult
    battles, I may also provide a more indepth strategy on different methods for
    getting past these situations.  I will also warn that this walkthrough contains
    some spoilers, so don't read ahead of where you are in the game if you don't
    want to ruin the plot.
    6.01 Interval 01 - Inception
    At the start of this level, there is a short cutscene in which the F.E.A.R.
    team leader explains your mission, which is to locate and eliminate Paxton
    Fettel, who has taken control of a battalion of clone soldiers who can all be
    controlled by a single psychic commander.  After the screen fades out, you
    see a short sequence of visions, which foreshadow some later elements of the
    - Investigate area for signs of Paxton Fettel
    When you come back, you're with Betters, about to be dropped off near the last 
    location of Paxton Fettel.  When you get out of the car, you gain control of 
    your character, and can now move freely.  This level is mostly for getting 
    acquainted with the controls, so take advantage of it.  Head forward and use
    your melee attack to break the wooden boards on the fence.  Head through the
    door in the courtyard and proceed through the rooms until you reach the room
    with Jankowski.  You can't get through the door so you have to find a way
    around.  But first, go into the room on the right, and head to the back corner.
    There is a health booster on the table, which increases your max health to 105.
    Head back into the room you came from and go up the stairs and through the
    door.  You can get over the table by jumping.  Upon rounding the corner, you
    get your first scare of the game.  Go down the hallway and through the door.
    Through the door at the other end of the hall, you see Fettel walk by, but you
    can't hurt him so don't bother shooting.  Crouch to get under the door and into
    the next room.  When you reach the padlocked door, shoot the padlock so you can
    proceed.  Go up the stairs and you will meet up with Jankowski again.  The game
    will save a checkpoint, just before you bust into a room SWAT-style.  After
    going through the door, you will enter a SlowMo scene, where Fettel talks to
    you telepathically, and reveals a bit of the plot.  Walk through the series of
    rooms untill you reach the corpse.  Then the SlowMo ends, and Jankowski calls
    Jin in to examine the body.
    - Search area
    Jankowski tells you to search the area.  As there is only one way out of the
    room aside from the door you came in through, that is the way you need to go.
    Proceed up the stairs and through the series of rooms until you encounter
    Fettel.  He'll knock you out before you can get a shot off so don't even bother
    shooting at him.  When you come to, Fettel is standing over you with a pair
    of Replicas, and he tells you who the corpse was.  You'll fall unconcious again
    and wake up to hear the Delta Force squad inform Betters about the incident at
    the harbor.
    - Rejoin your team
    Head back down to where you left Jankowski.  Jin and Jankowski will be talking
    about you, and you can even hear Jin call you cute.  Now doesn't that just
    float your boat.  Anyway, you will soon enter into another cutscene revealing
    a bit of the plot.  When you come back, you will be sitting in a helicopter
    with several Delta Foce members, preparing to leave for the harbor.
    6.02 Interval 02 - Initiation
    You start this level in a helicopter, flying towards the harbor area, where a
    large group of Replica soldiers has taken over the South River Wastewater
    Treatment Plant.  Although you don't yet know why the Replica soldiers have
    taken over the plant, you'll find out sooner or later.  You rappel out of the
    helicopter into a freight area filled with boxes.  You and the Delta Force
    squad soon reach a locked gate.
    - Find gate controls and open gate
    Turn to the right and head between the fences and the boxes until you reach a
    large door that leads into a storage area.  Duck to get under the door and grab
    the reflex booster inside.  Head back out and go around the side and up the
    stairs.  Proceed through the rooms until you reach the gate controls, then
    activate them.  As you return to the Delta Force Squad, you hear gunfire, and
    when you reach them, all that's left is a pool of blood and some skeletons.
    After a short cutscene, you recieve a new objective.
    - Rendezvous with Jankowski's team
    After the cutscene, head to the other end of the parking lot and into the
    building.  When you go through the door, you see a dying man asking for help.
    Get ready for your first F.E.A.R. firefight.  In the next room there are two
    enemy soldiers, who are easily dispatched.  After you slaughter them like so
    many cattle, head into the next room.  Oh, and watch out for falling corpses.
    There is a door on the lower level, but a fence keeps you from progressing
    further.  So like any good person would do, find an excessively complex way
    around it!  Head up the stairs and around to the windows.  Make sure to grab
    the health pack in the office.  Knock out the wood boards blocking the window
    and go out onto the ledge and drop onto the ground on the farside of the fence.
    Man that was so much easier than climbing that dumb fence.  Anyway, once you
    go through the door, you will have your first serious enemy encounter.  There
    are a few enemies in the next area, which consists of a storage garage, office
    (which also contains a medkit), and a loading area filled with giant crates.
    Although you initially only face 1 or 2 enemies, the rest will quickly become
    alerted after your first shot.  Try to catch the first enemy off-guard, as the
    damage inflicted by the initial shot is much greater.  After you've cleaned up
    the enemies, move on into the next area.  You will go through several rooms
    before reaching a large storage room, where another one of those creepy little
    "incidents" occurs.  Before leaving this room however, jump on the boxes to get
    up to the middle level of boxes, where you can find a health booster.  Then
    move on until you hear some soldiers talking to each other.  In this room there
    are a few unsuspecting enemies.  Make that first shot count, then take care of
    the others.  Be careful as you move forwards, because they might not all come
    to assist their friend, and those boxes make for excellent cover for the enemy
    as well as yourself.  Before leaving this area, make sure you pick up the
    healthpack, grenades, and armor.  Go up the stairs and eliminate the straggler,
    making sure to head around to the room with the corpse, as it also contains
    other goodies, such as ammo for your AT-14 and a brand new G2A2.  Go down the
    hall and you will find yourself on the upper level of an earlier room.  Jump on
    the boxes to your left to get to the controls for the crane.  Before you hit
    the switch, grab the ammo and other items in the room and listen to the voice
    message.  Seems like all is not well in accounting.  Anyway, soon after you
    flip the switch, two soldiers bust out of the door on the other side of the
    room.  Make quick work of them, then jump to the newly positioned crate, and
    from there, jump to the other side.  Go through the door way and into the hall.
    Head to the left to grab armor and ammo, and to the right for a health pack.
    When you open the door, you'll hear some more soldier dialouge, warning you
    about the upcoming battle.  There are three guys on the ground below you, and
    you should make short order of them.  Just be warned that one of them will
    almost always try to flank you and come at you up the stairs.  After disposing
    of those small fry you proceed into a large, open loading area, at which point
    the game prompts you to use SlowMo to take on multiple enemies.  But don't
    get to slap happy about using you slow mo yet.  Hide and wait until 4 of the 6
    soldiers that come from the right are out in the open.  Then flip on SlowMo and
    run out with your pistols.  Quickly drop the lead guy, as he is the closest to
    the cover, then proceed to eliminate the other 3.  After those 4 are dead, 2
    more soldiers will come out of the building on the other side of the area.
    Take them down as fast as possible, using SlowMo if you have any left.  After
    all the bad guys are dead, head to the right where the enemies came from, and
    go down the stairs into the building.  As you walk through the door on the
    opposite side of the room, you will get another one of thsoe visions.  Keep
    going down the hall and you will see Jankowski pull one of those dissolving
    effects.  Keep heading through the halls until you see it again.  When you do,
    don't go to the left where he was.  Instead turn to the right and head down the
    hallway there.  It will lead you to a health booster, putting your health now
    at 115.  Sweet!  Head back and into the new room to find what's left of the
    Delta Force team Jankowski was with.  Try no to track that blood everywhere.
    Anyway, head up the stairs and into the office, where you will see a busted out
    window that leads down into a hallway.  When you drop down, the screen flashes
    and you see that creepy little girl, Alma, amongst a flaming explosion.  Turn
    around and head toward the other end of the hall, until the game takes control
    away from you.  You will then get knocked through the window by the explosion
    in SlowMo, after which you black out.
    6.03 Interval 03 - Escalation
    When you come around, Jin will be standing over you, checking to make sure that
    you're still alive, somthing she finds very surprising.  After a bit of banter
    between Jin and Betters, you will be told that Paxton Fettel is nearby.  Of
    course, it's up to you to go kill him.
    - Find and neutralize Paxton Fettel
    Once you are back in control, head down the alley in front of you.  You will
    see a truckload of soldiers go down the road in front of you, so there may
    be a big fight coming.  Head down the stairs and into the building, and move on
    though the rooms, listening to the radio messages of the Delta Force guys.
    Seems a bunch of Replicas have taken over Armacham headquarters.  Could this
    mean something?  Who knows?  Anyway, keep going through the rooms until you
    exit the building and find yourself on a catwalk near a wastewater vat.  Before
    you do anything, jump down to the ground around the vat.  Behind some boxes you
    will find a reflex booster.  Grab it, then head up the stairs and into the
    building.  In one room, there will be a switch that rotates the bridge over the
    vat, and a phone with a message on it.  Use both.  Don't forget to grab the
    medpack in the next room before heading across the bridge.  On the other side
    of the birdge, their is a ladder leading down to your generic, pipe-laden,
    poorly lit, sewer like area, where you will have a few creepy encounters with
    Alma.  When you reach the ladder, look to the left, and you will see a poorly
    hidden health booster.  After you get it, go up the ladder.  Once you get up
    you will see a small bridge over a drainage area.  Hop down in there, grab the
    health pack, and go back up the ladder.  Go through the door, and you will be
    in a medium size room with a pair of enemies.  Take out the first one with a
    headshot, then quickly eradicate the second.  The gunfire will attract one or
    both of the two enemies in the next room, and they will come to check it out.
    If only one comes, be ready to kill the other when you go down the hall and
    into the next room.  If you need a health pack, there is one in the first room
    as well as a grenade, some armor, and some ammo.  In the big room with the
    catwalk around the edges, there is a tunnel in the area below.  Drop down and
    follow the tunnel until it leads you to a reflex booster.  Head back up the
    stairs and turn back towards the door you entered from.  To the right is a door
    with a padlock on it, which you can shoot or melee to break it.  Head up the
    ladder in the room and go across the pipes to the other side.  Knock out the
    grate to drop down to the floor below.  You can knock the padlock off this door
    to go back the way you came, in case you forgot to grab that reflex booster.
    Head down the hall and through a few rooms until you get to a staircase that
    takes you up to a pair of drink machines.  Grab the armor, the ammo, and the
    nade, then head through the door.  There are a few enemies in this room, but
    they will spot you fast, so take one down quick with a headshot.  Quickly
    dispatch the remaining foes then grab the health packs and ammo.  After they're
    all dead, head up the ladder and go through the door on the catwalk.  Proceed
    through the rooms until you reach a room with a laptop.  Use it to gain a bit
    of plot information, then go through the door and down the hall.  The room to
    the left has some armor and a grenade if you need it.  To the right is a pair
    of double doors that leads into a rather large outdoor area.  There are a bunch
    of enemies in this room so get ready for a big firefight.  Dispatch the first
    enemy you see with a quick headshot, then drop one of his pals before they know
    where you are.  The others will then proceed to rush you, so use your RPL to
    hold them off.  Often one guy will head into that central hut, so toss a frag
    nade through the window to take him out.  After you eliminate the stragglers,
    grab some ammo and the armor in the hut, then go through the door on the far
    end of the room.  Head into the next area and you will come to a room with some
    catwalks in the middle over some water.  Jump into the water, then swim to the
    ladder in the middle.  Go up the ladder and through the series of rooms, until
    you come to a hole in the ground that drops down into another room filled with
    water.  Drop down, and you will have another hallucination scene, followed by
    a load scene.
    - Discover enemy purpose in the area
    This new objective is just a secondary objective, but a new objective anyway.
    Head through the little tunnel in the water to reach another area, but before
    you leave the tunnel, grab the healthpack if you need it.  After you leave the
    tunnel, you will hear a radio transmission from the badguys, and you will see
    a guys shadow on the wall.  Lean out and put a round in his head, then grab the
    goodies in the room he was occupying.  Head down the hall for another encounter
    with dissolving Jankowski.  There are two ways to deal with this area.  There
    is a path to the left, and a path to the right.  Both will take you around to a
    room with a buttload of Replicas.  I prefer the path to the left, because it
    provides you with a better vantage of the room, but either can work depending
    on how you play.  If you just want to run in with guns blazing, go to the right
    and get ready for a beating.  But if you prefer to pick off enemies from a
    distance, like myself, go to the left.  Just be warned that there are a lot of
    bad guys, so don't let your guard down until they are all dead.  The path to
    the right also contains some armor and a medkit if you need it.  Once all the
    bad guys have been shuffled loose the mortal coil, go up the stairs and into
    the room to the right, which contains a couple grenades, some armor, and a
    phone with a message.  Go down the hall and you will come across a room with a
    door that leads out into a large open area with some catwalks and a boatload of
    baddies.  Take out the first one you see then take out his backup as quickly as
    possible.  There are several ways to take out the enemies in this area, but
    remember that the flip side of that is the Replicas have several ways of
    ambushing you from behind.  My suggestion is to try and take as many enemies
    out as you can from the window next to the door you came in from.  From there,
    you can take out any enemies that try and head your way, since the catwalk acts
    as a chokepoint.  However, on higher difficulties, this may be more challenging
    due to the increased accuracy of the enemy, so I would not suggest staying in
    that spot for too long.  Once you head out into the area, constantly check your
    six to make sure that no Replicas are sneaking up on you.  After you eliminate
    the enemies in this area, you get to go to another area chock full of soldiers.
    There are two ways to approach this area, from the catwalk above, and from the
    ground.  I suggest the catwalk because it gives you a slight edge since you can
    see more of the battlefield.  After you eliminate the first soldier, the rest
    will rush you, so be prepared to fight off multiple enemies at once.  If you
    run out of ammunition, switch weapons rather than reloading, since it is less
    time-consuming, and therefore less likely to get you killed.  After the battle
    is over, grab the shotgun that one enemy dropped, and then go down into the pit
    in the central area for a reflex booster.  You can't get up to the catwalk in
    this area, so go through the door on the ground level.  It will put you into a
    room with a catwalk that has collapsed into a pit on the middle of the room.
    You can either jump into the pit and go up the ladder, or use the pipes to the
    right to jump over the railing.  Either way, once you are on that side of the
    room, grab the armor in the corner, then head up the stairs and into an office,
    where you can grab another armor, some ammo and nades, and listen to a news
    bulletin about your shennanigans.  Head out the door and you will be above the
    room where your previous firefight took place.  Turn the valve to raise the
    water level in the room with the collapsed bridge, allowing you to jump across
    the boxes to the other side.  In the next area, you can take out 3 enemies at
    once if you time your attack right.  When you turn the corner you will see a
    soldier on the catwalk above, but he hasn't notcied you yet.  After a second or
    so, two enemies will run past him.  Wait until the walking guy is in between
    the two runners, then fire a shotgun blast into the middle of them, aiming at
    the head/chest area.  If you get lucky, all three will die in a single shot.
    If not, just finish off the remainders, then take care of the last guy on the
    bottom floor.  Easy as pie.  Using either the upstairs or downstairs path,
    proceed into the next area and get as close as you can without being spotted.
    Then use your shotgun to exterminate the Replicas with extreme predjudice.
    Because it is so tight and confined, this room is a perfect place to showcase
    the power of the shotgun.  Just watch out for the two stragglers, as it may
    take them a few seconds to enter the room.  Okay, now its time to get ready for
    your first encounter with a heavy armor.  In the next room, there will be a
    soldier on the upper catwalk, so drop him quickly.  Head to the table across
    from the door to grab some armor, then walk towards the double doors.  The game
    will go into SlowMo, and a heavy armor will bust the door in, accompanied by a
    couple Replica soldiers.  Use the given SlowMo to take down the two light bad
    guys, and any of whats left to attack the heavy armor.  Once the SlowMo wears
    off, either use your own skills to keep on attacking, or retreat to the way you
    came in, depending on your health and armor.  The weapon I suggest using is the
    G2A2 for medium range, and the VK-12 if you get in close.  The shotgun can
    devestate the heavy armor up close, but is almost worthless at even medium
    range, so weigh your options.  I like to get in close and bruise him up with my
    shotgun, and maybe even throw in a few melee attacks.  After the heavy armor is
    dead, go through the doors he came through and head down the hall.  You'll see
    a couple Replicas, but as soon as you enter the room they run out.  Before you
    follow them though, go down the stairs to the left and grab the health pack.
    Then go under the catwalk to find another little health booster.  After you get
    those goodies, continue after the scaredy cats, ending up in a room with a pit
    full of water in the middle, and a walkway around the edge.  The two guys that
    ran off will be here, along with a third pal on the far side.  If you look to
    the near corner, you will see a valve amidst some shimmering gas.  I wonder
    what happens if you shoot it?  That's right, BOOM!  Wait until one of the two
    soldiers passes in front of it before you make it explode, otherwise it may not
    kill them.  After you take all the bad guys out, drop in the water and climb
    out on the side with one of the two ladders.  Before you turn the valve in the
    middle of the room, head down the hallway behind the ladders to get some armor,
    as well as a 10mm HV Penetrator if you want it.  Now you can go turn the valve,
    raising the water and allowing you to cross over to the other side.  Grab the
    goodies, then go up the ladder and progress until you hit a short cutscene, in
    which Paxton interrogates some poor sap.  Afterwards, bust out the grate, and
    go through the air duct until you get to another grate, which you must bash out
    as well.  Proceed through the next few rooms, encountering a couple of creepy
    moments, until you reach a room with a radio broadcast.  Head down the ladder
    and grab the shotgun and grenades next to the corpse.  You can see a health
    booster through the bars, but you can't reach it yet, so head back up top.  Go
    over the little bridge and up the stairs to reach the upper level, where you
    will find a phone with a message that reveals a bit of plot.  Go back down and
    into the hallway, then drop into the pit in the next room.  There is a tunnel
    that leads to the health booster you just saw, so grab it, then go back up.  Go
    through the room and into the next hallway, but when you reach the end, the
    door slams and you go into a dream sequence.  Be careful of the spirit, because
    it will damage you if it touches you, but one shot will take care of it.  After
    that is over, the dream sequence will end and you will be spat back into the
    real world.  You can't open the door, so go through the vent behind the big
    dumpster to get into the next room, where you will find a slightly gnawed-on
    plant worker.  Sucks for him I guess.  But he's not dead yet, so walk up to him
    and listen to what he says, after which you will hear some soldiers, and all of
    the lights come on.  A few soldiers will come out onto the walkway above you,
    so get out of the open fast.  After a few of them are dead, another pair will
    kick in the door on your level, so take care of them fast.  Once they are all
    dead, go theough the door they knocked in and head down the hall, taking out
    the enemy at the far end.  But don't go through the door there yet.  Instead,
    wait for the soldiers to come to you, and make quick work of them with your
    shotgun.  Once they stop coming, head through the door, and take out any left-
    overs, then head through the hallway on the left.  Go up the ladder, then knock
    out the grate and head through the vents, crossing the pipe into the vent with
    the dead guy.  Grab the grenades here, then jump on the pipes to get into
    another vent, where you will find a reflex booster and a nice view of the next
    enemy encounter.  From here, you can take out a couple of the enemies quite
    easily, but the rest will soon hide after they see where you are.  Once this
    happens, I suggest you go back to the last room where you fought the Replicas,
    and go through the door on the right, rather than going down the hall on the
    left.  From here, you can enter the room with the soldiers from two different
    ways, both of which will put you behind the soldiers, allowing you to quickly
    dispatch the remaining forces.  After they are all dead, head up to the door
    out and grab the health pack before leaving.  If you need another health pack,
    the door in the hall leads out to a catwalk with a healthpack.  If not, go to
    the left, and you will find yourself in the upper area of the room where the
    almost-dead guy was, along with a couple Replicas.  Drop them like a bad habit,
    then grab the armor before you leave the room.  Go through the rooms, then jump
    into the crawl space next to the pipes and follow it until you reach a elevated
    walkway with no way down other than jumping.  Once you drop down, the next area
    loads, so if you forgot any thing, go back now or forever hold your peace.
    - Top priority remains the elimination of Paxton Fettel
    This level seems to take a while doesn't it.  Anyway, go across the catwalk and
    keep going until you reach a small bridge over a little water.  There's a
    health pack down there if you need it, but if not just keep going.  All the
    while, you will be listening to the Delta Force guys talking about what's going
    on, and Betters gets them to agree to send a helicopter to get your butt outta
    there.  Seems like we might get to leave after all.  Go up the ladder and you
    will see a soldier planting some proxy mines.  Keep going up, and then keep
    going through the rooms until you reach the hall where the soldier had been.
    To the right is a room with some grenades and ammo, and to the left is a grate
    that can be knocked out.  Knock out the grate, and go down the ladder to find
    yourself in the sewers.  Head through the sewers and you will reach a long room
    where an assassin will drop down, then go invisible, but he won't attack you.
    At the end of the room, go left and you will be in a large room with catwalks
    along the edges.  On the far side will be another tunnel, from which several
    Replicas will head into the room.  Once you take out one, the other two will
    usually split up, one coming at you down the tunnel, and the other coming from
    the side.  After they are all gone, head up the ladder in the big room and go
    across the pipes.  You will end up in the upper area of the room where you saw
    the assassin, so go across to the other side and into the office.  Here you
    will find some goodies, including another health booster.  After you get what
    you want, go back to the room where you just fought the Replicas, and go into
    the room they came from and go up the ladder.  You will be on the far side of
    the hall where the mines were.  Flip the switch at the end of the hall, turning
    out the lights, and allowing you to shoot the mines safely, opening up a way to
    reach the other door out of the hall.  Go into the office through the door and
    activate the laptop to get some more info.  Head through the door and you will
    be in a long hallway.  To the right is a door with a padlock, which you can
    knock off, then go through the crawlspace next to the pipes to reach a room
    with a health booster and an ASP Rifle.  Go ahead and take it, because you can
    use it soon.  After you get that stuff, knock the padlock off the door of the
    room you're in, and go to the stairs.  At the bottom is a room with some bad
    guys in it, so be careful.  Often one or two will jump through the window at
    you, so if they do, just use your shotgun to make them regret it.  After you
    take care of them, go into the next room, where you will find a large window
    overlooking a courtyard with some Replicas in it.  Take them out with the ASP
    then head down the stairs before you go outside.  There you will find armor and
    ammo for the ASP.  Go outside and you will hear a helicopter.  Is it coming to
    take you away?  No.  Just dropping off some enemies to kill you.  Make short
    work of them with the ASP, then head up the stairs to the platform where the
    helicopter dropped them.  Some medium armor Replicas will break the door down,
    so take care of them quickly.  Go through the door and down the hall, but don't
    go into the next room yet.  There are a lot of enemies in this next room, so go
    ahead and take some time to reload all your guns, build up your SlowMo, and
    catch your breath.  Ready?  When you reach the left hand side of the room, the
    Replicas will attack, so quickly eliminate the two who are out front, then take
    down the guy on the catalk above you to the left.  More guys will come rushing
    in, so take them out quickly.  If necessary, retreat to the hallway where you
    came in from, since they can't flank you if you're in there.  After you have
    cleared the room, go up the first set of stairs.  When you reach the second set
    of stairs, a heavy armor will bust in through the double doors, accompanied by
    two soldiers.  Either rush in with your shotgun and melee attacks, or retreat,
    using SlowMo to pick up some headshots.  Either way will work, but retreating
    can really draw this battle out, as the heavy armor has lots of cover, and its
    harder to get headshots at a distance.  Once the heavy armor and his pals are
    dead, go through the door he busted down, grab the health packs in the room,
    then go through the door he kicked in.  Before going down the stairs, go into
    the room on the left and grab the armors and ammo.  Then go down the stairs and
    into the hallway.  At the end of the hallway, there is a door you can look out
    but can't open, allowing you to see Fettel board a helicopter, but unable to do
    anything about it.  Down the hall to the left is a window you can jump through
    to enter the courtyard, but before you do that, grab all of the ammo and stuff,
    because you can't get back in.  After jumping out the window, you will hear a
    truck approaching the courtyard.  Before it can drop its troops off, eliminate
    the three enemies already in the courtyard, as it will make the fight easier.
    The truck will drop off a heavy armor and a pair of infantry, and then another
    soldier will come out of the building on the far side.  Eliminate all of them
    with extreme predjudice, using SlowMo to take down the big guy.  After they are
    all dead, you finally get picked up by a helicopter, so you can head to the ATC
    6.04 Interval 04 - Infiltration
    This level begins with you in a helicopter, flying towards the Armacham company
    headquarters, where Delta Force recently lost contact with one of their teams.
    Once again, you are out to take care of Paxton Fettel.
    - Infiltrate Armacham facility
    I love how they use the word infiltrate as if stealth will have anything to do
    with your trip to Armacham.  When the helicopter reaches the roof of Armacham,
    Replicas open fire on your helicopter, killing two Delta Force guys.  After
    hopping out of the chopper, you are given control, and now have to fight off a
    horde of bad guys on the roof.  The immediate priority are the two guys that
    come through the double doors next to the helipad, so take care of them first,
    then quickly eliminate the two guys with shotguns that are heading up the set
    of stairs to the left.  Don't let your guard down, as there are still several
    enemies on the rooftop below the helipad.  I suggest you stay up top, and wait
    for the Replicas to try and use the stairs, then rip them up once they enter
    your field of fire.  After they are all dead, pick up the health and armor in
    the room up top, then head through the door below the helipad.  After hearing
    about Jankowski, you will hear some soldiers say they lost contact with the
    roof, and are going to check it out.  Wait for them to come to you, then blow
    both soldiers away with your shotgun.  Head down the stairs, but don't round
    the corner.  Wait again, and another pair of soldiers will head your way, so
    repeat what happened up stairs.  After you finish them off, grab the health
    booster under the stairs, as well as the ammo in the room before continuing.
    The next room has a pair of enemies, so take them out then head to the door.
    Open the door, then headshot the sentry before he turns your way.  Take out
    the other guards as the head your way, then finish off any stragglers.  When
    you go up the stairs, another guard will come through the door up top, so drop
    him like a sack of bricks before he can get a shot off.  In the next room, a
    small group of enemies will rush in, so take care of them before they can reach
    safe cover.  Before you go up the stairs, grab the reflex booster near the
    generator.  In the next room, take out the guy to the right before he spots you
    then take out his pal that comes rushing in.  After Betters tells you that
    Jankowski is in th area, go up the stairs.  Interesting that a technology
    corporation, full of people trying to maximize profit, would have so many rooms
    full of useless pipes and blinking generators that don't do anything.  Well I
    guess they have other priorities.  Like making the government kill machines on
    the next roof area.  It may be difficult to cap one before they notcie you, but
    don't worry if you can't do it.  Take out a couple from your vantage point, but
    don't dally too long because some will try to flank you by coming up the stairs
    behind you.  Take them out quickly, then grab all the ammo, health packs, armor
    and other goodies, especially boosters, because you won't be able to get back
    after you drop through the skylight.  Once your ready, bust the glass and drop
    down into Armacham's headquarters.
    - Locate and reset network hub
    Alright, welcome to Armacham in the dark.  The early part of this level can be
    really annoying do to the utter lack of lighting.  Proceed through the rooms
    one by one, until you reach a room with a blinking phone.  Listen to the short
    message, then continue.  Once you reach the room where you get a checkpoint,
    the metal gate will close behind you.  Check the bottom floor before heading
    upstairs.  In each of the three rooms upstairs, there is one assassin.  As soon
    as you see them, unload into them with your shotgun.  If they get cloes, use a
    spin kick (jump + melee) to take them down in a single hit.  They like to run
    off a lot, as well as jumping into the air vents to move around.  If you lose
    sight of one (which is quite easy), just find a nice corner to sit in until he
    comes back, because being in the open against these guys makes you vulnerable.
    After you take care of all three, grab the health packs, then listen to the
    messages to learn a little bit more about our friend Paxton Fettel.  Jump
    through the windows in the back of the office, then continue through the series
    of rooms until you reach the cubicle area.  On the far right side of the room
    is a little snack area with some dead ATC security and a radio bulletin about
    what's going on at Armacham.  After your done listening, jump up into the air
    vents, and go through them until you reach some blood soaked tiles, where you
    will fall through, into a hallway with a pair of assassins.  Take care of them
    the same way you did the others, using the hallway as a choke point.  Go down
    the hallway and to the right, going into a room where you meet a real fat dude
    named Norton Mapes.  Before you give him a comlink, go into the room to your
    immediate left.  You can jump on some filing cabinets to get into the air ducts
    above.  Grab the reflex booster and the health pack, if you need it, but also
    make sure to knock out the grates, because this will be important later.  Now
    go give fattie his stupid comlink, triggering a little dialouge that ends with
    you getting a new objective.
    - Shut down local security system
    This is your new objective from Mapes, so get going.  Go through the hallways
    and you will come across an office area, with one cubicle in particular that is
    covered in trash.  Guess who it belongs to?  That's right, so go ahead and
    listen to Norton's message.  In the next area, you will be on a walkway around
    a large lobby with several enemies below.  In the back area of the lobby is a
    lone guard.  Eliminate him from a position where the others can't see you, then
    wait for two guards to rush out of the office area into the lobby.  Use SlowMo
    to take them both down quickly and efficiently, then eliminate the other guard.
    Either jump down, or go around down the stairs to get to the lobby floor.  The
    three guards in the office are are tough to draw out, so toss a grenade in to
    scatter them.  As soon as it goes off, rush in and take down one or two.  Get
    the one(s) you left over quickly, before they have a chance to recover.  Then
    head around to the door into the security office to shut down the local
    security system, and watch Mapes run off on the security camera.  Betters gets
    ticked and changes your objective back to the original one.
    - Locate and reset network hub
    Okay, head back to the room where Mapes was, using the open gate in the lobby
    as a bit of a shortcut.  Once you reach the room where Mapes was, you will hear
    some Replicas approaching.  Head up into the vents where you found the reflex
    booster earlier.  Since you already busted out the grates, you don't have to
    worry about alerting the guards busting them out.  Wait in the vents until at
    least two of the guards are fully in the open.  Then use SlowMo and rip them up
    while they aren't expecting it.  Then drop out of the vents on the far side and
    surprise the last guard.  When you round the corner at the end of the hall,
    there will be a group of enemies, so dispatch them quickly.  Go through the 
    security gate that opened up, and go into the network server room.  Activate
    the panel to complete the objective.
    - Determine status of missing SFOD-D team
    When you try to leave the server room, a group of enemies will enter through
    the previously locked door.  Use the cover provided by the short wall and pick
    them off one by one.  Watch out for grenades, as they will likely use them to
    try to flush you out.  Go through the door they entered through and head down
    the hallway to the next cubicle area.  After your little encounter with Alma,
    you will be told that Jin is on site, and you need to go secure the site where
    the Delta Force team was lost.  The next area is under construction, and you
    will have a little encounter with dissapearing Fettel, but keep going until
    you reach a pair of double doors, where you will go into a dream sequence when
    you open the doors.  During the dream, every time you hear a scream, a lost
    soul appears, so kill them quickly before they can touch you.  After the dream
    is over, go through the door on the left and up the little stairs to get a new
    health booster.  Keep going until you reach the end of the construction area,
    where you will exit out into the elevator lobby with a couple skeletons and
    enough blood to fill a swimming pool.  Jin and a Delta Force guy will arrive on
    the elevator, and your objective will be completed.
    - Continue the search for Paxton Fettel
    Head through the newly opened security gate and jump over the railing to the
    hallway down below.
    6.05 Interval 05 - Extraction
    This interval begins with the objective you had at the end of the last level,
    so obviously, you need to continue the hunt for Fettel.  Grab the armor off of
    the desk, then go into the room to the right for a health pack.  When you hear
    the Replicas start talking, stop until they finish their conversation.  Then
    move forward until you see the guy on the upper walkway.  Drop him before he
    spots you, then take out the rest of the enemies before you move on, including
    the second guy upstairs.  Before leaving the area, grab all the ammo and other
    stuff you need, and don't forget to listen to the messages on the phone in the
    office on the right side of the room.  After you have what you need, exit out
    the door in the back, and proceed to the next cubicle area, take out the guys
    on patrol, then grab any ammo you need.  In the next hallway, there are two
    offices to the left, one containing a phone with a message, and the other has a
    shotgun, so get both.  Then move forward slowly until you hear a soldier say
    that you're after the hostage they are apparently guarding.  Though it may seem
    counter-intuitive, turn on SlowMo and run around the corner, taking out the
    first guy you see with a head shot, then eliminate another as quickly as you
    can before retreating back around the corner.  Wait a few moments for your
    reflex to build back up, watching the corner for any enemies who may have run
    after you.  After you have about half your spent reflex back, round the corner
    again in SlowMo, and eliminate the rest of the enemies, using grenades to flush
    them out if necessary.  Be wary of enemies hiding behind the columns as you
    move forward.  After you are sure they are all dead, move into the room that
    the soldiers were guarding and open the door in the back.  You will find an
    Armacham employee named Bishop who has a bomb strapped to his chest and wants
    your help to get him out.  After you give him a comlink, Betters will tell you
    to go secure the elevator area so that a Delta Force bomb expert can come in.
    Procceed down the hallway opposite of the room where you found Bishop until you
    reach an office area.  Before entering the elevator lobby, check all of the
    offices for some goodies, including a health pack.  Enter the elevator area
    from the left and grab the stuff on the counter.  As you move closer to the
    elevators, the security gates will drop and you will hear the elevators coming
    to your floor.  The middle elevator will open up, and there will be one guy, so
    blow him to pieces.  Then plant mines in front of both the elevators to your
    right and left, then back up.  As soon as one of the mines explodes, move to
    that elevator to make sure that all of the soldiers inside are dead.  When the
    other mine goes off, do the same.  The last elevator holds a heavy armor and a
    pair of infantry, so you can either use a trap, such as remote mines, or just
    camp out in front of the elevator until the doors open and then let loose on
    the suckers inside.  Once all of the enemies are dead, another elevator will
    arrive with Holiday, the bomb expert, and another Delta Force escort.  Since
    those security gates prevent you from leaving the way you came in, Holiday will
    use some explosives to create an exit.  Then lead him back to Bishop where he
    will commence work on defusing the bomb.  Then a fire alarm goes off.  Damn
    - Investigate cause of fire alarm
    Head through the security gate that just opened, and go into the room with the
    stairs.  Instead of going up, go down the hall under the stairs and you will
    find a small office area with a health pack and a health booster, so pick up
    both before heading back and up the stairs.  Check all of the offices upstairs
    for a health pack and a message from Alice Wade to Bishop, so make sure you
    listen to it.  Then go through the offices until you reach a pair of elevators
    with a whole lot of blood in front of one.  The security office is in there, so
    go in to turn it off, taking note of the empty bag of snack food.  Wonder who
    triggered the alarm?  Anyway, after you flip the switch, the alarm goes off,
    but Betters tells you that all the security gates are shutting, so you can't
    reach Holiday and Bishop, so you are going to have to rejoin them on the roof.
    - Rejoin Holiday and Bishop on the roof
    Get in the elevator and flip the switch, and it will take you up several floors
    before the readout goes blank and your are put out on a floor that is under
    construction.  The area you are in is locked off by a security gate, so jump
    on the barrell in the corner to get onto some of the construction material, and
    from there up into the rafters.  Knock out the grate and go through the vent to
    find yourself in the elevator access area.  Access the laptop in the hall out
    the door, then go down to the room at the end.  Jump out onto the ledge through
    the open window, then proceed carefully around to the left until you get to
    another window you can use to get back in.  Go into the construction area, and
    hide behind some of the stacked plywood until the soldiers on patrol get close,
    then step out and quickly take care of them.  When the second patrol comes by,
    use the exploding barrel to take them out easily, then pick off any survivors.
    In the next room, there will be an enemy laying in wait, but let him see you.
    Shoot him some, and when his buddies run in, shoot the explosive barrel to take
    them all out at once.  Before moving on, make sure you grab all the armor in
    the previous room, as you will need it soon.  There are two halls that lead to
    the next room, one coming in from the left, and one from the right.  The path
    to the right puts you next to a pair of explosive barrels, so I would suggest
    the path to the left.  The enemies will probably spot you before you can pick
    one off with a headshot, so just shoot the barrel closest to them, then finish
    off the two that are in the blast radius.  Now retreat back around the corner
    and wait for the other guy to get close to one of the other exploding barrels,
    then lean out and blow him to bits.  After they are all thoroughly dead, go
    down the hall to the next room, and grab the armor and ammo before dropping to
    the floor below.  In the next room, there is a small group of guards, so take
    them out quickly.  Then use the boxes in the corner to jump up to the floor
    above.  Go through the double doors to reach a balcony over an area with a few
    enemies.  Use your elevation advantage to take out the guys below, but keep an
    eye out for enemies coming up behind you.  After you are sure all the enemies
    are dead, grab the reflex booster then head downstairs, grabbing any health and
    ammo that you need.  After you've cleaned the area out, exit through the hall
    downstairs and into the construction area.  Make your way to the top, grabbing
    the health pack on the way, then jump on the small box to get over the plywood
    barrier.  Now your on the roof!  When you go through the next door, you will
    hear some Replicas open fire on the helicopter coming to pick you up.  Show
    them how it feels to be shot by unloading into them while they are turned away.
    As you move forward, another group of enemies will attack from behind the giant
    air conditioner units, of which Armacham apparently decided they needed about a
    thousand.  Well, take them all out, and be careful of the flanking manuevers,
    especially since one of them has a shotgun.  When you approach the other end of
    the roof area, you will hear a soldier say something, so use your elevation to
    watch the stairs at the far end and take the guy out when he come outside.  Now
    go down to right in front of the platform he was on and take out the other bad
    guys as they try to squeeze through the door.  Once they are all dead, head
    inside the room they were trying to come out of and you will hear more Replicas
    on the way, so hide behind the machine directly to your right, just inside the
    door.  Give them enough time so that they are all inside the room, then use
    SlowMo to drop them all at once.  In the next room there is a railing you must
    jump over that has no way back, so grab absolutely everything you can before
    you take that leap.  Once you are down there, go through the door at the other
    end of the room.  You will see Holiday and Bishop boarding a helicopter under
    heavy fire from... ATC?  Yep, ATC security is laying the beatdown on that helo,
    so return the favor for them.
    - Eliminate the ATC threat
    The roof are you are on is very large, with a small set of stairs leading from
    the helipad down to an area full of large air conditioning units, and then
    another elevated roof section, from whence some ATC security are sniping at you
    with ASPs.  First take care of the guards that come up the stairs to attack
    you, then eliminate the snipers across the way.  After those guys are down,
    examine the lower area for any lingering guards.  After you go down the stairs,
    guards will rush out of the building from two doors: one in plain view, and one
    around the side.  Take out the guys you see first, but watch out for the
    flanking manuever by the guard who comes from the side door.  Once all the
    enemies outside are dead, head inside through the door up the stairs, and get
    the first guy off guard.  Then take out his friends as they run to his rescue,
    but also keep an ear out for the sounds of a guard or two trying to attack from
    your six using that side door I spoke of earlier.  Before you go up the stairs,
    check the building completely for any ammo, armor, or health that you need.
    Once you are ready, go up the stairs and you will be on the rooftop that those
    snipers were occupying.  I had fun kicking their bodies off of the roof, but
    it's not necessary.  Around the back, there is a pair of ATC on another small
    roof below, so take them out, then jump down to where they were.  Go inside and
    you will be able to look across a large pit of some sort, which was created for
    some unknown purpose, to find some ATC guys on the far side.  Throw a grenade
    at them before they see you and you may be able to take them out in one fell
    swoop.  If not, pick off the remaining men, then grab any goodies before trying
    to cross the chasm.  When you jump on the vent, it colapses under your weight,
    and you go tumbling down several stories, but lucky for you, a well placed pool
    of water breaks your fall.
    - Find a way back up into the main building
    A fairly obvious objective, as any time you are below ground in an area full of
    pipes and crap you are bound to run into something scary.  Hop out of the water
    and go down the hallway, where you will find a door that is padlocked, and a
    pipe that is leaking gas.  The padlock is covered up so you can't melee it off
    so you are going to have to shoot it.  Back up, take your shot, then run.  The
    ensuing explosion will blow up the catwalk in the previous room, as well as
    knocking down the fence keeping you from getting that reflex booster near the
    padlocked door.  Grab the reflex booster, then hop your way up to the catwalk.
    Go through the door up top, and head through the crawl space in the next room.
    Try not to lose your bearings every time there is an explosion, even though
    they do cause the screen to shake.  If you need health, there is a health pack
    down the hall to the left, but if not, keep going straight ahead.  The catwalk
    you want to cross will get knocked out by falling debris, so jump down to the
    ledge below and go through the crawl space down there.  Once you get out, use
    the pipes or the ladder to get out of the pit, then go down the hall.  In the
    room to the right, you will be able to see a valve, but you can't get through
    because of the pipe shooting flaming death at you.  Instead, go down the hall
    to the left and you will be on the far side of the knocked out catwalk.  Hop
    down like you did on the other side to find another crawl space.  When you get
    into the room, a body drops from a vent.  If you look at the vent, you can see
    a faint blue glow.  Go ahead and turn the valve off, then go to the corner of
    the room, where you will find a ladder leading up to a vent grating.  Bust it
    off its hinges, then go to the right when you reach the split.  Grab the health
    booster, then drop down and go back out to the catwalk and up the ladder.  Go
    past the dissolving Jankowski, and to the right, down the ramp.  Head across
    the catwalk over the pit and use the valve to raise the water level.  Then drop
    down into the water and swim through the opening that was previously blocked by
    boxes.  Swim quickly through the tunnel, then climb out using the ladder on the
    other side.  Hit the switch to turn on power to the elevator, then go up the
    ladder and across the catwalk, then drop down in the previous room.  When you
    head out into the large room, the elevator will begin to descend, so hop on the
    barrels, then jump over the railing and go up the stairs.  From here, you have
    a great vantage of the incoming heavy and his two escorts.  Use SlowMo to take
    out the two soldiers easily, then use the rest of it to lay into the heavy from
    upstairs.  After you run out of SlowMo, you can either finish him off from up
    top, or get in close with your shotgun.  Either will work, and once your done
    hop in the elevator and take a ride to the next floor up.
    6.06 Interval 06 - Interception
    Now that you are back above ground, your objective reverts back to the original
    purpose of this mission.
    - Find and neutralize Paxton Fettel
    When the elevator arrives at the top floor, you will be in a room with several
    enemies.  Using the boxes for cover, take them out quickly, using grenades to
    flush out the guy in the office if you can't shoot him.  Once they're all dead,
    search the room for some armor, health, and ammo then proceed to the next room.
    Go down the hall and you will be able to see a reflex booster in a room that
    you can't reach because of the locked security doors.  Remember where this was
    so you can come back later through the sliding door on the right to find a
    research lab with a medkit and a proxy mine, then go out the other door.  Go up
    the set of stairs on the left to find Norton Mapes trying to hide behind a
    couch, and failing miserably I might add.  He tells you that the elevators are
    offline and that you need to turn off the security system.  Hmmm, why does this
    seem so familiar?
    - Overide security lockdown
    Go down the hall to the left, then go into the research area across the hall
    and to the right.  In the room with the corpse, there is a health booster and
    a phone with a message.  Then go back to the hall and to the left.  You will go
    through another lab area, and on the far side you will see a bunch of Replicas
    run down a hallway seperated from you by some bulletproof glass.  Go to the
    left and you will be able to see into anothe research area that is soon flooded
    by Replicas.  Wait for a few to move out into the open, then use SlowMo to take
    them out quickly, then move to some cover to reload.  Use the G2A2 to take down
    the guys hding behind the small walls, but switch to the shotgun if they get in
    too close.  After they are all dead, move into the room and grab the ammo and
    medkits in the room, but be careful.  After you pass a certain point in this
    room, another pair of guards will rush in to see what happened.  Take them down
    quickly, then move on.  Kee moving down the halls until you come to another
    sliding door.  Here a pair of guards will come up the stairs to the left, so
    use SlowMo to pick up a headshot, then finish off the other guard with ease.
    Grab the armor and ammo before going down the stairs.  Proceed through the
    access area and you will find another room with a pair of guys in it, except
    now they have the high ground.  Take out the first guy quickly, before he can
    run away, then rush up the stairs and take out his pal before he has time to
    figure out what's going on.  Then grab any armor, medkits, or ammo you need
    before going out, since you have to jump a rail and won't be able to come back
    here.  After you drop down you will be able to reach the security office, so
    listen to the message on the phone, then grab all the other stuff before you
    shut off the security.
    - Find and neutralize Paxton Fettel
    Before going back up the stairs to where Mapes was, go back towards the first
    area.  Remember where that reflex booster was?  Well now you can reach it, so
    head that way and go ahead and pick up any other things you didn't get earlier
    that you may need now.  Then head back up the stairs to see Mapes run off, this
    time in an elevator.  But now that the elevator has moved, you can get across
    to the other side of the elevator access area.  Move carefully along the edge,
    then go up the pair of ladders, then move back to the other side along another
    narrow ledge, and knock out the grate and drop down.  Bust out the other grate
    and move around in the ceiling until you find a cylinder with some writing on
    it that blocks your path.  Go to the right and down the ladder, then move on
    through the hall until you see Mapes.  He will activate an automated turret, so
    pull out your shotgun, and get directly underneath the turret, then blast away
    until it explodes.  Then go back up into the air vents, and you will be able to
    move past where the turret housing had been blocking your way.  Drop out of the
    far side of the security door, then grab the health pack in the security room
    before proceeding onward.  When you reach the ramp, run down on the left side
    and hide behind the corner before the turret at the far end can activate.  Use
    a gun to shoot the padlock off of the gate across the hall, then run across and
    open it.  Run to the left and turn off the power to deactivate the turret so
    that you can move on safely.  In the next area, there is a turret in a hall you
    can enter from either end.  On the other side of the hall, there is a set of
    stairs that lead to a vent you can crawl through to the next area.  Whichever
    side you come from, wait until the turret is facing away, then make a run for
    the stairs and get under the grating as fast as possible.  Then crawl through
    to the next area, where you will be in a room with a small wall directly in
    front of you, and a turret on the other side of the room.  Before the turret
    activates, run to the wall, and use it as cover while you move to the left.
    Before you leave the cover provided by the pillar at the end of the wall, shoot
    the grate off of the vent.  Then wait for the turret to face away before making
    a run for the vent.  Then proceed through to a small storage room, where you
    can grab a health pack if you need it, as well as some armor.  In the hall, run
    to the small trolley when the turret isn't looking and hide behind it, then run
    to the recess in the wall to the right and hide there.  If the turret sees you,
    wait for it to stop firing, then run through the door on the other side.  Go
    through the labs until you reach the next hallway with a turret.  Run to the
    boxes and use them as cover, noticing that behind the fence to the right is a
    power switch.  On the other side of the boxes is a vent that will let you into
    that room, so make a run for it when the turret isn't facing you, then crawl
    through and turn the power off.  Keep going until you see Mapes trying to
    squeeze his fat butt through a vent.  Unfortunately you can't get into that
    room to knock the crap ot of him, so go down the hallway to the right instead.
    When you get to the bottom of the ramp, turn left and run for the door into the
    lab before the turrets can open fire.  Listen to the message on the phone, then
    jump into the vents.  Go to the right and knock the grate out, drop down, then
    run underneath the turret and take it out with your shotgun.  Move back behind
    cover quickly, before the other turret can shoot you up much.  Once it stops
    firing, run back into the lab and jump into the vents, going to the left this
    time.  Drop out of the vents, then get under the turret and take it out.  Then
    head up the stairs and through the door on the far end of the room.  Go into
    the tunnel and go to the right if you need a health pack, but to the left if
    not.  Go up the ladder, out the door, and to the left.  At the end of the hall,
    a pair of enemies will rappel down from the roof and begin to patrol the room.
    Take them out quickly, then eliminate the backup that comes in to back them up.
    Then go into the room opposite from the hall you came in through, and through
    the door on the right to find a reflex booster and a medkit.  Grab both, then
    jump the railing directly in front to end up in the hall where the two
    reinforcements came from.  Go down the hall and you will here a turret open up
    on some Replicas and get destroyed quickly.  Take out the first guy you see,
    then eliminate the others as they come towards you, but be on the lookout for
    grenades.  After they are all dead, clear out the room for ammo and any other
    items.  The hall at the end of the room leads to another room with a lift, but
    this one is up, so grab all of the ammo and armor in the room.  Then head down
    the other hall leading out of the room and grab the rocket launcher.  In the
    office area to the left, there is a switch that will bring down the lift, but
    before you do that, set some traps.  Place remote bombs near the lift, and some
    proxy mines in the hall, then activate the lift.  There will be an EVE on the
    lift, so set off your bombs and move before it can hit you with any rockets.
    Draw it down the hall where you placed the mines, then use your rocket launcher
    to finish it off.  After it is dead, grab any medkits or remaining armors that
    you may need, then go up the lift.  Move through the hallway, grabbing the ammo
    and armor in the office, then into the next room and up the ladder.  Duck and
    crawl through the crawl space.  Drop down the hole in the ceiling, and go down
    the hall and up the ladder at the end.  Go through the vent to the right and
    grab the Type 7 from the dead scientist, then go back and drop down into the
    office.  Before you activate the switch, grab the health booster in the room
    up the stairs and listen to the messages on the phone.  Then go flip the switch
    and go through the door.  Check the laptop and grab all the other goodies in
    the room, then go out through the door in the back.  Go to the left, and down
    the walkway around the lower floor, and through the hall at the far end.  Go
    into the security office and activate the switch to take control of a security
    turret in a room down the hall.  Eliminate as many soldiers as you can, taking
    them down as soon as they enter, before they can get a shot off.  If the room
    gets too clouded with dust, use the muzzle flash on the rifles to find where
    the enemies are shooting from.  After everyone is dead, or after the turret is
    destroyed, grab any stuff in the room then jump over the railing and go down
    the hall to the right.  Go down the hall and into the room where you just took
    out all those guys.  There will probably be some leftovers, so be on alert for
    any movement or chatter.  After you are sure the room is cleared out, move on
    to the next area.  When you see the ATC security fall from the floor above, aim
    up and wait for the soldier to move into view, then take him down.  When his
    back up arrives, take him down to, then proceed to the left and up the stairs.
    From the walkway, take out the reinforcements that come to see what's going on,
    then go down the hall they came from and into the lab at the end, and grab any
    stuff you need before hopping the railing.  Go down the hallway and down the
    ramp to the right.  Check out the labs down the hall: one of the two on the
    left contains a health booster, and the one at the end has a phone with a short
    message.  Then go into the lab area and you will see Fettel through another
    sheet of bulletproof glass, so listen to what he says then move on.  In the
    next lab there is a reflex booster on the right, so grab it before going out by
    the door at the top of the stairs.  Go through the hall until you trigger a
    dream sequence.  After it is over, turn around and go through the door on the
    right.  Go out through the other door, then down the hall and out the door at
    the end.  You will hear some ATC at the end of the hall, take out the first one
    with a headshot, then eliminate the others with the Type 7 if you still have it
    on you.  If not, rush in and take them out at close range so they can't pin you
    down at the end of the hall.  Grab the health pack if you need it, then go down
    the stairs and take out the small group of enemies down there, shooting safely
    from the top of the stairs.  After they are dead, check the laptop for info,
    then grab all the ammo and other supplies, and swap your Type 7 if you are out
    of ammo.  Then move down the hall to hear a gun battle going on between ATC and
    the Replicas.  Let them fight it out until all of the ATC are dead, then move
    in and clean up the Replica infantry before taking down the heavy armor.  If he
    is at the end of the hall, use SlowMo and you G2A2 to pick up headshots, but if
    he's in close, use your shotgun and melee attacks to take him out.  After they
    are all dead, grab all the ammo and stuff from the security office you came in
    through, then go down the hall until you get a message from Betters saying that
    Fettel is headed towards the executive building and Alice Wade.
    - Locate Alice Wade
    Go down the stairs at the end of the hall and use SlowMo to take out the guys
    at the end of the hall.  When you reach the windows, look out them to take out
    two snipers on a ledge, using a planter for cover.  Then move down the hall,
    checking the office to the left for a message and some nades, and one on the
    right for some ammo and a medkit.  Then continue down the hall, taking out the
    two guys who are waiting in the lounge are.  Then move into the lobby and take
    out the two Replicas and the heavy armor with them.  Use the pillars for cover
    while you move in, and take him down with your shotgun.  Then move out on to
    the balcony where the snipers where and use one of their ASPs to take out the
    two guys in the courtyard below.  After they are dead, drop down and a chopper
    will drop an EVE at the other end of the courtyard.  Use the ASP first and then
    the G2A2 to take down its health.  Place some proxy mines down the stairs, and
    when they go off jump out with your shotgun and finish it off, but don't stop
    moving.  Also, stay away from walls, as the splash damage from the rockets can
    hurt, especially on higher difficulties.  After the EVE is down, a few more bad
    guys will enter the courtyard at the far end.  One of them has a Type 7, so
    eliminate him with extreme predjudice, then take care of his pals.  After they
    are all dead, search the office area to the left for some medkits, grenades,
    and ammo.  Then go up the stairs on the other side and through the door, into
    the cafeteria.  When you get further in, the replicas will turn the lights off
    hoping to confuse you, but it just makes them easier to spot.  Take advantage
    of this, and drop all of them as they enter the room.  After they are dead,
    take all the ammo then go out the door and turn the light back on.  Around the
    corner a pair of Replicas are behind a set of shelves, so take them out quickly
    then go out through the door at the other end of the room.  Through the door is
    a hallway with a security office, some windows, and both exits blocked off.
    Before you leap out the window, go back and grab any health or armor you need.
    After you are ready, bust one of the windows out and drop to the area below.
    6.07 Interval 07 - Redirection
    - Locate Alice Wade's office
    As there is nothing in the courtyard, head to the left end and knock out the
    window to get into the executive building.  Gotta love some old-fashioned B&E.
    Check the laptop, then head down the hallway to the left.  The security room
    has some goodies you can take, as well as a security monitor you can watch, but
    once your done, go into the lobby and take the elevator once it arrives on your
    floor.  Once the elevator finally reaches the 6th floor, go to the right and
    check the answering machine in the office.  Then go back and go the other way,
    checking the laptop in the break room while you're there.  Past the lobby is a
    hallway, and the second office on the left is Alice's.  If you want a small bit
    of amusement, go to the last office and you will hear a phone ringing, but you
    can't seem to find the phone.  See that bloody patch on the roof?  Shoot it and
    have fun.  Then check Alice's answering machine, which has a message from her
    dad telling her to go to his office to check his laptop for a file he called
    Proteus, as well as a message from the recently deceased Aldus Bishop.
    - Locate Harlan Wade's office
    Head back to the elevators and the one you came up on will drop a few feet.
    Hop on it, then immediately jump off over the railing to the right, and the
    elevator will plummet down to the ground.  Go up the ladder, then hop the rail
    and walk along the edge to the other side.  Beware: falling elevators.  Go up
    the ladder, then across to the other side again.  If you need armor or remote
    bombs, go up the ladder.  If not, go through the doors and out into the office
    area.  Check the message on the phone at the receptionist's desk, then go down
    the hall to the stairs.  A group of Replicas are here, so don't just rush in
    blindly.  Take out the first guy once he is part way up the stairs, then take
    out his pals while they are in the open.  Go up the stairs, then take out the
    enemies on the walkway on the far side of the room, then move around to the
    other side and head into the offices.  A group of guards will attack from the
    other side of the office area, and at least one will try to flank you from the
    right.  Use the G2A2 to take out the guards further away, and shift your
    attention to the rushing enemy when he attacks.  After they are all dead, check
    the machine for a message from Alice Wade, then grab all the items you can use,
    including health packs and armor, before moving on.  Down the hall you will
    hear a fire alarm go off and a security gate will shut, then a pair of Replicas
    will run around the corner, so be prepared with your shotgun out and drop them
    like a ton of bricks.  Go down the hall until it dead-ends, then knock out the
    windows to the right and jump through.  Go through the office, grabbing the
    medkits and ammot if you need them, and checking the laptop for info.  In the
    next room, a small group of Replicas will be defending a security office.  Take
    out the first one you see, then try to eliminate the second, but he may run
    inside the office before you can kill him.  If so, just toss a grenade in, then
    rush in with your shotty and finish off the survivors.  Then activate the panel
    in the room to the left to open up the gate that close earlier.  Then activate
    the pannel at the end on the right to take over a turret in a lobby area.  Use
    it to wipe out the bad guys with ease.  They generally enter from the bottom
    right and top left, but they may occasionally come in through the bottom left
    rather than the top.  After you kill them all or get your turret destroyed, go
    back the way you came, until you reach the gate that got blocked off earlier.
    If you need ammo, grab it from one of the many chumps you just slaughtered with
    the turret, then exit to the right of where you entered.  The next area has a
    single heavy armor accompanied by a gaggle of infantry, so you may not be able
    to have the luxury of eliminating the infantry before focusing on the heavy
    armor.  Use SlowMo to give yourself the edge, then take out the enemies as you
    see them.  Only attack the heavy armor if you can't see any infantry.  After
    you are 100% sure they are all dead, move on to the next area.  When you reach
    the doorway to the double level room, duck down and take out the guy up top
    first, then move your attention to the ground floor.  Take out the guys as they
    move into the open, using the doorway as cover.  After they are dead, move in
    yourself and proceed towards the stairs.  Before you attack the guys up the
    stairs though, go into the small office to your right and grab that reflex
    booster off of the desk.  Now where was I?  Take out the guy that runs down the
    stairs, then eliminate his pal, who usually comes down the other side.  Then go
    up the stairs and take out the remaining guy.  Then proceed to the right and
    around the upper floor of the room to the next office area.  You can either
    shoot through the window, or go around and shoot through the door.  Either way
    works and neither has huge advantages, except that its harder to get shot if
    you shoot from the window.  Then move into the next area, where there is now a
    pair of heavy armors accompanied by a cadre of infantry.  Jump through the
    window to the left and you can attack the heavy armor from the doorway.  Take
    down any infantry that get in the way, and be careful of soldiers moving around
    and shooting you through the window.  Then move into the offices to the left,
    where a group of infantry will be waiting for you, with one or two in close,
    and the others at the far end of the room.  Take them all out, but don't go to
    engage the second heavy yet.  Instead go into the conference room to the right
    and grab the health booster.  Voila!  Full health.  Now go take on the last one
    in the area.  But be warned, this guy is packing a Type 7, so eliminate him in
    close so he has less chance to use it on you.  After he is dead, finish looking
    through the room for gear, then go through the doors into Harlan Wade's office.
    About damn time, too.  Talk to Alice Wade, and give her a comlink when prompted
    to do so.  Apparently Harlan is at some "classified facility" somewhere, and
    you need Alice to get in, so you're gonna have to evac her.  After she's done
    talking, Betters will tell you to use Harlan's laptop.
    - Recover data from Harlan Wade's laptop
    Shortest and easiest objective in the game.  Just activate his laptop to finish
    this joke of an objective.  After you've downloaded the coordinates of the
    "facility" you will get your new objective.
    - Escort Alice Wade to the roof for evac
    Return the way you came until you reach the room with the blockaded window.
    Use the gap to shoot at the Replicas coming to reclaim Alice.  Using your angle
    and SlowMo, you can take them all out before they can even get out of the
    elevator.  After they are dead, hop on and take a ride to the roof.  Uh oh!
    Looks like you got more than you bargained for.  Replicas have called for the
    elevator on just about every floor from yours to the roof.  Each time the door
    opens, 2-3 enemies will attack, so use SlowMo judiciously to take them all out.
    On the 13th floor however, the power will go out.  Coincidence?  I think not.
    Anyway, leave the relative safety of the elevator to go restore power.  But
    that sneaky Alma will steal your elevator, along with Alice, so it looks like
    we need to move to Plan B.  Go through the hall that was previously blocked by
    a security gate and through the door on the right.  Go up the stairs, then out
    into a long room with guards at the far end.  After you pick off the first guy,
    one of the ones on the ground will rush.  Take him down, then finish off the
    one leftover.  Go up the stairs at the other end, then take out the guys who
    come out of the dorr on the upstairs level of the end of the room you just came
    from.  After they are dead, leave through the door they entered from and go up
    the stairs.  Shoot out the vent and crawl through.  You will see Alice on the
    other side of a window, out on the roof, but you can't get there because the
    door is locked.  The evac chopper will come in, but it will get shot down by an
    enemy helicopter, and Alice will run for it.  The chopper will drop a group of
    enemies on the roof, then shoot some missles in your direction, blowing open
    the locked door.  Move out through the doorway that just got destroyed and take
    out one or two of the enemies before they can reach cover.  Be wary of enemies
    on the walkway up to the right as you move forward, since one or two guys will
    try to snipe at you from up there.  After they are all dead, go up the stairs
    and through the double doors back into the building.  Head through the foyer
    and onto a walkway above an elevator lobby, taking out the guys on the other
    side.  When you hear an elevator bell ding, look down into the lobby and take
    down the guys that exit the elevator.  Head down the stairs to the elevator
    lobby, and eliminate the guys that come out of the second elevator, then exit
    through the door on the other side of the room.  Grab the health pack before
    going down the stairs, and grab the other health pack before going through the
    door downstairs.  You will see Alice Wade upstairs, but she runs off after she
    sees an aerial unit.  Check the offices and nearby rooms for a health booster
    and a phone with a few messages to check out.  Then leave the room through an
    access area, and into another office next to a lounge, with a laptop on a small
    table in the middle of the room.  After you get the info, head up the stairs
    into a long room with windows on the right.  A few aerial units will attack
    from outside, so use SlowMo to take them out easily.  Another method is to lure
    them into the hallway, then demolish them with your shotgun up close.  Head to
    the other end of the room and out the door.  Another aerial unit will attack
    through the window in the next room, so take it out fast.  When you near the
    next room, an aerial unit will break through the window, so just wait by the
    door until it reaches you, then destroy it.  In the break room, go through the
    broken windo out onto the ledge, then follow it to the small rooftop and go in
    through the door.  Grab the health pack, go up the ladder, then jump on the air
    ducts to get to the next roof level.  Then go through the door to find yourself
    on the walkway where Alice was earlier.  In the confrence room at the end of
    the walkway, another aerial unit will break through the window and attack, so
    dispose of it quickly.  Go up the steps and into the next room, where a few
    soldiers will drop down through a skylight.  Take down the guys on ground level
    first, then dispose of the guys upstairs.  When you walk up the stairs on the
    left, a pair of aerial units will break through the windows and attack, so use
    SlowMo to take them out.  When you get upstais, you will hear a radio bulletin
    about the incident, so listen in if you want to.  If not, go through the door
    into another of the numerous maintainence/access areas, grab the health pack,
    then go through the other door into the stairwell.  As you progress down the
    flights of stairs, watch for the group of enemies heading up.  Use the your
    elevation advantage to raind lead on them as they try to make their way up to
    you, using SlowMo if you want to wipe them out even faster.  After they are all
    dead, go down to the very bottom and grab the reflex booster before exiting via
    the door on the floor above.  Head into the office which belongs to Genevieve
    Aristide, the president of Armacham, and listen to her voic messages.  Then go
    down the hall outside until you reach a long hall with shutters on the left and
    a door on the left at the far end.  When you go far enough, the shutters will
    snap open, and the guys inside will open fire, as well as a pair of soldiers
    that come around the corner.  Take out the guys at the far end of the hall with
    a grenade, then take care of the enemies inside the confrence room using SlowMo
    to pick them off between the shutters.  Grab all the goodies in the room, then
    head down the hall until you reach yet another elevator lobby.  When you are in
    the middle of the room, the Replicas will turn the lights out, so click on
    SlowMo when they do, and take out the guys that attack.  A few guys will often
    take cover in the offices on the other side, so throw a grenade in to flush
    them out into the open.  After they are all dead, grab all the health packs and
    ammo in the offices, then flip the power switch in the closet.  Grab the armor
    on the couch, then hop on the elevator to go down to the garage.  Once you
    arrive on the bottom floor, Alice Wade will tell Betters that she can't wait,
    and will promptly peel out and speed off. Follow her up to level G3 where you
    will encounter a large group of soldiers, probably there for the same reason
    you are.  Howver they couldn't catch Mrs. Wade, so they'll settle for trying to
    kill you.  Make them regret it.  Use SlowMo to pick up as many headshots as
    possible.  Because there are so many targets, you'll need to prioritize, rather
    than focusing on one enemy at a time.  After they are all dead, grab the medkit
    on the stack of wood and heal yourself for the next battle.  When you go up the
    next ramp to level G2, you will be greeted by another welcoming party of troops
    just waiting to kill you.  Use SlowMo again, using the same tactics as before.
    Be sure to use grenades if they bunch together.  After they are all dead, grab
    all the ammo and armor on this level before proceeding to level G1.  When you
    get to the top, there will be two trucks with troops hopping out of them, and
    the one on the left carries a heavy armor.  Use SlowMo to take out all of the
    weaklings, then use what's left of it to work on the heavy armor.  Use the
    trucks as cover to lure him in close, then devestate him with several blasts
    from your shotgun.  After it's dead, head to the other end of the garage and go
    through the door on the left.  Go up the stairs and open the door to be greeted
    by... friends?  That's right, Holiday and Jin are waiting for you with an evac
    chopper to get you to the secret Armacham facility.
    6.08 Interval 08 - Desolation
    Like the beginning of Interval 02 and 04, this Interval begins with a chopper
    ride, in which Betters dispenses some important information about this top-
    secret Armacham facility.  Then the helicopter is promptly hit by a rocket of
    some sort, and the helicopter crashes in a fiery abll and you all die, The End.
    Well... I lied.  You actually survive the crash, along with Jin and Holiday,
    but since they aren't unstoppable death machines like yourself, they were both
    injured in the crash and you must proceed by yourself.  Who saw that coming?
    Betters tells you that enemy forces are incoming to scout the wreckage, so you
    need to keep them from finding Jin and Holiday by wiping them from the face of
    the earth.  At least they keep it simple.
    - Eliminate enemy patrols
    Head into the hall and go up the stairs to the next floor, then proceed down
    the hall and up another set of stairs, where you will here some enemy patrols
    moving into the area.  Go through the door on the left and take out the guard
    before he notcies you, then take out the guy you can see through the hole in
    the wall, head to the other door and take out the enemy that comes to check it
    out, then use your shotgun to take down the heavy armor in the hallway.  Grab
    all the ammo, health, and armor before going to the other end of the hallway.
    The hallway turns o the left, and there is a large hole in the floor, far too
    large to jump across, with a guy on the far side.  Take him out, then eliminate
    the guy downstairs before he can make it to cover.  After he is dead, jump down
    to the floor below, and grab all of the items in the rooms, including a medkit,
    some ammo, and of course the reflex booster.  Go through the other door, and
    take out the soldiers in the room to the right.  Grab the health and ammo, then
    head into the hallway and on to the next room.  When you cross the threshold,
    there will be a rumble and the floor will shake some.  Keep going to the other
    side of the room, where an EVE will burst through the wall and open fire with
    its machine guns.  Use SlowMo and retreat while firing, making sure to hit it
    with at least one grenade.  Once in the hall, wait for it to bust through the
    doorway, then repeat the same tactic, using SlowMo and retreating while firing.
    Repeat this strategy until it no longer follows you, then finish it off with a
    grenade or some concentrated fire, depending on how damaged it is.  Head out
    the door where the EVE busted in through and grab the Type 7 in the next room.
    First take out the guys to the left through the broken wall using your G2A2,
    then use your Type 7 to snipe the snipers in the windows to the right.  You may
    have to move out into the hallway to the left to get a better angle on the guys
    you're trying to snipe.  After they are dead, holster your gun (so you can move
    faster) and jump across the hole in the floor, then head out onto the rooftop.
    Use your Type 7 to snipe the guys on the roof to the left, then aim for the
    windows, as you get closer to the edge of the roof, more snipers appear, so
    make sure you take out all the snipers you can see before moving forward.  Once
    all the snipers are dead, head to the right to go to the other side of the
    rooftop.  A group of guys will come through a door and out onto the rooftop, so
    make quick work of them, then go through the door they used to access the roof.
    Head down the stairs and into the room where the first group of snipers was,
    and grab all the ammo, then move onto the next set of rooms.  Take out the guys
    in the room to the left first, before they get alerted.  Then take out the
    others in your building before you go for the guys in the building across the
    alley.  When you try to take out the guys in the other building, use grenades
    if they hide in the rooms where you can't shoot them.  After all the soldiers
    are dead, grab the health booster in one of the small rooms, as well as the
    medkit in the other room before dropping to the floor below.  Once down on the
    lower floor, head down the hall to complete your objective.
    - Locate Rammelmeier industrial compound
    Proceed into the next group of rooms to trigger an encounter with Fettel.  Just
    keep going through rooms until you enter the dream sequence.  When you reach
    Alma at the end of the hallway, she disappears and the doors open, revealing
    some evil spirits that attack you.  After you kill them all the dream sequence
    ends, and you return to real time.  In the next room, jump out the window to
    the alleyway below.  Turn the corner and head down to the next alleyway, where
    you will have to engage a pair of soldiers on the other end.  Use your Type 7
    to snipe them with ease, then head into the area where they where.  A truck
    will enter from the other end, and a group of guys will jump out and attempt to
    spread out.  Use SlowMo and try to take them all out easily with a single nade,
    or just open fire while they are jumping out.  Take out any survivors who you
    couldn't kill at first when they lean out to shoot.  After you kill them all,
    check the truck for items, then knock out the boards on the window next to the
    door to the right, and head inside the building.  Grab any health packs you may
    need, then go into the next room.  A truck will crash through the big door, and
    a small group of guys will jump out.  Use your shotgun to wipe them out before
    they can get too far, then back up before the guys outside shoot you up.  Head
    into the room to the left of the truck, and go down the hall.  You can see out
    the door into the loading area, so use the cover of the window to shoot the
    soldiers outside.  Some may get inside through the hole where the door used to
    be, so be careful of them trying to flank you.  After all the regular soldiers
    are dead, run outside and get away from the wall.  The heavy armor here has a
    rocket launcher, but using SlowMo and the Type 7, you can take him out with a
    few headshots.  Grab all the medkits, armor, and ammo in the area, then jump
    the fence.  After you go a few feet down the alley, a truck will turn towards
    you and start to accelerate.  Run forward.  That's right, I said forward.  Run
    forward and there will be a hole in a wall that you can jump through to safety.
    The truck will then back up to where it blocks the hole you jumped in through,
    and it will release some soldiers who will run in to attack you.  Take them out
    using the doorway for cover, and use grenades if they won't leave their cover.
    After you kill the guys inside the building, head to the door they entered by
    and you will see several soldiers jumping the fence.  Use SlowMo, and take them
    down with a well placed grenade or, if you don't have any, just use your trusty
    shotgun.  After they are dead, head down the alley to the right, and you will
    see a gutter that you can drop down to, but that you can't get back up from.
    Get anything you need from the area, then drop down.  Head down the gutter and
    you will reach a large open area with an under-construction building in the
    middle.  Use the small board to reach the platform then go into the building
    through the windows.  If you fall down before reaching the platform, you can
    use thw boxes to jump back up.  Once inside, head up the, stairs then through
    the door to end up back outside.  Jump over the wall to the alley below and go
    to the right.  A truck will appear, but this time turn around and head back.
    When you reach the nook to the left, jump in, and the truck will go racing by
    and crash through the fence to a fiery explosion about 50 feet below.  Now it's
    safe to go back down the alley to the open area at the end.  Go up the small
    stairs on the left, and into the building.  There is a health kit in the office
    if you need it, but go to the left if not.  Head into the room with the large
    machines and drop through the grating to the crawlspace below.  Proceed through
    the crawl spaces and you will heat a soldier say that Fettel has made it to the
    vault.  Head into the room and blast the guy on the knocked out bridge with
    your shotgun, then take down his friend on the right.  Take out the other guys
    as they come, then use the pipes on the right to jump up to their level.  Once
    you are up there, some guys will come out onto the catwalk on the left, so use
    explosive barrel to take at least one out, then use your G2A2 to take down the
    other if he survived.  After you go up the ladder, guys will attack from the
    top level of the catwalks, so use SlowMo to take them out since you have almost
    no cover.  After they are dead, go to the end of the catwalk you are on and
    leap to the catwalk below on the other side.  Go to the right, careful to avoid
    the hole in the floor, and follow the hall around to reach a reflex booster and
    a medkit.  Go up the other ladder to reach some armor and Penetrator ammo, then
    head back to the hole you avoided, but drop through this time.  Make sure you
    land on the middle level, so as to not take any falling damage.  Go down the
    hall to the ramp, then go to the right of it to reach the upper level of the
    room, where there is a health pack and some proxy mines.  Grab 'em if you need
    'em, then go downstairs and through the door on the left.  When you reach the
    room with the soldiers, use SlowMo to take them both out quickly.  Then head
    forward and shoot the reinforcements as they approach, but don't round the
    corner yet.  Once they are no longer attacking, round the corner as you use the
    SlowMo.  Attack any soldiers you see offhand before you start shooting at the
    heavy armor.  Once you are almost out of SlowMo, retreat around the corner and
    wait.  When the heavy armor rounds the corner, use the SlowMo you have built
    back up, and hit him in the head with your Type 7.  After he is dead, head into
    the area where he was and grab all the medkits and armor in the nooks, as well
    as any ammo from the dead guys.  Then walk forward to the office at the far end
    and you will see a heavy inside, who kicks a shelf over to block the door.  As
    quick as you can, run up the stairs on the right to get to the upper level of
    rhis room.  You will see some enemies and some explosive barrels, so wait until
    the enemies get to close, then turn them to barbeque.  When the heavy armor
    approaches the other barrel, blow it up to stun him, then move in with the
    shotgun for the kill.  If the other soldiers are still alive, take them out
    when the heavy armor is dead.  After you take care of them all, head into the
    office where the heavy armor had been and grab the health pack and ammo, then
    go out and down the hall.  At the end of the hall, you will encounter a group
    of enemies, but your shotgun will make quick work of them.  If any hide, just
    head right for them and take them out, rather than using a grenade.  Then
    continue through the hall to another encounter with Paxton Fettel in the next
    room, then go down the stairs through the door on the left.  Go to the right,
    and you will see a part-way open blast door that leads into a large room.
    Head inside and you will encounter some heavy infantry equipped with MP-50s.
    Use SlowMo and your Type 7 to take them out as quickly as possible, because the
    MP-50 will mess you up if they get a direct hit.  Once they are dead, grab the
    Type 7 ammo as well as the MP-50s off the dead guards, along with the other
    ammo in the small room to the left.  If you need a medkit, there is one in the
    hallway you entered through.  Once you are ready, go up the ladder to the short
    catwalk and through the door.  Head through the other blast door and into the
    next room, where you saw Fettel earlier, and head into the hall.  The room on
    the right has a couple medkits, so grab them if you need them, then head down
    the hallway to the left.  After a couple turns, you will be in a long room with
    an equally long hole in the middle.  Head down the ledge on the left and after
    a few yards, a pair of assassins will burst through the windows, one in front
    of you and one behind.  Use SlowMo and lay into the one in front of you as you
    approach him, and as soon as he dies, turn around and attack the one that is
    behind you.  If he is in close enough, use a spin kick to take him out, but if
    he is far enough away, just shoot him to death.  Then head up stairs, where yet
    another assassin will jump in through a window.  Wait until he gets where you
    can shoot him, then use SlowMo and tear him to pieces.  Go through the door and
    up to the next floor, where you will see (hopefully) another assassin to the
    left.  Use SlowMo again to take this fella out before he can hit you.  Go down
    the ledge on the right until you reach the small bridge, then cross over and go
    throught the door and down the hallway.  Go down the stairs in the next room,
    then out the door at the bottom.  Through the windows on the left, you can see
    some ATC security being attack by an EVE, but let them fight it out and head to
    the end of the hall.  Go through the door into the storage garage, then go down
    the ladder to the ground floor.  As soon as the shooting stops, head out via
    the now destroyed garage door, and lay into the EVE with your MP-50.  Use your
    SlowMo to improve your aim and ammo use.  Once it's dead, wait for your SlowMo
    to refill, then go to the other end of the loading area and another EVE will
    attack.  Use the same method on this one until it is dead.  Afterwards, grab
    all the armor and medkits in the area, and exchange your MP-50 for an RPL if
    you're out of ammo.  Then head up the stairs onto the loading dock, and proceed
    into the building.  The hall branches, and both branches lead into the same
    room, where you will fight a group of ATC security.  Either way is effective,
    and the Type 7 can take out multiple enemies in a single shot since it has a
    rail gun effect.  After they are all dead, grab the medkit on the desk, then
    activate the glowing button in the back to open a secret blast door that lets
    you into an armory.  Grab all the ammo and the armor, then go into the next
    room and up the stairs.  The only door out of this level is locked, but you
    can jump on the diagonal I-beams to the right of the door to get up to the
    walkway.  Once on the catwalk, head to the side of the room opposite of the
    door you need to go through to reach another health booster.  Now go to the
    other side and hop on the elevator for a ride down to the Vault.  Right?  Well,
    not exactly.  You get a dream sequence instead.  Swim through the blood and
    down the hole in the bottom and you will end up in a hallway and the blood just
    disappears.  Go through the first set of doors, and you end up in another hall.
    When you go through the doors at the end of the second hall, you end up in an
    open area surrounded by fire, and you will get rushed by evil spirits.  Keep
    turning to find them and kill them, because they will do A LOT of damage if you
    don't take them all out.  After it is over, you end up back in the elevator, so
    just push the button, and this time you ride the elevator all the way down.
    6.09 Interval 09 - Incursion
    - Locate Harlan Wade
    While you are riding down, Betters will inform you that you are to get Alice
    and Harlan Wade and get out, as well as collect some information on what the
    hell is going on.  When you reach the bottom, the room is empty.  But they left
    you a nifty little surprise in the form of an automated turret.  Get underneath
    it and attack it while it tries to rotate to hit you.  After it is destroyed,
    knock the padlock off the gate and head through.  Just before the vent, there
    is an opening to the left, which leads into a hallway, and a turret is at the
    far end and will activate.  Use your Type 7 to snipe it from afar, and move
    when it starts shooting.  After it is destroyed, you can go into the vents for
    some remote bombs, or go to where the second turret was and get some armor and
    ammo.  Then head down the ladder and through the crawl space, then up the next
    ladder to end up on the other side of the locked door.  When you go around the
    curve, you will see ATC Security upstairs, so use SlowMo to take all of them
    down super fast.  Go down the hall and into the next room, and some ATC will
    run out on the floor above and to the left.  When they get close enough, shoot
    the explosive barrel to blast them to pieces, then pick off any survivors.  You
    will see Mapes in the next room wiping the hard drives to cover up whatever
    Armacham has been doing, but he's locked you out, so head right down the hall.
    In the next room, there are a few lab areas with ATC goons in them, and as soon
    as you enter the room, they will attack.  When they run out of the lab, use the
    Type 7 to take out two or more in one shot, then pick off the others as they
    approach.  Usually one or two will hide behind the servers in the small room to
    the right, so use SlowMo and rush in to take them out.  After they're all dead,
    check the laptop and grab all the ammo, as well as the armor on the left side
    of the room and the medkit in the lab.  Then head up the ladder behind the
    servers and onto the pipes.  Turn to the left and follow the pipes around the
    room and into the previous hall, where there is a gap that will allow you to
    drop into the room where Mapes was.  When you go up the stairs, Harlan will
    appear the large screen with a message for Norton, that Genevieve is going down
    and he shouldn't go down with her.  After he's done talking, go up the next set
    of stairs and into the upper level, where there will be a few more ATC security
    waiting to try and take you down, make quick work of them, then grab the armor
    and medkits before pressing on.  In the next area, you will find yourself in a
    hall that wraps around a room with a turret, although you could rush in and try
    to kill the turret, you can go through a crawlspace to get on the far side of
    the room.  When you drop down, you will hear some ATC say "It's gonna blow!" as
    they run in terror.  Soon after an explosive barrel will go off and blow up a
    gas main.  Now you can continue on to the left, or you can head back into that
    room with the turret for some armor, an MP-50, and another reflex booster.  If
    you want it, head into the room and wait for the turret to turn away from you.
    Then use SlowMo to take it out with a few shots from your Type 7.  Grab all the
    goodies, then head back to the room where the ATC where.  Go to the left and
    you will be in another room with a turret.  Take it out quickly with the Type 7
    using SlowMo, then head through the other door.  In the room down the hall,
    there are several security guys laying in wait.  Take out the guys on the lower
    floor from the door way, then move further into the room to take out the guys
    up top.  After they are dead, head back and grab the armor near the expoded gas
    main, then run back in the room to see Mapes, frustrated that the security
    can't stop you.  Head up the stairs, then down the hall to another encounter
    with ATC, this time entrenched behind a table they have knocked over.  Use a
    grenade to flush them out, then eliminate any of the guys that didn't die.
    When you go down the bend in the hall, you will see the ATC lock down the area,
    lowering the security gates and locking you into the lab area.  However there
    is a ladder that you can take down into what seems to be a maintenance access
    area, which Aramcham seems to have a serious fetish for.  Anyway, when you get
    to the bottom, you will see a soldier plant a mine and then run off.  Shoot the
    mines that he planted to clear the path.  Around the corner ther will be a long
    passageway with several security guys at the far end.  Take them out then go to
    the end where they were and take out the secuity on the other side of the pipe
    to the right.  Grab the health pack to the left, then go under the pipe and
    shoot the padlock off the gate then head through.  Follow the passage way to
    another room with mines.  While standing safely away from the mines and the gas
    main, detonate the mines to clear a path.  When you turn the corner, there will
    be some more ATC security on the far side of a pipe, so shoot under it to take
    them out, then grab the armor and grenades.  Head into the next room and up the
    ladder to get past the locked-down area.  Go to the back of the room and into
    the vents, and drop carefully from level to level until you reach the bottom.
    Head through the next set of vents until you reach a room where you can see the
    Vault entrance.  You will see Harlan talking to Mapes, after which Harlan will
    shoot Mapes before entering the Vault.  After that's done, go through the door
    to the right.  Go all the way down through the rooms and staircases until you
    reach the bottom.  Go to Mapes and he will tell you that the door is locked and
    the only way to open it is to divert power to it.
    - Divert power to Vault door
    Head back towards where you came in, but keep going down the large hall to the
    end, then go down the ladder on the right.  Go through the door and to the
    right, where you will be attacked by several Replica Elites  Take them out,
    then grab the armor and ammo in the area.  The door to the right of the Elites
    is locked down, so go to the left and you will be in a room with two exits.
    Through each is a power transfer device.  Activate both and the locked door
    will open.  Head through and down the hall, until you reach a room with a few
    Replica Elites.  Make quick work of them, then grab all the ammo, health and
    armor before going up the stairs.  Check the laptop to learn about what the
    synchronicity event was, then go under the pipes to get to the other side then
    go through the vents.  When you reach the end of the vents, instead of going up
    the stairs go up the ladder to the right.  Go back towards the big room and you
    will reach a platform with a reflex booster.  After you have it, head back to
    the previous room and go up the stairs this time.  Go across the catwalk and
    through the next room to find yourself on the upper level of a very large room
    with what seems to be a generator in the middle.  Use SlowMo and the Type 7 to
    shoot the Elites in the head, because this will kill them in one shot.  I would
    suggest taking them all out from the upper level, but if you don't have much
    Type 7 ammo, or you don't have a Type 7, then jump down and engage them from
    medium range, using the boxes and the big generator for cover.  After they are
    all dead, go down the stairs to get underneath the generator, then go down yet
    another set of stairs to reach another power transfer room.  Activate the first
    panel to divert another power supply, but the second one is being blocked by a
    small crane.  Go down the ladder at the end of the walkway, then go around to
    where the laptop is.  Get the info of it, then head up the other ladder and use
    the switch at the top to move the crane.  Then go back down the ladder and
    through the door instead of up the other ladder.  Grab all of the medkits and
    armor, then go up the stairs, hop the railing, and activate the switch to move
    the other power transfer that was blocked by the crane.  Go back to the big
    room with the generator and go through the door that was locked.  When you get
    to the room with the aerial units, use the MP-50 if you have it to take them
    down.  If not, just use the G2A2.  Once they are gone, continue through the
    hallways until you see a room with some barrels being transported on a conveyor
    of some sort.  The door jams, so go to the end of the hall and through the vent
    to reach the room, then hop into one of the gaps between the barrels to take a
    ride down to the floor below.  Head out onto the catwalks next to the large
    power-related object and activate the first switch.  Than go down stairs, turn
    around, and go to the back corner, where you will find the last health booster.
    Grab it, then go to the other side and through the door on the right.  Listen
    to the messages on the phone in the office, then go up the ladder to reach the
    catwalks again.  Activate the last switch, and the Vault doors will be open.
    - Enter the Vault
    Head through the doorway to the left that just opened.  Up the stairs is a pair
    of Replica Elites, so use SlowMo to make quick work of them.  When they are
    dead, go down the lift and out the door to see Fettel.  After he dissolves,
    aerial units will attack from the large area to the left.  Take them down as
    fast as possible using SlowMo, before they can do to much damage.  Then go up
    to Mapes, who will ask you to destroy the facility before Harlan can release
    Alma.  Activate the switch to open the doors, then head inside.
    - Locate Harlan Wade
    Get on the elevator and activate it to ride into the core of the Vault.
    6.10 Interval 10 - Revelation
    The elevator will take you down to a huge room with a large spherical object in
    the center, surrounded by some sort of force field.  Step off the lift and go
    through the door to the right.  Keep going down the hall until you reach Fettel
    and Alice, who is already dead.  You will have a hallucination, in which Fettel
    will talk for a bit, then disappear, after which you wil be attacked by evil
    spirits.  After several rounds of this you will be in a cell with Fettel, and
    he will tell you he is setting her free.  Shoot him, and you will come to, to
    find that you have indeed finally killed Fettel.  The Replica Elites that were
    coming to help him have been deactivated, so just kill them with melee attacks
    and take their guns.  Then go to the next room and activate the laptop to learn
    more about Alma.  After Harlan is done talking, go to the lift and ride up to
    witness the end of Harlan Wade.  After he is dead and the little hallucination
    is over, go through the room and into the next area.  You will see Alma, but
    she disappears.  When you walk up to where she was, these black holes will
    appear, and evil spirits will spawn from them.  Use the pistol to kill them as
    fast as possible, then grab the medkit in case you need it.  Head through the
    rooms, until you reach another spirit attack.  After you kill them all, move
    on until the next attack.  After you kill all of these, grab the extra pistol.
    Then grab the reflex booster on the table before continuing into the reactor
    - Expose and destroy reactor cells to sabotage energy pylons
    Go around the edge of the reactor and up the lift, then  head to the switch.
    Make sure to grab the RPL on your way.  After you expose the cells, use the
    MP-50 to destroy them, then turn around and wait for the door to open.  After
    it opens up, run through and keep going until you get to another evil spirit
    spawn.  Quickly take them out using your pistol, then continue on.  Keep going
    until the next spirit attack, after which you can grab some MP-50 ammo off to
    the right.  Then keep going until you reach a hallway where you see Alma.  Run
    to where she was and turn to the left to get some RPL ammo, then head to the
    lift room.  Once you reach it, grab the AT-14 ammo on the table, then hop on
    the lift and activate it.  When you cross the bridge, more spirits will spawn,
    so take care of them quickly then get on the elevator through the blast doors.
    6.11 Interval 11 - Retaliation
    When you reach the top floor you will be back above ground in the Rammelmeier
    compound.  Grab the armor and ammo, then run through the door into the hall.
    Keep going until you get attacked by spirits, then take them out with your RPL.
    Head into the next room, which is filled with boxes.  Once you reach the exit,
    a lot of spirits will spawn behind you, so take them out fast.  After they are
    gone, you can grab another health booster hidden behind some boxes to refill
    all your health, but you won't get that permanent increase in max health.  Head
    through the next room, grabbing the RPL ammo on the left, until you reach a
    double door.  When you get close enough the door will be knocked open by some
    spirits, and some more will attack from the rear, so take out the ones in front
    then swiftly turn and eliminat the others.  Go to the far end of the next room,
    where you will be attacked by more spirits.  Kill them all, then go up the set
    of stairs on the left.  Go back towards the other end of the room and up some
    more stairs.  Head down the hall until you reach a T-junction, at which point
    you should turn to the right and take out the spirits that spawn in that hall.
    Grab the ammo, then continue onwards.  Go through the next room and into the
    one beyond, where you can go up another staircase to become that much closer
    to escaping.  Go through the door and out onto a catwalk with some armor.  The
    door won't open, so jump down to the right, upon which a LOT of spirits will
    spawn at the far end.  Use your RPL first, shooting them as they spawn, until
    you are almost out of ammo.  But before you use those last few rounds, switch
    to another gun, or the spirits will likely kill you while you are busy trying
    to reload your gun.  After they are all dead, grab any ammo, armor, and health
    that you can carry, then drop through one of the holes on the right that was
    exposed.  When you head into the next room, some spirits will break through the
    barrier to the left, so take them down fast.  When you start to go down the
    hall, a whole bunch of spirits will spawn at the end, so use your RPL to take
    them out before they reach you.  Head down the next hallway until you enter the
    hallucination.  Go through the double doors and Alma will appear to your left.
    Shoot her until she disappears, then go through the double doors up the stairs.
    When you open them, Alma will appear again, so shoot her again until she is
    gone.  Continue down the hall and through the next set of double doors.  Open
    the doors and go down the hall to the end, where you will see Alma kill a man,
    presumably a doctor.  After the screen flashes, turn around and you will see
    Alma.  Open fire and don't stop shooting until she disappears.  After that, go
    down the hallway until you enter a cinematic, in which you see Harlan saying
    the same line you heard at the beginnning of the game: "You will be a god among
    men."  After that you will see that Alma's last name is Wade.  After that is
    over, you will be back in control, and no longer in a dream.  Head through the
    double doors in front of you then hop in the elevator and take it up a floor.
    When you get to the top, jump through the window, and you will see the huge
    eplosion of the Vault's reactor.  You can't run away, so just brace yourself.
    Enjoy the ending, you earned it.
    7. The Story Explained
    F.E.A.R. has a very deep and complex story, leaving you completely in the dark
    at the beginning and revealing the plot in bits and pieces.  Because so much of
    the plot is revealed through telephone messages and laptop data, it is possible
    that someone could make it through the game without ever realy understanding
    the plot.  The purpose of this section is to help explain the plot if you just
    skipped past all those blinking phones and laptops, or if you just plain didn't
    understand it.
    7.1 Icarus & Origin
    In the early 70s, Armacham Techonlogy Corporation began looking into genetic
    manipulation and enhancement to create the perfect super soldier.  The project
    was codenamed Icarus, and sought to create a genetically superior soldier.  At
    the same time, another project was developed under Harlan Wade to create a
    psychic soldier, capable of issuing commands and orders to other soldiers via
    psychic communication.  Both of the projects were soon merged and developed
    together by Harlan Wade and other members of the Armacham research staff.
    Chosen as the host for the project was Harlan Wade's own daughter, Alma.  Alma
    had shown extreme sensitivity to the thoughts of others, most especially the
    negative emotions that emanated from others.  She was also chosen because Wade
    did not think that genetics alone were enough to guarantee psychic ability.  To
    ensure the offspring was psychically capable, it must gestate inside the womb
    of another powerful psychic.  Thus at age 8, Alma became a part of Project
    7.2 Perseus
    Perseus is the codename for the Department of Defense project to create a
    psychic commander that can control cloned super soldiers from a safe location,
    thus allowing for unprecedented coordination of forces and resulting in an
    almost unstoppable military force.  Armacham won the DoD contract to develop
    the Perseus project, and it was incorporated into their already existing
    Origin project.  With DoD financing, Armacham began developing their first
    prototype for the Perseus Project. At the age of 14, the first prototype was
    implanted in Alma, and at the age of 15, she gave birth to the first prototype,
    the antagonist of the story.  The first prototype, though psychically active,
    did not possess the requisite psychic strength to control an army of soldiers.
    Soon after the first prototype was born, the second prototype was implanted.
    The second prototype, named Paxton Fettel, proved to be far superior in psychic
    ability to the first, and was chosen to lead Origin.  The first was returned to
    the original course of the Icarus project, and was developed into the most
    capable soldier possible, due to genetic breeding and extensive training.  The
    second prototype's psychic abilities were honed to the utmost peak of psychic
    control, such that he could control hundreds of soldiers at once.  The Perseus
    project was promptly deemed a success.
    7.3 The Synchronicity Event and The Vault
    After being chosen for the Origin project, it was decided that Alma be stored
    somewhere so that no outside events, physical or psychic, could affect the
    development of the prototypes.  She was stored in a secret facility deep under
    the ground, bought from the Department of Defense by Armacham in the 50s.  The
    facility housed a top secret chamber known as the vault, in which Armacham
    stored Alma in a chemically induced coma.  Though she showed no visible signs
    of life or activity, her psychic abilities were still undiminished.  When
    Fettel was only 7, Alma linked telepathically with him, in what the Armacham
    research staff referred to as a synchronicity event.  Alma controlled Fettel
    telepathically and becam extremely violent, killing several Armacham employees
    before being subdued.  After the synchronicity event, Armacham shut down the
    Perseus project for fear that Alma's violence might reach through Fettel to
    the mindless clone soldiers he controlled.  The situation remained static for
    years, until Genevieve Aristide attempted to reopen the Vault, for reasons
    unknown.  The intrusion awakened Alma, and she became violent, killing all the
    people sent down to the Vault.  With Alma awakened again, she was once more
    able to link telepathically with Fettel.
    7.4 The Armacham Incident
    Shortly after the re-opening of the Vault, Alma was able to release Fettel from
    his containment cell at an Armacham facility.  Fettel soon linked to the clone
    soldiers that had been created as part of the Perseus project and proceeded to
    begin with the mission that Alma had given him: to kill everyone who had taken
    part in the Origin project.  The first victim was Chuck Haebeger, one of the
    scientists who had done the ground-breaking research on the Icarus project.
    Fettel tortured him for information about who else had been a part of Origin,
    and where they could be found.  This prompted Fettel to attack the South River
    Wastewater Treatment Plant, where another of the Origin scientists, Bill Moody,
    was attempting to cover up some of the collateral damage, namely the pollution
    in the water caused by the Armacham facility where the Vault was located.  Once
    Moody was taken care of, Fettel and his troops moved on the main Armacham HQ,
    where they easily over-powered the ATC Security and began to systematically
    eliminate each and every Armacham employee who was unlucky enough to be at work
    that day.  Their main target however was Harlan Wade, the progenitor of Origin,
    and the focus of Alma's immense hatred.  Fettel sought to glean from Wade the
    information pertaining to the location of the Vault so that he could set Alma
    free.  Wade escaped however, and proceeded to the Armacham facility where the
    Vault was held with the intention of shutting it down permanently.  Fettel was
    able to extract the information from Alice Wade instead, who had been captured
    during the hostile take over of Armacham headquarters.  Fettel quickly moved to
    take control of the secret Armacham facility where the Vault is located, which
    is part of an industrial compound containing a secret military base, purchased
    from the government in the 50s.  Fettel made it into the Vault, but was killed
    by the first prototype of the Origin project before he could free Alma.  Harlan
    Wade was killed by Alma before he could shut down the facility, and the first
    prototype resorted to detonating the reactor core, resulting in a massive chain
    reaction that destroyed the Vault and leveled much of the surrounding area.
    After the credits roll, it is revealed that the entirety of the Armacham
    incident was set in motion by Genevieve Aristide with the purpose of testing
    the first prototype of the Origin project, the F.E.A.R. operative who single-
    handedly defeated Fettel and his personal army.
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
    I have devoted this section to, of course, answering your questions.  I will
    answer both game-related and technical questions, though as far as technical
    problems go, if it is serious (i.e. "Why is my computer not booting?!") you
    may went to seek someone with more professional in computer repair.  Also,
    all questions will be anonymous, so don't worry about not asking a question
    because you're afraid of me posting your name in this FAQ.
    8.1 Game Questions
    Q: How do you differentiate between the different armor levels of the Replicas?
    A: Although I only list 3 different armor levels for the Replica soldiers, the
       careful player will notice that there are much more than three different
       types of enemy soldiers.  This is because I noticed that, for the most part,
       even though some of the enemies look different, they all tend to take very
       similar amounts of damage before dying.  The Replica Heavy Infantry on the
       other hand specifically refers to the soldiers you encounter at the end of
       Interval 08 and during Interval 09.  These enemies are easily identified by
       their all-black armor and their white-on-red face masks.

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