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    FAQ/Walkthrough by beatrixgamer

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    Still Life 												
    Xbox Walkthrough
      Table of Contents
    01: Controller
    02: Chapter 1
    03: Chapter 2
    04: Chapter 3
    05: Chapter 4
    06: Chapter 5
    07: Chapter 6
    08: Chapter 7
    09: Legal Jargon
    The default settings for the XBox Controller are as follows
    RIGHT TRIGGER: Choose Dialog
    LEFT TRIGGER: Choose Dialog
    A BUTTON: Action
    B BUTTON: Cancel
    X BUTTON: Run
    Y BUTTON: Inventory
    D-PAD: move
     Chapter 1 
    Go talk to Officer Tate and give him some coffee. Enter the building. Go up the 
    stairs. Go up the stairs and talk to Miller.  Take the camera that Miller gives 
    you. Walk through the crime scene and talk to the forensic scientist. Set down 
    the coffee and gather the tools from Claire's briefcase. In the room with the 
    hanging dolls take a picture of the HAIR FIBER samples from near the door. Use 
    the tweezers to collect it. Outside return to the main scene, and use the 
    forensic swabs to collect some blood, after taking a picture of course. Use the 
    luminol on the clean spot and then use the black light filter on the 
    floodlights. Take a picture of the result.  Enter the room to the right with 
    the skull and the 666 on the wall. Take a picture and blood sample. Use the UV 
    filter on the food lights and the luminol on the wall. Take a picture.  Return 
    to the evidence kit, and then talk to Claire.
    Go back out and talk to Miller. The staircase collapses. Go into the crime 
    scene and grab a lead pipe from the pile of junk in the corner. Go and use it 
    on the door at the end of the exterior hallway. Use the pipe to pry off the 
    boards. Outside try to pull down the fire escape ladder. Jump down onto the 
    dumpster. Go to you care and enter the station. Enter the elevator and push the 
    button for the9th floor 
    Enter the elevator and go to the 8th floor. Talk to Miller. He needs the 
    preliminary report and you pictures. So you need to drop the camera in the 
    evidence shoot. Check your messages there's one from Todd. Pick up the security 
    card to access the morgue and the present for your Dad. Drop the camera in the 
    film bin, and meet Tate at the elevator. Go down to the morgue. Your access 
    code doesn't work, and the security guard is AWOL.  Read the security card 
    memo. Examine your security card. On the back is a sticker that says No Vodka.  
    So use that as you pin. You need to swipe the card and then quickly enter the 
    pin code and hit ok before the swipe system re-sets itself. Enter the morgue 
    and talk to Claire. Exit the morgue and get a call on your cell phone. Talk to 
    your dad and head upstairs. Read the report and then talk to miller to give it 
    to him. Go back to B1 the parking level. Enter your car and drive to Pat's 
    Exchange presents, and your dad give you a necklace. Pick up the umbrella from 
    the coat rack and head upstairs. In your childhood bedroom enter the closet and 
    use the umbrella to open the attic stairs. Pull the chain to turn on the light. 
    There is a puzzle to open the chest. The necklace was your clue - you need to 
    set the combination to diamond, diamond, heart, diamond, and diamond.
    If they are A-E from left to right:
    Clicking on A turns:
         A one position right,
         B one position left,
         C one position right. 
    Clicking on B turns:
        B one position right
        A one position right
        E one position left
    Clicking on C turns:
        B one position left
        C one position right
        D one position left
    Clicking on D turns:
        A one position left
        D one position right
        E one position right
    Clicking on E turns:
         C one position left
         D one position right
         E one position right
    Do BDCEEEBBDD and then push the red button.  You can also push the button to 
    reset, and (there are an infinite number of different ways to solve this, this 
    is just the way I happened to open the box).  
      Chapter 2
    Watch the flashback to your grandfather's case files. Talk to the detective 
    Jiri Skalnick he's kind of an a-hole. Leave the area to the right. Talk to 
    Kazimir Stasek. Continue down the path and talk to Ida she tells you about 
    Frantiska and how she was friends with Milena. Talk to Milena. Go up the stairs 
    and meet Ida. She gives you a map, and then needs to head off to the doctor. 
    Walk to Old Chapel and overhear the thug Peter talking to the girls' pimp 
    Otokar Kubina. Continue forward and go to Old Chapel.  Speak to Mr. Korona. 
    Check out the surrounding area. 
    On the bookshelves you can find the combination to the safe 74821536.  When you 
    approach the alter, you can see some strange symbols beneath slots.  If you 
    look at the tiles, they sort of resemble the numbers they are supposed to 
    represent. They are like the glyphs on the clock. Number one looks like a 
    backwards 1 without the base line. Number 2 looks like a reversed number 2. 
    Number 3 actually looks like number 3 or a sideways m or w. Number 4 is a cross 
    or number 4 with out the / line. Number 5 looks like 15 connected at the 
    bottom. Number 6 just has 6 connected lines like a cross on a horizon. Number 7 
    is a figure shaped like a 7. Number eight is a sideways 8. Put them in the 
    correct order and open the safe. Take the picture and report. Exit and Peter 
    harasses you outside of old chapel.
    Go to the park. Talk to Apolina and approach the fountain. Use the picture to 
    compare against the crime scene. The right side of the fountain is different. 
    Click on it in the picture to investigate. You will find a message - it's a 
    clue. Check out the angel on the statue. Try to grab the ring from its hands. 
    Some crusty old crow steals it. Break down the door and enter the burned out 
    building. Talk to the coachman and he will return the ring. Ida approaches.
    Go to the junkyard, but Peter is hanging around. Go to Lingerie and talk to 
    Otokar. Agree to free Roman from jail and he'll let you talk to Vladanna the 
    survivor. Go to the police station. Take the article about Stasek from the 
    bulletin board. Talk to the desk sergeant. He'll free Roman if you get his 
    medal back from Apolina. Go to the park and speak to her. Get the medal and 
    return to the jail. Roman is freed, and then head back to Lingerie. Talk to 
    Otokar and he gives you a lock picking kit. Then go to the scrap yard. Talk to 
    Roman and Peter. Peter starts to show off, and the dog breaks free. You're 
    trapped on the roof. Look around and pick up the bolt cutters. Enter the crane 
    and find out that it is locked. Look at the diagram on the wall. Exit and open 
    the box on the back of the crane. Put the numbers in their correct places, and 
    re-enter the crane. 
    Use the crane to move the two singular crates to create an L shape where you 
    can jump across to the two stacked crates. Use the bolt cutters to unchain the 
    crates and go back to the crane. Put the crates in a straight line and use them 
    to jump across to the train cars. Enter one of the cars and talk to Vladanna.
      Chapter 3
    Claire calls. She needs to talk. Talk to your father and then head to the 
    station. Go down to the morgue to talk to Claire. The killer leaves the 
    station. Enter the security room and check out the station. You run to your car 
    and chase after him. Chase him up a fire escape on onto the roof. Re-enter the 
    morgue and talk to Claire. Go upstairs and talk to Todd. Grab his coffee mug 
    from the interrogation room. Fill it up in the coffee maker. Enter Todd's 
    office. He puts you on probation. Talk to Todd.  Pick up the crime scene photos 
    from your desk. Go down to the garage and enter your vehicle.
    Drive to the campus so you can interview Kolar. Enter the building and knock on 
    the door. While he's out, snatch one of the empty beer bottles near the chair. 
    The cell phone rings and it is Miller. Take the bottle back to the morgue and 
    talk to Claire. Go up to the office and extract the prints. Go to Claire's 
    desk. Open the blue jar. Pick up the brush and dip it in the jar. Use the brush 
    on the bottle. Grab a piece of tape, and look for an extractable print on the 
    bottle. Run back down stairs and give Claire the print. Make your way to the 
    garage and drive to Pat's house.
    Dad wants cookies. Go to the kitchen.
    1 cup milk (love, remember the movie "Earnest Scared Stupid")
    « cup butter (generosity)
    1 cup brown sugar (sweetness)
    2 cups flour (commitment)
    1 tsp cinnamon (sensuality)
    1 tbsp ginger (romance)
    1 egg (common sense)
    « cup molasses (integrity)
    Click on the oven to bake them and head upstairs. Enter your bedroom and start 
    reading the case files.
      Chapter 4 
    Gain a sketch of the perpetrator. Talk to Vladanna. Go to Mark's place talk to 
    him. Go to the police station and talk to Skalnick. He's not cooperating. But 
    he leaves giving you a chance to break into his office. Go around the corner of 
    the building and grab a piece of wood and the rope. Combine them to create a 
    grappling hook and use it to climb up the scaffolding. Grab the keys from the 
    desk, and use them to open the files.
    Go to the bridge and talk to Ida.  She's having your baby, so you propose. The 
    benches are different, so you need to find the old ones.  Check the junkyard. 
    Talk to Peter about benches. He'll knock down some wood revealing them. Examine 
    them. Check the left one to gain another ring. 
    Check out the other crime scene, the burned out neighborhood. Walk down the 
    right alleyway. Use the photo and check the bath. Drain the tub and find a 
    Go to the park and talk to Milena. She was in the crime scene photo, and given 
    her profession she's probably the person who knows. Go back to the neighborhood 
    and check out the sewers to see if you can find what Skalnick dropped. It's a 
    ring. Pick it up and go back up the stairs. Milena will catch up with you and 
    asks you to check up on Mark and Appolina. Pick the lock. Pins are numbered 
    left to right. The tumblers with circles are the master tumblers
    U= upper
    L= lower
    R= round pick
    F= forked pick
    R1U, F1L, R2U, F3U, F4U,R4L, F5U, R6U, R4U, FL7, FL4, RL7, FU7, RU4, RL8, FU4, 
    RU6, RU6, RL7, FU7, R5L, R5L, FU6, FU6, FU8, RU9
    Enter Mark's studio. Check out the various paintings. Pick up the book on 
    occultism. Read the letter and examine the blood on the couch. You didn't find 
    Appolina, so go tell Milena at the park. Go to the police station and talk with 
    Skalnick. Go up the stairs. It sounds like he's going to try to frame you.
      Chapter 5
    Go downstairs and get in your car. Head over to the campus. Meet miller and 
    break into his room. Look around. There's nothing helpful. Meet Mia. She'll hit 
    on you and give you her card. Go meet miller at the red lantern. Go upstairs. 
    Apparently you need a pass. Go back to the campus and talk Mia. Check out the 
    scrapbook on her bed. Head over to Richard's gallery.
    Check out the scene and pick up the Red Lantern Pass from the floor. Pick up 
    the picture from the body. Go to the garage door and pick up the chain. Ride 
    the elevator up and use the chain on the hook. Pick up the silver rose from 
    under the elevator.  Re-enter the gallery and talk to Richard and Mia. Check 
    out the paintings - They're Mark's! Take your picture from his desk. Enter your 
    car and head to the office. After the interrogation use the paper cutter your 
    photo, and the Red Lantern Pass. Combine them and use them in the laminator. 
    Head over to the Red Lantern with your new ID. There's a door locked with a 
    combination that mentions that the key is in his memoirs. Check out all of the 
    paintings and their titles.  Each has a numbers integrated into the artwork. 
    Perfect love - 1, 6
    For Better and For Worse - 3, 5
    Reminder - 4, 2
    Dark wedding - 1, 5
    Check out the knives on the wall, and pick up the silver mask and the nail from 
    the wall.
    Read the inscription on the locked door:
    In my memory (Reminder)
    You shall find the instrument of my suffering (Knife with 3,6)
    With which we celebrate our vows (dark wedding 1,5)
    Punch in the code and enter the door.
    Pick up the half a silver apple from the fruit bowl, and examine the statues.
    Use the mask on the mistress of secrets, the rose on the mistress of blood, and 
    the nail on the mistress of pain. Now you only have half of an apple so find 
    out if Mia knows where it is. While you're here talk to Claire first. Talk to 
    Mia and she'll give you her apartment keys, so you can pick up the other half 
    of the apple. Also check out the photo album again. Grab the note and read it. 
    You have to use the items on the statues in order. Use the mask on the queen of 
    secrets, the rose on the baroness of blood, the apple on lady temptation, and 
    the nail on the mistress of pain.
    Some stairs will open when you've given all the ladies their desires in the 
    correct order. Enter the living room and pick up the puzzle piece. Enter the 
    bedroom and examine the puzzle over the fireplace. Solve the slider puzzle. One 
    tip is that the puzzle piece needs to be in the center when you are finished. 
    The painting is very similar to the painting over the other fireplace. There us 
    some fabric that makes a diamond shape within the painting. When you've solved 
    the puzzle. Grab the key half. Go back to the other fireplace and pick up the 
    other key piece. Combine them and use them on the fireplace. 
    You've now gained access to the barred up room. Read the ledger. Flashback to 
    your grandfather's time.
      Chapter 6
    You beat up Skalnick. Since the bridge is out run down to the shore and use the 
    boat to get across the water to the mill. Climb up the paddlewheel to gain 
    entry to the building. While looking for a way to drain the pool, run around 
    the building and discover another body and ring. Grab the ring and enter the 
    shack. Climb down the hatch. Examine the diagram you need 4 units in the 
    machine to light up the bulb. Use the top knob to fill the tank up which is 5 
    units. Then drain three units out into the bucket. This leaves 2 units in the 
    tank. Empty the bucket, and then drain the remaining 2 units from the bucket to 
    the tank. We now have 
    1) Fill the tank - Tank 5, Bucket 0
    2) Drain the tank into the bucket - Tank 2, Bucket 3
    3) Empty the bucket - Tank 2, Bucket 0
    4) Drain the tank into the bucket - Tank 0, Bucket 2
    5) Refill the tank - Tank 5, Bucket 2
    6) The bucket will only hold one more unit. So drain one unit from the tank 
    into the bucket for - Tank 4, Bucket 3
    Push the button to drain the reservoir. Exit out of the shack and walk around 
    the reservoir until you can climb down into the sewer. 
    In relation to the screen up, down left and right. Directions are given any 
    time you have to make a choice between paths. 
    First go: Up left up right, up, right right, down, down, left, up.
    Discover another crime scene, and another ring. 
    Then go back to your starting point.
    From there go: Right, right, up, up.
    Approach the door. It's a puzzle!
    First you must place all of the rings in the correct places. 
    Then Scoot the tiles until the key is in order on the top shelf and push the 
    final slider.
      Chapter 7
    Talk to Mia and Mark. Go back to the exhibit and read the book. You now have a 
    copy in your inventory. Go to the station. Grab the fire extinguisher on you 
    way in. Talk to Claire. Use the napkins to clog up the coffee machine so you 
    can steal from the Janitor. Grab the taser from Browning's office. Use his 
    computer.  Also check out his safe. You'll need some prints. Use his mug get 
    the prints and use it to unlock the safe. Grab the security key for the 
    elevator.  Go to the elevator and use the key on the control panel. Then push 
    the button.
    At the bottom use the screwdriver to open the panel next to the bomb squad 
    room. Use the taser to jolt open the door. Use your screwdriver to open the low 
    vent.  Push a red button to deploy a bomb squad robot. Push the smaller red 
    button to deploy him. Crawl the robot up the door and he will fry open the 
    access panel.
    Once inside Victoria does not want to walk through the laser field. Use the 
    fire extinguisher to make them visible. Deploy another robot to have them walk 
    past the first lasers. Go up the wall on the right side of the screen, over the 
    door and to the box on the other side. There are many lasers to avoid. Remember 
    you can also walk on the ceiling. Now that the lasers are down have Victoria 
    enter the archives. Browning busts you.
    Go to Pat's house and see if you can find that missing file. Enter the bar just 
    before the kitchen. Grab an exact-o knife from the toolbox. Go into the study 
    upstairs and examine the painting. Now get a call and go to the campus. Watch 
    the scene. Go to Richard's gallery. There are two scenes we haven't seen yet, 
    the mill, and the bridge. Cross check each separately with Chicago and Prague. 
    It looks like it's the bridge. Vladanna's the benefactor??? How strange.  Now 
    go to the bridge and rescue Mia from the ripper.  
    Who was that masked man. or woman?
      Legal / Contact 
    This game guide is for personal, non-commercial use only. I was not paid to 
    write it, and you should not be charged to read it.  Please do not reproduce or 
    alter this guide, in part or in whole without written permission. All 
    trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright September 10th, 2006 S. Evans.
    I may be contacted at beatrixgamer[at]yahoo[dot]com. Please include an 
    appropriate subject with your e-mail. 
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