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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Spazzout

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    ******************       ************   **   **   **    **   *****     ********
    *****************        ************   **   **   ***        *******    *******
    ****************         **********     **    *   ****      ********     ******
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    **************          *******        ********    ***** ***********    *******
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    7 Sins FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 0.40
    Updated: November 16, 2007
    By Christopher J. Mathias
    * Table of Contents                                                           *
    What is 7 Sins?                                                         [7Sins]
    Version History                                                       [History]
    Accepted Sites                                                          [Sites]
    *Game Basics*
    Controls                                                             [Controls]
    Meters                                                                 [Meters]
    Tutorial                                                             [Tutorial]
    Character Information                                                [CharInfo]
    Chapter 1 - Envy - SUKS                                              [Chapter1]
    Chapter 2 - Pride - French Kiss                                      [Chapter2]
    Chapter 3 - Lust - East Wing                                         [Chapter3]
    Chapter 4 - Anger - Kombat Klub                                      [Chapter4] 
    * What is 7 Sins?                                                     [7Sins] *
    7 Sins is a very adult oriented life simulation game, in which you strive to 
    become the top-dog of a busy city by interacting with people using the 7 deadly 
    sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. The sin that plays 
    the largest and most interesting part of this game is Lust. Overall, this game 
    is amusing to play, but after a while, the novelty wears off, and you're left 
    performing the exact same actions with every new NPC that comes along.
    Visually, 7 Sins is definitely pleasing. All of the rooms and areas look great. 
    The characters look very well done, and the "bounciness" is a nice feature.
    The Sounds in 7 Sins are a mixed bag. The music is awesome, but, the voices are 
    gibberish. Then again, it might have been difficult to get voice actors for 
    some of the... questionable material of the game. ;)
    * Version History                                                   [History] *
    0.01 November 9, 2007
    Table of Contents, Intro, and Version History included.
    0.20 November 14, 2007
    Controls, Tutorial Walkthrough, Chapter 1 Walkthrough, and Chapter 2 
    Walkthrough completed.
    0.21 November 15, 2007
    Added Accepted Sites.
    0.40 November 16, 2007
    Completed Chapter 3 Walkthrough, and Chapter 4 Walkthrough
    * Accepted Sites                                                      [Sites] *
    Only the sites listed below have my permission to host my FAQ. These sites will 
    be kept up to date with my newest Version
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
    of copyright.
    * Game Basics - Controls                                           [Controls] *
    The controls of 7 Sins are very easy to learn. In fact, you can play the game 
    using no more than 5 keys, and the mouse. Here are the keys, and what they do.
    W - Walk Up
    A - Walk Left
    S - Walk Down
    D - Walk Right
    Note: I use the words "Up" and "Down" because W and S will walk you in the 
    direction relative to the camera, not relative to the direction your character 
    is facing. You'll see what I mean once you get in game. You can essentially 
    just keep your finger on W, and use the mouse to rotate your view.
    ESC - Brings up the Menu. (Save, Load, Video, and Sound Options)
    Mouse - You will learn how to use the mouse in the Tutorial, but it should be 
    noted that this game extensively uses the Mouse Wheel.
    And that's pretty much it for controls.
    * Game Basics - Meters                                               [Meters] *
    Sin Meter - This meter is displayed at the top-left corner of the screen. You 
    can see 7 Pitchforks. When you perform an action that has a Pitchfork Icon, one 
    of Sins will become highlighted. You can get rid of sins by performing actions 
    with an Angel Icon.
    Sex, Stress, and Anger Meters - These are just below your Sin Meter, and are 
    Pink, Blue, and Red, respectively. These mainly increase through conversation. 
    All of them can be lowered through mini-games. Sex can also be lowered by (who 
    would have guessed?) Sex. More details of how to reduce these Meters will be 
    covered in my Tutorial Walkthrough [Tutorial].
    Your Relationship Meter is at the top-right corner of your screen. It is broken 
    into pieces, separating the different Relationship levels. In order to unlock 
    the next level, you need to have maxed the previous. Then you need to pick the 
    Star Action while interacting with the other character. This will also be more 
    thoroughly covered in my Tutorial Walkthrough [Tutorial].
    * Walkthrough - Tutorial                                           [Tutorial] *
    When you begin a new game you are required to play through the short tutorial. 
    You can learn everything from the pop-up notices, but I will also tell you what 
    you generally need to do.
    First off, walk on over to that female character by pressing W. When you get 
    close enough a list of actions (in this case, action) will appear at the bottom 
    left portion of the screen. You can scroll through these actions with the Mouse 
    Wheel. As I mentioned a moment ago, she only has 1 action, "Invite". Left click 
    your mouse to invite her to follow you.
    The game now advises you to press F1 to find out more information about your 
    newest lady-friend. In fact, you need to hold F1 down. Ah, her name is Miss 
    DUMMY. How lovely. Anyways, you now have a brief description of Ms. Dummy, and 
    a list of Sensitivities. As you can see, she only has one Sensitivity. But 
    right now it is a question mark, which means you don't know what it is.
    You will also notice that your action bar now has a different action available. 
    "See you later..." This will tell her to leave, and go back to whatever she 
    wants to do. Walk on over to the couch, and observe that you have a new action 
    available to you, "Sit down". You may need to scroll up if the currently 
    highlighted action is still "See you later...". Once you have "Sit down" 
    highlighted, go ahead and select it. Both of you will get cozy on the cough 
    Ok, this is what the main dialog menu looks like. You're going to be spending a 
    lot of time on screen that look just like this. There are three options to 
    choose from now. Choose whichever one you like. They all receive the same 
    response. Notice that as soon as you select your option, a "Failure" sound 
    occurs, and the text at the bottom of the screen highlights in orange/red. This 
    means that Ms. Dummy didn't care for what you had to say. That should be 
    blatantly obvious. During her response, you should have seen a message pop up 
    on the screen that said something along the lines of "She annoys me", and 
    accordingly, your Annoyance meter went up.
    Ok, back to business. After you make the tutorial message go away, look through 
    your actions, and observe the icons next to it. There are now two actions that 
    have the Business Icon (Briefcase). Go ahead and choose either one of these 
    actions. Notice the green highlight and a nice chime sound? That means the 
    action succeeded. Your Relationship bar also increased. In addition, her 
    response to you gave you the "Turned me on" message. Examine your Sex Meter. 
    Now you have some pink to go with that red. It's ok for now. Continue on.
    The tutorial says to choose an earlier action. So go ahead and select any of 
    the Neutral actions (the ones with the icon of the Mouse). Ah, success. But her 
    response to your corny comment made you even more turned on.
    The tutorial suggests that you "Get an eyeful", so that's what we're going to 
    do. But let me introduce you to this mini-game first, and explain the action 
    icon. Scroll so that you have the "Get an eyeful" action highlighted, and 
    examine the icon. The icon tells you 3 things. First, the Joystick tells you 
    the action is a mini-game. Second, the Pitchfork tells you that this action is 
    a Sin. And third, the little colored bubble is Pink, meaning that it reduces 
    your Sex Meter. Go ahead and select the action.
    A mini-game explanation pops up, and lets you know what the mini-game is, the 
    Rules, the Objective, and the Score to meet or beat. This mini-game is 
    Voyeurism. The Rules are to use the Arrow Keys, or WASD keys, or Mouse. The 
    Objective is to keep your crosshair on the sweet-spot, and the Score you need 
    to succeed is 50 or better. I highly suggest using the Mouse for most mini-
    When you continue, your camera will present you with an up-close shot of your 
    girlfriend's cleavage. There is a target in the middle of her cleavage. You 
    need to keep your crosshair on that spot for as long as possible. While your 
    crosshair is on the right spot, it will turn green. If you crosshair falls off, 
    it will turn Red. Just keep moving your crosshair to keep it on the target, and 
    try to rack up more points. If you get 100 points or more, the word "Perfect" 
    will flash on your screen. In that case, you really don't need to accrue 
    anymore points, so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.
    As far as I know, there is no benefit to getting more points than required.
    Now that the mini-game is completed, you'll see a screen with the results. Go 
    ahead and continue. The tutorial let's you know that you have reached the 
    maximum Relationship for your current Relationship Meter. What you need to do 
    now it Right Click when you are at your action menu. This will move your 
    highlighted selection above your normal actions. From here you can choose to 
    get up off the couch, or choose the action with a Star next to it in order to 
    unlock the next level of your Relationship Meter. Go ahead and unlock the next 
    The tutorial informs you that there is no way to unlock anymore relationships 
    bars while sitting on the couch. You can tell that this is the case because 
    there is no grayed out star action. If there was a grayed out selection, then 
    you would be able to increase your relationship bar further at this location, 
    supposing you get your meter maxed out.
    Go ahead and get off the couch, and tell her to leave. It's time to move along 
    with the tutorial.
    Now it's time to make some money. Find the dresser with clothes hanging from 
    it, and walk toward it. When you get close enough you will see an action to 
    "Pick some pockets". See the icon? You should see overlays of a Pitchfork, 
    Joystick, and Dollar Sign. The Dollar Sign means you can make some money from 
    this action. Go for it.
    This mini-game does not require the mouse. All you need to do it hit the 
    directional keys to match what's on the screen. You can also use the WASD keys 
    for this purpose. Go ahead and perform your Robbery. While playing this mini-
    game you will notice an expanding yellow circle around your character. This is 
    the range at which you will be caught stealing. Make sure the circle never 
    expands large enough to hit someone.
    Now the tutorial is talking about Sins. Remember the actions you've performed 
    that had a Pitchfork on the icon? Well, you can only perform so many sins 
    before you have to do something that wipes them clean. Any action that has an 
    Angel icon will reduce the number of sins you have accrued.
    Head over to the kitchen area and wash those dishes! If Ms. Dummy is standing 
    in the way, choose the sink next to her. Notice there is no Joystick in the 
    icon. This is not a mini-game. You just select it, and you complete it 
    When your character is finished, the tutorial will tell you that you have 
    completed to tutorial. You always complete a Chapter when you hit 100 or more 
    Points. If you haven't been watching, you've been receiving points throughout 
    the tutorial for your various tasks. Just a note, though, just because you hit 
    100 points does not mean you need to move to the next chapter. It just means 
    that you *can*. In fact, I advise that you don't move on as soon as you hit 100 
    points, as there is usually a lot more you can do (or see) in each chapter. For 
    the tutorial, though, there is nothing else to see. You can move on whenever 
    you choose. Just hit ESC, and scroll left or right until you are on the 
    Missions tab, then choose to progress to the next Chapter.
    * Walkthrough - Character Information                              [CharInfo] *
    This section is here to explain the layout I'm going to use for each character. 
    I'm going to use our friend Miss DUMMY from the tutorial as an example.
    Name: Miss DUMMY
    Sensitivities: Briefcase
    Meter: Sex
    Passion Action: N/A
    Location: Standing around in her home, or at the kitchen sink
    Notes: None
    I need to explain a few things. The "Meter" label will tell you how this 
    character generally makes you feel just by interacting with them. Some 
    characters say things that turn you on, make you stressed, or make you annoyed. 
    The labels will either be Sex, Stress, or Anger. 
    As for Passion Action, some characters have special actions available to you if 
    you succeed at getting their Relationship Meter fully filled. I will tell you 
    what that action is, and where you need to be in order to perform it.
    * Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - Envy - SUKS                            [Chapter1] *
    Name: Joan Fulton
    Sensitivities: Muscles, Yellow Smiley, Pink Butt
    Meter: Stress
    Passion Action: You put on lingerie, and take "her" from behind - Fitting Room
    Location: Wandering the store
    Notes: Egad! "She" is actually a man! Be very careful, having sex with "her" 
    will really Stress you out.
    Name: Johnson Smith
    Sensitivities: Muscles, Briefcase, Pink Butt, Pink Face, Drinks 
    Meter: Anger
    Passion Action: N/A
    Location: Wandering the store, or in his office
    Notes: So far, I have not found a way to unlock his last relationship bar.
    Name: Lady Fiona Caldwell
    Sensitivities: Open Book, Pink Face, Sunglasses
    Meter: Anger *then* Sex
    Passion Action: Steal bustier, sex while she wears it - Fitting Room 
    Location: Wandering the store 
    Notes: After you gain some relationship with her, she'll turn you on more than 
    anger you.
    Name: Mrs. Sanders
    Sensitivities: Open Book, Pink Face, Briefcase, Yin-Yang
    Meter: Anger *then* Sex
    Passion Action: She goes under the desk, and gives you some Oral - Boss' Office
    Location: Wandering the store 
    Notes: If Smith sees you fondling her, you'll get in a lot of trouble.
    Name: Penelope Hodge
    Sensitivities: Unknown, Pink Face, Dollar Sign
    Meter: Sex *and* Anger
    Passion Action: None
    Location: Wandering the store 
    Notes: After you have a good relationship with her, she can talk to Smith, and 
    raise your relationship with him. (Not above your current relationship cap.)
    Name: Wanda Walters
    Sensitivities: Sad Face, Open Book, Briefcase, Yin-Yang
    Meter: Sex *then* Anger
    Passion Action: Sex in the store window - Store Window
    Location: Wandering the store 
    Notes: None
    Tips & Tricks:
    * Smith will take any increment of $500 to $2000 from you if you have more than 
    $500 total. What this means is that when you finally leave here, talk to as 
    many people as you can, and get as much money from them as possible. Then 
    continue to the next chapter before Smith can get to you. Some good options are 
    Lady Fiona Caldwell and Mrs. Sanders. They each will give you $1000 to 
    "borrow", and you can also sell them jewelry for $2000. This assumes you have 
    Max Relationship. So, that means you can leave SUKS with about: (2000 + 1000) x 
    2 = $6000. You won't need this much for the next chapter, but it's good to 
    have. It is definitely better than running short.
    * Most customers will buy items increasing in value as your Relationship level 
    increases. The order is: $50, $100, $500, $1000. They will not skip over 
    certain values. That is, if you max someone's Relationship, and you never sold 
    them anything, you can still sell them the 50, 100, 500, and 1000 dollar items.
    * You can change what some of the customers wear around the store. You can only 
    do this if you sell them Clothing or Lingerie. Shoes, Perfume, and Jewelry will 
    not show up. When you sell them clothing, they will change into the outfit, and 
    stay in it as long as you don't reload your game, or go to your Home. You will 
    see them walking around the store wearing their new outfit. Lingerie is a 
    little different. They will buy it, try it on, but then change back into 
    regular clothes. Guess they don't want to walk around the store in undies. :) 
    However, if they put on new lingerie, and you hop into a fitting room with 
    them, then tell them to undress, they will be wearing their new lingerie.
    * You can walk out the store doors and go to your Home. While here you can get 
    rid of your Sins, Sex, Stress, and Anger. You have to perform the mini-games, 
    of course.
    * Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Pride - French Kiss                    [Chapter2] *
    Name: Elisabeth Toppler
    Sensitivities: Pink Face, Drinks
    Meter: Anger
    Passion Action: None
    Location: Wandering the club 
    Notes: One of the easiest girls in the entire club. But also has the most 
    annoying "voice".
    Name: Mike Toppler
    Sensitivities: Open Book, Pink Face, Briefcase, Sunglasses
    Meter: Anger
    Passion Action: None
    Location: Wandering the club 
    Notes: At max Relationship, you can "Ask for money... lots of it". He will give 
    you $10,000!! It will lower your relationship by a small amount, though.
    Name: Svetlana
    Sensitivities: Sad Face, Dollar Sign, Sunglasses
    Meter: Sex *and* Stress *and* Anger
    Passion Action: She rides on your back like a pony! Weee! - Home
    Location: Wandering the club 
    Notes: The fact that she hits all three of your meters is a pain. Be careful 
    when dealing with her.
    Name: Warren
    Sensitivities: Yellow Smiley, Dollar Sign, Sunglasses
    Meter: Anger
    Passion Action: None
    Location: Wandering the club 
    Notes: Pretty easy to get in close with him. And, with a little relationship, 
    and $500, you can "rent" Shauna for the night. What this means is that Warren 
    won't yell at you for dancing/talking with her.
    Name: Shauna Kelly
    Sensitivities: Muscles, Yellow Smiley, Pink Butt, Dollar Sign, Sunglasses
    Meter: Sex *and* Anger
    Passion Action: None
    Location: Wandering the club 
    Notes: By far the easiest girl. But, you have to watch out for her "manager" 
    Warren. He'll stop you if you do too much with her at the Club. You can take 
    her Home as soon as possible, or pay him $500 and not worry about it.
    Name: Bridgett Harrison
    Sensitivities: Sad Face, Yin Yang
    Meter: Sex *and* Anger
    Passion Action: Pick her up and swing her around in circles - Home
    Location: Wandering the club 
    Notes: The most difficult girl to pick up. Especially since she won't "Follow" 
    you until you at least have the "Flirt" Relationship with her.
    Name: Lee Thomas
    Sensitivities: Drinks
    Meter: Stress *and* Anger
    Passion Action: None
    Location: Wandering the club 
    Notes: This guy is only difficult because he annoys you so much. As soon as you 
    can, just take him to the bar and buy everyone drinks. ($500)
    Name: Tyron Sosa
    Sensitivities: Yellow Smiley, Pink Butt, Dollar Sign, Drinks
    Meter: Stress
    Passion Action: None
    Location: Wandering the club 
    Notes: He will be a pain because in the beginning, he will keep leaving the 
    conversation after everything you say.
    Tips & Tricks:
    * Get your Relationship to Passion with Mike Toppler as quickly as possible. 
    When you "Ask for money... lots of it" he will give you $10,000. Ask him for 
    it, rebuild his Relationship, and ask him for it again. Keep doing this until 
    you have plenty of cash. $20,000+ is plenty, but I like to have more than I'll 
    ever need. If you ever need more cash, you can just come back here and ask 
    * This chapter lets you bring people back to your Home. In fact, since you 
    can't have Sex while at the Eden Club, you'll have to bring the girls back to 
    your house to get busy with them.
    * While at your home, you can photograph your visitor in various positions for 
    small amounts of money, usually between 20-150 dollars per photo.
    * Also while at your home, you can take your guest to your closet, and have 
    him/her try on different outfits. 
    * You can only use the action "Yin Yang" upstairs at the Club in front of the 
    Buddha, or sitting on the couches next to the Buddha.
    * Walkthrough - Chapter 3 - Lust - East Wing                       [Chapter3] *
    Name: Doe
    Sensitivities: Muscles, Dollar Sign, Sunglasses
    Meter: Stress *or* Anger
    Passion Action: Find out who she really
    Location: Wandering the wing - Food Table
    Notes: Try to go for Doe first. She won't affect your Meters in a negative way 
    until you have at least a Sex Relationship with her.
    Name: Panther
    Sensitivities: Yellow Smiley
    Meter: Stress *or* Anger
    Passion Action: Find out who she really is
    Location: Wandering the wing - Strip Tease Chair
    Notes: Take her up on her offer for a strip tease when it comes.
    Name: Siamese
    Sensitivities: Sad Face, Yin Yang
    Meter: Stress *or* Anger
    Passion Action: Swing her around while having sex - Either bed
    Location: Wandering the wing 
    Notes: One of the more interesting conversations. Especially if you take her up 
    to the burning torches.
    Name: Viper
    Sensitivities: Sad Face, Briefcase
    Meter: Stress *or* Anger
    Passion Action: Find out who she really is
    Location: Wandering the wing - Slave Rack
    Notes: All I can say about this one is: Ouch!
    Name: Number 6
    Sensitivities: Sad Face, Yellow Smiley, Drinks
    Meter: Stress *and* Anger
    Passion Action: Tell wife to stop hurting you. (Doesn't do anything)
    Location: Wandering the wing 
    Notes: This guy will really Anger you.
    Name: Boar
    Sensitivities: Yellow Smiley, Pink Butt, Briefcase, Drinks
    Meter: Sex *or* Stress *or* Anger
    Passion Action: Find out who he is
    Location: Wandering the wing 
    Notes: You can take him upstairs and throw food at him
    Name: Bull
    Sensitivities: Sad Face, Pink Butt, Sunglasses
    Meter: Sex, Stress, Anger
    Passion Action: He has two. First he will tell everyone you're a great lover. 
    The second is to let you prove it. ;)
    Location: Wandering the wing 
    Notes: Interesting fellow. Pretty easy to raise Relationship with him, too.
    Tips & Tricks:
    * (Almost) each person can be taken to one of the stations on the second floor. 
    Doe will throw food on you. Panther will give you a strip tease on the chair. 
    Siamese goes with the tantric torches. Viper will torture you at the rack. Boar 
    will let you throw food on him.
    * You can raise Relationship at the bar, the dance cage, or on the couches to 
    start out.
    * Walkthrough - Chapter 4 - Anger - Kombat Klub                    [Chapter4] *
    Name: Jenny Baret
    Sensitivities: Yellow Smiley, Yin Yang, Dollar Sign, Sunglasses
    Meter: Sex *or* Stress
    Passion Action: Spin her around while having sex - Home
    Location: Wandering the klub
    Notes: Pretty standard. Just chat her up, and eventually take her into the 
    Name: Taleen Qix
    Sensitivities: Open Book, Pink Face, Yin Yang
    Meter: Sex, Stress *and* Anger
    Passion Action: Tell Wagner you passed the Endurance test
    Location: Usually up near the dumb bells.
    Notes: The most attractive of the bunch in this Chapter. Try pumping iron with 
    Name: Rhoda Redbull
    Sensitivities: Sad Face, Pink Face
    Meter: Stress *or* Anger *or* Sex
    Passion Action: Tell Wagner you passed the Kombat Klub test
    Location: Wandering the klub, usually near the mat
    Notes: Conversate with her on the mat. Get ready to get beat down, though.
    Name: Quin Dong Li
    Sensitivities: Muscles, Pink Butt, Dollar Sign
    Meter: Stress *and* Anger
    Passion Action: Tell Wagner you passed the Kombat Klub test
    Location: Usually near the mat
    Notes: He only responds to "Pink Butt" when talking about vows. The easiest way 
    to raise his Relationship is to bribe him.
    Name: Docteur Wagner
    Sensitivities: Open Book, Briefcase
    Meter: Stress *or* Anger
    Passion Action: None
    Location: Usually near the mat
    Notes: Nothing really noteworthy for him
    Name: Viper (again)
    Sensitivities: Unknown
    Meter: Unknown
    Passion Action: N/A
    Location: Usually near the mat
    Notes: You can't actually speak with her without getting into a fight. There is 
    no way to increase her Relationship.
    Tips & Tricks:
    * In order to complete as many Relationships as possible, make sure to max out 
    Wagner before asking your third teacher to tell him you've completed the test.
    * When Viper shows up, she will end up fighting you. You can't get out of it 
    until you win. And when you win, you are automatically moved to the next 
    Chapter. Make sure to finish everything you want to do before you turn in your 
    third test!
    * Jenny is the only person you can bring back to your home. Like before, you 
    can photograph her for a little cash.

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