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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/10/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Version :
    Homepage : http ://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
    E mail : advanced_knight@yahoo.fr
    Version 1.0 : The walkthrough is up to the end of Tirganach campaign.
    Version 2.0 : A serious upgrade to change this guide into the premice of the
    ultimate one for the addon. I still need to re read the walkthrough to correct
    typos and grammars errors.
    Version 2.2 : The walkthrough is up to the Firefangs campaign.
    Version 2.3 : The walkthrough is up to the final boss. There will be a final
    version with a complete boss fight and the correction of typos and grammars.
    Final Version : Correction of typos and grammars. There won't be any other
    Update of the final version : I added new sections and missing informations
    about the altar in nevershade (credit section updated) and the final boss.
    Program :
    1 Review
    2 The about section
    3 Description of buildings and units
    4 Your Avatar
    5 Patchs and versions
    6 Walktrough
    7 List of all main quest and side quest
    8 List of all rune heroes
    9 Credits
    1 Review :
    I was waiting for this one. Spellforce marked a real good point at his time by
    mixing RPG and RTS, hitting Warcraft 3 and Neverwinter Night at the same time.
    Good or bad, i said really good at the time of the Order Of Dawn even if the
    game was extremely bugged and needed to be patched a lot to obtain a "final
    version". After you wander in hell, this add on offers to wander in ice. I
    would like to say that the idea is original, but after Battle Realms and his
    Winter of the wolf, Ice Wind Dale and the Heart Of Winter and probably other
    game i don't own i said it's easy. Some maps on the old Spellforce suggested
    Ice Wind Dale, like Sharrow Dale, Nightwhisper Dale etc...
    In this add on, you discover the legend of Aryn the Ice Dragon who is so
    powerful that he can freeze the entire land. He awakes from his long sleep to
    find the beautiful queen elf who was singing for him. Someone kidnapped her but
    behind this kid story lies a great and mysterious plot involving the red empire
    and the ice elves. The ice elves were ennemies on the original game and also
    traitors like the dark elves were. It appears that they have their own reasons
    and we discover that they are tormented people. Lena and Grimaud decides to
    awake the rune fighter that was once able to save Fiara and fight the mage of
    the circle. Nobody knows that this rune hero was killed by Young Rohen and then
    that Young became old and finally was able to stop his young counterpart after
    the death of the rune hero. Time has past and people only remember that peace
    is here and can disappear now that Aryn roams searching for his queen of heart.
    The presentation is still very good, with a beautiful design and of course an
    incredible video. Ok i go a little far about the video but they are really nice
    and well animated.
    The graphics are better than in the order of dawn. The models and decors are
    optimized and the game seems to eat less memory. My PC is very powerful but
    runs hardly Spellforce, now that version 1.35 is available, the game runs
    better and the add on runs very well with antialiasing. However the same poor
    bug is here (cause of a radeon card and not a nvidia one), when i launch for
    the second time the game i need to do alt + tab to refresh the screen so the
    game can appear... i even need to do escape sometimes. Hum... well it doesn't
    like ATI cards but it runs better on it after all.
    The animation uses the same engine of course, you liked the first one, you will
    like this one. However the same drawbacks appear. If you wish a complete view
    you need to play it in 2D. If you venture in semi 3D or full 3D view you will
    miss lots of informations and you won't be able to control easily the game. I
    regret that this problem cannot be fixed. Think that old 2D/3D rpg have at
    least a better system than this one.
    The sound is as incredible as in the first episode. Old voice actors are back
    and new one join the cast. In french the actors are well known with the french
    actor for Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy Slayer Vampire for the women and
    Tiel'c in Stargate for the men. Other actors are also known but i won't list
    them all. In english it is the same thing so everyone must be happy. I simply
    regret that some musics cut brutally to loop.
    The controls are the same, the basic Spellforce player will be a master in this
    add on. You will be troubled by the fact that some buildings has disappeared
    and also by the hero system stats that you need to adapt to the fact that less
    exp, armors and weapons are available than in the original game.
    Breath Of winter succeeds in many points to increase the quality of the game.
    However it also failed in many points and bring drawbacks that wasn't available
    on the original game. Why suddenly all the creatures go to level 18/20 while
    you still are level 12/13 ? because you progress quickly when you know how to do
    it. Also if it is true that you can build a town quietly (i mean ennemies horde
    are possible to stop) you will soon discover that it is still better to destroy
    the magic fountains by yourself. The reasons are various but the main one is
    that you have for some units only the low one. What can you do with low orks
    against a level 12 boss ? In fact you will mostly use your troops as decoy
    while the heroes and the avatar do the real job so why losing so many time. On
    some map you won't be able to beat some hordes not because of the event just
    because they have a too much higher level. The problem is that you need exp and
    there are few sidequests. The one available are long very long and force you to
    wander in all the new world. I recommend to buy this game, you won't regret it,
    but the 40 hours announced are simply announced not for the number of side
    quests but for the number of hours you need to find a good way to earn exp and
    complete the main quest.
    PRESENTATION : 15/20
    GRAPHICS : 19/20
    ANIMATION : 17/20
    SOUND : 17/20
    CONTROLS : 19/20
    INTEREST : 17/20
    FINAL NOTE : 90%
    Rune Fighter ADK.
    2 The about section :
    This section will be in each guide i will produce from now on.
    I know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have. Correct me if you wish
    that's the best you can do. I am kind enough to warn you so don't expect i
    answer to hate mails or to a question like : "Is this your first language ?".
    Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.
    Please write to me only for true questions. Most of the time, i know it by the
    poor questions i received, you write to me just because you have seen my name
    near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but you want a quick advice. Sorry
    to say this but i'm tired of these mails.
    This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to gamefaqs. If you wish to
    download it for your site, ask for the permission but it's not all misters and
    misses webmasters. Think to update my faq because when i correct my english or
    post an update with more informations, it's on gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
    I receive questions about things that are in an update and some people continue
    to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies Of Arkadia...
    Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
    for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.
    3 Descritption of buildings and units :
    This section is identical to the one in my guide of "Order of Dawn". It is here
    to help people who play the add on after a long time, just like me.
    Human Buildings :
    Woodcutter Hut : Allow to extract the wood, cost 40 woods.
    Quarry : Allow to extract the stone, cost 30 woods and 20 stones
    Mine : Allow to extract Iron, cost 50 woods and 30 stones
    Hunting Logde : Allow to hunt animals for food, cost 50 woods and 10 stones
    Fisher's Hut : Allow to fish for food, cost 40 woods and 20 stones
    Forge : Allow to recruit fighters, cost 40 woods and 30 stones
    Crossbow Tower : Shot arrows to ennemy to prevent them from destorying the
    camp, cost 80 woods and 50 stones
    Breeding Farm : Allow to increase the food, cost 100 woods and 60 stones
    Small HQ : Allow to increase the number of soldiers and workers, cost 50 woods
    and 50 stones
    There are 4 upgrades : once built give more 10 workers, 100 foods (15
    soldiers), 200 foods (20 soldiers), 300 foods (25 soldiers), 400 foods (30
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Food Store : Allow soldiers to auto regenerate, cost 60 woods and 90 stones
    Smelting Works : Allow to double iron production, cost 75 woods and 75 stones
    Aria Shrine : Allow to extract Aria, cost 20 woods and 60 stones
    White hand : Heal a soldier near it, cost 50 stones and 80 arias
    Agricol Farm : Allow to increase the food, cost 100 woods and 60 stones
    Shooting Range : Allow to recruit archers, cost 150 woods and 150 stones
    1 upgrade : double crossbow, cost 300 woods and 100 iron, the marksmen fires at
    2 ennemies.
    Temple of light : Allow to recruit clerics, cost 40 woods and 60 stones
    1 upgrade : path of light, cost 200 irons and 100 arias, cleric receives a
    shield and mana regeneration is increased
    Medium HQ : cost 100 woods and 150 stones
    There are 3 upgrades : give 10 workers once built, 1000 foods (40 soldiers),
    1500 foods (50 soldiers)
    All these buildings need the Medium HQ :
    Academy : Allow to recruit casters and mentalists, cost 100 woods, 150 stones
    and 100 arias
    2 upgrades : Shock Wave, cost 600 arias, mentalist can cast shock wave on 3
    ennemies simultaneously
    Clarity : cost 400 arias, enchanter increases its mana regenration and reserve.
    Master Armory : Allow to recruit paladins and armsmen, cost 150 woods and 200
    1 upgrade : Fire blessing : cost 250 irons and 250 arias, paladin receives a
    fire sword and high resistance to fire magic.
    Large HQ : cost 250 woods and 250 stones
    4 upgrades : give 10 workers once built, 2000 foods (60 soldiers), 2500 foods
    (70 soldiers), 3000 foods (80 soldiers)
    Griffon Rider, cost 500 irons and 300 arias
    Human Units :
    Recruit, need a forge, cost 50 irons
    Scout, need a forge, cost 40 woods and 15 irons
    Marksman, need a forge and shooting range, cost 30 woods and 50 irons
    Cleric, need a forge and a temple of light, cost 40 irons and 20 arias
    Enchanter, need a temple of light and an academy, cost 65 arias
    Mentalist, need a temple of light and an academy, cost 100 arias
    Paladin : need a forge, temple of light and a master armory, cost 60 irons and
    30 arias
    Armsmen : need a forge and a master armory, cost 70 irons
    Commentaries : The humans cost alot but their armies are strong. I regret that
    the griffon rider is weak. A paladin with a fire sword is fantastic for melee.
    I appreciate also the cleric who heals in battle, even if they don't have a lot
    of mana to spend. The archer towers are inefficient and the archers not as good
    as the one in Heroes of Might and Magic 3. This race is easy to control for a
    debutant but you need aria for the best troops, and usually aria is rare. You
    won't have many problems to reinforce your army with armsmen however.
    Elf Buildings :
    Woodcutters Hut : cost 40 woods
    Gatherer Hut : Allow to extract berries, cost 50 woods
    Hunting Lodge : cost 60 woods
    Armory : 60 woods
    1 upgrade : Shield, cost 300 woods, Warder receives a wood shield
    Archer tower : cost 120 woods
    Small HQ : cost 100 woods
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Lenyagatherer : Allow to extract the lenya, cost 80 woods
    Forester : Allow to plant new tree in the area, cost 50 woods
    Sawmill : Double the production of wood, cost 100 woods
    Food Store : Allow soldiers to regenerate mana and HP, cost 150 woods
    Frost Bringer : Throw iceballs to ennemies, cost 20 woods and 100 lenyas
    Ailantery : Allow to recruit healers, cost 200 woods
    Archery Hall : Allow to recruit windarchers, cost 30 woods
    1 upgrade : Ice Strike, cost 100 woods and 200 lenyas, windarcher shoots ice
    arrow and can freeze the ennemy and damage him.
    Medium HQ : cost 250 woods
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Hunter's Guild : Allow to hunt for more food, quick food reserve increase, cost
    150 woods
    Iron Armory : Allow to recruit wanderers and protectors, cost 400 woods
    2 upgrades : Frost Shield, cost 100 irons and 300 lenyas, Wanderer receives an
    ice dagger, the spell ice shield and high ice magic resistance.
    Aryn's Wrath, cost 100 irons and 300 lenyas, Protector receives an ice sword
    and high ice magic resistance
    Hall of the Ancients : Allow to recruit wintermages and druids, cost 250 woods
    and 100 lenyas
    1 upgrade : Elen's gift, cost 500 lenyas, Druid, Wintermage and Healer spent
    less mana in forest area
    Large HQ : cost 500 woods
    Elf Titan : cost 700 woods and 300 lenyas
    Elf Units :
    Ranger, need an armory and 50 woods
    Warder, need an armory and 60 woods
    Healer, need an ailantery and 55 lenyas
    Windarcher, need an armory, an ailantery and an archery hall, cost 25 woods and
    30 lenyas
    Protector, need an armory and an iron armory, cost 80 irons
    Wanderer, need an armory, an iron armory and an archer hall, cost 45 woods and
    45 irons
    Wintermage, need an ailantery and an archery hall, cost 70 lenyas
    Druid, need an ailantery and a hall of the ancients, cost 100 lenyas
    Commentaries : The elves are really interesting in the way of the magic. having
    a healer and a wintermage is a real plus for an army. The windarchers upgraded
    are also very impressive when they form a battle line to support the front one.
    Best of all you can freeze up an ennemy who use a healing spell and they are
    strong enough to fight in close range, even if they are weak. The titan is also
    very good. The only negative point is the fighters. They need iron to be
    create, which means you need another race to extract it and supply it. With
    infinitely (virtually) woods thanks to the forester you can create every
    building, but the lenya is not enough to supply reinforcements.
    Dwarf Buildings :
    Quarry : Allow to extract stone, cost 150 stones
    Mine : cost 70 stones
    Moonsilver Mine : Allow to extract moonsilver, cost 150 stones
    Forge : Allow to reruit militias, cost 80 stones
    1 upgrade : Whirl Axe, cost 100 irons and 100 moonsilvers, allow the warrior to
    throw his axe to an ennemy
    Pigfarm : to obtain foods, cost 120 stones
    Small HQ : cost 100 stones
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Smelting works : cost 140 stones
    Food store : cost 150 stones
    Stonemason's hut : Double the stone production, cost 130 stones
    1 upgrade : Art of construction, cost 300 stones, dwarf buildings resist more
    to ennemies attack
    Moonsilver Hall : Allow to recruit Elites and Elders, cost 300 stones
    1 upgrade : lightsilver, cost 400 moonsilvers, elite and elder receives more
    powerful weapon and resistance to black magic
    Medium HQ : cost 250 stones
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Great Armory : Allow to recruit elites, elders and demolishers cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Throwing Hammer, cost 200 irons and 200 moonsilvers, defender throw
    his hammer
    Sanctuary : Allow to recruit battlepriests, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Willpower, cost 200 irons, battlepriest receives a shield and high
    resistance to any type of magic
    Large HQ : cost 500 stones
    Dwarf Titan, cost 500 irons and 200 moonsilvers
    Dwarf Units :
    Milita, need a forge, cost 60 irons
    Watchman, need a forge, cost 70 irons
    Warrior, need a forge and a moonsilver hall, cost 25 moonsilvers and 50 irons
    Defender, need a forge, a great armory and a moonsilver hall, cost 30
    moonsilvers and 60 irons
    Demolisher, need a forge and a great armory, cost 100 irons
    Battlepriest, need a forge and a sanctuary, cost 80 irons
    Elite, need a forge, a moonsilver hall and a great armory, cost 110 moonsilver
    Elder, need a forge, a moonsilver hall and a great armory, cost 120 moonsilver
    Commentaries : The dwarf are really strong, so strong that they don't need
    healers. However, you can destroy more but it can be a trap. You go so far in a
    camp that sometimes it's hard to retreat and you can't wait the reinforcements.
    I don't like the defender unit, these archers are weak and useless. The
    demolisher, elite and elder are excellent. Usually dwarf are intelligent and
    let a monument near sufficient stone resource so you can build everything. But
    if your camp is attacked and destroyed you will have problems to rebuild it.
    The titan is efficient but curiously less than the elf one. Supplying Iron is
    usually hard and that's why i prefer the humans. You can summon reinforcements,
    but you will have to manage efficiently a team because you can't really call
    lots of reinforcements if your army falls. Also the pigfarm for automatic food
    supplying is a cool feature.
    Orc Buildings :
    Woodcutter's hut : cost 40 woods
    Mine : cost 100 woods
    Hunting Lodge : cost 50 woods
    Boar Breeding : Allow to breed boars and obtain food, cost 150 woods
    Mace Carver : Allow to recruit fighters, cost 70 woods
    Forge : cost 100 woods
    1 upgrade : Scythespear, cost 200 Irons, Spearman receives a scythe blow that
    can damage up to 3 ennemies.
    Fisher's Hut : cost 50 woods
    Firestarter : Throw fireballs on ennemies to defend the camp, cost 80 woods and
    60 lenyas
    Small HQ : cost 90 woods.
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Shaman's Hut : Allow to recruit totems, cost 110 woods
    1 upgrade : Viper's Shield, cost 100 woods and 250 lenyas, Totems receives a
    shield, more spell power and poisoned spear
    Food Store : cost 140 woods
    Croptent : Allow to extract lenya, cost 70 woods
    Smelting Works : cost 200 woods
    Hall of Glory : Allow to recruit drummers, cost 350 woods
    1 upgrade : Glory of the Horde, cost 50 woods and 100 lenyas, drummers and
    hornblowers have more influence during a battle
    Medium HQ : cost 200 woods
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Blood Shrine : Allow to recruit firemasters, cost 200 woods and 100 lenyas
    1 upgrade : Firestorm, cost 300 lenyas, firemaster receives a wave of fire
    spell that can damage up to 3 ennemies
    Dark Forge : Allow to recruit Veterans, cost 450 woods
    1 upgrade : Tunderstrike, cost 400 irons, veterans receives a tunderstrike that
    can cause additional damage
    Large HQ : cost 450 woods
    Orc Titan, cost 400irons and 400 lenyas
    Orc Units :
    Thug, need a mace carver, cost 40 woods
    Spearman, need a forge, cost 50 irons
    Totem, need a mace carver and a shaman's hut, cost 15 woods and 30 lenyas
    Firemaster, need mace carver, a shaman's hut and a blood shrine, cost 20 woods
    and 50 lenyas
    Fighter, need mace carver and a forge, cost 30 woods and 30 irons
    Drummers, need mace carver, a shaman's hut and a hall of glory, cost 40 woods
    and 15 lenyas
    Hornblowers, need a forge, a shaman's hut, a dark forge and a hall of glory,
    cost 50 irons and 40 lenyas
    Veteran, need a forge and a dark forge, cost 80 irons
    Commentaries : This race is efficient in the way of construction, but very poor
    when you come to the battle. The firemasters and totems are really useful if
    you can form a distant line, they will be less good in hand to hand. Drummers
    and hornblowers are useless and don't really fight. The spearmen are too weak
    to be on the front. Fortunately,the orc titan and the veteran are corrects.
    They both resist to fire magic. You will need them to collect resources and
    help the trolls for example. Note that the drummers are bugged and you can
    summon as many of them as you want. You will also note that when you have
    enough lenya for another troops, the drummers, take 50 lenyas to be created and
    not 15.
    Troll Buildings :
    Woodcutter's Hut : cost 30 woods and 10 stones
    Quarry : cost 30 woods and 20 stones
    Mace Carver : Allow to recruit Rowdies, cost 40 woods and 50 stones
    1 upgrade : Heavy Club, cost 300 woods, smasher receives a bigger club
    Hunting Lodge : cost 20 woods and 40 stones
    Small HQ : cost 50 woods and 50 stones
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Stonecutter : Allow to recruit devastators and throwers, cost 150 woods and 200
    2 upgrades : Hail of Fire, cost 400 stones, thrower bashes hot stones for
    additional damage
    Tunderstrike, cost 200 woods and 300 stones, Devastator receives a tunderstrike
    for additional damage
    Corpse Collector : Allow to increase the food reserve, cost 30 woods and 30
    Food Store : cost 80 woods and 80 stones
    Stone Thrower : Throw stones on the ennemies, cost 100 woods and 200 stones
    Ironhouse : Allow to recruit Hurlers and Bouncers, cost 300 sotnes and 400 irons
    1 upgrade : Way of the North : Bouncer receives an ice club, Hurler throw ice
    ball and both resist to ice magic.
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Blacksmith : Allow to recruit destroyers and champions, cost 400 stones
    1 upgrade : Chaos Weapon, cost 500 irons, destroyer and champion receive
    special weapon.
    Large HQ : Cost 250 woods and 250 stones
    Troll Titan, cost 700 woods and 300 stones
    Troll Units :
    Rowdy, need a mace carver, cost 90 woods
    Smasher, need a mace carver, cost 120 woods
    Thrower, need a mace carver and a stonecutter, cost 120 stones
    Devastator, need a mace carver and a stonecutter, cost 70 woods and 60 stones
    Hurler, need a mace carver, a stonecutter and an iron house, cost 10 stones and
    60 irons
    Bouncer, need a mace carver and an iron house, cost 70 woods and 70 irons
    Destroyer, need a mace carver, an iron house and a blacksmith, cost 80 woods
    and 100 irons
    Champion, need a mace carver, an iron house and a blacksmith cost 50 woods and
    150 irons
    Commentaries : The trolls are really stupid, you feel it as soon as you
    controls them. Simple buildings, simple combinations to obtain powerful troops.
    They are so stupid that in battle they will hit the ennemies but if you don't
    stop them, they will attack you and then attack between each other (bug or
    troll reality ?). You always need to give order and to do monitoring on the
    troll army. They cost alot, it's hard to build a full troll army. The advantage
    is that it's very powerful, the dwarf are helpless in comparison. They depend
    also on another race, as the elves, for the iron.
    Dark Elf Buildings :
    Quarry : cost 50 stones
    Mine : cost 80 stones
    Breeder : Allow to obtain food, cost 150 stones
    Forge : Allow to recruit assassins, cost 80 stones
    1 upgrade : Dance of Death, cost 300 irons, The assassin can do a finishing
    blow and when he dies, kill all the ennemies around him of same level or in
    critical shape
    Tower of Sorcery : Use a laser to defend the camp, cost 50 stones and 100 arias
    Small HQ : cost 110 stones
    All these buildings need the small HQ :
    Onyxshrine : Allow to extract Aria, cost 80 stones
    Mindbreaker : Hypnotize the ennemy, cost 50 stones and 100 arias
    Onyx Tower : Allow to recruit sorcerers, cost 140 stones
    Food Store : cost 180 stones
    Dark Academy : Allow to recruit Necromancers, cost 250 stones and 100 arias
    1 upgrade : Redemption, cost 500 arias, the warlock changes into a poisoned
    spider when he dies.
    Moonsilver Mine : cost 160 stones
    Fungus Farm : Allow to obtain food, cost 120 stones
    Stonemason : Allow to double the production of stone, cost 130 stones
    Medium HQ : cost 300 stones
    All these buildings need the medium HQ :
    Shadowforge : Allow to recruit Deathknight, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Dark Bond, cost 400 moonsilvers and 200 arias, Havoc and
    Deathknight will resist to high magic.
    Moonsilver Armory : Allow to recruit battlemaster, cost 350 stones
    1 upgrade : Sinister Blessings, cost 100 irons and 300 moonsilvers,
    Battlemaster receives a multitude of magical effects.
    Arkanum : Allow to recruit warlock, cost 200 stones and 150 arias
    1 upgrade : Nor's Calling, cost 500 arias, Necromancer revives at midnight and
    fight again.
    Large HQ : cost 550 stones
    Dark Elf Titan, cost 300 moonsilvers and 300 arias
    Dark Elf Units :
    Assassin, need a forge, cost 100 irons
    Sorcerer, need an onyx tower, cost 80 aria
    Necromancer, need an onyx tower and a dark academy, cost 110 arias
    Darblade, need a forge and an onyx tower, cost 70 irons and 20 arias
    Battlemaster, need a forge and a moonsilver armory, cost 50 moonsilvers and 80
    Deathknight, need a forge, an onyx tower and a shadowforge, cost 80 moonsilvers
    and 40 arias
    Warlock, need an onyx tower, an arkanum and a dark academy, cost 140 arias
    Havoc, need a forge, an onyx tower, an arkanum, a shadowforge and a moonsilver
    armory, cost 110 moonsilvers and 60 arias
    Commentaries : The Dark Elf is a powerful race, they don't fear the magic but
    isee a lot of bad points. The titan is quick but weak, you need a lot of
    different resources to recruit your troops but the most important thing to note
    is that the unit are really long to create. It explains why you obtain them
    near the end of the game. You need to be experimented in defending a camp,
    because you need to protect a lot of buildings and sources. If you manage to
    create a dark elf army with all the upgrades, you obtain a powerful army but
    you don't forget that you can't summon quickly reinforcements.
    4 The Avatar :
    Your avatar is your main character. The first question you will ask is "Can i
    use my old avatar for the add on ?" and the answer is no. Also in this add on
    you will have to change your politic about increasing an avatar stats. There
    are few side quests to gain "free" exp, also each time the avatar die, don't
    forget it loses exp. The game is harder with less armors and weapons to find.
    If you choose a fighter, be sure to specialize him in wearing heavy weapons and
    armors. Forget about the magic skills, you won't have the time to learn many
    spells as you need to increase drastically the skills to wear the few good
    weapons and armors. Be sure to increase force and HP.
    If you choose a magician, it is the same thing. Increase all his magic skills.
    Forget the weapon. Be sure to increase Intelligence and wisdom.
    Anyway you must gain level quickly by doing as less game over as possible. The
    monsters will be hard to kill and the best rune heroes are only for the best
    5 Patchs and versions :
    If you have the original Spellforce, you can update it to version 1.35 without
    the add on to have the best game possible. If you have Spellforce patched up to
    1.14 for example, and wish to install the add on, Breath of Winter will patch
    your game to version 1.30 up to 1.32 according to when you buy the game (first
    release or second).
    In any case, be sure to patch the add on now and play version 1.35 as the game
    is already bugged in stormcleaver rocks. I won't repeat it.
    This walkthrough is made for the 1.35 and higher version of the game.
    6 Walkthrough :
    Mirraw Thur Campaign Part 1 :
    1) You begin to run in the plain and kill some goblins. 3 chests on the way.
    You arrive at the camp.
    2) Talk to Aedar. Then Talk to Willit.  Buy and sell items then continue
    3) Here you walk through a swamp and then you see a fork. On the right is a
    kithar camp. I suggest you forget it for now. Go left and you will encounter a
    smaller kithar camp. Destroy it. Then activate the bindstone and you will see
    the portal.
    4) Go back to the second kithar camp and destroy it for exp. Beware of the
    Kithars level 4 and 5. I suppose you will die 2 or 3 times but you will be
    rewarded with a new level.
    5) Pass the portal.
    Stormcleaver Rocks campaign :
    1) You meet the Skergs and they ask you to save Janina. She is Dunhan
    girlfriend so you decide it's ok to do it.
    2) You can explore the first part of the map by yourself. You find an ork
    monument and i suggest you build the first building and troops. You need a
    small HQ to increase the number of troops and lenya for shamans. You will find
    them later.
    3) With your 10 valiant soldiers and your 2 faithful NPC go north then west to
    save Janina. You learn that she is cursed and that you will find some help in
    Hulu's Village. South of Janina is a dragon level 5 with good stuff. Beat him
    with your 10 soldiers. Go north now. On the way to Hulu's village you find a
    kithar camp on the west with a chest.
    4) You can now advance to the east under some rock arcade and you will be
    ambush by a kithar horde. This horde is activated once the camp to the west is
    destroyed. After a possible game over come back to this path and find your way
    to the magic fountain. COntinue further east to find a second kithar camp.
    Destroy it. Don't forget the chest. If you go south you can find the entrance
    to the Hulu's village and also some creatures to kill. There is a chest west of
    the Hulu's village.
    5) Enter the village. The skerg Hulu suggests you find your way northwest to
    the village of Sterius. He offers help and you find a small HQ. You can also
    upgrade your number of soldiers and collect lenya. Use the second ork monument
    near Hulu's village to summon more soldiers and troops.
    6) Don't waste your time as creatures and forest specter will attack your
    workers. Also think to destory the kithar camp north of Hulu's village. It has
    a growing horde that is waiting for your arrival. The more you wait, the harder
    the quest will be.
    7) Once done, continue north to kill a level 9 creatures named Wumpus. In order
    to do this send 10 soldiers to fight him, be sure to have 15 shamans and also
    let the NPC fight for you. Once Wumpus will have no more Mana to heal or to
    poison your avatar, send her (him) to finish Wumpus. You are rewarded with
    Wumpus tongue and some stuffs.
    8) Finish the last swamp creatures and spiders to not have problems later. Now
    abandon your ork units and go alone to the village of Setrius. Setrius suggests
    you poison the kithars water. He gives you the poison and says to go west to
    the path in the mountain. Do this, note that all other orks troops and village
    are destroyed by elite kithars.
    9) Follow the way, kill some rock spiders and find the root of water. You see a
    blue object on the map. Poison the water then run to the door to open it . The
    forester joins you. On the way to the forester i suggest you kill all the swamp
    things as they can damage your new soldiers.
    10) Now go to the Kithar Camp. Beware of the general, use the archer to weaken
    him. Be sure to stay far of the archer tower as the fire can damage your avatar
    if she (he) is not immune. Once this camp is destroyed you find some keys. Go
    to the battlefield where Dunhan is. You find a bindstone here. After the scene,
    collect the bindstone of Dunhan and go back to the Kithar camp. Free the 3
    11) Go talk to Gruolun and he asks for an idol in a chest. He gives you a magic
    stone. Talk to the other to obtain 2 other magic stone. Now Go to Wumpus Lair.
    Locate the chest south of this lair in the mountain. Click on it and the heroes
    will go There. Now be sure to have the forester with you and give the idol to
    Gruolun. You obtain a solar coin and then you'll have to fight the other
    magicians. Now you can go back to Mirraw Thur.
    NOTE : I choose to help Gruolun because he is the only one to give a solar
    coin. None of the three magicians is "THE GOOD CHOICE". You obtain the same
    quest items and only magical scroll and part of armor change. No importance
    anyway. You are free to follow me or not.
    Tips by David Tan
    "1) Help Renya, and you'll get Elemental Magic spells.
    2) Help Zolowin, and you'll get White Magic spells
    3) Help Gruolun, and you'll get Black Magic spells"
    12) Back in Mirraw Thur you learn how to join Reowys. Now it's time to find him.
    Mirraw Thur Campaign Part 2 :
    1) Go to the Kithar camp on the right of the fork (as if you wish to pass the
    portal to Stormcleaver Rocks). This time the tree are cut and you can advance.
    Kill the beast men and also the ice elves you meet on the way. You will notice
    to the north some of them, don't attack them now. Go south to an ork village.
    2) One of the ork, Kongar claim for Wumpus death. Give him the tongue you
    obtained earlier. Now exit to the east and notice a portal, an ice elf armies
    behind another portal and also a hero monument. Summon Dunhan. Go north and
    kill the ice elf for exp. Now go south and find the second refugie camp.
    3) Talk to Aedar (by the way how did he manage to teleport here ?). Now go east
    of this camp to the bindstone and the portal to the next world.
    Echo Swamps Campaign Part 1 :
    1) After the scene, fight Reowys. Now go west and summon the dark elves. North
    of here is an ork camp without any magic fountain. Destroy it now or you will
    regret it later. Meanwhile, you can build the dark elf camp. The major problem
    will be the ogre teams that will come from the northeast.
    2) Be sure to build the necromancian. They can summon additional skeletons and
    goblins. With them you are invincible. Once your army is ready go northeast and
    at the fork go north. Beat the ogre camp. Now continue east to kill more orks
    and ogres. If you go south you will meet the masked man. He asks you for his
    stock. You can go to the goblin camp near the mine and fight with Gitzo. You
    obtain Gitzo fial and also save the apprentice. Go back to the masked man and
    he will give you the bindstone of the hero goblin.
    3) Continue farther in the map and by destroying some camps you will eventually
    meet Hortar. He will give you the key to succeed against the dark magician. You
    must find the Svera flute. It is not your lucky as you must follow Hortar to
    the next monument. A horde will come from the Svera camp and it is north of
    where your camp is. That's why i suggest to destroy the first part of this
    camp. You will notice west of the masked man an ogre horde. Be sure to beat it.
    4) Go back there asap and kill a svera soldier to obtain the flute. You can now
    control the swamp creatures. You will use them to fight the dark magician elite
    5) You must now inside the svera camp and find a locked door. Only the avatar
    can open it with the key she (he) found on a corpse (or in a chest in this
    camp). Explore the river and kill all the specters. You will find a stone and
    try different combination to obtain a stellar coin and also a solar one. You
    can obtain other items. Once all the specters are dead, Hortar will wait for
    you near the swamp creatures cage. Give him the flute and go away.
    6) Hortar will be killed by the creatures. If they didn't notice you, let them
    eat all the elites. Be sure to search for the blade rune in the swamp creatures
    cage. Then bring it to the masked man. You obtain a blade hero. Now continue
    and finish the camp of Whorim. You obtain Reowys rune. Finish this map and
    destroy everything until you meet stone golems. Then you reach the last
    bindstone. Go back to Mirraw Thur.
    Mirraw Thur Campaign Part 3 :
    1) Now talk to Aedar. Summon the 2 heroes and then lead an army of forester to
    the elf village. Kill them all. The fight will be hard and you will probably
    finish this battle without any survivors. Grimaud obtained the key to the
    2) Go south and open the portal. You free the prince of darkness. Elune comes
    and offer you to go north to escape from the red empire. Follow her.
    3) You arrive north of the map and pass the door once Elune gives the order to.
    Touch the bindstone. Pass the portal to Frostfall.
    Frostfall Campaign Part 1 :
    1) Lena explains how to win. Talk to her, open the chest and touch the
    bindstone. Now prepare to conquer an ork camp. Go to the ork camp. You conquer
    it by touching the ork monument. Now send the workers to activate each building
    and build also a small army. YOu rmission is to collect food to help the
    2) You must destroy to ennemies camp. One to the north (with a mine) and one to
    the south. By the way be sure to build some hunting lodge on a clear plain to
    find more food. Hurry up as the time is precious. Don't forget to kill every
    single creatures to free the way for the refugies.
    3) Once they have enough food, it's time to run, leave your army and go north
    in the swamp to the elf fortress. In there summon workers and troops to use
    them as decoy. There is a trick now. Activate the bindstone here and go north
    again. You find a hero monument. Call the 2 heroes you have and continue in the
    mountain. You arrive in an ice elf camp. Touch the bindstone here and go back
    to your elf camp. Now pass in front of Aedar and he will leave to the east
    gate. Follow him there and let all the units you can to slow down the
    progression of Dracon.
    4) Once at the gate you see that it is closed. No problem. Talk to Lena. Use
    your heroes and the new troops to kill the ennemies while the heroes go to the
    bindstone. You teleport back to the ice elf camp and talk to the keymaster. Go
    all the way back to the door, use your heroes and ice army to kill the wolves
    on the way.
    5) The keymaster opens the door. Now you can run to the next fortress in the
    ice mountain. You have the choice to beat or not 2 low ennemies armies. But if
    you do this, the timing to complete this campaign will be very short. Run to
    the fortress and talk to Lena. Now run to the portal to Tirganach.
    6) Your armies will be probably destroyed as you must slow down again Dracon.
    But if yu can keep a part of the ice mage for the battle in front of the
    portal. Dracon won't appreciate to lose and will run after you. But if you have
    enough man you can choose to kill him instead of simply pass the portal to the
    next campaign. Do as you wish, the campaign is over anyway.
    NOTE : If you pass the portal to Shal Dun, you arrive in a small fortress with
    a special rock inside. You can use there you stellar, lunar and solar coin to
    obtain cool items.
    Tirganach Campaign part 1 :
    1) Your mission is to help again the refugies. Go left first and kill a small
    skeletons horde. Open the chest. Ignore Ashgork for now and go to the door.
    Lena arrives and says that the wolves have taken the key. They are south of the
    door. Kill them all. Follow the road and be sure to get rid of all the ice
    2) You arrive at Tirganach town. Talk to Lena, then to Elune, then to Aedar
    (for a reward) and last to Aedale the ice priestess. Now wander in town to meet
    old good pal Darius. He will tell you about good stories. Talk to an archer
    near the priestess to discover that Ashgork can help you. Talk to Flink
    (remember him ?) who is in jail. He asks you to find a book and give it back to
    Darius. In some shop you can buy old rune heroes from "Order of Dawn".
    3) Find the bindstone in Tirganach between 2 statues and teleport back to
    Ashgork. Talk to him and you obtain a new sidequest. Go back to the town.
    4) With your remaining troops go east and find the hero monument. You must kill
    all the 4 wolves here. Now summon your heroes. With them and your army go west.
    After you exit of the town go north to find 5 skeletons. They hold the book
    Flink wish you give back to Darius. Kill them. With your heroes in front line,
    the archer have just to hit the butcher. You obtain the book and also part of a
    blade. Show them to the masked man. He suggest you find 2 other parts. Show the
    book to Darius and he says that 3 pages are missing. Talk to Flink and he says
    that they are in Frostfall.
    5) If you go farther west of the town, you will find a village of dead. There
    are 6 crypts to destroy. Here is a method. With only your avatar and 3 heroes
    go to this town. Begin to destroy the 2 first crypt. Use your heroes as decoy
    while your avatar do the job. After a first game over do this again. This time
    be sure to concentrate all 4 soldiers on the main tomb. After this powerful
    creatures will appear. After another game over continue to attack the 3
    remainings crypts. Send your heroes on the right and all creatures will focus
    on them. Your avatar will be free to destory the crypt on the other side. Again
    game over, repeat the process to destroy another crypt. Scaramangir will show
    himself. He hits hard, but is only level 12, meaning he is weak. Now use your
    avatar to destroy the last crypt and the heroes to lure Scaramangir. After
    another gameover all the crypts are destroyed. It's time to ask for help. Your
    army will shoot Scaramangir while your avatar and heroes will hit the horror
    specter and Scaramangir. Once he dies a new horde appear, fall back, or at
    least save your army, you need it. After a last gameover come back and kill the
    last horde with the heroes and avatar. Open the chests.
    6) Now you must go east but 6 trolls blocked the way. Go to their village and
    hide behind the statue. At the night they come to pray. You can order them to
    give an artefact, to kill the monsters east of here or to die. The item is a
    poor hammer so don't ask it as they will discover you. Kill them or use them
    according to your remaining soldiers.
    7) Now go east in the mountain. To arrive to the portal you will have to deal
    with lots of dead. Begin to destroy the small waves, then the first crypt south
    of the "village". Open the chest. Go north now and concentrate on the crypt and
    tomb. If you manage to destroy them all the monsters won't respawn. Kill them
    all (it won't be easy) and progress to the portal where a Munch level 14 must
    die. He can summon indefinitely monsters. Once dead, kill the rest of the army
    and open the chests. You can now pass the portal to Winterdeep.
    Winterdeep Campaign :
    1) This campaign begins with hack and slash. Awake your heroes and then fight
    against 2 small hordes of skeletons. They guard 2 crypts. You can advance to a
    small camp and talk to 2 dwarves. One of them ask for a potion to save the
    wounded soldiers. Go north to find a bindstone and a dwarf monument. You will
    see a skeleton camp.
    2) Be sure to beat this camp, whatever it costs, without using a dwarf army.
    Then attack the camp full of frozen spirits. You will have to deal with a
    powerful ice golem level 18 and then a small horde of dead elves. You find the
    potion in a chest. Near this camp is a mine, near this mine is a chest with a
    part of the blade soldier in it. As in Order of Dawn you will have to beat a
    guardian of the mosaic, but for now, you don't have any part of it, just
    remember the location of the mosaic. Bring the potion to Devus and he asks you
    who he must save : If you choose his brother you obtain an axe, if you choose
    the elf you obtain a jewel that you must show to Huldis in the city of elf in
    Tirganach. Huldis is a merchant who refused to talk to you.
    3) Now you can advance with your heroes to the horde of ghost soldiers. Beat
    them all, again without a dwarf army and destroy the crypts and tombs. You find
    3 chests. Now you can see a horde guarding a magic fountain and full of
    archers. You can beat some of them but i think it's not possible to destroy the
    fountain with only the heroes and the avatar. I suggest to build an army of
    dwarf even if it means, harder battles for the rest of the map.
    4) Curiously, building the town won't generate more monsters. all the skeletons
    will attack you and their number will decrease. You will have the opportunity
    to close the magic fountain and then beat the archers. If you wish to beat the
    archers of the other side of the path, you need a dwarf army. With it in your
    pocket, send them to beat the fallen hero. Your avatar and his heroes will pass
    in the melee and will attack the archers. Be sure to kill first the frozen
    5) Advance and you will have to face the 2 bosses level 18, Garvyn and Roglas.
    With an army (20 soldiers) they fall easily. You obtain a key. With it go west
    and open the door. Kill Kyria and the wolf masters to obtain Kyria's essence.
    You will be able to summon her if you find a rune.
    6) Last finish the last skeletons to reach Fastholme.
    Ok, you can go to Fastholme if you wish, but i higly recommend to finish the
    side quests now. You are level 12 or level 13 and the monsters in Fastholme and
    other map will be too much hard for you.
    So far you need to find 1 part of the blade soldier and 2 runes (one for Kyria
    and one for the blade soldier). You can go to Frostfall and search for the
    missing pages of Darius book or you can go to Mirraw Thur to freed it from
    Dracon Sahal and help Ashgork.
    Mirraw Thur Campaign part 4 :
    In this part, teleport to the bindstone near the hero monument. Summon them all
    and go to the ork village where the boss level 20 is. Free the prison south to
    have a bindstone near the village. Then attack the hordes one after the other
    to save the village. You will do many game over. Last attack the boss and kill
    him. Ashgork and his brothers will arrive in town. Talk to Ashgork and he says
    that you need 3 bone weapons (buy it to 3 different merchant, one in town and 2
    other in the elf city of Tirganach for example) and that you will have to chase
    an ork in the Echo Swamp to obtain magic bone. You also need blood gem, but you
    have found them if you kill particular bosses i indicate in the guide. Last you
    will have to mix them all in an altar which is the mysterious gigantic altar
    near the portal to Stormcleaver Rock.
    Echo Swamps Campaign Part 2 :
    The missions is simple. Build the dark elf camp again. Menawhile the hero must
    run to Nazosh and talk to him, else the spectral tree won't stop respawning.
    Then run to your camp and let all the orks die. Nazosh will stay alive. Build
    the camp and then an army of 40 soldiers. Go to Nazosh in old Whorim camp and
    kill all the spectral tree. Now talk to Nazosh and he gives the first bone part
    you need. It's not over yet. South of the camp you can see the swamp creatures
    that helped you to reach whorim camp. Kill them all with a new army of 50
    soldiers if necessary. They are guarding a chest with a good stuff in it. Once
    all these tasks are done, simply teleport back to Mirraw Thur. Talk to Ashgork
    and he gives you a new assignement.
    Mirraw Thur Campaign Part 5 :
    Ashgork asks you to fight a spirit to the north of Mirraw Thur. Summon your
    heroes and then search for this creature. The creatures is near the altar. Beat
    it with your heroes and avatar. Come back to Ashgork and now you must kill him
    to obtain the last bone part. As he doesn't want to die, he runs and asks for
    some help from skeletons. With your heroes follow him and do a long battle to
    kill him. I killed him twice (maybe a bug) and then obtain a bone part. Now go
    to the altar. You can forge weapons of magic items. I choose the weapons as i
    play a warrior. To complete this quest you must forge all 3 items of the
    category you choose. If you look for a blue gem, a merchant in the elf town of
    Tirganach has it. I think you need at least a yellow gem which you normally
    don't own. You now have 2 items. You will forge the third later.
    Frostfall Campaign Part 2 :
    Ok, here the things are easy. Build again your ork camp. With at least 30
    soldiers you need to chase 3 wolves. You find the first near the hero monument
    (summon them by the way). Then continue in the mountain and you see the second.
    The third appear on the map, click on it and beat it. Once you have the 3
    missing pages, go back to Darius. He gives back the key to Flink jail. Free
    Flink and he gives you a magic key to help you find a treasure. You will finish
    this quest later. Now go to Fastholme.
    Fastholme Campaign part 1 :
    1) Go to the dwarf village. The dwarf you wish to see is being held captive by
    a demon. Skeletons hordes attack the village you must protect it. This campaign
    is the hardest i have ever scene. It's impossible to protect and build the
    town, and an army because systematically 2 hordes will come to destroy
    everything. Forget the town and while the skeletons attack it, explore the map.
    In a chest on the south west you find a useful armor. Now go back to the town,
    switch on the bindstone. Try to attack the horde in the town, but run to the
    king Ragnar, he will kill them all alone.
    2) Talk to Ragnar and he says that other hordes will come. He is right of
    course so abandon the town and with your hero alone explore the map to find the
    2 magic fountains to close. I suggest you begin to chase the farther fountain.
    It is guarded by zombies. Kill them, then attack the tomb.
    3) Be sure to kill every ennemies, the horde near the giant (don't attack him)
    and the 2 hordes that are blocking the way to the second dwarf monument and the
    bindstone. Go north and switch on the bindstone. Forget the dwarf monument for
    now. It's time to go back to the first magic fountain (guarded by death spirit
    and skeletons).
    4) To destroy this one, try to attack then run to the dwarf statue. It will
    kill all the skeletons very easily. Do this until you can reach the 3 tombs and
    crypts and destroy them all. Open the chests and then go back to the dwarf
    town. Now beat the horde helped by king Ragnar. Talk to him and he asks you to
    find Uram. Uram appear on the map, teleport to the other dwarf monument then go
    to him.
    5) Open the chest to find a rune, then talk to Uram. Help him to reach the goal
    by killing some skeletons. Now he destroys the path. No horde can come to
    attack the town. You must now build an army and kill the giant to save Windjalf.
    6) Fighting Gorg won't be easy. You need 30 soldiers, archers, priests and
    fighters of the best category for each. While you fight Gorg, he will summon 2
    giants to help him. The first time you won't have the time to kill him. So
    retreat when the giants appear. Come back and kill the giants one after the
    other. Then be sure that Gorg will run after your avatar. Then ambush him with
    an army of 30 soldiers and fight him. He will summon again 2 giants, but this
    time, you will have just enough time to retreat. Last kill again the 2 giants.
    Send your avatar to the cave and Windjalf will appear. Open the chest to find
    the last part of the blade soldier. You need a rune now.
    7) Escort him to his town and kill all the wolves on the way. If you have the
    opportunity beat at least one of the skeletons level 27. You can earn lots of
    exp. Back in town, talk to Windjalf and you obtain a magic scroll. Go back to
    Tirganach now.
    Tirganach Campaign Part 2 :
    1) Don't forget to talk to the masked man. He will awake Kyria for you. Talk to
    Elune and she will ask you to go north to find some dark elf spirits. Maybe
    they will help you. Go north and you see that the north gate is opened.
    Continue north and you will arrive to a fork. On the left are a lot of dragons
    level 20. You can at least killed 4 of them helped by your heroes. Actually you
    can't go farther as the number of dragons and their power will be to high for
    you. Come back to the fork and go right. You see Zanzaar and his guardians.
    Attack them all. They are weak. You obtain a Spider Key.
    2) Show this key to Elune. She says that you can go to the south gate and find
    the gate south east of Tirganach to go to Nevershade Frontier. Before you leave
    Tirganach talk to Aileen. She asks you to find the murderer of Aedale. Talk to
    Baetha and Lithere in town. Now exit by the east gate and go to the hero
    monument. Talk to Bennair and look at the body of Aedale. Come back to Aileen
    and say that you have the solution. The murderer is Bennair, you must answer 3
    then tell her that it is Bennair.
    3) Now exit by the south gate. Helped by your heroes destroy each house of the
    wolves. The magic fountains closed kill them all. Go to the closed gate. Open
    4) It is not over yet. Go to the portal and fight all the skeletons. You find
    very good stuff in the chest and you can switch on a new bindstone. Go to the
    frozen spirits place. In order to succeed, simply use the heroes as decoy while
    the avatar destroyed the magic fountains (you must do it in 3 times for each
    fountain). Then kill all the spirits. You find in the chest very good stuff and
    a rune.
    5) Go back to the masked man and show him all the pieces and the rune. He will
    make a blade soldier heroes for you. Now go to the portal to Nevershade
    Frontier. This campaign is not over yet, you will have to come back to kill the
    troll and the dragons in the mountain.
    Nevershade Frontier Campaign :
    1) When you arrive, you watch a cutscene of what to do on this map. Go south to
    switch on a bindstone and go north to the human monument to find elf building
    plans (?!) in a chest. Now the trick is to not awake the human monument. Go
    north and avoid both urok and dark elf camp. You meet on the way a village of
    human. Go there only during the day, talk to the village chief. Now go south to
    talk to the blacksmith. He says he has lost 3 items, they are the key to stop
    the curse. You will have to find 3 gargoyles, they have each an item.
    2) Go north. You must (as north as possible) to find a small urok camp. Destroy
    it (with your avatar only of course). Now advance and kill some spiders on the
    way to the portal. Pass it. You arrive in a new area. First find and free the
    hero monument. Summon them all. Go north to fight the first gargoyle. Go
    northwest to find a giant white spider. You obtain a yellow gem (you need it to
    finally complete one of the side quest). Now go south west of the hero monument
    to find 3 black towers and the second gargoyle. Kill it to obtain the second
    item. Go back to the hero monument and go south east this time.
    3) Find your way to another urok camp and kill them all. Then you will access
    to a dwarf camp. Talk to Borrondir, the boss. Then open the chest to find a
    rune (useful later). Now helped by the dwarves go south west as if you wish to
    kill the second gargoyle and this time stop near a door. Talk to Borrondir and
    he opens it. Now find your way to the huge to destroy. Things will become hard
    as a horde run to you. Avoid it.
    4) You can now go south to the dark elf camp and destroy it. Continue south to
    fight the third gargoyle. Then go east to the urok camp and after a very long
    battle you will free the way to the portal to Shal Dun. Don't pass it yet as
    there are things to do on this map. First open the chest near the swamp (if you
    miss it, it is north, just before you pass under the arcade rock). Now go back
    to the beginning of the map and find the first altar. Use one of the three item
    on it. The second altar is east of the elf monument to the north. The third is
    located south east of the elf monument. To find it, go to the skeletons camp in
    the middle of the map. To complete this side quest you must leave the map and
    reenter in it. It means at the end of the campaign.
    5) Go back to Mirraw Thur and build the third bone weapon. Go back to Tirganach
    and talk to the masked man. In one of the chests you open (or after you kill an
    important ennemy) on the map of Nevershade Frontier, you obtained a part of a
    prince of the blade. The masked man asks you to find the other part of the
    prince and a rune (you have it) so you can obtain a powerful rune heroes. Go
    back to Nevershade Frontier and pass the portal to Shal Dun.
    Shal Dun Campaign part 1 :
    1) Talk to the dracon Craig. He explains how to progress in Shal Dun. Talk
    again to him to earn some exp. Switch on the bindstone here and prepare to
    fight. Craig will give you 11 powerful fighters to help you. Don't waste them
    uselessly. First go to the ork monument and conquer it. Talk to the dark elf. I
    suggest you accept his offer, despite the fact you can refuse and conquer the
    moon city by yourself, you will gain lots of time. You obtain the moon key.
    2) Use your 11 fighters to conquer the celestial city. It's easy to win and you
    can obtain the stellar key. You also free 2 portals to frostfall and Mirraw
    Thur. If you have 2 stellar, lunar and solar coins use them to unlock the moon
    spirit and the sun one. They will join your army and help you. If they die,
    they respawn here. Kill some dark elf and talk to the Dracon. He gives you a
    hand that allows you to use secret passageway to the solar and the lunar city.
    3) Go south and use your 11 fighters (and your avatar) to stop the arrival of
    very small and weak red empire horde. Meanwhile you must build an ork town. Be
    sure to have at least 50 soldiers. You need the weak ork to travel south and to
    destroy the dark elf tower that protects the way to the solar city. Once they
    are all destroyed, you can advance to a troll monument and a bindstone. Now be
    sure to have a small ork army and your 11 fighters.
    4) With the 11 fighters go north of the ork monument and you find a skeleton
    camp. Destroy it. You will have to fight some creatures too. You can advance to
    a door, it is closed for now. Come back to the fork and if you choose to go to
    the mountain, you will see some dark elf towers. Go away, you will come back to
    them later.
    5) Go back to the ork army and enter the solar city. Locate the solar city
    master. Send your 11 fighters west of him and the ork army south of him. Send
    the ork army on the army of the solar city master as decoy. Send your 11
    fighters to destroy the monument and close the magic fountain. You can now
    unite all the remaining forces to destory this weak horde. You obtain the solar
    key. Now you have many choices. I suggest you build the troll town to have
    powerful soldiers and use your remaining fighters to protect this town until it
    is complete.
    There are :
    1) The lunar city dark elf towers to the north of your ork camp to destroy. The
    small goblins there have maybe some items (random fact).
    2) The dark elf towers in the mountain that leads to other red empire horde.
    3) The remaining horde in the solar city to kill so you can talk to another
    6) First beat the remaining horde of the solar city. Talk to the Arcon there
    and he gives you a fire spirit. Use this fire spirit to destroy the dark elf
    towers north of your ork monument. The fact is that the dark elf of the lunar
    city will begin to patrol and attack you, so forget the alliance and kill them
    all. The moon spirit can beat the dark elf towers that protect the horde to the
    north in the mountain. Now attack this horde, you arrive in front of the door
    to the crimson city. Don't pass it yet. You'll have to destroy the lunar city.
    Kill them all and talk to the Archon to obtain another moon spirit.
    7) Pass the portal. Beat all the fire goblins and the 2 dark elf towers. Go
    north and find the hero monument. Summon them all. Now kill everyone. You
    notice 2 spider nests. You find cool stuff (one is south and one is to the
    north east in the city. Kill the central horde to talk to the masked man. To
    the north and to the south are special hordes that are protecting magic chests.
    You need solar, lunar and stellar coins to open them. Kill a dark elf called
    Shal Duir, you obtain his rune and the masked man will release it for you. Be
    sure to kill everyone and to free the way to the Firefangs.
    8) The last thing to do is to fight Grimaud. After a scene, you will fight him
    again and he dies. Craig will say that he will prepare a fire stone to open the
    portal to the Abyss while you will go to the Firefangs to find the Shadow
    Sword. Go to the Firefangs.
    Firefangs Campaign :
    1) The crimson angel will ask for help. You lure him and accept to help him.
    Open the chests and kill some shadows. Touch the bindstone. I suggest you begin
    to explore the map and avoid the small hordes of shadows. Now You must discover
    the location of the dwarf obelisk to solve a side quest and the altar of
    Zarach. Don't forget the location of the altar.
    2) You will have to fight the small hordes to free some paths. Summon your
    heroes at the hero monument west of the dark elf monument. You can now beat the
    hordes one after the other. West of the hero monument you will fight 2 hordes
    and then meet a man. He says that you can fight the shadows by finding the
    shadow ring. He has the first part and you must help him to reach the second
    part in his old camp.
    3) To the east is a gigantic horde you cannot fight alone. Summon troops and
    your heroes to beat them. They were guarding a part of the prince of the
    blades. Now the way to the dwarf monument is open (it is to the far east of
    this map). After the avatar read it, he (she) has a new clue about the treasure
    of Tiondrie. Go south of this monument and beat 2 hordes of 4 shadows to reach
    the camp. You find a bindstone and the chest. If the man died you take on him
    the key and the first part of the ring. If he is alive he will help you to open
    the chest.
    4) Before you take the ring you must highlight some locations on the map. The
    altar of Zarach, and 4 torches. Don't forget that after you take the ring lots
    of shadows will attack your camp and they respawn infinitely.
    5) The first torch is to the far south west, the second is to the far
    northwest, for this 2 torches you will see only a stick with a jewel on it. The
    two last torches are on the far north east and the middle of the map (on the
    way to the Crimson Angel). You will see a stick with a jewel and an altar. If
    you go north of your camp and follow a path in the mountain you arrive in a
    large plain with the map of Fastholme on the ground. Read the map and you
    notice a fire on the southwest part of the map. To solve a side quest you will
    have to go there and then talk to Flink in Tirganach.
    6) Near the torch to the south west is a chest with a rune inside. You will
    find in the chest near the crimson angel the last part of the prince of
    darkness. Now you just have to talk to the masked man to obtain a new rune
    fighter, but you will do it later. It appears that if you leave the map now,
    the 4 torches quest will bug unless you are playing the 1.35 version.
    7) The strategy is hard here. You must build the dark elf camp and an army of
    80 soldiers. Meanwhile, send 10 to 20 workers build dark elf tower near each of
    the torch. You need 10 dark elf tower to protect the torch and 4 to 6 dark elf
    tower near each dark crystal. I suggest that you take the shadow ring and look
    at all the dark crystals location then reload your file and build the towers.
    Send 15 soldiers and one hero near each torch (the shadows will stop respawning
    after your town expand to a certain point so you will have all your time).
    8) Now you have 10 dark elf towers to protect the torch, 4 to 6 towers to
    prevent the shadows respawning from the dark crystal, 15 fighters + 1 hero near
    each torch and also 20 fighters in town just in case some of your units need
    help. Go to the chest with the shadow ring inside and open it. Now run to the
    altar of Zarach and summon the fire elemental. Be sure in the same time to
    fight all the shadows near the torch. the game won't be able to manage all the
    sprites and the shadows will respawn very slowly. Send the fire elemental to a
    torch. The second appear at the altar (if not patch the game to version 1.35).
    Do this for all torches and fight. After all 4 torches are lightened, fight
    during 3 to 6 minutes and the quest book will be updated.
    9) I would like to say it's over but you'll have to fight the crimson angel
    (level 28). He is protected by fire demons that respawn infinitely. I suggest
    that you build some towers near him and create an army of sorcerer that will
    fire on him (as an archer can do). This army must have at least 30 sorcerers. Be
    sure that the other 50 fighters of your choice will fight the demons. Go to the
    angel and try to take the shadow sword. Then he will attack you. After the
    battle take the sword and leave this map.
    10) Back at Shal Dun talk to the masked man to obtain the rune of the prince of
    darkness. Equip yourself with the shadow sword and talk to Craig. He gives a
    fire gem to open the door to the Abyss. Open the way to the portal but don't
    pass it now. Go to Tirganach and talk to Flink. He says that the treasure is
    protected by skeletons. They are all level 27 so the battle at Fastholme will
    be hard. You can kill the Urok here now and also the remaining young ice dragon
    to gain exp.
    So far you need to solve the quest of Tiondrie (kill all the skeletons) and you
    can pass the portal to the Abyss. Begin with the Abyss campaign.
    The Abyss Campaign :
    1) You arrive and Willit explains how to pass the firewall. Now switch on the
    bindstone and advance. You will encounter a patrol of red soldiers. I suggest
    you run for the moment. You will find on this map small fortress guarded by
    weak soldiers. There are 3 of them and they generate the patrols. You meet the
    first fortress by going west. Open the chest and run to the north. You will
    find an elf monument and a bindstone, activate the bindstone only and run to
    the east. Kill some manticore and then you find the second small fortress. Beat
    it. You are in a hurry as the first patrol move toward you and a second patrol
    has been generated to guard the first fortress. Run again to the north (from
    the second fortress) then to the east. You find another bindstone. Go to the
    east again and go to the south to find the third and last fortress. Now it's up
    to you to kill the patrols.
    2) You have also found near the third fortress the ork monument and the
    bindstone. Activate both of them. The idea is to build an ork village to kill
    the wolves of the west and then to build an elf village to beat the fire
    spirits of the east part of the map. Use the avatar and Lena to protect the ork
    village and build at least 30 soldiers (10 shamans minimum). Send them on the
    wolf village near the elf monument (you must use a path in the mountain). Beat
    this horde and the boss. Now run to the portal and go to Shal Dun. The reason
    is that you won't be able to fight anymore the fire spirits.
    3) Come back to the Abyss and go to the elf monument. Build an elf village with
    at least 30 soldiers (10 archers, mages and druids and/or fighters). Send them
    to the fire spirits that annoyed you to the east. You must kill the horde west
    of the ork town first. If you still have elf (as i had) you can send them
    quickly to the second fire boss. They won't reach him but they will free the
    path to him. Run to the portal as the wolves will be too numerous and go to Sal
    Dun. Now come back to the Abyss and kill the second fire boss without
    activating a monument.
    4) Now activate the ork monument and build an army of 40 soldiers (or 50 as you
    have all the time to do it). Go and kill the last wolf boss who is south of the
    elf monument. You ahve found many treasures by killing these four bosses.
    5) Now build an elf village to the maximum of its power. 80 soldiers and also
    the titan. You must penetrate the prison of Cenwen. It is heavily guarded. I
    suggest you send the avatar near the bindstone north of the prison to block the
    way to the scouts the empire send to destroy your elf village. Attack the first
    wave. Then you will have to beat 2 magics fountains.
    6) After you beat these fountains, you can beat a building guarded by fire
    golem and then go south to attack the second wave. Call some reinforcements to
    attack again and again until you reach the two last magic fountains and the
    bindstone near it. Continue fighting until all the ennemies are dead. You can
    switch on the bindstone.
    7) Save your game and advance to Cenwen. The Fial Darg appears. Beat him
    (forget the shadow sword and let the elfs kill him). You have now conquered
    this map. Talk to Cenwen and she will ask you to go back to Tirganach. Don't do
    that as you need to solve some quests before completing the game. There is one
    more thing to do here. There is a nest of powerful dragon in this prison. Go to
    the east to find it and attack the nest with 80 soldiers. Beat the dragon one
    after the other. Then there will be the 3 last so attack them directly and pray
    that you will be enough strong to win. Thsi map is cleared. Go to the bindstone
    and teleport yourself to Shal Dun.
    Shal Dun Campaign Part 2 :
    You will notice bad guys on this map. Go to the ork monument and kill the guy
    here. Craig said that an emissary of the lunar city wishes to talk to you. I
    wasn't able to find him. If you have informations on this tell me. You notice
    also a fountain in the solar city where soldiers respawn infinitely. It's not
    possible to stop it as there is no building to destroy. Maybe a bug or maybe it
    is related to this lunar guy who wish to talk to me. Teleport yourself to
    NOTE : You can try to free Mirraw Thur and the Echo Swamps of their red
    soldiers army but they respawn from the portal even if you have destroyed the
    red empire now. Bug again.
    Fastholme Campaign Part 2 :
    1) Now that you are level 24/25 go to Fastholme and build the dwarf town to its
    maximum power. You will have to fight horde of powerful level 27 skeletons and
    also savage beasts. What's cool here is that you have all your time to build
    the town and to summon an army. Don't forget also now to kill all the level 27
    skeletons that are waiting near the rock you used to block the way to the dwarf
    city. Before thinking to the treasure of Fastholme, think first to kill
    everyone on this map. The beasts are not difficult to kill. I have found 3
    small clans level 21/22. Maybe there is a fourth near the cave of the giant but
    i didn't go there to check it out.
    2) Now build an army of 30 soldiers to begin the battle for the treasure.
    Attack from the north west. Concentrate some archers on the level 27 (at least
    15 archers) and the avatar while the titan and the other dwarves will attack
    the weak skeletons. After the first wave try to increase the number of soldiers
    to 40. Now you must have 20 archers and 20 fighters, a titan and the avatar.
    3) The main wave is lead by a bone dancer level 28. He is the one who has the
    treasure. To attack this horde use your avatar to force a wave to pursue
    him/her. Then send your fighters to finish this wave. When the number will
    decrease drastically launch a final assault on the main guards. You will have
    then to finish a small wave to the south.
    4) Now increase the number of soldiers to 50. You won't have the opportunity to
    upgrade more your army. Go to the level 27 skeleton horde. Use the same
    technique to beat small units of the horde. You will lose numerous soldiers and
    then you will face a tactical problem. There are 16 death laughter skeletons
    and 8 archers. Concentrate all the power of your archers and fighters on the
    laughters because they are weak (despite a level 27). Once they die finish the
    archers. It will be long (at least 1 or 2 hours to finish them all).
    5) Now go back to a bindstone and teleport back to Tirganach.
    Tirganach Campaign Part 3 :
    1) Talk to Flink. I suggest you share the treasure, you can choose to not to
    but you will only gain a poor weapon and a helm that you have already found.
    You gain more exp by sharing the treasure.
    2) Talk to Cenwen. She says that you must go to Frostweaver Rift and fight
    Aryn. The dragon is under a curse that you must break. Summon your best heroes
    (don't forget to buy the best one to an elf merchant here in Tirganach). Go
    north and pass the door (you remember, i suggested to use this way earlier to
    kill ice dragon level 20 for exp). Before you reach the portal you will fight
    other ice dragons. In front of the portal is waiting a bear level 30. Kill him
    to obtain a ring and pass the portal to the final world.
    Frostweaver Rift Campaign :
    1) Cenwen suggests to talk to the dwarf while she prepares a song for Aryn. Go
    directly to the dwarf. Talk to him. he explains that you need to warm up 6
    small crystals and 3 huges to reach Aryn. Awake your heroes. Now you have to
    protect the dwarf if they say : i have a fire crystal. Let them die else. They
    must reach a mine and search for a fire crystal.
    2) You will find very easily all the six small crystals guarded each time by
    small dragons. Then go to the north and deactivate the 3 huge crystals. Now the
    door to Aryn is opened. But there is a problem, a horde of creatures come on
    you because you afraid them...
    3) Probably a bug but this horde will give you no exp so kill them all just to
    obtain the right to attack Aryn.
    4) When they die go to Aryn's lair and prepare for the final fight in order to
    complete the game. Aryn is a dragon level 28 but will be very hard to kill.
    During the fight 2 dragons level 24 will respawn and help Aryn until you beat
    him. This fight will be very hard, you need :
    The rune archer Zichorias (from the chest near Aryn)
    The rune mage Sondra
    The dark elf Shar Arduin
    20 defenders and 22 priests
    9 elites and 9 elders
    The dwarf titan
    The avatar and 2 other rune heroes of your choice.
    Place the 18 fighters near the ice obelisk of the south to fight the baby
    dragon when it will respawn. Send the archer Zichorias to hit Aryn and then
    retreat. Do this until Aryn does a step to hit the group of Zichorias, Sondra
    and Shar. Meanwhile, the avatar, the titan and the 2 heroes will hit the dragon
    the north ice obelisk. Now that Aryn has moved send the defenders and the
    to hit Aryn. Aryn will focus on them. Use the spell suffer of Shar, fireball of
    sondra and the archer Zichorias to finish Aryn easily.
    At least Cenwen can sing again for her dragon and the peace is back.
    7 List of all main quest and side quest :
    Main quest :
    The battle of Mirraw Thur
    The curse of Janina
    The echo swamps
    Escape to the north
    In the mountain of Frostfall
    Escape to the ice
    Fire and Ice
    In the heart of the crimson empire
    The crimson city
    The shadow sword
    Departure to the abyss
    In the depths of the abyss
    Back at Tirganach
    The winter dragon
    Side quest :
    The 3 magicians
    Wumpus hunting
    The masked man
    The bone sculptor
    Tiondrie treasure
    The value of a life
    The murder of the great priestess
    The beast sign
    8 List of all rune heroes :
    Blade soldiers :
    The prince level 24
    The ripper level 20
    The servant level 15
    Elf :
    Kyra level 16
    Goblin :
    Gitzo level 9
    Dark elf :
    Shar Arduin level 22
    Orc :
    Gultark level 14
    Fighter :
    Vlad level 24
    Carminia level 23
    Thiderick level 15
    Ragna level 14
    Ylvie level 11
    Reowys level 9
    Dunhan level 9
    Warrior :
    Tilleth level 12
    Archer :
    Zichorias level 21
    Rolfor level 13
    Jahwel level 11
    Mage :
    Sondra level 22
    Jarvis level 16
    Signe level 9
    Mentalist :
    Morna level 16
    Zoe level 14
    Garbarius level 10
    Iola level 8
    Sorcerer :
    Dragis level 16
    Argento level 15
    Finistra level 12
    Phobor level 9
    Priest :
    Siobe level 22
    Nova level 17
    Deidra level 16
    Carmelius level 13
    Navide level 11
    Noemi level 9
    Gyllenhaal level 8
    I am not sure but you can find Gareth in Tirganach.
    9 Credits :
    Thanks to Jowood and Phenomic for The breath of winter addon
    Thanks to Ernst G. Schlechtendahl for his help for the beast
    sign quest.
    Thanks to Andrew Kerry for the hint about the beast sign.
    This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004. Ask for permission to post it on your

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