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    FAQ/Walkthrough by N3Burgener

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/29/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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        / /       ^  | / \ |   | |   |  /  \ \ | | / /       ^   | }|  | }|        
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        \ \    ^-. | | \_/ |   | |   | |   / / | | \ \       _   | }|  | }|        
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                  \|            \|      Night of the Raven       |^/    \^|        
                                          FAQ/Walkthrough        |/      \|   
                                             = v 1.0 =
    First, let me welcome you to G2:NotR. NotR has been described by officials as 
    being more of an "add-in" than an "add-on", in the aspect that it "adds in" an
    extra world with new quests, monsters, features, and characters, all in the
    original game lineology, without having much effect on the main/original story
    line of the game. Unlike an add-on, which would take place after the events of
    the original (where you could use your saved character and continue), NotR
    requires that you start fresh, but it's well worth it.
    NotR is *hard*. I reccomend it only for seasoned Gothic players who really know
    their ins and outs of the series. Not only is the monster difficulty and monst-
    er quantity increased, but character development is now also much more difficu-
    lt. On the plus side, however, NotR gives increased opportunities for experien-
    ce and free skills, so it all balances out.
    Because of Gothic's free-roam nature, it is nearly impossible to write a step
    by step walkthrough and cover everything that needs to be covered. Instead, I
    will outline areas by characters, quests, trainers, points, etc, and you can
    look up what specific part you need assistance on. There will also be "Quick
    Guides" which will be brief in detail for more broad tasks, particularly the
    main plot-line to explain in more direct 'step-by-step' terms how to do certain
    key things. 
    In this guide, I will not cover the entirety of Gothic 2 - that is handled
    quite extraordinarily well by Ellusion. This guide will cover all the statisti-
    cs and features that are new to NotR, and will feature a walkthrough for the
    new "add-in" plot line added in the expansion. In this guide, I'm assuming 
    you've played the original, so I won't get into basics for explanations, expos-
    ition, the main quest, etc. 
    This Guide is open-ended, similar to how the game itself plays. Thus, it won't
    get into how to build your character or tell you how to play. It is merely a
    guideline for completing the game. I'm also not going into detail on loot and
    other such things, because I feel the biggest thrill of the game is your perso-
    nal exploration of the game, always finding new things. It's better for you to
    find things yourself. Not to mention there's a crap-load of stuff to find, and
    I'm too lazy to write it all out.
     - Version History:
    	1.0 - The first version. There are still some things that I need to
    	      double-check on another playthrough, but I believe this contains
    	      close to everything, relatively accurate. If you notice anything
                  that's incorrect or know any extra information, feel free to
    	      e-mail me the information, N3Burgener@gmail.com.
     Table of Contents
      [G.1] - Changes to G2 in NotR
      [G.2] - Tips, FAQs, and Bugs
         [G.2.1] - General Tips
         [G.2.2] - Fighting Monsters
         [G.2.3] - FAQs
         [G.2.4] - Bugs
      [G.3] - Walkthrough
         [G.3.1] - Pre-Jharkendar        
         [G.3.2] - Jharkendar               
         [G.3.3] - Post-Jharkendar  
         [G.3.4] - Quick-Guides    
      [G.4] - Manuscripts
      [A.1] - Armor / Accessories
      [A.2] - Weapons 
         [A.2.1] - One-Handed
         [A.2.2] - Two-Handed
         [A.2.3] - Bows
         [A.2.4] - Crossbows
         [A.2.5] - Claw of Beliar
      [A.3] - Magic 
         [A.3.0] - The Basics
         [A.3.1] - First Circle Spells
         [A.3.2] - Second Circle Spells
         [A.3.3] - Third Circle Spells
         [A.3.4] - Fourth Circle Spells
         [A.3.5] - Fifth Circle Spells
         [A.3.6] - Sixth Cirle Spells
         [A.3.7] - Claw of Beliar
         [A.3.8] - Paladin Runes
      [A.4] - Character Development
         [A.4.1] - Trainers 
            [A.4.1.1] - Attributes
    	[A.4.1.2] - Hunting/Trophies
    	[A.4.1.3] - Thievery
    	[A.4.1.4] - Rune-making
    	[A.4.1.5] - Weapon Skills
         [A.4.2] - Auxiliary Skills
            [A.4.2.1] - Forging
    	[A.4.2.2] - Alchemy
            [A.4.2.3] - The Language of the Builders
    	[A.4.2.4] - Searching Will-o-the-Wisp
         [A.4.3] - Stone Tablets
         [A.4.4] - Praying at Shrines
         [A.4.5] - Extras
      [W.1] - Acknowledgements
      [W.2] - Legal info
     [G.1]   Changes to G2 in NotR
    - New dialogue with Xardas at the begining and a new FMV explaining the new
      content of NotR.
    - Stat-upgrading costs more per point as they increase (1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1,
    - 1H and 2H weapon efficiency are no longer learned simultaneously. However, it
      still costs double to train past "Fighter" and triple to train past "Master".
    - STR/DEX/MANA elixers are not as effective -- they add 3 to your stats, mana
      elixirs adding 5 to your mana. 
    - STR/DEX amulets now give +10 instead of +15.
    - Belt accessories have been added that can add +5 or +10 to STR/DEX or add
      extra defense to certain things (double defense if belts are matched with
      the appropriate armor, ie militia belt with militia armor).
    - Jewelry sets have been added which give added bonuses for wearing both rings
      and the amulet in the set.
    - Shrines of Innos give +1 to attributes. 
    - Shrines of Beliar have been added, which give gold for permanent donations
      of stat points (HP and MP).
    - New weapons have been added, including some with malus to your weapon skills.
    - Pyrokar mentions the threats in the NE when undergoing the Test of Fire.
    - Countless new NPC's added to Khorinis for involvement with the Water Mages
      and the Missing People / Bandits' Weapons Dealer quests.
    - A new sub-region added to the 'pyramid' area in the NE indicated by the red
      X on the 'Very Old Map' (the Water Mages' digging site).
    - New teleporter stones can teleport you one-way from place to place at your
      will; three total in Khorinis. 
    - Stone Tablets can be found, which when read (if you've learned the language
      of the builders) increase your stats permanently.
    - Dragons regenerate HP.
    - New ways into Khorinis City.
    - New monsters were added.
    - Monsters are stronger and tougher.
    - New Armors including Bandit and Pirate varieties.
    - Access to wearable 'Citizens Clothing'.
    - New ways to join the three guilds.
    - Weapons now do more damage, but also require more STR/DEX. 
    - Armor is stronger -- Heavy Dragon Hunter's and Heavy Paladin's armor are
      even in defense.
    - The return of 'Acrobatics' from G1.
    - New Spells added: Ice Lance, Dust Devil, Geyser, Storm, Waterfist, Root 
      Snare, Steal Energy, Beliar's Wrath, Create Guardian, Insect Swarm, Create
      Zombie, Cry of the Dead.
    - Black Ore added, which slows down time to make more precise combat actions.
    - New Potions: Pure Mana and Pure Life Energy.
    - Probably some other stuff.
     [G.2]   Tips/FAQs
    Here are some general strategies that should make your gaming experience
    easier and more enjoyable, as well as make certain things clear right at the
    begining. With the changes made to G2 in NotR, things are a lot harder, and
    it is quite easy to make things much more difficult. 
     [G.2.1] - General Tips
    - Specialize in one type of combat and stat-point for the first few chapters.
      If you spread yourself out too thin, you'll find that you're inefficient
      with most combat-related situations and will easily get destroyed. Play with
      some weapons and decide whether you want to go 1H or 2H, and then stick to
      that. You can wait until a bit later on to learn ranged combat and such,
      once you're adequate at fighting with your sword.
    - For easy money early on, get into the Thieves' Guild building and pray at
      the Shrine of Beliar in the rat-infested room, donating HP for 500g a day.
      You come by tons of Stone Tablets and such that will make your HP way higher
      than it normally would be, so investing some of that early on in hard cash
      isn't a bad idea.
    - Start out with 1H sword skills and DEX, join the Thieves' Guild, learn how
      to pick locks and pick-pockets, and get to work. Increase your DEX so that
      you can be more efficient at the above, which will get you tons of free EXP
      and money early on, even just in Khorinis. Then, once you have 2400 gold, you
      can buy the Master Sword from Martin, which does 120 damage (with a 60 DEX
      requirement) and +10% skill to your 1H. This can all be done fairly early
      so that you've got one of the strongest weapons in the game almost at the
    - Wait to use auxiliary means for increasing your stats (ie Stone Tablets, 
      potions, praying at Shrines of Innos, eating apples, mushrooms, etc) until
      after you've used your LP's to the point where it costs 5 LP for 1 stat. In
      this manner you get more bang for your buck -- use the LP while they're
      cheap, and you'll see better results in the end.
    - Fighting stronger mobs earlier on isn't necesarily beneficial. In the amount
      of time it takes you to kill the mob you could have earned more exp killing
      easier mobs and exploring more. Not to mention, you'd be wasting a lot of
      money on arrows (as I know 80% of the tricks to killing mobs before you 
      would normally be able to involves using a bow/crossbow). Stick to the stuff
      that you can handle, and only dedicate the amount of time and effort for the
      harder mobs if they're in the way of something you want or need, otherwise
      leave them be until you're stronger -- when they become the equivilant of
      a bloodfly (early in the game) for exp and abundancy proportions. 
     [G.2.2] - Fighting Monsters
    Dragon Snapper:
    	It's best to pull them away from the group so that you only fight one
    	at a time. Simply walk close enough so that one will detect you and
    	begin walking towards you. Back away. Once you've gotten it far enough
    	away from the group, stand still and wait until it charges at you. Once
    	it begins running at you, take a step back -- it will bite at you, but
    	will come up short. Proceed to attack, getting in as many combos as
    	possible before it backs away, being sure to keep your distance. It
    	will make another lunge; take another step back, repeat.
    Orc Warrior:
    	When possible, try to limit fights with orcs to one-on-one. The best
    	way to drop Orcs safely is to strafe around and hit them from the back.
    	In doing this, you can in theory kill an orc at LVL1, if you have the
    	patience to spend 15 minutes attacking it.
    	The orc will begin running toward you, and so long as it's running, it
    	will do an overhand slash at you. When it gets close enough to do the
    	slash, strafe to the side and it'll miss you completely. From here, 
    	start whacking at its back until it turns around. Begin moving back
    	to get some distance (you defend as you move backward by default, so
    	don't worry about getting hit). Keep moving back until you get enough
    	distance for the orc to do another running attack, and repeat.
    Fire Lizard:
    	Fighting the fire lizard is similar to dealing with Dragon Snappers,
    	in that you need to pull it away from any other lizards, and in the
    	technique used to kill it. Make sure it's running to you -- once it's
    	close, take a step back and its fire attack will miss. Get a hit or
    	two in so that the lizard jumps back once or twice (don't get too close
    	to it, though). If possible, take a step back to increase the distance
    	between you, so that it begins to run at you again. Step back at the
    	last second so that it misses, and repeat.
    	Quite frankly one of the toughest mobs in the game. Like any strong
    	monster it's best to try to isolate them so that you only fight one
    	at a time. Simply walk up until one of them unsheaths their sword, then
    	turn and run the other direction until there's plenty of space. Then,
    	the best strategy is to block until their sword hits yours, then follow
    	up with a quick side-swipe, then immediately block again. They may
    	occasionally get a hit in, but this is the best method that I've come
    	Quite often when you come by a shadowbeast it's in a cave, and when
    	it is in a cave, it's a piece of cake to take down. Without ever
    	walking or running, jump from outside the cave over to the front of
    	the shadowbeast so that you're facing its head. NPC's don't notice you
    	if you jump around (with a few exceptional ones), thus the beast won't
    	react until you hit it.
    	Ready your sword, and begin attacking, pressing forward constantly.
    	Once it's against a wall and has no room to move, begin swiping left
    	to right repeatedly. If you time it right, the shadowbeast should get
    	hit mid-swipe each time it tries, and you'll eventually take it down.
    	Trolls, while big and ferocious, can be easily taken down. The secret
    	is to constantly hit it from the back. When you first run up to it, the
    	troll will howl. While it's doing this, run around behind it and begin
    	hitting. It'll start turning, at which point you should begin to strafe
    	until you're securely at its backside, and then get another two or
    	three hits in. 
    	The key is to keep moving so that it can never catch you and to put in
    	as many hits when possible. Make sure to stafe entirely clockwise or
    	entirely counterclockwise; don't mix it up. Sometimes you may have to
    	realign yourself, in which case you should stop strafing, turn toward
    	the troll, get closer, and begin strafing again. You can strafe faster
    	than the troll can turn. 
    	When a situation is too hard, use the terrain to your advantage. Climb
    	up a small tree stump and shoot the enemy with a ranged weapon (if it
    	can't jump). For large monsters like Demons, who can't fit through
    	doorways, lure them to one and shoot them with a ranged weapon. Trap
    	mobs against walls and beat them down. Fight Orc Warriors behind the
    	shelter of a wall or tent so that Shamans can't attack until you're
    	finished with the warriors. In short, play smart. 
     [G.2.3] - FAQs
    Q: Do I have to start over to play the bonus content of NotR, or can I continue
       from my old save file of G2?
    A: You need to start fresh, but it'll be well worth it. With all the changes
       done to the G2 mechanics, it's a lot more challenging and will provide a
       whole new experience to the game.
    Q: Lares won't take the ornament to the Water Mages? What do I have to do?
    A: In short, start over. It's a glitch. See more details in the bugs section.
    Q: Can you become a follower of Beliar by praying at shrines?
    A: No -- praying at Shrines of Beliar only reward you with hard cash, there is
       no 'character alignment' for good or evil that will be influenced by doing
    Q: What is 'Acrobatics'?
    A: Acrobatics makes you jump farther (like a dive), usefull for a quick escape
       from a bad situation and crossing large crevasses. You also take less damage
       from high falls with acrobatics.
    Q: How do I learn acrobatics?
    A: It is automatically learned at 90 DEX. You can learn it at 60 DEX, however,
       if you equip a +10 amulet, +10 belt, and two +5 rings to get a total of +30
       to your DEX. Have your base DEX at 59, equip the accessories, then learn 
       one point of DEX and you'll permanently learn acrobatics.
    Q: Why aren't there more FAQs?
    A: Because the author, N3B, can't think of any more common questions about the
       expansion or changes to G2 with the expansion. If you know any more that
       could be added, feel free to drop an e-mail. 
     [G.2.4] - Bugs
    - Perhaps the most treacherous bug in NotR involves Lares. When you're trying
      to join the Ring of Water, Vatras gives you an ornament to give to Lares,
      which he is to take to the Water Mages. You give it to him, and after some
      talk and side-quest, he agrees that he can take you with him. An option will
      then arise when you say "Let's go," to go to take the ornament to the Water
      Mages. BUT -
      If you've already had him take you to Onar's farm, the option disappears! I'm
      told that the option opens up later in the game, like chapter 3 or 4, but I
      have not confirmed this. At any rate, the ornament that you gave Lares is a
      part of the key to opening the Portal, but you can't get it back from him,
      'nor will he give it to you, thus you can't get into Jharkendar until it's
      delivered to the Water Mages the proper way.
      There isn't much that can be done to fix this, and most people experienced
      this bug the first time through. The only real option is to grit your teeth
      and start over, which isn't necesarily a bad thing. By now you've figured 
      out a lot about what's changed that you can do it better next time.
    - When you meet Dexter and get in combat with him and the bandits, Greg shows
      up and begins killing them all. For some reason, there is a chance that Greg
      will wind up taking all your gold when he scrounges through corpses. Be sure
      to have a save before hand so that you don't lose everything.
    - Not so much a bug as a trick, merchants will equip the strongest weapon they
      have available to them. Thus, certain weapons will become unavailable after
      you look at a merchant's inventory. If you don't look, it won't be a problem.
      It's a good idea to save before looking at a merchant's inventory to see if
      the strongest weapon they have would interest you. If it does, buy it. If you
      don't have the money, re-load your save and acquire the money. 
     [G.3]   Walkthrough
    Now, please note that a lot of these quests overlap, so there's going to be
    some repeated information in here. The Walkthrough is going to be broken up
    into three parts: Pre-Jharkendar, Jharkendar, and Post-Jharkendar. 
    The Overview goes in a fairly chronological order, so you can look over it as
    a guideline for your progress. To the left of things is a Code. Bring up the
    "Find" window (Control+F) and copy and paste the code into it, and it will
    bring you to that character/quest/appendix. There are times when a quest may
    lead into another, in which case, noted by this symbol  "->". It will be 
    followed by the code of the quest that it continues into. 
     [G.3.1] - Pre-Jharkendar
    K.1.A.1 - Xardas' Tower 
         K.1.C.1 - Lester 
    	K.1.Q.01 - "Herbs for Constantino" 
         K.1.C.2 - Cavalorn
    	K.1.Q.02 - "Cavalorn's Old Hut" 
    	K.1.Q.03 - "The 'Ring of Water'" 
    	K.1.Q.04 - "Cavalorn's Bandits"
    	K.1.T.01 - Learning from Cavalorn
         K.1.C.3 - Bandit
    	K.1.Q.05 - "Wanted Notes and Bandits"
    K.1.A.2 - Lobart's Farm 
         K.2.C.1 - Maleth
    	K.2.Q.01 - "The Bandits at Lobart's Farm" 
    	K.2.Q.02 - "How to Get Into the City of Khorinis" 
         K.2.C.2 - Lobart
    	K.2.Q.03 - "Lobart's Work Clothes" 
    	K.2.Q.04 - "Harvest the Turnip Field" 
    	K.2.Q.05 - "Bring the Turnips to Hilda" 
         K.2.C.3 - Hilda
    	K.2.Q.06 - "A Pan for Hilda" 
         K.2.C.4 - Canthar
    	K.2.P.01 - A Pass into the City 
         K.2.C.5 - Vino
    	K.2.Q.07 - "For a Bottle of Wine" 
         K.2.C.6 - Greg
            K.2.Q.08.a - "The Man with the Eyepatch"
    K.1.A.3 - Khorinis City
         K.3.C.1 - Vatras
    	K.3.P.01 - Cavalorn's Letter
    	K.3.Q.01 - "The 'Ring of Water'"
    	K.3.Q.02 - "Where Are the Missing People?"
    	K.3.Q.03 - "The Stone Tablets"
    	K.3.Q.04 - "The Bandits' Weapon Dealer"
    	K.3.Q.05.a - "Relief for Vatras"
    	K.3.T.1 - Learning from Vatras
         K.3.C.2 - Lares
    	K.3.Q.06 - "The Water Mages"
    	K.3.Q.07 - "Relief for Lares"
    	K.3.P.02 - Help from Lares
    	K.3.Q.08 - "The Simple Way Into the Militia"
    	K.3.Q.09 - "The Simple Way Into the Monastary"
    	K.3.Q.10 - "The Simple Way Into the Mercenaries"
    	K.3.Q.11.a - "The Missing People"
    	K.3.T.02 - Learning from Lares
         K.3.C.3 - Martin
    	K.3.P.03 - Martin's Stock
         K.3.C.4 - Farim
    	K.3.Q.12 - "Trouble With the Militia"
         K.3.C.5 - Bromor
    	K.3.Q.13 - "Bromor's Golden Dish"
         K.3.C.6 - Skip
     	K.3.Q.14 - "Pirate Trade"
         K.3.C.7 - Elvrich
    	K.3.Q.15 - "Lucia"
    K.1.A.4 - Akil's Farm and Cross Roads
         K.4.C.1 - Erol
    	K.4.Q.01 - "Merchant Raids"
    	K.4.T.01 - Learning from Erol: A Harder Hit
    	K.4.P.01 - Erol's Stock
    K.1.A.5 - Dead Harpy Tavern
         K.5.C.1 - Orlan
    	K.5.P.01 - A Free Bed for the Ring
         K.5.C.2 - Greg
    	K.5.Q.01.b - "The Man With the Eyepatch"
    K.1.A.6 - Onar's Farm, the Pass of Khorinis, the Bandit Camp
         K.6.C.1 - Lee
    	K.6.P.01 - Circle of Water?
         K.6.C.2 - Cord
    	K.6.P.02 - Cord's Friend Patrick
    	K.6.T.01 - Learning from Cord
         K.6.C.3 - Dexter
    	K.6.Q.01 - "Wanted Notes and Bandits"
    	K.6.P.03 - A Man With an Eyepatch
    	K.6.P.04 - Fire Bow
         K.6.C.4 - Greg
    	K.6.Q.02.c - "The Man With the Eyepatch"
         K.6.C.5 - Gaan
    	K.6.P.05 - Another Ring Member
    	K.6.T.02 - Learning from Gaan
    K.1.A.7 - The Water Mages' Site
         K.7.C.1 - Saturas
    	K.7.Q.01 - "Riordian"
         K.7.C.2 - Riordian
    	K.7.P.01 - Training the Will-o-the-Wisp
         K.7.C.3 - Cronos
         K.7.C.4 - Merdarion
    	K.7.Q.02 - "The Teleporter Stones"
         K.7.C.5 - Myxir
    	K.7.T.01 - The Language of the Builders 
         K.7.C.6 - Nefarius
    	K.7.Q.03 - "The Portal"
    C.1.A.1 - Xardas' Tower
    We begin at Xardas' Tower in Khorinis. After he awakens you, he mentions a "new
    threat". You can ask him about this and get another FMV explaining the back
    story to the add-on content. You may remember in the original, the "Very Old 
    Map" that Brahim could sell you, with markings in the North East around a 
    series of pyramids and ancient constructions. This will play into the bonus
    Be sure to loot his tower fully before continuing on. Sitting on the table 
    next to him is an "Old Stone Tablet". You can pick it up, and upon an attempt
    to read it, you'll discover it's written in another language. Asking Xardas 
    about this stone will get you +50 EXP. He'll let you keep it. Once you're in
    town, you can give these Old Stone Tablets to Vatras for rewards.
    Head out the tower and go through the cave tunnel near the waterfall lake on
    the left. Follow it down to the wooded area with Lester.
    K.1.C.1 - Lester
    The talk with Lester isn't any different from the original, except you can ask
    him how to get into the city. Apparently he worked with or for Constantino
    before he was cast into the Colony. He tells you that you can pose as an herb
    vendor for Constantino. 
    K.1.Q.01 - "Herbs for Constantino" 
    This is ultimately going to be your way into town (Follow every other step
    possible to get in, but once you finally meet the guard, pose as the herb 
    vendor). By obtaining 10 of any one type of herb, you can talk to the City
    Guard and he'll grant you access to the town. This rewards you +100 EXP.
    The herbs can be found virtually everywhere - around the Shrine of Innos, the
    area around Lester, Xardas' Tower, the road to the city, etc. It shouldn't be
    too hard for you to come by these. Once you're in, you can talk to Constantino
    about selling him herbs for another +50 EXP. You can then return to Lester to
    tell him that the herb trick worked like a charm for +250 EXP.
    K.1.C.2 - Cavalorn 
    Down the road in the underpass you'll meet Cavalorn fighting a few goblins. He
    was not originally a part of Gothic 2, though served as a merchant and trainer
    for the Old Camp in the original Gothic. He'll ask you where you're going; tell
    him you're going back to the Valley of Mines, and he'll give you a quest to see
    if his hut is still standing (K.1.Q.2).
    Continue to talk to him and you'll find out he belongs to the Ring of Water,
    a group of people who work for the water mages. He advises to talk to Vatras in
    town for more information. He'll also tell you about his predicament with the
    K.1.Q.02 - "Cavalorn's Old Hut"
    When Cavalorn asks where you are going, tell him you're headed back to the
    Valley of Mines and he will task you with checking on his old hut. You won't
    actually be there until chapter 2, of course, so there will be a lot of stuff
    inbetween getting the quest and finishing it.
    Once you're in the Valley of Mines, just west of the castle is a small hut.
    Marcos has taken up refuse near there, and later, in Ch.4, Cipher and Rod are
    sitting at a campfire near it. On the floor is a leather satchel labeled 
    "Cavalorn's Leather Satchel". When you inspect it in your inventory screen, it
    is said to have some lumps of ore in it.
    Return this to Cavalorn, and he will offer to pay you 200 gold coins for it. 
    You can ask him why he left it behind if he wanted it so badly now, and he 
    tells you that he didn't know ore was worth so much in the city (since it had
    such little value back in the colony). Give him his satchel for +300 EXP and
    +200 gold.
    K.1.Q.03 - "The 'Ring of Water'" 
    When you mention Cavalorn's armor, he tells you that he belongs to a group of
    people who work in secret to support and protect the Water Mages with their
    newest endeavor. He merely tells you that Vatras will be able to tell you
    more. -> K.3.Q.01
    K.1.Q.04 - "Cavalorn's Bandits"
    Cavalorn was attacked and robbed by bandits, and needs some help in getting his
    things back. When you ask him for equipment, he will give you a Wolf Knife and
    2 small healing potions (the Wolf Knife is the best weapon you'll come by
    at the beginning of the game, with 30dmg/10str/+3%1H). It's advised to wait
    until you've talked to the Bandit and Maleth before going in to kill the rest
    of the bandits, because more opportunities for exp are available.
    Once you've talked to the Bandit (see K.1.C.3), you can tell him that there
    will be trouble soon; Cavalorn is comming. This will get you +50 exp. Now go
    back and tell Cavalorn that you're ready to "mix it with them". Follow him
    up the stairs to the bandit hideout, and he will kill the two bandits up there.
    You get exp for what he kills, so that's another +30 exp x2. Once the fight is
    over, he will tell you to take the note off Brago and take it to Vatras.
    K.1.T.01 - Learning from Cavalorn
    When you've completed "Cavalorn's Bandits" (K.1.Q.02), he will now train your
    1H-combat skills and Bow-skills, as well as sneaking. 
    K.1.C.3 - Bandit
    He will pull you into conversation. When he asks where you're from, tell him
    you've come from the mountains. Continue to ask questions (do not agree to go
    with him or say "maybe later") and then admit that you were a convict in the
    Colony. He'll suddenly have a change of attitude, and will befried you. You can
    offer to pay him 10 gold to tell you who gave the order to kill you. He will 
    tell you that Dexter, in a hideout near Onar's farm, issued it. HINT: if you
    drop your gold on the ground, you can still get Dexter's name, without having
    to pay. 
    After you've talked to Cavalorn, you can warn him that Cavalorn is comming
    for +50 exp.
    After you've talked to Maleth, you can warn him that Lobart's farmers noticed
    the missing sheep and want them all dead for another +50 exp.
    K.1.Q.05 - "Wanted Notes and Bandits" 
    There's not much you can do with this quest now, aside from getting Dexter's
    name in order to get into the Bandit Camp. There are a few other opportunities
    to get his name, but this one is the simplest and earliest option you have.
    This quest doesn't seem to have any real content to it, as it doesn't complete
    when you meet Dexter, doesn't add anything in Jharkendar, and self-completes
    when you enter Ch.4. So, it'll just sit in your quest log idly after you've
    gotten Dexter's name. Later you'll talk to Dexter (K.6.C.3) and you will get
    some more information on the matter, though not much. -> K.6.Q.01
    K.1.A.2 - Lobart's Farm
    Here you can begin a series of short quests to obtain farmer's clothes; their
    main purpose is to help you get into the city (or in the expansion, help Greg
    get into the city). Once you've begun doing day-labor work for Lobart you can
    ask his wife, Hilda, for stew once a day (20 HP/use). 
    K.2.Q.01 - "The Bandits at Lobart's Farm"
    Upon first encountering Maleth, if you mention that you were attacked by some
    bandits in the mountains (even if you weren't) he'll mention that he wants to
    see them all dead for causing the farm troubles. This quest goes hand-in-hand
    with "Cavalorn's Bandits" (K.1.Q.2) in the fact that they both are having
    troubles with the same group. When you pick up this quest, if you warn the
    Bandit guarding the stairs about Maleth's ambitions, you can get +50 EXP. 
    Once he's out of the way, you can tell Cavalorn you're ready to fight them.
    You can return to the bandit and warn him that Cavalorn is comming for another
    +50 EXP. There are two bandits up in the cave: Brago, the leader, and some
    lackey. Once they're dead, you can return to Maleth for +100 EXP and 3 bottles
    of wine (these can be used later in "For a Bottle of Wine" >K.2.Q.07<). In add-
    ition, Lobart will sell you the farmer's clothes for 10 gold less (original
    price of 80 gold). 
    K.2.Q.02 - "How to Get Into the City of Khorinis"
    When mentioning to Maleth that you need a way into the city, this begins the
    quest of getting in the city (it can also begin when you attempt to enter the
    city and are stopped by the guards, or by talking with Canthar). There are a
    few ways to do this: 1) Sneak in, 2) Use Lobart's farm clothes, 3) Pose as an
    herb-vendor for Constantino, 4) Use Canthar's pass, 5) Bribe the guards for
    100 gold. 
    1) You can sneak in most easily by simply strafing past the Gate Guard. This
       will turn the camera towards the guard as if you were going into conversat-
       ion, but you will still be moving. Once you stop, he begins the chat and 
       you can hit "End" and continue through the city. If you talk to Lares, you
       can get a bonus +500 EXP; he thinks you swam into the city and comments on
       your ninja-work. You can also get some interesting responses from Lothar
       and other NPC's. You can then leave, and enter again using one of the below
       methods (prime way as the herb-gatherer for Constantino) for extra EXP.
    2) If you wear the farmer clothes, you can get inside the city without any
       trouble from the guards. HOWEVER; it is wise to give the clothes to Greg
       to let him in (you get more gold and exp by doing this). He will pay 50 gold
       for the clothes you paid 30 gold for, and you can get an extra +50 EXP.
    3) This is its own separate quest, K.1.Q.1 - "Herbs for Constantino"
    4) Using Canthar's Pass (K.2.P.1) will not reward you any experience, but will
       get you in the city.
    5) You can bribe the guards if you want to waste 100 gold. This is the least
       intelligent way in. 
    K.2.Q.03 - "Lobart's Work Clothes"
    If you ask Lobart about needing some sensible clothes, he'll offer to sell you
    some farmer's clothes. He will give you a better price on the togs if you work
    for him as a day-laborer. You can drop the price significantly by doing some
    tasks: harvesting the turnip field (K.2.Q.04), bringing the turnips to Hilda to
    cook (K.2.Q.05), getting a pan for Hilda (K.2.Q.06), and getting some wine for
    Vino (K.2.Q.07). 
    If you've done all four tasks and killed the bandits on the way down from 
    Xardas' tower (and told Maleth about it), Lobart will sell you the clothes for
    a paltry 30 gold (as opposed to the original 80 value). 
    K.2.Q.04 - "Harvest the Turnip Field" 
    In the field next to Lobart (to the side of the barn) are 25 turnips. Pick
    them all up and return to Lobart for +50 EXP. He'll tell you to take them to
    his wife, Hilda. -> K.2.Q.05
    K.2.Q.05 - "Bring the Turnips to Hilda" 
    Hilda is at the oven in the farm house behind Lobart. When you give her the
    turnips, you'll be rewarded with another +50 EXP and another task. -> K.2.Q.06
    K.2.Q.06 - "A Pan for Hilda" 
    Hilda will ask you to get a pan from Canthar, the merchant outside the city.
    Ask her for the gold, and run to Cantahr (sitting at the crossroads on the 
    main path and the path up to Lobart, on a bench) and purchase the pan. He'll
    strike up a deal with you (K.2.P.01) - go ahead and take it. Return to Hilda
    with the pan for another +50 EXP. -> K.2.Q.07
    K.2.P.01 - A Pass into the City 
    Upon seeing your questionable appearance, Canthar will offer you a way into the
    city - a pass that allows the bearer past the guards. He will give it to you
    for free, but will ask a favor of you later, once you meet up inside the city.
    Go ahead and take the pass, as it will provide an opportunity for more EXP and
    gold once you're inside. The quest "Canthar's Favor" will become available to
    you when you're inside. 
    K.2.Q.07 - "For a Bottle of Wine"
    When you ask Vino if you could help him, and your ignorance of farming is 
    revealed, he'll simply ask you for a bottle of wine. If you completed "The 
    Bandits at Lobart's Farm" you'll already have 3 in your inventory. If not, you
    can go back to Canthar and buy a bottle off of him. Return to Vino with the
    wine for +50 EXP.
    K.2.C.6 - Greg
    On your way to the city gates, you'll run in to Greg, and unlikely pirate in
    need of a way into the city. When he asks you if you're interested in gold, 
    be sure to agree to it - don't pick "about those guards" until after you've
    agreed to help him. -> K.2.Q.08.a
    K.2.Q.08.a - "The Man with the Eyepatch"
    The first of your quests with Greg involves helping him get into the city. If
    you agree to help him, you can offer him several choices, but the only one he
    will agree to is using the farmer's clothes you got from Lobart. If you don't
    have them yet, he'll wait in his spot until you "come up with an idea" (ie you
    getting the clothes to offer him). When you give Greg the farmer's clothes,
    he'll give you 50 gold for them (a 20 gold profit if you did all the chores
    and killed the bandits) and +100 EXP. You'll later run in to him at Orlan's
    tavern, where he will have a second task for you. You can enter the city as
    an herb-gatherer for Constantino, not needing the farmer clothes anymore. He
    will show up later at the Dead Harpy Tavern with another task for you to help
    him with. -> K.5.Q.01.b
    K.1.A.3 - Khorinis City
    The harbor city on an island southeast of the mainland of Myrtana; here is 
    where you'll find a lot of information and will begin many of the new quests
    added in the expansion. You'll likely spend up to a full hour in and around
    Khorinis what with all of the quests that open up to you when you get in. For
    the purposes of the expansion, your primary target should be Vatras, followed
    by Lares.
    K.3.C.1 - Vatras
    He's the representative of the Water Magicians inside the city. He is the one
    who will ultimately let you into the Ring of Water, so you'll have to do some
    things to prove yourself worthy and trustable. He can teach you to increase
    your mana, heal you (for free), and other nifty things. After you've finished
    all your conversation topics (particularly the ones about the Ring and joining
    it), Vatras will give you some ornament to take to Lares, who is suppsoed to
    deliver it to the other Water Mages. 
    K.3.P.01 - Cavalorn's Letter
    When you mention you have a letter for him, you're rewarded with +200 EXP. He
    will ask where you got it from, and if you say Cavalorn (not the bandits), you
    get another +200 EXP. Vatras will mention something about the Ring of Water
    and your potential involvement since Cavalorn deemed you worthy to be told of
    it. Return to Cavalorn and tell him you delivered the letter for +50 EXP. 
    K.3.Q.01 - "The 'Ring of Water'" 
    When you ask about joining the Ring of Water, Vatras says that you must first
    prove your dedication to the Ring before you can join. On top of that, he 
    wants you to bring your message to Lord Hagen about the Eye of Innos before
    he can admit you. There's really not much to this quest, since there's a sepa-
    rate quest for recieving Vatras' trust (see K.3.Q.02 - "Where Are the Missing
    People?"). Once you're ready to join (having completed "Where Are the Missing
    People?" and delivered your message to Lord Hagen about the dragons and the
    Eye of Innos), you will be rewarded +400 EXP, a Ring of Water symbol ring with
    your 'name' on it. Vatras will tell you to meet with the other members of the
    Ring at Orlan's tavern.
    Go to the Dead Harpy and talk to Orlan about the meeting for +100 EXP. He says
    the rest are a bit late, but should be there soon. Lares, Martin, Gaan, Cord,
    and Cavalorn will join Orland in the back area of the tavern. Talk to Lares for
    +100 EXP and the Ring of Water Armor. He will explain some rules to you, and
    check if you have any questions. If you ask about weapons, he will give you the
    Ring of Waters' Quarterstaff. By now, you probably have something better, but 
    it's a pretty nice 2H weapon. 
    Lares will then send you to talk to Vatras to pick up your first assignment.
    Return to Khorinis and tell Vatras and tell him you need a new assignment; you
    are rewarded +100 EXP for this. Vatras will give you a letter to take to Satur-
    as, ultimately the thing that will let you through the portal. Your task is to
    find out what Raven's up to and to free the slaves. This starts the quest 
    "Raven's Slaves" which will be done in Jharkendar. Return Lares' Ring for +100
    K.3.Q.02 - "Where Are the Missing People?" 
    This is a relatively large quest that is done along-side "Wanted Notes and
    Bandits" (K.1.Q.05). The first step involves asking people about the missing
    people to try to figure out who is missing. The following is a list of people
    to ask, and who/what they mention:
    Lares: William
    Garvell: Monty
    Andre: No Comment
    Bromor: Lucia & "Bromor's Golden Dish" (K.3.Q.12)
    Thorben: Elvrich
    Coragon: Ask Thorben, ask Hakon
    Hakon: Joe +50 EXP *
    Halvor: Ask Garvell
    Akil: Tonak, Telbor +50 EXP
    Bengar: Pardos +50 EXP
    Cord: Patrick ** 
    Farim: William, bay that William was last seen
    Cassia: Pirate bay
    Kardif: Ask Coragon, ask Halvor
    Skip: Bandit hideout, leader's name (Dexter)
    Elvrich: Lucia, Lucia's meeting point
    Dexter: His leader - Raven
    * While Joe may be missing, he is not one of those kidnapped by the bandits.
      He is a member of the Thieves' Guild who got trapped in a Guard Tower. 
    ** You must first pick up a task before Cord will tell you this. -> K.6.P.02
    For completing this quest, the first most important person you'll have to talk
    to is Skip. To get to him, jump out into the water from the haror and swim 
    north until you find the bay shore. Once you find him, you can talk to him and
    ask him about what he's been up to. He'll mention dealings with bandits in 
    which they were paid to ferry people to a region in the northeast (the missing
    people). You can ask where the bandits are now, and he will draw on your map
    if you have one, or just tell you. In drawing on the map, he remembers the
    leader's name (if you didn't get it from the Bandit on the way to the city),
    Next up is liberating one of the missing people. In doing "The Bandits' Weapon
    Dealer" you follow a trail of Bandit Rapiers to the small, enclosed field SE of
    Bengar's farm. There lies a bandit camp with a few bandits, and one Elvrich
    sitting in the tent. Once you've killed the bandits (you can go behind the tent
    for a better chance at taking them one-on-one), talk to Elvrich. 
    He will tell you that he was on his way to a rendezvous point with his girl,
    Lucia, when he was attacked by bandits and hauled away. He tells you that he
    could over-hear the bandits talking about making him and others into slaves in
    some remote area. He was taken to a mooring harbor a short distance from the
    harbor of Khorinis (where Skip is now). He will tell you that there are more
    of them in the woods behind Sekob's farm, and hopes that Lucia will be ok
    (see K.3.Q.14).
    Once you've gotten all the information you need from him, tell him to go back
    to town. You can later talk to him in-town, and Thorben will reward you with
    Go to the bandit camp behind Sekob's farm; there will be some bandits here. 
    Deal with them, and read 'Lucia's Farewell Letter'.
    Before going to the final destination, tell Vatras what all you've found; +50
    EXP for telling him that the farmers are missing people too; +50 EXP for tell-
    ing him that the bandits are involved; +50 EXP for telling him that Dexter is
    the leader of the bandits; +50 EXP for telling him that the pirates were work-
    ing with the bandits, but are now in conflict with them; +50 EXP for telling
    him you've rescued Elvrich; +50 EXP for telling him Lucia was taken by the
    bandits; +50 EXP for telling him Lucia has decided to go with the bandits; +50
    EXP for telling him about the pirates' mooring bay where they were taking the
    missing people to be slaves. All-in-all, that comes to +400 EXP for telling
    him what you've found out so far.
    The final step: Go to the bandit hideout south of Onar's Farm. When you arrive,
    follow the path up the mountain. When the guard stops you, give him Dexter's
    name. He will let you pass without any troubles. Continue past the bandits to
    Dexter's house and talk to him. Ask him all the questions you can about the
    missing people, and you find out that he's working for Raven, a former Ore
    Baron of the Penal Colony, who needs workers for his project in the north east.
    In the end, the only way to get the final proof from Dexter is, as he says, to
    beat it out of him. There are a few ways to do this, all with the same result,
    just a different way to get there. The first is you attack Dexter and kill him.
    The second: you leave Dexter and attack the bandits. In both events, once you
    start fighting, Greg will show up and start slaughtering the bandits. However,
    if Dexter isn't already dead, Greg will go kill him himself. If Dexter didn't
    come out to attack you for attacking his bandits, he will scamper up the tower.
    Greg will go in the house and ask you where he went, and you can reply "Well,
    he *was* here a minute ago," and then go up the tower and kill him. Or, if 
    Dexter stayed around, Greg will kill him. 
    BUG WARNING: When Greg tries to loot a bandit's body, it's possible that he may
    	     wind up taking all of your gold. Save before you do the fight, so
    	     that you can re-load if this happens.
    Investigate Dexter's body and take the note from him. Read it, and you will
    get the hard proof of what Raven's planning. You can now take this information
    back to Vatras for +400 EXP and his allowance for you to join the Ring of Water
    K.3.Q.03 - "The Stone Tablets" 
    When you ask Vatras about the Old Stone Tablet, he tells you that they have
    written histories about an ancient culture that the Water Mages are doing
    research on. He will offer to reward you for each one you bring back.
    The reward appears to be: If you bring him under 10 Tablets, you get a variable
    number of mana/health potions. If it's more than 10 Tablets, you get a perma
    increase to your maximum mana equal to the number of Tablets you gave him. 
    K.3.Q.04 - "The Bandits' Weapon Dealer" 
    If you continue to ask Vatras about the Ring of Water after you've obtained
    the quest "Where Are the Missing People?", upon asking what some of the Ring's
    tasks are, Vatras will mention their current dilemma with a fence in town who
    is dealing in weapons with/for the bandits. He doesn't have much information
    for you, but directs you to Martin for more information.
    When you ask if there's anything that can help you on your search, Vatras will
    give you an ore amulet with a summonable will-o-the-wisp. This wisp can be
    told to search for close-combat weapons (ideally the bandits' swords, as you
    find a trail of Bandit Rapiers) and guide you to them. Vatras says that you
    can talk to Riordian with the other Water Mages about training it to find
    other things. 
    When you talk to Martin (the provisions master with the knights at the harbor)
    he will tell you that the bandits have been blockading roads connecting the
    farmers. He also advises that you should be able to fight at least five bandits
    if you're to be able to survive. Now, you can do the quest without doing this
    first part (it's totally skip-able) since it's pretty hard, but it can be done.
    I will continue to guide through the way it was *intended* to be completed.
    The first step to finding the proof you'll need to expose the dealer, we must
    first deal with the bandits that are blockading the roads. These bandits are
    located at the over-passing bridge by Akil's farm (you'll pass under it on the
    way to the Tavern). If you talk to Erol underneath it, he mentions being
    attacked by the bandits and having seen them carrying overloading piles of
    weapons (in other words, they couldn't carry them all and wound up dropping
    These bandits are particularly difficult to deal with since there are so many,
    and by the time you first meet them, you're probably only level 3 or 4 (unless
    you've gone out of your way to do other things). There are 5 melee bandits and
    one with a bow. The easiest way to kill these guys (without having spent 15 
    hours beefing yourself up and getting into Ch.2) is to have Lares go with you
    to take the ornament to the water mages. At his first stopping point, leave him
    be and go lure as many bandits as you can back to him. 
    You might need to sleep until midnight if you don't want Ehnim and Egill to
    mess with the bandits as you pull them by. The bandits get caught on terrain
    really easily, so be sure to make wide turns around corners and such. The one
    with the bow will be a bit tricky to kill, since instead of chasing you he will
    shoot at you. He is easy to kill once he's alone:
    Run towards him in a lengthy zig-zag pattern to avoid getting hit by the bow.
    Once you're close enough, he'll draw his sword to attack. Now, let him give the
    first strike: block it. Quickly, attack forward, then immediately block again.
    Establish this pattern of attack, block, attack, block, attack, block, and you
    should have him dead eventually, without any troubles. 
    You should find 3 Old Stone Tablets on them that you can give to Erol to compl-
    ete "Merchant Raids" (K.4.Q.01). You should also note that some of the bandits
    were wielding "Bandits' Rapier", essentially a dexterity-based sword without
    the +5% bonus. There are also two of these Bandit Rapiers lying on the ground
    near the campfire. 
    From here, summon your searching Will-o-the-Wisp and tell it to find you
    close-quarters weapons. From now on, as you run it will seek out weapons. When
    it finds one, it will make the weapon flash a few times along with a little
    chime. Admittedly, it's sometimes hard to notice when it finds something,
    because it will be behind you and suddenly decide to branch off the path to 
    a weapon (you won't see it because it's behind you), or since you're already
    ahead of it, when it spots a weapon ahead of you, you'll likely pass it before
    the wisp gets there. So be sure to walk about 30 feet and take a break to make
    sure the wisp hasn't found anything.
    From here, you should find a slight trail of these Bandit Rapiers leading in
    the direction towards Bengar's farm. You can talk to Bengar and ask if he saw
    any bandits come through for +50 EXP, and he will tell you that there indeed
    were some comming by. You can ask the Pass guard, but he won't have much to say
    about it. Follow the trail to the stone stairs south of Bengar's house into the
    enclosed field. On the right, you will see a small bandit camp. There are a few
    bandits here, along with one of the missing people: Elvrich. 
    To fight the bandits, it's advisable to run close enough to get their attention
    then run back behind the tree and fight them one-on-one. You could also run 
    behind the tent, as they will (most of the time) run after you into the tent
    and get stuck in there, so that you can deal with them one at a time. Once they
    are all dead, check the bandits' bodies. One of them should have an odd ring,
    "Overseas-trader Guild Araxos" on him. This is part #1 of the proof we need.
    Talk to Elvrich, sitting in the tent, and ask him what happened. He will tell
    you about his date with Lucia being interrupted by bandits. This will activate
    the new quest "Lucia" (K.3.Q.14). Ask Elvrich all topics about the bandits for
    more information in "Where Are the Missing People?" and if he saw any weapons
    with the bandits. He will indicate that the next series of information can be
    found in the woods behind Sekob's farm. Tell him to go back to town before you
    You can re-summon the wisp and follow the weapon trail as it leads its way to
    Sekob's farm. Ask Balthasar if he saw any strange bandit activity for +50 EXP,
    and he will tell you he saw a bunch around the woods behind the farm. Continue
    following the weapon trail to the NW corner, where the bandits are camped. 
    Lure the bandits the same way you did at Elvrich's camp, using the tent as 
    shelter to take them one-on-one. Once they're all dead, collect all the goods,
    the most important being a sealed note on the floor between two chests, titled
    "Delivery". Read it, and we find a signed issue from Fernando. You can also
    find a Farewell letter from Lucia in the tent.
    Return to town and confront Fernando about this. He will admit that he was in
    fact involved with the bandits for +100 EXP. You can take a bribe from him of
    200g and a Wooden Skin ring (+3 arrow protection) with +100 EXP, or turn him
    over to the militia. Turn him in; the bribe is practically worthless. Go talk
    to Martin and tell him the four proofs: the guild ring, the F-engraved rapiers,
    the signed letter, and Fernando's confession. You will get +200 EXP for this.
    Go tell Vatras about it for another +200 EXP. 
    K.3.Q.05.a - "Relief for Vatras" 
    Once you've delivered the letter to Saturas, return to Vatras. He'll say that
    he's getting tired and could use some relief. You won't be able to do anything
    about this until after you've completed all the quests in Jharkendar first.
    There's actually no work that needs to be done further in this quest: just go
    about the rest of the game as normal and it will resolve itself. More info in
    K.3.T.01 - Learning from Vatras
    Vatras can train your maximum Mana. 
    K.3.C.2 - Lares
    Lares now plays a much larger role in the game, as he is one of the important
    members of the Ring who will help you out. 
    K.3.Q.05 - "The Water Mages" 
    When you bring Lares the ornament from Vatras (given to you when you choose
    to 'End' the conversation after picking up the quest "Where Are the Missing
    People?"), he will grumble about having to go half-way across the island to
    get it to the magicians. You can offer to take it, but he will resolve to take
    it himself, though offering you to accompany him. However, he is supposed to
    be keeping watch on the harbor in case more people disappear, so before he can
    leave, you need to find someone to take his place while he's out. -> K.3.Q.06,
    "Relief for Lares"
    Once you've gotten Lares' relief, he will guide you to the Water Mages. On the
    way he will stop and tell you about what they're up to; that they're exploring
    an excavation site of an ancient culture. At certain points, he stops and waits
    for you to tell him to move on. When he does this, you can run off the trail
    and pull extra mobs for him to kill (since you get the exp for the stuff that
    he kills). Be careful when he's not waiting on you; if you go too far off the
    trail or fall behind he'll disappear and wind up back in town where you'll 
    have to re-do your run.
    At his first stopping point, go off the path to the left and run back a little
    ways into a small cave. There is an Orc Warrior in here - pull it back to 
    Lares and have him kill it. This will make "The Teleporter Stones (K.6.Q.02)
    easier and safer. You may also want to pull the bandits on the over-passing
    bridge down to him for him to kill, since you'll be needing to confront these
    guys for "The Bandits' Weapon Dealer" (K.3.Q.04) & "Merchant Raids" (K.4.Q.01)
    At his second stopping point you can pull some lurkers and wolves from the
    path on the way to Onar's Farm to him.
    At his third stopping point, you can go into the woods behind Sekob's farm
    (to the right, down a small hill) and pull wolves, field raiders, and wargs
    back up to him for exp.
    At his fourth stopping point, you can *try* to pull the Shadowbeasts in the
    cave under the rope bridge (follow the river around the side of the cliff 
    face), however these are very tricky as they get stuck on the cave exit easily
    and run *very* fast. You might not be able to actually get them to him
    At his fifth stopping point, there's nothing in the vicinity to pull to him.
    At his sixth stopping point, you can pull some scavengers up the path a ways
    back to him. 
    When you finally get to the northeastern excavation site, Lares will wait for
    you at the entrance to the large pit. If you get near enough to target him he
    will automatically bring you into conversation and give you the ornament to
    take to Saturas. If you want to pull the lizards, fire lizards, shadowbeast,
    and goblins to him, be sure to pull them past him, rather than to him, so that
    you're not engaged in conversation. Once he's done talking to you, he goes 
    back to the city. You can also pull the goblin skeletons inside the Portal
    lobby up to him. 
    Once you've joined the Ring of Water, your first task, which will finally 
    complete this quest, is to deliver a note to Saturas, saying that you are to
    accompany them through the portal to stop Raven and free the slaves. This 
    rewards you with +100 EXP. 
    K.3.Q.06 - "Relief for Lares"
    Lares will give you his Aquamarine Ring, the symbol of the Ring of Water. He
    tells you to check the merchants in the Trading District near the NE gate. One
    of them should be able to provide him some relief. To do this, simply wear the
    ring and talk to Baltram. Before you're able to choose any conversation topics
    he will mention you bearing their sign. You then tell him about Lares' predica-
    ment and he will tell you he will have it dealt with. Return to Lares and tell
    him this, and he will take you to the Water Mages.
    K.3.P.02 - Help from Lares
    Upon asking him for help, you can ask him about money, weapons, and armor. He
    can't do much for you about weapons aside from suggesting buying something from
    one of the merchants. If you ask about armor, he tells you a way to get the 
    leather armor that Matteo is selling for free. This involves getting a sleep
    scroll and casting it on the guard next to Matteo's store (the one who stops
    you from entering the storage vault, similar to the gate guards). This can 
    also be done similarly to how you snuck into the town by strafing past him,
    and choosing to 'End' the conversation. The armor is in a chest along with
    some citizens' clothes that can be used for a quest later on in Jharkendar.
    When you ask him about money, he will tell you that Lehmar the money-lender
    owes him a favor and that you can ask him for money. Don't pick this option
    first if you want to hear the others, for some reason when you ask about money
    the other options disappear. After he tells you this, you can borrow 200g from
    Lehmar without having to return it. 
    Along with his help are new, simpler ways into the three guilds, the Militia,
    the Fire Magicians, and the Mercenaries. You can only pick one - once you
    choose it, you can't select another one. This doesn't limit you to joining the
    guild you asked for help in joining; you can still join the old-fashioned way.
    However, you won't be able to use the newer quest(s) to join the others. See
    below for descriptions of the quests.
    WARNING: if you ask him about how to get to Onar's farm, DO NOT, I repeat,
    ^ DO NOT ^ agree to go with him to Onar's. If you do this, you will lose the
    option to go with him to deliver the ornament to the Water Mages. The problem
    here is that ornament is part of the key to unlocking the portal. So, if he
    doesn't deliver it, you can't go to Jharkendar. I've been told that in Ch.3
    the option to go with him to the Water Mages becomes available again, but 
    better safe than sorry (not to mention you'll want to get into Jharkendar as
    early as possible). 
    K.3.Q.07 - "The Simple Way Into the Militia"
    If you tell Lares you're interested in the Militia, he sends you to Martin. 
    Apparently most nights when Martin goes to Kardif's pub to take a break, some
    person steals things from the paladins' storage. Since he can't stay there all
    day and night, he offers to give you a reccomendation for Andre if you stand
    and watch the crates that night. 
    Go find a bed somewhere and sleep until midnight, and return to the Provisions
    area. You will find Rangar, the drunken militia-man rummaging through some of
    the crates. When you catch him, you're rewarded +300 EXP and he begins to get
    nervous. Once you end the conversation he'll scamper back to his spot near
    the free beer. Go talk to Martin at Kardif's for another +100 EXP and the 
    letter of reccomendation to deliver to Andre. When you bring this letter to
    Andre (after asking him to join the City Guard) he will agree to let you in,
    saying that Martin's word is valuable. You can finalize your admission to the
    Militia now for +400 EXP and the Light Militia Armor. 
    K.3.Q.08 - "The Simple Way Into the Monastary"
    If you tell Lares you're interested in joining the Fire Magicians, he sends
    you back to Vatras, since he himself is only involved with magicians on the
    surface-level. When you tell Vatras that Lares sent you to him about joining
    the Fire Magicians, he points you to Daron, the Fire Mage at the merchants'
    square. Apparently he lost a valuable statuette of Innos and would likely be 
    able to get you into the Monastary without the 2000 gold and sheep tribute. 
    Before you leave, he tells you that even though you're joining the Circle of
    Fire by joining the Monastary, you will still be able to join the Circle of
    Water later on (in Jharkendar).
    Talk to Daron about wanting to join the Monastary, and then mention his mishap
    with the statuette. He will suddenly get irritated about the subject and will
    tell you that the statuette was a delivery to the Monastary. He picked it up
    at the harbor, but on the way to the Monastary, he was robbed by a group of
    goblins. All he knows about their location is that it was around Orlan's tavern
    and that they're probably holing up in a cave somewhere near there. If you can
    get it back for him, he will be able to let you in without the expensive tribu-
    The cave that the goblins are in, is the very same one we will be visiting for
    part 2 of "The Man With the Eyepatch" (K.5.Q.01.b). First go the the Dead Harpy
    and begin to follow the road that leads to Onar's farm. On the left, you should
    see a cave (there are wolves in front of it). If you wind up passing the lake
    on your right, you've gone too far. The easy way to find it, if you don't know
    where to go is to have Greg take you there for his quest. He's sitting on a 
    bench outside the Tavern if you talked to him back at Lobart's. 
    Once you're there, you will have to fight 3 rooms of goblins and black goblins.
    It's not incredibly difficult, so long as you're careful not to pull more than
    one group at a time. If they're too difficult for you, you can lure them out
    to Greg (if you're doing this quest at the same time) and he can kill them. On
    one of the goblin's body, you will find a 'Valuable Statue of Innos'. Bring it
    back to Daron at Khorinis City, and he will send you to deliver it to the Mona-
    stary, since it's brought him nothing but bad luck. 
    Go to the Monastary and ask Pedro about joining as a novice. Then, tell him you
    have brought the 'Valuable Statue of Innos', and he will direct you in to see
    Gorax, giving you the key to the front door and +250 EXP, along with your new
    Novice Armor (only slightly better than your leather armor). Bring the Statue
    to Gorax in the brewing-room on the right, and you will be rewarded another
    +300 EXP, and your "tribute" is now taken care of.  
    An interesting bit: when you tell Pyrokar that you need to see Lord Hagen, he
    mentions something about the earthquakes in the northeast as being another
    troubling event, but that it is none of the Fire Magicians' business, since 
    the Circle of Water is already there investigating. 
    K.3.Q.09 - "The Simple Way Into the Mercenaries" 
    If you tell Lares you're interested in the Mercenaries, he sends you to Cord
    and Onar's farm. Along with helping you get into the Mercenaries, Cord will
    also teach you combat skills without having any previous knowledge in them (he
    normally requires you to be at least 30% in 1H and/or 2H to train with him).
    When you take up Torlof's test (either Bengar's militia troubles or collecting
    the rent from Sekob) Cord will tell you that he will take care of this if you
    go to the bandit camp south of Onar's and see if you can find anything about
    his buddy Patrick who's gone missing.
    This sort of ties in with "Wanted Notes and Bandits" and "Where Are the Missing
    People?", but can be done separately. Cord will tell you the leader's name 
    (Dexter), so that you can safely get in. When you go up to the bandit camp 
    (up the inclined ramp on the way to Grom and the trolls (Skip can show you
    where it is if you've talked to him and let him draw on your map)) and give 
    the Gate Guard Dexter's name, go to the house with the lighthouse-esque tower
    towards the back end of the camp. Dexter will mention his order to have you
    killed and having not expected to see you show up there. 
    Ask him what he knows about the mercenary Patrick for +100 EXP, and Dexter will
    lie about having no idea where he is now (though he does say that Patrick was
    indeed hanging around with bandits). Return to Cord and tell him this news for
    +300 EXP. He will have completed Torlof's Test for you, so you can talk to
    Torlof about joining (provided you've convinced at least a few mercenaries to
    vote for you). You'll get +400 EXP and the Light Mercenary Armor when you
    finally talk to Lee and are admitted into the ranks.
    NOTE: this quest can be 'done' without having Lares offer it to you. See 
          'Cord's Friend Patrick' (K.6.P.02)
    K.3.Q.10.a - "The Missing People" 
    When you ask Lares about the missing people, you activate "The Missing People"
    This quest is eventually solved in Jharkendar, but for now just serves as a
    tally for who all is missing. We'll re-visit this later in Jharkendar (a bit
    at least). See J.1.Q.06.b 
    People who are missing:
    K.3.T.2 - Learning from Lares
    Lares will train your Strength and Dexterity. 
    K.3.C.3 - Martin
    Martin is new to the expansion. He is the Provisions Master of the Paladins,
    though he himself is a high-ranking militia-man. He can sell you some pretty
    good weaponry early on in the game, and can play a role in helping you get in
    with the militia (a new way in, added in the expansion). He is a member of the
    K.3.P.3 - Martin's Stock
    Things that Martin can sell you: Master Sword, Rune Sword, Giant Machete, 
    Machete, Longsword, Fine Longsword, Fine Short Sword, Militia Short Sword, 
    Ring of Magic, Holy Arrow spell scroll, Holy Light spell scroll, Medium Healing
    spell scroll, and Molerat fat. The Master Sword seems to be particularly rare,
    as it was originally found in Xardas' Old Tower in the Valley of Mines (the
    'Ancient Demon Tower' port), but in the add-on, it was not there. Martin seems
    to be the only way to acquire this weapon. 
    K.3.C.4 - Farim
    He is a new character added to the expansion. Farim is a fisher located right
    before the underpass to the paladins' ship on a small beach shore. He plays a
    part in the Missing People quest, as his buddy William has gone missing. You
    can also get a new quest out of him if you ask about his struggle with the
    militia (see below, K.3.Q.11). 
    K.3.Q.11 - "Trouble With the Militia"
    This is a really simple quest. Farim will mention the militia taking away all
    his fish to feed citizens and such. If you offer to help (as opposed to demand-
    ing his fish) you will get the quest. Simply go up to Martin and mention the
    problem Farim is having (talk to him about all the options if you can't talk
    about Farim right away - the option will arise after you ask what he's doing
    there). Martin will tell you to let Farim know that he will take care of his
    problem and you'll get +50 EXP. Return to Farim for +100 EXP and an Aquamarine
    K.3.Q.12 - "Bromor's Golden Dish"
    Bromor's missing prostitue, Lucia, ran off with a precious Golden Dish of his.
    You can offer to get it back for him and begin the quest. This quest goes along
    with "The Bandits' Weapon Dealer" (K.3.Q.04), so you'll stumble upon this item
    eventually by doing that quest. By talking to Elvrich at the enclosed field
    SE of Bengar's farm, you find out that the bandits likely took the dish from
    Lucia, and that they're holed up in the woods behind Sekob's farm. 
    Go to Sekob's house and head NW of there, following the edge of the cliff wall
    until you come upon the bandit camp in the NW corner. One of the bandits has
    Bromor's Golden Dish on him. Kill them all and acquire the dish off their dead
    bodies. Return it to Bromor for +200 EXP and one free night of fun with Nadja.
    He doesn't care that Lucia is still missing, since business is going just fine
    even without her. 
    K.3.C.6 - Skip
    To get to skip, jump into the water from the harbor and swim to the right. You
    will soon come to a small bay with a ship, some looted boxes, and a small camp
    inhabited by a certain 'Skip'. When you talk to him, he reveals that he is a
    wanted pirate. He mentions something about Baltram being late (K.3.Q.13). He
    can give you some valuable information about Dexter and the missing people.
    He tells you that the pirates have been doing business with the bandits, and
    part of that business involved ferrying people to some uncharted region, but
    he refuses to tell you any more than that. If you ask where the bandits are,
    he will tell you, or, if you have a map, mark on it. He can also tell you the
    leader's name so that you can safely get in to talk to him: Dexter. 
    K.3.Q.13 - "Pirate Trade"
    When you inquire what Skip wanted with Baltram, he reveals that Baltram owes
    Skip a shipment in exchange for some seaman's grog. If you go to Baltram and
    ask him about this, you can offer to help with the deal. Baltram will give you
    his package to deliver to Skip. Go back to Skip and give him the package for
    +100 EXP. He will give you 2 bottles of grog, instead of the 3 that Baltram
    asked for. Take the bottles to Baltram and let him know the news. He will be
    irked at only getting 2, but knows better than to mess with pirates. This will
    get you another +50 EXP and +10 gold for your efforts. 
    K.3.C.7 - Elvrich
    Elvrich will return to work with Thorben once you've liberated him from his
    bandit capture in the field SE of Bengar's farm. You can get +200 gold from 
    Thorben when you tell him you've brought Elvrich back.
    K.3.Q.14 - "Lucia"
    You technically get this quest back when you talk to Elvrich at the bandit
    camp, but this is where you do the actual "work". When you ask Elvrich about
    Lucia (when he's at the bandit camp) he tells you she was hauled off to the
    woods behind Sekob's farm. He hopes that she is ok.
    When you investigate the woods behind Sekob's farm, you discover the bandits'
    camp with 'Lucia's Farewell Letter'. Bring this back to Elvrich for +100 EXP.
    He will refuse to believe that she won't come back to him, wanting to believe
    that she will return. He gives you the letter back. This does not complete the
    quest, however, as we will re-visit it in Jharkendar.
    K.1.A.4 - Akil's Farm and Cross Roads
    There isn't much new added here besides the horde of bandits on the bridge,
    and Erol, the attacked merchant.
    K.4.C.1 - Erol
    You find Erol sitting on a bench just past the wrecked wagon underneath the
    bridge leading from Akil's farm to the Tavern. When you talk to him, you can
    ask what happened to him, and he'll explain that he was attacked by bandits on
    the bridge, activating the "Merchant Raids" (K.4.Q.01) quest. He mentions that
    he survived only because he knew how to throw out a good punch. You can ask 
    him about the bandits, and if they were carrying any weapons, and he will tell
    you they had so many they couldn't quite carry them all.
    K.4.Q.01 - "Merchant Raids"
    Erol lost 3 irreplacable 'Old Stone Tablets' to the bandits that attacked his
    wagon. You can offer to help and get the quest. Now, you can either just give
    him 3 tablets that you've found elsewhere, or, kill the bandits on the bridge
    and take the 3 tablets off their corpses. You'll likely have a difficult time
    fighting these, since there're six of them. The easiest way to kill them is
    to lure them to Lares when he stops to tell you about the Ring of Water
    in the quest "The Water Mages" (K.3.Q.05). You might have to go into Akil's
    house and sleep until midnight to do this most effectively, since Ehnim and/or
    Egill is likely to attack them and get killed.
    The bandits get stuck on certain landscape formations easily, so take a wide
    berth around turns and corners. There are 5 bandits using swords, and one who
    will shoot at you with a bow; the 5 melee are easy to pull to Lares, but the
    sixth with the bow is more difficult, since he'll prefer to stand still and 
    shoot at you instead of chase after you. He is easy to kill once the rest are
    out of the way (I did it with the Wolf Knife and 10% 1H). Run in a zig-zag
    pattern to avoid getting hit by the arrows. Once you're close enough, he'll
    draw his sword. Now, establish a pattern of block, attack, block, attack, and
    you should kill him (steadily) without getting killed. Let him give the first
    attack. Block it, and immediately after, hit him once, then go straight into
    another block. He'll go down easily.
    Take the stone tablets off the dead bodies (there are 3 in total, spread across
    one or two bandits) and return them to Erol for +150 EXP and +30 gold.
    K.4.T.01 - Learning from Erol: A Harder Hit
    When you've completed "Merchant Raids"(K.4.Q.01), Erol will train your strength
    and will even give you a free +1 STR when you ask him about it. 
    K.4.P.01 - Erol's Stock
    If you follow Erol, he will wind up at the small hut by the lake where Buster
    hangs out. By asking him about the hut, you're rewarded +50 EXP. His inventory
    contains a few nice things, such as a Life Elixer potion (+20 max HP), a STR
    amulet (+10 STR).
    K.1.A.5 - Dead Harpy Tavern
    The Tavern serves as the meeting point / headquarters for the Ring of Water.
    There's not much of a change in this region, besides the new conversation(s)
    with Orlan and Greg. 
    K.5.P.01 - A Free Bed for the Ring
    If you talk to Orlan while wearing a Ring of Water symbolization ring, you can
    ask him if he's staring at your ring. He'll say that he doesn't know what to 
    make of it. Respond that it's an aquamarine (don't mention the Ring, that'd
    be breaking rule #1) for +50 EXP. When you later ask about renting a bed, he
    won't charge you, being a brother of the ring, and will give you the key to the
    upstairs rooms.
    K.5.C.2 - Greg
    If you talked to Greg when he was at Lobart's farm outside the city gates, he
    will now be sitting on a bench outside the Dead Harpy, still wearing the farmer
    garb you gave him earlier. You can strike up a conversation with him to provide
    some more help/suggestions for him. There's nothing much accomplished, besides
    him saying your suggestion is stupid or good, until you offer him 10 coins.
    This leads into part 2 of "The Man With the Eyepatch" (K.5.Q.01.b).
    K.5.Q.01.b - "The Man With the Eyepatch"
    Greg, in true pirate nature, buried some of his belongings the last time he
    was in Khorinis, and could use your help to re-collect them. Whenever you're
    ready, tell him to go to the cave. Follow him there, just down the road a bit
    towards Onar's farm. When you get to the entrance, he'll hand you a pick-axe
    and send you in to get the stuff. "X marks the spot" he says. He'll stay back
    and guard the entrance.
    The X is in the room at the end of the left-most hall from the first room. But,
    there are some goblins in the way. An assortment of regular and black goblins
    will attack when you enter the cave. If they're too much for you, you can lure
    them out to Greg for him to kill, though you won't get the exp for it. Go to
    the large red X on the floor in the back room and use the action button on it.
    You will dig-up a leather satchel.
    Return to Greg, now dressed in his Pirate garb, and tell him you found the 
    satchel with 100 gold coins for +100 EXP. He will now send you to find his
    other four stashes, and will be waiting at the crossroads between Onar's farm
    and Sekob's farm. 
    1) The nearest one is on the small islet in the middle of the lake, just across
       the path from the cave you just dug from. There is a lurker out there, so 
       kill it and dig up the loot for +50 EXP.
    2) The next is in the enclosed field SE of Bengar's farm (follow the path to
       Onar's farm from the last X, but turn off the road to the right when you
       get to the open farm field with the Field Raiders and Lurkers, and follow
       it through, heading south). The spot is just north of the bandits, but you
       can dig it up without drawing their attention. Just be sure to not get too
       close. +50 EXP.
    3) Head up the stairs at the southern end of the field, and head towards Bengar
       and his house. Behind the barn is the third X. +50 EXP.
    4) Follow the trail from Bengar's house until you see a pair of waterfalls on
       the left (it's right next to the Pass to the Valley of Mines). There are 2
       lurkers on this spot - separate them and kill them, then dig up the final
       stash for another +50 EXP.
    By now, you should have: an amulet, 100 gold coins, a silver dish, and a gold
    chalice. Return to Greg at the crossroads between Sekob and Onar's farms, and
    give him his things for +300 EXP, and your measley share of the loot, 30g. 
    When you ask him what happens next, he'll tell you that he's still looking for
    'the guy with the red armor, name starting with a D'. Suggest Dexter, and he'll
    say that he's not sure if that's the guy's name or not. If you've talked to
    Skip or Cord and have Dexter's location, tell Greg for another +50 EXP. 
    K.1.A.6 - Onar's Farm, the Pass of Khorinis, the Bandit Camp
    There's not a whole lot new going on here, but there are some important things
    that need to be documented, so the entire eastern region has been sort of 
    lumped into one category.
    K.6.C.1 - Lee
    By talking to Lee in the main building at Onar's Farm, you get the option of
    asking him what he knows about the Ring of Water. -> K.6.P.01
    K.6.P.01 - Circle of Water?
    Lee will tell you that he doesn't really have a lot of time for all that, even
    though he worked for the Water Mages back in the Colony. He relies on Lares for
    most of that work. He helps from time to time, but has bigger things to worry
    about. He will point you to Cord, a member of the Ring who can help you out
    more than Lee can.
    K.6.C.2 - Cord
    Cord, to the side of Onar's house, will ask you who told you about the Ring of
    Water. If you were told by Lares in "The Simple Way into the Mercenaries", you
    will tell him this, and he will ask what you want of him. You can ask some 
    favors of him. If you heard from Lee, you still get to ask some favors of him,
    though not as many. The most important one, is his missing friend Patrick.
    -> K.6.P.02
    K.6.T.01 - Learning from Cord
    When Cord is revealed to be a member of the Ring of Water, he can train your
    1H and 2H sword skills without having to be at the minimum 30% like he normally
    K.6.P.02 - Cord's Friend Patrick
    This is esentially the same thing as "The Simple Way into the Mercenaries",
    only you didn't hear about it from Lares. This time, you heard about it from 
    Lee, so you can still have the opportunity to use the new quests to join a
    different guild, yet still find out about another Missing Person and get some
    easy exp. In order to do this quest, you have to be guildless and express
    interest in joining the Mercenaries (though you don't actually have to in the
    Tell Cord that you want his help joining the Mercenaries, and he will agree to
    help you pass Torlof's Test if you help him. Pick up Torlof's quest (either
    collecting the rent from Sekob or driving the Militia from Bengar's farm (the
    latter provides more opportunity for exp if you don't want to join the Mercs.
    If you are joining the Mercs, it won't matter, you'll later recieve the opposi-
    te quest)). Return to Cord and he will tell you about his predicament.
    His friend Patrick has gone missing, and was often seen mingling with the
    bandits. Cord sends you to the camp to see if Patrick is anywhere to be found.
    He gives you the leader's name in order to get in: Dexter.
    Go to the camp, give Dexter's name, and ask Dexter about Patrick for +100 EXP.
    He will lie that he doesn't know where he is now. Return to Cord with this 
    news for +300 EXP. 
    NOTE: Before completing Cord's task, you can go and do the quest you picked
          up from Torlof (though don't finalize it until after you've talked to
          Dexter), then complete Cord's quest for extra EXP. You can then do one of
          the other "Easy Way" quests if you want to join the Fire Magicians or the
          Militia. If you want to join the Mercenaries, might as well just take
          the "Easy Way" quest for the Mercs. Though, if you really want extra EXP
          you can do the "Easy Way" quest for the Militia, take the Note to Andre,
          but don't actually join the Militia, and then do Cord's task and join
          the Mercs.
    K.6.C.3 - Dexter
    Dexter, the leader of the bandits, is running the operations to kidnap citizens
    from Khorinis and ship them off the the northeast to serve as slaves for the
    former Ore Baron Raven. He plays a crucial role in "Where Are the Missing 
    People?", which in itself is the main way into Jharkendar. 
    K.6.Q.01.b - "Wanted Notes and Bandits"
    Dexter will tell you that he was ordered by Raven to have you killed, hence the
    wanted posters. Raven knows how much of a trouble-maker you can be, so he's
    decided to try to make sure you don't get involved right off the bat. There
    really isn't much content to this quest, since it doesn't complete when you
    talk to Dexter, doesn't seem to progress any when you're in Jharkendar, and
    self-completes when you begin Ch.4, so this is about all we'll find out.
    K.6.P.03 - A Man With an Eyepatch
    After you've done all of Greg's tasks in "The Man With the Eyepatch" you can
    warn Dexter that 'a man with an eyepatch' is looking for him for +100 EXP. He
    responds that everyone is looking for him, and if this man wants to see him,
    he should just come. 
    K.6.P.04 - Fire Bow
    At the very pinnacle of one of the towers is a magic weapon, the Fire Bow. In
    order to get it, go to the tower with the spiral staircase (if you take a left
    before crossing the bridge with the Guard). Once at the top, climb up onto one
    of the ledges, then jump up to the top of the tower. You'll find the Fire Bow
    (50 DEX/100 dmg) along with some Fire Arrows, more of which are in the chest.
    K.6.C.4 - Greg
    Greg will remain at the crossroads between Sekob and Onar's farms until you
    engage the bandits in combat, at which point he will show up and begin to fight
    the bandits. 
    K.6.Q.02.c - "The Man With the Eyepatch"
    After you 1) attack Dexter, 2) are attacked by Dexter, or 3) attack the bandits
    Greg will show up and will start attacking and killing the bandits for you. If
    you haven't talked to Dexter just yet, Greg will run into Dexter's house and
    kill him (if he's there). It's advisable to talk to Dexter before letting Greg
    show up so you can get some insight and some extra EXP.
    There was one ocasion that I played and Dexter wasn't in the house when Greg
    went to kill him. I was experimenting with different outcomes, and thus didn't
    do the showdown with Dexter, rather left the house and started killing bandits.
    In short, Greg ran into the house, and when I got there, asked where Dexter
    was, and all I could say was "Well he *was* here,". It turned out Dexter had
    scampered up the tower a ways, and will attack you when you go up there.
    At any rate, Dexter should be dead by the end of this, and you will get +100
    EXP for talking to Greg. Greg will say different things if you talked to Dexter
    or not, and if you killed Dexter or if Greg killed Dexter. In short, he tells
    you to search Dexter's body. You will find a note in his inventory. Read the
    note yourself (it plays a role in "Where Are the Missing People?") and take
    it back to Greg for him to read.
    That note apparently doesn't help him. He had wanted to try to find a way to
    get back to the north-eastern district without a boat, and hoped Dexter knew a
    way. You can mention the water mages' portal, and Greg will scoff at the idea.
    Later, however, he'll wind up using it.
    You can tell Greg that you ran into Skip for +100 EXP, and Greg will respond
    that he waited for Skip for three days, and wonders why he was so late in 
    arriving at the bay. For now, Greg will just stay at Dexter's camp until you
    run into him in Jharkendar. 
    BUG ALERT: There is a chance that when Greg reaches down to loot a bandit's
    	   body he'll somehow wind up taking all of *your* gold too. I believe
    	   that for some reason if he loots the body of a bandit with gold on
    	   him, he gets your gold as well. He only loots one, and I guess if
    	   he loots one that doesn't have gold (or that you already took gold
               from), this won't happen. I could be totally wrong, but it does
    	   happen. Best to save your game before fighting just in case.
    K.6.C.5 - Gaan
    Gaan is standing just in front of the bridge to the Pass of Khorinis leading
    to the Valley of Mines. 
    K.6.P.05 - Another Ring Member
    If you talk to Gaan while wearing a Ring of Water symbolization ring, you will
    get +50 EXP and can find out more about him and his tasks. He is supposed to
    keep an eye on the Pass, but since the Paladins have locked it up, there hasn't
    been much activity to report.
    K.6.T.02 - Learning from Gaan
    Gaan can teach you to take animal trophies: Bloodfly Wings, Bloodfly Stinger,
    Remove Claws, and Remove Teeth. If you complete his quest "The Snorting Creat-
    ure" when you ask him about the hunting, he can teach you how to remove Dragon
    Snapper Horns. 
    K.1.A.7 - The Water Mages' Site
    This is the region marked on the "Very Old Map" that Brahim suggests may be a
    treasure map. In the original G2, it didn't serve much purpose besides a few
    extra EXP points and a free Orc Slayer, the strongest 1H available in the game
    before Ch.5 when you can learn how to forge magic ore weapons or consecrate
    a Paladin's Sword into the Wrath of Innos. 
    In NotR, however, this region now contains an underground 'temple' with a magic
    portal that the Water Mages believe leads to an ancient lost civilization. 
    Around this region you can see/hear/feel the effects of minor earthquakes. The
    mages suspect the cause of these earthquakes is on the other side of the 
    portal, but they don't know for sure what they'll find when they cross into the
    next demension.
    K.7.C.1 - Saturas
    When you first bump into Saturas he gets furious, recognizing you as the guy
    who sabatoged the Water Magicians' plans back in the Penal Colony. You then
    get to watch an FMV that was featured in G1 of you absorbing the power of the
    magic ore mound into Uriziel (the uber sword). 
    When you ask to join the Ring, Saturas merely says that he hasn't any time for
    any of that - he leaves that work up to Vatras in Khorinis City. 
    If you ask if he can teach you magic, he says he will not, due to the fact that
    you've already "disturbed the balance of magic". Once you're through the Portal
    (if you're a Fire Mage) he will teach you the Circles of Magic.
    If you choose to 'End' the conversation, he will tell you to send Riordian
    to him (K.7.Q.01).
    K.7.Q.01 - "Riordian"
    This is a rather simple quest; simply continue down the vault to the left and
    you will see Riordian studying the images on the wall. Tell him that Saturas
    wants to see him. You're rewarded +50 EXP, quest complete.
    K.7.C.2 - Riordian
    Riordian tells you that he believes behind the portal lies an ancient, long 
    lost civilization of Adanos-worshipping people. As told be Vatras, Riordian
    can teach your Will-o-the-Wisp to search for things other than close-range
    weaponry (K.7.P.01).
    Once through the Portal (if you're a Fire Mage) Riordian will teach you the art
    of alchemy.
    K.7.P.01 - Training the Will-o-the-Wisp
    Riordian, upon Vatras' advice, can teach your Wisp to find things other than
    just melee weapons:
    'Gold, Keys, Utensils: 2 LP'
    'Long-Ranged Weapons, Ammunition: 1 LP'
    The option is still available once you're in Jharkendar.
    K.7.C.3 - Cronos
    Cronos doesn't do much for you now, although he will sell you some things (like
    he did back in the New Camp in the Colony). For now, his inventory isn't that
    impressive, consisting mostly of just simple spell scrolls. However, once
    through the Portal, his inventory will become much more valuable.
    K.7.C.4 - Merdarion
    Merdarion works with Nefarius on trying to decipher exactly where the portal
    leads and what they will find beyond it. He tells you that they need more 
    ornaments in order to get the portal to work. You can ask him if he knows the
    quickest way back to town, and he will tell you 'back the way you came', and
    then mumble something about teleporter stones (K.7.Q.02). 
    Once through the Portal (if you're a Fire Mage) he will teach you how to incre-
    ase your maximum mana.
    K.7.Q.02 - "The Teleporter Stones"
    When you press Merdarion about the teleporting stones, he tells you that they
    have found at least two of these stones. You can demand the key, and use it on
    the large stone door just before the large pit a room back. This will unlock 
    the room with the teleporter stone and a so-so chest. Stepping onto this stone
    will port you to a cave just outside the NE gate of Khorinis, but watch out!
    There's an Orc Warrior here waiting to ambush you. You can have Lares kill the
    orc when you're first being escorted out to this region. If you did not, be
    ready to run like hell. You can eat a bit of snapperweed before stepping on
    the portal if you need to. 
    When you step on this portal outside of Khorinis, it takes you to a place near
    the Dead Harpy Tavern (the second stone that Merdarion told you about). If you
    turn around you'll see a boarded-up crevasse with a locked door. Go to the
    tavern and talk to Orland about portals (+50 EXP). He'll give you the key if
    you ask for it. Return to the locked door and step inside. Loot the things on
    the ground and step on the stone. Having used all three teleporter stones, 
    you're rewarded with +200 EXP, and you're now back at the Water Mages' site.
    Tell Merdarion that you've used the stones for another +50 EXP.
       Khorinis -->  Tavern
            .__        |
            |\         |
              \       \|/
               \       ^
                  Water Mages
    K.7.C.5 - Myxir
    Myxir can tell you more about the 'Stone Tablets' that you've been finding. He
    knows that they contain knowledge about combat and inner abilities of the lost
    culture. If you ask to be taught the language, he will teach you what he knows.
    -> K.6.T.1 - The Language of the Builders
    K.7.T.01 - The Language of the Builders
    By learning the language of the builders, you can read Stone Tablets that you
    will find, which increase your base attributes or your weapon-efficiency, thus
    saving you a lot of LP's. You will also need it later on to read important
    things in Jharkendar.
    Language of the Peasants:  5 LP (read lvl I tablets)
    Language of the Warriors: 10 LP (read lvl II tablets)
    Language of the Priests:  15 LP (read lvl III tablets)
    K.7.C.6 - Nefarius
    Nefarius is the guy in charge of trying to activate the Portal. As he tells
    you, they need four ornaments to make a ring-shaped key to fit into the switch.
    This begins "The Portal" (K.7.Q.03)
    Once through the Portal (if you're a Fire Mage) he will teach you how to create
    runes, particularly new spells of the Circle of Water that were added. 
    K.7.Q.03 - "The Portal"
    When you hand Nefarius the ornament that Vatras gave to you to give to Lares
    that Lares gave to you to give to Nefarius, he gets delighted and decides to
    send you out to find the other 3 ornaments to form the key. He hands you a map
    which shows the location of the other 3: one at Sekob's farm, one in the woods
    north of Khorinis, and one at Lobart's farm, each found by activating stone
    circles. When you tell Saturas about Nefarius' task for you, and show him the
    map, he tells you to find someone to accompany you in the forest so that you
    don't wind up dead, carrying valuable fragments of the key. 
    The First Ornament: Go to Sekob's Farm. There is a stone circle just south of
    Sekob's house. Push all the three buttons, and out will rise a Stone Sentinel.
    Kill it for +180 EXP, and take the ornament off of its corpse. You'll probably
    need to be around lvl 15 or higher with a high-damaging weapon and a good set
    of armor to be able to take its hits.
    The Second Ornament: Go to Lobart's Farm. Cavalorn is now standing at the stone
    circle on the high hill behind his house. When you ask him about it, he tells
    you that he already talked to Lobart, and he said that he and his farmers had
    already messed with it, and out came the sentinel. They called in the militia,
    who called in the Paladins to deal with it. When you activate the switches,
    nothing happens. Tell this to Cavalorn. He suspects that the paladins have it.
    Tell him that you'll go demand it from them. You'll need to be in a guild to 
    be able to do this part. Go into the Upper Quarter of town and ask Lothar about
    the ornament. He will send you to Lord Hagen. Ask him for the ornament, and he
    will give it to you, along with +50 EXP. Tell Cavalorn (now at Vatras' Square)
    that Hagen had it for another +50 EXP.
    The Third Ornament: You'll need Lares' help for this. Go find him in the harbor
    district and tell him you need help getting through the thick woods in the 
    north. Whenever you're ready, tell him to go to the woods and he will lead you
    to the entrance. At the entrance, he'll double-check that you're sure you want
    to go in. Tell him you want to go. Once again, you'll get the EXP for the mobs
    that he kills. He'll stop at the stone circle at the northern end of the forst.
    From here, you can run around the forest and pull as many mobs to him as you
    want. There are plenty wargs, orc warriors, and skeletons to be killed for up
    to 300 EXP a pop. Press all the buttons on the stone circle and the sentinel
    will arise. Kill it for another +180 EXP, and take the ornament off of it. When
    you talk to Lares, he will go back to the city.
    Now that you have the other 3 pieces of the Key, return to Nefarius with the
    pieces. You will be rewarded +200 EXP and 100g for each piece you bring. Thus,
    you're rewarded +600 EXP and +300g. Now comes the task of repairing the broken
    artifact. Follow him to the room where Saturas resides, and the water mages 
    will perform an incantation. Wait for Nefarius to automatically tell you it's
    complete - he will give it to Saturas for you to get from him. However, you
    cannot get the key until you've joined the ranks of the Ring of Water and have
    been given a note from Vatras to give to Saturas.
    You recieve Vatras' letter for Saturas once you're a member of the Ring of
    Water; this is done by completing "Where Are the Missing People?" (K.3.Q.02).
    Once you're a member, Vatras' first task for you is to bring Saturas a letter.
    This letter tells Saturas that Vatras believe you are 'the one' and that you
    are to accompany the water mages through the portal to stop Raven and free the
    slaves. Deliver the letter to Saturas for +100 EXP, and he will give you the
    key. Now, use it on the small, circular key-hole to the left of the portal.
    In you go.
     [G.3.2] - Jharkendar
    J.1.A.1 - The Ruins
         J.1.C.1 - Saturas
    	J.1.Q.01 - "The Vanguard of the Water Mages"
    	J.1.Q.02.a - "Raven"
    	J.1.Q.03.a - "Raven's Slaves"
    	J.1.Q.04 - "Relics"
    	J.1.Q.05 - "Bandit Armor"
    	J.1.Q.06 - "The Missing People"
    	J.1.Q.07 - "The Claw of Beliar"
    	J.1.Q.08.b - "Relief for Vatras"
    	J.1.T.01 - Mage: Learning from Saturas
         J.1.C.2 - Nefarius
    	J.1.Q.09 - "The Sunken City"
    	J.1.T.02 - Mage: Learning from Nefarius
         J.1.C.3 - Cronos
    	J.1.P.01 - Cronos' New Inventory
         J.1.C.4 - Myxir
    	J.1.T.01 - The Language of the Builders
    	J.1.Q.10 - "The Power of the Guardians of the Dead"
    	J.1.Q.11 - "The Chambers of the Temple"
         J.1.C.5 - Riordian
    	J.1.P.02 - Geography
    	J.1.T.03 - Learning from Riordian
    	J.1.Q.12 - "The Mansions of the Builders"
    	J.1.Q.13 - "The Orcs in the Canyon"
         J.1.C.6 - Merdarion
    	J.1.Q.14 - "The Power of the Focus Stones"
    	J.1.T.04 - Learning from Merdarion
         J.1.C.7 - Alligator Jack
    	J.1.Q.15 - "Rat Hunt"
    J.1.A.2 - The Pirate Camp
         J.2.C.1 - Alligator Jack
    	J.2.Q.01 - "Meat for Morgan"
    	J.2.T.01 - Learning from Jack
         J.2.C.2 - Henry
    	J.2.P.01 - Admission to the Camp
    	J.2.Q.02 - "The Tower"
    	J.2.Q.03 - "Wood for the Palisade"
    	J.2.T.02 - Learning from Henry
         J.2.C.3 - Bones
         J.2.C.4 - Garett
    	J.2.Q.04 - "Garett's Compass"
         J.2.C.5 - Pirate Chef
    	J.2.Q.05 - "Grog for the Cook"
    	J.2.P.02 - Wrecked Merchant Vessel
         J.2.C.6 - Brandon
    	J.2.Q.06 - "A Drink for Brandon"
            J.2.T.03 - Learning from Brandon
         J.2.C.7 - Matt
         J.2.C.8 - Skip
    	J.2.Q.07 - "Skip Has Run Dry"
    	J.2.P.03 - Information on the Bandits
         J.2.C.9 - Bill
    	J.2.T.04 - Learning from Bill
    	J.2.Q.08 - "The Murderer of Angus and Hank"
         J.2.C.10 - Morgan
    	J.2.Q.09 - "The Northern Beach"
    	J.2.P.04 - Morgan's Ring
    	J.2.T.05 - Learning from Morgan
         J.2.C.11 - Samuel	
    	J.2.P.05 - Recipes for Samuel
         J.2.C.12 - Francis
    	J.2.P.06 - Greg's Key
         J.2.C.13 - Greg
    	J.2.Q.10 - "Razor Hunt"
    	J.2.Q.11 - "Spying on the Bandits"
         J.2.C.14 - Owen
    	J.2.Q.12 - "Malcom"
    J.1.A.3 - The Bandit Camp
         J.3.C.1 - Sancho
    	J.3.P.01 - The Camp
         J.3.C.2 - Miguel
    	J.3.P.02 - Miguel's Inventory
         J.3.C.3 - Franco
    	J.3.Q.01 - "Forward (Into the Bandit Camp)"
         J.3.C.4 - Logan
    	J.3.Q.02 - "Swamp Shark Hunt"
    	J.3.T.01 - Learning from Logan
         J.3.C.5 - Tom
    	J.3.P.03 - Tom's Problem
         J.3.C.6 - Edgor
    	J.3.Q.03 - "The Stone Tablet in the Swamp"
    	J.3.T.02 - Learning from Edgor
         J.3.C.7 - Senyan
    	J.3.Q.04 - "A Fatal Situation"
         J.3.C.8 - Esteban
    	J.3.Q.05 - "Attempted Murder"
         J.3.C.9 - Finn
    	J.3.P.04 - Mining Tips
         J.3.C.10 - Lennar
    	J.3.P.05 - Mining Tips
         J.3.C.11 - Fortuno
    	J.3.Q.06 - "Mental Meanders"
         J.3.C.12 - Snaf
    	J.3.Q.07 - "Hammer Booze"
    	J.3.P.06 - Lou's Stash
         J.3.C.13 - Lucia
    	J.3.Q.08 - "Lucia"
    	J.3.T.03 - Learning from Lucia
         J.3.C.14 - Huno
    	J.3.P.07 - Huno's Inventory
    	J.3.Q.09 - "Huno's Steel"
         J.3.C.15 - Fisk
    	J.3.P.08 - Fisk's Inventory
    	J.3.Q.10 - "A Package of Lockpicks"
         J.3.C.16 - Stew Pot Bandit
    	J.3.P.09 - Meat Stew
    	J.3.T.04 - Learning from the Bandit
         J.3.C.17 - Skinner
    	J.3.P.10 - Betty
         J.3.C.18 - Thorus
    	J.3.Q.11 - "Three Stones - Three Diggers"
         J.3.C.19 - Gate Guard
    	J.3.Q.12 - "Access to the Temple"
         J.3.C.20 - Scatty
    	J.3.P.11 - Scatty's Stock
    	J.3.P.12 - Mining Tips
    	J.3.T.05 - Learning from Scatty
    	J.3.P.13 - A Beer for Scatty
         J.3.C.21 - Crimson
    	J.3.P.14 - Gold Smelting
         J.3.C.22 - Garaz
    	J.3.P.15 - The Crawler-Infested Vein
         J.3.C.23 - Patrick
    	J.3.Q.13.b - "Raven's Slaves" 
         J.3.C.24 - Pardos
    	J.3.P.16 - A Potion for Pardos
         J.3.C.25 - Monty
    	J.3.P.17 - Mining Tips
         J.3.C.26 - Stew Pot Diggers
    	J.3.P.18 - Mining Tips
    J.1.A.4 - The Temple of Adanos
    J.1.A.5 - Exploring Jharkendar
         J.5.A.1 - The Ruins
         J.5.A.2 - The Valley
    	J.5.C.1 - Hermit
    	   J.5.P.01 - Clothes for the Hermit
    	   J.5.T.01 - Learning from the Hermit
    	J.5.I.1 - The Magic Bow
         J.5.A.3 - The Canyon
         J.5.A.4 - The Swamp
    	J.5.C.2 - Juan
    	J.5.I.X - The Ladder Camp Site
    J.1.A.1 - The Ruins
    When you come out of the portal, you find yourself in a ruined temple similar
    to the one you were at on the other side of the portal. When you navigate to
    the outdoor areas, you find a large, ruined temple district with step-pattern
    levels circling around the outer edges. 
    J.1.C.1 - Saturas
    Saturas is the first person you'll meet as you emerge from the Temple. He will
    tell you what he knows about the area, and one particularly interesting fact:
    the water mages beat you to the Ruins by several days. Ask him all you can
    and get all the information available and you'll pick up several quests.
    J.1.Q.01 - "The Vanguard of the Water Mages"
    Saturas will tell you that they recruited a few more people to the Ring of
    Water in the few days they've been in the new area. One of them, Lance, was
    sent to explore the Bandit Camp in the swamp to the East, but hasn't returned.
    Follow the trail to the east, leading to the Swamp district. You will eventual-
    ly come to a small set of stairs. Continue following the path for a ways, but
    venture off the road to the right a bit before the path fades away and meets
    up with the log bridge. Lance's body can be found just a few feet from the
    edge of the swamp. Loot his body, being sure to get his Aquamarine ring. Return
    to Saturas and tell him you found Lance's body for +100 EXP. He will say that
    the bandits likely did him in since he wasn't one of them. Give Saturas Lance's
    ring for another +200 EXP.
    J.1.Q.02.a - "Raven" 
    This is the quest to stop Raven from getting into the Temple, and ultimately
    getting the artifact in it. You won't actually be able to fight him or get
    anywhere close to him until you're in the Temple. For that part, see J.1.A.4,
    the Temple of Adanos. 
    You can, however, tell Saturas what you find out about Raven, +100 EXP for 
    each important piece of information you acquire. Things you can tell Saturas
    - Raven has a gold mine, and you can't get in until you deal with several of
      bandits in the way (after talking to Sancho and recieving the quest "Forward
      (Into the Bandit Camp")
    - Raven excavated the tomb of Khardimon and that he's trying to get into the
      Temple of Adanos. He had an apprentice by the name of Fortuno who deciphered
      the language of the builders (after talking to Fortuno when completing the
      quest "Mental Meanders")
    - Raven sealed the door to the temple behind him by praying an incantation,
      and you can't get in. 
    This quest will remain active until you kill Raven.
    J.1.Q.03.a - "Raven's Slaves"
    You are tasked to free the slaves that Raven has kid-napped from Khorinis. You
    won't be able to do anything about this quest until later on, when you're
    actually inside the Bandit Camp. Once you're in the gold mine, talk to Patrick
    to do the rest of the quest (J.3.Q.13.b).
    J.1.Q.04 - "Relics"
    Saturas wants you to bring him any relics, or stone tablets, that you come by
    in your exploration that could reveal more about the history of the Builders.
    You can hand him an Old Stone Tablet if you have one, but he will reject it,
    since they've already acquired some of those in Khorinis. 
    After you've activated 2 Teleporter Stones in "The Power of the Focus Stones"
    (J.1.Q.11), Merdarion will tell you that Saturas has new information for you.
    As Saturas tells you, they found out that the 'Council of Five', the five 
    leaders of the Builders, each had a mansion in Jharkendar. He suspects that you
    can find more relics in the mansions. You can talk to Riordian for more info
    about the mansions. The quest will then go side-by-side with "The Mansions of
    the Builders" (J.1.Q.10).
    You can find the following relics: Yellow Stone Tablet from the Library of the
    Scholars in the Canyon, Purple Stone Tablet from the Mansion of the Guardians
    of the Dead in the south-eastern Valley, Blue Stone Tablet from the House of
    the Priests in the south-western Valley, Green Stone Tablet from the House of
    the Healers in the Swamp, and the Red Stone Tablet from the Fortress of the
    Warriors in the northeast. Consult the map of Jharkendar in the images section
    for the NotR Guides on GameFAQs for the locations of these Mansions. 
    The Red Stone Tablet is not found in a chest directly in the Mansion, as the
    other four are; rather, you need to kill Esteban in the Bandit Camp at some
    point to get them. He tasks you with the quest "Attempted Murder", and you're
    supposed to kill him after that and get 5 Red Stone Tablets, one of which you
    bring back to Saturas. 
    For each tablet you bring to Saturas, you recieve +400 EXP and +200g, for a
    total of +2000 EXP and +1000g. 
    You later find out that these relics reveal insight to safely navigating the
    Temple of Adanos, without suffering a horrible death to booby traps. When you
    are ready to enter the Temple, Saturas will give them back to you for you to
    This quest will remain active until you kill Raven.
    J.1.Q.05 - "Bandit Armor"
    In order to get into the Bandit Camp you need to get yourself a set of their
    armor to sneak in. You can, in theory, just go in without it and kill every
    bandit that attacks you on your way up to the Temple, but that isn't as fun
    as playing the role you're intended to and doing the quests. Saturas suggests
    bartering with the Pirates for armor.
    You can ask Alligator Jack, standing to the west of the Ruins, about Bandit
    Armor, and he will tell you that there was at one point a set in the Pirate
    Camp. He can take you there in the quest "Rat Hunt". Once you're in the camp,
    you can ask Skip about the armor, and he'll tell you that it is supposed to be
    kept in Greg's hut, but since he's in Khorinis he's put Francis in charge of
    the camp and keeping people out of his hut.
    There are a series of things you need to do before you can get the armor:
    1) Getting into the camp (J.2.P.01)
    2) Getting the key to Greg's hut (J.2.P.06)
    3) Searching Greg's hut & spawning Greg
    4) Completing "Razor Hunt" (J.2.Q.10)
    You'll need to pay Henry your admission fee before you can get into the camp.
    You then will need to get the key to Greg's hut and search it, thus triggering
    Greg to show up at the camp. You can ask him about the armor, but he won't
    give it to you until you help improve morale in the camp and securing the
    safety of the pirates by killing the Razors in the Canyon ("Razor Hunt"). 
    When you've done so, he will tell you that he had originally planned for Bones
    to wear the armor and spy on the bandits. Since you've been such a help to him,
    he will let you use the armor to spy for him, thus getting you the quest "Spy-
    ing on the Bandits" (J.2.Q.11). Talk to Bones, and he will give you the armor
    and +200 EXP. You're now set to sneak into the Bandit Camp.
    J.1.Q.06.b - "The Missing People"
    Saturas will tell you that they found the body of a fisherman in a small ruined
    building along the outer circle of the Portal Ruins to the east. This fisherman
    is William, Farim's missing buddy. You can find his body and read a note that
    was on him, which seems to be a letter telling him how to escape from the 
    Bandits, but apparenty he didn't make it.
    There's nothing else to really do in this quest; it will complete itself when
    you've freed the slaves in "Raven's Slaves" (J.3.Q.13.b).
    J.1.Q.07 - "The Claw of Beliar"
    You first pick up this quest when you talk to Saturas after your talk with
    Quarhodron. You ask what's in the Temple, and Saturas tells you booby traps,
    the relics are the keys to understanding them, and worst of all, the Claw of
    Beliar - That is what Raven's after. 
    Once you've killed Raven and taken the Claw of Beliar from him, you can bring
    it back to Saturas and you get to work on quest. It's short and sweet; he will
    tell you your options of what to do with it. The first, is to give it to him,
    and he will render it useless by burying it in the sea (what Rhademes was say-
    ing when he said 'If you have the strength..... sink it in the depths of the
    sea'). You will be rewarded with +2000 EXP if you choose to do this option.
    The other, is to pray at a Shrine of Beliar and put the powers of the sword
    to your own use. You aren't rewarded with any EXP for this option, but it's the
    more fun one in my opinion. You can play with the Claw for the rest of the game
    including the Dragon Hunt, which adds a new level of fun to the game. You can
    bring the Claw to Xardas back in Khorinis for +450 EXP, so if you want some
    extra EXP before giving it to Saturas, be sure to drop by Xardas first. 
    For more information on the Claw of Beliar, see [A.2.5] (as miltia/mercenary)
    or [A.3.7] (as fire magician). 
    J.1.Q.08.b - "Relief for Vatras"
    Once you've killed Raven, Saturas will finally tell you that he's sending Myxir
    into town to relieve Vatras. 
    J.1.T.01 - Mage: Learning from Saturas
    If you are a Fire Magician, Saturas can teach you the Circles of Magic, though
    you will probably have already learned them from Parlan in the Monastary. But,
    if you haven't, Saturas will teach them.
    J.1.C.2 - Nefarius
    Nefarius can clue you in on more information about the Portal, and will tell
    you that it should be safe to use the Portal to go back to Khorinis (which it
    J.1.Q.09 - "The Sunken City"
    Nefarius will tell you some of the records that they've discovered, one of 
    which contains the story of the city being destroyed by a flood, caused by the
    wrath of Adanos. He will tell you to ask Saturas about it for more information.
    Go to Saturas and tell him Nefarius sent you, rewarding +100 EXP and more info
    on the civil war and the tale of Quarhodron and Rhademes. 
    J.1.T.02 - Mage: Learning from Nefarius
    Nefarius can teach you every rune for every circle, including some new ones
    in the 'Circle of Water' (which you don't have to learn separately) featuring
    the spells Whirlwind, Ice Lance, Geyser, Storm, Waterfist, and Dust Devil. 
    J.1.C.3 - Cronos
    Cronos can tell you more about the Stone Sentinels and how they were awoken.
    J.1.P.01 - Cronos' New Inventory
    Cronos' new inventory, now that you're in Jharkendar, consists of much more 
    than it did when you were in Khorinis. Now, he has two weapons new to NotR;
    the Typhoon and the Wand of the Water Mages, both of which are 2H staves, 
    designed to be used by mages, having low STR requirements for a moderately
    effective damage. He also has just about every spell scroll you could need, 
    some rune-making materials, and coolest of all, portable 'Spell Books' which
    contain the list of runes that can be made for each Circle and the materials
    needed for each rune. Also, be sure to buy a Map of Jharkendar from him. You
    can acquire one in Greg's hut, complete with locations of buried treasure, but
    its best to have one right off the bat, since you won't be able to get that
    map until later.
    J.1.C.4 - Myxir
    Myxir doesn't play much of a role in Jharkendar. Besides him teaching the Lang-
    uage of the Builders, you can talk to him about spirits. It seems that the
    Builders kept close to their ancestry by summoning spirits/ghosts of deceased
    elders for guidance and assistance. You can tell him that you'll let him know
    if you see a spirit, which foreshadows your conversation with Quarhodron.
    J.1.T.01 - The Language of the Builders
    If you haven't learned it yet, you can learn the language in order to read 
    Stone Tablets, and more importantly (as far as the plot goes), the Lecterns
    and Relics that you'll come by. The Lecterns tell the story of Jharkendar, and
    the Relics are supposed to give clues to navigating the Temple of Adanos.
    Language of the Peasants:  5 LP (read lvl I tablets)
    Language of the Warriors: 10 LP (read lvl II tablets)
    Language of the Priests:  15 LP (read lvl III tablets)
    J.1.Q.10 - "The Power of the Guardians of the Dead"
    After you make it into the Temple of Adanos, and come up short just as Raven
    mutters an incantation and steps into the doors, sealing them behind him, you
    return to Saturas to tell him this news. He will tell you to go to Myxir; you
    have to summon your own spirit to open the door for you.
    Raven summoned Khardimon, one of the two people who know how to open the doors
    since he was one of the two who sealed them in the first place. Since the grave
    of Khardimon has been desecrated by Raven, you will have to summon Quarhodron.
    Myxir tells you that his grave is supposed to lie directly in the West. Before
    you set out to find it, he gives you a piece of paper with the words that are
    supposed to summon Quarhodron. He mentions Y'Berion, the leader of the Sect
    Camp in the Colony that worshipped the Sleeper, believing it to be their savior
    rather than a Demon Lord. 
    To find Quarhodron's grave, go to the Hermit's house, and follow the path as it
    heads north from the Teleporter Stone. Keep an eye on the left, and just as the
    path begins to twist vertically up and to the right, you should see a small
    outcropping in the cliff wall with a small path that leads up it. Follow that
    path as it winds up and around to the plateau of the grave. You can also use
    the map of Jharkendar hosted here on GameFAQs in the images section for a map
    In front of the grave is a troll, complete with a few goblins. Lure the troll
    away from the goblins so that you can take the time to kill it. Use the trick
    for slaying trolls; get in close and strafe around its backside, hitting it 2
    or 3 times periodically and continuing to keep behind it. Eventually, it will
    die for +500 EXP and give you the freedom to kill the goblins and head into
    the grave. In the ruined building outside, you can hack into a chest contain-
    ing an Old Stone Tablet and a Strength I Tablet. 
    Inside the grave you will bump into a few zombies. Kill them (keep in the hall
    and alternate horizontal left/right attacks if need be) and loot the grave.
    You can find a nifty Magic Cross Bow, a Ring of the Warriors, several hundred
    gold, and a Dexterity I tablet. 
    When you're ready, find Myxir's scroll for summoning Quarhodron. You will hear
    a scream, similar to what Scatty and Crimson described when Raven summoned 
    Khardimon. Then, the ghost of Quarhodron will spawn in front of you. Talk to
    him and let him know about the Temple of Adanos being opened, using all conver-
    sation options until you find the option about the wisdom of the ancestors 
    being overwhelming. He sees truth in your words, but before he will help you,
    you have to prove you're trustworthy in the cause.
    He will ask you a series of questions, which need to be answered correctly 
    before he will help you. The answers to the questions are revealed primarily
    in the Lecterns at the Library of the Scholars in the Canyon, and from the
    stories you've heard from the Water Mages. Quarhodron will not tell you which
    questions you get wrong, so it can be a real pain to get them right. There
    are seven questions, each with six options. So, it would take a lot of trial
    and error to get them right. One of which, he tells you is impossible for you
    to answer.
    To what caste do you belong?
    	The Guardians of the Dead
    Who once protected Jharkendar from enemy attacks?
    	The Warrior caste
    Who can give me a direct order?
    	The Priests
    Who brought the evil upon us?
    	The Warrior caste
    Who has the final word in the Council of Five?
    	The Scholars
    Who alleviates suffering and tends to the ill?
    	The Healers
    Who sealed the Portal to guard the world from Evil?
    	There's no way I could know that
    Most of them are common sense, especially if you payed attention to what
    the Water Mages told you. The tricky part is that it requires one option to
    be used twice, which may have thrown some off. Anyway, those are the answers
    to his questions, and he will now agree to help you. Demand the key to the
    Temple of Adanos, thus starting the quest "The Chambers of the Temple". He will
    give you 'Quarhodron's Stone Tablet' which when read at the doors will grant
    you access to the Temple.
    Return to Myxir and tell him that you successfully summoned Quarhodron for 
    +400 EXP. He will send you to tell Saturas this information. Once you've had
    a talk with Saturas, you will finally be sent into the Temple after Raven.
    -> J.1.A.04 
    J.1.Q.11 - "The Chambers of the Temple"
    The chambers in the Temple of Adanos have been rigged with traps, and you must
    use the Relics as clues to figure out how to navigate the chambers safely. 
    Here is what each relic says:
    Red: The Council of 5 made the chambers to keep the sword hidden
    Yellow: I, against the decision of the 3, built the first trap
    Blue: Khardimon made the second trap, only he who follows the way of light can
          pass it.
    Purple: Quarhodron and Khardimon sealed the temple. Rhademes rots for eternity.
    Green: The third trap was built be Quarhodron, only he knows the way.
    That being said, you can see for yourself how ambiguous they are, only one in
    particular giving you any direct advice. 
    It's possible that the red one simply means that you shouldn't even be able to
    get into the temple. The yellow one could be in reference to Beliar, Adanos,
    and Innos, where the switches you would press are the 'followers of Beliar',
    the 'water of Adanos', and the 'light of Innos', but I'm not certain. The
    purple relic could be a hint that you need the help of Rhademes to get past it.
    And the green one, no idea; I've never gotten any information out of Quarhodron
    about it, but it's fairly simple to get through. 
    This quest will remain active until you kill Raven.
    J.1.C.5 - Riordian
    Riordian, as informed by Saturas, can give you more information about the land
    surrounding the temple.
    J.1.P.02 - Geography
    When you ask Riordian about Jharkendar, he can tell you about the geography.
    To the north lies a desert-atmosphered canyon; to the south lies a dense,
    green valley with serpentine paths and cliffs; to the west lies the pirate
    camp; to the east lies the swamp and the bandit camp.
    J.1.T.03 - Learning from Riordian *****
    Riordian can teach you alchemy and how to train your Will-o-the-Wisp.
    Alchemy: Essence of Healing, Extract of Healing, Elixir of Healing, Elixir
    	 of Life Force, Essence of Mana, Extract of Mana, Elixir of Mana,
    	 Elixir of the Spirit. 
    Will-o-the-Wisp: 'Gold, Keys, Utensils: 2 LP'
    	         'Long-Ranged Weapons, Ammunition: 1 LP'
    J.1.Q.12 - "The Mansions of the Builders"
    Once you've activated two of the Teleporter Stones for Merdarion in "The 
    Power of the Focus Stones", Saturas will tell you about the Mansions of the
    Council of Five. Riordian can tell you more. He will send you out to explore
    the ancient mansions. You will find colored stone tablets in each one to give
    to Saturas for "Relics".
    - The Mansion of the Guardians of the Dead: the Valley
      From the Teleporter Stone in the Valley, cross the bridge near the Hermit's
      house and follow the path down to the right. Follow that path as it winds
      down to the mansion at the base of a cliff. You will run into some Orcs at
      the bridge, along with a few Snappers and Mantises on the way. Deal with 
      them however you see fit. At the entrance to the mansion is a Swamp Golem;
      be careful when fighting it, so that it doesn't punch you over the edge and
      into insta-death pitfalls. In the mansion are 6 zombies. Lure them individua-
      lly away and kill them. You can find the Purple Stone Tablet in a chest.
    - The Mansion of the Priests: the Valley
      From the Teleporter Stone in the Valley, head directly south and follow the
      path until it comes to an end at the mansion at the base of a cliff. On the
      way you will run into some Grassland Scavengers, Harpies, and even an Orc
      Shaman, along with a few Goblin Warriors. The temple is loaded with Mine
      Crawlers; 8-12 of them. They're fairly simple to kill. You can find the Blue
      Stone Tablet in a chest.
    - The Mansion of the Healers: the Swamp
      You will need to visit this mansion for the quest "The Stone Tablet in the
      Swamp", a quest you pick up in order to get into the Bandit Camp. From the
      Teleporter Stone in the Swamp, head south-southeast, being sure to stay in-
      between the bog to your left and the rock wall on your right. You will come
      to a path that leads up to the mansion with a few lizards out in front of 
      it. At the top of the stairs and inside are several Stone Sentinels guarding
      it. Kill them, and find the Chest Key on one of their bodies to open the 
      chest and obtain two Green Stone Tablets. One of them is for Franco, and the
      other is for Saturas. 
    - The Mansion of the Scholars: the Canyon
      From the Canyon Teleporter Stone, follow the left wall of the canyon until
      it branches out into a small extension in the north. There are several orcs
      out here, complete with orc tents. You will have to deal with these orcs for
      "The Orcs in the Canyon" that you get when you tell Riordian this, but you
      will need to kill at least the ones on the stairs to the Library. Inside you
      will run into some Stone Sentinels and a few Fire Devils (easily killed with
      two or three Ice Lance scrolls; they fight similar to Shadowbeasts). The
      door to the left is unlocked, and when explored you will find the Yellow 
      Stone Tablet, along with Archery III, Life III, Strength III Tablets. The
      door to the right is locked, and requires the key from the Leader of the Orc
      Horde outside. In it, you can find a Cross Bow III Tablet, a Ring of Magic,
      a mana elixir of +3 mana, 3 Old Stone Tablets, and several valuable goodies.
      Be sure to read all of the Lecterns (provided you learned the Language of
      the Builders from Myxir or the Hermit) for +100 EXP per lectern. You will
      get the back-story of Jharkendar, summarized in [G.4].
    - The Mansion of the Warriors: the North-East (Bandit Camp)
      This mansion is unlike the others in the fact that you can't just go to it.
      This mansion is beyond the Bandit Camp, so you have to first do all the
      quests to get into the camp and then into the mine. The actual mansion part
      that you have to visit before you can tell Riordian you've been there, is
      connected to the Temple of Adanos that you have to follow Raven through. 
      When you've killed Bloodwyn and gotten access to the Temple, go straight, 
      into the room with Raven's Henchmen (zombies). In here you can find a bunch
      of potions, some valuable treasure, and a King's Sorrel. The Red Stone Tablet
      of this mansion has to be acquired from Esteban. 
    For each mansion you visit, you can return to Riordian for +100 EXP. Once you
    have visited all of them, you can tell this to Riordian for +300 EXP.
    J.1.Q.13 - "The Orcs in the Canyon"
    When you tell Riordian about the Orcs in front of the Library of the Scholars
    in the Canyon, he tasks you with killing them; he'd rather not have them in
    that area. If you haven't killed them already, re-visit the Canyon and kill
    them. Use the tips for killing orcs in the Guide [G.2]; try to pull them away
    in groups and use cliff walls and tents for protection. 
    You can also bring a bunch of pirates down in "Razor Hunt" (J.3.Q.10) to kill
    Once you've killed the Leader of the Horde, you can return to Riordian to
    complete the quest for +300 EXP.
    J.1.C.6 - Merdarion
    He's got such a fascinating interest in teleporting.
    J.1.Q.14 - "The Power of the Focus Stones"
    Talking to Merdarion will get you this quest to activate the Portal stones in
    front of the Portal. When you look at the map, you notice there are ten blue
    dots; these mark the locations of the stones. As you see on the map, the five
    at the Portal are arranged in a pentagon; each port leads to a dot in the area
    that it represtents in the pentagram. Thus, you can find the five portal dots
    in the five areas of the map. He will give you a Focus Stone to place on a
    pedestal near the stones to activate them. 
    These stones were used in the first Gothic originally to form the magic Barrier
    to keep the prisoners in. They were later collected by the Hero for the Water
    Mages to use on their large mound of magic ore, which they were going to use
    to try to blow up the Barrier. Apparently, they still have them.
    The first to check-out is obviously the one in the Portal ruins that you came
    past earlier. Go into the temple and place the Focus Stone on the pedestal up
    the small incline and step onto the stone. It will take you back outside to
    the pentagon. Tell Merdarion you used one of them for +500 EXP and +150g. You
    can then step back on the teleporter stone for another +100 EXP and a journal
    entry saying where it goes to. 
    The rest is soon told; go to the rest of the blue dots on the map one-by-one,
    putting each Focus Stone on the pedestal and returning to Merdarion for your
    +500 EXP and +150g rewards, then using the stones for the extra +100 bonuses.
    The teleporter stone in the north-east, the Bandit Camp, requires more work to
    get to, since you have to complete the quests to get into the camp, and then
    into the mine first (J.3.Q.1 & J.3.Q.5 -> J.3.Q.11). 
    When you've activated two of these, Merdarion tells you that Saturas needs to
    talk to you. You can talk to him to pick up "The Mansions of the Builders".
    J.1.T.04 - Learning from Merdarion
    Merdarion can train you to increase your maximum mana.
    J.1.C.7 - Alligator Jack
    Standing just outside the Portal Ruins to the west is Alligator Jack. Just by
    his appearance, you can tell he's a pirate. When you get near him, he pulls 
    you into conversation, pointing out that you're not like the others (the Water
    Mages). You can ask him about acquiring some Bandit Armor, and he will tell
    you that they have or at least had a set in the Pirate Camp to the west. Upon
    being asked how to get there, he will offer to take you, but you'll have to
    help him first. See J.1.Q.13.
    J.1.Q.15 - "Rat Hunt"
    Jack will ask your help in getting meat for the pirate camp. The only edible
    thing in the valley is the Swamp Rats, however disgusting that sounds. When
    you are ready, he will set out to his favorite rat spot; The Hollow. Follow
    him through the cave tunnel and down the side-path along the lake. You'll get
    EXP for everything that he kills along the way. At the Hollow, you find a mere
    3 Swamp Rats, which is only about half of what Jack needs. He tells you that
    the next destination is the Canyon, a very dangerous place as he warns.
    Go with him up to the Canyon; feel free to talk to Malcolm along the way; you
    can save 100 gold on the entrance fee to the camp, and this may be about your
    only chance to actually talk to him. 
    At the Canyon, you will kill a few more Swamp Rats. Once they're dead, he will
    give you 10 chunks of meat, regardless of whether or not you got all the meat
    off the corpses. This will give you the quest "Meat for Morgan", and put you
    right outside the Pirate Camp and one of the Teleporter Stones (just across 
    the water in a small cave). You are rewarded +200 EXP. 
    J.1.A.2 - The Pirate Camp
    This is the home destination of Skip and Greg, whom you met back in Khorinis.
    You can pick up a fair amount of quests and booty from these guys; it's also
    got a nice atmosphere and music. Before you can do any of the quests in the
    overview, you will first have to get into the camp (J.2.P.1). 
    J.2.C.1 - Alligator Jack
    After you've completed "Rat Hunt" he's now sitting in a small hut/canopy to
    the left of the Palisade gate where Henry stands. He's also found standing a
    short ways out from the camp on the central trail.
    J.2.Q.01 - "Meat for Morgan"
    Directly after completing "Rat Hunt", Jack gives you 10 chunks of meat to take
    to Morgan in the Pirate Camp. You can use this as a means to get a 100 coin
    discount on your admission fee with Henry. When you're in, follow the shore
    line around to the right and find Morgan lying on a cot. Wake him up, let him
    drink his gin, and give him the meat for +200 EXP.
    J.2.T.01 - Learning from Jack
    Jack can teach you how to pull teeth (3 LP), take animal skins (3 LP), and
    how to wield a bow.
    J.2.C.2 - Henry
    Your first obstacle to getting into the camp. Whether you respond 'friend/foe'
    doesn't matter, you'll get the same quests and options afterwards. You can
    pick 60g off of him. 
    J.2.P.01 - Admission to the Camp
    Before you can go into the camp, Henry will charge you a hefty 500 gold, which
    might be chump change for you by now. There are, however, a few things that
    can be done to lower this price:
    - Talk to Malcolm and get his message for Henry about the wood for -100g on
      the price.
    - Tell Henry you're delivering meat for Morgan for -100g on the price.
    - Kill the bandits in the Tower for -200g on the price. *
    * You will get the opportunity to kill them later with a +200g reward, but you
      also get a new quest for killing the bandits after you've already joined the
      camp. The money comes up the same either way, but you can get some extra EXP
      if you wait.
    Thus, you can get the price down to 100g, or 300g if you want the extra EXP. 
    In the end, you come out 'paying' a total of 100g either way. Pay him and you
    are free to enter the camp.
    J.2.Q.02 - "The Tower"
    You first pick up this quest when you ask Henry about the bandits just outside
    the camp. He advises you not to try to take them on yourself, since he'll be
    sending two of his boys out there to deal with them soon. You can, however,
    go kill them yourself and return to Henry for +200 EXP and -200g on the price
    to enter the camp. HOWEVER: if you wait until you've joined, you can take one
    of the pirates with you, and will get a follow-up quest.
    When you've already become a member of the Pirates, you can ask Henry to join
    his raiding troup, and he will task you with killing the bandits in the tower.
    You can take either the saw pirate or the hammer pirate - it doesn't matter.
    The only difference is the saw pirate will call you an asshole when you're done
    and the hammer pirate will say you're 'all right'. 
    Go back down the path a ways and go up the hill to the tower. There are three
    bandits here, each with a ranged weapon. So run at an angle so you don't get
    hit on the way there and kill them, they're fairly simple, espeicially with
    a pirate helper. Be careful not to aggro the mantises around to the side of
    the tower, who can make things messy real easily. You can loot an Ash Bow here.
    When they're dead and you've had your chat with your pirate buddy, return to
    Henry for +200 EXP and +200g. This will let you get "Wood for the Palisade".
    J.2.Q.03 - "Wood for the Palisade"
    You may have already heard from Malcolm that it will take a bit longer to get
    the wood for the Palisade. Once you've completed "The Tower" you can ask Henry
    if there's anything else to be done, and he will send you to tell Malcolm - or
    rather Owen, to hurry up with the wood. 
    Follow the path back the way you came from the Portal Ruins to the spot where
    you saw Malcolm earlier. You'll notice he's no longer there. Climb up the rock
    structures along the side of the cliff wall to get access to an elevated cave.
    Owen is sitting next to a fire.
    Talk to him to find out about what happened to Malcom, starting another quest,
    "Malcolm" (J.2.Q.12). It's a rather simple quest, involving dropping down a
    pitfall and finding out if Malcom is still alive or not. You'll have to do 
    this before Owen will tell you about the wood.
    Once you've done that, tell him your orders from Henry, and Owen will tell you
    that he will send it to the camp 'sooner or later'. Go back to Henry and tell
    him this for +300 EXP and +200g. 
    J.2.T.02 - Learning from Henry
    After you've asked around the camp about trainers, Henry will teach you how to
    use 2H weapons.
    J.2.C.3 - Bones
    There's not a lot of stuff with Bones, since he doesn't want to be disturbed
    because of his 'mission' from Greg. He refuses to even talk about it. Eventual-
    -ly you will get the Medium Bandit Armor from him. You can pick 104g off of
    him. He will tell you about Morgan and Henry training you 1H and 2H skills
    respectively, and that Jack could teach you about hunting. He also suggests
    Samuel (who doesn't really teach you anything, he may have meant Brandon, who
    trains your STR/DEX).
    J.2.C.4 - Garett
    Garett is a merchant and the stock-holder of the Pirates. You can buy some 
    things off of him, not much of it is particularly worthwhile, besides his Belt
    of Protection (+7 Weapon/Arrow defense). You can pick 55g off of him.
    J.2.Q.04 - "Garett's Compass"
    When you ask Garett to tell you more about Greg, you hear that he is a greedy
    bastard who likes to take all the booty for himself. You can further inquire
    about a golden compass that Garett mentions having had to give over to Greg,
    and he will tell you where he thinks it might be buried. He tells you that he
    often saw Greg on the southern beach, and that Greg said 'Death himself watches
    your compass'. 
    From Garett, head to the sea and follow the shore to the left around the large
    jutting-out rock formation and you'll come to another beach. Here are some
    lizards and fire lizards, the latter of which might be devastating to fight.
    You can, however, take them out with some spell scrolls with moderate ease. If
    you lack scrolls or simply want to save them, you can use the strategy for
    fighting them in the Tips section of this FAQ. 
    Continue following the beach around and you will come to a tree with a skeleton
    hanging from it, along with a red 'X' by the base of the tree. With a pick axe
    in your inventory, dig-up the buried loot and you will find Greg's Compass. 
    You can also explore the cave just past this, containing 3 zombies and the
    Warrior Amulet, along with a Ring of Skill (+3 DEX). 
    Return to Garett and give him his compass for +300 EXP and the Belt of Protect-
    ion. If you already bought it, he will refund your 1000 gold. 
    J.2.C.5 - Pirate Chef
    He doesn't have a name, but has some pretty nice information for you.
    J.2.Q.05 - "Grog for the Cook"
    A very short and simple quest - when you talk to him, he'll tell you that he's
    so very thirsty from being around the fire all day. Offer him a bottle of Grog
    that you've likely come by (or buy some from Samuel) for +100 EXP.
    J.2.P.02 - Wrecked Merchant Vessel
    If you've given the Chef Pirate a bottle of Grog, he will tell you that he 
    hopes Greg gets back soon and gives someone else chef duty. He heard about a
    merchant vessel that hit a reef, and now all of its goods are washing up along
    the shore, and he wants to go loot it.
    You can then go do so yourself. In order to find the goods the easiest, have
    the mouse turned on and pull it under the water. You can see things within a
    15-20 foot distance like this. Or, you can more effectively pull it down to
    water-level so that the water rises and falls along the lens. Like this, when
    the water rises above the lens, you can see everything underneath clear as day
    at a much greater distance than with it fully under.
    If you go all along the shore, north and south, you can find: casket, skull,
    rum, gold chalice, pure mana potion, jewel casket, one lump of ore, silver
    plate x2, and silver chalice x2.
    J.2.C.6 - Brandon
    He's standing near the fire, usually talking to Matt. 
    J.2.Q.06 - "A Drink for Brandon"
    When you ask if he can teach you anything, he will hint that he wants some
    form of payment before you can learn from him. In true pirate nature, offer to
    buy him a drink and he will agree. Try to give him some Grog, and he will get
    disgusted at the notion. He wants something a bit stronger, one of Samuel's
    special brews, the 'Hasty Herring'.
    Go to Samuel's cave, north a bit up the beach. Ask him for something stronger,
    and choose to buy the 'Hasty Herring' - you will get to drink a free sample.
    Then buy one from him (you may want to buy a few for yourself, once you find
    out what it does) and bring it back to Brandon.
    You probably noticed that you're running at double-speed now. The Hasty Herring
    has the same effects as eating a plant of Snapperweed or drinking a Potion of
    Run Speed. It seems to last about 2 minutes, and costs a paltry 30g, so it may
    be wise to buy a few for yourself for those times when you have to cross a 
    large distance that you've already explored/cleared.
    Take the 'Herring back to Brandon for +100 EXP.
    J.2.T.03 - Learning from Brandon
    Once you've completed "A Drink for Brandon", he will train your Strength and
    J.2.C.7 - Matt
    You can't pick up any quests from him, but he can tell you that the bandits
    seem to be rolling in gold, and that they never paid for their last shipment
    that they bought from the bandits. You can talk to Skip about this for his
    quest. You can pick 91g off of Matt.
    J.2.C.8 - Skip
    When you talk to Skip, he will remember you from Khorinis (assuming you talked
    to him), but that he also recognizes your face on a Wanted Poster, the very
    one you've already heard about from the Bandit on the path from Xardas' Tower
    and from Pablo. 
    You can tell him you saw Greg in Khorinis for +100 EXP
    He can tell you that Garett will sell you some things; he won't take you to
    Khorinis, ever.
    You can pick 43g off of him.
    J.2.Q.07 - "Skip Has Run Dry"
    Asking Skip about Angus and Hank, when you ask him about the bandits, will
    start this quest. They were supposed to sell 20 bottles of Grog to the bandits
    but never came back. Skip suspects they're dead. He tells you that Morgan and
    Bill went out to look for them, but never found anything. You can then go to
    Bill and Morgan and ask them about it.
    Bill was good friends of theirs, and will tell you that they often hung out at
    a cave to the east of the camp. He will tell you to talk to Jack for more info
    on the cave.
    Morgan won't tell you much, other than Angus still had a ring that once was
    Morgan's, that he'd like back (J.2.P.4). 
    Ask Jack, outside the camp, about the cave that Angus and Hank hung out at, 
    and he will direct you to check out the Hollow that you visisted earlier. Go
    down the path to the Hollow at the lake. Swim into the water to some rocks on
    the cliff wall to the right (if you're facing the lake). You'll notice you can
    climb up them to a cave.
    In the cave are the bodies of Hank and Angus, which you can get 2 old coins
    and Morgan's Ring off of. Go back and confirm this news for Skip; he will tell
    you go break the news (gently) to Bill, getting you "The Murderer of Anugs and
    Hank" (J.2.Q.8).
    As far as I know, the only way to complete this quest is to buy the Grog off
    of Samuel or Lucia (in the bandit camp), since Juan (who you later find out
    from various sources, is the one who killed Angus and Hank) doesn't have the
    Grog on him. Lucia does suspiciously have 20 bottles of Grog in her inventory,
    but you can't kill her and take them or anything.
    Anyway, if you give Skip 20 bottles of Grog (whether or not they were the same
    that were stolen from the pirates) for +200 EXP. Skip will also give you either
    200g or a Ring of Ore Skin, which you probably already have one or two of, and
    will likely find more of in your quests; it's not worth much, I'd take the gold
    to pay for your fees of acquiring them, myself. 
    J.2.P.03 - Information on the Bandits
    Skip can tell you the most about the history of the bandits. The pirates
    brought the bandits over on their boat (for a price, of course) originally, 
    but the bandits set up a camp in the swamp and kept to themselves. They used
    to trade with them, but they since haven't paid for their last shipment, and
    have assumably done away with Hank and Angus, the delivery guys. Asking more
    about this will get you "Skip Has Run Dry".
    J.2.C.9 - Bill
    Bill is sawing the wood for the Palisade, which he seems to think won't do any
    good if the bandits actually did launch an attack. You can ask him where he
    comes from, and he will inform you that he used to live in Khorinis, living
    off of lifting peoples' pockets, but later joined with the pirates to avoid
    constantly running from the militia. You can pick 205g off of him.
    J.2.T.04 - Learning from Bill
    Once you've found out that he can pick pockets, he will teach you how for 10LP
    but also warns that you'll need to be dexterous to succeed at it.
    J.2.Q.08 - "The Murderer of Angus and Hank"
    Once you've found the bodies of Angus and Hank in "Skip Has Run Dry", and you
    break the news to Bill, he will want the name of the guy who did it. In order
    to find this out, you'll first need the Bandit Armor in order to talk to some
    of the bandits.
    Once you have the Armor, go into the Swamp and find Logan; follow the first
    log bridge to Sancho, go straight past another log bridge to the islet with
    Miguel, turn left here and follow another log bridge to the alley with Logan.
    In a cave at his camp, you will meet Tom, a bandit with some issues. 
    Ask him what he's doing there, and he'll tell you a story that seems to match
    up with what Skip was telling you earlier; he was good friends with some of 
    the pirates and used to trade with them, and on his last deal, he was attacked
    by Juan, who killed the pirate traders. Juan took the goods from the pirates
    and chased after Tom, who was too fast for Juan to keep up with. These traders
    sound an aweful lot like Angus and Hank, eh? 
    If you return to Bill to tell him this, he will wish that this Juan suffered,
    and died. Now, you'll have to actually find this Juan. His cave is located in
    the far east of the swamp, the most-eastern part of the map that you can see.
    Enter the cave, and you will see Juan and a generic Bandit chilling there. Talk
    to him, and he will assume you're an errand boy for Esteban, but that he won't
    cough up the goods unless Huno or Fisk or Esteban or *someone* pays for them.
    Tell him you don't come on behalf of Esteban and engage him in combat. Once
    he's dead (the other bandit too, since he'll attack you for fighting Juan),
    go back to Bill and tell him this for +200 EXP. 
    Be sure to hold onto the two packages you got off of Skip, because they'll be
    used for a quest later on with Huno and Fisk.
    J.2.C.10 - Morgan
    Morgan is the very lazy raid leader of the bandits. His job is to make sure
    the beasts around the camp don't get too close and to keep the pirates supplied
    with food. You can pick 43g off of him.
    J.2.Q.09 - "The Northern Beach"
    Once you've given him the meat from Jack in "Meat for Morgan", you can ask
    Morgan to join his raiding troup, and he will gladly let you in. Your first
    task is to clean the northern beach of the lurkers there.
    Head up the beach from his 'hut' and kill the lizards and lurkers out there.
    If you return now, he will ask about the cave, which is also included in the
    northern beach. So, venture into the cave and you'll run into a shadowbeast.
    It may be too difficult for you, but it should be no problem if you use the
    strategy in the Tips section of this FAQ.
    Once the shadowbeast and the lurkers/lizards are dead, return to Morgan for
    +300 EXP and +150g.
    J.2.P.04 - Morgan's Ring
    You first find out about his ring when you pick up "Skip Has Run Dry", and he
    wants it back. You can find the ring on Angus' dead body in the cave at the 
    lake at the Hollow (as part of Skip's quest). Return it to Morgan for +200 EXP.
    HOWEVER, that is a very nice ring, adding +10% to your 1H skill. If you're 
    using 1H weapons and want the ring, you can beat him up and take it back.
    To do this without attracting the attention of any other pirates in the area,
    equip a bow and run to the water near the cannon and provisions there. Aim the
    bow at him by using the action button and he will threaten you to put it down.
    When you don't, he'll come to you, in which case you can equip your sword and
    knock him down, taking the ring, the meat you gave to him earlier, some gin, 
    and his Double-Bladed axe from him.
    J.2.T.05 - Learning from Morgan
    As you heard from Bones, Morgan can teach you 1H combat.
    J.2.C.11 - Samuel	
    Samuel resides in a cave a small ways up the northern end of the beach, just
    past Morgan's residence. You can buy plenty of alcoholic drinks from him. 
    There isn't a whole lot of content with this guy, besides what you need to do
    with him for other peoples' problems.
    J.2.P.05 - Recipes for Samuel
    Samuel is always looking for recipes for new brews; you can give him the recipe
    for Lou's Hammer and Lou's Double Hammer that you get from Snaf and Lou's
    stash at the bandit camp for +100 EXP each. You can then take them back from
    him for free, when you ask him 'what else he has' to bring up his inventory.
    Both recipes will be there with no charge value on them. He will now also be
    able to make them, even if he doesn't have the hard copy of the recipe on him.
    Lou's Hammer is used for the quest "Hammer Booze" (J.3.Q.7), and doesn't seem
    to have any worthwhile effect when drunk. I haven't found any use for Lou's
    Double Hammer - I had thought I could use it to KO someone, like Scatty, for
    instance, in J.3.P.10 - A Beer for Scatty, since its description says it will
    knock-out even the heaviest drinker. However, there doesn't seem to be any use
    for the drink, besides the EXP from Samuel. If you drink it, it damages your
    HP by 1/2 of the current value.
    J.2.C.12 - Francis
    Francis has been put in charge of the camp while Greg is out at Khorinis to 
    get more loot. He doesn't serve much purpose in the game content besides gett-
    ing Greg's key to hit hut.
    J.2.P.06 - Greg's Key
    In order to get the key to Greg's hut for "Bandit Armor" (J.1.Q.5), you will
    have to first go through Francis. There are a few ways to get it, with an
    optimum method for maximum EXP. The four ways:
    1) Beat him up and take it from him (+300 EXP for the victory)
    2) Pick it off of him (+100 EXP)
    3) Pay him 2000g (+0 EXP)
    4) Trade it for his paybook (+0 EXP)
    When you first talk to Francis and learn that he's guarding Greg's hut and has
    the key, you can ask Skip for advice; he tells you to ask Samuel, since he
    knows almost everything about everyone in the camp, and can likely tell you 
    about some leverage to get over Francis. Samuel will tell you about something
    very important of Francis' that he buried in one of the mines in the Canyon.
    The mine in question is the first one you'll come to if you follow the right
    wall of the canyon. You'll likely run into some Razors on the way, and the few
    Mine Crawlers inside. There is a red 'X' that you can dig up, one of the items
    you come by is a 'Treasure Chest'. You can open it in your inventory to get
    a Paybook and 153 gold coins.
    You can use the Paybook now and Francis will give you the key, but there is a
    better way to do this. First, pick the key off of him, then beat him up (even
    without the dialogue option to do so), then tell him about the Paybook. Now,
    without the key, will give you +500g to give it to him. 
    Now that you have the key, enter Greg's hut and loot everything: Iron Skin
    Ring (weapon defense +3), 3 white rum, 135 coins, Greg's Log Book, silver 
    plate, silver dish x2, silver chalice, silver candlestick, Message in a Bottle
    (when opened, contains a treasure map marking all the red 'X's), sextant,
    apple tobacco, gold candlestick, 50 old coins, 3 swampweed reefers, 5 gold
    nuggets, glacier quartz, 87g, 3 fish, and 200g in satchels.
    When you're done, leave, and Greg will show up, kicking Francis off of his 
    bench and asking if you've done any work.
    J.2.C.13 - Greg
    Once you've searched his hut, Greg will show up back in the pirate camp. When
    you've dealt with the razors in the canyon in "Razor Hunt", you can ask him
    some questions, like his ship and how he got here. Despite his attitude about
    Water Mages and a magic portal when you told him back at Dexter's camp, he
    wound up using it afterall.
    J.2.Q.10 - "Razor Hunt"
    Greg will want you to do some work for him, taking over Morgan's old job that
    he never did any work with. He wants you to kill the razors in the canyon,
    five of which spawn fresh once Greg gets back. So, if you already cleared the
    canyon, don't worry, there will be new razors to slay. You can, in theory,
    go kill them without having officially picked up the quest; if you do that,
    you will instantly get the option to tell Greg that you killed them all,
    without ever leaving. He will give you the Pirate Armor, which may very well
    be the best armor you've come by, if you haven't gotten the Crawler Plate 
    Razors are allegedly hard to kill, though they're probably a piece of cake for
    you if you've taken the time to explore and build yourself up. At any rate, 
    you can bring a few pirates with you if you think you'll need the help. You 
    can bring: Brandon, Matt, Skip, Jack, Chef Pirate, and the Pirate on the bench
    across from Garett.
    Enter the Canyon and just keep an eye out for the razors. You should find all
    5 of them before you get to the overpassing bridge just past the Library. If 
    the count-down meter says you missed some, go back, as you may have missed one
    on the other side of a large boulder or something. 
    Once they're dead, the pirates will be ready to go back, but will stay with
    you to hunt, so long as you keep within the Canyon. You can take them down to
    the Orcs outside the Library if you haven't already killed them. When you're
    done with them, though, tell each one to go back to the camp.
    Return to Greg and report that you've killed all of the razors for +250 EXP.
    J.2.Q.11 - "Spying on the Bandits"
    Having completed "Razor Hunt", Greg will decide that you're the best man to
    send in to check what's up with the bandits. He needs to know what's going on
    over there, particularly why they're hanging around out there. He had original
    -ly planned to send Bones over there; go to him and get the armor from him for
    +200 EXP.
    Equip it, and head to the swamp. Follow the log bridge you come to by follow-
    ing the main trail from the Poral Ruins until you get to the first outpost
    with Sancho. You can talk to him and find out that Raven has a gold mine there
    and that they have diggers mining the gold. 
    Return to Greg and tell him this for +200 EXP and a Warrior Ring.
    J.2.C.14 - Owen
    Owen is not actually in the pirate camp, but he's a member of their expedition
    for palisade wood. You don't get to meet him until after you've joined the
    pirate camp. You can pick 30g off of him.
    J.2.Q.12 - "Malcom"
    If you return to the spot that you met Malcolm and climb up the rock stairs
    to the side of the Tree Saw, you will bump into Owen. Talking to him, you will
    find out that he and Malcolm were attacked by a lurker, so they scurried up
    into the cave. The lurker followed them, and Malcolm started to fight it. They
    then both fell down a crevasse, and Owen hasn't heard or seen Malcolm since.
    You'll need to do this quest before Owen will tell you anything about the wood
    in "Wood for the Palisade"
    Now for the fun part. Go to the back of the cave and drop into the crevasse.
    You'll fall a rediculously long distance, picking up +100 EXP for a 'Stunt
    Bonus' before hitting the water (be warned, if you do this multiple times, it
    will deduct 100 EXP for sensing you trying to exploit unlimited EXP). Swim
    down a bit and swim under a rock wall into an underground grotto, complete with
    one lurker and one deceased Malcolm.
    Kill the lurker and loot Malcolm's body for a 2H combat III tablet, along with
    some other goodies in the area, including some gold, gold nuggets, mushrooms,
    and rune-crafting materials. Continue past this grotto into the water and swim
    down under another rock wall, and you will come out at the lake in the Hollow.
    Return to Owen and tell him that Malcolm is dead for +300 EXP and the revelat-
    ion that Owen wasn't helping Malcolm to kill the lurker, and now wishes that
    he did.
    J.1.A.3 - The Bandit Camp
    This place brings back a lot of memories if you played the first Gothic, due
    to the fact that you run into so many old friends and enemies in here. A lot
    of the bandit camp is composed of ex-members of the Old Camp back in the
    Colony. The camp has three 'levels': the hunters in the swamp, the camp distr-
    ict, and the mine/temple district. You'll have to work your way through the
    quests to get up to the mine and temple. Just a warning, you will be attacked
    by the bandits if you approach any of them whilst not wearing Bandit Armor. 
    It is possible to just fight your way up to the temple, killing every bandit
    in sight, but that isn't as fun as playing the role and sneaking in. You get
    a lot more content out of the game if you play them with the Bandit Armor, and
    it is all-around much more enjoyable. You can come back later and kill any of
    them that you please for exp/loot, but try not to kill any that can be spared
    for now.
    J.3.C.1 - Sancho
    Sancho is probably the first person you'll run into of the bandits. He is 
    standing at the first islet on the way to the bandit camp from the Portal
    Ruins. You can pick 40g off of him.
    J.3.P.01 - The Camp
    Sancho tells you a lot about the camp's structure, particularly that you can't
    go straight to the gold mine - you have to first work for Franco before you
    can go in. He mentions that Franco got the job by killing Fletcher, the old
    leader of the Hunters (Fletcher was a vendor for the Guards in the Old Camp).
    This foreshadows what you will have to do to get into the camp.
    You also find out about the gold mine; this you can tell Saturas and Greg for
    +100 and +200 EXP respectively
    J.3.C.2 - Miguel
    Miguel is standing at the second islet, just past Sancho, to the bandit camp
    entrance. Miguel tells you about his history, working for Ignaz the alchemist.
    He liked to experiment with brewing mind altering potions, and one day Ignaz
    drank one of them by mistake, and that has since rendered him unpredictable.
    For this, Miguel was cast into the Barrier (though we never did meet him in 
    G1). Remember this, because you'll need to talk to him about a mind-restoring
    potion for Fortuno (J.3.Q.6). You can pick 48g off of him.
    J.3.P.02 - Miguel's Inventory
    Miguel can sell you some potions if you need them.
    J.3.C.3 - Franco
    Franco is the leader of the Hunters; the people who do chores in the swamp
    until Thorus calls for more diggers. You'll eventually have to kill him to
    get into the camp, but hold off on this; you can get extra experience by doing
    his tasks before finally killing him. You can pick Franco's Amulet off of him
    (+4 STR/+4 DEX/+40 Life), which you'll eventually get when you kill him, but
    you can get EXP for this.
    J.3.Q.01 - "Forward (Into the Bandit Camp)"
    You'll have to mess with this quest to get into the Bandit Camp. Before you
    can get in, Franco will have a few tasks for you. 1) Help Logan with the
    Swampsharks, and 2) Get him a green stone tablet. You can tell him to give you
    one NOW, which will engage him in combat; if you kill him, good game, you'll
    have to later, but it's best to hold off. First, he will send you to Ramon to
    see if Thorus needs a new person. Ramon will confirm this; go back to Franco
    and tell him. He will first send you to help Logan.
    Each part has its own separate quest: J.3.Q.2 - "Swamp Shark Hunt", and J.3.Q.3
    - "The Stone Tablet in the Swamp". 
    First go to Logan and tell him that Franco sent you; he will tell you that the
    two of you are going to kill some swampsharks. When you say that you're ready,
    3 sharks will spawn near the edge of his slab of land to the north (you will
    hear the bellow of the sharks when they do). Kill them and report back to 
    Franco for task #2 and +200 EXP.
    For the second, he sends you to Edgor to get a green stone tablet. To get to
    Edgor, go back to Sancho and turn left to cross the log bridge. Edgor and a
    bandit will be sitting around or near a small campfire. Talk to him and find
    out that he hasn't gotten it yet. As you will have to do in "The Mansions of
    the Builders" (if you haven't already) you have to go explore the mansion in
    the south (easily found in the SE on your map). Explore that ruin, get the 
    green tablets (one for Saturas and one for Franco) and a Ring of the Priests,
    and return to Franco for +200 EXP.
    When you ask if you can finally get in, he will say 'no', and that Logan was
    next on the list so he goes in now. Not to mention, he'd also like to keep you
    around, since you've been more helpful to him than any other person out there.
    You'll get a response to fight him - do so, and kill him. Other bandits won't
    Go talk to Ramon for +500 EXP, and he will tell you to take over Franco's job.
    You'll bargain with him to have Thorus send one of his guys to take over the
    position so that there will be a slot open for you. Thus, you get entrance into
    the lower Bandit Camp.
    J.3.C.4 - Logan
    From the entrance to the Lower Bandit Camp (where you meet Franco), go towards
    Miguel and turn right on his islet. Follow the log bridge to a strip of land
    with a small camp site, and you will find Logan. You can pick 50g off of him.
    J.3.Q.02 - "Swamp Shark Hunt"
    Talking to Logan will get you the task to help him kill the swampsharks. You'll
    have to do this for Franco if you haven't picked up the quest, but don't worry
    if you haven't. If you've already killed them with Logan, you can instantly
    tell Franco you've done it, without having to leave. Swampsharks are constantly
    getting closer and closer to Logan's camp site, and he needs help fending them
    Whenever you're ready, tell him to get going, and 3 swampsharks will spawn 
    just north a bit. Go with Logan and slay the swampsharks. There is no reward
    for this quest, besides Logan teaching you tricks about hunting.
    J.3.T.01 - Learning from Logan
    After completing "Swamp Shark Hunt" Logan can teach you how to skin animals
    (5 LP), remove claws (3 LP), and remove teeth (3 LP).
    J.3.C.5 - Tom
    Tom is in the cave at Logan's camp site. You can pick 52g off of him.
    J.3.P.03 - Tom's Problem
    While not a documented quest, it is still an EXP-rewarding task that you can
    fulfill. Talk to Tom and find out about his troubles with Juan; he was in good
    connections with the pirates and often ran trading deals for the other bandits
    with them. One day, Juan popped out of the background and attacked Tom and the
    pirates, killing the two pirates, taking the goods, and chasing after Tom.
    His dilemma is that he can't go back into the camp, not while Esteban is still
    around; Juan was working for Esteban, and so now Esteban will surely punish
    Tom for his dealings with the pirates. He tells you that Fisk and Huno both
    had shipments that he was going to pick-up.
    After you've completed "Attempted Murder" (J.3.Q.5) and killed Esteban, you
    can return to Tom and tell him that Esteban is dead for +100 EXP. He will now
    be found standing in Snaf's Tavern with Logan.
    J.3.C.6 - Edgor
    Edgor is sitting at a camp site southeast of Sancho. You can pick a heavy 7g
    off of him.
    J.3.Q.03 - "The Stone Tablet in the Swamp"
    As a part of Franco's chores, you can tell Edgor that you were sent to get the
    green stone tablet from him. Edgor will tell you that he hasn't even been to
    try to get it, because he knows how dangerous old ruined buildings in the swamp
    are. He will *attempt* to tell you where it is, but has since forgotten. If 
    you look on your map, you will see quite obviously a small path leading to a
    ruined building in the southern end of the swamp; that's the destination.
    Go there, fighting the lizards at the base of the mansion and the stone senti-
    nels inside. One of them has a chest key on it which opens the chest between
    the two burial caskets. Open the chest and loot the Green Stone Tablets (one
    for Saturas and one for Franco), along with a Ring of the Priests in the tomb.
    You can return to Edgor and tell him you got it, and he will commend your 
    bravery. Bring the stone to Franco for +200 EXP. 
    J.3.T.02 - Learning from Edgor
    Edgor can teach you how to remove bloodfly wings (100g, 5 LP), how to remove
    stingers (100g, 5 LP), and how to get the secretion from the stingers. He hates
    bloodflies even more than he hates Franco. 
    J.3.C.7 - Senyan
    The first person you'll bump into in the camp, Senyan is standing outside the
    tavern. You can pick 88g off him.
    J.3.Q.04 - "A Fatal Situation"
    Senyan will recognize your face as what's been floating around on the wanted
    posters and will strike a deal with you; in short, he'll turn you over to the
    camp if you don't agree to it. Agree to it, for now he'll just send you to
    Esteban to talk to him about a murderer.
    Once you've had your chat with Esteban and picked up "Attempted Murder", go
    back Senyan, and he will give his final ultimatum: figure out who the murderer
    is and let Senyan pocket the reward. Since there is no real reward for this,
    and you'll need to knock-off one of Esteban's guys in order to get Emilio to
    talk, say 'no' and kill him. He'll shout something to the camp, but no one will
    attack you, so you're safe. If you agree to it, you can still turn around and
    kill him anyway, except you'll have the quest sitting idly in your log, unable
    to be finished until you kill Raven and 'complete' all the idle quests. No big
    J.3.C.8 - Esteban
    Esteban is basically the 'leader' of the Lower Camp. He works jointly with
    Thorus for keeping the mine supplied with diggers. So when Thorus needs someone
    Esteban picks from the people in the lower camp, usually picking people who
    he can extort gold from. This is ruining business for the merchants in the 
    lower camp. 
    J.3.Q.05 - "Attempted Murder"
    This is the major quest of the lower camp. Go talk to Esteban and he will 
    threaten you right off the bat that you'll meet a quick death to his bodyguards
    if you try anything tricky with him. He will task you with finding out who was
    behind the attempt on his life (his bodyguards killed the actual attacker, but
    this person supposedly couldn't have thought of that himself, so Esteban thinks
    someone put him up to it).
    In order to get a Red Stone that will enable you to get past Thorus, you will
    need to eventually kill Esteban, but play along and do his quest for extra
    EXP and fun factor. He says he won't send you in to the mine to dig gold for 
    him since you know nothing about it, or picked up a few tricks from Finn &
    Lennar; if he were to, it's because you're helpful and he can extort you.
    To do this quest, you'll have to ask around and find out who's on Esteban's
    side and who's not. Snaf is the first person you should talk to, because he
    can tell you stuff about nearly every person in the camp (for a price, or free
    if you get him a bottle of Lou's Hammer in "Hammer Booze"). Here's what Snaf
    will tell you:
    Finn is pro-Esteban
    Lennar doesn't appear to think at all
    Senyan is pro-Esteban
    Emilio 'wouldn't bring flowers to Esteban's funeral'
    Fisk is against Esteban
    Paul is against Esteban
    Huno - Snaf doesn't know anything about him
    Snaf can also tell you your chances of finding the guy; in short, if you do
    something good or bad. If you tell Finn that you're working for Esteban, you
    supposedly have lower chances because the guy will be more careful around you;
    if you kill Senyayn, he will be more open with you since you knocked off one
    of Esteban's guys. Snaf mentions that the person who wants Esteban dead is 
    most definitely in the camp at the present time.
    Now, it's time for you to talk to people and investigate:
    Fisk: Ask him about the murder, and he will say that he doesn't know anything,
          and that he's a victim himself, getting you the quest "A Package of
          Lockpicks" (J.3.Q.10). He himself won't be able to help you much at all
          with the quest at this point. You can talk to him about Juan working for
          Esteban, and he will admit that Esteban is hurting the trade for the 
          merchants, but to keep quiet about it.
    Lennar: Lennar will babble some story about Emilio having been working his butt
          off in the mine, but since the attack he's been sitting on his bum. He
          suspects Emilio wanted to replace Esteban with one of his friends so that
          he could run the businesses himself.
    Emilio: Ask him about it, and he will say he doesn't know anything. Tell him
          Lennar's story, and he will simply say that Lennar is an idiot. When you
          kill Senyan, Emilio will engage you in conversation and will finally
          admit that he doesn't like Esteban, and will give you one name to go to:
    Finn: You can ask him, and he'll ask you why you want to know. If you tell him
          stuff about wanting to conspire to take down Esteban, he won't have any
          part of that and won't tell you anything. If you tell him Esteban wants
          the guy dead, he will realize you're on the boss's side and will tell
          you that Huno wasn't in his place at the smithy when the attack happened.
          This will establish you in the open as working for Esteban, but it won't
          matter much.
    Paul: You can ask him about the murder, and he will tell you he doesn't know
          anything. He himself doesn't care much for Esteban, since he wasn't able
          to get into the mine at the start, and since then he's been stuck working
          with Huno and not in the mine. Once you've gotten Huno's name from Emilio
          or Finn, you can press him about Huno since he works for him. You'll have
          to talk to him several times, and eventually he will say that Huno has
          a bone to pick with Esteban because he's ruining business and likely
          stealing Huno's trade goods.
    Logan: You can ask him, but since he was in the swamp at the time that the
          attack took place, he really doesn't know anything.
    Lucia: Lucia will say that she doesn't know anything.
    Huno: When you first ask Huno, he will say that he doesn't know anything. Once
          you've gotten at least two references to his name, you can tell him that
          people have been talking about him and you will get the option to either
          tell him he's going to pay for it, or that you want to team up to take
          out Esteban. Take the latter option, and you will have to prove your
          trustfulness in this matter by getting him his package of steel that
          he suspects Esteban had stolen to sell to Huno at a higher price. You 
          can agree to help him, thus getting "Huno's Steel" (J.3.Q.9) or that he
          should set you up with the guy NOW, or you will have a chat with Esteban
          about him. When you complete "Huno's Steel" or convince him to tell you
          straight away, he tells you to go to Snaf and you'll meet with the guy
          at the tavern.
    Talking to Snaf will get you +500 EXP, and he will direct you upstairs to meet
    up with the guy. Go upstairs and you'll run into Fisk. Talking to him, you find
    out that he wants Esteban out of the way so that he can no longer ruin both the
    trade business and extort gold out of his diggers of choice, which are the only
    ones he lets into the mine in the first place.
    You can tell him that you will turn him over to Esteban, but he will tell you
    that you won't be rewarded with a Red Stone for that; he has a better plan.
    You are to tell Esteban that you've done your job, and that Fisk was in fact
    behind it. Esteban will send his guards to take care of Fisk and you can then
    kill Esteban one-on-one; Fisk will deal with the guards. 
    Go back to Esteban and tell him this; he will of course send his bodyguards
    away to meet Fisk at the tavern. When you ask him for your reward for finding
    the guy behind the murder, the Red Stone pass into the mine, he will not give
    you one, and had never intended to give you one. He wants to keep you in the
    lower camp to keep doing tasks for him. Tell him you're going to give him what
    for and he will try to sick his guards on you.... which aren't there anymore.
    Kill him for +300 EXP, being sure to take the 5 Red Stone Tablet off of him
    (one for you, one for Saturas, and 3 for Thorus' Quest). 
    Go back to Fisk and tell him this news for +100 EXP. You can tell Tom to finish
    Tom's Problem (J.3.P.3). Go to Thorus to try to get into the mine and you will
    pick up his quest "Three Stones - Three Diggers" (J.3.Q.11).
    J.3.C.9 - Finn
    Finn is standing around the main camp fire. You can pick 50g off of him.
    J.3.P.04 - Mining Tips
    Besides his use in "Attempted Murder", when you ask Finn if there's anything
    you should know about mining, he will give you a tip that will increase your
    mining efficiency by +10%
    J.3.C.10 - Lennar
    Lennar has his own small hut outside the main campfire. You can pick 100g off
    of him.
    J.3.P.05 - Mining Tips
    You can ask Lennar for advice on mining, and his logic will be that in him
    telling you, you will be able to earn more gold, and thus he should get a share
    of that extra gold. He wants 50 gold pieces up front. Give him the gold for
    +10% mining skills. 
    J.3.C.11 - Fortuno
    Fortuno is another Sect Camp loonie like Lester and Angar. His job back in the
    Swamp Camp was to distribute the daily rations of swampweed reefers to camp
    members. I believe he may have also had some sort of apprenticeship with Cor
    Calom, the alchemist of the camp. He will speak unintelligibly until you do
    his quest "Mental Meanders" (J.3.Q.6). You can pick 25g off him.
    J.3.Q.06 - "Mental Meanders"
    Fortuno's mind is going crazy, and he needs your help. When you offer to help,
    he tells you something about a 'green novice'. If you have some swampweed cigs
    on you, you can offer that, which he'll smoke and say isn't what he needs.
    Look in the chest next to him labled 'Fortuno's Chest' and take the recipe for
    a Green Novice from it. 
    Now that you have the recipe, read it so you know what is needed and to be 
    able to select it when you use an alchemist's bench. You'll need two swampweed
    plants and one meadow knotweed. Roll the reefer at an alchemist's bench. You
    can smoke them yourself for +10 EXP, but it's not worth it. Take the Green
    Novice back to Fortuno for +250 EXP.
    Fortuno's mind will no longer be tormenting him, but when you ask him what he
    can recall, he can't remember anything. Looks like there's still some more to
    be done. Talk to Miguel, the herbalist and potion-brewer just outside the camp
    in the swamp. Ask him what he knows about mind-altering potions (since he was
    initially thrown in the barrier for this sort of thing) and he will provide 
    you with a recipe for a Mind-Restoration potion. He warns you that it can be
    fatal if ingredients are improperly used, and to be extra cautious.
    You'll need two secretions from bloodfly stingers, one mana extract, one essan-
    ce of healing, and one red tear pepper for the potion. You can learn how to
    take the secretion from bloodfly stingers from Edgor (cost of 100g and 5 LP),
    or, learn it for free from a note in the castle in the Valley of Mines in the
    building that Garond is in. The red tear pepper can be bought from Zuris in
    Khorinis for 100g, as well as a few other obscure vendors.
    Once you've made the potion, give it to Fortuno for +250 EXP. Continue to ask
    how he's doing after the potion for another +250 EXP. His memory has been 
    restored, and he tells you about the fall of the barrier and how everyone went
    crazy. He was taken in by Raven to help decipher runes and such, but once Raven
    had gotten all he needed out of Fortuno, he slipped memory-wiping drugs into
    Fortuno's appetite and thus caused him to lose his memory. Raven is apparently
    trying to get into the Temple of Adanos and has desecrated the shrine of a
    deceased warrior in order to gain access to the temple.
    Fortuno will now buy swampweed plants from you for +10g and +100 EXP per plant.
    J.3.C.12 - Snaf
    Snaf was the chef for the diggers and shadows back at the Old Camp. He can 
    give you information about the attempt on Esteban's life once you've picked
    up "Attempted Murder". You can pick 56g off of him.
    J.3.Q.07 - "Hammer Booze"
    When you ask Snaf 'what's on the menu?', he'll tell you Fire Strips in a Hammer
    Sauce. Accept the quest to get Snaf some Hammer Sauce, because he already has
    the Fire Strips, but lacks the ingredients for the Hammer Sauce. He'll give
    you the recipe for Lou's Hammer, which is what he needs. It will require one
    lab flask, two turnips, one swampweed plant, one set of swampshark teeth, and
    one white rum.
    The turnips can be bought from Fisk (there are a few lying around the camp 
    near Fisk and upstairs above the tavern, also). You can learn how to take the
    teeth from Swampsharks off Logan for 3 LP. They're quite valuable, so it may
    be worthwhile if you want some spare cash. However, you can find a tooth by
    itself, without having to learn the skill. To find it, go to Juan's cave in the
    far East. While facing the cave, follow the wall closely as it leads away from
    the cave to the right. You'll pass inbetween the wall and a large tree quite
    soon. Next to a small tree stump, just past the large tree (it's right before
    some old ruined pillars in a small pass between the cliffs) is a swampshark
    tooth. Once you have everything, take it to an alchemist's bench and brew Lou's
    Or, you can give the recipe to Samuel for +100 EXP at the cost of 30g. Once
    drunk, Lou's Hammer will give you a permanent +1 MANA, but only once. Bring 
    the Hammer back to Snaf for +150 EXP and some Fire Strips (+1 STR). He'll now
    give you free information about Esteban's attacker in "Attempted Murder". Note
    that you can take the recipe back from Samuel for free if you look in his inv-
    entory; there's no value on the recipe, so it's no cost to get back if you 
    want it.
    J.3.P.06 - Lou's Stash
    There is as note by the door at the back of the Tavern which informs you that
    Lou has gone missing, probably got eaten by a swampshark. Problem is, he had
    the key to the storeroom. Thus, if you can find the key, you get access to the
    storeroom, which has a fair amount of loot to take.
    Go to Logan's camp, to the right when leaving the Bandit Camp. Continue past
    his strip of land into the swamp. One of the swampsharks here is the one that
    ate Lou. If you killed it already, its corpse should still be there for you
    to inspect and take the key off of. If you haven't killed it already, start
    killing until you find the one that has the key.
    Once you have the key, return to the tavern and open the door. You can find a
    lot of valuable loot, including: gold candlestick, silver chalice, silver dish,
    gold chalice, and the recipe for Lou's Double Hammer.  
    J.3.C.13 - Lucia
    Lucia, the whore from the Red Lantern brothel at the Khorinis harbor, is now
    serving booze at Snaf's tavern in the Bandit Camp at Jharkendar. You can buy
    some alcohol off of her. You can pick 100g off of her.
    J.3.Q.08 - "Lucia"
    This quest started quite a while ago, back in Khorinis when you rescued Elvrich
    from the bandits (K.3.Q.14). Ask her if she's from Khorinis for +100 EXP and
    the final completion of this quest. You can then continue to talk to her about
    the Paladins and how they're chosen of Innos and his warriors. She won't be
    returning to Khorinis because of the Paladins, and has no interest in Elvrich
    because he's a coward; according to her, when the bandits attacked, he didn't
    lift a finger to save her. You can buy a +10 DEX accessory from her if you
    desire one.
    J.3.T.03 - Learning from Lucia
    Lucia can teach you how to increase your DEXTERITY. 
    J.3.C.14 - Huno
    Huno was the blacksmith for the diggers and shadows back at the Old Camp. He
    tells you the story of when the barrier fell, and how most people didn't survi-
    ve the fall. He was rescued by Raven, and has since taken service with him, in
    part as a repayment of debt for his life. You can pick 102g off of him.
    J.3.P.07 - Huno's Inventory
    Huno can sell you some weapons (though they're all fairly week), a pick-axe
    if you don't already have one (which you'll need in order to get free money
    once you're in the mine), and most importantly, Heavy Bandit Armor (50/50 def).
    He'll charge 2100g for it, unless you've finished "A Package of Lockpicks" in
    which case he'll sell the armor to you for 1400g. He's got a +10 STR accessory
    that you can purchase if you desire one.
    J.3.Q.09 - "Huno's Steel"
    You pick this quest up when working on "Attempted Murder" (J.3.Q.5). Once you
    have two references to Huno's involvement in the attempted assassination, you
    can press him about it. When you get the option to turn him over to Esteban,
    or to help get rid of Esteban, choose the latter. He'll give you a chance to
    prove yourself by getting his steel delivery, which he believes Esteban had
    filched in order to sell back to Huno at a higher price. 
    You get the clue as to who's been making off with merchants' things from Fisk
    when you ask him about Esteban. At any rate, you'll have to wind up going to
    Juan in the far East of the swamp in a lone cave. Talk to him and he'll tell
    you to go get the money from Esteban before he'll do anything. Tell him you're
    not working for Esteban and he'll attack you. You'll have to kill him at some
    point to get the steel for Huno and lockpicks for Fisk, so go ahead and kill
    him (be mindful that the other bandit will attack if you fight Juan). When he
    is dead, loot his body and take the shipments.
    Return to Huno and give him the steel for +200 EXP.
    J.3.C.15 - Fisk
    Fisk was a general-supply merchant back at the Old Camp, supplying weapons,
    armor, tools, and ore to diggers and shadows. He's behind Esteban in the upper
    right section of the camp. 
    J.3.P.08 - Fisk's Inventory
    Fisk really doesn't have much, although he has some key things that you could
    need for various tasks like brewing Lou's Hammer and combat neccessities. He
    has two new weapons to NotR, the Storm Cudgel and Wind Cudgel, both of which
    are fairly lame because they're probably far weaker than what you have by now
    and have -10% malus to your 1H/2H skill.
    J.3.Q.10 - "A Package of Lockpicks"
    When you ask Fisk what he knows about the attempt on Esteban's life, he will
    mention him being a victim himself; someone obscondered with a package of
    lockpicks that were supposed to be delivered to him. You can offer to get it
    back for him. He's mentioned that Juan probably had a hand in it, so you'll
    have to go find Juan to get his lockpicks.
    Juan's cave is in the far East of the swamp, in a lone cave. Talk to him, and
    he'll tell you to have Esteban send the money before he'll do anything. Tell
    him you're not working for Esteban and he'll attack you. You'll have to kill
    him to get the packages, so go ahead and finish him off. Note that the other
    bandit will attack you if you fight Juan. Once Juan is dead, take the packages
    off of him and return to Fisk.
    You'll be rewarded +200 EXP and a discount on Heavy Bandit Armor (50/50) if 
    you tell Huno about Fisk's discount, for 1400g. If you're a mage, he'll also
    give you a blank runestone. 
    J.3.C.16 - Stew Pot Bandit
    Standing at the stew pot in the lower-camp, just before the stairs up to the
    mines, is a nameless bandit, whom you might easily overlook due to his lack of
    a name.
    J.3.P.09 - Meat Stew
    If you talk to the bandit at the stew pot, he will give you some 'meat stew'
    which he says puts muscle on you. When you eat it, you get +1 STR, but he only
    gives you one.
    J.3.T.04 - Learning from the Bandit
    The stew pot bandit can train your STRENGTH.
    J.3.C.17 - Skinner
    Skinner is sleeping in a small hut to the side of Snaf's tavern, near the stew
    pot bandit. You don't have much that you can do with him, because he'll attack
    you if you wake him up, as warned by the stew pot bandit if you get too close
    to him.
    J.3.P.10 - Betty
    Skinner has the sword 'Betty', which is the strongest-damaging Dexterity-based
    sword available. It requires 110 DEX and deals 130 damage, equal to the Orc
    Slayer. It does 10 more damage than the Master Sword, but does not have the 
    +10% bonus to 1H skills, and requires almost double the DEX, so it's not quite
    as much bang for your buck as the Master Sword is. 
    J.3.C.18 - Thorus
    Thorus was the leader of the Guards back at the Old Camp. You can talk to him
    about the fall of the barrier and all of that. He's located at the top of the
    pyramid-esque stairs leading up to the mine. He's the one who admits people in
    to the mines, and he needs a red stone tablet. If you offer him any other color
    he won't admit you.
    The chest in his quarters is locked; the key to unlock it is on Thorus. Wait 
    until after you've killed Raven and you can kill Thorus, take his key, and get
    access to 250g, and 24 gold nuggets. 
    J.3.Q.11 - "Three Stones - Three Diggers"
    After completing "Attempted Murder" and acquiring 5 Red Stone Tablets from
    Esteban, talk to Thorus about getting in to the mines. Having killed Esteban,
    Thorus will still not let you in, because you now have to take up Esteban's
    duties. If you complete his job, then you'll be allowed in. 
    Your task is to find 3 replacement diggers for the mine; give them a red stone
    from the pile you took from Esteban to let them in. There are 5 that you can
    choose from, some of which have different benefits:
    Lennar: +150 EXP, +10% mining
    Finn: +150 EXP, +10% mining
    Logan: +150 EXP
    Paul: +150 EXP, 2 lumps of Ore
    Emilio: +150 EXP
    Logan and Emilio obviously aren't that rewarding, but if you want to be moral,
    you should return the favor to Logan to get him into the mine. Once they're in
    it doesn't really matter, so just pick based on what you think will benefit
    you most.
    Return to Thorus once you've given out 3 Red Stone Tablets, and he'll reward
    you with +100 EXP and will finally admit you into the upper district, including
    the gold mine and the Temple of Adanos. 
    J.3.C.19 - Gate Guard
    The nameless gate guard. He doesn't have much to say, but he's a place-holder
    character for getting into the temple.
    J.3.Q.12 - "Access to the Temple"
    Having finally gotten into the upper district of the Bandit Camp, trying to
    follow Raven into the temple will only result in an abrupt end. The Gate Guard
    will not allow you to go in the temple without permission from Bloodwyn, who
    doesn't usually come out of the temple, except to inspect new veins of gold in
    the mine (hint hint).
    Once you're in the mine, you can clear out a horde of mine crawlers who have
    taken over an entire section of the mine. Upon doing this, Bloodwyn will come
    out to inspect the new vein. Talk to him, irritate him, and get in a fight with
    him. Once he's dead, you can loot his head from his inventory.
    Go back to the Gate Guard and show him Bloodwyn's head; he'll let you in to the
    temple without any resistance. 
    Now that you're in, follow the halls to the first intersection. At the corner,
    you should see a chest, which requires Bloodwyn's Key to open. In it, is the
    Armor for Raven's Guards, perhaps the strongest armor you've yet to come by,
    unless you've gotten the Crawler Plate Armor. 
    If you continue straight, you'll come to a tomb-esque room, loaded with Raven's
    Henchmen, undead zombies with high weapon defense. You can kill them off the
    same way you would kill regular zombies, just be sure to try to lure them over
    one by one, or at least in smaller groups. In this room, you can find: a King's
    Sorrel, Gold Dish, Silver Dish, and several potions.
    If you turn right at the fork in the temple, you will come to the door that
    leads further into the temple, but you will be stopped by an FMV. Raven prays
    in front of the door and then steps through it, sealing it shut behind him. 
    Return to Saturas and tell him this to recieve the quest "The Power of the
    Guardians of the Dead" (J.1.Q.9) with Myxir and +100 EXP.
    J.3.C.20 - Scatty
    Scatty was the guards' merchant back at the Old Camp. He's now continuing his
    marketeering business in the mine, selling necessities for mining. You can
    talk to him about Raven, and find out more about him and Bloodwyn, and he'll
    mention that you remind him of some other 'inquisitive fellow' who bit-the-dust
    back when the barrier fell (but of course, you're there in front of him, he
    just doesn't know who you are). You can pick 90g off of him.
    J.3.P.11 - Scatty's Stock
    Scatty doesn't have much to offer, besides general supplies: potions, food,
    ammunition, etc. You might need a pick-axe if you haven't yet gotten one from
    many numerous other places. 
    J.3.P.12 - Mining Tips
    Ask Scatty if he can give you any tips on mining, and he can add +5% to your
    J.3.T.05 - Learning from Scatty
    For 2 LP, Scatty can teach you another 10% efficiency in mining. You can get
    up to 90% without ever having to use LP's, but if you wish to get the full 100%
    then feel free to use them. It's my opinion that money is easier to come by
    than LP, though. 
    J.3.P.13 - A Beer for Scatty
    While explaining what happened to Raven, Scatty will say that his throat is
    really dry, but will continue to talk if you insist. After he's done with his
    monologue on Raven, you can get him a 'Beer' (just regular beer, no other alco-
    holic drink will do) for +500 EXP. There is actually one in the vacinity of
    Scatty, near a support pillar that you can pick up and hand to him.
    J.3.C.21 - Crimson
    He's the gold smelter, in his own small alcove on the path down to the bottom
    J.3.P.14 - Gold Smelting
    Crimson can smelt the gold nuggets you acquire into gold coins. He can make
    one nugget into 10 coins; while it is a special deal for you, everyone is 
    special to him.
    J.3.C.22 - Garaz
    In a side-path from the main trail down to the lower quarters, you will find
    Garaz, guarding a lone slave-worker. 
    J.3.P.15 - The Crawler-Infested Vein
    Garaz will inform you that the trail down the shaft is infested with mine
    crawlers. He has no problem with you going down there, but that if you come
    back missing a few limbs, it's not like he didn't warn you. 
    You've got incredible experience in the extermination business by now, so feel
    free to go down and clear-out the mine crawlers. You'll get a bonus +500 EXP
    once you've killed the final one. Return to Garaz and tell him you've killed
    all of the mine crawlers; he'll tell you that Bloodwyn is on his way ("that's
    what you wanted, right?"). He also tells you not to irritate Bloodwyn, as he
    has a short temper.
    Follow Bloodwyn down into the new vein and begin to talk to him. No matter what
    you do, you'll wind up fighting him, so just have fun with the conversation.
    Kill him and loot his body for his head and key. You can tell Garaz that you
    slayed Bloodwyn for +100 EXP. You will need his head for "Access to the Temple"
    (J.3.Q.12) and "Raven's Slaves" (J.3.Q.13.b). 
    J.3.C.23 - Patrick
    Cord's buddy patrick is the leader of the slaves from Khorinis. Most of the
    others will direct you to him about trying to get them out. Patrick seems to
    still have his spirit and is anxious to get out, but unsure of how to do it.
    J.3.Q.13.b - "Raven's Slaves" 
    Patrick tells you that they've already attempted an escape: William made a run
    for it, but didn't survive. Since then, they've been kind of reluctant to try
    to get out. The only way they'll make an attempt is if the Slave Guard lets
    them out without struggle.
    Talk to the Slave Guard and he'll tell you he can't do anything without word
    from Thorus and Bloodwyn. Thus, you'll have to convince them first. 
    You'll first need to deal with Bloodwyn before you can talk to Thorus about
    this. In order to get 'Bloodwyn's Authorization', talk to Garaz for the point
    "The Crawler-Infested Vein" (J.3.P.15). Once you've dealt with Bloodwyn, go
    back up to the 'courtyard' to find Thorus out waiting for you.
    Thorus will question what you've been up to, having watched you systematically
    kill-off each officer in the camp. He wonders who's next, him or Raven? He 
    tells you how much having comradery means to him, not being able to set foot
    in towns where he could get a sense of community. Tell him that you'll kill
    Raven, and that Thorus can then take over the camp and make it something worth-
    while. He'll then give you his word to free the slaves.
    Return to the Slave Guard, now that you have Bloodwyn's head and Thorus' autho-
    rization. The Slave Guard will reluctantly stand down and go grab some grub
    from the chef. 
    Return to Patrick and tell him they're free for +500 EXP. He says that he
    knows the perfect place to go (Tom's Cave, out by Logan's area). You can find
    them there until you kill Raven. This completes "The Missing People" and
    "Raven's Slaves".
    J.3.C.24 - Pardos
    Pardos is sitting in a corner past the Slave Guard, a portion of his HP gone.
    J.3.P.16 - A Potion for Pardos *****
    If you offer Pardos a potion, you will be rewarded ____ EXP, but be warned; if
    you don't offer it to him this first time, you'll never get to offer him one
    again, so if you want the EXP, be sure to do it that first time you talk to
    J.3.C.25 - Monty
    Monty is also in an isolated corner, working on the gold veins. He tells you
    to talk to Patrick, and that Pardos is looking pretty bad. 
    J.3.P.17 - Mining Tips
    Monty can give you +5% on your gold-mining efficiency. 
    J.3.C.26 - Stew Pot Diggers
    There are several unnamed diggers standing around the stew pot by the chef on
    the bottom level. They don't have much to say, besides about the conditions
    of working in the mine. 
    J.3.P.18 - Mining Tips *****
    Three of the unnamed 'Stew Pot Diggers' can give you additional skill in your
    gold-mining. You can get +10%, +5%, and +5%. 
    J.1.A.4 - The Temple of Adanos
    The Temple of Adanos is a sequential 'dungeon' with booby traps that you'll
    have to nagivate your way through. The Relics that you acquired are supposed 
    to give you hints to get through them, but I found for the most part, they're
    very vague, and that trial and error is the best method. 
    To get into the Temple, use the tablet that Quarhodron gave you: the place will
    rumble and magic 'clouds' will spill out from you as the door opens. Go through
    it to enter the first chamber.
    Chamber #1: 
    The first chamber has four doors, with switches on the walls and falling spike
    traps. Forget the entire right half of the room, and focus on the left half.
    You'll want to press the buttons in this order: the one with the builders (far
    left), the one with the water (far right), and the one with the sun (center).
    If you press the switches in the wrong oder, the spikes will fall and kill you
    instantly, so be sure to save right before attempting them.
      _____       _____       _____       _____       _____
     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
     |  1  |     |  x  |     |  3  |     |  x  |     |  2  |
     |_____|     |_____|     |_____|     |_____|     |_____|
    A door to your right (assuming you're still looking at the switches) will open.
    Chamber #2:
    There are three stone sentinels in this room that you can kill. Then comes the
    'hard' part of figuring out which path to choose. The correct path is the one
    farthest to the right (when you're looking into the room as if you just came
    out of the hallway from Chamber #1). Any other path will spring spikes on you
    after you've made it halfway down it; the safe one all the way to the right 
    will not do that.
    Chamber #3:
    This is a situation similar to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where you
    have to step on the right tiles to proceed; the wrong tiles will drop from
    under you, and you'll plummet into a pungee pit. This is the one challenge that
    I was able to actually find 'use' of the relic. It says that light will illumi-
    nate the correct path. Well, if you cast a light spell, you'll notice the tiles
    are slightly different in hue: the bad ones are slightly green, and the good
    ones are slightly purple.
       __1__ __2__ __3__
      |^^^^^|^^^^^|     |   The X's mark the tiles that will fall out from under
    A |     |     |     |   you if you step on them. The un-marked tiles are safe
      |_____|_____|_____|   to travel on. 
      |     |     |     |
    B |     |  X  |  X  |   Grid A1 and A2 both have spike-traps that will spring
      |_____|_____|_____|   if you try to step through the archway into the next
      |     |     |     |   'room', thus you'll have to go through A3 for safety.
    C |     |     |     |
      |_____|_____|_____|	^^^^^ = spikes O' death
      |     |     |     |
    D |  X  |  X  |     |
    Chamber #4:
    As you enter the fourth chamer, you'll see the all-too-familiar spike holes.
    There is a dead corpse of a Bandit to the side, which has a DEX I and 1H I
    stone tablet on it. You'll also notice the ghost of Rhademes, with a sole bit
    of solid stone in the center, devoid of spike-traps. 
    Talk to Rhademes, and ask him how you can open the door. He'll tell you that
    basically every single level on the walls will spring the trap, but they'll
    also open the door. You can ask how Rhademes would know which is the 'right'
    lever, and he'll say that the Sword showed him revenge, but he's since long
    forgotten it. No matter what you say in response, he'll give it a try. Make
    sure that you're standing on the stone platform in the middle before you give
    him encouragement. He'll pull a random lever, and the spikes will spring up, 
    but since he's already dead, they don't do anything to him, and since you're
    standing on the platform, you're unharmed: the door is now open.
    If you talk to Rhademes again, he'll tell you "If you have the strength, sink
    it in the depths of the sea."
    There are six sentinels here that are supposed to jump to life when you try to
    go through the final door, but you can of course attack them before hand and
    get it over with. No puzzles here.
    Final Chamber:
    Make sure you're fully healed and set for combat. Once you're all set, go talk
    to Raven, kneeling at the far end of the room. Raven is under the belief that
    you are a servant of Innos, sent to stop him. You find out that Raven sold his
    soul to Beliar and will be a general in Beliar's army. You tell Raven that you
    might not be a servant of Innos, but one of Adanos, or simply working for your-
    self. At this point, Raven will attack.
    Raven is not that much stronger than other human opponents you'll have come by
    up to this point. Perhaps the only thing makes him much of a challenge is the
    fact that he has the Claw of Beliar. You'll notice that sometimes you're stuck
    with a bolt of lightning for either hitting Raven or for getting hit by Raven.
    That's an effect of the Claw, which deals extra damage negating your defense
    values. Raven might also be a bit tougher if you rushed into everything and
    aren't that high in levels, in which case you may just need to postpone your
    fight and go work on that. Treat Raven just like any other human opponent,
    though, and things should be ok.
    Killing Raven will get you +500 EXP and an FMV in which waves of magic radiate
    out from the Temple, killing off all the stone sentinels, and finally skewering
    Raven's helpless body, draining all of Beliar's power from it. 
    Loot Raven's body for another set of Relics, and the Claw of Beliar. You'll
    probably be curious and try to equip it, but will notice that it damages a
    percent of your health when you do so. Anyway, continue on out of the temple,
    going back the way you came.
    NOTE that for some reason in my gameplay, the door leading into the antechamber
    wouldn't open again after I had killed Raven. If this happens to you, you'll
    have to do some clipping to get through. Left-Strafe into the corner where the
    stone door meets with the stone frame around it, and play around with the turn
    keys, left and right. It may take some trial and error, but you should pop over
    to the other side, and the door will the open.... You could wind up seemingly
    on top of the Temple where everything's purple. If this is the case, follow 
    the path around until you find the first steep ramp (it looks like you should
    be unable to go up it, but you can). You should come to a 'hole' in the purple
    in which you can look down into the rendered Temple halls. Drop down in this
    hole, and you'll be back at Chamber #1.
    With Raven now dead, your adventures in Jharkendar have just about come to an
    end. You can still talk to a few people about things, however.
    A talk with Thorus, letting him know Raven's dead, gives you a bit of insight
    into G3 possibilities that you might be running into him again. The two of you
    are now at an understanding of each other's qualities: you're a wandering guy
    with no 'home' or 'ties', and Thorus is an outlaw longing for those things. He
    is now going to take over the Bandit Camp and lead it as a community, rather
    than a work-force.
    Return to Saturas and tell him you've killed Raven, and he will give you the
    information on what he and the rest of the mages are going to do, along with
    +1000 EXP. He'll finally update the quest "Relief for Vatras" by sending Myxir
    in to town. You can talk to him about the Claw in "The Claw of Beliar" and he
    will tell you more about what you can do with it. According to Saturas, you are
    the Preserver of Balance, which is odd because you're also the Chosen of Innos.
    Interesting that you'd seem to play the role of two gods. 
    At any rate, the water mages are going to stay behind and try to rebuild the
    city to what it once was, in hopes of restoring the lost civilization and
    finding out even more about the ancient culture. 
    You can tell Greg that you've killed Raven for +1000 EXP and +500g; he is very
    pleased that that scum-bag finally bit the dust, and hopes that it will be a 
    step towards ending the strife between the pirates and the bandits. 
    J.1.A.5 - Exploring Jharkendar
    J.5.A.1 - The Ruins
    First off, you'll find some new monsters in this area: the Mantis, namely. You
    can take its head and sell it for cash. Other than that, check around every 
    nook and cranny for useful stuff like potions, digging sites, etc. There are
    also some 'new' mobs to G2 (though present in G1) that you can run into, such
    as the Razor.
    Most noteworthy is William's corpse, located in a small hut on the eastern
    side. He carries a note on him, which doesn't make much sense until after you
    have freed the slaves -- he tried to escape, and was recieving outside help
    from someone, but apparently didn't make it.
    J.5.A.2 - The Valley
    In the valley you will find a few Orcs and a few Trolls, but mostly it's just
    Grassland Scavengers, Goblins, and Snappers. There are a few other oddballs
    like the Swamp Golem, a few Mantises, but they're limited. The Valley is a lush
    green region with serpentine paths, easy to step off a cliff and die. Be very
    J.5.C.1 - Hermit
    The Hermit moved to Jharkendar to get away from people. He says that he has to
    put up with the occasional Orc every now and then, but that doesn't bother him.
    He's perturbed by your presence. He mentions that he reads Stone Tablets for
    leisurely entertainment and that he's figured out what most of the symbols
    J.5.P.1 - Clothes for the Hermit
    He took nothing with him to Jharkendar, and have made everything he has off of
    hunting. However, he knows nothing about sewing, and thus begs you to provide
    him with some clothes. You can give him any armor that you don't want anymore.
    It's my personal preferance to give him some of the Citizen's Clothes that I
    found in the chest behind Matteo's store.
    If you give him clothes, he then wears it. He rewards +200 EXP, an Old Stone
    Tablet, and a DEX III tablet. You can also loot shadowbeast trophies from his
    house -- he doesn't seem to mind.
    J.5.T.1 - Learning from the Hermit
    The Hermit can teach you how to read the Ancient Language of the Builders:
    	Language of the Peasants:  5 LP (read lvl I tablets)
    	Language of the Warriors: 10 LP (read lvl II tablets)
    	Language of the Priests:  15 LP (read lvl III tablets)
    J.5.I.1 - The Magic Bow
    On a ledge northeast of the Temple of the Undead in the SE region of the Valley
    you will be tantilized by a sparkly blue object -- the Magic Bow (50/100). 
    Problem is, there's a huge canyon between you and the ledge. It can easily be
    crossed with Acrobatics, but if you don't have it, here's the best solution:
    Use a Transform into Lurker Scroll to jump over and back. Be sure to have 2, so
    that you have one for the return trip. Or, you can go to the ledge vertically
    above the broken bridge (with the goblin hut), and jump from there. It will
    take some trial and error, but if you jump from the pointed edge toward the
    bridge, you can eventually land. 
    In this area, you can find some pretty cool stuff, along with some Stone Senti-
    nel guardians. 
    J.5.A.3 - The Canyon
    The Canyon is mostly overrun by Razors and Chompers (both previously in G1). 
    There is an occasional Blood hound, and the Orc Camp outside the Library of 
    the Scholars. Oh, and a few Desert Rats.
    Other than that, there's not much. You can explore in a few mineshafts and get
    some digging done. They're generally filled with minecrawlers. 
    The tunnel that links the Canyon and the Swamp is pretty cool, loaded to the
    teeth with minecrawlers and minecrawler warriors. Loots of good loot in there.
    J.5.A.4 - The Swamp
    The Swamp is an absolute mess to try to explore because everything is so dark
    and monotonous and everything looks the same and blarg. It's got Gas Drones,
    Zombies, Swampsharks, Swamp Rats, and Swamp Golems, mostly. There's a TON of
    herbs to be obtained.
    J.5.C.2 - Juan
    Juan is in a cave as far east as you can possibly go in the Swamp. He's out
    there all by his lonesome with some unnamed Bandit. You'll probably get into
    a fight with him if you talk to him, but you'll have to eventually. He doesn't
    really serve much purpose other than for the quests for Huno and Fisk.
    J.5.I.X - The Ladder Camp Site
    Just south of the Swamp Teleporter Stone you will find a ladder which leads up
    a tree. I generally leave the exploring and looting up to the player to find
    (I feel it's more thrilling for you to always find new things, not to mention
    it's too much to have to document >.<), but I feel the need to point this one
    out: It's the only ladder you'll find in Gothic 2. They were abundant in G1,
    and as Garaz says, "It's a wonder, but no one's really used ladders since the
    fall of the barrier,". I thought it was amusing.
    Anyway, you can climb up the ladder(s) to a small camping site, complete with
    nice loot and a digging site. 
     [G.3.3] - Post-Jharkendar
       K.2.P.01 - The Missing People
       K.2.P.02 - Relief for Vatras
       K.2.Q.01 - "The Dragon Hunt"
       K.2.P.03 - Escape with Diego
       K.2.P.04 - Return to Jharkendar
       K.2.P.05 - The Undead Dragon
    K.2.P.01 - The Missing People 
    You can go back to everyone who reported missing a worker or friend and talk to
    them about things. Mostly, it's just a quick 'so how are things?', but you do 
    get some reward from it. 
    Lares: +100 EXP
    Akil: +100 EXP
    Garvel: +100 EXP
    Cord: +100 EXP
    Bengar: +100 EXP
    Vatras: +3 MANA (perhaps more, didn't document)
    Farim: Nothing - William is dead. Farim goes to the pub to drink-up William's
           share of the last catch in mourning; 'it's what he'd have wanted'.
    K.2.P.02 - Relief for Vatras
    You can tell Vatras about his relief for +100 EXP, but of course he'll still
    stay at the courtyard preaching. You can also talk to Myxir, kneeling in front
    of the large statue in the small shrine behind Vatras for +100 EXP. He mentions
    some stuff about you being the Preserver and thanking you for your effort, and
    that he'll remain in the city to aid Vatras.
    K.2.Q.01 - "The Dragon Hunt"
    There really aren't that many changed made to the game once you're done with
    Jharkendar, besides one noticable point: the dragons are harder. Now their HP
    regenerates at an astonishingly fast rate, which makes most of the old tactics
    for killing them ineffective. Thus, you'll have to explore new methods of
    slaying these beasts. 
    The old strategies for fighting dragons no longer work; fighting until your
    health is low, then running away and taking some health potions; getting the
    dragon into 'flight mode' to get a hit or two in each time it lands; and more
    are now void, since the dragons' HP regenerates during that time. Even on my
    beefed-up Mercenary/Dragon Hunter, I could scarecely put out enough damage
    with my weapons to kill the dragon (the knock-back of the 'fire sweep' attack
    is brutal -- you're down on the ground, and their HP regenerates). My fire
    magician could not even damage the dragons with my Circle 4 spells.
    The easiest answer to killing the dragons, is scrolls. The best ones that I
    have come by for killing dragons are: summon stone golem, summon demon, and
    fire storm. 
    On the easier dragons (stone/fire), you can use the golem scrolls to use the
    golem simply as a decoy, in order for you to get around to the side of the
    dragon to hit at it constantly. The golem will also help negate the regen
    effects in the aspect of there being another being attacking the dragon with
    you. The demon is a lot more effective than the golem because it simply does
    so much more damage, and a noticable amount. The demon could almost take down
    a dragon on its own. However, there are fewer demon scrolls, and they are more
    expensive to purchase. Rain of Fire, simply put, destroys dragons. It can one-
    hit the easier dragons, but may require two to kill the tougher ones. Rain of
    Fire scrolls are especially hard to come by, so if you're playing as a mage, 
    be sure to save one in order to make the rune. 
    Note that you should save before each dragon battle and attempt to finish it
    with only using one summon scroll, in order to conserve more for later. Towards
    the end of the game you will likely need to summon up to two demons, but early
    on it can easily be done with just one, even if you get a fluke and it dies.
    Good people to buy scrolls fromare in the Monestary, Karras and Gorax in 
    particular. There are various other merchants that sell magic scrolls, but as
    I recall only these two have the good ones that you'll need. 
    > Suggested Dragon-Slaying Methods:
    	Swamp Dragon: Cipher & Rod
    	Stone Dragon: Summon Golem
    	Fire Dragon: Summon Golem
    	Ice Dragon: Demon / Rain of Fire
    	Fire Dragon (Irdorath): Demon / Rain of Fire
    It'd be wise to buy every Summon Demon / Fire Rain / Ice Wave or other such
    powerful scrolls that you can find, so that once you're on Irdorath you have
    a full arsenal of options.
    K.2.P.03 - Escape with Diego
    In Chapter 2, when you are collecting the information on the ore for Garond,
    you run into Diego in his old spot. However, you now have the option of going
    with him back across the pass. Whenever you're ready, let him know, and the
    two of you will set out for the mine.
    Diego doesn't want to go anywhere near the castle, thus you'll have to go up
    the back route, around the western area, through the northwestern ice area, 
    and across the northern area. There will be plenty of orcs, but Diego should
    be able to handle them (be sure to save often in case he dies). Give him health
    potions whenever his health is low.
    Once you're at the Pass, you're rewarded +500 EXP, and Diego will stay put 
    until you've crossed the Pass, where he will then be found in Khorinis city.
    K.2.P.05 - Return to Jharkendar
    In Chapter 4, more mobs are placed in Jharkendar, most noticable are the prese-
    nce of an abundancy of Dragon Snappers and a hefty handful of Trolls. The old
    mob population of Jharkendar from earlier will be entirely different in most
    cases, so expect to see much stronger mobs everywhere. 
    At any rate, it's a good chance to get a few extra levels and loot from sheer
    hunting. Give it another go if you like exp and LP's.
    K.2.P.06 - The Undead Dragon
    NOTE: The sub-boss Black Magician just before the Undead Dragon uses Cry of the
    Dead (Beliar rune) which deals 666 damage, and he doesn't have to chug mana
    potions to cast it again, so be very careful when fighting him. Run behind a
    pillar to take potions if you need to -- move around a lot so it's harder for
    him to hit you with the spell (it's got a wanky cast path, so there's still a
    chance it can hit you if you simply side-step).
    Fighting the Undead Dragon at the end of Chapter 6 is a lot like the previous
    five that you've encountered, with a few differences (besides his exponentially
    increased HP): Destroy Undead and the Claw of Beliar do not work on it. In fact
    if you use the Claw on the Undead Dragon, the damage will be reflected back at
    you. Thus, you'll have to revert back to your old STR/DEX-based weapon (either
    sword or ranged), and don't forget -- summon scrolls are your friend. Also 
    note that Shrink Monster does not affect it. 
    If you have plenty, spam Fire Rain scrolls before summoning the Demon (the Rain
    will kill the demon if it's summoned, and the Fire Rain rune takes a whopping
    150 mana, which means you'll probably only be able to cast it 2 or 3 times
    before having to chug some mana potions). You can also use the Ice Wave scrolls
    to freeze the dragon in place, then summon the Demon, and use Breath of Death
    or Holy Missile or your sword. 
     [G.3.4] - Quick-Guides 
    - Complete the quest "The Man with the Eyepatch"
      + Meet Greg outside Khorinis, acquire farmer's garb and give it to him. Meet
        Greg outside the Tavern, follow him to the cave. Dig-up his loot. Return it
        to him. Go to the lake nearby and dig-up the Site on the small island. Go
        Go to the enclosed field southeast of Bengar's farm. Dig up the Site. Go
        to Bengar's Farm. Dig up the Site behind the barn. Head towards the pass.
        Dig up the Site next to the twin waterfalls. Take all the stuff back to
        Greg at the crossroads to Sekob and Onar's farm. Give him Dexter's name
        and location (that you've gotten from Skip/Cord). Let him read Dexter's 
        note from Raven once you've had your conflict with him. 
      + K.2.Q.08.a -> K.5.Q.01.b
    - Talk to Vatras, ask what work they do, and if they have anything for you.
      Go to the small, enclosed field between Bengar's Farm and Onar's Farm in the
      Southwest. Kill the bandits, talk to Elvrich. Get Engraved Ring. Go to the
      woods behind Sekob's farm in the northeastern-most spot. Kill the bandits, 
      take the Bandit's Rapiers, take the Shipment Letter. Return to Khorinis.
      Talk to Fernando. Either take his bribe or reject it. Return to Vatras if 
      you rejected the bribe. 
      + K.3.Q.04
    - Finish the quest "Where Are the Missing People?"
      + Talk to Vatras to first get the quest. Get the bandit leader's name by 
        talking to Cord, the Mountain Bandit, or even better, Skip (located on the 
        small beach north of Khorinis harbor). Once you have Dexter's name, go to
        the Bandit tower near Onar's farm. Give the guard Dexter's name and talk
        to Dexter (in the 'lighthouse'). Ask him about the missing people and then
        fight him. Take the letter from him and read it. Return the letter and your
        knew knowledge to Vatras. Then, you must deliver your message to Lord Hagen
        about the Dragons. Join a community (use Lares' new methods for quickness)
        and talk to Lord Hagen. 
      + K.3.Q.2 -> K.3.Q.8/9/10
    - Finish the quest "Where Are the Missing People?"
    - Finish the quest "The Portal"
      + After getting the Ornament from Vatras and giving it to Lares and going
        with Lares to take it to the Water Mages, Nefarius has you find the three
        remaining pieces. First, go to Sekob's farm and activate the Stone Circle.
        Kill the Stone Sentinel and take the piece from it. Go to Lobart's Farm
        and activate the Stone Circle there. Nothing happens. Go to Khorinis (as
        Cavalorn suggests), talk to Lothar, talk to Lord Hagen (must be in commun-
        ity first), get second piece. Go to the harbor district and ask Lares to
        go with you to the woods. Go with him, activate the Stone Circle, take the
        four pieces back to Nefarius. They put the pieces together. Use the key on
        the portal. Go through it, and you're in Jharkendar.
      + K.3.Q.2 -> K.3.Q.8/9/10 -> K.7.Q.03
    - Finish the quest "The Bandit Armor"
      + Go with Alligator Jack to the Pirate Camp. Pay your admission to the camp,
        talk to Francis. Get the Hut Key from him (beat him up, get his debt book
        from a digging Site in one of the Canyon caves, pick it off him, pay him a
        ton of gold). Rummage through Greg's Hut. Do Greg's quest: "The Razor Hunt"
        Go into the Canyon and kill 5 Razors. Return to Greg. Talk to Bones. 
        Recieve the armor.
      + J.1.Q.05 -> J.2.P.01 -> J.2.P.06 -> J.2.Q.10
    - Finish the quest "The Bandit Armor"
    - Finish the quest "Forward (Into the Bandit Camp)"
      + Talk to Franco. Head northwest and talk to Logan. Fight the Swampsharks.
        Return to Franco. Go to the mansion in the Southeast. Kill the mobs and
        get the Stone Tablet. Bring it to Franco. Kill Franco. Talk to Ramon. 
      + J.3.Q.01
    - Finish the quest "The Bandit Armor"
    - Finish the quest "Forward (Into the Bandit Camp)"
    - Finish the quest "Attempted Murder"
      + Talk to Esteban. Talk to Snaf. Talk to Lennar then talk to Emilio. Kill
        Senyan. Talk to Emilio and get Huno's name. Talk to Paul about Huno. Keep
        talking to Paul. Get Huno's name again. Tell Huno this. Tell him "NOW". 
        Go to Tavern, talk to Snaf. Go upstairs, talk to Fisk. Talk to Esteban.
        Kill Esteban. Give Thorus Red Stone. Give three diggers Red Stones (choice
        of Lennar/Emilio/Paul/Finn/Logan). 
      + J.3.Q.05
    - Finish the quest "The Bandit Armor"
    - Finish the quest "Forward (Into the Bandit Camp)"
    - Finish the quest "Attempted Murder"
    - Once in the mine, talk to the Slave Guard. He needs word from both Bloodwyn
      and Thorus before he can do anything. Talk to Patrick for some ideas. Go into
      the crawler-infested vein near Garaz and kill them all. Irritate Bloodwyn,
      kill him, and take his head. Go to Thorus and ask him about freeing the
      slaves. Return to the Slave Guard with Bloodwyn's head and Thorus' word. 
      + J.3.Q.13.b
    - Finish the quest "The Bandit Armor"
    - Finish the quest "Forward (Into the Bandit Camp)"
    - Finish the quest "Attempted Murder"
    - Go into the mine and find Garaz. Talk to him. Go deeper and kill all the
      Minecrawlers. Go irritate Bloodwyn, fight him, and kill him. Take his head
      to the Gate Guard at the Temple. Go in and get to the door. Return to Saturas
    - Finish the quest "The Power of the Guardians of the Dead"
      + Talk to Myxir, get the summoning scroll for Quarhodron. Go to his grave
        in the West (NW of the Hermit's hut). Summon Quarhodron and answer his
        questions (guardians of the dead, warriors, priests, warriors, scholars,
        healers, don't know). Take the tablet to the Temple. Read it. 
      + J.1.Q.10
    - Talk to Finn (+10%). Pay Lennar 50g (+10% = 30%). Give Finn a Red Stone Tab.
      (+10% = 40%), Give Lennar a Red Stone Tab. (+10% = 50%). Talk to Scatty (+5%
      = 55%). Talk to Monty (+5% = 60%). Talk to the Stew Pot Diggers for +10%, 
      +10%, and +10% = 90%. Give Scatty 2 LP for +10% = 100%. NOTE: these numbers
      may not be entirely accurate (you can get up to 90% without using any LP, so
      to be sure, talk to every Digger and Slave in the mine to be sure). 
     [G.4] - Manuscripts
    After the fall of the barrier, Raven took whatever survivors he could find and
    moved into Khorinis, searching for more followers and forced hands. After 
    gathering a sizable crew, he began to barter with the local pirates -- they
    took them on their ship to the lands of Jharkendar, where Raven set his eyes
    on an ancient artifact. 
    The bandits, led by Raven, left the pirates and moved into the swamp. There,
    he used his followers to excavate the Temple of Adanos and the tomb of a mighty
    phantasm. He continued to trade with the pirates until the excavation was
    Once this was finished, he turned his slaves over to Bloodwyn, who put them to
    work in a gold mine. Once they had a secure set of income, they broke ties 
    with the pirates, even declaring war on any pirate that set foot near the
    bandits' camp. 
    Meanwhile, the hero, dazed from his improsnment and short-term coma in the
    temple of the Sleeper, returned to Khorinis under Xardas' magic, set to work
    to destroy the new armies of evil invading the Valley of Mines. Xardas mentions
    the turbulence in the Northeast, and the hero quickly gets involved with the
    order of the Circle of Water, whom he had decieved in his time in the Colony.
    He also gets involved with some shady pirates.
    He encounters stone guardians when activating stone circles to acquire pieces
    of a key to the portal, which is believed to lead to the ancient valley of a
    long lost culture. Once he obtains all the pieces, he returns to the Water 
    Mages, who fix the key, and send the hero through the portal.
    He arrives in Jharkendar several days after the Water Mages get there. He is
    tasked with stopping Raven from getting into the Temple of Adanos, which later
    is found to hold the Claw of Beliar, the divine weapon of Beliar; that is 
    what Raven seeks. The hero joins forces with the pirates and sneaks into the
    bandit camp, killing key members as he moves up the ranks until he finally
    gets into the temple, freeing the slaves of Khorinis in the process. 
    The temple doors are sealed, however, and he cannot enter them. He then goes
    to the tomb of Quarhodron, leader of the ancient warrior caste, and gets the
    password from him to open the doors. Returning to the bandit camp, the hero
    enters the Temple, chasing after Raven through booby traps and puzzles, until
    the final showdown, in which he defeats Raven and takes the Claw of Beliar.
    Thorus, second-in-command of the bandits, takes over the bandit camp, hoping to
    turn it into a cooperative community, a shelter for outcasts and criminals.
    The hero, is choiced with either destroying the Claw, or using it in the name
    of Adanos (or Innos, for that matter), against Beliar. The turbulence in the
    valley now resolved, the Water Mages stay there in hopes of rebuilding the
    long lost city. 
    You can read lecterns at the Library which explain the story behind Jharkendar.
    It's actually briefly summed up on the Old Stone Tablets. Anywhere, here's a
    simplified version of the story from the Library:
    	Quarhodron, leader of the warriors, wielded a powerful sword. 
    	For some reason he is impeached, and the warriors chose his
    	son, Rhademes to succeed Quarhodron. 
    	The sword overcame Rhademes' weakness and had him seek to 
    	kill the guardians of the dead to thwart their ancestral
    	communication. War broke out, and the Healers tried to seal
    	the valley.
    	Quarhodron, Khardimon, and a scholar met to devise a plan to
    	stop Rhademes. Quarhodron and Khardimon think that their 
    	combined power can overtake Rhademes, but the scholar thinks
    	it will be futile, and comes up with a plan. Quarhodron went
    	to the temple, called Rhademes there, who, enraged by the sword,
    	stormed the temple. Quarhodron sealed Rhademes and the sword in
    	the temple for all eternity.
    	Adanos was unhappy. The Healers made an attempt at sealing the
    	portal, but it was unknown to the scholars if they succeeded. 
    	Adanos kills the warriors, Quarhodron's heart breaks. Priests
    	hope for a rebirth of Jharkendar, but the scholars know it is
    	Rhademes remains sealed in the temple, but the sword's influence
    	grew too strong; the killings still happened. Adanos flooded
    	Jharkendar to stop the sword. Only the central temples were able
    	to survive the flood. The few survivors didn't have the strength
    	to rebuild the city.
     [A.1] - Armor
    WP = Weapon Protection, AP = Arrow Protection, FP = Fire Protection, 
    MgP = Magic Protection
                                   WP    AP    FP   MgP  Value
    Paladin's Armor               150   150   100    50   20000 
    Heavy Dragon Hunter's Armor   150   150   100    50   20000 
    Medium Dragon Hunter's Armor  120   120    75    35   12000  
    Heavy Fire Robe               100   100    50    50    3000 
    Knight's Armor                100   100    50    25    5000 
    Light Dragon Hunter's Armor   100   100    50    25    3000 
    Heavy Mercenary Armor          80    80     5    10    2500 
    Heavy Militia Armor            70    70    10    10    2500 
    Crawler Plate Armor            70    70    15     0    1500 
    Armor of Raven's guard         70    70     0     0    1300 
    Pirate Armor                   55    55     0     0    1300 
    Armor "Circle of Water"        50    50     0    10    1300 
    Medium Mercenary Armor         50    50     0     5    1000 
    Heavy Bandit's Armor           50    50     0     0    2100 
    Fire Mage's Robe               40    40    20    20     500 
    Light Militia Armor            40    40     0     0     600 
    Medium Bandit's Armor          35    35     0     0     550 
    Light Mercenary Armor          30    30     0     0     500 
    Novice's Robe                  25    25     0    10     280 
    Leather Armor                  25    20     5     0     250 
    Farmer's Clothing              15    15     5     0      80 
    Citizen's Clothing III         10    10     0     0     120 
    Citizen's Clothing II          10    10     0     0     120 
    Citizen's Clothing I           10    10     0     0     120 
    Franco's Amulet: +4 STR, +4 DEX, +40 HP
    Amulet of the Healers: +40 HP
    Amulet of the Priests: +10 MP
    Amulet of the Warriors: +10 WP
    Ore Amulet of the Will-o-Wisp: Finds things
    Divine Aura of Innos: +30 WP, +30 AP, +30 FP, +30 MgP
    Amulet of Agility: +10 DEX
    Amulet of Life: +40 HP
    Angar's Magic Amulet: +10 MP
    Soul Summoning Amulet: Protection from the Black Look (posession)
    Amulet of Fire: +10 FP
    Amulet of Spiritual Power: +10 MgP
    Amulet of Ore Skin: +8 WP, +8 AP, +8 FP, +8 MgP
    Amulet of Strength: +10 STR
    Harness Amulet: +10 WP
    Eye of Innos: Talk with Dragons, FP +30
    Ring of the Healers: +20 HP
    Ring of the Priests: +5 MP
    Ring of the Warriors: +5 WP
    Morgan's Ring: +10% 1H
    Ring of Skill: +3 DEX
    Ring of Dexterity: +5 DEX
    Ring of Life: +20 HP
    Ring of Magic: +5 MP
    Ring of Astral Power: +10 MP
    Ring of Iron Skin: +3 WP
    Ring of Ore Skin: +5 WP
    Ring of Flame Protection: +3 FP
    Ring of Fire: +5 FP
    Ring of Defense: +5 MgP
    Ring of Stone Skin: +5 AP
    Ring of Invincibility: +5 WP, +5 AP, +3 FP, +3 MgP
    Ring of Water: Recognition symbol of the Ring of Water
    Ring of Force: +3 STR
    Ring of Strength: +5 STR
    Tengron's Ring: +20 HP
    Engraved Ring: Overseas-trader Guild
    Belt of Dexterity: +10 DEX
    Belt of Skill: +5 DEX
    Sash of Fire: +5 WP, +5 AP (double when worn with Magician's Robe)
    Minecrawler Belt: +5 WP, +5 AP (double when worn with Minecrawler Plate Armor)
    Belt of Protection (1000): +7 WP, +7 AP
    Belt of the Fire Walker: +10 FP
    Belt of Magic Defense: +10 MgP
    Belt of Strength: +10 STR
    Belt of Force: +5 STR
    Leather Belt: +5 WP, +5 AP (double when worn with Leather Armor)
    Militia Belt: +5 WP, +5 AP (double when worn with Militia Armor)
    Belt of Protection (500): +10 WP
    Belt of Defense: +10 AP
    Protector's Belt: +7 WP, +7 AP, +7 FP, +7 MgP
    Mercenary Belt: +5 WP, +5 AP (double when worn with Mercenary Armor)
    Sash of Preparedness: +5 WP, +5 AP (double when worn with Novice Armor)
    Sash of Fire + Magician's Robe = +10 WP, +10 AP
    Minecrawler Belt + Minecrawler Plate Armor = +10 WP, +10 AP
    Leather Belt + Leather Armor = +10 WP, +10 AP
    Militia Belt + Militia Armor = +10 WP, +10 AP
    Mercenary Belt + Mercenary Armor = +10 WP, +10 AP
    Sash of Preparedness + Novice Armor = +10 WP, +10 AP
    Jewelry of the Priests*: +40 MP
    Jewelry of the Healers*: +160 HP
    Jewelry of the Warriors*: +40 WP
    * Requires the Amulet and both Rings
     [A.2] - Weapons
         [A.2.1] - One-Handed
         [A.2.2] - Two-Handed
         [A.2.3] - Bows
         [A.2.4] - Crossbows
         [A.2.5] - Claw of Beliar
     [A.2.1] - One-Handed Weapons
                         Bonus  Dmg   STR  DEX  Value
    Ore Dragon Slayer     10%   160   140    -  1800 
    Wrath of Innos          -   140   100    -  4000 
    Ore Battle Blade      10%   140   120    -  1500 
    Betty                   -   130     -  110  1300 
    Orc Slayer              -   130   130    -  1300 
    Torturer's Axe          -   125   125    -  1250 
    Master Sword          10%   120     -   60  2400 
    Blessed Ore Blade       -   120   100    -  3000 
    El Bastardo            8%   120   110    -  1300 
    Heavy War Hammer        -   120   120    -  1200 
    Inquisitor              -   110   110    -  1100 
    Fine Bastard Sword      -   110   110    -  1100 
    Raven's Beak            -   110   110    -  1100 
    Ruby Sword              -   110   110    -  1100 
    Rapier                 8%   100     -   50  2000 
    Feros' Sword            -   100    80    -  1200 
    Ore Bastard Sword     10%   100    80    -  1200 
    Ruby Blade             7%   100    90    -  1200 
    Machete                3%   100    90    -  1100 
    Rough Ore Blade         -   100   100    -  2000 
    Mace                    -   100   100    -  1000 
    Morning Star            -    90    90    -   900 
    Beard Axe               -    90    90    -   900 
    Double-Blade Axe        -    90    90    -   900 
    Rough Bastard Sword     -    90    95    -   850 
    Longsword               -    85    85    -   850 
    Fine Longsword         6%    80    70    -   900 
    Stonebreaker            -    80    80    -   800 
    Skullsplitter           -    70    70    -   700 
    Pirate's Cutlass        -    65    60    -   700 
    Rough Longsword         -    65    65    -   650 
    Ore Longsword         10%    60    40    -   750 
    Fine sword             5%    60    50    -   750 
    Old Machete            2%    60    60    -   600 
    Paladin's Sword         -    60    60    -   600 
    Ship Axe                -    60    60    -   600 
    Cutlass                 -    60    60    -   600 
    Boarding Axe            -    60    60    -   600 
    Spiked Cudgel           -    60    60    -   600 
    War Hammer              -    55    55    -   550 
    Fine Short Sword        -    50    25    -   750 
    War Cudgel              -    50    50    -   500 
    Wolf's Tooth            -    45    22    -   550 
    Sword                  5%    40     -   20   500 
    Short Sword             -    40    20    -   500 
    Bandit's Epee           -    40     -   20   250 
    Sword                  5%    40    30    -   450 
    Spiked Cudgel           -    40    30    -   450 
    Rough Broadsword        -    40    40    -    50 
    Rough Sword             -    40    50    -    40 
    Rough Hatchet           -    40    50    -    40 
    Wolf Knife             3%    30    10    -   350 
    Alrik's Sword         10%    30    30    -    50 
    Rusty Sword             -    30    30    -    30 
    Small Scythe            -    25    10    -   250 
    Spiked club             -    25    10    -    50 
    Rough Short Sword       -    20    10    -   250 
    Militia Short Sword     -    20    10    -   250 
    Wolf blade              -    20    10    -   250 
    Smith's Hammer          -    20    10    -   200 
    Axe                     -    20    10    -   200 
    Wind Cudgel          -10%    15    25    -    25 
    Heavy branch            -    10    10    -     1 
    Walking Stick           -     8     5    -    10 
    Cudgel                  -     8    10    -     5 
    Sickle                  -     7     5    -    10 
    Good Dagger            5%     5     5    -    ??
    Dagger                  -     5     5    -     5 
    Poker                   -     5     5    -     5 
     [A.2.2] - Two-Handed Weapons
                             Bonus  Dmg    STR    Value	
    Berserker's Axe            -    200    170    3000 
    Dragon Slicer              -    190    160    2900 
    Large Ore Dragon Slayer  10%    180    160    2100 
    Holy Executer              -    160    120    4000 
    Heavy Ore Battle Blade   10%    160    140    1800 
    Babarian Battleaxe         -    150    150    1500 
    Stormbringer               -    150    150    1500 
    Cutlass                    -    145    145    1450 
    Sword of the Order         -    140    120    3000 
    War Axe                    -    140    140    1400 
    Heavy Two-Hander           -    135    135    1350 
    Heavy Ore Two-Hander     10%    120    100    1500 
    Rough Ore Blade            -    120    120    2000 
    Storm Servant           -10%    115    115    1150 
    Rune Power                 -    115    115    1150 
    Battleaxe                  -    110    110    1100 
    Giant Machete             3%    105    100    1100 
    Two-Hander                 -    105    105    1050 
    Orchish War Sword          -    100    120      30 
    Ore Two-Hander           10%     80     60     900 
    Paladin's Two-Hander       -     80     80     800 
    Light Battleaxe            -     80     80     800 
    Brutal Orc Axe             -     80    100      25 
    Lizard Sword               -     80    100      25 
    Typhoon                   5%     75     45    1050 
    Light Two-Hander           -     75     75     750 
    Ulthar's Staff            4%     70     40    1000 
    Old Giant Machete         2%     70     70     700 
    Staff Mace                 -     70     70     700 
    Pirate's Cutlass           -     70     70     700 
    Cutlass                    -     70     70     700 
    Heavy Orc Axe              -     70     90      20 
    Water mage's staff        4%     65     35     950 
    Sacred Hammer              -     60     10    1000 
    Staff of a fire mage      3%     60     30     900 
    Water Mages' Fighting Pike -     60     30     900 
    Rough Two-Hander           -     60     70      60 
    Rough War Axe              -     60     70      60 
    Medium Orc Axe             -     60     80      15 
    Magic Wand Mana          +20mp   55     25     850 
    Halberd                    -     55     55     550 
    Judge's Staff             5%     50     35     600 
    Woodcutter's Axe           -     50     50     500 
    Rusty Two-Hander           -     50     50      50 
    Light Orc Axe              -     50     70      10 
    Rod's Two-Hander           -     40     30      60 
    Rusty Axe                  -     40     40      40 
    Pick-axe                   -     30     10     300 
    Fighting Pike              -     30     15     500 
     [A.2.3] - Bows
        		     Dmg    DEX    Value
    Dragon Bow           160    160    1600 
    War Bow              150    150    1500 
    Oak Bow              140    140    1400 
    Bone Bow             125    120    1300 
    Beech Bow            110    110    1100 
    Magic Bow *          100     50    2000 
    Longbow               95     90    1000 
    Ash Bow               80     80     800 
    Composite Bow         65     60     700 
    Fire Bow *            50     25    2000 
    Elm Bow               50     50     500 
    Hunting Bow           35     30     400 
    Bosper's Hunting Bow  35     30     400 
    Bow                   30     25     200 
    Willow Bow            25     20     150 
    Shortbow              15     10     100 
    * Uses special "Fire Arrows" / "Magic Arrows"
     [A.2.4] - Crossbows
                                Dmg    STR    Value
    Magic Crossbow *            200     75    2000 
    Dragon Hunter's Crossbow    180    150    2500 
    Heavy Crossbow              150    120    2000 
    War Crossbow                120     90    1500 
    Crossbow                     90     60    1200 
    Light Crossbow               60     40     900 
    Sengrath's Crossbow          45     30     200 
    Dragomir's Crossbow          40     25     600 
    Hunting Crossbow             30     20     500 
    Crossbow                     20      ?      50 
    * Uses special "Magic Bolts"
     [A.2.5] - Claw of Beliar
    The Claw of Beliar (as used by Mercenaries/Dragon Hunters and Militia/Paladins)
    is a very interesting weapon. When you first acquire it from Raven, it is not
    even equipable, and in fact damages your health when you try to wear it. In
    order to wield it, you have to pray at a Shrine of Beliar and consecrate it.
    The Claw essentially gets stronger as you get higher in levels. 
    Whether the Claw is a 1H or a 2H weapon depends on which type of weapon you
    are more efficient with. If your 1H is at 80% and your 2H is at 30% when you
    consecrate it, the Claw will become a 1H weapon. If you were to then train your
    2H up to 85%, leaving your 1H at 80%, the next time you upgrade it, the Claw
    will become a 2H weapon. Thus, to convert it from one type to the other requi-
    res increasing the desired weapon-type efficiency beyond the weapon-efficiency
    of the current leading type. 
    Every two levels, starting at level 11, you can pray at a Shrine of Beliar and
    increase the Claw's damage by 1, and its chance to strike with extra damage by
    2. The first "level" is technically at any level under lvl 11 when you first
    consecrate it, 11 being the first chance to 'upgrade' it. 
    If you were to get the Claw after level 11, when you choose to 'upgrade it', it
    will turn into the equivilent of your level. So if you don't get it or don't
    upgrade it until you're lvl 41, you will have the same effect as a lvl 41 Claw.
    The catch: it costs a permanent 5-point deduction from your hitpoints. This 
    means it will cost a total of -100 hitpoints to upgrade the Claw to its max
    The extra damage that it can give to enemies is a set 100 damage to the enemy's
    health, regardless of armor values. This extra damage seems to have some form
    of 'Area of Effect', this meaning that if you're attacking one enemy, and there
    is a second or third near the enemy you're attacking, the extra damage spark
    can wind up hitting them as well. If the enemy is blocking and you keep attack-
    ing (even against the block), the extra damage spark will still have a chance
    to land and hit it. You'll know the extra damage has hit because it will give
    the animation of the "Lightning" spell striking the enemy.
    The Claw of Beliar isn't definitively the 'best' weapon in the game, mostly
    because of it's cost to upgrade and the fact that it has a low base-damage.
    The 1H version is 50 points lower than the strongest 1H sword, and the 2H
    version is 80 points lower than the strongest 2H sword. The 1H Claw has more
    bang for its buck because it can hold its own in damage when compared to the
    Ore Dragon Slayer (160 damage); the 2H Claw cannot hold its own versus the 
    Berserker's Axe (200 damage) in pure damage.
    	For calculation purposes, you have 100% 1H and 100% 2H. This will
    	compare the damage out-put of the 1H Claw versus the strongest base-
    	damaging 1H sword, and the 2H Claw versus the strongest 2H axe. Note
    	that the chance of the extra damage is 50%, so 1/2 of every hit will
    	do an extra 100 damage. 
    	In 4 hits, the following damage occurs:
    	Ore Dragon Slayer: 160     1H Claw: 210
    			   160		    210
    			   160              110
    			   160              110
    			   ---              ---
    			   640              640
    	Now when you consider that the extra damage of the Claw is unaffected
    	by armor values, we can assume that versus humans, shadow lords, orcs,
    	lizardmen, and other armor-wearing creatures, that the Claw will do
    	more damage. The fact that the extra damage is AoE and strikes through
    	a blocking opponent on chance, pushes the Claw well beyond the Ore
    	Dragon Slayer.
    	In 4 hits, the follow damage occurs:
    	Berserker's Axe: 200	 2H Claw: 220
    			 200		  220
    			 200		  120
    			 200		  120
                             ---              ---
    			 800              680
    	The Berserker's Axe gives more reliable damage than the 2H claw. The
    	fact that the damage is unaffected by armor values, has an area of
    	effect, and hits through a blocking opponent on chance, perhaps only
    	brings it up equivilant to the Berserker's Axe in 'bang value'. But,
    	since the extra damage is only a 50% chance, it's not reliable.
    Thus, the Claw is a much better 1H sword than it is a 2H sword. However, this
    isn't to say you shouldn't use it as a 2H. The fact that it has no STR require-
    ment will save you tons of LP to invest into other fields (especially consider-
    ing the min.STR required for the strongest 2H is a whopping 170). I imagine
    you likely will have a STR+10 amulet, two STR+5 rings, and a STR+10 belt in
    order to use stronger weapons earlier on; in which case, you can remove those
    accessories and equip defensive accessories (my personal favorite, the Warrior
    Jewelry set and a Combination belt) to be a walking tank. 
    Not to mention, the Claw just looks so cool and is a new feature to play 
    through the rest of the game with. It might just be worth it no matter what
    for the thrill factor of having the new toy to dink around with. 
    PROS: Area of Effect damage can hit multiple enemies; the extra damage can hit
          through a blocking target; no minimum STR or DEX requirement to wield;
          looks super-cool.
    CONS: Costs -100 HP to fully maximize the stats; lower base damage than other
    Player  Claw     1H     Crit      2H    Crit   Deducted
    Level   Level   Dmg       %      Dmg      %      HP
    <11	 1	 90	 12	 100	 12	 -5 
    11	 2	 91	 14	 101	 14 	-10
    13	 3	 92	 16	 102	 16 	-15
    15	 4 	 93	 18	 103	 18 	-20
    17	 5	 94	 20	 104	 20 	-25
    19	 6	 95	 22	 105	 22 	-30
    21	 7	 96	 24	 106	 24 	-35
    23	 8	 97	 26	 107	 26 	-40
    25	 9	 98	 28	 108	 28 	-45
    27	10 	 99	 30 	 109	 30 	-50
    29	11	100	 32	 110	 32 	-55
    31	12	101	 34	 111	 34 	-60
    33	13	102	 36	 112	 36 	-65
    35	14	103	 38	 113	 38 	-70
    37 	15	104	 40	 114	 40 	-75
    39	16	105	 42 	 115	 42 	-80
    41	17	106	 44	 116	 44 	-85
    43 	18 	107	 46	 117	 46 	-90
    45 	19 	108	 48	 118	 48 	-95
    47 	20 	110	 50	 120	 50    -100
     [A.3] - Magic
         [A.3.0] - The Basics
         [A.3.1] - First Circle Spells
         [A.3.2] - Second Circle Spells
         [A.3.3] - Third Circle Spells
         [A.3.4] - Fourth Circle Spells
         [A.3.5] - Fifth Circle Spells
         [A.3.6] - Sixth Cirle Spells
         [A.3.7] - Claw of Beliar
     [A.3.0] - The Basics
    To create a rune, you will always need a copy of the spell in the form of a 
    spellscroll, along with its secondary item(s).
    An asteric (*) before a spell name indicates that it is a new spell.
    The Magic Circles:
    	Parlan: Circles 1-3
    	Karras: Circles 4-6
    	Saturas: Circles 1-6
    	Vatras: Circles 1-6 (in Ch 6)
    Rune Teachers:
    	Marduk: Ice/Water
    	Parlan: General Spells
    	Hyglas: Fire
    	Karras: Summoning
    	Milten: Basic C2 spells (and C6 spells in Ch.6)
    	Pyrokar: C6 spells
    	Nefarius: All of the above plus new Circle of Water spells
     [A.3.1] - First Circle Spells
     -MP cost:	10 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Parlan, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Gold Coin
     -Description: 	Casts a glowing aura of light to illumate dark areas.
    Fire Arrow: 
     -MP Cost:	 5 MP
     -Damage: 	25 
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Hyglas
     -Ingredients:	Sulfur
     -Description: 	Basic offensive spell.
    Small Lightning:
     -MP Cost	15 MP
     -Damage:	30
     -LP Cost:       3 LP
     -Learned From: Marduk, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Rock Crystal
     -Description:	Basic offensive spell.
    Goblin Skeleton:
     -MP Cost	20 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -LP Cost:	 3 LP
     -Learned From: Karras, Nefarius
     -Ingredients: 	Goblin Bone
     -Description:  Summons a Goblin Skeleton cohort.
    Heal Light Wounds:
     -MP Cost: 	10 LP
     -Effect:      100 HP
     -LP Cost:	 3 LP
     -Learned From: Parlan, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Healing Plant
     -Description:  Heals a small amount of lost HP.
     [A.3.2] - Second Circle Spells
     -MP Cost:	15 MP
     -Damage:	75
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Hyglas, Nefarius, Milten
     -Ingredients:  Pitch
     -Description:  Basic offensive spell.
    Ice Arrow:
     -MP Cost:	10 MP
     -Damage:	50
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Marduk, Nefarius, Milten
     -Ingredients:  Glacier Quartz
     -Description:  Basic offensive spell.
    Summon Wolf:
     -MP Cost:	40 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Karras, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Wolf Skin
     -Description:  Summons a Wolf cohort.
     -MP Cost:	20-80 MP
     -Damage:	50-200 
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Parlan, Nefarius, Milten
     -Ingredients:  Coal
     -Description:  Knocks an enemy back while dealing damage. Can be charged.
     -MP Cost:	20 MP
     -Duration:	30 seconds
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Parlan, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Swampweed
     -Description:  Puts human enemy to sleep.
    *Dust Devil:
     -MP Cost:	30 MP
     -Duration:	10 seconds
     -LP Cost: 	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Bloodfly Wings
     -Description:  Traps an enemy in a whirlwind. 
    *Ice Lance:
     -MP Cost:	20 MP
     -Damage:      100
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Glacier Quartz
     -Description:  Basic offensive spell.
     [A.3.3] - Third Circle Spells
    Heal Medium Wounds:
     -MP Cost:	25 MP
     -Effect:      200 HP
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Parlan, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Healing Herb
     -Description:  Heals a medium amount of lost HP.
    Small Fire Storm: 
     -MP Cost:	25 MP
     -Damage:      100 
     -LP Cost:	15 LP
     -Learned From: Hyglas, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Pitch, Sulfur
     -Description:  An offensive spell that does minor Area of Effect.
    Create Skeleton:
     -MP Cost:	60 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Karras, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Skeleton Bone
     -Description:  Summons a Skeleton cohort.
     -MP Cost:	50 MP
     -Duration:	 5 seconds
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From:	Parlan, Milten
     -Ingredients:  Black Pearl
     -Description:  Sends an enemy running in fear.
    Ice Block:
     -MP Cost:	40 MP
     -Damage:	60 + 2 damage per second = 98
     -Duration:	19 seconds
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Marduk, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Glacier Quartz, Aquamarine
     -Description:  Traps an enemy in a block of ice, dealing minor Damage over
    Ball Lightning:
     -MP Cost:	10-40 MP
     -Damage:	30-120
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Marduk, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Rock Crystal, Sulfur
     -Description:  An offensive spell that can be charged. 
     -MP Cost:	25 MP
     -Damage:      150 
     -LP Cost: 	10 LP
     -Learned From: Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Aquamarine
     -Description:  Strong offensive spell.
     -MP Cost:     100 MP
     -Damage:      250
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Glacier Quartz, Bloodfly Wings
     -Description:  Area of Effect spell in a wide radius around the caster.
     [A.3.4] - Fourth Circle Spells
    Large Fireball:
     -MP Cost:	40-160 MP
     -Damage:	75-300
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Hyglas, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Sulfur, Pitch
     -Description:  An offensive spell that can be charged.
     -MP Cost:	30 MP
     -Damage:      150
     -LP Cost:	 5 LP
     -Learned From: Marduk, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Rock Crystal, Glacier Quartz
     -Description:  Basic offensive spell.
    Awaken Golem:
     -MP Cost:	80 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -LP Cost:	15 LP
     -Learned From: Karras, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Heart of a Stone Golem
     -Description:  Summons a Golem cohort.
    Destroy Undead:
     -MP Cost:     100 MP
     -Damage:     1000
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Parlan, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Holy Water
     -Description:  Heavy damage to undead enemies.
     -MP Cost: 	25 MP
     -Damage:      125 
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Aquamarine, Rock Crystal
     -Description:  Basic offensive spell. 
     [A.3.5] - Fifth Circle Spells
    Ice Wave:
     -MP Cost:     120 MP
     -Damage:	60 + 2 damage per second = 98
     -Duration:	19 seconds
     -LP Cost:	20 LP
     -Learned From: Marduk, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Glacier Quartz, Aquamarine
     -Description:  Traps enemies in a block of ice dealing minor damage over time.
    		Has an area of effect around the caster.
    Large Fire Storm:
     -MP Cost:	50-200 MP
     -Damage:	75-300
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Hyglas, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Sulfur, Tongue of Fire
     -Description:  Offensive spell that does minor area of effect damage. Can be
    Summon Demon: 
     -MP Cost:     120 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -LP Cost:	20 LP
     -Learned From: Karras, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Heart of a Demon
     -Description:  Summons a Demon cohort.
    Heal Heavy Wounds:
     -MP Cost:	50 MP
     -Effect:      800 HP
     -LP Cost:	10 LP
     -Learned From: Parlan, Nefarius
     -Ingredients:  Healing Root
     -Description:  Heals a large amount of lost HP.
     [A.3.6] - Sixth Cirle Spells
    Breath of Death:
     -MP Cost:     100 MP
     -Damage:      500
     -LP Cost:	20 LP
     -Learned From: Pyrokar, Milten (ch 6)
     -Ingredients:  Coal, Black Pearl
     -Description:  Offensive spell.
    Army of Darkness:
     -MP Cost:     150 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -LP Cost:	20 LP
     -Learned From: Karras, Milten (ch 6)
     -Ingredients:  Skeleton Bone, Black Pearl, Stone Golem Heart, Demon Heart
     -Description:  Summons 5 Skeleton cohorts. 
    Shrink Monster:
     -MP Cost:	?? MP
     -Effect:	Monster reduced to 1/10 max-HP
     -LP Cost:	20 LP
     -Learned From: Pyrokar, Milten (ch 6)
     -Ingredients:  Goblin Bone, Troll Tusk
     -Description:  Reduces the size of a large enemy, ie Dragon, Troll, etc.
    Fire Rain:
     -MP Cost:     150 MP
     -Damage:      500 
     -LP Cost:	20 LP
     -Learned From: Pyrokar, Milten (ch 6)
     -Ingredients:  Pitch, Sulfur, Tongue of Fire
     -Description:  Heavy fire-damage in wide area of effect around the caster.
    		Rain falls for a few seconds after cast, so it follows you as
    		you move to get a wider radius.
    Wave of Death:
     -MP Cost:     150 MP
     -Damage:      500
     -LP Cost:	20 LP
     -Learned From: Pyrokar, Milten (ch 6)
     -Ingredients:  Skeleton Bone, Black Pearl
     -Description:  Heavy damage in a wide area of effect around the caster. Casts
    		slower than Fire Rain, however, damage is unaffected by enemy
    		armor-values, as it is not "Fire Damage". 
    Holy Missile:
     -MP Cost:	60 MP
     -Damage:      300 
     -LP Cost:	N/A
     -Learned From: Monestary Cellar
     -Ingredients:  Holy Water (??)
     -Description:  Offensive spell -- works on "evil" enemies.
     [A.3.7] - Claw of Beliar
    When playing a mage, the Claw can assume various forms, which you can upgrade
    to each time you learn a new Circle. In various cases you get two spells for
    a circle, which gives you a bit more choice in your pickings. Unlike the Claw
    as a sword, however, it only costs -25 HP to fully upgrade. It costs -5 HP to
    upgrade to the next circle, but does not have any Circle 6 spells, thus it 
    takes -25 HP. In my observation, the Claw runes are generally lame, as you can
    get much better MP:damage ratio spells.
    Circle:   HP/Total HP:    Spells:
    Circle 1:   -5/-5 HP        Root Snare
    Circle 2:  -5/-10 HP        Steal Energy
    Circle 3:  -5/-15 HP        Beliar's Wrath, Create Guardian
    Circle 4:  -5/-20 HP        Insect Swarm, Create Zombie
    Circle 5:  -5/-25 HP        Cry of the Dead
    You can only carry one Beliar Rune at a time, and must pray at a Shrine of
    Beliar in order to exchange it for another one. It does not cost any extra HP
    reduction to do so. 
    Root Snare:
     -MP Cost:	50 MP
     -Duration:	20 seconds
     -Circle:	 1
     -Description:	Traps an enemy in a thorn bush, similar to Ice Block. Trap is
    		undone when target is attacked.
    Steal Energy:
     -MP Cost:	30 MP
     -Damage:      100
     -Circle:	 2
     -Description:	Drains 100 HP from targeted human enemy and restores 100 HP
    		to you. Neglects magic resistance -- goes straight for HP. 
    		Effect is halted if you get close to the target.
    Create Guardian:
     -MP Cost:	60 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -Circle:	 3
     -Description:  Summons a Stone Sentinel to fight at your side.
    Beliar's Wrath:
     -MP Cost:     100 MP
     -Damage:      200 
     -Circle:	 3
     -Description:  Basic offensive spell with terrible MP:damage ratio.
    Insect Swarm:
     -MP Cost:	20 MP
     -Damage:	80
     -Duration:	 6 seconds
     -Circle	 4
     -Description:  Casts a swarm of insects which attack and deal damage to the
    		enemy over a period of six seconds.
    Create Zombie:
     -MP Cost:	80 MP
     -Duration:	 5 minutes
     -Circle:	 4
     -Description:  Summons a Zombie in Old Knight Armor to fight at your side.
    Cry of the Dead:
     -MP Cost:     250 minimum + all remaining MP
     -Damage:      666
     -Circle:	 5
     -Description:  The single-most-damaging spell in the game. Unfortunately it
    		uses all your mana. Looks pretty cool, but can easily miss if
    		the target is moving, due to a very wanky spell path.
     [A.3.8] - Paladin Runes
    I've yet to play through as a Paladin, so more information will soon come.
    Ch 3 - Holy Light
    Ch 4 - Holy Arrow, Lesser Healing
    Ch 5 - Banish Evil, Greater Healing
     [A.4] - Character Development
         [A.4.1] - Trainers 
         [A.4.2] - Auxiliary Skills
         [A.4.3] - Stone Tablets
         [A.4.4] - Praying at Shrines
         [A.4.5] - Extras
     [A.4.1] - Trainers
            [A.4.1.1] - Attributes
    	[A.4.1.2] - Hunting/Trophies
    	[A.4.1.3] - Thievery
    	[A.4.1.4] - Rune-making
    	[A.4.1.5] - Weapon Skills
    [A.4.1.1] - Attributes
       Lares - STR, DEX
       Vatras - Max Mana
       Carl - STR
       Mortis - STR
       Cassia - DEX
       Harad - STR
       Erol - STR
    Onar's Farm:
       Torlof - STR, DEX
       Parlan - Max Mana
       Opolos - STR
       Merdarion - Max Mana
    Pirate Camp:
       Brandon - STR, DEX
    Bandit Camp:
       Lucia - DEX
       Stew-Pot Bandit - STR
       Feros - STR, DEX
       Torlof - STR, DEX
       Diego - DEX
       Lares - STR, DEX
       Vatras - Max Mana
    [A.4.1.2] - Hunting/Trophies
       Bosper - Animal Skin
       Gaan - Bloodfly Wings, Bloodfly Stingers, Claws, Teeth, Dragon Snapper Horn
       Grimbald - BloodflyWings, Bloodfly Stingers, Mandibles, Claws, Crawlerplates
    Onar's Farm:
       Raoul - Animal Skin (Black Troll)
       Grom - Mandibles, Heart, Teeth, Shadowbeast Horn
    Pirate Camp:
       Jack - Skin, Teeth
    Bandit Camp:
       Edgor - Bloodfly Wings, Bloodfly Stinger
       Logan - Animal Skin, Claws, Teeth
    Valley of Mines:
       Gestath - Crawler Plates, Dragon Blood, Dragon Scales, Dragon Snapper Horn,
    	     Tongue of Fire, Mandibles
       Godar - Dragon Blood, Dragon Scales
       Talbin - Animal Skin
    [A.4.1.3] - Thievery
       Thorben - Lockpicking (10 LP)
       Cassia - Pickpocketing (10 LP)
       Ramirez - Lockpicking (10 LP)
       Jesper - Sneaking (5 LP)
       Cavalorn - Sneaking (5 LP)
       Bartok - Sneaking (5 LP)
    Pirate Camp:
       Bill - Pickpocketing (10 LP)
    [A.4.1.4] - Rune-making
       Parlan - Sleep, Wind Fist, Light, Heal Light Wounds, Destroy Undead, Fear,
    	    Heal Medium Wounds, Heal Heavy Wounds
       Marduk - Small Lightning, Ice Arrow, Ball Lightning, Ice Block, Lightning,
    	    Ice Wave
       Hyglas - Fire Arrow, Fireball, Small Fire Storm, Large Fireball, Large Fire
       Karras - Summon: Goblin Skeleton, Wolf, Skeleton, Golem, Demon, Army of
       Pyrokar - Fire Rain, Wave of Death, Breath of Death, Shrink Monster
       Nefarius - All of the above
       Milten - Ice Arrow, Fireball, Wind Fist
       Milten - Fire Rain, Breath of Death, Wave of Death, Army of Darkness, Shrink
    [A.4.1.5] - Weapon Skills
       Alrik - 1H
       Cavalorn - 1H, Bow
       Wulfgar - 1H, 2H
       Ruga - Crossbow
       Bartok - Bow
       Niclas - Bow
       Buster - 1H
       Grimbald - Bow
       Dragomir - Crossbow
    Onar's Farm:
       Cord - 1H, 2H
       Lee - 2H
       Rod - 2H
       Wolf - Bow
       Babo - 2H
    Pirate Camp:
       Henry - 2H
       Morgan - 1H
       Jack - Bow
       Udar - Crossbow
       Kereloth - 1H, 2H
    Valley of Mines:
       Hokurn - 1H, 2H
     [A.4.2] - Auxiliary Skills
    [A.4.2.1] - Forging *****
    To be honest I know absolutely nothing about forging, because I joined Constan-
    tino in my first two playthrough, but will be learning Forgery on my Paladin
    playthrough. If you know anything about forgery, please mail me the info.
       G.   Harad
       G.   Bennet
       G.   Jan
    [A.4.2.2] - Alchemy
    Healing Essance (50 HP):   1 LP		Mana Essance (50 MP):      1 LP
    Healing Extract (70 HP):   3 LP		Mana Extract (75 MP):      3 LP
    Healing Elixer (100 HP):   5 LP		Mana Elixer (100 MP):      5 LP
    Elixer of Life (+5 HP):   10 LP		Elixer of Spirit (+5 MP): 10 LP
    PureLifeEnergy (all HP)*: 1000g		Pure Mana (all MP)*:	  1500g
    * Requires knowledge of Healing/Mana Elixers. Recipe for Pure Potions can be
    Elixer of Strength (+3 STR):  20 LP
    Elixer of Dexterity (+3 DEX): 20 LP
    Speed Potion:	5 LP
       G.   Constantino
    	Healing Essance, Healing Extract, Healing Elixer, Mana Essance, Mana
    	Extract, Mana Elixer, Elixer of Spirit, Elixer of Life Force, Elixer
    	of Strength
       G.   Sagitta
    	Healing Essance, Healing Extract, Healing Elixer, Mana Essance, Mana
    	Extract, Mana Elixer, Elixer of Spirit, Elixer of Life Force, Elixer
    	of Dexterity
       G.   Ignaz
    	Healing Essance, Mana Essance, Speed Potion
       G.   Neoras
    	Healing Essance, Healing Extract, Healing Elixer, Mana Essance, Mana
    	Extract, Mana Elixer, Elixer of Spirit, Elixer of Life Force
       G.   Riordian
    	Healing Essance, Healing Extract, Healing Elixer, Mana Essance, Mana
    	Extract, Mana Elixer, Elixer of Spirit, Elixer of Life Force, Elixer
    	of Dexterity, Speed Potion
    [A.4.2.3] - The Language of the Builders
       G.   Myxir
    	Language of the Peasants:  5 LP (read lvl I tablets)
    	Language of the Warriors: 10 LP (read lvl II tablets)
    	Language of the Priests:  15 LP (read lvl III tablets)
       G.   Hermit
    	Language of the Peasants:  5 LP (read lvl I tablets)
    	Language of the Warriors: 10 LP (read lvl II tablets)
    	Language of the Priests:  15 LP (read lvl III tablets)
    [A.4.2.4] - Searching Will-o-the-Wisp
    Riordian teaches you how to train your Will-o-the-Wisp to find certain things.
    In my personal opinion, it isn't worth it, because you have to be pretty close
    to the thing(s) for it to notify you of its presence, and in general just isn't
    worth the time and effort for the reward you get. However, you can if you want
    'Gold, Keys, Utensils: 2 LP'
    'Long-Ranged Weapons, Ammunition: 1 LP'
     [A.4.3] - Stone Tablets
    Strength I	STR +2		Dexterity I	DEX +2
    Strength II	STR +4		Dexterity II	DEX +4
    Strength III	STR +6		Dexterity III	DEX +6
    1H I		1H% +2		2H I		2H% +2
    1H II		1H% +4		2H II		2H% +4
    1H III		1H% +6		2H III		2H% +6
    Life I		HP  +5		Mana I		MP  +2
    Life II		HP +10		Mana II		MP  +4
    Life III        HP +15		Mana III	MP  +6
    Bow I		Bow% +2		Crossbow I	Crossbow% +2
    Bow II		Bow% +4		Crossbow II	Crossbow% +4
    Bow III		Bow% +6		Crossbow III	Crossbow% +6
     [A.4.4] - Praying at Shrines
    Shrine of Innos
    You can pray at a Shrine of Innos once a day and recieve bonuses for donating
    100g. You are limited to 10 bonuses for each stat increase (you can get 10 +1
    STR, 10 +1 DEX, for example), any more than that and there is no reward.
    Possible Rewards: +1 STR, +1 DEX, +4 HP, +2 MP
    There seems to be an influence of what you get based on your guild and/or which
    ever stat you have more/less of (DEX versus STR), however I am not sure of the
    exact probabilty and formula. As a mage you get Mana bonuses primarily. Merc
    gets HP and STR, Paladins get double bonuses for praying. That being said, you
    just need to find out for yourself.
    If you know more about the Shrines, please e-mail me with what you know. 
    Shrine of Beliar 
    You can pray at a Shrine of Beliar once a day and recieve gold for donating
    permanent reductions of your HP and MP.
    -1 HP:  +50g
    -2 HP: +250g
    -3 HP: +500g
    -1 MP: +500g
    After you do it enough, you will no longer recieve the gold rewards, and Beliar
    will simply "thank you for your donation". After some time it will come back,
    but at half the reward rate. It's great for some quick cash early on, but gold
    later on becomes a piece of cake to come by.
    You need to pray at Shrines of Beliar in order to upgrade the Claw of Beliar
    (see [A.2.5] Paladin/Merc, [A.3.7] Mage). 
     [A.4.5] - Extras
    - Eat 50 Mushrooms: +5 MP
    - Eat 25 Apples: +1 STR
    - Coragon's Special Beer: +2 HP, +2 MP
    - The Divine Power of the Stars: +2 MP
    - Thekla's Stew: +1 STR
    - Southern Defense Art: +5% 1H
    - Double Blocks: +5% 2H
    - Daron: donate in 50g incriments = +85 HP, +1 LP, +2 MP, +250 EXP
    - Fire Strips: +1 STR
    - Lou's Hammer: +1 MP (one-time only)
    - Meat Stew: +1 STR
     [W.1] - Acknowledgements
    So far, no one to acknowledge, though I'm sure more will arise. 
    Thanks to worldofgothic.com which I used to double-check certain figures for
     [W.2] - Legal info
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is (C) 2006 to Nick Burgener (N3Burgener) and is not to
    be copied/redistributed in any way, shape or form.
    If you wish to use this FAQ/Walkthrough on your site, please contact me first
    and ask for permission. If I approve, please credit the author (N3Burgener)
    and the host site (gamefaqs.com).
    That is all.

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