How and Where to get five different temple keys of Mora Sul Temple?

  1. I have got four keys, can't understand how to get the fifth key? Please HELP!

    User Info: anjel14

    anjel14 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    There are two temples near Mora Sul, so i dont know which temple you are asking about. But i assume the one you are asking about is the one where you need to find keys in the city. (i will list them in the order I like, i cant remember if the quest says first or second key or whatever)

    1st key: North of the city out in the desert is a small camp with a paladin and a slave (who is escaped) named Yussuf. He has the first key and can be threatened to give it up.
    2nd key: The merchant ILJA has a key and will give it to you in return for you to deliver a worthless vase to him from inside the temple.
    3rd key: The mercenary Kirk, who stays with the fat money lender, will ask you to follow him and kill some desert raiders, you follow him and him and the two raiders ambushes you. Kill em or knock em over and loot the 3rd key from Kirk.
    4th key: This one you buy from Gonzarles (town leader) for 10.000 gold. (its not much at this point i hope), alternatively you can kill him off for the key.

    when you have all of the above, go to the temple which is located south of Mora Sul. The Orc leader has the 5th key and wants your other 4 keys, you then duel and simply take the 5th key off him.

    User Info: Rednax13

    Rednax13 - 7 years ago

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