Additional GraphicsRafel Dalek
Additional GraphicsMarcin Kalemba
Additional GraphicsAndrzej Krawczyk
Additional GraphicsPiotr Lyszkiewicz
Additional GraphicsAlexsander Roman
Additional GraphicsRafal Sadowy
Additional GraphicsDawid Sosnowski
Additional GraphicsMonika Szyszuk
Additional ProgrammingArtur Bak
Additional ProgrammingDawid Fibich
Additional ProgrammingRafal Kamraj
Additional ProgrammingTomasz Kustrzynski
Additional ProgrammingPiotr Lopatka
Additional ProgrammingDawid Obajtek
Additional ProgrammingKrystian Prabucki
Additional ProgrammingWojciech Pszczolkowski
Additional ProgrammingPawel Sniezek
Additional ProgrammingAdrian Stefaniak
Brown (Voice Actor)Manfred Erdmann
Carrie (Voice Actor)Daniela Brabetz
Civilian (Voice Actor)Gert Acktun
Colonist #1 (Voice Actor)Kai Taschner
Colonist #2 (Voice Actor)Thomas Albus
DesignPawel Marchewka
DesignBartlomiej Paul
DesignPawel Selinger
DesignPawel Zawodny
Dexon (Voice Actor)Ulf Sohmisch
GraphicsJanusz Borkowski
GraphicsMaciej Jamrozik
GraphicsDawid Kliszewski
GraphicsRafal Zerych
Hannibal (Voice Actor)Thomas Albus
Journalist (Voice Actor)Ute Bronder
Lead Graphics ArtistPawel Selinger
Lead ProgrammerGrzegorz Swistowski
Level DesignKacper Michalski
Level DesignBertlomiej Paul
Level DesignWojciech Pszczolkowski
Lisa Brown (Voice Actor)Sabine Bohlmann
Logan (Voice Actor)Torsten Munchow
Ming Tse (Voice Actor)Simone Brahmann
MusicPawel Blaszczak
News Speaker (Voice Actor)Ulf Sohmisch
Nicole Parker (Voice Actor)Ute Bronder
Pointer (Voice Actor)Crock Krumbiegel
President (Voice Actor)Crock Krumbiegel
ProducerPawel Marchewka
ProgrammingPrzemyslaw Hernick
ProgrammingPrzemyslaw Kawecki
ProgrammingMaciej Klokowski
ProgrammingKonrad Zagorowicz
ProgrammingMarcin Zygadlo
Project ManagerPawel Zawodny
Shybkov (Voice Actor)Kai Taschner
Sound EngineerGennaro Giani
Sound FXPawel Blaszczak
Van Dyke (Voice Actor)Simone Brahmann


Data and credits for this game contributed by R351D3NT3V1L4, odino, and lighty691.

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