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    FAQ/Walkthrough by N_Clement

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                                 FAQ by
                            Nicolas L. Clement
    Table of contents
    1.1    Introduction
    1.2    About this guide
    1.3    Characters
    1.4    Weapons
    2.1    Walkthrough
    2.1.2  LEVEL 2 - BETRAYAL
    2.1.3  LEVEL 3 - A TRAITOR?
    2.1.5  LEVEL 5 - RESISTANCE
    2.1.7  LEVEL 7 - CAT'S EYE
    2.1.8  LEVEL 8 - WHITE ALAMO
    2.1.9  LEVEL 9 - TRAPPED
    2.1.10 LEVEL 10 - THE WOLF'S DEN
    2.1.11 LEVEL 11 - CHECKMATE
    2.1.12 LEVEL 12 - AN EYE FOR AN EYE
    2.1.13 LEVEL 13 - PANZERS!
    3.1    Bonuses
    3.2    Afterwords
    Commandos: Strike Force is the fourth game released from the great
    and acclaimed Commandos serie released by Pyro and Eidos. But it is
    also the most unorthodox of the bunch since it uses a first person
    shooter genre instead of the tactical strategy isometric view of the
    previous titles. A choice that enraged tons of fans, including me.
    As a result, the game felt very much like a travesty of the games we
    loved and many people could not get passed that and reviewed this game
    as a lemon.
    Coupled with the fact that the old cast (Tiny, Duke, Inferno, Spooky,
    Lupin, Natasha and the others) are completely absent and replaced by
    another trio probably didn't help fans swallow the pill.
    In all fairness though, if you take it "as it is" instead of trying to 
    make comparison, it becomes a surprisingly good game, especially the 
    more you play it.
    It is very much like "Medal of Honor" or "Call of Duty", but with an
    added strategy flair that mixed some elements of the "Hitman" serie
    as well.
    To be honest though, the Artificial Intelligence is beyond stupid in
    this game and you can normally assassinate people right under the nose
    of their comrades. So don't expect a realistic game (even the bodies
    disappear after 30 seconds..)
    All and all though, if you can get past the fact that it has zero 
    connections to the previous titles and a lack of AI, you'll get a good 
    FPS with some strategic elements combined into a fun title.
    Since nobody made a guide for this game, I decided to take the plunge
    and write a FAQ for it. This guide is aimed mostly toward a "hitman"
    style of gameplay where I aimed for a roughly 100% silent killing. If
    you follow this, no alarms should be triggered and you should never
    be wounded, unless the mission calls for action (such as the 2nd one).
    Be mindful that this game *can* be played in a berserk style with all
    guns blazing, but in keeping with the spirit of the original Commandos
    game, I decided to try to go with the stealth path.
    I advice you play the game like that also, this is where you'll get 
    the most fun out of it. :)
    This FAQ will permit you to complete the game at 100% in a stealth
    style, with every secondary objectives completed and achieving a 
    5 star result on "Hard" difficulty.
    [1] Lieutenant Hawkins (Sniper)
    A mix between a Sniper and a Marine, he is the silent killer of the 
    team. Using both a sniper rifle and throwing knifes, he is very apt
    at taking the enemy by surprise. He is also an accomplished swimmer.
    Can use:
    +Sniper's Throwing knives
    +US Colt Pistol
    +German Luger Pistol
    +US Springfield Sniper Rifle
    +German Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle
    +Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle
    +Smoke Grenade
    +Anti-Tank Mines
    +Pack of 10 Cigarettes
    [2] Captain O'Brian (Green Beret)
    The Green Beret is the frontman soldier. Capable of using pistols,
    rifles, machineguns, grenades, bazookas or even dual-wielding two
    submachine-guns, he definitely is the man of action. He also possess
    a knife (not throwing) for stealth kills. You will use him when
    everything goes to hell.
    Can use:
    +Green Beret's Knife
    +US Colt Pistol
    +German Luger Pistol
    +US Thomson Sub-machinegun (dual)
    +German MP40
    +US BAR M1918
    +US PPSH41
    +German STG44
    +US Shotgun
    +US Garand M1
    +German Mauser 
    +Panzerfaust Bazooka
    +Anti-Tank Mines
    +Sticky Dynamite 
    +Smoke Grenades
    +Molotov cocktails
    [3] Colonel Brown (Spy)
    My personal favorite since he reminds me most of the gameplay in the
    original Commandos game. He is a master of disguise and can steal
    german costumes to pose as a soldier or officer. He also has a coin
    used to distract enemies and can silently assassinate them with a 
    garrotte wire. Often he is also equipped with a silenced pistol or
    gas grenades.
    Can use:
    +Spy's garrotte
    +German Lugger 
    +Walter PP Silenced Pistol
    +German MP40
    +Gas Grenade
    +Pack of 10 Cigarettes
    +Gas Mask
    1.4 WEAPONS
    As a note, since this game is very keen on the headshots, I found
    that personally any guns really are equally good from one to another
    as long as you do headshots (instant kills). I thus do not really know
    if the US BAR does more damage than the US Thomson or the German MP40.
    The same applies for accuracy. It is often a personal preference of 
    which cross-sights you prefer (between say a Mauser or a Garand).
    All that really matters is that you do headshots, so try to get a gun
    that has the most bullets and the more reloads. A note on that is that
    if your gun has reload cartridges, be mindful when you reload since 
    realistically you will "loose" your unused bullets to replace them for
    a full cartridge. For example, if you use a US Colt pistol and you
    have 3 bullets remaining and reload, you will lose those 3 bullets.
    So it is advised to reload only when your cartridge is empty. In
    opposition, for those guns marked with "more bullets" such as the
    shotgun or the Springfield Sniper rifle, it means you have to reload
    bullets by bullets, thus it makes no difference when you reload.
    Use that fact to your advantage.
    [1] Hand-to-Hand
    Green Beret's Knife             
    Sniper's Throwing knives       6 Knives
    Spy's garrotte
    [2] Pistols
    US Colt                         7 Bullets (4 reloads)
    German Lugger                  12 Bullets (4 reloads)
    Walter PP Silenced Pistol       7 Bullets (2 reloads)
    [3] Submachine-Guns
    German MP40                    32 Bullets (4 reloads)
    US Thomson                     20 Bullets (4 reloads)
    Two US Thomsons (Green Beret)  40 Bullets (4 reloads)
    US BAR M1918                   20 Bullets (4 reloads)
    US PPSH41                      71 Bullets (2 reloads)
    German STG44                   30 Bullets (2 reloads)
    [4] Bolt-Action Rifles
    US Shotgun                      8 Bullets (24 more bullets)
    US Garand M1                    8 Bullets (4 reloads)
    German Mauser                   5 Bullets (4 reloads)
    US Springfield Sniper Rifle     5 Bullets (10 more bullets)
    German Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle   8 Bullets (2 reload)
    Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle       5 Bullets (10 more bullets)
    [5] Demolition
    Panzerfaust Bazooka            2 Rockets
    Anti-Tank Mines                2 Mines
    Sticky Dynamite                3 Sticks
    The next items appear as secondary weapons
    [6] Grenades
    Grenade                        Explosion
    Gas Grenade                    Poison
    Smoke Grenade                  Smoke screen
    Molotov cocktails              Incendiary burst
    [7] Utilities
    Coin                           Distract
    Pack of 10 Cigarettes          Distract
    Uniform (Spy)                  Disguise yourself
    Gas Mask                       Avoid dying from Gas Grenades
    (Part 1 - TUTORIAL)
    This mission is rather easy to follow since the tutorial tells you
    exactly what to do. You will play as the sniper in this one.
    First approach the enemy and stab him with your knife, then kill the
    second one by either throwing the knife or stabbing him. Before you 
    cross the river, look across on a hill by the moon and you should see
    a guard taking a smoke. Shoot him with your sniper rifle. Swim across
    the river and the final fourth enemy will be next to the fire and can 
    be dealt with a knife.
    Eventually, you will get to a cutscene in which your mission is to
    silently remove the enemy soldiers and rescue 3 POWs.
    As you start near a barn, crouch and wait for the enemy patrolling 
    next to the crates to have his back turned so you can throw a knife at 
    him for a silent kill. Quickly continue as you crouch toward the back
    of the truck where a second guard is patrolling. Make sure his back is
    turned and throw a knife again at him. Quietly proceed toward the side
    of the next barn.
    As you go toward the back of the barn, you will notice an entrance so
    go inside and go right to the second barn area. As you enter, directly
    turn left to the dark area in which there is a hard to spot door. On
    the other side lies a guard with his back turned. Perfect opportunity
    to stab him in the back.
    Still crouched go toward your objective and climb the stairs to stab
    the guard on top with a knife (his three buddies downstairs won't hear
    a thing).
    NOTE: If your feeling cocky, you can head down, stab the first guy
          and then quickly throw knifes at the face of both his pals. It's 
          not necessary, but it sure is fun! :)
    Go back to the staircase and open the door upstair. There's a medpack
    and ammo you won't need for now lying there. Inside the building, go
    right to the staircase and the tutorial will tell you that while your
    on higher grounds, the enemies can't see you. So slowly make you way
    down the stairs and as soon as you see his pretty head, throw a knife
    at it. Open the door and a cutscene occurs.
    (Part 3 - NAZI ATTACK)
    This is very straightforward. A bunch of nazi soldiers will arrive via
    a truck. Your on top of the building on a balcony and you have to snipe
    them all.
    Make sure when the mission starts you switch to the sniper rifle and
    are fully reloaded. Note that behind you are two boxes of ammos if you
    ever needed them, and if you get wounded, you can use one of your
    medkit (hotkey 'H').
    There will be about 10 enemies total so try to get headshots while
    holding your breath to slowdown so you get easier shots.
    NOTE: Your 3 POWs will help you by shooting with submachine guns, but
          don't count on them too much.
    When everybody's dead, the mission will end. Congratulation.
    2.1.2 LEVEL 2 - BETRAYAL
    You will soon learn to hate this mission. First off, it takes a DRASTIC
    change from the Commandos stealth-style to plunge you in a crazy 
    "Medal-of-Honor" desperate battle style.
    First thing to bear in mind is that you have 2 commandos on this ugly
    mission (The Green Beret and the Sniper). So don't forget to switch
    back and forth. The Sniper is on top of a barn in relative safety while
    the Green Beret is in the middle of a battlefield from Hell with dying
    comrades and bullets flying all over the damm place!
    And that's how you start. The Green Beret being fired at like crazy.
    (Part 1 - PROTECT ALLIES)
    Alright, to make matters even worst. You actually even have to protect
    your soldiers as they are getting mawed by the german infantry. If too
    many allied soldiers die, the mission fails. On this first part, you
    will have to hold off the germans as best you can until two waves of
    allied paratroopers land in the area.
    Your best bet is to first get the heck out of where your standing now
    (in the middle of the field with no cover that is) so try to backtrack
    toward the Sniper's position (north-west) to a shed where a few of your
    fellows are. This place is the best place to be for this mission. Since
    first off you will get your second submachine-gun (so you can go nuts
    as you dual-wield them) and find some health packs and a box of 
    ever-replenishing ammo! You will USE this ammo box a lot so stand near 
    it at all time!
    When you get in the shed, you will see the second submachine gun, so 
    get it and the tutorial will explain to you how to dual-wield them, do
    so and then lay low inside the shed.
    When your Green Beret is in relative safety, switch to the Sniper. The
    first task you should give yourself is to clear some of the germans in
    the field and then as soon as you can, snipe those far away machine
    gunners near the big lightspots. Mind you they are hard to spot, but
    if you kill them, it will make this mission a lot easier.
    NOTE: At any given moment in this mission, some of your allies will
          get wounded. When that happens, try to switch to the Green Beret
          and go help them by applying bandages on them. You can start the
          healing sequence and then switch to the Sniper while the Green
          Beret is playing medic.
    Eventually, the first wave of enemies coming from the south will be
    calmed down and a new wave of enemies will arrive from the north (you
    can see that from the red dots on your map). When that occurs, you can
    switch to the Green Beret and dual-shoot them with your submachine gun.
    Just go back and forth between the Green Beret and the Sniper to try
    to kill every germans you see. Be aware that they have unlimited 
    supplies of germans soldiers, so just do your best to stay alive.
    Eventually a truck will arrive, you can do your best at sniping people
    getting out, or sometimes it gets blowed up by explosions if your 
    Eventually even worst, an armored machine gun truck arrive and then
    you NEED to use your sniper to snipe the gunner with much difficulty.
    Good luck soldier, you'll need it.
    (Part 2 - REGROUP)
    Eventually, the Captain will be wounded. You will need to protect him
    with either of your Commandos until his aides bring him to safety.
    When he's safe, you will get your third objective.
    (Part 3 - FALL BACK)
    When you get this objective, just follow it as you have no reasons to
    stay in this hellhole. First thing, you should switch to the Sniper 
    and get him back in the barn so he is out of danger.
    Then go back to the Green Beret and while protecting your friends, run
    toward the west of the map at the bridge. 
    When you reach the bridge, two bombs will be on it, simply activate 
    them to blow up the bridge so you are not caught on both sides of the 
    (Part 4 - PUNCH THROUGH)
    Finally, you need to use your Green Beret to go kamikaze at the end
    of the road to take out the machine-gunner in the armored truck.
    The best way to do that is to first reload your ammo, heal yourself and
    get some smoke grenades. Then head toward the end of the road and you
    will see a machine gun nest you can use to kill the approaching jerrys.
    When the path is relatively clear, get off the gun nest and go toward
    the left side of the trucks on the grass paths, using the trucks as 
    Now the smoke grenades will become essential. Throw one on the floor
    in front of you and use that cover to kill some soldiers. Then throw
    another one a bit further and continue your way in the smoke while
    killing enemies, repeat the process to create more smoke and continue
    toward that armored truck. Finally you will be close enough so go to 
    the left of it and shoot the machine gunner in the truck.
    2.1.3 LEVEL 3 - A TRAITOR?
    Complete departure from the last mission and a very fun stealth one
    that teaches you on how to use the Spy.
    I won't cover much here since the tutorial teaches you exactly what to
    do, so if you can't do this.. your simply stupid. :)
    Ok, just a bit of help at first. Make sure you crouch and hug the path
    on the left so that the patrol on the right don't see you.
    After that, it's tutorial after tutorial until you reach your objective
    at the radio operator.
    (Part 2 - SABOTAGE)
    Again very simple to do, but this time the area is crawling with lots
    of enemies. Don't be too intimidated by it though and try to be casual.
    With your officer costume, the soldiers and sub-officers won't be a 
    treat at all. So the only ones to watch for are the other officers and
    that general in black by the truck.
    Simply said, just walk casual and place bombs on the trucks and flaks.
    They will be marked with stars on your map. When they are all tagged,
    the mission ends with a bang.
    NOTE: If you feel like a challenge, you can try to kill everyone in 
          stealth by using gas bombs and the garrotte. On "Hard" I managed
          to clear them all without anyone raising an eyebrow. It's fun. :)
    Ahhh. A very fun mission this one, even if quite short. You play the 
    Spy for most of it, and the Sniper for only one shot.
    (Part 1 - RELEASE ALLIES)
    Ok, you need to be very stealthy on that one since you don't want the
    alarm to be raised. So you'll use your garrotte a lot on this one. As
    you start off with a Sub-Officer suit, the soldiers won't bother you
    so as soon as they got their back turned, assassinate them.
    First target is right in front of you, get to it. The second one is 
    patrolling on the other side of the truck. The problem is that there
    is an officer overlooking the convoys on a hill nearby, but if you
    crouch and hug the left side of the road, he don't seem to see you
    (must be all that rain). So as you crouch, quickly make you way to the
    second target and when he's out of sight from the officer by being near
    the truck, garrotte him.
    You then switch to the Sniper for his sole role in the mission. Go 
    toward the window and zoom to see the officer overlooking the convoy
    and snipe him. Nobody will notice that.
    Switch back to the Spy and quickly go to that officer to steal the
    costume off his dead body. Then go back down on the road and stand at
    the back of the static guard (hey.. isn't that a brand of laundry 
    product or something..? anyway..lol). So wait that the patrolling guard
    is going toward the right and garrotte the non-moving guard. Then very
    QUICKLY (you can walk on this move), garrotte the second guard before
    he has a chance of turning around and seeing your dirty deed.
    You can now release the first two trucks of allies if you want.
    Now off to the third truck. If you try to use the road, another officer
    will automatically see you, you don't want that. So instead go to the
    area where the officer on the hill was and continue in the wooden path.
    There will be another officer there smoking so, make sure you go deep
    in the woods so he don't see you coming and then garrotte him. Get his
    MP40 machine gun.
    Follow the wooden paths until you reach the last truck with 4 guards
    nearby and the officer who now has his back turned on you.
    (Part 2 - ALARM WARNING)
    Ok, this is the trickiest part of this mission. Also a lot of fun.
    What you want to do here is to kill this officer and those four guards
    and do it without being wounded too much. So head toward the truck on
    the opposite side of the guards and ready your garrotte and a coin.
    Throw the coin toward the back of the truck so that all 4 guards face
    the back. Then quickly dash to the officer and garrotte him while his
    four guards are looking the other way.
    Finally for the fun finale, grab your MP40 and aim toward those 4 poor
    bastards who have their back turned and open fire like a madman! Try
    to go for headshots and remember, you only have 32 bullets before a 
    reload so make all those bullets count.
    (Part 3 - FALL BACK)
    Yeah right... everybody's dead. Just wait for the truck and dust that
    rain off your shoulders. :)
    2.1.5 LEVEL 5 - RESISTANCE
    Be aware that compared to the other previous missions, this one is
    very very long, but...You'll play the spy this time again and with the
    silenced pistol on top of it, so it's tons of fun!
    First off, talk to the 2 people downstair for some more infos and make
    sure you get the medpacks near your starting position. Head upstair
    and talk to the third resistance member to get some final information.
    Head outside and head toward the right in the small streets.
    Soon, you will see a guard coming your way so duck and crawl back as
    you retreat slowly toward the corner of the wall and wait. The green
    arrow on your map will show you when he's going back to his patrol so
    go to him and garrotte his pretty neck. Steal the soldier suit.
    As you make your way on the road you will come to a crossroad, left or
    right. For now go left, but wait off a bit as a sub-officer is by the
    fire and a soldier is patrolling. Make sure the soldier is patrolling
    with his back at you to quickly go garrotte the sub-officer. Then before
    you steal his suit, go to the soldier and garrotte him. With the coast
    clear, go get your sub-officer suit now.
    Afterward you can use the right-path this time. Make a turn on the
    first street you see right and a soldier should be patrolling there,
    garrotte him when nobody's around. 
    Slowly continue down this alley, but stop when you see that green 
    arrow (it's a sub-officer and he will annoy you). Wait for him to turn
    his back and smoke a cigarette to go behind him. A soldier might be
    patrolling in the distance so make sure he don't see you, garrotte the
    sub-officer. Then quickly go to that patrolling soldier and strangle
    You should be near the town square (it's to the right from your
    (Part 1 - TOWN CENTER - Free french doctor)
    Ok, now it starts to get hairy. Lots of people here. First off, you
    should see two guards talking, ignore them for now, but go in their
    general direction. In the small street, you should find a door to the
    right (this is the backdoor to the town center base). So enter this.
    In the corridors you should see a lone guard, garrotte-him. And then
    a sub-officer will soon join up. Wait for him in the corner of the 
    entryway and as soon as he peeks in, garrotte him. When both are dead,
    you should backtrack a little bit to the door you just passed and in
    that closet of sorts will be gas grenades, a gas mask and a MP40
    machine gun if you didn't have one by now.
    Now go in the lobby of this building and you have two choices. Either
    the left door, or the staircases. Start with the staircases and go up.
    There you will see an archway heading outside where two soldiers are
    patrolling the small bridge. Wait for the one nearest you to arrive in
    the staircases, and garrotte him. Then head to the bridge and garrotte
    that guy on the bridge. Nobody should see that, but be careful for the
    guard patrolling the balcony nearby. Now to take care of this balcony
    fellow, you'll use your silenced pistol (since there is no way to
    reach him by hand). Wait for him to have his back turned, then from
    your bridge vantage point, shoot him in the back of the head.
    *IMPORTANT* Don't forget to put back your clothes to hide the pistol.
    You can head back down the stairs, there's nothing up. This time, go
    all the way down to the basement and garrotte the soldier down there.
    You will see two flashing green "generators" so...
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (Disable Generators)
    Obviously, this is simple.. disable those two generators. From now on,
    this should take off the searchlights.
    Head back upward and then go to the other unexplored area of this 
    building in the dark archway. A guard should be there, garrotte him when
    he is facing the downward staircase (this is important) and while that
    happens a small animation should play telling you that an officer is 
    giving orders to two of his soldiers. Now move quickly and even though 
    you see the two guards, ignore them for now and go walk toward the 
    officer and stand behind him for a bit until the soldier leaves the
    room. Obviously, garrotte the officer and then quickly go assassinate 
    the guard that just walked away. Return to the officer to get his
    NOTE: You have the option to trade the Silenced PP Walter for a Luger.
          Don't as the silenced gun is more useful.
    Now remember that second guard you just passed by that entered the
    side room? Open that room and you'll see he's got a friend, now hide
    at the side of the door and throw a coin inside the room to divert 
    their attention. With both their backs turned, garrotte them.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (Neutralise Garrison)
    Finally, in the last room near the officer's office, you have a green 
    square giving you the option to throw a gas grenade in (if you have 
    some). Do so as this will get rid of the Garrison by giving them a good 
    payback for those gas chambers.
    The last detail you need to achieve to finish this area is to get rid
    of the two soldiers and the gestapo officer in the fountain area and
    those two guys we saw bickering earlier.
    First for the fountain area. The easiest target is the guy right next
    to the entrance of your building while The big danger here is the 
    gestapo officer who even outrank your officer uniform. So wait until
    the gestapo stops hanging by the bridge wall and head toward the door
    of your building. Get behind him and wait until the guard by your door
    look inside the building. Perfect timing to garrotte the gestapo, then
    garrotte the guard before he turns around, steal the gestapo uniform
    and finally you can get rid of the last guard at your leisure. He must
    be drugged up on cigarettes since he didn't saw any of this. 
    The good news here is that your now gestapo and can go virtually 
    anywhere undetected now. So to get rid of those last two guys nearby
    the backdoor, simply go to them, hide in a corner, throw a coin so both
    their backs are turned and garrotte them both, either that or wait until
    one of them goes on his patrol and kill them both. Voila coast is clear
    to finish the first objective!
    Which is.. the hospital.
    Ok, for now I won't go in details as to how to assassinate everyone
    since you should get the drift by now (throw coins + assassinate) or 
    (wait for a lone guard + assassinate) or (shoot with silenced pistol
    if the enemy is on a balcony or otherwise hard to get).
    The reason being, there are tons of enemies in that hospital, and since
    you have a gestapo uniform now, they all should be pretty easy to slay
    one after the other. Just think like an assassin and you should do 
    You can enter from the main door if you wish and then kill everybody
    as you make your way upstair to the last level. Now you can either go 
    the hard way and attack the gestapo and his two guards, or you can
    sneak in the side door to reach the doctor.
    Either way, you get a cutscene and then need to escort the doctor back
    to the HQ. There will be some enemies along the way but luckily your
    friends will provide various distractions for you to kill the enemies
    either with the garrotte or the silent pistol. In the end you will bring
    the doctor to safety, get another cutscene and your done with this
    objective. It was LONG wasn't it??
    (Part 2 - STATION - Steal truck containing explosives)
    For our second objective, we need to go back to the fountain area up
    north and then go to the thin alley near the crates (follow the star
    objective on your map). Follow the alley until the map loads.
    As soon as you start off, a truck passes by and you should see a guard
    right in front of you. garrotte him, then quickly go right to the one
    guarding the door and strangle him also. Then again quickly, go toward
    where the truck just parked and without being noticed by the Gestapo,
    go behind the truck to garrotte the guard right next to the truck. For
    your fourth quick-kill, as soon as the other truck-soldier goes toward
    the entrance of the building (where the 2nd dead body now lies), you
    should choke him also. That should take care of the patrolling guards.
    You can now enter the building from the front entrance and get rid of
    the soldier patrolling the lobby. You can then head to the radio room
    (on the left) to garrotte both the Officer and the soldier when they
    are not talking to one another.
    To finish up this floor and the outsides, now head to the right room
    and garrotte the guard inside that tend to overlook down the pit. When
    he's dead, the final targets are the Gestapo officer (who now have his
    back turned to you as you stand inside the building) and his subofficer.
    Wait for the subofficer to look away, garrotte the Gestapo, garrotte the 
    subofficer and we're all set for this floor!
    Go back to the lobby and this time go to the staircase near the radio
    room. There should be a guard on top of it, you know what to do. Then
    go down the stairs and in the main room there should be a subofficer
    to your right that also goes in the office behind. Wait for him to get
    in the office to garrotte him. In the other office is a Gestapo, kill
    him and you'll get the "Explosive Truck Documents". Be mindful of a 
    soldier patrolling nearby when you do all this.
    Go toward this guard, but before killing him, enter the familiar area
    behind him. On the metal railings, there's another guard that will 
    spot you if you try to kill the one next to you. So wait for this 2nd
    guard to patrol toward the windows and while he is hidden by the piles
    of crates, garrotte him. Your now free to kill the guard that we avoided
    until now. Make your kill when that guard is back on the metal rails
    (and not in the lobby).
    Ok now to secure the truck we came here to steal. Go downstairs and
    there should be a suboffier and two guys charging the truck with boxes.
    Take care of the gards when they are away getting a new crate, and then
    get rid of the subofficer. If you want a refill of ammo, this is the
    spot for it btw. Finally, get in the truck and you'll steal it away.
    When your done with it, your back outside near the gate. You could
    call it a day, but let's clear the rest of the base shall we?
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (Disable Railway control)
    Follow the low road until you reach the railway. There will be two 
    guards chilling there, so wait for them to have their back on you and 
    kill them. Then let's head back to the garage where we stole the truck
    and we'll clear the second building from the top down. So climb the 
    metal staircase until we come back to the lobby near the office where
    you killed the gestapo who had the papers. In there is another room we 
    have not explored yet as it is rather dark. It is in fact a small 
    passerelle that links both building in which an officer often goes to 
    smoke. This is our destination.
    Now before you get excited about killing that officer, you should let
    him smoke and make a turn to the right in a room where there is a 
    soldier hanging near the far wall (kill him) and a subofficer too busy 
    to care as he looks at controls and file cabinets (kill him too). 
    There's a green thing here that sabotage the railway controls. Do that
    and you just completed that secondary objective. Before we call it a
    wrap, wait for the smoking officer to come back and garrotte him (it is
    important that you do not kill him at his smoking spot as there is a
    guard patrolling down that will see that easily).
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (Disable Railway switch)
    Go downstairs from this room and you should be in a small room where
    a subofficer is busy over some papers at his desk. Make SURE that the
    patrolling guard outside don't look at the window inside, if your sure
    then garrotte the subofficer and his body will now be hidden behind the
    Now is time to be quick and deadly. In the next room you should first
    get rid of the patrolling guard, then the Gestapo officer, then outside
    the guard on the left and then the officer looking at the train. Just
    follow the patterns of patrols and you should do it fine. Your next 
    target in this area is on the other room on the left (a small room
    filled with documents), there's a guard there so kill him.
    As you exit this room, go left and do not climb that staircase yet. 
    Instead go outside from the small door and kill the guard by the wall
    on your left, then quickly go to the patrolling guard. When they are
    both dead, you can go in the small rail switch station, kill the guard
    first and then the very busy subofficer. You can now derail the switch
    to finish up your secondary objective.
    You are now free to go back to the main city, but on your way back you
    can always finish up the remaining guards. So go back to where you just
    killed the past two guards outside the railway switch station and climb
    the hard-to-spot stone staircase. You'll be facing 3 guys near a camp
    fire and the ever-so-annoying guard that loves to patrol outside 
    between the two buildings. This one's finally going down! So wait for
    him to be away from his pals, and garrotte his sorry ass.
    For the 3 guys by the fire, you'll have to be quick. First make sure
    that the subofficer is going away to the stone staircase. Then as you
    stand behind the two remaining guards, throw a coin so the guards look
    the other way, garrotte both of them fast and then dash to the 
    subofficer and garrotte him before he can turn around he see what you
    The remaining two guards are inside the building, you can go kill them
    at your leisure if you want, starting with the one polishing his gun 
    and then the one looking at the map. 
    Congratulation, you killed everyone! Now you can go back to the main
    city map and go toward the last remaining objective you have.
    (Part 3 - BORDELLO - Kill Major Gorlitz)
    To access this, you will have needed to unlock the metal gate from the
    inside of the hospital. Since you can roam freely in the hospital in
    your gestapo uniform, you can easily do that by following the star.
    Follow the small alcove tunnels until the game loads.
    Ok, your first two targets are two soldiers talking to one another.
    Coin to divert them, and then garrotte them both. It is important that
    you kill them both in this little area before one of them goes on his
    patrol. That is because your third target is just above the stairs on
    the corner. Wait for him to be down the stairs to garrotte him.
    Ok, now in the street levels, you'll see a subofficer looking at papers
    and a soldier going to a nearby building to load crates. First, you can
    get rid of the subofficer when nobody is around and then follow that
    soldier and wait for him to pick up a crate. Now pay close attention
    to that dirty window nearby as there is often a guard looking over. As
    soon as the peeping tom guard turn around and your victim picks up a
    crate (it should be done at the same time) you can subdue him. In that 
    same room, you probably noticed another subofficer being busy, garrotte 
    him too.
    Exit from the other side of the building toward a parking lot of sorts.
    You should see a car and two guards checking the entrance. That is your
    destination so head over there. Ahh nice.. it is the bordello.
    As soon as you enter the brothel, go straight in the passageway in 
    front of you and make a quick turn right. There should be a subofficer
    and a Gestapo in there. Kill the subofficer first and then as the lone
    Gestapo goes to the corridor, kill him also.
    Ok, you will soon realize that this place not only is crawling with
    guards and officers, but also have a lot of innocent whores who will
    start screaming if you kill anyone in front of them. So this mission
    cannot really require a full kill ratio unfortunately.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (Disable Alarm in Bordello Area)
    Thus, the first thing you should do before going to your target is to
    disable the alarm. From your entrance point, you should cross the main
    lobby (where there are a show going on) and exit from the main door to
    go back to the plaza that is crawling with guards. Be mindful of a few
    Gestopos, the other guards won't recognize you so don't sweat.
    Again I cannot stress here that you cannot kill everybody, so just head
    to the secondary objective star to get rid of that alarm.
    If you want here, you can clear some guards for fun. After you climbed
    the flight of stairs, you should see the alarm base. You can start your
    kill with the soldier using the binoculars, then the officer in the
    entryway, then the guard overlooking the small wall. You can then get
    back in the alarm base, assassinate the Gestapo being totally oblivious
    to what you are doing, *disable the alarm* for your secondary objective
    and on your way downstairs, you can get rid of that subofficer going
    back up. Whew.. lots of killing in a short time. :)
    On your way down, you should be able to see a guard in some nearby
    staircase, why not kill him... nobody cares about him being so far.
    If you want to continue your killing spree, on the other side of the
    plaza is some small round staircase with a lone officer on top in his
    room. Wait for him to be back in the room to kill him, then wait for
    the subofficer to climb up and kill him silently. Down this staircase
    is also a guard near the garbage cans that you can also kill.
    Why not continue. On the other side of the plaza in the dark area are
    two guards. First get rid of the one on the small staircase and then
    when nobody is looking, his friend at the bottom.
    You now have two guards freezing their asses next to the fire barrel
    and two other guards patrolling the area. It is these guards that are
    a bit annoying. The easiest to get rid of is the one going back to the
    loading beginning area (aka the peeping tom). Just way for him to go
    back to the loading area and strangle him, nobody should care.
    The other one that patrols the archway is more annoying due to the
    Gestapo nearby. So your best bet is to wait that he goes joins his two
    friends near the fire barrel and then use the good ol' coin technique.
    First throw a coin so everyone looks away, then strangle one guy. Throw
    a second coin so they get distracted again, and then piano-wire the
    two others.
    Ok, the only remaining guards outside are the Gestapo and his two poor
    friends and the two guards near the entrance by the car.
    Your best bet is to approach the Gestapo and his two guards from the
    "parking lot" side. Throw a coin to get the attention of all three and
    kill the Gestapo and then the two others. Finally for the two guards
    by the door, sometimes one of them goes on the side a bit, perfect time
    to kill him and then finish off the last guard.
    You now proudly got rid of everyone outside! This will make your escape
    a lot easier. So finally you can go for your main objective.
    As mentioned earlier, this bordello is impossible to clean up of all
    the soldiers due to the fact that there are too many innocents that
    will scream so don't waste your time on that unless you want to go in
    a blaze of glory with your silenced pistol.
    So instead go downstairs in the girl's dressing area (marked with a 
    star). There one of the girls will distract the Gestapo officer that is
    guarding the stairs. After the cutscene, proceed to the other end of
    the dressing room back to the main tavern, and then climb the stairs.
    In the only room where you can enter, lies your target: Major Gorlitz.
    Enter the room and as you can see he is rather.. busy. So kill him 
    either way you wish.
    (Part 4 - ESCAPE - Return to Resistance HQ)
    That stupid girl will scream. Which alerts everybody and obviously
    put you in trouble. A cutscene will play and you now have to escape.
    Switch to your silenced pistol (or alternatively grab the Lugger) and
    then escape from the rooftops. Get down to street level and then run
    away to the exit. Since you killed everyone outside, it's a free run
    without any problems to evacuate.
    Return to HQ and finally this incredibly LONG mission is over.
    Hope you enjoyed it :p
    This one takes place in Norway and starts you right off in the middle
    of the action in a gunfight. You have the Green Beret in this one along
    with the Sniper. You also have 6 norwegians with you. You'll start as 
    the Green Beret who got a Shotgun and a BAR machinegun.
    (Part 1 - SURVIVE - Eliminate every Nazis in dock area)
    But seriously, get the Green Beret out of the way (to the left) and
    switch to the Sniper so he can snipe everybody (especially the guys
    using the big machine gun nest on the upper window). You have limited
    ammo, so every bullet count. When every Nazis are dead, you can bring 
    the Sniper down from the Captain cabin for some ammo refills.
    Chances are, there will still remain one enemy in a small shack on the
    left side. As soon as this guy dies, you will see your heroic troop
    act like the dumbest soldiers in history and rush the base without
    thinking. They will soon be caught in a crossfire between enemies 
    arriving from the shores and some coming up from the mountains.
    Obviously, they have the great idea to stand in the middle of that
    crossfire and hide behind explosive barrels for cover... *sigh*. Not
    to mention that you'll never have the time to bring your two commandos
    to help as you can only control one at a time.
    Sooooo... to prevent that from happening. BEFORE you kill that lone
    enemy in the shack. Make sure everybody's healed and that you go a full
    supply of ammo (just outside in the harbor is a box of unlimited ammo).
    Then take your sniper and position him at the top of the boat near the
    captain's cabin. Place him exactly on the right side of the cabin so
    he has a better view of where the enemies will pop in. Then take your 
    Green Beret equipped with the BAR machine gun and bring him up the hill
    toward the houses and blow up the barrels at the top of the stairs.
    At that point, the enemies will start appearing from everywhere and 
    your dumb soldiers will rush the battle like kamikazes. Let the Sniper
    on automatic, he should be able to pick a few enemies. And do the rest
    with the Green Beret with either the BAR or the Shotgun in the middle
    of battle.
    The best place to be as the Green Beret is to rush your way to that 
    shack where tons of enemy snipers appear. If you go around that shack
    from the left side, you can out-maneuver them by catching them from the
    back. With either the BAR or the Shotgun, it should be easy to get rid
    of those four snipers. Keep that vantage point and shoot anyone that 
    appear on the ground below near the boat. 
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (Officer Escaping)
    Eventually, the officer will try to make his escape to the boat and
    you'll be in a perfect spot to shot him. When nobody's left on the 
    ground, you can continue on that small balcony and peak on the right 
    side, there you should see the back of the head of some enemies, shoot 
    The only problem come from the reinforcement in the mountain who can
    snipe you for lots of damage. I then recommend you switch to one of the
    german Mauser rifle laying around to shoot the remaining guys in the
    Eventually you should be successful with only minor casualties.
    (on Hard, only 2 of my stupid norwegians died).
    (Part 2 - OBTAIN TRUCKS - Clear compound of Nazis)
    Alright, maybe I'm a bit biased toward the Spy but.. finally another
    stealth mission. This time you'll play the Spy and the Sniper.
    Your first easy task is to get the inflatable boat just near your
    starting position so get on it with the spy and use it. Then don't
    forget your sniper, so switch to him and make him hop on the boat.
    Switch back to the Spy and pilot the boat on the cold river to the
    other pier. You can leave the sniper here for now if you want. Get
    the Spy and make your approach slowly.
    NOTE: Alternatively to all this sneaking around, if you prefer the
          ways of the sniper. You can go all around the compound to the
          lighthouse in the mountain. As you stand near the flag, you
          will have a great view of the inner compound and will be able
          to snipe a lot of enemies from there. (You even have two boxes
          of sniper ammo right there!)
    The first enemies you will notice is one that patrol the entrance of
    the base while the other goes out of his way to the left side of the
    base. That's the guy we want. So sneak while making a large arc to get
    to the other side of that wall and stay out of sight. He will soon
    get back to a position that is farther from the entrance of the base.
    That is when you strike and garrotte him. Steal his uniform.
    You will then infiltrate the base from the back, so counter around
    until you find another entrance with a guard patrolling nearby. When
    nobody's looking, neck him. You can then hide behind the crates and
    wait for the other guard to go near the corner, this is going to be
    far enough from his friends so that they don't see his body. Kill him
    there. You can then open up the door to enter the base.
    Directly on your left is a guard, wait for his patrolling friend to 
    turn around (he patrols right to his face). As soon as the patrol turns
    around, you can garrotte the guy on the left. Then hide near the corner 
    to wait for his return. Technically speaking, when he return, the body
    of his dead friend should have disapeared, if he did not, you can buy
    yourself some time by throwing a pack of cigarette in the room to 
    confuse him a bit. Anyway, when your ready, wait for him at the corner
    and as soon as he turns, jump him. Nobody should see that.
    Then climb that ladder to reach the other floor. On top is a patrol, so
    wait in silence behind the crates and as soon as he has his back turned
    you will know what to do mister reaper.
    You can then get down that ladder and chances are you could get rid the
    soldier patrolling near the trucks to make it easier on you, but I
    went with the violent approach on this one by throwing a gas grenade at
    the entrance of the barn. That took care of 4 enemies but alerted the
    remaining one by the trucks. I didn't had much problem outmaneuvering
    around to assassinate him though as he kept being fascinated at the 
    body of his dead comrades.
    The last two nazis are in the small radio barn. Just check for the
    patrolling soldier to face the other way, kill him. The last guy is a
    subofficer over a radio. And this will be important. Kill him with the
    COSTUME! The reason why I'm writing this in bold is because there is a
    cutscene that appears just at that moment, and you won't have a second
    chance to get this uniform. If your quick to steal though before the
    cutscene appears you will start as a subofficer, which will make the 
    mission MUCH easier.
    (PART 3 - ROUTE BLOCKED : Eliminate Nazis at roadblock)
    Alright, hopefully you got your subofficer costume. If not, we'll try
    to get you one without too many problems. As you start the mission, you
    should see on the other side of the river a house in the mountain and
    in the distance a guard walking up a path. You can easily snipe him or
    if your feeling like running, you can run toward the inflatable boat,
    ride it to the other side of the river, then run up that path to choke
    the guard before he reaches his friends. Either way works, you just
    need to get up that house regardless.
    The next challenge will remain virtually the same if you use the Sniper
    and his throwing knives or if you use the Spy with his silenced gun. If
    you have the subofficer costume, it might make this a bit easier, if
    you don't then just get ready for some strategy.
    What first seems like impossible becomes possible with the use of smoke
    grenades. As we saw in the 2nd mission, those permits you to advance
    without being seen, but what they also do is choke the enemy if they
    are lobbed close enough to them. Be mindful that this choke effect last
    only about 5 seconds so you'll have to be quick. First approach the
    house in a crouch and hug the wall. You then throw a smoke grenade on
    the subofficer and his guard, they will both choke and not fire at you.
    You then quickly throw a second smoke grenade to the two guards next to
    the fire barrel. And then you have to kill these four clowns in a
    silent and quick way. Either with the throwing knives (Sniper) or with 
    the silenced pistol (Spy). After they are all dead, make sure to get
    that subofficer uniform if you don't have one yet.
    Remains two other soldiers inside the house and both are not paying
    any attention at you since they are looking at the window with a pair
    of binoculars, so gut or garrotte both of them. Now you have a great
    sniping spot at that window.
    We now have to take care of that pier we see in the distance. First off
    you should bring your Spy with the inflatable boat next to the pier.
    You should see an unguarded door before you reach the pier and that is
    where you should go first. You will notice that inside is an officer
    that likes to go look at the window. Your opportunity will be very short
    as you need to open the door when the officer is at the window and then
    quickly go to the other door before the officer starts getting worried.
    And trust me, he get suspicious real quick that one. So stand in the
    outside of the door right behind the guard.
    Switch to the sniper and snipe the first enemy that you see patrolling
    the upper path, nobody should care if he's far enough of the house.
    Then your second target will be that explosive barrel where two guys are
    near. Wait for the third guard to go talk to them and blow up that
    barrel, should take care of all three of them. Quickly switch to the
    Spy since that guard your just behind will raise his gun at be all
    confused as to what happened, garrotte him before he can think. You now
    only have to take care relaxingly of the soldier and the officer inside
    the house who must be deaf since they are still in the green. Steal the
    Officer's uniform, your now pretty clear to kill without worry.
    You now need to get rid of those Nazis blocking the road so that your
    trucks can pass. So climb up the path while your wearing your spiffy
    new Officer uniform and get ready for some very not too realistic 
    "in-their-face" assassinations, these guys really must be blind.
    Your first target should be the guy cutting the plank of wood, so take
    him out with the garrotte when nobody's around. The second target will
    be a guard patrolling that will go take a piss right in front of the
    guy that used to cut wood (so make sure that this dead body has 
    disappeared before you attempt the garrotte). The third one should be
    the guy chilling by the stairs. Finally the last one of this batch
    will be the remaining loner by the woodpiles (be mindful to be closer
    to the house when you choke him as his pal by the fire barrel might
    see you).
    This guy near the fire barrel will be our next target, but before you
    act, make sure that the patrolling guy in white finish his talk with
    the two others and turn his back, you'll need to be quick for this
    chain of event. When the white guard turns, choke your target (again 
    try to hang out more on the right side of him so your not seen). Then
    quickly go to choke the two other guards. Finally dash around the car
    and choke the white guard before he sees anything. 
    The only remaining enemy is the officer inside the house. So you can
    get in, he will complaint about your uniform, so get your silenced
    pistol ready for his head, draw and shoot. Don't forget to recloth
    yourself and then raise the gate.
    (PART 4 - ROUTE BLOCKED : Clear the bridge of Nazi Presence)
    Your next step will be the bridge. My recommendation is that you go
    back down to the inflatable boat to go pick up the sniper. You can
    then proceed the two of you near the left of the house on the hill.
    There's a safe approach there for the Spy, so climb those steps and 
    enter the house where you can safely choke a subofficer.
    The next guys are going to be a bit trickier since there are many of
    them. Make sure that the guy in white that makes a long trek back to
    the bridge is on his way off. When he is, garrotte the one near the
    fire barrel, then the other white guard that likes to patrol and then
    the green guard.
    You can now head toward the bridge and get the white guard when he is
    looking at the car (this should hide his body). Then you can go for 
    the green guard that patrols the other way, then the machine gunner and
    finally you can get the white guard that is patrolling. Now before you
    get excited to kill the last guy with the binoculars, you could do that
    secondary objective first. If you kill the binocular guy, the mission
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (Plant Explosives on Boat)
    This is rather easy to do. All you need to do is use your sniper to
    snipe everybody on the boat and on the shore (a total of 6 enemies).
    Your best spot is directly on your inflatable boat, so use it and park
    it under the bridge (the guy with the binoculars won't even see you,
    he must be looking at birds or something). So from your inflatable boat
    simply stop using it, snipe your targets and then get back using the
    boat to sail to the big metal boat. There's an explosive charge on the
    left side of it, so activate it and then sail off toward the damm.
    Wait 10 seconds and see the fireworks.
    Finally you can switch to the Spy and garrotte the confused guy with 
    the binoculars... he probably thought he saw an eagle or something.
    2.1.7 LEVEL 7 - CAT'S EYE
    This one's fun. You'll play the Sniper at first and you need to kill
    off a few enemies by the cover of a winter night. So let's get to it.
    (PART 1 - INFILTRATE : Eliminate soldiers on the Harbor [7])
    Alright, you got 7 nazis to kill silently without raising the alarm.
    Go quickly and you gotta admire the devotion of Lt Hawkins to swim in
    freezing water just like if he was in the tropics! As I said, go quick
    and swim to the right side of the pier. Take a turn left under the
    boardwalk and gut the first target you see that has his back at you.
    There should be a gateplank going upward just to your left, so look up
    and wait until you see a guard walking on that top level with his back
    at you, gut him!
    On that top level there is a guy nearby, throw a knife at his throat 
    and you got 3 out of 7. Quickly continue your way and head for that
    small corridor in between buildings to your right and wait for your
    fourth target to pass by. Gut him.
    Then proceed left and stay on the top floor and wait at a distance for
    your fourth target to arrive from the staircase, throw a knife at him.
    You can then climb down the gankplank and throw a knife to the guy on
    the pier on the left side. Finally throw a knife at the last guy in the
    distance before he realise what's going on. Grab your 3 knives and you
    will have completed your first objective silently.
    (PART 2 - POSITION SNIPER : Make way to the top of the tower)
    The rest of the guards now become visible on your map and I would
    suggest you take most them out as you get to your objective.
    The building we need to clear is marked with a star objective. So turn 
    around and go near where we killed the fourth guard in objective 1
    (the one that was coming down the stone staircases). 
    Do not use those staircases, but rather make your approach with the 
    snowy path going up near it. Keep yourself crouched so the patrolling
    guard won't see you, and when he's going toward the east, jump the
    small wall and gut him in the back. Your second target is just nearby
    guarding a door, so gut him too. You can now enter that small door.
    Inside the building directly on your right is a large open two-story 
    area with a patrolling guard at the top and one at the bottom. Wait for
    both guards to look the other way and go gut the one at the bottom. You
    can now make your approach upward using the staircase on the right (the
    right when you arrived inside this building). You can kill the guard
    upstair easily that way.
    Before we go all the way upstair, we could clear out the guards outside
    this building so let's get back on ground level and safely go toward
    the back of the building where there is an opened bay door. There some
    guards like to hang out. Wait for the first one to go on the left and
    do some stretching while the second get square in the middle of those
    bay doors with his back turned. Quickly you can throw a knife at the
    back of his head and then gut his friend on the left. Finally, you
    should take care of the guy on the right patrolling. That should cover
    all the guards around this building. You can get back inside.
    Go back to the spot where we killed the guard on the second floor and
    an that second level is an opening with a weird ramp going up here, 
    this is where we are going, but be mindful of a patrolling guard in the 
    other room. When his back is turned and is going upward the ramp you
    can safely gut him. Your last target will be upstairs paying absolutely
    no attention to you. You can kill him and now have a choice of keeping
    your Springfield rifle or using the german Gewehr 43 (the difference
    is on how they reload). Personally I would keep the Springfield for now
    so you can empty it's munitions and then switch to the Gewehr, but...
    that's for objective 4. :)
    That will complete your objective and after a small cutscene, you will
    now switch to the Spy.
    (PART 3 - SABOTAGE : Disable explosive on side of bridge)
    You are on the inflatable boat, so use it to go on the harbor piers and
    land over there. You should now head for that stone staircase (where
    we killed the fourth target in objective 1) and proceed until you see
    a subofficer which you should garrotte and steal his uniform. When that 
    occurs, a secondary objective should be triggered about an officer
    arriving in town.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (Kill Nazi Officer)
    To quickly dispatch it, proceed toward the car that just arrived while
    keeping your back at the subofficer. A white guard should be nearby.
    So wait for him to look the other way, garrotte the subofficer and then 
    go quickly choke that white guard. You can now dash toward the officer
    and his two pals who are all walking with their backs at you. Start
    with the soldier, then the officer, then the subofficer (who probably
    just entered the door, and if you want you can even get the guard on
    the other side of the door that should have his back turned at you).
    Yes, you can now get the officer uniform, congrats on being a quick
    killing machine. 6 guys died in less than a minute.. wow.
    You can now start to clear up the entire base. We will not start with
    this nearby building since people outside will notice your deeds.
    Instead we will go all the way back in the beginning to the boat house
    near the pier. So go back over there and go inside (there's a medpack 
    on a table if your interested btw). You will see a white guard climbing
    stairs and a green guard that's harder to spot at the bottom of those
    stairs. garrotte the green guard and then get the white guard when he's
    at the top of the stairs. Open the door when the coast is clear to kill 
    the other patrolling guard.
    Ignore the kitchen area with the two guards for now and make your way 
    to the left where there is a staircase going up. Climb and kill the 
    guard patrolling those corridors. Then for a low blow, go choke the 
    guard urinating in the toilets. On one of the side rooms is another 
    health pack, and the final guy would be the subofficer patrolling the 
    last room. Wait for him to have his back turned and kill him.
    You can now head back downstairs for those two guys in the kitchen.
    First make sure that the guy patrolling on the opening is not looking.
    Then from the other side of the counter, throw a coin to distract both
    guys and choke them quickly. Then go outside and kill the patrolling
    guard (even if there are some people outside, they should not bother).
    You can now proceed in the center of this area to get the subofficer
    that is walking near the fire barrel and a bunch of crates, again you
    can safely get rid of him.
    You should now head all the way right toward a gate with two guards.
    They are easily killed. 
    Then, you can go back to the first building on the right where you can 
    choke a subofficer as he goes for a smoke on the side of the building 
    from time to time. From that position, jump the gate so you can go at
    the back of the building (it's an annoying jump, so try again if you
    fail). In the back should be a lonely guard, make him even lonier by
    killing him. Then you can get the guy upstairs. Go back downstairs and
    open the door at the end of the corridor. Your aim should be the evil
    Gestapo officer, so wait for him to finish up talking to the two guys
    at the entrance, and when he makes his return trip back inside, wait
    for him to have his back turned and then choke him. Kill the guard just
    next to him totally oblivious to anything and then steal the Gestapo
    uniform. The two other guys outside can be easily killed also. Just 
    throw a coin so the guy on the left turn a little and kill him. Then
    kill the subofficer on the right that surprisingly didn't saw a thing!
    The last building before we head toward our objective is right in front
    of you and will pose quite a bite of a challenge. Your first target
    should be the bartender so get right next to him and duck behind the
    counter. Wait for the patrolling guard to go outside and then throw
    a coin to distract both drinking guards. Choke the bartender guard and
    you can leave his body like that, as soon as the others turn around
    they will be too drunk to realize that their bartender is dead just
    under the bar. The others are now really easy to get. Simply choke
    the patrolling guard, then the guy outside and finally by throwing a
    coin, you can garrotte both drinking guards. Your last guard will be in
    the left room of this building, he seems to be the cook. Again an
    easy kill. Upstair, the only thing of interest is the medkit.
    You can finally head toward your objective, but just before I would
    advice you go inside the ammunition building just near the bridge to
    kill an easy guard and refill ammo if you ever need it.
    The rest of the guards on the bridge are nearly impossible to kill
    without making a riot so forget about it. You will get them later on
    the next objective with the Green Beret, so they will be taken care of.
    If you really want to do it now though, you can always choke the guy
    next to the ammo building when the 3 patrolling guards on the bridge
    are looking the other way. Then pick the guard next to the small guard
    station with a silenced pistol and then get the others either with the
    silenced pistol or go Rambo-Style with the Machine Gun nest and mow
    them down for tons of fun. Anyway...
    For now ignore the guard standing next to the ammo building and head
    on the right side of the bridge toward the water. There will be a first
    guard near the small boats close to the water that needs a new necktie
    and then his pal close to your objective (the bomb) that you should
    kill when he is looking at the river to avoid being detected by the
    guys above. You can finally disable the bomb.
    (PART 4 - CALL O'BRIAN : Get control of the radio)
    As soon as you get back toward the bridge, an ambulance with a lone
    guard will arrive. He picked the wrong place to stop as you can easily
    choke him without anyone noticing so do that.
    If you want to continue with the mission though, go toward the next
    objective (we already cleaned this building except for the top floor
    that we did not have access of yet) so go to it. 
    Behind that door will be an officer standing up, a subofficer doing
    some dactylo and a guard at the radio. Kill everyone in that order and
    you can now wrap up this quick objective.
    (PART 5 - RESCUE SPY : Clear comm station of enemies)
    You will start off as the Sniper and your task is to clear the 2 guys
    in the machinegun nests before the alarm time is up. You should also
    be able to clear the 3 or so other guards that are going to notice you
    and shoot back at you. It's easy picking seriously.
    When that is done, you'll switch to the Green Beret with a Thomson. It
    will be an easy task to go kill every guards that are on your way with
    your machine gun until you reach the door where the Spy locked himself
    in. Even on "Hard" difficulty, I did it with two fingers in my nose.
    All of this will be done quick and the mission is over. Super :)
    2.1.8 LEVEL 8 - WHITE ALAMO
    Be mindful.. this one is hard and frustrating
    (PART 1 - DEFEND POSITION : Maintain control of the town)
    This level is the continuation of the last as you need to protect the
    area you just took in the previous mission. You got the sniper and
    the green beret. Before the enemy actually arrive you can prepare a 
    little bit. First off, you should bring both your commandos near the
    ambulance to get medpacks and then to the ammo supply house. 
    Start with the Sniper and equip your commandos with this:
    Sniper's shopping list:
    + Medpacks
    + Anti-Tank Mines (2)
    + Smoke Grenades (6)
    + Grenades (6)
    Green Beret's shopping list:
    + Medpacks
    + Smoke Grenades (6)
    + Panzerfaust Bazooka (2)
    + Mauser Rifle (exchange the BAR for this)
    + Switch to Dual-Thomsons
    Your 8 norwegian troops will already have taken place on your side of 
    the bridge in strategic position (one actually even will man a 
    machinegun nest and he's about the only one that serves a purpose). 
    There is also another machinegun nest on the right side of the bridge. 
    This is where you should put your Green Beret at, so man that 
    machinegun nest with him. Then you can switch to the Sniper and wait 
    for the enemy to arrive. Since as soon as any shot is fired, all hell 
    breaks loose.
    (PART 2 - ENEMY ATTACK : Repel First wave)
    Your first wave of enemy will be those guards that were walking slowly
    to their death. With the sniper, they are very easy picking, especially
    that your team are mowing them up with machine guns. This should be
    very easy to achieve. Remember that when your sniper have to reload 
    slowly it's five bullets, you can always switch to the Green Beret in 
    the meantime and shoot like a madman with the unlimited ammo that his 
    Machinegun nest is providing. Also, when you run out of ammo with the 
    sniper (he only have 15 bullets after all), don't forget that there is 
    an ammo supply crate just in the nearby building, so use that. 
    As soon as you get those 8 or so first enemies, you should advance with
    your sniper boldly on the bridge as you snipe those guys. Get to about
    halfway on the bridge until the game warns you of "desertion is not an
    option" or something along those lines. Don't go further or you will
    automatically loose, but this spot (middle of the bridge) will be a 
    perfect spot to place an anti-tank mine. Then backtrack a few meters
    back and place your other anti-tank mine. Switch back to the sniper
    rifle and snipe on your way back to your friends. Now should be about
    the time to go reload your 15 bullets. Trust me, these anti-tank mines
    are about the only time you can safely bring them across the bridge,
    so don't forget those.
    Eventually there will be more reinforcement attempting to cross the 
    bridge from three different points.
    [A] They are coming straight on the bridge boldly. Use your sniper to
        get those one by one.
    [B] When your soldiers start bitching about "The Gangplanks, their 
        coming from the gangplanks", it means that they are coming from
        the right side of the bridge on the smaller ledges below. For this
        situation, you should switch to the Green Beret and blast them with
        unlimited bullets off your machinegun nest.
    [C] When your soldiers start bitching about "They are coming from the
        right side of the bridge", it actually means they are coming from
        the LEFT side of the bridge (I guess it's their right..). So for
        those, you can use your sniper to snipe them on the left lower
    Note that there will also be some soldiers on the piers on the other
    side of the bridge that will try some mugshots but they are too far to
    even be of any consequences.
    When all of this is done, you will have probably killed at least 30 
    nazis and a secondary objective will pop up as the others retreat for
    a few short seconds.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (MORTAR ATTACKS : Find and kill scouts [6])
    Those scouts will appear one after the other slowly as the mission
    progress, so don't stress about having all 6 at the same time. Take
    care of one, then proceed with the mission until they warn you about
    them again.
    These guys are really annoying since they call for mortar bombardment
    with their binoculars. You should get rid of them ASAP even though it
    can be hard with all those incoming nazis. Those six scouts are 
    located on the other side of the bridge and can only be taken by the 
    sniper. Furthermore, they appear randomly so they could be on any of
    these 7 positions. Luckily, you will see an arrow on your mini-map that
    will point you toward the direction they are arriving. When they are
    in position, you will see the zoomed objective picture when they appear
    to get a more precise idea of where they might be. 
    (Personally I will write them down from left to right of your view).
    Barrel scout:  He is on the very far left of the map behind a bunch of
                   barrels. He has a soldier next to him. The one you want
    (LEFT)         is the guy on the right with the binoculars that likes 
                   to hide behind his barrels. Stand on the left-side of 
                   the bridge and look to the left of the houses.
    L-Fence scout: He's located by the left wooden picked-fence on the left
                   side of the bridge on the hill above the piers. You can 
    (LEFT)         get to him by positioning yourself on the left side of 
                   the bridge and snipe him.
    Truck scout:   He is located on the left side of the bridge, near that
                   left fence whe just described, right next to the big
    (LEFT)         truck. Use the left side of teh bridge to snipe him.
    Pier scout:    This one is located on the pier just lower than where
                   the truck is located, he is in plain sight, but a bit
    (LEFT)         hard to see.
    Balcony scout: This one can be seen when your on the left side of the
                   bridge. He is on the second house from the left on a 
    (LEFT)         balcony that should be straight in front of you. He is
                   along another guy.
    Snow scout:    He's located on the right of the bridge on the snowbanks
                   right next to a crouched soldier. He's highly visible on
    (RIGHT)        the white background of the snow if you stand on the 
                   right side of the bridge.
    R-Fence scout: Another guy behind a wooden fence. This one is located
                   on the far right of the map. He seems to be alone even
    (RIGHT)        though there are a bunch of far away guys shooting off
                   that fence.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (BONUS: Eliminate the SDK and crew)
    Note sure why they call this a "bonus" since if you don't destroy this,
    it will make a mess of your soldiers in no time. The SDK is that 
    armored vehicle with a machinegun on top that we saw earlier in the
    second mission. Luckily, since we got smart enough to use anti-tank
    mines earlier on the bridge. We can pretty much forget about this guy
    as he will explode as soon as he reach mid-bridge. But to make your
    life easier, you can always snipe the machinegunner on top before the
    vehicle reaches the mine (be warned, it's a tough shot).
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (ENEMY ATTACK: Repel boats and crew [3])
    Those boats are coming from the left of the bridge, going across the
    river to reach the piers that we were on the first part of the previous
    mission. They are simple rowboats carrying about 6 guards each. The 
    only danger they present is the gunner at the front of the boat. If you
    manage to kill this gunner, the other guys are too stupid to take his
    place and become cannon fodder.
    First step will be for you to bring the Green Beret closer to their
    point of arrival. So obviously, as soon as you hear about this 
    objective, leave your machinegun nest and RUN toward the piers and 
    wait in hidding (inside the boathouse is good) for the boats to get in 
    range. Keep your dual thomsons ready or a well placed grenade.
    Then switch to your Sniper and kill the gunner on the boat. You can
    then continue using the sniper to kill the mortar scouts, people on
    the bridge, etc.
    When the boat is in range of arriving close to the pier, switch to the
    Green Beret and open fire with your dual thomsons on the poor crew of
    defenseless sods on that boat. They are easy picking and won't even
    retaliate. Go back hiding inside the boat house.
    Repeat the process with the Sniper when the second and third boats
    Mind you, this is a difficult objective since you need to be at both
    place at the same time.
    (PART 3 - TANKS INcoming : Destroy the Panzers [2])
    When you get rid of the last boats and mortar scouts, this objective
    should trigger. Yeah, you actually have to destroy two tanks. Luckily
    we already got one anti-tank mine on the bridge so that can take care
    of that one. The other one will be done bazooka-style.
    So put your Sniper to safety and switch to the Green Beret (since he
    is the one equipped with the bazooka). Bring him on one of both sides
    of the bridge and wait. While you do that, the first tank should be
    destroyed by the mine.
    You can snipe a few remaining soldiers that try to make a new push, but
    compared to what we faced earlier.. this is nothing. Eventually the
    second Panzer Tank will arrive so when it is at striking distance, pop
    your Green Beret from his side of the bridge and shoot at the tank. It
    might take two rockets to blow up.
    The rest of the enemy will retreat after this mess and you can finally
    pat yourself on the back for completing the hardest mission so far!
    2.1.9 LEVEL 9 - TRAPPED
    Your back for a cover relaxed mission as the Spy. Your friends have
    been captured and you need to free them.
    (PART 1 - INFILTRATION : Enter enemy compound)
    Don't waste time at the beginning, circle the truck and choke the guard.
    Then if you were fast, you can choke the other guard before he arrives
    in the field of vision of the Subofficer.
    Then quickly proceed around the crates and ignore the idiots brawling
    and make sure the cheering guard don't see you too much. Wait behind
    the stone column so that the soldier on the other side of the gate
    don't see you and when his back is turned, garrotte the subofficer and
    steal his costume. That should make his body disappear as well.
    You can then garrotte that suspicious guard, and then proceed to the
    next guy with the binoculars. Continue a bit on the right of the 
    planecrash and garrotte the guy standing next to the barrel.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (RESCUE: Rescue Russian Soldier)
    Return to the guys brawling and garrotte the cheering guard. Then you
    can garrotte the brawling nazi and you will be surprised that you just
    saved a russian soldier being pummelled to death in a fistfight.
    Ok, time to go back down the trenches of this messed up city. Go near
    the wreck of the truck close to where you started this mission and
    you will see that the street is so broken up that you can enter the
    sewers from there. Follow this small trench until you can turn left.
    In this area will be a patrolling guard (choke him) and a worker that
    is fixing pipes (choke him too). You can then turn left until you get
    into a larger area of the sewers. Be mindful of the subofficer on your
    immediate left when you arrive.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (SECRET DOCUMENTS: Locate and retrieve [3])
    You guessed right, go get that subofficer first. And as you did, there
    were some papers laying around on the crate behind that triggered a
    new secondary objective. You'll need to find the two other documents.
    Be careful when you kill the subofficer as there are guards patrolling
    the area. Make sure the one on the far corridor turns his back, at this
    precise moment, choke the subofficer. Then go right to get the guard
    next to the fire barrel. Then quickly get the one patrolling in the
    far corridor and finally again quickly get the one that goes down the
    stairs. If your fast, you should be able to get them all without an
    alarm being raised.
    Climb those little stairs and then use the right archway, there are
    some smoke grenades there. Then use the left archway and make a short
    turn right to get a medkit. Follow the only way out and choke that
    There is now only one way to go throughout the rubbles so follow the
    path until you reach a checkpoint with an officer and two soldiers. Be
    mindful as if you go a bit too far, it will trigger a cutscene, so
    you might want to kill everyone first and get that officer suit. The
    only one patrolling is the officer, so wait for him to turn his back
    and then dash forward to choke him and get his uniform. You can then
    garrotte the subofficer listening to the radio and then the guy shaving.
    Do not forget to check the table for the second documents and then
    pursue for the cutscene.
    When you start off, before heading right forward, turn around and head
    toward that messed up staircase in the building. There's a medkit on
    the top floor as well as a good vantage point to see what's head if you
    want to plan your strategy a bit. Go back down.
    You have choices on where to enter the base, the easiest would be to
    make a left turn on that street and enter through the breach on the
    broken wall. But I like to be cockier than that, simply proceed to the
    gate and since you look like an officer, the guard will salute you and
    lower the gate for you. Your inside the base.
    (PART 2 - INFILTRATION : Use lift to enter Nazi HQ)
    First get the subofficer near the machinegun nest while the guard is
    lowering the guard (the dead body will be hidden by the nest). Then,
    head right toward that tent. A guard should eventually come inside,
    so choke him as nobody will see his death here. Then continue off the
    other side of the tent and kill the guard patrolling the back of the
    building. Finally, turn left next to the big cannon and left again to
    choke the guard standing next to the truck. 
    I would advice that you then get the guard that let you in at the gate
    and then the worker on top of the building roof fixing the headlight.
    If you want you can enter this building from the door below to get
    another medkit. Exit off the other entrance.
    There is a worker hammering woodplanks, Ignoring him for now and go
    behind the buildings to get the patrolling guard. Then you can get the
    hammering guy. The next target would be the guard on the right by the 
    truck (be careful that the officer doesn't spot you). Then finally, 
    enter the building next to where the guy was hammering and choke the 
    worker that is dusting the floors.
    These were all the easy targets. Before you get rid of everybody else,
    you will need a diversion. So exit this building and circle it from the
    back. Get to your objective and get the code book. If you notice, on
    the wall will be an alarm. When you press this, the whole base thinks
    that there is an air-attack from airplanes, so they will go crazy and
    look at the skies or go man those big anti-plane flak guns.
    (PART 3 - INFILTRATION : Use password to access building)
    We could at this point simply go to our objective, but it's so much
    fun to kill everybody first and foremost right?
    Ok, your first target should be that annoying Gestapo officer in the
    kitchen area and his friends. So as soon as you ring the alarm, you
    should dash toward the area where the guy with the broom was by 
    circling the kitchen building from the back. Your first target should
    then be the drunken guy by the bar. Then the bartender that is hiding
    behind the bar like a coward. Then the moron guard that is dancing with
    a drink in his hand. Then the other worker cowaring in the corner. You 
    can by the way get the 3rd set of documents to finish up your second 
    objective, they are just next to that guy, it's on the table with the
    fan. Finally get the Gestapo and use his uniform. Now your stylin'!
    Just outside, you can get the subofficer by the truck and then the
    radio operator where you rang that alarm. Now wait a bit for the guard
    that is running all over the place to go search through a crate on
    your left next to the Flak gun and choke him. Forget about the guys
    in the flak gun for now, they are busy.
    Next, go to the house where you got the medkit and wait for another
    running guard to come search through some crates, choke him away from
    prying eyes. You can then get the two workers looking at the sky in 
    awe near both doors of this building. Then two other easy targets will
    be the officer and subofficer looking at the sky next to the kitchen
    Finally, you can get rid of the second Gestapo and his guards. So be
    careful as you approach from one of the sides (hug the wall) and get
    behind the Gestapo. First get the two guards one after the other, then
    the Gestapo and finally the guard by the other side of the truck.
    You can finally get the four guards manning the Flak guns by choke. As
    you kill one, the other will stop manning the gun, but really acts
    confused for a second, enough to kill him. Do that on the other gun.
    Voila, entire base cleaned up by choking. Crazy..
    You can finally peacefully go to the door for your final objective,
    open it up and finish the mission.
    2.1.10 LEVEL 10 - THE WOLF'S DEN
    Now to my amazing surprise, you start off and you don't have your
    Gestapo uniform anymore!!! WHY?!? Anyway.. we'll get a new one in a
    (PART 1 - GET KEYS : Find Jail Keys)
    Proceed toward the door and assassinate the guard by the crates, and
    steal his uniform if you want. You'll also get a MP40 there. Then will
    be a long and boring waiting game. Stay crouched behind these crates
    and wait until a Gestapo officer arrives and pass right next to you.
    Make sure nobody's around and kill him in the corridor, and then you'll
    obviously want to steal his uniform. Note that throughout this prison
    level, it is crawling with other Gestapos, so this suit is not as
    great as other levels, but it is regardless necessary.
    Near your position is a door, inside are two guards that you can make 
    look the other way with a coin, choke both. Get the medpack in this 
    room and notice the ammo box on the table in case you need some.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (SECRET OBJECTS: Locate and retrieve [3])
    Also in this room (in the locker) will be this second objective. You
    have to find some documents across this floor. The first one you have
    already. The second is in a spiral staircase going down to a library 
    of sorts (on a table). While the last is next to the radio in the radio
    room where you will find the last alarm (see below).
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (DISABLE ALARMS: Find and disable alarms [3])
    Proceed toward the other door, and you'll see a white star objective.
    This is one of the 3 alarms of which you can disable. A subofficer
    should patrol this corridor so you can choke him. A guard is near a 
    wall, get him. Then get the two other guards in the "L" of this other
    corridor one after the other.
    The only door that is unlocked (the star objective) is your next move.
    Wait that the gestapo inside is looking at the map, and then go behind
    the officer (kill him) and then get the Gestapo. In that room is a 
    medkit on a shelf and the important "Keys" on the table.
    You can now unlock all doors, but before we do that, we should finish
    clearing this floor. so let's have fun clearing things up.
    On your way out, it is quite possible that a Gestapo will come your
    way patrolling, so just circle him and get him in the back.
    For your reputation, you should start off with the guards patrolling in
    the corridors and then get in the rooms. If it has a staircase that
    goes up or down, do not go yet as this will lead you to the other
    areas. Of note, you should finish up clearing the alarms and the area
    where the relic is.
    NOTE: If you want an extra cutscene with a character that's a total
          ripoff from the first Indiana Jones, click on the locked door
          where lots of green arrows seem to be inside. From all that I've
          tried, I don't believe it is possible to access this door. I
          presume it is only some sort of Easter Egg.
    (PART 2 - FREE COMMANDOS : Find and lead team upstairs)
    Alright, when you cleared what you could of this floor, it's time to
    use the staircases to go down. You will see a brutal cutscene and you
    will only want to make these guys pay.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (LIBERATE CIVILIANS: Find and liberate civilians)
    As you go down, this second objective will also be triggered. Make sure
    that you clear this area of enemies before attempting to open the cells
    of the civilians (white stars). When you do, they will head upstairs
    in a secure area and wait for your commandos to be free.
    You should now go free your pals. Note that there is a poor guy being
    electrocuted in a nearby room, you cannot save him as he is past any
    redemption, but you can surely put him out of his misery by killing
    the two guys torturing him.
    Finally for your pals, you go toward the last room with the golden star
    and there will be 4 Gestapos. The first two are easy to choke and for
    the last two, use a coin to distract and choke.
    Hawkins will grab O'Brian on his shoulders and carry him to safety with
    the rest of the civilians. You just have to follow them to make this
    mission finish.
    2.1.11 LEVEL 11 - CHECKMATE
    Again.. you loose your Gestapo uniform.. what a moron this Spy. First
    step should be to choke the guard. Be mindful of the Gestapo in the
    window, you should crouch to kill the guard, steal his uniform and get
    his MP40.
    Alright, you have two ways to do this mission. The Stealth way or the
    Hard way. I did it both ways, and I was somewhat disappointed that even
    if you save both russian soldiers from execution, you don't get any
    bonus objective or anything... Just the satisfaction that you saved
    two russians. Great..
    The hard way is rather simple in fact and will follow the same first
    steps (just needs to go fast) until it's time to go berserk.
    From your starting room, head to the next one (some sort of garage)
    and be careful not to be spotted by the tons of guys outside. There
    will be a subofficer sitting on some crates on your left. Important, 
    you need to jump on the crates behind him to choke him, otherwise you
    will be seen. Steal his uniform.
    Then go back to the starting room and go upstairs to get the Officer
    in his corner, and steal his uniform. Then get the two soldiers here
    when their backs are turned. You can then go on the other room on this
    floor to get the soldier when he is off the windows or broken wall.
    From this point on, if you want to go the Hard berserk Rambo way, then
    from this vantage point simply shoot one of the soldiers in the court
    and then retreat. You have 4 medkits (plus one downstairs), a MP40
    with 4 clips and a silenced pistol with 2 clips. You should have enough
    ammunition to take shots until everyone's dead. Be careful that some
    guards will try to rush you from the door on the left, so kill them
    when they arrive.
    (PART 1 - VEHICLE REQUIRED : Eliminate Nazis around truck)
    If you want to go the stealth way (recommended), then you simply can
    go out of the garage and to the left (where there is not the army).
    You can choke the patrolling guard there, and then the Gestapo when
    the officer on the other side is not looking. Get the Gestapo Uniform
    if you want.
    Then for the actual truck, just wait for the Officer to have his back
    turned to choke the guard on the wall, the one near the truck, and then
    the officer himself.
    You also must take care of the worker near the car and the soldier near
    the gate.
    When that is accomplished, you will see a cutscene where your guys will
    go inside the truck.
    (PART 2 - DAMM TRAITOR : Eliminate Salenkov)
    Very easily. Simply wait for Salenkov to go toward his car. Wait for 
    him in the shadows of the side of the entrance. Choke his guard behind
    and then choke the traitor.
    (PART 3 - ESCAPE ROUTE : Escape in the Truck)
    Simply open the glowing green truck door and the mission ends.
    Pretty simple wasn't it?
    2.1.12 LEVEL 12 - AN EYE FOR AN EYE
    You'll play the Sniper in this one in a destroyed russian city. Rather
    fun mission actually. You will have a brand new semi-automatic sniper
    rifle (Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle) but they warn you that ammunition is
    rare, so you will often rely on your knives.
    (PART 1 - VIP TARGET : Kill Nazi officers of higher rank [10])
    You should switch to your knives and then enter the destroyed building.
    For now stay downstairs and there will be two guards in this room. Coin
    to distract and stab both of them. You should go upstair using the
    stairs near the entrance of the building and stab the guard looking at
    the window, he is an easy kill. Pay attention to this vantage point
    since this is where we will get our first two officers. Look at the
    first window on the right and you should see a bunch of troopers in
    the distance. Your only objective is the officer, but if you feel like
    some fireworks, you can blow up that barrel and kill most of them. Just
    be sure to get the officer.
    Leave this window before being spotted and still on this floor, go on
    the fourth window from the right. Another good spot to snipe the 2nd
    officer, but no explosive barrel this time. If you really want to kill
    everyone you can, but remember that these would be wasted bullets.
    Finally if you still want to waste bullets, you can go on the top floor
    to get a vantage point for a team of mortar soldiers. After all of this
    sniping, just make sure that you have at least 2 bullets left.
    You can now proceed outside, and be very careful as there are lots of 
    guards in strategic places as well as snipers so when you are outside, 
    always crouch.
    Go toward the left until you see a truck where an officer and worker
    are near. Make sure nobody's around to see and assassinate both. You
    just got your third officer.
    There are two soldiers patrolling this area, to get rid of them wait
    that they have their back turned, throw a knife at one from a distance
    and then go stab the other (don't forget to go get your knife back).
    Return next to the truck and this time we will go down the hard to see
    stairs behind that metal gate near the truck (it goes to a basement).
    Wait on the corner and when the guard gets closeby, throw a coin or two
    to make him turn his head so you can stab him. Then be careful of the
    guard that is always facing forward, keep yourself crouched and throw
    him a knife before he spots you. Finally you can get that last guard
    that now should be by the next set of stairs. In that room you will
    find 6 Smoke Grenades and a Medkit.
    Go out from the other set of stairs going up and quickly use the next
    set of stairs to go one more story high. Crouch as you proceed and you
    will see that we have a very nice vantage point of the second floor
    and it's mortar teams. Keep yourself crouched and throw a coin behind
    the first mortar team so that both of them turns around. Drop to their
    level and stab both of them. Then also stab the soldier messing with
    a big crate. By remaining hidden by the destroyed small wall, go to
    the left side of it and among the broken parts, you should be able to
    spot your 4th officer with his back turned, throw him a knife. For the
    remaining mortar team, stay behind your broken wall and throw a coin
    above it so both look the other way. Stab both of them and get your
    knife again. That was some smooth phantom killing.
    Get out of this building, we are done with this one. Return to the
    truck and this time we will do a little bit of sniping to remove the 
    guys with the binoculars/snipers in the nearby buildings. To achieve
    that, make sure that the patrolling trio of guards are nowhere close
    to hear your gunshots. Your first target as you stand in the back of
    the truck next to the barrels and crate would be by looking North-West
    in a far away building. He should be a hard to see guy with binoculars 
    in a window on the destroyed section of the third floor. Snipe him. The
    second target will be sniper Vs sniper. Stand on the left side of the
    truck and look at that broken building in front of you. He's hard to
    see, but he's on the third floor.
    Next area will be the big middle building on the map. You should 
    approach carefully through the destroyed pipe tunnels and enter the 
    building from the main door. Once inside, stab the patrolling guard on 
    the right. The easy target right next to him would be your 5th officer 
    that is looking over a table.
    You can then climb the stairs and quickly kill the 6th officer. Be
    mindful of the guard patrolling *behind* the staircases by a good stab
    in the back. Notice that in the next room on a shelf is a box of 5 
    sniper rifle ammo (very interesting, a refill) and if you look toward
    the left in the half-boarded-up window, you can spot a guy on the 
    nearby building on a balcony using binoculars. You can simply use your
    lugger for a headshot if your a good shot and he will fall. If you are
    interested on the upper floor, all there is is a box of smoke grenades.
    On your second floor though, you can get in the back door where you
    can find two guards that are patrolling in those small rooms. If you
    continue along, you can find a lonely room where you'll find a new 
    medkit, a replacement German Gewehr 43 rifle if you want to switch 
    sniper equipment (I wouldn't for now) and some ammo for that rifle.
    NOTE: Keep this in mind as we will eventually probably have to get 
    this new rifle as we run out of bullets.
    We are done with this building, so you can go out the way you came.
    (Note that on the first floor of this building is a medkit on a table
    if you crouch, you can get it without being seen).
    Get back to the truck and this time, enter the shaddy doorway leading
    to a broken up building (your doing this to get a strategic edge). On 
    the other way out, wait for the coast to be clear and you can first 
    get the lonely guard, and then stab the trio of guards patrolling one 
    after the other as they walk away. (notice that this area was where 
    the 6th officer was looking along with the guy with binoculars on the 
    balcony). Also since you killed the sniper earlier on the top floor,
    we can get rid of another officer that is on the nearby building on
    the ground level. Be careful there as he and his guard are both looking
    your way, so approach from the side while crouching and advance toward
    that little pile of rubble as you crouch. Throw a coin toward the walls
    and they should turn around, stab both. Congrats, you got the 7th of
    your VIPs.
    Return to the truck, and this time head toward the star marked "FLAK".
    Kill the guard in the trenches but do not make your approach from this
    position. Instead go toward the unmanned russian tank and jump on top
    (yes it is possible). Approach the doorway quietly and throw a smoke
    grenade inside to choke the 3 guards. Throw them knives or stab them
    in silence (there is also a box of 5 Mosin Nagant Sniper ammo here!).
    Then proceed toward the FLAK gun and throw knives at the two operators
    quickly. The officer should pop his head, perfect to throw a knife at
    it. Great, you got 8 officers so far!
    Exit the building from the Tank doorway and proceed forward, your map
    will update about Nazi sappers. On the destroyed second floor of this
    building you should see a sniper, so back off a bit to make sure your
    gunshot is not heard and snipe him off. On the ground level of this
    collapsed building will be your 9th officer and his demolition soldier
    crouched over dynamite sticks, kill them both.
    A new star objective should appear named detention center. You cannot
    reach it easily from this point but as you exit the rubbles of this 
    building, go straight forward and the turn left. Look North-West on the
    top of a large balcony and you should see a sniper, get him before he
    gets you. Another sniper is also in the far away building that has a
    large hole in the second story, get that one also.
    Nearby will be a guard patrolling, stab or throw a knife when he is
    by his lonesome. Near that is a truck with 3 patrolling guards that use
    a very erratic pattern. Wait for one of the guard to get into the 
    nearby building, then throw a knife at the guy next to the truck, then
    throw a knife to the guy in the street and then throw a knife to the
    guard now inside the nearby building. The reason you are throwing
    instead of stabbing is because speed is of the essence here. Collect
    your knives and notice a box of Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle ammo on the
    crate near the truck (in case you need those).
    Enter the building and use the only usable staircase. On the second
    floor, start with the front archway with lots of ladders inside. All
    the way to the top is a subofficer with binoculars, stab him. Now look
    down to see some sort of glassed greenhouse. Inside will be a General,
    your 10th officer and a subofficer. Kill all of them and you can then
    call it a night if you want. Good job your main objective is done, and
    if you want to wrap this up, simply go see the russian at the beginning
    of the level to finish the mission. But you know me, I love to clean up
    everything. So let's continue :).
    NOTE: All of the next part is not necessary, to finish the mission you
          only need to go back to the guy at the entrance of the mission.
    Now go all the way down those ladders and enter the next archway on 
    the second floor. On a table are a box of 5 Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle 
    ammo so grab those if needed and get up the ladder in this room. You 
    will reach a good vantage point to snipe some Nazis that are otherwise
    impossible to reach (walls all around them). You should see your 11th 
    Officer, a subofficer, two soldiers and 3 prisoners. Start with the 
    hard to see officer and then get the 3 others. This should also free 
    the prisoners, don't you feel good? :)
    Exit the building and watch for a trio of guards patrolling the other
    side of the building. When they are going back toward the alleys, 
    follow them while crouching (so that the nearby Nazis don't see you)
    and assassinate all three of them one by one. 
    Then continue in those alleys until you get to the North-East building
    where a lone guard attempts to be vigilant. When his back is turned,
    dash and stab him in the back. Enter the building and as you make your
    way in, near the staircase will be another box of 5 Mosin Nagant ammos.
    Climb the staircase all the way up. On the roof will be a soldier to
    stab and a 12th officer using binoculars that you can also kill. There
    is a box of Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle ammo here. If you feel like it, you
    can look the direction the officer was looking at and in the distance
    you will see a few more soldiers and a 13th officer. Kill 'em all if
    you want. Before we get out of this building on the floor below is a
    lone patrolling guard that you can go stab. Exit the building when all
    of this carnage is done.
    Go on the other alley and approach carefully. As you pop up, throw a
    knife at the general next to the prisoner and quickly to his guard.
    By freeing this prisoner as well as the 3 others in the courtyard, we
    are awarded a bonus secondary objective. Good job!
    Btw, if you want to clean everything up, in this small square tower of
    a building, in the back is an oppening with a hard to spot guard with
    binoculars (you'll see the green arrow, why not snipe him?).
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (VIP TARGET: Eliminate Engineering Officer)
    On a nearby building, you will see a blue arrow (a friend) so go into
    that building (and get the box of Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle ammo on
    the nearby table on the ground floor). After you climbed the stairs, a
    cutscene will play where you will see your pal the russian sniper. A
    new sub-mission will be triggered in which he "claims" he will get the
    officer, but he fails miserably, so it is your job to get the officer
    in the car. Your first priority should be the machinegunner in the 
    armored vehicle and if you have time one of the soldiers parked inside.
    Then as the car passes by, you have an opportunity to snipe the officer
    inside the car. You can then get the remaining guards trying to rush 
    the building. No matter if you get them all, there will be 3 more 
    soldiers downstairs. Technically speaking, the russian sniper should
    die by those as one bullet will kill him, but your strategy should be
    to use smoke grenades to choke the guys downstairs and then throw
    knives at the 3 of them. Personally I managed to keep my ally alive
    even though it didn't change a thing on the objectives. Note that on
    the second story of this building are a medkit and some other smoke
    grenades. If you played like me, at this point I was out of sniper ammo
    for my Mosin Nagant so if you want a replacement, remember that there
    is a Gewehr 43 on top of the middle building.
    Alright we are left with only one last building, which is the theater
    house. You should approach that from the front door and hug the right
    to climb the right staircase while crouching (the two guards in the
    theater should not see you. On the balcony is an officer that you can
    stab freely. Then throw a coin so both of them look toward the stage
    and throw knives at their pretty heads. Get down to get your knives
    and head toward the gramophone, there is a medkit and...
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (VIP TARGET: Eliminate informer and officer
    You will also get some papers that will give you a new objective. As
    soon as you get this, you should rush on the second floor with the 
    right staircases (right when you enter the building) and all the way
    to the back where there is a ladder going up and down. Go all the way
    up and go on the balcony so that your directly facing the stage and
    then wait. You have to do the waiting game until the officer and the
    informer are both on stage. You can then snipe both. In the meantime,
    you can always throw knives on the guards on both side of the level 2
    balconies, nobody will hear or see that. The Gewehr 43 is particularly
    effective for this quick kill action since you never stop using the
    scope. After your done with your objective, you can clear the remaining
    guards in and out of the theater.
    And we are done my friend!
    (PART 2 - ESCAPE : Meet the soldier at the extraction point)
    The body count must be terrible. You can now go to the beginning point
    to tell the russian soldier that your name should now be the Angel of
    2.1.13 LEVEL 13 - PANZERS!
    In here you will play as the Green Beret armed with a brand new PPSH41 
    submachine gun. Packing 71 bullets and quite a punch, it's a great 
    rifle. Watch out for ammo though.
    (PART 1 - DEMOLITION : Locate and destroy Panzers [4])
    First off, talk to the medic as he will give you 3 more medkits (and
    you can get more from him anytime, he's unlimited). Switch to your
    knife (first time I used it in the entire damm game) and go stab the
    urinating guard nearby, this will also land you a Mauser rifle for 
    long shots. Backtrack as going straight would be too dangerous and
    circle your building until you reach a graveyard.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (FREE ALLIES: Eliminate enemies near graveyard)
    First knife the two guards near the truck, they are easy pray. Then
    go on the other side of the gate and circle the parked armored vehicle
    so that the two other nazis don't see you. Be mindful of the Panzer
    Tank that likes to patrol this street and when the coast is clear, 
    throw a coin so that they both look roughly at your direction. Then 
    circle the armored vehicle, cross the broken gate, get behind both
    and stab them quickly. You freed the two russian soldiers and they
    will go hide near the medic.
    At this point, it is quite possible that the two guards patrolling this
    street will notice the bodies or get alerted a bit, get out of the 
    cemetery for a while until they calm down and resume their patrol. When
    your ready for them, sneak behind and throw a coin so that one is
    distracted while you kill his friend. Then rush to the first and stab
    him before he realise it was just a quarter that cost him his life.
    Now proceed west of the graveyard until you can make a right into what
    seems to be an old hotel. Upstairs is a guard looking at the window
    waiting to be stabbed and at a table, an officer looking at papers.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (SECRET DOCUMENTS: Locate and retrieve [3])
    And as you check those papers, your awarded a new secondary objective.
    You got the first set of papers, the others will be scattered across
    this level, follow the walkthrough and you'll know where.
    Get out of the hotel the way we came and this time, we will go back
    to our point of origin where we stabbed our first urinating guard and
    as we stay crouched, we will actually go toward the front of the base
    but while hugging the right wall so that those 4 guards in front of us
    won't see us. Turn right on that street and continue sneaking and 
    circling the ammo base until you see an opened window on the street
    level at your left. Sneak inside of it and kill the four guards one
    after the other with the knife. Near the machinegun nest. you will get
    yourself a nice panzerfaust bazooka. You can resupply ammo here btw.
    But first we will finish up cleaning this small base.
    Wait in the shadow of this area until the Panzer circling the base
    arrives. When he's passed you, get behind it and shoot it's back with
    the Bazooka, it will blow it up and kill the officer that was on top.
    That's one panzer out of four done!
    Go back the way you came and return to the hotel. This time exit from
    the other door as you crouch. As you exit, look to your left and sneak
    by the front of the truck, stab the guard near the crates, nobody will 
    mind this one. Then for the two guys nearby, throw a coin, jump their
    sandbags and stab them both.
    You can then proceed upward in the nearby staircases and stab the
    guard manning the machinegun nest. If you use the machinegun, 3 or 4
    guards will appear and you can easily shoot them with the machinegun.
    Alright, the ammo depot is yours! You have unlimited ammo now and if
    your interested, in one of the house is a German STG44 submachine gun
    that will take the place of the Mauser. So if your into submachine guns
    then you can have this one and another. Personally I would stick to the
    Mauser for versatility.
    As the north of the map belongs to you, your next step will be to get
    the way you shot those soldiers with the machinegun nest. You will soon
    see a destroyed section of a wall, go inside and wait for the tank to
    pass by. Continue your way and use the Mauser to snipe that guard down
    in the sewer entrance. Then switch to the Panzerfaust and shoot the
    tank in the back. That two tanks down now!
    I would advice you get out of this area for now as the explosion of the
    tank caused a commotion and besides, it would be a good idea to go back
    to the ammo depot to get the two other Panzerfaust. So go do that now.
    Return the way you came to the 2nd tank and there should be a patrol
    around the streets, stab him.
    (PART 2 - RESCUE PETROV : Find and rescue him)
    We will now do a quick rescue to get ourselves some good explosives.
    Return to the sewer entrance where you sniped the nazi with the Mauser
    and crawl toward the opening on the right. Wait that the second guard
    look the other way and then enter. Stab the first Nazi holding three
    russians hostage and then throw a coin to the left to distract the
    second Nazi. Then proceed toward the crates and throw another coin to
    distract the officer and his pal. Stab the second nazi and get closer
    to the other two, throw another coin to make sure you wont be seen and
    stab both of them. Congratulation, you just rescued Sergeant Petrov 
    and as a reward he gives you 3 sticks of dynamites and a free resuply
    of them. On one of the nearby table, you will also find the second
    set of documents for your secondary objective. Wonderful. :)
    You can exit from the other side where a ladder going up greets you.
    Back to street level, you will be in a ruined church. Wait that nobody
    sees you and at the entrance, stab both guards near the sandbags.
    Then get into that small park you see in front, and while sneaking,
    head to the left where a guard should go relax next to a busted up
    german vehicle, stab him. You can then get the lone patrol in the east
    street. Return to the park toward the busted up vehicle and while
    crouching still wait for the lone patrolman to get back facing the
    church, stab him. 
    Now we will kill right under the nose of some nazis. Our targets are
    the 3 guys pushing the tank out of the mud. So make your approach 
    behind them and then throw a coin to the right of the tank so that
    they all face the same direction. Stab them one after the other and
    their bodies will not be found by the guys facing you since they are
    being hidden by the tank! hurray!
    You *could* blow up the tank now, but since there are too many enemies
    around, it would be foolish. Let's get rid of them first. Use the tank
    as cover and crouch on the right side of it. Snipe the explosive barrel
    next to the 3 soldiers in front with the Mauser rifle and kill the
    remaining one if he's still alive. (be careful, one of them is in a 
    machinegun nest). Now we can use the sticky dynamite on the back of the
    tank and get out until it blows up. That's three!
    Near that machinegun nest is a medkit and 2 more panzerfaust if you
    need them. Also if you'd like some anti-tank mines, they are located
    next to a sign on the east of your current position.
    If you move a bit south from that point, a second objective will be
    triggered as a Tiger Tank bust through a wall and you need to destroy
    it along with a platoon of about 10 soldiers, you have 2 soldiers that
    will come help you btw. Your best angle of attack should be from the 
    east street (near where you got the mines). And go near the place where
    the tank arrives aiming your PPSH41 submachine gun at the point of
    entry of the soldiers. As they come out of the smoke, simply gun them
    down like pigs, they won't even think to retaliate. When that is done,
    simply throw a sticky bomb at the back of the tank and kaboom!
    Since we are in the area, let's finish those secret documents objective
    that we started back in the hotel. It is right next to that metal gate
    the Tiger Tank was going through in the building on the left. Enter
    through the rubbles and as you hug left, you should find a small 
    corridor that leads to a room with 3 nazis in it. Wait for one of the
    guard to go get a crate and as he return, stab the officer, then stab
    the guy carrying the crate and then stab the last one looking through
    files. The last documents are on the table. Note that there are also
    some Panzerfausts here. Return the way you came back and go near the
    church again.
    Now to take care of our last tank, it would be south of the church by
    the flashing star. Now you can go face on against it, but since the
    tank is partially inside a broken building, it is best to get from the 
    back. At the south of the church is an entrance to a building where
    the tank is. But to get the better angle of attack, you should use the
    side street on the left and climb through that rubble of debris that
    leads to a hole on the second level. There will be two guards there.
    So throw a smoke grenade inside their room and then assassinate them
    both. You can then throw a sticky bomb from the top (try to aim for
    the back of the tank) or use panzerfausts, there is a supply of 4 more
    in here so that's what they are for. All the tanks are busted and we
    can finish up or clear up the last second objective. Let's do that.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (DESTRUCTION: Destroy Nashorn tank destroyer)
    Get out of your building and head toward the silver objective by using
    the street of the carcass of our latest tank victim. Be mindful that
    there will be a guard left next to the tank, you can snipe him easily
    with the Mauser.
    Crouch from the dead guard's position and then make your way across the
    street (be careful there are TWO machinegun nest pointed right at you 
    along with a few trigger happy guards). You have to approach slowly 
    from the pile of debris and throw them a few smoke grenades to choke 
    the team of Nazis waiting for you. Then from the smoke, use your PPSH41
    submachine gun to shoot the enemy. If you kill enough (3 or so) you
    will have the pleasant surprise of having a russian soldier get them
    from the back with a bazooka, blowing them all up!
    There you go, that was the end of it. You can return to the medic at
    the beginning to finish up this mission.
    (PART 1 - DEFEND POSITION : Nazis must not take square)
    (PART 2 - PROTECT ALLIES : Cover your russian allies)
    This is it, the last mission! The principle is really simple as there
    is not much exploration to do. You simply have to hold off the square
    and make sure that not too many of your allies die. You start off with
    16 russians soldiers and your players will be the Green Beret armed
    with a PPSH41 submachinegun and the Sniper using the Mosin Nagant.
    As you start with the Green Beret, you should first off get those 
    grenades and smoke grenades in front of you, then talk to the medic
    outside for a full set of medkits and finally go in the right of the
    street next to an explosive barrel to get a bunch of molotov cocktails.
    You can then position yourself on the left of the russian general in 
    the square where you can find a Gattling repeating machinegun.
    Your man main will be the Sniper who took position on the top floor of
    your building. Problem is, he only have 15 bullets. The only quick
    refill is in the room next to him where there is a box of 5 ammo and
    a medkit. Which means that eventually you will have to run all the way
    down on the first floor to get more ammo eventually. Why didn't they
    put that damm crate up there beats the HELL out of me!
    Anyway... So switch to the Sniper and start sniping the Nazis. After
    about 15 of them, they will make a strategic retreat. Time for you to
    make a quick dash downstairs, get some grenades, smoke grenades, talk
    to the medic for some medkits and most importantly, that ammo crate to
    get more ammos for your sniper rifle. Then quickly head back up and
    take up the left window again to snipe the new wave of enemy.
    (PART 3 - ENEMY ATTACK : Repel Assault)
    Now this wave will be special because every now and then, the enemies
    will arrive from the left or the right of you in an attempt to flank
    you. Your only hope in such cases is to switch to the Green Beret, get
    off the Gatling Gun and mow down the flanking nazis with your PPSH41.
    To move on, you'll need to snipe the subofficer. There are about 3 of
    them until you finally clear this objective.
    *SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: (BONUS: Kill Nazi Snipers)
    Eventually, some Nazi Snipers will appear. 
    [1] The first one is on a building on the left that is a bit broken
        up. He is hard to spot since there is tons of smoke filling up the
        area by now.
    [2] The second is on the right street which can only be accessed by 
        the Green Beret. He is located on the bridge that connects both 
        buildings on the second floor. Do your best to shoot him with your 
        submachine gun. He's actually the easiest to spot.
    [3] The last sniper is impossible to see from your current sniping
        angle. You will need to go on the left room and shoot the last 
        window (use your lugger for that), then you will clearly see him
        on the right on the second floor of a building.
    Eventually also, a SDK armored vehicle will arrive. You should snipe
    the gunner, it's not too hard and really will help you out.
    (PART 4 - PROTECT ANTI-TANK DEFENSES : Kill Nazi Sappers)
    Your next objective will pop up shortly after the SDK vehicle has 
    unloaded. From the right street, some sappers will attempt to blow up
    the rockblock installed there. The only hope is the Green Beret so
    bring him there, but not too close as there is a freaking tank at the
    end of that street. Just wait behind the rubbles that some sappers pop
    up and you can shoot them down. Some supporting soldiers will also be
    there, so except to drop a lot of bullets.
    Eventually, you will have completed this objective and everything will
    start to calm down. Until the russians arrive to finish up the job.
    And there you have it my friends, the end of Commandos. :)
    [THE END]
    3.1 BONUSES
    If you finish levels with a 5 star rating (which means you get to kill
    nearly everybody in a silent stealth style) you will unlock some
    bonus artwork. To achieve 5 stars, try to sneak and stab/garrotte your
    opponents, make headshots and finish every second objectives.
    I personally finished the game on "Hard" difficulty. As you finish the
    game with 5 stars rating on every level, you well get a new difficulty
    available to you. The "Commando" difficulty. Not sure I'd really like
    to start this game from the beginning, especially if it's harder but
    oh well, it's there for those who really liked it the first time.
    It took me about a week to finish the game (mind you while writing
    this walkthrough). I wrote this document as I was playing the game on
    my first try so it is possible that with practice my strategies could
    get better. But regardless, I managed to beat it off 5 stars on "Hard"
    difficulty, so I probably didn't miss a thing. Consider this the 100%
    completion FAQ. I will not touch this again.
    I hope this served a purpose to someone that got stuck on a mission.
    It was nice to contribute to the gaming community, even if it was only
    by a small way. Thank you for reading.
    This FAQ was originally released on www.gamefaqs.com
    The FAQ is under Copyright © Nicolas Louis Clement 2009 

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