Review by KamekDSU

"It was good back then, but now we have to move on"

Remember the movie that we got joyed over when we were kids back in 2001? The Jimmy Neutron Movie? With aliens? That's what we have here. Only this isn't a portable or game console game, this is for your computer.

Story - 7/10
The story? You have to beat the story that was in the movie. Save your parents! Hahaha, I always thought it was vice versa. But the game is basically what you saw in the movie. That's pretty much it.

Gameplay - 4/10
The gameplay is just... sickening. I liked it back then, when we considered it "Good graphical effects." But now, throw it in the dump. Large range of play, but when you think about it. As I said. Throw it in the dump.

Controls - 1/10
Controls might actually start hissing at you. The controls suck. Who thought moving the character with your mouse was a good idea? Maybe someone that's IQ is below 0! Flying with your jetpack? That's lame. You don't even get enough time to lift up! And your buttons start screwing you. Using weapons is probably the only good part. Except for the ones that don't even do ANYTHING. But what the hey? It was 2001. You can't blame 'em! I mean come on! The snuggie wasn't even invented then!

Audio/Sound - 5/10
Not bad for a game made 9 years ago. It's clear enough you can hear it. Decent sound effects too. But, the only bad flaw is sometimes you can't hear a thing, or you can't hear a thing when you're using an object that makes loud noises. I mean, DUH?

Graphics - 2/10
Not very good. Like back then, it actually was considered good graphics. But now, throw it in the dump. I don't care just get rid of it. Put it in a time capsule, and 20 years from now, when someone finds it, puts it in their computer and plays it, they might have a heart attack! Hahaha. I just busted a funny...

Main Menu - 3/10
Plain main menu. Nothing special. But it probably has the best graphics in the whole game! That's why I added this section. Good graphics for a menu, bad graphics for a game. VICE VERSA MAYBE? Please???

Overall - 3/10
Not very enjoyable. Beat the game, throw it way, destroy it. Wait! Put it in that time capsule for me! Hahaha. If you got this in your childhood, and use to enjoy it. Sorry for my insults towards this game. And you should keep it. Don't buy the game if you don't have it. Wait, they don't sell this game anymore! Wait 20 years and it will be a heart attack in a game case!

Take care! K Bye.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/20/10

Game Release: Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (US, 11/06/01)

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