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    Quest Guide by BlueJr

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    Shin Megami Tensei Imagine
    (真女神転生Imagine) Quest Guide
    Copyright 2007 BlueJr (A.k.a. William Chu) 
    Started August 23th, 2007
    This guide was made to help people through the various quests of this
    MMORPG. You may only use this guide for personal use, and nothing else.
    I will not stand for plagiarism, and any wish to post this guide in
    an unaltered form must receive my permission. Look at the Contact Info
    section for more info about contacting me.
    This guide will only cover quest strategies and will not review basic controls.
    ===  Disclaimer ==========
    This work is not authorized by Atlus, Cave, or any other company.  
    All Shin Megami Tensei Imagine material are copyrighted by Atlus and Cave.
    All other copyrighted works are trademarks of their respective
    ~Table of Contents~
    I.Update History
      ~Tutorial Quests~
       -Chapter One:DB License
       -Chapter Two:The Children of Adam
       -Devil Compendium
    VI.Contact Info
    \\\Update History\\\
    November 6th, 2008-Adjusted the Mot Plugin insert.
    August 24th, 2008-Added Act Sixteen. Adjusted earlier Acts to compensate
                      for Act Sixteen. Changed "Devil Book" to "Devil
    July 11th, 2008-Added Act Fifteen. Upated Basics. Added the subquests
                    that relate to Blacksmithing and Arms-Maker.
    May 17, 2008-Updated Stat Basics to Basics. Updated Devil Memory List. Added
                 subquests for Weapon Customization.
    April 30, 2008-Corrected Mistakes to Act Three.
    April 29, 2008-Added Act Zero, modified the first few Acts, updated Shortquests.
    April 3rd, 2008-Added Act Fourteen and some other subquests.
    March 2nd, 2008-Added Story Synopsis up to the beginning of Act Thirteen.
    Febuary 21st, 2008-Added several sidequest, Terms, and Stat Basics.
    December 26th, 2007- Added one new Act. Added some sidequests.
    November 11, 2007-Added two new Acts. Some quests added to Sidequests.
    September 8th, 2007-Chapter Two added. File finally posted.
    August 23th,2007- First draft done.
    Latest version can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
         This is a list of terms that you will be seeing throughout various
    quests in this game. If you are unsure about an option, check this list
    and look for the proper term.
    話をする:Talk. This will just be a normal conversation. For
         subquests, this is the option that usually starts them.
    仕事の話をする:Talk about work. This is the choice that starts all
             Acts and moves them along. When I tell you to talk to a
             NPC during an Act, I am asking you to pick this option.
             If you are not sure what choice to make when talking to a
             NPC during an Act, try
             looking for this choice.
    引き受ける:Accept(the job). Pick this choice to officially accept
           some quests and all Acts.
    決定:Confirm. You will see this for several different menus, such as
    終了:End. Another tab you will see for different menus.
    立ち去る:Leave. Usually allows you to turn back before entering an area you
          cannot leave once you enter.
    会話を終える:End Conversation. This will end the conversation without
            making any real choices. This option is not always available.
         This may not be the most appropriate place for this, but I do not
    plan on creating another FAQ for this information.
         Everytime you level, you will be given Growth Points that can be
    used to strengthen your character. To use them, open up the PC menu
    and then click 能力値を振分ける. Now you can click on the red arrows that are
    next to the stats you want to raise.
         The base stats are:
    力(Strength):Affects the power of all melee attacks.
    魔力(Magic):Affects the power of attack spells.
    体力(Vitality):Affects HP total, HP regeneration, and defense.
    知力(Intelligence):Affects MP total, MP regeneration, and magic defense.
    速さ(Dexterity):Affects the power of gunshots.
    運(Luck):Affects critical rates and drop rates.
         The number of these base stats will be used to calculate the derived
    stats of your character. Offensive base stats all follow the same formula.
    Likewise, defensive base stats also share the same formula.
    Here are the formulas:
    -Offensive Base Stats(Strength, Magic, and Dexterity)
    (Offensive Base Stat/2)+(Current level/10)=Derived offense stat
    -Defensive Base Stats(Vitality and Intelligence)
    (Defensive Base Stat/10)+(Current level/10)=Derived defense stat
    -HP/MP totals
    2 HP/MP per level, and 2 HP/MP for each point from the respective base stat.
         Although the increase for defensive stats may seem miniscule, it
    all adds up as you go to higher amounts. That being said, players can
    utterly ignore defense and fair just fine in this game as long as they
    put all of their Growth Points into one offensive stat.
         Until Cave implements battle skills that encourage defensive stats, it
    is generally recommended that you place low priority on Vitality 
    and Intelligence.
         Finally, concentrate on only one offensive stat. It is generally a bad
    idea to mix character types. As you go up levels and go into dungeons of
    higher difficulty, you will not be as effective in battle as your fellow
    player who concentrates on only one fighting style. If you plan to be a
    fighter, stick to Strength. Do not start dabbling into guns. The same
    can be said for gunners, mages, and craftsmen.
    Battle System
         The battle system of Imagine can be deceiving. It can be simply described
    as an elaborate game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. To master this game, you must know
    the differences between the offensive and defensive battle skill types, and
    which skill types cancel which skills.
         Note that in this game, you can only combo most attacks up to three before
    the enemy you were hitting is knocked-back. There are exceptions, such as
    the Zan-type spells, which have built-in knockback. It is during this
    knockback period that you should try using defensive skills.
         Because of this strict combo system, it is recommended that during a
    party hunt, you go after a different enemy if your fellow player is already
    engaging a devil. Thia allows the player to continue his rhythm without
    outside interference. Go after the same devil once other devils in the area
    have been handled.
    -Offensive Skills-
    Attack(アタック):The basic attack for melee types. This attack alone
                 can be chained up to three times at most. Attack will cancel
                 out Dodge skills, but will be canceled by Defend and Counter
                 skill types. Attack can also cancel Rush skills, but only if
                 a hit is gotten in before Rush's attack animation.
    Rush(ラッシュ):The second attack type available to melee. For a certain
               percentage of HP, you can preform a single powerful attack
              on a single target. While Rush skills are charging, the user
              will usually be surrounded by a pink aura. Exceptions to this
              include Jack Frost's Frost Punch, which envelopes the user in
              a white aura and snowflakes. Rush attacks will cancel Guard
              and Dodge skills, but will be canceled by Counter and Attack.
    Spin(スピン):The final attack type for melee types. Spin attacks offer
              a 360 or 180 degree area attack to the user, however the
              user will be stuck in one place while a Spin skill is
              active. While there is no charge time, there is a cool-down
              time. Spin will cancel out Counter and Dodge attacks, but
              the user of Spin attacks will still be affected by Guard
    Projectiles:This category includes any Magic-type experts(___魔法) as
                well as the gunner's Shot(ショット) and Rapid (ラピッド) skill
                sets. As long as the user of these projectile attacks
                have some distance between itself and the target, nearly
                all skills can be canceled before any attack animations
                start. However, all projectiles can be canceled with
                Dodge skills. Also, the charge times will allow enemies
                to close in on the attacker.
    -Defensive Skills-
    Guard(ガード):Defensive skill number one. When activated, the user will
               be set in a defense position. During this time, the player
               will be moving more slowly then usual. When hit with the
               proper skill, a "shield" will form in front of the user
               and the attacker will now be stalled, opening them up
               for a counterattack. Guard will have an effect on anyone
               who uses Attack or Spin, but Guard can be canceled by anyone
               using Rush or projectiles.
    Counter(カウンター):Defensive skill number two. Counter sets the user
                  to one place and cannot move. If the proper skill is used
                  on someone with an active Counter, the attacker will be
                  knocked-back and will take Almighty(万能)-type
                  damage. Since there is a cool-down time, use this in
                  conjunction with Guard. Counter will cancel Attack and
                  Rush type skills, but will be canceled by Spin and
    Dodge(ダッジ):Defensive skill number three. Dodge will cause all
               projectile attacks to pass through the user, thus nullifying
               the damage. Dodge will take care of any projectiles coming
               at you, but will be canceled out by all other attack skills.
    -Final Notes-
         All the above information applies not only to the player, but also
    to enemy devils as well. Take a look at what your target is doing, and
    you should be able to get out of a fight relativly safe.
         Unfortunately, devils do not have any sort of animation for Dodge
    or Counter. If an enemy is standing still, you have to guess which
    defensive skill they are using. While this is more of a problem for
    melee characters, projectile users and players who mastered Spin should
    be fine.
    Lastly, all of the skills you need are under the PC menu. Click on PC, then
    select the second option from the top. You will get a list of all skills
    you have learned from Experts.
    To see what your Experts and Chain Experts, click the PC menu and select
    the third option from the top. All the skills you can learn can be selected
    Tutorial Quests
         As the name suggests, tutorial quests will teach you the basics of the 
    game. Thankfully, the in-game explanations are accompanied by pictures, so 
    even those not fluent in Japanese can follow along to a certain extent.
    Before you are allowed to accept quests from Snakeman and other NPCs, you
    must complete the following five quests.
         As of April twenty-forth, 2008, players will no longer start at Third
    Home's Virtual Battle. Instead, they will begin at Second Home, starting off
    on the tutorial Act.
         While you can skip the Basic Training sessions by talking to
    Snakeman and selecting the first option, it is recommended that you take
    the training anyways, since players will receive bonus items and experience
    for completing them all.
         To move on with Snakeman's explanations, choose the first option after
    completing a task.
    Act Zero-The Sin of Weakness
         The game opens up with a cutscene of a DB walking torwards the entrance
    of Second Home. This DB is named Kuroe(クロエ) and will be your guide for
    this tutorial Act.
         You hotkey bank, which is in the lower-left hand corner, should be
    at 1. If it is not, move the wheel on your mouse when your cursor is over the
    bank. 1 already has skills set, so it should make the tutorial easier for you.
         Once the movie is finished, go up and talk to DB Kuroe(DBクロエ). She
    will give you a lecture on movement and camera control. Once you are done, you
    now must walk behind Kuroe torwards the wreckage. Keep walking until you get
    a white message on your screen. Return to Kuroe. Now you must go to the
    passage that is to Kuroe's left. Choose the first option to move into the
         When you first enter, you will get a cut-in that denotes the official
    start of Act Zero. The path here is one-way, for the most part. If you ever
    get lost, check the map. It can be accessed by hitting the icon in the
    upper-right hand corner. It is the small button next to the radar.
         Move forward and you will see Kuroe, a Cerberus and a knocked-out guard.
    Talk to Kuroe and the door to the next room will open. Go in and a slime will
    appear. This starts the Attack tutorial. Kill the slime and move on.
         In the next room, you will face three more slimes in this continuation of
    the attack tutorial. Keep hitting attack to kill them. Remember that you can
    only hit a devil three times before it is knocked back. Once a devil is knocked
    back, it has a chance to fight back. These slimes will not fight back, so you
    do not have to worry about anything at this point.
         Once done, move on and you will meet one Will o' Wisp. You will now begin
    the Rush tutorial. The devil here will constantly use Guard, a defensive move
    that causes opponents who use Attack or Spin to stall for a second, allowing
    for a chance to counter-attack. Guard cannot defend against Rush or Shot
    though. Since you only have a melee weapon, use Rush.
         Move on and you will meet more Will o' Wisps. Use Rush, and then use attack
    while their Guard is down. These devils will drop some items. To collect items
    from devils, click on the icon that looks like a gold coin stack. It can be
    found next to the devil's name.
         In the next room, you will see a set of double-doors and one small door.
    Walk up to the double-doors and select the only option available. This will
    move the Act forward. The small door should be open now, so go through it.
         In the room at the end of the hall, there is a dead guard and a machine
    with a red light on it. Click the machine and the door should close behind you.
    Walk up to the closed door and several Gakis should spawn. This is the Spin
    tutorial. Spin is an instant area attack that hits all enemies that surround
    you. While all enemies hit are knocked back, this causes them to be aggressive
    torwards you. Be careful. For now, beat all the Gakis will Rush and Attack.
         Once done, the door will open and allow you to go back to the double-doors
    that you couldn't open before. Go through them and you will see Kuroe and
    her Cerberus. Talk to her and you will get a option. It does not matter which
    you choose though, game-wise. Once the conversation is done, you will move on
    to the next section.
         Continue on and three Ghouls will spawn in the next room. This is the
    Counter tutorial. The Ghouls here will not take much damage from regular
    attacks, but will take a large amount of damage from counter. Knock back the
    Ghouls and then use Counter. That should kill them.
         As the name suggests, Counter will counter normal attacks and Rush attacks.
    An enemy that triggers Counter will be dealt damage and knocked back. Enemies
    that use a Shot attack or Spin will not trigger Counter and you yourself
    will be hit and open to attack.
         Move ahead and go down the stairs. You are not at the final part of
    the tutorial dungeon. Move torwards the door and agree to move in. You will
    now see the final cutscene for Act Zero.
         You will now see the Opening Movie for Shin Megami Tensei Imagine. Welcome
    to the game.
    Story Synopsis:
         Act Zero was implemented on April 24th, 2008 as a new way of training
    new players. The Act details what the player was doing before he got to
    Third Home. The Act is set during Ogami's attack on Second Home. The main
    character will be DB Kuroe, who was in the area of Second Home training you.
    According to information sent by Central Command, you two were the only
    ones close enough to assist Second Home.
         The two of you move in to assist in the evacuation of the civilian
    population, but things already seem hopeless. According to an injured
    guard, the devils came in from the loading docks, which lead right to the
    residential area.
         Before moving to the residential area, Kuroe takes you to the side and
    tells you a story of a DB she once admired. The man strong, self-sacrificing,
    and ended up dying when he took a hit for his friends. Kuroe wishes that you
    do not die a hasty death, even if it is for the sake of others.
         Ironically enough, Kuroe dies protecting you from the sword of Taraka.
    Unfortunately, you soon fall prey to Taraka's sword.
         When you awaken, you are greeted by Snakeman. Snakeman's rescue team was
    the first group to arrive after you and Kuroe entered Second Home. However, the
    attack was long over by then. You and Kuroe's injured Cerberus were the only
    survivors. Ever since then, you have been in a coma. Snakeman suggests that
    you start the road of recovery by going over the basics of battle once more.
    Basic Training 1
         When you first start the game, you will be introduced to Snakeman, an 
    elderly man with an eyepatch who is accompanied by a Garm. He will handle a 
    large portion of Acts, so be sure to remember him. When you are sent to the 
    VR room, click on the nearby Snakeman NPC several times and listen(or watch) 
    his explanations. For now, set the basic skills of the Attack(アタック),
    Guard(ガード) and Rush(ラッシュ) to your hotkey bank. Snakeman wants you to
    add Guard to the 5th slot of your hotkey bank.
         Basic Training 1 requires you to kill three slimes in the VR room. These
    slimes will not fight back, so take the oppurtunity to get used to the 
         Once you are finished, talk to Snakeman and you will be moved to a new 
    VR room.
    Basic Training 2
         Talk to Snakeman and he will teach you how to use the guard skill. The 
    gakis in this  room will fight back when attacked, so knock them back and
    then use your guard skill.
         Once you have killed three gakis, talk to Snakeman in order to move 
    on to the next room.
    Basic Training 3
         Talk to Snakeman and he will lecture you on the rush skill set, and
    then have you gather three VR Training Certificates from the Will o' Wisps
    in this room. Since the devils here are always in Defend mode, the rush skill
    is the only way to defeat them in sensible amount of time.
         Gather three certificates, present them to Snakeman, and you will be
    sent to the last phase of basic training.
    Basic Training 4
         Snakeman will now teach you how to learn new Expert skills. Pay 
    attention to what he shows you. Once he is done with with his initial 
    explanation, do  the same things he showed you and learn Agi from the Expert
    skills tab. Go into the Experts section(Third option from the top that
    appears when you hit PC) and then scroll down to 破壊魔法.
    Notice that this Expert has an exclamation mark to the left of it. This
    mark means that a new skill is available to be learnt. Highlight the
    bar and then hit スキル習得, which is the button in the lower-left.
    Select the only skill there is, and hit the lower-left button once more.
    To exit, hit the lower-right cancel button.
    For future reference, you must turn on the red arrow if you want your
    Experts(Skill Trees) to grow. Hit the grey dash that is next to the
    bar and the red arrow will appear.
    To set a skill to your hotbar, open up your PC menu, then hit the second
    option from the top. This is the Skills/Command menu. On the Skill tab, scroll
    down until you see Agi(アギ), then drag the skill down to the hotkey you
    want it to be in.
    Once you learned it and set it to your hotkey bank, talk to
    Snakeman once more and he will then have you kill one of the On-rakis that 
    is wandering around in  this room. The On-rakis here can only be hurt with
         Once you killed the On-raki, talk to Snakeman and he will give you your 
    last lecture before sending out to the Virtual Battle. To skip the lecture about
    builds, just select the last option.
         You are now free to go out to the town and roam. Before you do anything
    though, finish the last tutorial quest.
    The Guard's Feelings
         This quest will have you walk around the Third Home. In case you get 
    lost,check the map, which can be accessed from the button in the upper-right 
    hand corner of the screen.
         Start this tutorial quest by talking to the guard(守衛) that is standing 
    right outside of the Virtual Battle. He will give you a tutorial on the map 
    and then send you to the Jakyo Manor, where you have to talk to the Master 
         Once you have talked to the Master, return to the guard once more and 
    talk to him. He will now send you on an errand and will hand you a pink 
    envelope. Check your ITEM menu to make sure you have the envelope. 
         Now go to the HomePoint Girl, the blue-suited lady that is standing in 
    front of a rotating column. Talk to her and she will give you a tutorial on 
    HomePoints. She will then ask you to click the HomePoint, ie. the rotating 
    column, and set it as your revival point.
         Once you have done so, talk to the HomePoint Girl once more and she
    will tell you that Snakeman is looking for people to work for him. You are
    now ready to take on Acts.
         Acts are quests that follow the main storyline of this MMORPG. If you
    are familiar with the Megami Tensei series, you will know that there is a
    gap between the first Shin Megami Tensei and the second Shin Megami Tensei.
    This MMORPG covers the gap and will explain the events that lead to Shin 
    Megami Tensei Two.
         I will list all the choices that will affect your alignment and cash 
    reserves, but  keep in mind that I will paraphrasing most of them. If you 
    cannot find the choice that matches perfectly, go with the one that 
    resembles what I written down.
    Chapter One-DB License
         For Chapter One, the person who will start and end your Acts will be 
    Snakeman, who is always in the Virtual Battle lobby. Always select "Talk 
    about work(仕事の話をする)" when you want to talk to NPCs about the quest.
         There are a reasonable number of alignment-affecting choices during 
    Chapter One, but all the changes are negligible.
    Act One-Allies
         Snakeman needs a Leader Pixie(リーダピクシー) brought to him. You
    can recruit the Leader Pixies at coordinates X=16\Y=23 of the Suginami
    field map. Once you have gotten the Leader Pixie, return to Snakeman and 
    talk to him while the Leader Pixie is still summoned.
         You will now be presented with an alignment choice. If you choose to 
    hand over the devil(First option) and then select (First option) again, you
    will lose your Leader Pixie, be given one thousand makka, and have a
    miniscule movement  towards Chaos. If you choose not to hand over the pixie
    (Second option) and then forfeit your reward(First option), you will keep the
    Leader Pixie, loose the one thousand makka reward, and have a miniscule movement
    to Law. If at any point you want to rethink your decision, you can select
    (考え直す) when it is presented to you.
         Although it is not shown on the its stats, the Leader Pixie gains eighty
    percent less experience then a regular Pixie. I recommend that you give the
    Leader Pixie away.
         Either way, you will be given control of your character again. You need
    to talk to Snakeman once more in order to finish this Act. You will get
    three thousand experience points, an Injured Cerberus and the Sniper Scope
    headgear. If you gave away a the Leader Pixie, I recommend you summon another
    devil, so that it can also get the experience bonus.
         You need one empty space in your COMP before you can get the Cerberus.
    Otherwise, you cannot continue with the quest. To get rid of a devil, open
    up for Devil List, highlight a devil and then hit 契約解除.
         The Injured Cerberus has access to Recarm, a healing spell, and Fire
    Breath. He also costs zero Magnanite to summon. While this Cerberus is good
    for beginners, it should be noted that the Cerberus cannot be used in Fusion,
    and will gain ninety percent less experience. Also, the Cerberus will leave
    you after Act Three. I would not bother leveling the Cerberus.
    Story Synopsis:
         The first job given to you by Snakeman after you have awaken is to
    gather Pixie Dust for the creation of medicine.
         The medicine is actually for Kuroe's Cerberus, who was found injured
    alongside you. For whatever reason, the Cerberus insists on following you
    around, regardless of his injuries.
         Before you are free to go, Snakeman hands you the FMD-Snipe, which
    were found next to you at Second Home. You will recognize them as Kuroe's
    googles, which she had on until the end of Act Zero.
    Act Two-Omen
         For this quest, Snakeman will send you to the Jakyo Manor Master. 
    The Master needs five Soul Shards(魂のかけら), an item that is dropped by 
    Kodamas(コダマ). However, the Kodamas on the field have a very low drop rate 
    for this story item, which is why the Master  sends you to the Suginami
    Dungeon. The Master will also give you a small Swift Bell. This item
    increases your walking speed for half a hour. The effect of this item
    will temporarily be suspended when you enter battle or charge a skill.
    Note that you cannot trade this item, or any other items that
    are labeled サンプール品.
         The Sugimani Dungeon is marked on the Suginami map by a large 'D' 
    symbol, so  head there. At this dungeon, the kodamas will have a much 
    higher rate of dropping Soul Shards, so gather them here. However, Kodamas 
    do not appear that often in the dungeon, so you may have to run the dungeon 
    twice before you can get all five shards.
         I have often been asked why one cannot reenter the dungeon even though
    they have a plate. The answer is simple:Get rid of the 輝く鉄石 item
    from your inventory. The game does not allow you to carry any extras
    of these items into secondary runs of Suginami Dungeon because these
    cross-shaped stones are used to open treasure rooms. Simply use the
    捨てる command, which is found at the bottom of the ITEM menu, and throw
    them away.
         Once you gathered the shards, return to the Master. Once you finished 
    your conversation with him, report back to Snakeman. He will read the 
    Master's report.
    *NOTE* You do not need to actually go through the dungeon. You can just buy 
    the Soul Shards from other players and still be able to complete the quest.
    Story Synopsis:
         Snakeman encourages you to get over what happened at Second Home by
    training and becoming stronger. He suggests that you start your training
    by helping out the Jakyo Master inspect the various dungeons that have
    appeared around Tokyo.
         The Jakyo Master requires Soul Shards of Kodamas in order to preform
    his survey, but the shards are rarely found in the regular world. Due to
    this, you are send to Suginami Dungeon, a place that stradles between
    reality and the devil realm.
         With the Shards, the Jakyo Master completes his report and has you
    deliver the final report to Snakeman. According to the report, the Master
    is close to understanding the true nature of the dungeons.
    Act Three-Raid
         In order to start this quest, you must be at least level ten.
         Snakeman requests that you head over to the Third Home Camp 
    at X=17 \Y=18  of Suginami. Before you go, you must create an Earthies.
    Luckily, there are Kodamas and Kahakus near Third Home. Fuse the two devils
    together to create Earthies. You will need this devil later. The Kodamas
    are the floating green ghosts, while the Kahakus are the red fairies.
    One you are done, go to the camp and talk to the guard(守衛) there. He asks 
    that you kill ten Cait Siths(ケットシー) and one Manifestation of 
    Destruction Cait Sith(荒ぶる化身ケットシ). The latter is at least five 
    times the size of a regular Cait Sith, so he should be easily 
    identified. In the event that you lose track of your kills, open
    the Quest menu, click on the Episodes(エピソード) tab, and then
    double-click on Act Three. You will get an information box 
    that details your quest goals.
         Once you are done killing Cait Siths, summon the Earthies you made earlier
    and talk to the guard. If you talk to the Guard without Earthies summoned, you
    will not be able to move on. The Guard will ask that you kill ten
    Ingumais(イヌガミ) and one Familiar of Chaos Shikigami(混沌の使い魔シキガミ).
    These devils can be found X=21\Y=17 of the Suginami map. Kill those and
    return to the guard at the camp. Report to him and you will now have to
    return to Third Home.
         Once you return to Third Home, you will have to go to the warehouse, 
    where you will be thrown into your first boss battle. Prepare yourself, and 
    gather some party members as well. Once you are ready, talk to the guard 
    in front of the shutter door and he will ask if you want to go to the 
    warehouse. He is behind the pharmacy. Say yes and you will be moved
    to the next area. Move forward until you see another guard and a computer.
    Talk to the guard and he will hand you a clearance card for the computer.
    The clearance card here works in the same fashion as dungeon plates.
         Once you get to the boss room and finish the movie, you will be 
    confronted with One giant Taaraka and ten shikigamis. The shikigamis have a 
    tendency to gang up on a single target, so it is best that you take the 
    shikigamis out quick. Luckily, they are weak against fire, so use high-power 
    fire spells. Zan also works. Do not use any blunt weapons, thrusting weapons 
    like knives and spears, electricity, rifles, or shotguns. All the attack
    types that I just listed will either be nullified or reflected back at you.
         Once Taaraka is alone, unless a barrage of ice spells. Since Taaraka's
    physical attacks are strong, be sure to have a devil or a player act as a 
    medic. Once you are done killing Taaraka, report back to Snakeman. 
         Summon the Injured Cerberus you got at the end of Act One before
    talking to Snakeman. He will not will not end your Act unless you do so.
    The Cerberus will leave your party now and you will recieve one 3x Devil
    Experience booster. These boosters cannot be traded.
    Story Synopsis:
         Snakeman requests that you help guard a transport of supplies and
    Innocents that are coming in from Shinjuku Babel. Third Home is a small
    shelter and requires the support of the larger Shinjuku to sustain itself.
         Innocents are man-made humans that were created by one of the Seven
    Wisemen after the Destruction of Tokyo in order help Japan quickly recover
    its former workforce. Innocents in general are lifeless and lack
    emotion, wearing masks at all times.
         There is an exception though. It is Azura, the little Innocent girl
    in the red hood. She tagged along with the other Innocents when making the
    trip from Shinjuku. As you can tell from her interactions with the other
    Innocents, Azura possesses emotions. You do not see the full extent of it
    at this point due to the sudden attack on Third Home.
         The attack force is composed of several Shikigami and a Takaara. It
    should be noted that Shikigamis, unlike other devils, are created by
    humans to be servants. The attack force is defeated, but one Shikigami
    left before the battle began to report the location of Third Home.
         You have now taken out the Taraka, most likely the same Taraka that
    nearly killed you back at Second Home. Now that you have become strong
    enough, Kuroe's Cerberus will now leave your side in order to tend to his
    Act Four-Azura
         Snakeman requires that you at least be level twelve for this quest,
    but I recommend that you reach level fifteen first. I also recommend that 
    you either capture or fuse one level fifteen devil that you do not mind 
         To start this Act, talk to Snakeman. Once you started the Act, go talk
    to the Jakyo Manor Master. When you are presented with an option after
    selecting 仕事の話をする, select 「プレートについて」. The Master will give you
    an option, but you can choose either one. Now he will ask that you get
    the story item called the Stone of the Old World(旧世界の石) and
    ask for a devil that is at least level twelve. The Master will also hand
    you five Red Threads, which can teleport you to any town or dungeon
    when used.
         To get this story item, go to X=21\Y=23 of the Suginami map and talk to
    the miner there. He will explain to you that only a devil can get the stone
    from the ruins behind him. He recommends that you let a high-level devil
    handle the job. A devil that is too weak will only die. If you decide to 
    send in a weak devil and it dies, you alignment will move slightly to Chaos.
    A devil that is at least level fifteen is practically guaranteed to survive
    and bring back the stone with it. You can go lower though, since a level
    thirteen devil has a seventy percent chance of success.
         With your devil summoned, talk to the miner again and have
    him send in your devil. You should get the story item. The item should be 
    listed under the 貴重品 option in your ITEM menu. The devil that went in to
    retrieve the stone will now receive thirty thousand experience.
         Return to the Jakyo Manor in Third Home while you still have your 
    disposable devil summoned. When you talk to the Master with both the Stone
    in hand a a devil that is at least level twelve summoned, he will take both
    stone and devil from you. He will not prompt you in any fashion, so be
    prepared before you talk to him.
         Talk to the Master again, and he will hand you the Suginami
    Ash(スギナミ灰)plate, a special event plate for the Suginami Dungeon. If
    the plate disappears from your inventory before you finish this Act, you
    can return to the Master for another plate at any point in the game, without
    having to sacrifice another devil.
        As of Febuary 2008, Ash has gotten much easier. Most of the devil you
    will encounter will be from Suginami Bronze, and the entire dungeon has
    been cut down to four floors and one boss room floor. Still, you have the
    option of breaking this dungeon up into increments if needed.
         If you noticed, there is a Jack Frost NPC in the corner of the
    starting room. He is looking for two story items, the 
    Shining Blue Ore(青く輝く鉱石) and the Cold Ore(冷たい鉱石). If you show him one
    of the ores by selecting (Ore Name)を見せる, he will allow you use a shortcut
    that will transport you to the end teleporters of  floors two and four.
    To get these stones, you must beat clear the final rooms of floor
    two and floor of enemies. These two rooms are filled by the Fallen
    Angels フォルネウス and デカラビア.
         フォルネウス, the rayfish, has an average offense, but his defenses 
    will make him a tough boss to kill. He is immune to 
    shotguns(散弾), ice(氷結), Sorcery(魔力), and all magic. Even
    if you try physical attacks, you will not be doing much damage.
    This boss' only weak spot is fire elemental physical attacks 
    and lightning elemental physical attacks. The only ones that have access
    to these types of attacks would be people with elemental machettes or
    devils with the Heatwave(ヒートウェーブ) or Lightning Thrust(稲妻突き) skills. 
    If you have a Taaraka or any devil that inherited the above attacks
    during fusion, I recommend you use them.
         デカラビア, the starfish, may be the toughest one. Not only can he 
    heal himself and the others, but he can also use Zanma 
    and Maha-Zanma. If you do not use the dodge skills fast enough, you 
    and perhaps your allies as well will take at least ninety points
    of damage. Luckily, this boss has the fewest immunities; デカラビア 
    will only reflect or nullify Thrust(突撃), Wind(衝撃),  and
    fire(火炎). He also have the most weaknesses. All blunt 
    instruments(打撃), rifles(貫通), shotguns(散弾), and 
    holy attacks (破魔) will work against him.
    The Blue Ore,which gives you access to the
    shortcut to floor two, will automatically be placed in your inventory
    when you finish off the フォルネウス on floor two. Killing the デカラビア on
    floor four will give you the ore that gives you access to
    the shortcut to floor four.
         Floor five is the boss room, an area that is populated by Andoras and
    several regular versions of Decarabia and Forneus. Even if you managed
    to solo the dungeon by yourself, you will want some help for this
    room. It is possible to do so, but it is much easier to have some
    party members.
         アンドラス, the owl man, is weak against 魔力(Sorcery) 
    and 貫通(Pierce).That means attacks like Magic Shot and regular rifle
    attacks will be most effective against him. アンドラス will reflect or
    nulify holy attacks(破魔),shotguns(散弾),handguns(射撃), or
    Wind(衝撃) attacks.
         デカラビア, the starfish, may be the toughest one. Not only can he 
    heal himself and the others, but he can also use Zanma 
    and Maha-Zanma. If you do not use the dodge skills fast enough, you 
    and perhaps your allies as well will take at least ninety points
    of damage. Luckily, this boss has the fewest immunities; デカラビア 
    will only reflect or nullify Thrust(突撃), Wind(衝撃),  and
    fire(火炎). He also have the most weaknesses. All blunt 
    instruments(打撃), rifles(貫通), shotguns(散弾), and 
    holy attacks (破魔) will work against him.
         Once you finish the fight, return to Snakeman for a two thousand and
    five hundred makka reward. For an extra reward, team up with a person who
    started Ash and talk to the Jack Frost at the dungeon entrance. If you give
    him your ores, he will give you a Jack Frost Pendant. Do not worry, you will
    still have access to your shortcuts.
    Story Synopsis:
         Snakeman is somewhat weary of the appearance of Makaidous, or dungeons
    in the area recently. These dungeons appear in areas that are on the
    borderline of reality, as the Jakyo Master mentioned earlier in Act Two.
    Snakeman wants you to go into Suginami Dungeon, hopefully discovering the
    cause of the recent rise in devil activity.
         When you reach the end of the dungeon you are investigating, you find
    that Azura has gone ahead of you. Innocents for some reason are ignored
    by devils, making them perfect scouts for devil-infested areas. Azura is
    looking for "something", but Andoras catches her. Andoras seems to know
    what what that "something" is, but you but in before the fallen angel
    can say anymore.
         You defeat Andoras, but Azura steps in and Andoras' life is spared.
    Before leaving, Adnoras asks if Azura is searching for that "something"
    for her older brother.
         Azura officially introduces herself to you. This is the only bit
    of information you get, since your investigation of Suginami Dungeon
    came up fruitless.
    Act Five-The Growing Forest
         After an Act full of fighting, you will have be offered a job that only
    requires you to talk to NPCs. Once you start the Act, head to Nakano and look
    for ナカノのノナカ. He is by the Mountain Goat Shop(山羊店), the store
    marked by a goat head symbol on the map. Talk to him and then
    head to the area behind the shop to find the ドジな調査員 at X=18\Y=22.
         Now you will have an alignment-affecting choice, although the change is 
    insignificant. When you talk to this second guard, you have the option of
    hitting him(殴る), or scolding him(説得する). Choosing the former will
    move you to Chaos, while the latter choice will make your alignment 
    more closer to Law. Once you had your fun, you now must search for the
    survey data this guy dropped.
         Fortunately, someone else picked it up. It is DBタナカ, the NPC that is
    near the Shinjuku Babel entrance at X=27\Y=18 of Nakano. He will offer to
    sell you the data for one thousand makka. You can pay this amount, but if 
    you are at least level twenty-fvie, you will have access to choices that 
    will get you a discount.
         If you choose to threaten him with 力で解決, and then choose the same
    option again, you will only have to pay one hundred makka. Your alignment 
    will also move to Chaos. If you choose to negotiate with 説得, you 
    will only have to pay six hundred makka. This second choice will move 
    you to Law.
         If you are not level-twenty five, the above options will not work
    for you. Just choose to pay the full amount by selecting the option
    that has 1000 in it.
         However you choose to get the data, once the item is in your Story Item
    list, return to Snakeman for a three thousand makka payment. If you want, you
    can return to the earlier two NPCs for some extra dialogue.
    Story Synopsis:
         Snakeman has requested a servey of Nakano, but the people he sent
    out have yet to return. You are sent to search for the missing survey
    team and recover the survey data.
         It turns out the survey team is fine, but the Clumsy Guard(That is
    his official name) has dropped the survey data somewhere when running
    away from a devil. Fortunately, it was picked up by someone.
         Unfortunately, it was Devil Buster Tanaka who found it. Tanaka
    is a money-grubbing DB who dreams of earning enough money to move
    to Shinjuku Babel. You must get that survey data from him, no matter what.
         Whatever you do, you give the data to Snakeman, who will use it for
    future investigations.
    Act Six-The Obelisk of Balance
         Snakeman will send you to the obelisk in Nakano. Once you reach the 
    Obelisk, talk to the Innocent at X=20\Y=20. He is the NPC in grey overalls 
    and is wearing a mask. The Innocent is trying to collect data on the obelisk,
    but wants you to help one of the two nearby Devil Busters in eliminating 
    interferring devils.
         You can choose to help either Yamaguchi(DBヤマグチ), the Law 
    character with a sword, or  Kanou(DBカノウ), the Chaos character that 
    is carrying a rifle. Depending on who you help, what you have to kill, as 
    well as your alignment will change.
         If you decide to help Yamaguchi, you will have to kill ten 
    Gyoukis(ギュウキ) and twenty Azumis(アズミ). Many of these devils can be found
    in the north-eastern area of Nakano. When you report back to 
    Yamaguchi, you alignment should have slightly to Law.
         If you decide to help Kanou, you will have to kill ten 
    Kelpies(ケルピー) and twenty Cocktarices(コカトライス). Many of these devils
    can be found in the south-eastern area of Nakano. When you report 
    back to Kanou, you alignment should have slightly to Chaos.
         Regardless of who you helped, you should see an event movie when you 
    report back to your respective DB. Once your DB regains his composure, he
    will tell you to check in on the Innocent. Do so, and the Innocent will have
    you deliver the data he gathered to Snakeman. When you return to Snakeman, he
    will give you four thousand makka.
    Story Synopsis:
         Snakeman, in conjunction with the ruling body of Shinjuku, has ordered
    a survey of Nakano's obelisk. Devil Busters Yamaguchi and Kanou have
    already been put on the job, but Snakeman requests that you go as support.
    Snakeman also notes that a upper-level DB from Shinjuku has also been
    assigned to the mission.
         The Innocent that is handling the survey completes his duty, due to
    no small part of Mikanagi and his Pazuzu. The pair easily dispatches
    most of the devils in the vicinity, much to the amazement of Yamaguchi
    and Kanou.
         Mikanagi takes note of you and your abilities, finding you to be
    stronger then the average person. However, he asks that you butt out
    of these missions because of your lack of a Devil Buster License.
    Act Seven-DB License
         This is the final Act of Chapter One, and you must be level twenty-five
    before you can take this final challenge.
         This act is split into two parts:The DB test, and the boss battle at the
    warehouse. For the first part, you are not allowed to bring party members. 
    Luckily, it is easy enough if you know how to abuse the weak points of the
         The test is a three-part battle that takes place in a special VR room.
    You cannot leave in-between battles, so prepare for all three. When you are 
    ready, talk to Snakeman, get the special test card, and use it on the computer
    that is to your right when you first enter the Virtual Battle.
         The first battle is against ten special Garms. These Garms are only weak
    against Fire and all types of guns. There is not time limit to this test, so
    feel free to wait for one dog to separate itself from the rest of the group.
    As in any situation, avoid taking on more then two devils.
         The second battle is against Snakeman's special Jack Frost and Jack 
    Lantern. As you would expect, Jack Frost is weak against fire and Jack Lantern
    is weak against ice. Jack Frost is also weak against shotguns. Since the two
    Jack Brothers become aggressive whenever someone charges their magic, it may
    be best if you use the magic stones that are being sold in the store in town.
         The final battle is against one Cerberus and one Orthrus. Luckily, these
    two are not as strong as the field versions you may find sometimes. Still, be
    careful. Both beasts are weak against ice, while Orthrus is also weak against
    rifles and shotguns. Weapons and spells you should avoid while in this battle
    would include the following: swords, handguns, fire. knives, spears, and 
    maces. Orthrus is generally weaker the Cerberus, so go after the two-headed 
    dog first.
         Once you are done with the battle and exited the test room, talk to 
    Snakeman and he will give you a card after the cinematic. This will give you
    access to the final boss battle of  Act Seven. It takes place in the
    same room as the Act Three boss battle, so head over to the warehouse.
    This time, you can take party members with you.
         This boss battle is much like the Act Three battle, except instead of a
    Taaraka, you will fight an Oni. Like Act Three, start by taking out the 
    Shikigamis before they start their unilateral attack on a single player.
    Once done, go after the giant Oni, who nullifies sword attacks and shotgun 
    shells. It is weak against Sorcery(魔力), Mind(精神), and 
    Physche(神経) attacks, but chances are you do not have access to 
    these kinds of skills.
         Once the battle is over, return to Snakeman and he will give you one 
    final present before the Act is over. It is a memory expansion stick for your
    COMP, and it will give you one extra slot for devils. You will also finally
    get your DB License, a story item that will give you access to the next
    Story Synopsis:
         It's time to make Mikanagi eat his words by getting your Devil
    Buster License. Snakeman has high hopes for you, so don't let him down.
         You pass your test, but celebrations are interrupted when a
    woman comes to Third Home's warehouse. She attacks an Innocent and
    decides to have it "fulfill its true purpose" by transforming the
    downed Innocent into an Oni. It's time to defend Third Home from this
    second attack.
         After the battle, Snakeman will finally present you your Class C
    Devil Buster License and a memory chip for your COMP. He will also write
    a letter of reccomendation to General Yamamoto, which will help you get
    some higer-class missions.
    Chapter Two-The Children of Adam
         All the Acts for Chapter Two will start in Shinjuku Babel. To access
    不動の山本長官(General Yamamoto), the NPC who will give you all your
    work, go to the second floor plaza of Shinjuku and talk to the 
    guard there. He will notice your DB license and let you into Central 
    Command. There, Yamamoto will be waiting for you.
         All the alignment choices that appear in the following Acts will
    greatly change your alignment. I recommend you think about which side
    you want to join before making any choices. 
    Act Eight-The Obelisks of Form and Power
         This Act does not require you to fight any devils. You will just be
    running around talking to NPCs. Consider this an introduction to the
    different organizations to the game.
         When you first talk to Yamamoto, you hear an explanation of Shinjuku's
    governing system before you are offered a job. If you choose to accept
    (引き受ける), you will be offered two codes and sent out to talk to
    the Messian and the Gaian that are in town. In case you missed the
    codes, they are "CM5988" and "CG5991."
         The Messian(メシア教徒) is at the south-eastern corner of town, near
    the entrance to Shibuya. Talk to her and she will ask for her code. It
    should be CM5988. You will then be asked to take a quiz. If you choose
    "Not interested(興味ない)," you can skip the quiz. The quiz will
    test your knowledge about the Messians, knowledge that is explained to
    you before you take the quiz. If you get all three answers right, you
    will move slightly to Law. However, the change is miniscule, so feel free
    to skip the quiz.
         Now you must talk to the Gaian Monk(ガイア僧), who is near the eastern
    exit that leads to Ichigaya. Repeat what you did with the Messian and you
    are now ready to move on with the Act. Return to Yamamoto.
         Yamamoto now wants you to retreive Obelisk data from the Innocent
    in Shibuya. Head to X21/Y20 of Shibuya and talk to the Innnocent there
    about work. The Innocent will zone out and then ask you a question about
    law. If you answer "It is necessary(必要)" here, your alignment will 
    shift heavily to Law. Answering no(いいえ) will not affect 
    your alignment. The Innocent will now return to his senses and hand you
    the data. Take this back to Yamamoto.
         Now Yamamoto will send you to the Innocent that is in Ichigaya.
    Head to X21/Y19 or Ichigaya and talk to the Innocent. Just like 
    Shibuya's Innocent, this one will also zone out and ask you a question.
    He will ask about power, and affirming his belief in power(必要...) will
    heavily shift your alignment to Chaos. Answering "no" will result in
    no change. Once you are done, return to Yamamoto and you will be
    done with Act Nine.
    Story Synopsis:
         General Yamamoto has heard of you from Snakeman, and decides to
    put you to good use. He asks you for your assistance in aiding him and
    Central Command in the revival of Tokyo.
         Your first job in the big city is to be a gopher. You are sent
    out to hand out demonstration permits to the Gaian and Messian, as well
    as fetch survey data of obelisks.
         The messeger job was of no importance, but the Innocents were somewhat
    creepy. They act professional, until they zone out and then start asking
    you what you think is needed to make the perfect world. Yamamoto does
    not seem to be concerned when you report this, shrugging this off as
    a side effect of long-term exposure to the obelisks.
    Act Nine-Setsu's Concerns
         This Act is fairly short, but the boss battle at the end is
    very tough. I recommend that you level up and stay at zero percent
    experience, so you can constantly revive at the zone entrance. Remember
    to bring a full party, and be prepared to die.
         At the beginning, you will be introduced to Setsu, Azura's older
    brother and a researcher for Central Command. He will hand you a
    special event plate for Cell Tower. Head out to Shibuya and head south
    to Cell Tower. It is the southern-most "D" on Shibuya's map.
         This special dungeon is very simple. It only has one floor
    and one boss floor, with only two fights between the two floors. Your
    goal here is to talk to all six DB NPCs here. Everytime you talk to
    one, you should get an on-screen prompt. Once you have talked to
    six DB NPCs on this floor, move on to the boss floor.
         On this floor, DB Mikanagi(DBミカナギ) and his devil will be waiting
    in front of the boss room entrance. Talking to Mikanagi is the only
    way into the room, but he will not let you in if you did not talk to
    all six DBs on the previous floor. Before you talk to him, be ready
    for the fight ahead. De-equip all blunt weaponary and summon devils
    that can resist fire, swords, or hama.
         This is the big fight that I warned you about. You will be going
    up against one Power and several Archangels. As with many boss battles,
    these devils will home in on anyone who uses magic. Try to have all your
    party members ready to attack different Archangels before you use any magic.
         The best way to finish this fight with minimal casualites is to take
    out the Archangels first. They are weak to Ice, Psyche, and Mudo attacks.
    Since the Archangels do gang-up on magic users, it may be best to have
    fighters buy the special elemental machettes and use them in this fight.
    Even with these tricks, you will still die a couple of times. Be 
    patient and you will win.
         The main boss is Power, and he will not stay still while you fight
    the Archangels. He will come at you with his spear thrusts, the Heatwave
    attack, Hama, or even Megido. Megido itself will take off well over a
    hundred and twenty HP, so try to keep your life in the green. Power is
    also weak against Psyche, but his high HP will keep him from dying too
    quickly. If you followed my instructions and took off any blunt weaponary,
    you will not have to worry about how Power reflects blunt force.
         Once the battle is over, you will receive a two hundred thousand
    experience bonus, which will hopefully cover any experience loss you
    may have suffered earlier. If not, you will get another bonus when you
    report to Yamamoto. For a shortcut to Shinjuku, talk to Mikanagi, who
    appeared in the room after the fight ended. He will teleport you to
    the front of Central Command.
         Once you reported to Yamamoto and received your experience bonus of
    five hundred thousand, you may think the Act is over, but there is still
    one thing left to do. You must leave Central Command. Doing so will
    allow you to see one final cutscene and will allow you to access Act Ten.
    Story Synopsis:
         This is your first meeting with Setsu, an Innocent who happens to be
    Azura's older brother. Setsu asks you to investigate Cell Tower, a
    luxury hotel that has become a nesting ground for devils. Setsu feels
    that something is very different about Cell Tower from other dungeons, and
    wants to find out what it is.
         An old man greets you at the entrance, but asks you to leave. His
    master is currently absent, and cannot offer anything to you. Needless
    to say, you move on.
         Other DBs have been assigned to the investigation, all of whom have
    their own reactions:
         -Yamaguchi find that there are many angels here and decides to stay
          back. Yamaguchi teams up with a Principality, and does not want to
          hurt his feelings by killing his fellow angels.
         -Kanou calls Yamaguchi a wimp and goes back to hunting.
         -Watanabe got ditched by Mikanagi and now worries about coming
          out alive.
         -Matsuda wonders why Setsu has has emotions and a high ranking, even
          though he is an Innocent.
         -Satou complains about how all the angels in the dungeons counter
          her fighting style.
         -The Kind DB is just amazed by how strong Mikanagi is.
         -Mikanagi appears again. He finds out that you are now licensed
          and welcomes you.
         At the end, the old man from before appears, and he is mad. He turns
    into Power and attacks you. You defeat him though, and the Power asks
    his master to throw down the wrath of a Lightning god down on you before
    he dies.
         Ultimately, the only thing you learned about Cell Tower is that
    is full of angels. Setsu thanks you for your cooperation. However as
    you leave, Setsu mumbles to himself, "Is there someone else other
    then me who can make dungeons?" Setsu suspects it is the protector
    of the Jewel of the Ten Commandments.
    Act Ten-Azura's Search
         This Act is also a quick run through a dungeon and a boss battle.
    Bring a party along for this. Luckily, this boss battle is not nearly
    as hard as the previous Act.
         After you talk to Yamamoto, head back to Third Home and talk to
    Snakeman. He should give you the Kingdom plate(王国) for Suginami
    Dungeon. Head over to the dungeon, but be sure to have access to
    some form of lightning attack before you go.
         Much like the previous event dungeon, this dungeon is very
    straight-forward and there are few battles between the entrance and
    the boss room. Still, you must travel to the side rooms of the first
    floor in order to get two cross-shaped keys, which you need in order
    to advance to the boss. Each side room will spawn either Fornecous
    or Dekarabia when you enter. Defeat all the enemies in the room will
    cause a chest containing a key to appear. Once you have both keys, move
    on to the next floor.
         Here, you will bump into Azura, who gives you a little extra story
    background. You are not obligated to talk to her, so feel free to go
    right to the teleporter behind her.
         This is the final floor before you reach the boss room. Most
    veterans of Suginami Dungeon will recognize this floor as the one where
    you must go down both the left and right paths before you can enter
    the bottom-center door. Luckily, all the doors are open here, so you
    can run past any enemies that spawn here if you so wish. When you
    reach the locked door, make sure the person who has Act Ten active
    be the one to use the keys you collected earlier. Otherwise, you
    will not be able to open the door.
         Now for the boss battle against Eligos(エリゴール) and a team of
    Fornecous. Eligos is weak against all lightning attacks, and the
    Fornecous are weak against all fire and lightning attacks. While the
    enemies here are not as strong as the ones you faced in Act Nine, you
    should not charge in. Instead, try to separate Eligos from the others.
         If you noticed, there is a barrier between you and the enemies. Use
    it to your advantage. Eligos is much more aggressive then his minions, and
    will attack anyone who charges magic, so he will come running right for you.
    Let him follow you to the area behind the barrier, and let your other team
    members pummel the boss. The remaining Fornecous are the same as the ones you
    faced in the side-rooms of this dungeon, so they should not be a challenge.
         Once you finished watching the cutscene you will be rewarded with
    a two hundred thousand experience bonus and a chance to heavily affect your
    alignment. An NPC called the Crystal of the Kingdom(王国のクリスタル)
    will have appeared in the middle of the map. It will give you three
    questions that can easily swing your alignment to Law or Chaos. I would
    take this moment to think about which alignment. When you are 
    ready, talk to the crystal.
         The first question is, "What will you do with the Jewel of the Gods?"
    You can answer:
                1)Protect it-Shift to Law
                2)Take it-Shift to Chaos
          The second question asks, "What do you desire?"
    The answers are:
                1)Peace-Shift to Law
                2)Power-Shift to Chaos
        The final question asks, "What do you think is necessary for this world?"
    These are the three answers:
                1)Absolute Law-Shift to Law
                2)Undeniable Power-Shift to Chaos
         Once you made your choice, talk to Azura, who also appeared when the
    boss was defeated. She will teleport you to Shinjuku Babel, where you
    report to Yamamoto. Do so and you will be treated to a cutscene, as well
    as to an experience bonus.
    Story Synopsis:
         Yamamoto sends you to Third Home to check up on Azura. It turns
    out she ran off to Suginami Dungeon in search of that "something" that
    was mentioned in Act Four. You will have to go after her.
         There are plenty of Fallen Angels this time around, and they are
    surprised that there are humans are around. Just beat them and move on
    to find Azura. She seems bent on finding whatever it is she is after, and
    is sure that she is close.
         Moving on, you will find Eligor and a Laughing Skull. The Skull
    is easily dispatched, and a crystal skull appears in it place. According
    to Eligor, it is the Jewel of the Ten Commandments, which creates a
    pact with the Creator. Eligor then notices you, and a fight over the
    jewel ensues.
         Eligor is defeated, much to the surprise of Setsu and the other
    72 Devils of Solomon. No pity is shown for Eligor, and Oze and the
    others swear to get the Jewel.
         The Jewel itself appears and demands you to answer its three questions.
    During th final question, the Jewel calls itself "The Kingdom Crystal" and 
    forms a pact with you. Azura sends you back to Shinjuku, where you present
    the Jewel to Setsu. Setsu sets out to analyze it, but the face that
    he has when he turns his back might suggest that he has other plans.
    As Setsu walks away, he is weary of your strength and how strong you
    will become in the future.
    Act Eleven-Azura's Training
         For the amount of bonues experience you can receive, this quest
    is amazingly simple. If you can understand the story, enjoy a few laughs.
         After talking with Yamamoto, you will be sent to Snakeman in Third
    Home. Your job is to bring Azura back to Shinjuku.
         While you were gone, Azura has been training to be a Devil Buster.
    Snakeman will hand you the VB-C card. Use it on the far-right terminal.
         After the cutscene, talk to Azura and you will recieve the
    S-COMP Custom(S-COMP改). Exit the room and show it to Snakeman.
    You must now head out to Third Home and talk to NPCs to help
    repair the COMP.
         First talk to バイト君, the Third Home Accessory Shop NPC.
    He is the rapper NPC in the armory. Select
    the new option that has appeared, which should read
    S−COMPの修理について. Keep this phrase in mind for the next few NPCs.
    Now go to DB Kanou (DBカノウ), who will direct you to
    DB Yamaguchi(DBヤマグチ). Now go to the guard that is by the
    computer terminal in the Third Home warehouse. It is
    the same computer you used for Acts Three and Seven.
         The S-COMP should now be repaired. Talk to Snakeman, who will
    now give you another VB-C card. This time, it is possible for
    party members to follow you in.
         Talk to Azura and you will now be treated to another cutscene.
    Once that is done, talk to Snakeman and you will be sent to the next
    room. Here, Snakeman tries to summon two Kodamas, but hits the wrong
    button and insteads summons two Fenrirs. You must now take out both
         If you brought a party with you, then this fight should be very
    easy. The Fenrirs are not aggressive, so there is no need to take on
    both at once. Fenrir is weak to all gun types, and will reflect all
    fire attacks. Your reward for beating both beasts will be one hundred
    thousand experience points. This experience bonus will be given to
    all party members.
         Talk to Snakeman and you will be sent back to Shinjuku after the
    cutscene. Report to Yamamoto to complete the Act. You will recieve
    three hundred thousand experience points.
    Story Synopsis:
         Setsu is surprised that Azura actually found the Kingdom Crystal, but
    worries that she may cause trouble if she gets in too deep. Andoras
    is sent to retrieve Azura from Third Home. For whatever reason, Yamamoto
    also sends you out again to get Azura.
         Azura herself seems to be enjoying her stay at Third Home. She has
    started Devil Buster basic training and is attempting to capture a
    Pixie, but fails. Azura suspects her COMP to be broken, a suspicion
    that is confirmed when Snakeman finds an error in the COMP's
    negotiation program. You are now sent out to help fix the programming
    of the device.
         Even when the COMP was repaired, Azura failed because she's too
    weak. As Azura starts to wonder if her being an Innocent has anything to
    do with her failure, Andoras teleports in. Azura recognizes Andoras
    as the "weak devil" you took out some time ago, and decides to try
    her luck with the fallen angel.
         Andoras is taken by surprise and initially resists Azura's
    requests, but caves in after taking a look into the young girl's eyes.
    Now with her own devil, Snakeman moves Azura on to battle training.
         Snakeman decides to use two Kodamas as practice opponents, but
    accidently summons two Fenrirs instead. Nonetheless, Snakeman asks
    Azura to take on the two Fenrirs and give it her all. This is where
    you come in.
         After saving Azura from a man that temporarily went senile, Snakeman
    starts making excuses, telling Azura "I just hit the wrong button."
    Snakeman decides to pass Azura, but does a double-take when he notices
    Andoras, a devil that Snakeman did not release into the training room.
    Andoras must have been standing to Snakeman's left the entire time.
         The owl-man finally explains his mission, and Snakeman says his
    goodbyes to Azura. He then turns to you and explains how Azura clearly
    has emotions and her own will, although this is something you already
    figured out. Before sending you back to Shinjuku, Snakeman asks that
    you take care of Azura.
         Back in Shinjuku, Azura meets up with Setsu and asks about the
    Kingdom Crystal. She has been searching for it for a while, in hopes
    of helping out with the Revival of Tokyo. She then goes on to talk about
    her DB training and her new devil, a story that puts Andoras on the
    spot. Even though it is his own sister, Setsu is obviously not pleased
    that his devil switched masters. 
    Act Twelve-The Visionary of the Past
         This Act will send you into the Shinjuku Docks. To be specific, the
    southern part of the Docks that can only be accessed by players who
    are level thirty or above. If you have not reached that level, come
    back to this Act later.
         After you take the job from Yamamoto, you will receive a DCR card.
    Talk to the Elevator Girl, who is standing right in front of the giant
    TV tower that is in the middle of Shinjuku. 
          Select シンジュクドックに行く and you will be in the underground
    field. Head to X12/Y25 of the map for a cutscene. The door cannot
    be opened due to a lack of power. You must now head to X16/Y30
    of the map.
         Enter the door and you should see DB Saitou(DBサイトウ) to
    your right. Talk to her and you should receive on of five
    colored cards. Remember what color you got. It will be
    important later.
         This area does not have any strong devils, but every enemy
    here is highly aggressive. Do not be surprised if seven Lillims
    and Alps start attacking you all at once. I recommend a party, so
    that some attention is drawn away from you. 
         Your goal is to head to the computer that is at the end of this
    passageway, but I recommend that you gather all five colored cards
    before you do so. You should have gotten either a blue, red, yellow,
    white, or black card from Saitou. The remaining colors are dropped
    by the floating gun turrets that wander this passageway. They are
    weak to all lightning attacks.
         Once you gotten a copy of each card, head over to the computer.
    You must now insert all the colored cards in a certain order before
    power is restored. However, the order you must put them in is
    randomly chosen from five different patterns. Secondly, if you insert
    a card out of order, one step of the sequence will be reset, and you
    must reinsert the last correct color. The two NPCs in this
    passageway will give you the following clues:
    1)The color that comes after yellow is either black or red.
    2)The card color you recieved from Saitou is the first color
      of your sequence.
         If you do not want to figure out the pattern, here is a table
    for you to look at.
    If you received...    | Your pattern is...            | 
    Red(レッド)               |No patterns will start with Red
    Blue(ブルー)              |Blue, Yellow, Black, Red, White
    Yellow(イエロー)           |Yellow, Black, Red, White, Blue
    White(ホワイト)            |White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black
    Black(ブラック)            |Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue
         If you happened to have forgotten which card you received, there
    is still a way to know how you are doing even without understanding of
    Japanese. Everytime you insert a card, you will get a message. If the
    message has 成功 in it and a 1, you have succedded in disengaging one
    lock. If the message has 失敗 and a 1, you have failed and the previous
    lock has ben re-engaged. If the message only has 失敗, then you have
    failed and you are at the beginning of the chain. 
         Once that is done, you will recieve an experience bonus.
    Return to the previous door that could not open and you will
    be sent to a new room. After the cutscene, click on the Innocent
    on the ground and you will recieve the Visionary story item.
    Return to Yamamoto and you will recieve three hundred thousand
    experience points as a reward for clearing this Act.
    Story Synopsis:
         General Yamamoto sends you to Shinjuku Docks to recover some
    data that may help with the Revival of Tokyo. He originally
    sent an Innocent, but since the Innocent is late in returning, you
    are sent to find out what happened.
         Shinjuku Docks was originally an underground power plant that
    was used when the city first started construction. There is also
    a place that is used for data storage.Now the Docks were slowly abandoned
    and is now full of devils. 
         Azura tries to come along, but is stopped by Setsu and Yamamoto, who
    does not want Azura going into any place dangerous. It's just you
    and three other DBs that went ahead of you.
         One of those DBs is Mikanagi, who is in front of the terminal room.
    Power to the door has been cut, so you have to restore it.
         Once inside, you find the bodies of guards and the Innocent, who holds
    a visionary in his lifeless hand. Apparently they were shot by the
    flying gun turrents that malfunctioned.
         Setsu replays the visionary you recovered, and finds a visual of
    Hisasaka, the creator of the Innocents and one of the Seven Wisemen.
    Hisasaka dissapeared during the construction of Shinjuku Babel, so
    Setsu and Azura has never actually met the person who is technically
    their father. Even so, they can't help but feel joy at being able
    to see a visual of their creator.
    Act Thirteen-Emmissary to the Messians/Gaians
         This quest is split into a Law path and a Chaos path. Although
    the characters and devils you will be fighting differ, the general flow
    of this Act will be the same.
         Although you are forced to choose between the two alignments, it
    is still possible to stay Neutral, as long as you choose the right
    answers for this Act's alignment choices. However, you will miss the
    chance to gain a strong devil, as well as miss an important Story Item
    that will allow you to fuse Surt or Uriel.
         Talk to Yamamoto in Shinjuku and choose to undertake the Act. After
    doing so, he will give you a choice to go to either the Messians or Gaians.
    The Messians are a group that represents Law in this game, while the
    Gaians represent Chaos.
         If you choose to go to the Messians(メシア教団), then start heading to
    Arcadia, a town that is located past the Shibuya and Shinagawa field maps.
        The Gaians(ガイア教団) are located past the Ichigaya field map and
    in the Ueno field map. It is generally recommended that you stay
    from Ueno during the night time.
         If you have never been to Ueno or Shinagawa, refer to the Sidequests
    section below and read up on the quests that will give you the maps for
    the area.
         Once you reach the town of your choice, head to the back of the town
    and talk to the NPC that is standing guard. If you got the town map, you
    can refer to the coordinates for the NPCs. 
    If you do not have the map, just
    head straight after entering the town and keep on going.
         Talk to the NPC and show him your identification
    (____に入る). You will now be able to talk with the
    leader of the alignment you are meeting with. He will hand you a plate and
    send you out to their alignment's Obelisk.
         If you are on the Law route of this game, head to the Obelisk in
    Shibuya. If you are Chaos, head to Ichigaya's Obelisk. These are the
    same Obelisks that you went to during Act Eight. Once there, talk to
    the Innocent and hand him the plate you 
    received(仕事の話をする). You will now be thrown into a boss fight.
    You will be able to take a party into the fight. Note that you cannot
    enter the boss battle if you do not have a slot in your COMP.
    [Law Route Boss-Uriel]
         You will fight Uriel, along with The Messenger of Divinity
    Angel, Archangel, Power, and Virtue. These Messenger of Divinity
    types are the exact same types that come out in Shinagawa during
    the New Moon, so watch out. Luckily, they have the same weaknesses
    as their regular versions.
         Uriel himself is weak to Curse attacks such as Mudo and Ice. Do
    not use any fire attacks, since Uriel will absorb them.
         After the battle, talk to Uriel and you will be given a series
    of three questions. Choose carefully, since the results will radically
    change your alignment as well as decide whether or not you get a new
    1:何のために戦っているのか(What do you fight for?)
    a)平和を得るため(For Peace.)-Shift to Law
    b)自由を得るため(For Freedom.)-Shift to Chaos
    (Will you assist the Messiah when he arrives?)
    (I will assist the Messiah.)-Shift to Law
    (I will not assist the Messiah.)-Shift to Chaos
    (Do you swear to fight for the Thousand Year Kingdom?)
    a)誓う(I swear.)-Shift to Law
    b)誓わない(I do not.)-Shift to Chaos
    3B[If you picked B for question 2]
    When the time comes, who will you side with?
    a)悪魔(Devils)-Shift to Chaos?
    b)共同体社会(The Collective)-Neutral
         If you answered A to all three questions, you will receive an
    Undeveloped Uriel, as well as Uriel's plugin. The plugin is a Story
    Item that will only take space on the plugin list, so only worry about
    having an extra space in your COMP for your new devil.
    [Chaos Route Boss-Surt]
         You will be fighting Surt, along with four Mutated Fenrirs.
    The Mutated Fenrirs here the same as the ones from Suginami Gold, although
    they do not seem to be as aggressive. They are weak to any type of
    gun attack, so be sure to have a gunner in your party.
         Surt will use various fire attacks, as well as use magic that
    will lower your stats. As with any fire devil, he is weak to Ice and
    absorbs Fire.
         After the battle, talk to Surt and you will be given a series
    of three questions. Choose carefully, since the results will radically
    change your alignment as well as decide whether or not you get a new
    1:何のために戦っているのか(What do you fight for?)
    a)平和を得るため(For Peace.)-Shift to Law
    b)自由を得るため(For Freedom.)-Shift to Chaos
    2:悪魔による自由を選ぶか(Will you choose a freedom that is by devils?)
    a)選ぶ(I will.)-Shift to Chaos
    b)選ばない(I will not.)-Shift to Law
    (When the time goes to fight God, will you join hands with devils that
    have been shunned by him?)
    a)悪魔と手を結ぶ(I will.)-Shift to Chaos
    b)悪魔と手を結ばない(I will not.)-Shift to Law
    3B[If you picked B for question 2]
    When the time comes, who will you side with?
    a)共同体社会(The Collective)-Neutral
    b)救世主(The Savior)-Shift to Law
         If picked all the Chaos answers, you will receive an
    Undeveloped Surt, as well as Surt's plugin. The plugin is a Story
    Item that will only take space on the plugin list, so only worry about
    having an extra space in your COMP for your new devil.
    [Route Convergence]
         After you completed the boss fight, return to Yamamoto for an
    experience bonus. You  have now complted Act Thirteen.
    Story Synopsis:
         When you are talking to Yamamoto, you notice that Setsu and Azura
    are still looking at the visionary that you previously recovered. The
    chance to see their father has glued them to the screen in Central
         Returning to the topic at hand, Yamamoto wants to coordinate
    the actions of the Gaians and Messians in the investigation regarding
    the attacks on Second Home and Third Home. Due to the lack of time, you
    can only be a messanger to one group.
         Regardless of which group you go to, you will be sent to one of the
    two Obelisks to be tested in a spirit world. Each spirit world has a
    boss, who is interested in what you think the best approach for the
    Revival of Tokyo is. Here, you will learn more about the beliefs of each
         The Messians wish to bring about peace. To do so, they believe that
    a world with an omnipotent ruler and absolute law is necessary to create
    the safe enviorment needed for peace. To that extent, the Messians and
    Uriel's God strive to create the Thousand Year Kingdom.
         Regardless of who you talk to, the leader will inform you of what they
    know about the woman that attacked Third Home. Her name is Ogami, and she
    also attacked Second Home, taking with her several Innocents. Apparently
    Innocents can be changed into devils because they themselves are very much
    like devils. Knowing this, it is theorized that Ogami is trying to revive
    something by inserting it into Innocents.
         When you report to Yamamoto, you will see a scene with Ogami and a pile
    of Innocents. The bodies of the Innocents are placed in front of a Shinto
    alter that is flanked by statues of Jikokuten and Koumokuten.
         Setsu himself is not happy that someone is trying to use Innocents as
    a vessel for some unknown entity. He has gathered Innocents and armed them
    with rifles in an effort to strengthen themselves. Azura is more reluctant
    about arming her fellow Innocents, but Setsu assures her that their power
    will only be used to bring about the Revival of Tokyo.
    Act Fourteen-Worship
         Yamamoto will send you out to the ruins of Second Home in search of
    any clues regarding the whereabouts of Ogami. Second Home is located on
    the Shinagawa field map.
         Head over to X22Y17 of Shinagawa and talk to the Temple Knight
    Fukagami(テンプルナイト フタガミ). Select 仕事の話をする and you will get a
    short conversation about the previous attack on Second Home. You will then
    be prompted to enter the fenced-off entrance area of Second Home.
         Do so and you will be at the bottom of the slope. Assuming that
    your camera is behind your character, the entrance of Second Home
    should be out in front of you. Your goal here is not to go to that
    entrance, so do not try. The enemies here are very aggressive and
    will immediately surround you. Instead, walk up the slope and start
    killing the enemies that are along the path. Every Shikigami, Taraaka
    and Oni here have a chance of dropping a ripped orange charm called
    破れたドウマン呪符. You need to gather three of these. Once you have
    them, walk up the slope and go up to the wood fence. You will be
    sent back in front of Fukagami.
         Note that the devils in this pit are stronger then their
    regular versions, and much more agressive. I recommend you
    enter this pit while on a mount. That way you won't be attacked and
    you get a chance to situate yourself. Remember that the Oni(the red
    giants with clubs) are weak to Sorcery(魔力) and Psyche(神経).
    The Taraakas(Four-armed women with swords) are weak to Ice, and
    the Shikigami(Floating paper creatures) are weak to Fire and
    Wind. You will be seeing these devils for the next few Acts, so
    remember their weaknesses.
         Talk to Fukagami again, but this time say no when prompted to
    go down to the Second Home entrance. A conversation about the charms
    you gathered will occur, and you will then be prompted to teleport
    back to Shinjuku. If you already got three charms from someone before
    starting this Act, you can skip gathering them and move directly to
    this section.
         Once back in Shinjuku, Talk to Yamamoto. He will take your charms
    and give you a picture of the tatoo Ogami has on her left hip. Your
    job now is to find someone who has a similar tatoo. To answer to this
    mystery will be in the next paragraph.
         Head over to Ichigaya Bunker, which is at X17Y23 of the Ichigaya
    field map. Talk to the female NPC that is next to this dungeon's terminal
    and you will get a cutscene featuring Ogami. The photo of Ogami's tatoo
    will be taken from you and in return the Worship plate will be given. Use
    it on the terminal.
         You are now in the boss room of Ichigaya Bunker. The fight will not
    begin until later though. First talk to Ogami and you will get a long
    cutscene that covers Ogami's origin story. Once you are done watching, talk
    to Azura and you will be prompted to start the end sequence for this Act.
         You will now be on the groud floor of Ichigaya Bunker. You have a
    twenty minute time limit to get from where you are now to the second to
    the last room that is on the other side of the map. If you fail, you will
    have to start from the beginning again. The devils here will spawn several
    times, but nearly all of them are devils you have seen before. The only new
    enemy will be the Assassin. The Assassin has somewhat high HP, and is weak
    to Holy attacks.
         Along the way, you will notice that the door to the elevator is
    locked. If you hit the switch that is in the next room, you will
    release the security on it and five treasure boxes will appear. Each
    box contains one White Cloth item. The item description suggests that
    it is a certain someone's fudonshi. A fudonshi is traditional Japanese
    underwear. While this "treasure" has no practical use as of right now, a
    time may come when this joke item can be used. You do not need to get
    the item to complete this Act, but you do have the time to pick it up,
    go ahead and take it if you want.
         Once you reach your goal, the clock will stop and you can take your
    time to prepare for and fight the boss that is in the next room. You will
    be fighting Shiki-Ouji(シキオウジ), along with the same type of Taarakas, Onis
    and Shikigamis that have appeared before in this Act. Shiki-Ouji is weak
    to Fire, Pierce, and Slash. Shiki-Ouji has high HP, and the minion devils
    will spawn a couple of times. It is best to just have one fighter deal
    with the boss while the rest of the team gets rid of the minions. Once
    the minions are gone, feel free to gang up on the boss.
         Once you are done, you can walk out to the lobby of Ichigaya Bunker.
    To finish this quest, just return to Yamamoto and report. However, there
    is still one more joke treasure that you can pick up. Talk to the female
    NPC here and select 仕事の話をする once more and you will be given the
    Guard's Treasure. It's only a picture of Ogami though. While it does
    show Ogami in a cool pose, there's not much use for this, at least for now.
    As with the White Cloth, take this only if you want it. If you report to
    Yamamoto first before talking to the guard, you will loose the chance to
    get this one-of-a-kind item.
    Story Synopsis:
         This Act is essentially the mandatroy origin story that we see in
    most comic books. Here, we will find out why Ogami has been killing
         The act starts will Setsu training his fellow Innocents to combat
    the assailant that wants their bodies. All the Innocents are armed, and
    obey Setsu's command. Azura has some qualms about arming the Innocents, but
    Setsu reassures her that the power that is being gathered her will be put
    towards the greater good and the Revival of Tokyo.
         Meanwhile, you the player will be sent to Second Home, or what remains
    of it. Ogami attacked Third Home's sister city some time ago, leaving the
    place in ruins. While some time has passed, you are still sent there in
    hopes of finding some sort of clue that has been left over.
         What you found where broken charms, which were used to control the
    devils that attacked both Second Home and Third Home. Yamamoto takes them
    to study further and then sends you out to follow another lead.
         This new lead is the tatoo that Ogami has on her left hip. A shot
    of it has been taken from Third Home's survellince tapes and enlarged.
    You must now find someone who has something similar, in hopes of finding
    Ogami's hideout. Azura also tags along.
         The people who have similar tatoos would be the female guards at
    Ichigaya Bunker. The guard that has been napping next to the terminal
    does a lousy job of denying any connection to Ogami, but even that
    pitiful effort is utterly wasted when Ogami shows up and invites you
    into their hideout. In the hideout, you will find piles of the corpses
    of Innocents, something that disraughts Azura.
         Here, Ogami talks about her past. She was a refugee that was taken
    in by the Messians some time ago. She was a devout Messian, until the day
    she found out that the Tokyo Flood was a disaster that was the Messians
    themselves caused.
         Disgusted by the Messian's god, Ogami then left the Messians for
    the Gaians. Ogami believes in the Gaian's doctrine of using power to
    overcome the dictatorship of gods, but left the organization when she
    felt that the leaders of the Gaians did nothing but talk.
         In her search for true power, Ogami began researching the past in
    hopes of finding an individual with true power. When she did find that
    certain someone, Ogami set up camp at the man's former base and began
    experiments in summoning the dead. To that extent, Ogami has been gathering
    the bodies of Innocents in an attempt to place that certain someone's
    soul into a new vessal.
         During this, Setsu is slowly preparing his Innocent army. His troops
    are moving out and are ready at any time to strike down Ogami.
         While it is not mentioned in this game, anyone who has played the
    first Shin Megami Tensei will know that the certain someone that Ogami
    and others refer to is Gotou. Gotou was a general in the Japanese Self
    Defense Forces and tried to utilize the power of devils to fight off
    the foreign influences that were invading his country. However, he was
    ultimately foiled by the Hero and his ambitions were put to an end.
         Gotou is portrayed as a master swordsman and wears only a fundonshi.
    Because of this, it is generally believed that Gotou is based of the
    real-life Japanese author Yukio Mishima, an extreme right-wing pundant
    who also showed off his swordsmanship and traditional underwear once.
    Some time after, Mishima sliced his gut open in ritual suicideat the
    JDSF's Eastern Command Headquarters, which happened to be located
    in Ichigaya.
    Act Fifteen-The Captured
         Before you are given the option to take this quest, you will be
    given a quick cutscene when you first talk to Yamamoto. Once you
    accept this Act, head over to the Elevator Girl. She is the NPC
    that stands in front of the Alto Vision, the big TV on the tower.
    You talked to her to get into the Shinjuku Docks. Select
    仕事の話をする and you will be sent to the event dungeon.
         The dungeon for this Act is small, and you will encounter
    the same Shikigamis, Onis, and Taraakas that appeared in the
    previous Act. Shikigamis are weak to Fire and Wind(衝撃), Taraakas
    are weak against Ice, and Onis are weak to Psyche(神経) and
         Your first goal is to flip four switches on the eastern side
    of this map. The coordinates for the switches are as follows:
         E1:X24Y20     E2:X25Y21
         E3:X25Y20     E4:X26Y20
         The switches are essentially set up so that one is on each
    direction of the compass.
         After you have done that, you must now go meet up with
    DB Saitou. She is in the room at X31Y22. If you came here
    before hitting all four switches, the door would have remained
         Once you enter, the door will be locked behind you and
    a handful of devils will spawn and attack. Once you are done
    taking care of the enemies, talk to DB Saitou. To get out
    of this room, just hit the switch in this room and the door
    will unlock.
         Your next goal is to go to the west side of this floor and
    hit the four switches that are there. Since the west side of
    the floor is a mirror image of the east side, the switches will
    also be in the same areas.
         If you are interested in random treasure, you can go to
    X17Y17 and talk to the Innocent NPC there. He will give you
    an item called the Valuable Card. It cannot be passed on to
    other players, and can be sold in shops for five thousand
    makka. Like the Fudonshi item from Act Fourteen, there are no
    real uses for this item.
         Once you have hit the switches, head over to the lower-left
    room and prepare for the final battle. It is against a bunch
    of the devils that have infested this dungeon, one Assasin, and
    a handful of Undeveloped Shiki-Oujis. The Assasin herself is weak
    to Holy(破魔), and the Shiki-Oujis are weak to Fire.
         Unlike other boss room devils, the Shiki-Oujis here can actually
    be captured. They are level forty-seven. Other then learning Megido
    at level sixty-seven and having a high growth rate, there is nothing
    paticularly special about this devil. Capture it only if you are
    a collector or you are trying to make Devil Crystals.
         After the battle, your party will all gain two hundred thousand
    bonus experience. Return to Yamamoto and you will receive
    five hundred thousand experience.
    Story Synopsis:
         The final preparations for the assault on Ogami's hideout is
    underway and all is well, until there is a tremor from underground.
    There has been an attack on the Shinjuku Docks, and all lines of
    communication have been cut.
         It turns out that it is Ogami's minions, who were attempting
    to reach the underground Innocent factory. If you remember from
    Act Fourteen, Ogami is attempting to ressurect a certain man
    by placing his soul within a vessel that is made out of Innocents.
         The factory itself is much lower then the B10 floor that was
    attacked, but the security locks had to be released before anyone
    could have reached the place. You stopped the Assasin before she
    finished opening up the gates.
         Mikanagi shows up and detains the Assasin for questioning. Both
    Mikanagi and Yamamoto believe that the attack on Shinjuku Docks is
    a sign that Ogami's organization is starting to feel pressure to finish 
    their project. For now, all you can do is wait for the final battle.
    Act Sixteen-Spiral waltz
         The first half of this Act will have you going through
    the route you did not choose for Act Thirteen. For information
    on the battle and the questions that come after it, refer back
    to Act Thirteen.
    //NOTE:Mot's Plugin "Gateway to Hell"//
         During this Act, it is possible to gain the plugin for
    the Neutral devil Mot. This plugin will be given to you by
    Yamamoto after you finished visiting Souhonzan and Arcadia.
    However, you can only get it if you answered the questions for
    the Surt and uriel battles in a certain way. You will have to
    remember what you did during Act Thirteen, and then adjust
    for the Act Sixteen if you want the plugin.
    Here are the different patterns that will get you the plugin:
    A)You answered in a Neutral fashion for Act Thirteen, and then
      answered Neutral once more for Act Sixteen.
      Example:For Act Thirteen, I decide to fight Uriel. After the
              fight, I answer his questions in a way that keeps me
              Neutral(ie A,B,B). For Act Sixteen, I go fight Surt
              and I also answer his questions in a way that makes
              me Neutral(ie B,B,B).
    B)You answer favorably for one alignment during Act Thirteen, and
      then answer favorably for the other alignment during Act Sixteen.
      Example:For Act Thirteen, I decide to fight Uriel. After the
              fight, I answer his questions in a way that keeps me
              Law(ie A,A,A). For Act Sixteen, I go fight Surt
              and I also answer his questions in a way that makes
              me Chaos(ie B,A,A).
    Apparently the order for the questions in Act Sixteen is different then
    the order in Act Thirteen. If you are aiming for the Mot plugin, do not
    just hit BAA. Instead, pay attention to the characters and match the answer
    to the effect you want. 
    If you have screenshots of the questions, feel free to send them to me, so I
    can make proper adjustments.
         Report to Yamamoto to start the Act. He will ask you to
    go to Souhonzan and talk to the Chaos leader Doukan. He's in the same
    place as Act Thirteen. Just head to the back of the town, past
    the stairs, and select the second option for the NPC that is
    standing at the castle gates.
         What happens next depends on what you did during Act Thirteen.
    If you were an emissary for the Gaians and fought Surt, you can
    go ahead and return to Yamamoto for the next part of the Act.
         If you did not fight Surt, you will fight him now. You will
    be handed a red plate and you will have to go to the Ichigaya Obelisk.
    The procedure for the battle is the same as Act Thirteen. When you
    are done, return to Yamamoto.
         You will now be asked to go to Arcadia and talk to the Law leader
    Yuda. If you already fought Uriel, you can return to Yamamoto after
    having talked to Yuda. If not, you have to go to Shibuya and fight
    Uriel. This is basically the same pattern earlier.
         Now that you have visited both leaders, it is now time to
    go to the Ichigaya Bunker and take out Ogami. You will receive
    a special Ichigaya Bunker plate. It should have 降霊 within
    the parentheses. Head over to the dungeon and use the plate.
    It is the same place you went to for Act Fourteen.
         This dungeon is infested with the same devils that you have been
    fighting since Act Fourteen. This dungeon can get very long, so be
    sure to bring along lots of supplies. There are not shops inside
    the dungeon.
         You start on B1 of the dungeon. Your first goal is to get to
    the other side and go down the stairs to B2. There are several
    bodies that you can click scattered along the path, but you can
    ignore them. There should also be a switch in the corner of one
    of the rooms. Hit it and you should see a grid flash on top of
    the switch podium. I'll explain the purpose of this later.
         Head down the stairs past the armed Innocents and you will meet
    with Mikanagi. He's preparing to go into the boss room to stop Ogami, but
    the door is locked. Also, he wants you to relay messages to the Gaians
    and Messians. You must now unlock the door and be a messenger boy.
         To unlock the door, you need to hit five switches. One of them
    was the one I told you to hit earlier. The remaining four are all
    on B6, the same floor where all the Gaians and Messians are. When you
    hit a switch, it will react in the same way as the first one you hit.
    The red light will not switch to green, so you don't bother trying
    to hit the button twice.
         Head back to B1 and go use the elevator to go to B6. The Messians
    are on the left side of the map, while the Gaians are on the right side.
    It doesn't matter which side you start on.
         Each side as two switches. When you hit all the switches on one
    side, new devils will respawn on that paticular side. I don't recommend
    that you split up. Lastly, all players that have started this part of Act
    Sixteen must talk to all the Messians and Gaians here. It does not matter
    who used the plate to make the event dungeon.
         First you have to talk to the commanding officer of a paticular
    alignment, then you have to talk to their two subordinates. If you
    try talking to a subordinate before talking to their officer, the
    game will not recognize that you delivered the message. Here are the
    coordinates of the officer and subordinates:
             Law            |         Chaos
    Officer-Hiragii X15Y17  | Officer-Toudou X26Y18
    Sub. A  X15Y21          | Sub. A  X27Y23
    Sub. B  X12Y21          | Sub. B  X24Y20
         Here are the switches on B6:
      X29Y29    X__Y__
      X24Y20    X__Y__
         Once you have hit all the switches and talked to the
    NPCs, return to Mikanagi and he will let you into the boss room.
    You will be facing the same minions before, but you will notice
    a new devil in the mix. It is Nue, and it is weak to fire.
         The boss itself is a possessed Ogami called 拝神. It does
    not have any paticular weaknesses, and will only attack you with
    the basic melee attack. Defeating the boss will end the
    battle, regarless of whether or not there are minions left over.
         You will notice that some of the minions will respawn
    after you take out a number of them. To stop this infinite
    respawn, hit the four switches that are in the four corners of
    this room. Note that you cannot touch the switches until you
    have killed a certain number of minions.
         Once the battle is over, talk to Mikanagi and you will get
    another cutscene. At the end of it, you will get to finish off
    Ogami, or spare her. Finishing her(止めを刺す) will move you
    to Chaos. Sparing her(止めを刺さない) will move you to Law.
         Either way, you will get another cutscene, after which you have
    to go report to Yamamoto. Yamamoto will hand you the Koutetsu Ver.2
    as well as the Class B DB License. The Koutetsu is a two-handed
    sword that has two customization slots, while the License is a
    story item that you will be needing in future Acts.
    Story Synopsis:
         The military might of Shinjuku, Arcadia, and Souhonzan are
    gathering at the Ichigaya Bunker. Even Azura heads out to the Bunker. 
    They are ready at any time to take on Ogami, but there are a few problems
    that have to be ironed out first.
         First, the Gaians want to take on Ogami by themselves. Since
    Ogami was a former Gaian, they feel obligated to take care of the
    situation themselves.
         Secondly, the Messians would prefer to maintain their own
    command structure, separate from the command structure of the
    unified forces.
         Both leaders of each side eventually agree to cooperate
    with the Collective, but only after you the player proved yourself
    to Surt and Uriel.
         The frontline commander of this operation is none other then
    Mikanagi, Shinjuku's top Devil Buster. You've already seen and
    heard about what kind of person he is from previous Acts. You will
    get to see more of it at the final battle.
         Speaking of which, you come in just in time for Ogami to complete
    the ritual that will bring back Gotou. However, there were some issues
    with the number of souls and Innocents. The souls of the weaker Innocents
    were sucked out of them, and Gotou ended up possessing Ogami's body.
         Once you defeat Ogami, Mikanagi suggests you end her suffering
    by finishing her off with her own katana. No matter what you do, Azura
    jumps in, asking that you at least spare her life. Mikanagi relents, and
    just stabs Ogami in her leg. No one bothers to recover her, simply because
    no one expects her to be able to recover from her wounds.
         Mikanagi asks that you take Ogami's blade to Yamamoto for analysis.
    However, Yamamoto sees nothing special about the blade, despite it having
    been used to summon Gotou. He asks that you hold on to it, and also
    issues you a B Class DB License. With it, you will be able to meet
    with the leaders of Souhonzan and Arcadia at any time.
         Meanwhile, Seth is reporting in to a person called Chairman
    Kojima. Every is going according to plan, and they Revival of Tokyo
    that they dream of is coming close. But, their plan seems to have
    a dirty side to it, something that causes Azura to steal the
    Kingdom Crystal and run off with it.
         Sidequests have no relevency to the main story, and are completely
    optional. However, many of them offer large prizes such as cash or alignment
    changes. It is recommended that you at least attempt the short ones at the
    very least.
    \\\\\\Third Home Quests\\\\\\\
    Snakeman's Presents
         This is more of giveaway then a sidequest. Whenever you reach or pass a 
    certain level, talk to Snakeman in the Virtual Battle and 
    select 近況報告する. It is under 話をする.
         If you are currently working on an Act, you will not have 
    access to this option, so be sure to finish any outstanding Acts
    before trying to get your present. 
         Here is the list of presents and the level you have to reach:
    -Brave Garm(勇敢なガルム):Complete the Basic Training tutorial quests.
                       -This Garm is one of a kind, and cannot be captured again.
                        This Garm is stronger and has better skills then its'
                        normal counterparts. It will still be of use even when 
                        you hit level twenty-five.
    -S-COMP:Reach level twenty.
                      -The S stands for Snakeman. This COMP will allow you to 
                       summon devils faster then regular COMPs, although the
                       extra speed will not help you if you do not summon in the
                       middle of a fight.
    -Undeveloped Cerberus(未熟なケルベロス)-Reach level thirty.
                      -Another one of a kind devil. The regular Cerberus can
                       only be obtained through fusion. Although undeveloped
                       devils have lower stats then their regular-sized 
                       counterparts, the undeveloped devils usually have 
                       access to better skills. This Cerberus is worth raising.
    -Storm Pixie, Blizzard Jack Frost, or Blaze Jack Lantern-Reach level forty.
                      -You may only choose one out of the three listed. Although
                       each of these three devils start at level one, they have
                       better immunities and will later learn high level spells
                       such as Megidoraon.
    Devil Compendium
         Although this is listed under Third Home, you can receive the
    Devil Compendium from any Jakyo Manor.
         In the Jakyo Manor, talk to the 悪魔研究士. If you accept
    his request to gather data on devils, you will receive the Devil Book
    Story Item. Unlike the Devil Compendium from previous Megaten games, you
    cannot summon devils from this book. However, you will receive
    talismans as rewards whenever you record a certain amount of devils
    into the book. Just select 悪魔全書を見せる when talking to
    the 悪魔研究士. The Talismans are equipment for the player that
    bestows stat bonuses to certain devils while they are summoned.
         To record a devil, you must do two things. First you must summon
    the devil you want to record. Second, you must have a
    Memory(メモリー) item. Each recordable devil has their own specific Memory. 
    The name of the devil will be placed before メモリー in the title
    of the item. Not all devils have a Memory yet, so be careful.
    Use the Memory item and the devil will be recorded.
         So for example, if I wanted to record Jack Frost to my
    Compendium, I would first summon any version of Jack Frost, and
    then use the Memory that has Jack Frost's name in the title.
    Here are a list of prizes, and how many devils it takes to get it:
    5     |Protection Talisman:4 Def to Angel, Pixie, Garm or Gaki.
    20    |Illusion Talisman:6 Mag to Phoenix, Datsueba, or Jack Bros.
    30    |Spirit Talisman:6 Mag to any 精霊 devil.
    40    |Horse Talisman:Melee+6 for Unicorn, Bicorn and Kelpi.
    50    |Voluptuous Talisman:+6 Def for Harpy and Harpy Sisters.
    60    |Corruption Talisman:+4 Def and M.Def for all Gedou devils.
    70    |Love Talisman:+4 Def and M.Def for all Goddess devils.
    80    |Dream Talisman:+4 Def and M.Def for all SeiJyuu devils.
    90    |Arrogance Talisman:+4 Def and M.Def for all Fallen Angels.
    100   |Extra COMP slot
         I will list the memories by the date they were implemented.
    Pixie:Buy from Third Home Jakyo Manor.
    Kodama:Buy from Third Home Jakyo Manor.
    Poltergeist:Buy from Shinjuku Jakyo Manor.
    Nozochi:Buy from Shinjuku Jakyo Manor.
    Apsaras:Buy from Shinagawa Jakyo Manor.
    Angel:Buy from Shinagawa Jakyo Manor.
    Mouryuu:Buy from Souhonzan Jakyo Manor.
    Gaki:Buy from Souhonzan Jakyo Manor.
    Jack Frost:Dropped by Jack Frost.
    Jack Lantern:Dropped by Jack Lantern.
    Archangel:Dropped by Archangel.
    Phoenix:Dropped by Phoenix.
    Cait Sith:Dropped by Cait Sith.
    Kahaku:Dropped by Kahaku.
    Garm:Dropped by Garm.
    Slime:Dropped by Undeveloped Slimes.
    Blob:Dropped by Blobs(Ueno only).
    Cocktarice:Dropped by Cocktarice.
    Datsueba:Dropped by Datsueba.
    Earthies:Buy from Yagi Shop in Suginami Bronze or Shibuya Quartz Bronze.
    Aireis:Buy from Yagi Shop in Cell Tower Bronze or Shibuya Quartz Bronze.
    Shiisaa:Buy from Yagi Shop in Suginami Silver or Shibuya Quartz Bronze.
    Hathor:Buy from Yagi Shop in Cell Tower Silver or Shibuya Quartz Bronze.
    Hou-Ou:Buy from Shibuya Quartz Bronze.
    Isora:Negotiation prize from Isora(Shinjuku Docks only).
    Dis:Negotiation prize from Dis(Shinjuku Docks only).
    Alp:Negotiation prize from Alp(Shinjuku Docks only).
    Naga:Negotiation prize from Isora(Shinjuku Docks only).
    Ghoul:Negotiation prize from Isora(Shinjuku Docks only).
    Orthrus:By from Third Home's Accessory NPC(Must have the same hairstyle as the
            ones sold by Third Home's NPC).
    Gyuki:By from Shinjuku's Accessory NPC(Must have the same hairstyle as the
            ones sold by Shinjuku's NPC).
    Coatlicue:By from Souhonzan's Accessory NPC(Must have the same hairstyle as the
            ones sold by Souhonzan's NPC).
    Jatayu:By from Arcaida's Accessory NPC(Must have the same hairstyle as the
            ones sold by Arcaida's NPC).
    Aquans:By from any Jakyo Manor during the FULL MOON.
    Cu Sith:Dropped by boss of Third Home's COMP-Hack.
    Inugami:Dropped by boss of Suginami Camp's COMP-Hack.
    Artemis:Dropped by Blob boss of Shinjuku's COMP-Hack.
    Baphomet:Dropped by Black Ooze boss of Shinjuku's COMP-Hack.
    Omoikane:Dropped by Slime boss of Shinjuku's COMP-Hack.
    Celeano:Complete Card Mania Spirit quest(Messian side).
    Ocypete:Complete Card Mania Spirit quest(Messian side).
    Kushinata-Hime:Complete Card Mania Spirit quest(Gaian side).
    Krasu-Tengu:Complete Card Mania Spirit quest(Gaian side).
    Flamies:Complete Card Mania Spirit quest(Either side).
    Gandharva:Buy from Suginami Yagi Shop during the New Moon.
    Bucca-Boo:Buy from Suginami Yagi Shop during the Full Moon.
    Kelpie:Buy from Nakano Yagi Shop during the New Moon.
    Bicorn:Buy from Nakano Yagi Shop during the Full Moon.
    Nocker:Buy from Shibuya Yagi Shop during the Full Moon.
    Maaha:Complete the Helping the Junkerman quest(Details below).
    Sudama:Complete the Helping the Junkerman quest(Details below).
    Nekomata:Complete the Helping the Junkerman quest(Details below).
    Setanta:Complete the Helping the Junkerman quest(Details below).
    Succubus:Complete the Helping the Junkerman quest(Details below).
    Lillim:Buy from Suginami Dungeon's G1 Trial Shop during the Full Moon.
    Black Ooze:Buy from Suginami Dungeon's G1 Trial Shop during the New Moon and
               1/8 Moon Phase.
    Laughing Skull:Buy from Ichigaya Bunker's G1 Trial Shop during the Half Moon
                   and between 5/8-2/8 of the waning Moon.
    Oncott:Buy from SCell Tower's G1 Trial Shop between 6/8-2/8 of the waning Moon.
    Elf:Buy from Suginami Dungeon's G1 Trial Shop during the Full Moon and 7/8
        Moon Phase.
    Yata-Garasu:Buy from Sanjyulman during the New Moon or Full Moon.
              (Complete Hoenheim's Embryo quest first)
    Lamia:Buy from Sanjyulman during the 1/8 or 7/8 Moon Phase.
              (Complete Hoenheim's Embryo quest first)
    Nandi:Buy from Sanjyulman during the 2/8 or 6/8 Moon Phase.
              (Complete Hoenheim's Embryo quest first)
    Kirin:Buy from Sanjyulman during the 3/8 or 5/8 Moon Phase.
              (Complete Hoenheim's Embryo quest first)
    Eligor:Buy from Sanjyulman during the Half Moon.
              (Complete Hoenheim's Embryo quest first)
    Power:G1 Trail Price(900 Tickets).
    Troll:Suginami Dungeon G1 Trail Price(600 Tickets).
    Koopa-Tengu:Cell Tower G1 Trail Price(600 Tickets).
    Harpy:Shibuya Quartz G1 Trail Price(600 Tickets).
    Momunofu:Momunofu G1 Trail Price(600 Tickets).
    Ogre:Randomly dropped by Cell Tower Bronze Boss.
    Tarasque:Randomly dropped by Cell Tower Silver Boss.
    Fury:Randomly dropped by Shibuya Quartz Bronze Boss.
    Kikuri-Hime:Randomly dropped by Ichigaya Bunker Bronze Boss.
    Yaksini:Randomly dropped by Ichigaya Bronze Silver Boss.
    Azumi:Dropped by Azumi.
    Oni:Dropped by Oni.
    Ganesha:Dropped by Ganesha.
    Aello:Dropped by Aello.
    Hakutaku:Dropped by Avatar of Power Hakutaku(Ichigaya Area Boss).
    Tanki:Dropped by Tanki(Sugnami Gold).
    Catoblepas:Dropped by Catoblepas(Suginami Gold).
    Fenrir:Dropped by Mutated Fenrir&Nightmare Fenrir(Suginami Gold).
    Cerberus:Dropped by Mutated Cerberus&Nightmare Cerberus(Suginami Gold).
    Mothman:Dropped by Giant Cerberus&Giant Orthrus(Suginami Gold).
    Pabilsag:Item Lottery prize from Defend Souhonzan and Arcaida Wars subquest.
    Dominion:Item Lottery prize from Arcaida Wars subquest.
    Virtue:Item Lottery prize from Arcaida Wars subquest.
    Kali:Item Lottery prize from Defend Souhonzan subquest.
    Nizhogg:Lottery prize from Defend Souhonzan subquest.
    Ookuni-Nushi:Buy from Souhounzan's Jakyo Manor during the
                 7/8 Moon Phase and Full Moon.
    Quetzalcoatl:Buy from Souhounzan's Jakyo Manor during the
                 7/8 Moon Phase and Full Moon.
    Cu Chulain:Buy from Shinjuku's Jakyo Manor during the New Moon and
               Full Moon.
    Sati:Buy from Arcadia's Jakyo Manor during the
         1/8 Moon Phase and New Moon.
    Camazotz:Buy from Arcadia's Jakyo Manor during the
             1/8 Moon Phase and New Moon.
    Surt:Buy from Souhounzan's Jakyo Manor during the Full Moon.
    Loki:Buy from Souhounzan's Jakyo Manor during the 7/8 Moon Phase
         and Full Moon.
    Hel:Buy from Shinjuku's Jakyo Manor during the 3/8 Moon Phase, 5/8 Moon
        Phase, and Half Moon.
    Odin:Buy from Arcadia's Jakyo Manor during the 1/8 Moon Phase and
         New Moon.
    Uriel:Buy from Arcadia's Jakyo Manor during the New Moon.
    Badhbh Cath:Treasure from Shinagawa Catacombs Bronze(Regular version).
    Vetala:Treasure from Shinagawa Catacombs Bronze(New Moon version).
    Chin:Rare prize from Shinagawa's Plasma.
    Dwarf:Rare prize from Shibuya's Plasma(blue-colored).
    Specter:Rare prize from Ueno's Plasma.
    Will o' Wisp:Rare prize from Nakano's Plasma.
    Shikigami:Rare prize from Suginami's Plasma.
    Fomoria:Rare prize from Ichigaya's Plasma.
    Titania:Dropped by the Titania from Hasegawa's(Ichigaya) COMP-Hack.
    Saurasvati:Dropped by the Saurasvati from Hasegawa's(Ichigaya) COMP-Hack.
    Yomotsu-Shikome:Dropped by the Yomotsu-Shikome from
                    Hasegawa's(Ichigaya) COMP-Hack.
    Apis:Rare drop from Apis in Cell Tower Bronze.
    Choronzon:Rare drop from Choronzon in Ichigaya Bunker Bronze's boss room.
    Onmoraki:Rare drop from Onmoraki in Suginami Dungeon Silver.
    Oberon:Rare drop from Undeveloped Oberon in Shibuya Quartz Bronze.
           *Note*This Oberon only spawns in on of the treasure rooms.
    Yaka:Treasure from Suzaku Caverns, Bronze Level.
    Turdark:Dropped by Turdarks in Suzaku Caverns, Bronze Level.
    Suzaku:Boss room(Legion version) treasure of Suzaku Caverns, Bronze Level.
    Legion:Rare drop from the boss of Suzaku Caverns, Bronze Level Legion.
    Mot:Buy from Protopia's Jakyo Manor during the Half Moon.
    Chernobog:Buy from Protopia's Jakyo Manor during 1/8 Moon Phase
              and New Moon.
    Hayagriva:Buy from Protopia's Jakyo Manor during the Full Moon.
    Slepnir:Buy from Protopia's Jakyo Manor during the 2/8 Moon Phase and 
            3/8 Moon Phase.
    Queen Maeve:Buy from Protopia's Jakyo Manor during the 6/8 Moon Phase and
                7/8 Moon Phase.
    Senri:Buy from Protopia's Jakyo Manor during the Half Moon and 5/8
          Moon Phase.
    Jikoku-Ten:Dropped by ??? in the boss room of Ichigaya Bunker, Gold Level.
    Test Fire
         This is a tutorial for gun skills. Talk to the Third Home weapons
    shop NPC, then select the first option(銃の扱いについて)and he will start the
    tutorial for guns. 
         He will now hand you a Featherlight shotgun and thirty bullets.
         Talk to him again and he will explain how to use guns in this game.
         He will then ask that you kill five Cait Siths. Do so, and your
    reward will be the Featherlight shotgun you just got and one Sweeper
         You do not need to use the shotgun to kill the Cait Siths.
    Proper Usage of Guns
         This is the quest for the Gun Knowledge Expert. Talk to the Third Home
    weapons shop NPC, then select the second option. After confirming his
    request, you will now have the quest.
         The NPC is asking for one Type-38 Infantry Rifle(三八式歩兵銃).
    This rifle is randomly dropped by the Trolls found in Suginami
    Dungeon Silver and by the Gyukis in Nakano.
         Once you have the rifle, return to the Weapons Shop and select
    the same conversation options as above. Be sure you have the red
    arrow active next to Gun Knowledge(銃器知識).
         Once you start the conversation and confirm your choice, you will
    lose the rifle and your Gun Knowledge will go up to Class One. You
    will also receive one Rete Bottle(No-Trade).
    Spirit Shards-2
         Talk to the Master of the Jakyo Manor. You can only receive this
    quest if you cleared Act Two.
         The Master will ask that you bring twenty Spirit Shards(魂のかけら)
    to him during the New Moon. Do so and you will recieve an
    experience bonus and one bronze level dungeon plate.
         This quest can be repeated as long as you are level twenty or
    Card Mania Spirit
         To start this quest, you must have gotten the Devil Book.
         Talk to the Card Mania NPC that is by the Third Home Terminal.
    Answer 持っていない to his question and he will ask another question.
    Answer yes, and he will ask you to get a Traest stone from
    either Souhonzan or Arcadia. Say you will(貰ってくる) and you
    have started the quest.
         Go to either Arcadia or Souhonzan and talk to the Homepoint Girl
    in each city. They are by the Homepoint, so you cannot miss them.
    Select __トラエストを貰う and you will receive a Story Item version
    of that alignment's Traest stone. Bring it back to the first
    NPC for your reward of four thousand makka and one Memory.
         The Memory you receive depends on which alignment's stone
    you got. If you got the Chaos stone, you can get 
    Flamies, Karasu-Tengu, Kushinata-Hime, Cocktarice, or Datsueba.
    If you got the Law stone, you can get Flamies, Celeano, Archangel, or
    This quest can be repeated as many times as you like.
    Learn (Insert Expert)!
         Talk Kind Devilbuster, who is standing right outside of Third
    Home at X14Y19. Select 他の話をする and he will offer you this quest.
    Accept and you will now have to choose one Expert to raise to
    Class Two. You can choose:
         Destructive Magic(破壊魔法)
         When you reach Class Two and report back, you will receive
    eight thousand experience.
         You cannot choose an Expert that is already Class Two or above.
    The Troubled Pixie
         To start this quest, you need to have gotten the Devil Book
    from the Jakyo Manor.
         Talk to the Pixie that is right next to the Kind Devilbuster.
    The coordinates are the same as above. She will ask you to record
    the Undeveloped Jack Frost(未熟なジャックフロスト) to your Devil Book.
    She will give you a Jack Frost memory for you to use.
         This version of Jack Frost spawns along the road that leads to
    the pit where Leader Pixies spawn. However, this Jack Frost usually
    only appears during the Half Moon and New Moon.
         Once recorded, return to the Pixie. YOu will receive five hundred
    Magnanite as a reward.
    Reach out to the Plasma
         This quest is given out by DB Harumi(DBハルミ), who is in
    Suginami at X18Y17.
         Click on her and then select(プラズマについて). She will give you a
    tutorial on Plasma, the floating balls of light that you usually see
    on various field maps. She will then ask you to get the following:
    -20 Empty Oolong Tea cans(空き缶ウーロン茶)
    -10 Dirty Shirts(Sweat)(とよれたTシャツ・吸汗)
         The Plasma that floats near the bridge to the Suginami Camp gives
    out these items, as well as other stuff.
         As you may have noticed from the tutorial, clicking on a Plasma
    will start a slider minigame. Click STOP when the moving slider is in
    the highlighted area before time is up and the Plasma will turn
    a bluish-white. Click on the Plasma again to get items from it.
         To make things easier, you can activate the quest below and get
    twenty Empty Oolong Tea cans from DB Harumi.
         Once done, select the same option as above and your will receive
    two thousand two hundred bonus experience.
    Extract Aluminum!
         This quest is given out by DB Harumi(DBハルミ), who is in
    Suginami at X18Y17.
         Click on her and then select(分解について). She will give you a
    tutorial on Extraction. Select 分解の手順について and she will then give
    you 20 Empty Oolong Tea cans, twenty Returners, and the
    Material Tank Story Item.
         Harumi now wants you to extract Aluminum from the cans. Double-click
    on the Returners(リターナー) and a new menu will appear. Select the cans
    from the line-up above and then hit the bottom-left button to
    initiate Extraction. All materials extracted from Junk will be sent
    to your Material Tank, so do not worry about Inventory space. To see
    the contents of your Tank, go to ITEM and hit the 原料タンク option
    at the bottom. Until Harumi actually gives you the Material Tank, this
    option will not appear.
         Talk to Harumi and select the same option again. You will now
    receive three thousand bonus experience.
         If you ever want to preform more extractions for crafting
    material, you can get Returners from any Magic Shop or Yagi Shop.
    The three Makka Returners you see offer better extraction rates.
    Gentleman's Education
         Talk to the Curious Devilbuster, who is at X21X20 of the Suginami
    field map. He will give you a quick tutorial of the Dodge system and
    ask you to set Dodge(ダッジ) to your hotkey bank. Do so and talk to the
    NPC once more. He will not have you kill five Smoocher Pixies(キス魔ピクシー)。
    These Pixies are found in the same area as the Curious Devilbuster.
         You will receive five hundred experience for this quest.
    Go! Counter!
         Talk to the Guard at Suginami Camp. This is the same guard you
    had to talk to for Act Three. He will give you a tutorial for the
    Counter system. Once he is done, set Counter to your hotkey bank
    and talk to him once more. He will now have you kill five Victory
    Rainbow Jack Frosts(勝利の虹のジャックフロスト)、which spawn right in front
    of the camp.
         Your reward for this quest is five hundred experience points.
    Helping the Junkerman
         Talk to the Junkerman, who is at X21Y23 of Suginami. This is the
    same miner character that you talked to when you got that Story Item
    for Act Four. Select the second option and accept his quest.
         You now have to select a special devil to hand over to him. The
    devil must also have a certain skill on his hotkeys. Below are the
    possible devils you can give him, as well as the possible treasures.
    Devil               |            Treasure
    Knocker with Dia    | Hihirokane Bracer, Hihirokane Boots
                        | Devil Memory:Mahha, Devil Memory:Sudama
                        | Devil Memory:Kashii Junk, Gems, IC Chip
    Knocker with Media  | Hihirokane Bracer, Hihirokane Boots
                        | Hihirokane Leggings, Devil Memory:Sentanta
                        | Devil Memory:Nekomata, Junk, Gems, IC Chips
    Dwarf with          | Hihirokane Armor, Hihirokane Boots
    Ninety-Nine Needles | Hihirokane Leggings, Devil Memory:Succubus
                        | Junk, Gems, IC Chips
    Dwarf with          | Hihirokane Armor, Hihirokane Leggings
    Rampage             | Hihirokane Leggings, Devil Memory:Succubus
                        | Junk, Gems, IC Chips
    Dwarf with          | Hihirokane Armor, Hihirokane Helm
    Maha-Zionga         | Hihirokane Leggings, Devil Memory:Succubus
                        | Junk, Gems, IC Chips
         Any Devils you give him will dissappear from your COMP. Do not
    give Junkerman any devils you want to hold on to. The more difficult
    the devil combination, the more likely you will be to get the rarer
    pieces of Hihirokane armor, Devil Memories, and high-value gems.
    [Devil Combinations]
    Devil               |            Combination
    Knocker with Dia    | -Level Three Pixie+Apsaras
    ノッカー(ディア)            | -Angel+Poltergiest
    Knocker with Media  | -Levil Five Undeveloped Cu Sith+Garm
    ノッカー(メディア)           | -Aquans+Sudama
    Dwarf with          | -Gyuuki+Yakka
    Ninety-Nine Needles | -Apsaras+Mutated Troll
    ドワーフ(九十九針)         | -Kikurihime+Black Ooze or Specter
    Dwarf with          | -Oni+Fornecous
    Rampage             | -Jikoku-Ten+Shikigami
    ドワーフ(暴れまくり)         | -Eligor+Azumi
    Dwarf with          | -Shadow+Any 地母神(Creates Ubelluri)->
    Maha-Zionga         | Ubelluri+Any 精霊 other then Aquans
    ドワーフ(マハジオンガ)        | 
    \\\\\\Shinjuku Quests\\\\\\\
    Requirements:Over level 20.
         Talk to DB Okabe(DBオカベ), who can be found at Shinjuku's
    Nakano exit. He is the NPC riding a Cerberus, so he can't be missed.
    Talk to him and agree to take his three lectures.
         After the second lecture, you will be given a mountable Cerberus
    and a Trial ring. Do not leave yet. Just talk to Okabe once more, return
    the Trial ring, and take the final lecture.
         After taking all lectures, talk to Okabe once more. You will be asked
    if you want to review. Say no and you will receive a regular Mount ring
    for Cerberus.
         To use mounts, you must have summon a Mount devil and have equipped
    a Mount ring that corresponds to the devil you have summoned. Select the
    騎乗 command from your command menu. You will be mounted after a charge time.
    The more you ride, the more durability is taken from your Mount ring. When
    the durability reaches zero, you will automatically be dismounted.
         To make a devil mountable, summon the proper devil and talk to Okabe.
    He will take your devil and make it a Mount version. Keep in mind that
    this reduces the level, stats, and changes all the skills of your devil.
    Do not hand him any devils that you wish to use for battle.
    The Height at the Top
         This is the tutorial quest for Customization. Talk to the
    Enterprising Dwarf(偉業のドワーフ) at X24Y18 of Shinjuku Babel.
    Select (改造について) to start. This is a long tutorial quest, and
    you will have to talk to the Dwarf several times. When you have
    to talk to the Dwarf again, always select (改造について). Also, you
    will be asked if you understand everything that has been
    said several times. To continue, just select はい.
         Talk the Dwarf once. He will give you the Dwarf Machette
    (ドワーフのマチェット). Right-click it and talk to him once more.
        You will now receive the Dwarf Medical Powder(ドワーフのメディカルパウダー).
    Right-click it as well and talk to the Dwarf again.
         You will now receive the Cabinet(キャビネット). Double-Click
    the item to start Customization. Drag the Dwarf Machette to
    and then drag the Dwarf Medical Powder to the 1 slot. Now
    hit the confirm button at the. Talk to the Dwarf.
         You will receive the Dwarf Iwakura Water(ドワーフのイワクラの水).
    You now must use the Cabinet again. Repeat the steps above, but
    instead drag the Iwakura Water to the 2 slot. Talk to the Dwarf.
         You will receive the Dwarf Revival Ring(ドワーフの地返しの玉).
    You now must use the Cabinet again. Repeat the steps above, but
    instead drag the item to the 1 slot. Talk to the Dwarf.
         You will now receive ten Cabinets as a reward.
         If you ever want to preform more Customization, you can get
    Cabinets from any Magic Shop or Yagi Shop. The blue Cabinets you see
    offer better success rates.
    The Road of the Blacksmith/Smith Crown
         These are the subquests to earn the Blades(刃物) or
    Engineering(工作) Expert. Since the procedure for both quests
    are similar, I will put them together in this section. I will
    note any differences when necessary. You will also need to
    do some preparation work. Blades is the Expert needed for
    Blacksmithing(刀匠), while Engineering is a required Expert
    for Arms-Maker(アームズメイカー).
         Talk to the Enterprising Dwarf(偉業のドワーフ) at X24Y18 of
    Shinjuku Babel. Select (合成について) to start. This is a long
    quest, and you will have to talk to the Dwarf several times.
    When you have to talk to the Dwarf again, always select (合成について).
    Also, you will be asked if you understand everything that has been
    said several times. To continue, just select はい.
         First, you need to prepare ten of a certain jewel. If you have
    not learned Blades or Engineering, you will need to hand ten Opals
    to the Dwarf. If you learned Blades or Engineering and you are doing
    the quest to learn the other craft Expert, you will need to give
    ten Rubies before the Dwarf will teach you the other Expert.
         Second, you need to have either Weapon Knowledge(武器知識) or
    Gun Knowledge(銃器知識) at Class One. If you are trying to learn
    Blades, raise your Weapon Knowledge. If you are learning
    Engineering, raise your Gun Knowledge.
         Lastly, you need to have gotten the Material Tank from the
    "Extract Aluminum!" subquest.
         Talk to the Enterprising Dwarf(偉業のドワーフ) at X24Y18 of
    Shinjuku Babel. Select (合成について) to start. This is a long
    quest, and you will have to talk to the Dwarf several times.
    When you have to talk to the Dwarf again, always select (合成について).
    Also, you will be asked if you understand everything that has been
    said several times. To continue, just select はい.
         The first thing the Dwarf will ask you to do is to get
    ten Opals or Rubies. Next, he will ask which skill you want to
    learn. If you want to learn Blacksmithing(刀匠) or 
    Arms-Maker(アームズメイカー). If you are after Blades, pick Blacksmithing.
    If Engineering is your goal, pick Arms-Maker. You will now be
    booted out of the conversation. If you haven't already, activate
    the red arrow for the Expert you are trying to learn. If you
    don't activate it, then you will not gain any points for your
         If the required Expert is at Class One, then either Blades
    or Engineering(Whatever you are aiming for) will jump to Class One.
    You can start working on crafts now, or you can continue on for
    some bonus items. To continue on, go into your Chain Expert menu
    and learn the two Class 0 Rank 0 skills.
         After asking you to learn the Rank 0 skills, the Dwarf will now
    ask you to get certain materials into your Material Tank.
         If you are going down the road of Arms-Maker, the Dwarf asks for
    twelve Copper(銅), ten Iron(鉄), eight Aluminum(アルミ), and twelve
    Oil(オイル). If you are a Blacksmith, you will be asked to get
    Copper, Iron, Cedar(スギ), and Whetstones(砥石). You can get
    these materials by extracting from the following Plasma junk-
    Copper-From most Cellphone type junk.
    Iron-Can be extracted from can at a low rate.
    Aluminum-From cans.
    Oil-From any plastic bottles.
    Cedar-From any type of Scrap Material(廃材).
    Whetstone-From any type of Shattered Mugs(割れたジョッキ).
         It is possible to get these materials from other items. I only
    listed the junks that are relatively easy to procure. You can get
    most of what you need by go after the white Plasma that appear in
    the eastern section of Suginami.
         Once you are done, the Dwarf will now ask that you make a weapon.
    Blacksmiths must make a Machette, and Arms-makers are asked to make
    a Nanbu Type-100. After you finish the tutorial for crafting, the
    Dwarf will give you a Practice Four-Leaf Clover. This item will boost
    the success rate of the Machette A and Nambu Type-100 recipe.
         If you feel you do not need the practice with crafts, you can
    go ahead and take a shortcut. Buy the weapon you need. The Dwarf
    will still end your quest, even if you did not actually make the
         When you go present the weapon, be sure to have two spaces
    open in your inventory. The Dwarf will end your quest and you will get
    two items. One is a Rete Bottle, and the other is three Four-Leaf Clovers.
    Both these items cannot be traded to other players. You get to keep
    the weapon you made(bought).
         The Four-Leaf Clovers you got are used to boost the success rate
    of crafts. Each one is a one-time use item.
    Hoenheim's Embryo
         This is a quest to learn Mysticism, a special Expert that is needed
    for the Item Expert Chain skill. To properly finish this quest, be sure
    you activate the red arrow for 神秘学.
         Talk to Sanjyulman(サンジェルマン), who is at X20/Y19 of Shinjuku.
    Select 神秘学について and you will be offered the chance to learn
         There are two ways to complete this quest. One way is to aquire a
    Azood Sword(アゾットソード) and show it to Sanjyulman. The item will not
    be taken away. Since the Azood Sword is a CP item, chances are you will
    not be able to use this method.
         The second way is to gather thirty Soul Shards and give them to
    Sanjyulman. These will be taken away.
         Either way, Mysticism will be boosted to Class One once you pay
    the tribute. Be sure to have one thousand Expert points to spare, otherwise
    you will not learn the Expert.
         At the end, you will receive a Rete Bottle, which will delete one
    thousand Expert points. The version you receive cannot be traded to
    other players.
    Netisheim's Bibrio
         This is a quest to learn Magic Control, a special Expert that is needed
    for the Devil Killer Fist Chain skill. To properly finish this quest, be
    sure you activate the red arrow for 操魔.
         Talk to Sanjyulman(サンジェルマン), who is at X20/Y19 of Shinjuku.
    Select 操魔について and you will be offered the chance to learn
    Magic Control.
         To complete this quest, you must offer to Sanjyulman five
    Makanda stones(マカンダストーン). These magic stones with green
    markings are dropped by Omoikane, the sub-boss of Bronze and Silver
    versions of Cell Tower. Since Omoikane also drops magic stones of
    other varieties as well, you may be in Cell Tower for a while.
         Magic Control will be boosted to Class One once you pay
    the tribute. Be sure to have one thousand Expert points to spare, otherwise
    you will not learn the Expert.
         At the end, you will receive a Rete Bottle, which will delete one
    thousand Expert points. The version you receive cannot be traded to
    other players.
    \\\\\\Shinagawa Quests\\\\\\\
    Gaining the Shinagawa field map
         Although this quest is filed under Shinagawa, everything you
    need to do is in Shinjuku.
         Talk to the female Messian that is by the exit to Shibuya.
    Select the second option to ask about the road to Arcadia. If your
    alignment is close enough to Law, you will get the Shinagawa map
    data for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay either five thousand
    or ten thousand makka.
    Survey of Construction Sites
         This quest will gain you the Arcadia town map. In order to obtain
    this quest, you must have obtained the Shinagawa field map.
         In Arcadia, talk to the male Messian that is near the Magic shop.
    He will ask you to gain information on the various quarries in Shinagawa.
    Be sure to in the order that I will describe below. To gain the
    information, just walk into the quarry until you get an on-screen prompt.
         First, go to the quarry at X17/Y20, then go to X17/Y17, and finally
    go to X22/Y23. After you have gotten all the prompts, go to the male
    Messian that is by the Mountain Goat shop in Shinagawa.
         After you have gotten the stamp from that NPC in Shinagawa, go back
    to the man in Arcadia. He will now give you the Arcadia field map.
    Happy Days
         To start this quest, talk to the female Messian that is located
    in front of Arcadia's pharmacy. Her coordinates are X21Y21.
         She will ask you to record a Lucky Angel(幸運のエンジェル) to
    your Devil Book.She then hands you a Devil Memory・Angel. Lucky Angels
    spawn in various places of the Shinagawa field. In paticular, you can
    find them in the eastern and southern areas.
         Since Lucky Angel is level forty-eight, you must be at least
    that level before you can complete this quest.
         Once you have recorded the Lucky Angel, return to the
    female Messian. Your prize for this subquest is five Angel Hairs.
    Arcadia Wars
         Unlike other quests, this quest uses real time to determine spawns
    and times when the quest itself is offered. All times and dates I will
    be using will be based on Tokyo Standard time. 
         This quest is given by Hiiragi, the Temple Knight at X21/Y28 of
    Arcadia. His name will appear as テンプルナイト ヒイラギ.
         You must be level twenty-one at the very least, and the quest will
    only be offered during the weekdays. If you are of the Chaos alignment, you
    will be turned away. If you want to do this quest, you must get the
    quest during the weekdays, before the first wave of the attacks start on
    the weekends. This essentially means you can only do this quest once
    a week.
         This quest is split into five levels, each with its own set of goals
    and rewards. Check your Quest list to see which level you are. 
    The goals for each level are:
    Lvl 1(For Lvl21-30):Fifteen Invader Blobs.
    Lvl 2(For Lvl31-40):Ten each of Invader Tarakas, Invade Karasu-Tengus, and
                        Invader Onis.
    Lvl 3(For Lvl41-50):Five Invader Blobs and fifteen Invader Gorgons.
    Lvl 4(For Lvl51-60):Ten Invader Gorgons and five Invader Nizzhogs.
    Lvl 5(For Lvl61-~~):Fifteen Invader Nizzhogs.
         As you may have expected from the titles I used, regular devils
    cannot be used to fulfill these goals. These special Invader devils only
    spawn in the Shinagawa field map on Saturdays and Sundays, at 11AM and
    5PM. At these times, the entire field will be filled with these Invaders
    and they will continue to spawn for one hour. The different devils are
    scattered across the field, so it may take a while to find what you need.
         After you have reached your quota, return to Hiiragi and you receive
    a makka reward, a Gaian Traest stone, experience and medals. These medals
    can be traded to Temple Knight Sakaki at X23/Y20, who will give you
    different items.
         To exchange for items, select 引き換え. If you want to try your
    luck on the item lottery, select くじ引き. These options will only come
    up if you have medals in your inventory.
    \\\\\\Ueno Quests\\\\\\\
    Gaining the Ueno field map
         Although this quest is filed under Ueno, everything you
    need to do is in Shinjuku.
         Talk to the Gaian monk that is by the exit to Ichigaya.
    Select the second option to ask about the road to Arcadia. Depending on
    how close your alignment is to Chaos, you will have to pay anywhere
    between ten thousand to forty thousand makka.
    Get the Souhonzan Map
         This quest will gain you the Souhonzan town map. In order to obtain
    this quest, you must have obtained the Ueno field map.
         Talk to the monk in Ueno that is by the entrance to Souhonzan. His
    coordinates are X16/Y18. He will only give you the town map if you defeat
    one of each of the following devils:
    -Gorgon(ゴルゴン)-Spawns at X24/Y21, during the day.
    -Taraka(ターラカ)-Spawns at X20/Y18, during the day.
    -Yomotsu-Shikome(ヨモツシコメ)-Spawns at X24/Y21, during the day.
    -The Berserk Legion(狂気に侵されたレギオン)-Spawns near the Moutain Goat
                                      Shop, during the night only.
         The only devil you should have any problems with is the Berserk
    Legion, since he is a strong devil that spawns at the same time as
    various strong, aggressive devils.
         Return to the monk and he will give you the town map.
    The Road to Conquest
         To start this quest, talk to the Gaian Monk named
    Jigen(ガイア僧 仁玄). He is located in Souhonzan, coordinates X22Y19.
    He should be facing a barrel.
         He will ask you to record a Mutated Gaki(異形のガキ) to your
    your Devil Book.He then hands you a Devil Memory・Gaki. Mutated
    Gakis occassionally spawn in Ichigaya Bunker, Bronze Level. They
    can be found on B4, in the lower-right hand corner.
         Since Mutated Gaki is level twenty-eight, you must be at least
    that level before you can complete this quest.
         Once you have recorded the Mutated Gaki, return to the
    monk. Your prize for this subquest is five thousand makka.
    Defend Souhonzan!
         Unlike other quests, this quest uses real time to determine spawns
    and times when the quest itself is offered. All times and dates I will
    be using will be based on Tokyo Standard time. 
         This quest is given by Sakon, the monk at X21/Y18 of Souhonzan. 
    His name will appear as ガイア僧 左近.
         You must be level twenty-one at the very least, and the quest will
    only be offered during the weekdays. If you are of the Law alignment, you
    will be turned away. If you want to do this quest, you must get the
    quest during the weekdays, before the first wave of the attacks start on
    the weekends. This essentially means you can only do this quest once
    a week.
         This quest is split into five levels, each with its own set of goals
    and rewards. Check your Quest list to see which level you are. 
    The goals for each level are:
    白軍(For Lvl21-30):Fifteen Invader Angels.
    黄軍(For Lvl31-40):Fifteen Invader Angels and Ten Invader
    緑軍(For Lvl41-50):Twenty-Five Invader Archangels.
    紅軍(For Lvl51-60):Fifteen Invader Principalities and Ten
                      Invader Virtues.
    黒軍(For Lvl61-~~):Ten Invader Archangels, Ten Invader Principalities
                     and five Invader Virtues.
         As you may have expected from the titles I used, regular devils
    cannot be used to fulfill these goals. These special Invader devils only
    spawn in the Ueno field map on Saturdays and Sundays, at 11AM and
    5PM. At these times, the entire field will be filled with these Invaders
    and they will continue to spawn for one hour. The different devils are
    scattered across the field, so it may take a while to find what you need.
         After you have reached your quota, return to Sakon and you receive
    a makka reward, a Messian Traest stone, experience and medals. These medals
    can be traded to Ukon at X21/Y18, who will give you different items.
         To exchange for items, select 引き換え. If you want to try your
    luck on the item lottery, select くじ引き. These options will only come
    up if you have medals in your inventory.
    This is where I give due credit to people who 
    contribute or correct to my guide. Look at 
    Contact Info for more information.
    \\\Contact Information\\\
    If you need to contact me about this guide, 
    e-mail me at Chu_Vermilion@yahoo.com . Be sure
    to have 'Shin Megami Tensei' somewhere in the
    title, and I will attempt to respond as
    soon as possible. 
    You can also contact me by posting on the
    Shin Megami Tensei Imagine~ message board
    on GameFAQs.
    Comments and helpful reviews are welcome, and
    any sort of flame will be ignored.
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