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    Devil FAQ (JIS) by BlueJr

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    Shin Megami Tensei Imagine
    (真女神転生Imagine) Devil Guide
    Copyright 2008 BlueJr (A.k.a. William Chu) 
    Started March 9th, 2008
    This guide was made to help people through the devil creation system of this
    MMORPG. You may only use this guide for personal use, and nothing else.
    I will not stand for plagiarism, and any wish to post this guide in
    an unaltered form must receive my permission. Look at the Contact Info
    section for more info about contacting me.
    This guide was created with the Japanese version of Megami Tensei Imagine in
    mind. While most of the content in the English version is the same as the
    Japanese version, note that there may be some discrepencies in quests and
    ===  Disclaimer ==========
    This work is not authorized by Atlus, Cave, or any other company.  
    All Shin Megami Tensei Imagine material are copyrighted by Atlus and Cave.
    All other copyrighted works are trademarks of their respective
    ~Table of Contents~
    I.Update History
        -Capturing Devils
        -Summoning and Using Your Devil
        -Attack Settings
        -Inherited Skills
        -Fusion Attacks
        -Devil Reunion
        -Devil Requests
    IV.Devil Fusion
      -Two-Way and Three-Way Fusion
      -Fusion Chart
      -Three-Way Fusion
    VI.Contact Info
    \\\Update History\\\
    January 4th, 2009- Added a section for Devil Reunion and Devil Requests
    September 10th, 2008-Added the following devils to the list:
                      Vicious Bird-Hraesvelg
                      Spirit Bird-Suzaku
                      Fierce God-Souchouten
                      Fierce God-Bishamoten
                      Fallen Angel-Berith
                      Added Fusion Attack section to the System section.
    June 11th, 2008-Added five new devils and updated system explanations
                    to compensate for the new game layout.
    April 25th, 2008-Expanded the Fusion Charts.
    March 25th, 2008-Added the "Capturing Devils" section.
    March 16nd, 2008-First version uploaded.
    Latest version can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
         The devil is a base system of Megaten. They will be your partner, and
    will help as you adventure throughout Tokyo. This guide will go over the
    mechanics that are behind your devil, as well as cover the basics behind
    Devil Fusion.
         To help the reader better understand this guide, I will take this
    section to explain the terms Species, Genus, and Family. These three terms
    will come up when I begin discussing how your devil will interact with other
         Species refers to identical devils. So if I were talking about two
    Pixies, I would refer to them as being the same Species.
         Genus refers to the tier that a devil falls under when determining
    Devil Fusion results. Pixie belongs to the 妖精(Fairy) Genus. In that
    same Genus is High-Pixie, Oberon and Titania.
         Family is a more ambiguous categorization, rarely coming into play
    except for when dealing with Sharpshooters and other specific Experts.
    Family simply refers to what type of animal/humanoid the devil is. Devils
    such as Garm and Cerberus would fall into the Beast Family, while devils
    like Harpy, Chin, or Celeano will fall under the Bird Family.
    Capturing Devils
         Capturing devils is much the same as using any other Expert Skill.
    Go into your Expert menu, which is the third option from the top of the
    PC menu. Scroll down until you see 対話(Conversation)、
    威圧(Threats), and 挑発(Provocation). At the beginning, you will only
    have one for each category. To gain more skills for each Expert, have
    the Expert you want to raise be marked with the red arrow and continually
    use the negotiation skills.
         Once you have the skills on your hotkey bank, go look for a devil
    you can negotiate with. You can only negotiate with devils that lower
    then you in level. Devils that have a red circle next to their names
    are higher in level then you, and those with blue circles are either
    the same level as you or lower then you.
         There are devils that you cannot negotiate with, even if they have a
    blue circle. Boss room minions and extra-large devils fall into this
    category. Also, even if you can negotiate with them, some devils will
    be very difficult to recruit. In general, devils with titles such as
    Extrodinary(非凡) or Lucky(幸運) are difficult to recruit. Undeveloped
    devils(未熟) tend to be the exception, but there are even exceptions
    to this exception. When trying to recruit the harder to please
    devils, always use the higher-level Conversation skills.
         There are several ways a negotiation sequence can end. It can
    end in:
         -Success:The devil will decide to join to and become an egg.
                  Click the egg and you can add the devil within to
                  your COMP.
         -Gift:The devil will dissappear and leave behind green box
               for you. Within will be Makka, Magnanite, and other possible
         -Escape:The devil will dissappear from the field, leaving nothing
         -Cease-Fire:The devil will remain on the field and temporarily
                     cease any attacks. Any further attempts at negotiation
                     will result in the Cease-Fire message being repeated
                     by the devil.
         -Failure:The devil will be actively aggressive. Any further
                  negotiation is pointless.
         If you have been negotiating with a certain devil for a while
    and it has not dissappeard from the field, chances are it has either
    entered into Cease-Fire or Failure. When this happens, move on to
    the next devil.
         There is a trick in this game called Substitute Negotiation. A
    player can negotiate with a devil and have another player receive
    the devil as long as both players are in the same party. The devil
    with in the "egg" will initially be available only to the player
    who preformed the negotiation, but will be available to other party
    members after a minute or two has passed.
         It should be also noted that all negotiation skills are considered
    Mind-type attacks. That means any devils that are immune to Mind cannot
    be negotiated with. If the block effect shows up whenever you use a skill
    on a devil, then that devil is immune to mind. Devils that are immune include
    Incubus, Succubus, Datsueba and Pisaca.
    Summoning and Using Your Devil
         All your devils will be stored in your COMP, which you can access
    by hitting Devil List(仲魔リスト), which is the top option that appears
    when you hit the DEVIL option.
         To summon or store your devil, you must double-click the devil of
    your choice. The summoning will incur a one-time cost of magnanite, after
    which the devil will stay materialized without needing a steady supply
    of magnanite. This differs from previous Megaten games, where there was
    an upkeep cost for devils that remained summoned. You may only have
    one devil summoned at any given time, another aspect that differs
    from previous Megaten games.
         To view the status of your currently summoned devil, use the M key.
    If you wish to view the information of stored devils, simply select
    情報観覧 from the COMP menu. Keep in mind that you can only change the
    settings of the devil you have summoned.
         Your devil will move and fight according to its AI settings. If
    for whatever reason you need to directly control your devil, you may
    switch to your devil by hitting Tab. However, the camera will remain
    set to your PC character, limiting the practical range of your devil.
    This typically forces you to keep your Devil on the AI, which at times
    can be very stupid. To tweak the AI settings, refer to the section below.
    Attack Settings
         You can access the AI settings from the 攻撃設定 tab, which is
    at the top of your devil's status window. This is the options of
    the window, all translated:
    Movement Settings
    Attack the same target as PC: ()On  ()Off
    Skill Settings
    Melee:    ()On  ()Off
    Shot:     ()On  ()Off
    Defense:  ()On  ()Off
    Healing:  ()On  ()Off
    Support:  ()On  ()Off
         Friendship is stat that is not numerically displayed on your
    devil's status window. To determine friendship levels, look at
    the modifying word that is between your PC's name and your devil's
    name. The name is displayed at the top of the main page of the devil's
    status window and and over their heads.
         Here are the friendship levels:
         契約した is the neutral standing. Everything above it gives a bonus
    to your devil's stats, while anything below that neutral ground will
    reduce your devil's stats. The amount given or taken is determined by
    your devil's stat specialties.
         There are several ways to increase and decrease your devil's
    friendship levels. Here is a list of ways to change Friendship:
                 Increase       |      Decrease
        -Succeed in Negotiations|-Death of the devil
         with devils of the same|-Killing devils of the
         species.               | same species while target
        -Summoning the devil.   | devil is summoned.
        -Using a Melon item.    |
        -Using the command      |
         思いやる.                    |
    Inherited Skills
         When fusing devils, the resulting devil will inherit the skills
    of its parent devils. This allows the player to customize their
    devil's skill set, creating devils that have better potential
    then the average field devil. However, Inherited Skills are not
    immedietly available to a fused devil from the beginning.
         All skills that that your devil will learn, whether it be
    from leveling up or from Inheritence, will be found under the
    Skill List(スキルリスト) tab of your devil's information.
         Inherited Skills are listed under 遺伝スキル. You will notice that most
    of the skills are greyed out, and have a bar next to them. This bar is an
    experience bar for skills. Once that bar fills, the skill will be mastered
    by the devil and will be available to be put into any of the
    F-Key skill slots.
         To fill the experience bar for a paticular skill, you must have
    the devil either use or get hit by skills that share the same property
    with the skill you want to master. For example, if I want my devil to
    master Bufula, an Ice skill, I may have my devil constantly use
    ice skills such as Bufu, or let the devil be hit by the skill Frost
    Punch, an Ice skill that some Jack Frosts have.
    -Limits to Inherited Skills-
         Note that not all devils can inherit all skills. Certain skills
    require a certain body part or item in order to be inherited, and
    a devil lacking that certain part will not be able to inherit the
         For example, lets look at Lightning Thrust. Lightning Thrust
    is a Lightning Rush skill that utilizes a weapon. Cait Sith starts
    with this skill. Cait Sith can use it because he carries a little
    sword. Now, I can have devils like Archangel inherit Lightning
    Thrust because he also carries a sword. If I were to use Cait
    Sith to fuse a devil with no weapon though, Lightning Thrust will
    not appear under 遺伝スキル.
         When you are fusing devils, you will get a screen that shows
    you your result devil and its stats before you are asked for final
    confirmation. Skills that will be inherited will be shown on the
    section that is second from the bottom, titled 遺伝スキル. Check
    it if you are trying to make the ultimate devil.
         Traits, or 特徴, is the final tab on the devil's status
    window. Traits are the special qualities of devils that are
    mostly used to reflect their mythology, talents, or physical
    characteristics. Some Traits offer stat bonuses when a certain
    devil is summoned by a fellow party member, while others may
    offer immunities to certain types of attacks. 
    Fusion Attacks
         Fusion Attacks are special skills that you can use during battle.
    It involves your currently summoned devil teaming up with one of the
    devils in your COMP and unleashing a single attack or
    stat-modding skill. All attacks differ depending on who comprises
    the pair. All attacks cost Magnanite, and the more powerful attacks
    will require more of it. Fusion Attacks also require stock gauges.
    I will mention that later on.
    -Gaining Access to Fusion Attacks-
         The Fusion Attack window is an option under DEVIL, but it is
    initially blacked-out. To unlock this option, go talk to the Devil
    Buster NPC that is right outside the entrance to Third Home. He is
    standing next to a Pixie NPC. Pick the second to last option and listen
    to the tutorial he gives. Once he is done, you will gain a Story Item
    that gives you one default stock gauge.
         You now have access to the Fusion Attack window. For convenience
    purposes, open it up and leave it in a corner of your screen.
    -Stock Gauges-
         In addition to the cost of Magnanite, skills also require a set
    number of Stock Gauges. Stock Gauges are essentially the same as the
    super bars you find in fighting games.
         As you or your devil fight and take damage, the gauge will build up.
    When it hits 100%, one of the bubbles underneath the bar will light up.
    That is one Stock Gauge stored up for use.
         The number of Stock Gauges you can have depends on what COMP you
    have equipped. Without a COMP, you are limited to the default one
    Stock Gauge. The basic COMPs you can get from the Character Creation
    give you one extra Stock Gauge, and the S-COMP Snakeman gives you
    will add an extra three Stock Gauges.
         The Stock Gauges will not disappear if you switch devils, but they
    will be lost if you switch channels, change characters, or log out in
    any fashion.
    -Using Fusion Attacks-
         Once you have the necessary Gauges, double-click on the devil
    you want your current devil to partner with. Note that devils that
    above your level or dead devils cannot be used.
         Other things to take into account would be alignment(LNC) and
    Friendship/Loyalty levels. If your LNC differs from the devils involved
    or the Friendship levels are low, expect the power of Fusion Attacks
    to drop.
    Devil Reunion
         Devil Reunion is similar to rebirth systems you can find in other MMORPGs.
    By changing the growth type of your devil and constantly re-leveling it
    from level one, you can slowly build a more powerful demon. There are
    several differences compared to usual rebirth systems, which I will slowly
    explain in the next paragraphs.
         First, lets discuss what is needed to do Devil Reunion. You need
    the following requirements:
         -A Reunion-capable devil summoned
         -A certain amount of Runestones(Amount changes depending on level)
         -A certain amount of cash(Amount changes depending on level)
         Any devil can preform a Reunion, as long as you have it summoned and you
    did not lock it. However, there are level requirements for higher ranked
    growth types.
         The most basic Runestones are the 小さな(Small)___, which can be found in
    any Magic Shop. Each Runestone sell for ten thousand makka per. Upper level
    Runestones can be found in dungeons as regular treasure.
        Changing to a new growth type only costs one thousand makka, but you will be
    given the most basic growth type. In order to get the stronger growth types,
    you must slowly go through ranks one to eight, as well as meet the requirements
    for each level. Here are the cash, level, and
    item requirements:
          |Rank 1 |Rank 2 |Rank 3 |Rank 4 |Rank 5 |Rank 6 |Rank 7 |Rank 8 |
    Cash  |       |  30k  |  60k  | 100k  |  ??k  |  ??k  |  ??k  |  ??k
    Level |       | Lvl 30| Lvl 40| Lvl 50| Lvl 60| Lvl 70| Lvl 80| Lvl 90??
    Runes  |Rank 1 |Rank 2 |Rank 3 |Rank 4 |Rank 5 |Rank 6 |Rank 7 |Rank 8 |
    Small  |       |  1    |  5    | 20    |  xx   |  xx   |  xx   |  xx
    Regular|       |  1    |  1    | 1     |  1    |  5    |  20   | ??
    Big    |       |  1    |  1    | 1     |  1    |  1    |  3    | ??
         In addition, all ranks five and up require a certain number of
    CP(Item Shop) incences.
    -Growth types-
         There are twelve different growth types you can choose from, each with
    its own specialties. Each devil will start with at least one rank in one of
    these twelve growth types. The growth types and their specialties
    are(in no paticular order):
    ウルズ-Strength and Dexterity
    ハガラズ-Strength and Magic
    ラグズ-Magic and Dexterity
    アンサズ-Strength, Magic and Intelligence
    ナウシズ-Magic, Intelligence and Dexterity
    イング-Magic, Intelligence, and Luck
    シーグル-Equal distribution growth
    ウィアド-No growth at the beginning levels
    -Reunion Bonus-
         This is the bonus you get when you go up ranks. This bonus will be
    permanent on your devil, and will not disappear should you decide to
    change to a different growth type or preform reunion again. Each growth type
    has their own bonus. The amount you get for each rank increases as you go
    up ranks. The bonuses are:
    ウルズ-Melee+ GunATK+
    ハガラズ-Melee+ MagicATK+
    ラグズ-MagicATK+ GunATK+
    イング-Summoning cost-x%
    シーグル-All basic stats+
    ウィアド-Max HP+ Max MP+
         Once you have everything ready, head over to the Jakyo Manor. Talk to
    the Devil Fusion NPC and look for (リユニオンを行う). You will be given up to
    two choices, depending on the whether or not your summoned devil did
    a Reunion before. You can get:
         -Change to a new form(あらたなカタチに)
         -Return to it's original form
         The top choice will allow you to change your devil's growth type. The
    second choice will reverse the Reunion growth type and give your
    devil it's original growth type back.
         Once you pay up, your devil will be given its new growth type and will be
    reduced back to level one.
        Reunion can be done as many times as you please, as long as you meet the
    requirements. Even if you hit Rank 8 for one growth type, you can still
    switch to a new growth type.
         Devils that have gone through a Reunion can no longer be used to make
    devil crystals.
         The only stats that are passed on between Reunions are the Reunion bonuses.
    When a devil goes through Reunion, their stats are set to their level one
    equivalent plus the Reunion bonuses they have accumalated.
    Skills carry over between Reunions.
         Lets say I have a Jack Frost. He starts with Rank 1 in ハガラス. If I
    level him to level thirty, I can rank that growth type to Rank 2. I go to the
    Jakyo Manor and pay the fee, and my Jack Frost goes through Reunion. His stats
    are now low, since he is level one, but he gets an additional two Melee
    and MagicATK.
         To get Jack Frost to Rank 3, I have to level him to forty. I do so, and I
    preform Reunion once again. Jack Frost's stats are once again lowered to a level
    one equivalent, but not only does he keep the plus two Melee and MagicATK, he
    also gets another four points to Melee and MagicATK because he he
    acheived Rank 3 ハガラス.
    Devil Jobs
         Devils will now give you random quests. Each quest will get you
    experience, a piece of Code for your personal avatar title, and
    monetary prizes.
    -Requirements and Limitations-
         In order for a devil to offer you a job, it must be in your COMP when you
    login and they must have a minimum friendship level of 仲がいい.
         Each quest has a time limit of three hours. From the time you hit the
    Accept button till you report back in, you must complete the objective that
    was given to you.
         You can only accept up to three quests per twenty hours. Listening to
    the devil's request and then refusing it will not count against you.
         Even if you refuse a job or fail to complete a job, your devil's friendship
    rating will not be affected.
         The difficulty of the tasks you are given are based on your level.
         When you get a blinking icon on your DEVIL, icon, open up your Devil
    List and click on the speech ballons that are next to your devils. This
    will bring up a new window. Once you bring this window up, you must accept
    or refuse the job.
         Click the large button in the middle of the window to switch between
    the conversation and the list of requirements for the job. If you like
    to accept the job, click Accept, which is the lower-left hand button. To
    refuse, hit the lower-right button.
         Once you have taken the job, you can either complete it or give up.
    Either way when you decide to finish the quest, go back to the Devil list
    and hit the clipboard icon. Hit 報告する to complete the quest, or hit
    あきらめる to give up.
    -Job types-
         To make things easier for players, I'll put up the type of jobs you
    can get. Match the phrase or keyword to the header of the quest details.
    [Kill X number of devils]
    [Fuse a devil]
    [Get a devil to join through negotiations]
    [Succesfully clear x number of Plasma]
    *NOTE* Pay attention to what color of Plasma was requested.
    \\\Devil Fusion\\\
         Devil Fusion takes place at the Jakyo Manor, or 邪教の館.
    For a fee, you may fuse two devils in hopes of making a stronger
    devil. The fee changes depending on the level of the resulting
    devil, and there is a probability of failure in higher level
         When you select two devils to fuse, you will get a view of
    the resulting devil and its stats. At the bottom of the
    screen, you will see two numbers. One number is the fusion fee, and
    the percentage is the chance of success. The fee will be taken from
    you regardless of success or failure. Unlike the console Megaten
    games, you will not lose any devils if a fusion were to fail. This
    allows you to try several times. Also, fusion accidents do not occur
    in this game, so you do not have to worry about your resulting
    devil becoming a slime.
         Resulting Devils are decided by the levels of the two devils used
    in Fusion. Add the levels of the two devils together, divide by two, and
    the resulting number is used to choose a devil. All devils have a number
    range. If the resulting number falls into a certain devil's range, then
    the result with be that devil.
    Two-Way and Three Way Fusion
         There are two ways to fuse devils:Two Way(二身合体) and
    Three Way(三心合体). Two Way is very simple; Select two
    devils, confirm the information, and you are done. Three-Way
    Fusion is a bit more tricky.
         Three-Way Fusion utilizes three devils, but not three
    of your own devils. The person who initiates the Fusion will
    be using two devils of two other PCs while he uses his one of
    his own. To accomplish this, you must have two players in your
    party when you select Three-Way Fusion. Another requirement
    is that the devils being used must have a friendship level of
    at least 仲がいい. It should also be noted that Three-Way
    Fusion is also the only way to get certain Genuses, namely
    大天使(Seraph), 魔神(Pagan God), 魔王(Devil).
         Spirits(精霊) are special devils that are created when two
    devils from the same Genus are fused together. The Spirits
    themselves are weak, but their true worth is shown when used
    in Fusion. Spirits will ignore the total level and automatically
    bump the second devil up or down one rank in their Genus.
         For example, if I use a Earthies and fuse it with a Kodama, I
    will get a Kahaku, the 地霊 devil that is one rank up above Kodama.
         Note that you cannot fuse two Spirits together. Also, there is
    no "wrap-arounds" like in previous Megaten games. If I were to use
    a Aquans on Kodama, the lowest devil in the Chirei Genus, the Kodama
    will still be a Kodama, and will not jump up to be a Uberi, the highest
    ranking devil in Chirei.
    How to make each Spirit:
    Spirit  | Genuses that can be used
    Flamies |聖獣
    Aeros   |妖鳥 魔獣 妖精 妖獣 天使 霊鳥
    (エアロス)  |
    Earthies|地霊 夜魔 地母神 妖鬼 堕天使
    (アーシーズ) |
    Aquans  |妖魔 龍王 鬼女 龍神
    (アクアンズ) |
    The effect of each Spirit on each Genus:
    Genus/Spirit|Earthies | Aeros | Aquans |Flamies
    女神         | Down    | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    天津神        | Down    | ----  |  Down  | ----
    国津神        | ----    | ----  |  ----  | ----
    地母神        | Up      | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    鬼 神        | ----    | ----  |  ----  | ----
    邪 神        | ----    | ----  |  ----  | ---- 
    死 神         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    天 使         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Up
    堕天使         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Up
    霊 鳥         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    妖 鳥         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    凶 鳥         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    神 獣         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down 
    聖 獣         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Up
    魔 獣         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Up 
    妖 獣         | Down   | Down  |   Up   |  Up
    龍 神         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    龍 王         | Down   | Down  |   Up   |  Up
    邪 龍         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    幻 魔         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    妖 魔         | Down   |  Up   |   Up   |  Down
    夜 魔         | Down   |  Up   |  Down  |  Down
    妖 精         | Up     | Down  |   Up   |  Down 
    地 霊         | Up     |  Up   |  Down  |  Down 
    鬼 女         | Up     | Down  |   Up   |  Up 
    妖 鬼         | Up     | Down  |   Up   |  Up 
    邪 鬼         | Down   | Down  |  Down  |  Down
    幽 鬼         | Down   |  Up   |  Down  |  Down
    外 道         | Down   | Down  |   Up   |  Down
    Fusion Charts
    Search Key:
         Law              Neutral             Chaos
    魔神(Pagan God)       死神(Reaper)       鬼神(Fierce God)
    女神(Goddess)         幻魔(Legend)       国津神(Kunitsu-no-Kami)
    天津神(Amatsu-no-Kami) 夜魔(Night-Mare)   地母神(Earth Goddess)
    邪神(Evil God)        妖精(Fairy)        魔王(Devil)
    妖魔(Youma)           龍王(Dragon King)  堕天使(Fallen Angel)
    大天使(Seraph)         神獣(God Beast)     龍神(Dragon God)
    天使(Angel)           聖獣(Holy Beast)    邪龍(Evil Dragon)
    霊鳥(Spirit Bird)     魔獣(Devil Beast)   鬼女(Demon Woman)
    妖鳥(Wicked Bird)     妖獣(Wicked Beast)  妖鬼(Wicked Demon)
    凶鳥(Vicious Bird)                       幽鬼(Apparation)
    地霊(Earth Spirit)                       外道(Monster)
    邪鬼(Evil Demon)
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    天津神    |地母神                13-35    | Hathor    |   18
    天津神    |妖魔               -------------------------------------
    天津神    |龍王                 36-47    |AmenoUzume |    24
    霊鳥     |鬼女               -------------------------------------
    神獣     |聖獣                 49-59    |Saurasvati |    30
    聖獣     |妖精               -------------------------------------
    天使     |地母神                60-75    | Freya     |    38
    天使     |幻魔               -------------------------------------
    天使     |妖精                  76-     |  Sati     |    55
    天使     |龍神
    天使     |神獣
    天使     |聖獣
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil     |Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |幻魔                  21-65     | Omoikane     |   31
    女神     |天使               -------------------------------------
    女神     |霊鳥                    66-     | Takemikazuchi|   71
    龍神     |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    龍王     |霊鳥
    幻魔     |神獣
    幻魔     |霊鳥
    -邪神(Evil God)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil     |Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |邪龍                    --      | Baphomet     |   30
    女神     |幽鬼               -------------------------------------
    天津神    |邪鬼                    --      |  Pazusu      |   82
    鬼神     |凶鳥
    邪龍     |鬼神
    邪龍     |邪鬼
    邪龍     |外道
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    地母神    |妖精                   2-15    | Apsaras    |   8
    幻魔     |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |幽鬼                   16-27   |  Isora     |   14
    妖精     |堕天使              -------------------------------------
    妖精     |龍王                 28-45     |    Dis     |    23
    妖精     |妖鬼               -------------------------------------
    天使     |妖鬼                46-73      | Oncott     |    37
    堕天使    |地霊               -------------------------------------
    堕天使    |幽鬼                  74-     |  Djinn      |    44
    霊鳥     |幽鬼                -------------------------------------
    妖鳥     |幽鬼                  ??-     |  Ganesha    |    58
    魔獣     |地霊
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |堕天使                 5-21     | Angel       |   11
    神獣     |堕天使              -------------------------------------
    天津神    |妖精                  22-33    | Archangel   |   17
    地母神    |妖鬼               -------------------------------------
    幻魔     |妖鬼                  34-49    | Principality|    25
    霊鳥     |地霊               -------------------------------------
    妖魔     |夜魔                  50-71    |    Power    |    36
    妖魔     |神獣               -------------------------------------
    妖魔     |聖獣                  72-101   |  Virtue     |    51
    妖魔     |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    妖精     |妖鳥                  102-     |  Dominion   |    64
    妖精     |神獣               -------------------------------------
    妖精     |魔獣                  ??-      |   Throne    |    71
    -霊鳥(Spirit Bird)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |妖鳥                  14-39    |  Hou-Ou   |   20
    天津神    |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    天津神    |天使                  40-55    | Jatayu    |   29
    地母神    |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    地母神    |神獣                  56-71    | Phoenix   |    36
    幻魔     |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    神獣     |妖鳥                   72-??   |Yata-Garasu|    52
    聖獣     |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    聖獣     |凶鳥                    ??     |  Garuda   |    65
                         Three-Way Fusion |  Suzaku   |    49
    -妖鳥(Wicked Bird)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    天津神    |堕天使                 2-13    |  Harpy   |   7
    妖魔     |外道               -------------------------------------
    妖精     |霊鳥                  14-23    |  Macha   |   12
    妖精     |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    妖精     |幽鬼                  24-49    |  Ocypete |    25
    天使     |邪龍               -------------------------------------
    天使     |凶鳥                  50-59    | Celeano  |    30
    霊鳥     |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    凶鳥     |夜魔                  60-71    |  Aello   |    36
    凶鳥     |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    凶鳥     |幽鬼                   72-     |Badhbh Cath|    54
    聖獣     |幽鬼
    妖獣     |外道
    -凶鳥(Vicious Bird)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    邪神     |妖精               *Rank Down* | Onmoraki |   1
    邪龍     |幽鬼               -------------------------------------
    霊鳥     |妖鳥                  12-81    |  Chin    |    41
    霊鳥     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    妖鳥     |堕天使                 82-89   |  Fury     |    45
    妖鳥     |邪龍               -------------------------------------
    妖鳥     |妖鬼                 90-138   | Camazotz  |    69
    聖獣     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
                                  139-   | Hraesvelg |    78
    -地霊(Earth Spirit)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    地母神    |邪龍                  4-5      |   Kodama    |   3
    地母神    |外道               -------------------------------------
    鬼神     |妖鬼                  6-9      |   Kahaku    |   5
    邪神     |妖魔               -------------------------------------
    妖魔     |妖精                  10-21    |    Nocker   |   11
    妖魔     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    妖魔     |幽鬼                  22-33    |    Sudama   |   17
    天使     |幽鬼               -------------------------------------
    堕天使    |妖鬼                  34-47    |  Bucca-boo  |   24
    堕天使    |妖魔               -------------------------------------
    魔獣     |妖獣                  48-??    |    Dwarf    |   30
    妖獣     |幽鬼               -------------------------------------
                                 ??-      |  Ubelluri   |   41
    -邪鬼(Evil Demon)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    妖魔     |凶鳥                   9-49    |   Ogre   |     25
    妖魔     |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |鬼女                  50-81    | Rakshasa |    41
    堕天使    |邪龍               -------------------------------------
    龍王     |邪龍                    82-    |  Cyclops |    46
    邪龍     |鬼女               -------------------------------------
    邪龍     |妖鬼
    邪龍     |地霊
    妖鳥     |鬼女
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    邪神     |女神                   7-??    |   Hel    |     46
    邪神     |地母神              -------------------------------------
    邪神     |鬼神                  ??-??    |Chernobog |     62
    邪神     |天使               -------------------------------------
    邪神     |霊鳥          Three-Way Fusion |    Mot   |     85
    天使     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    邪龍     |魔獣
    邪龍     |妖獣
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |   Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |妖精                  10-55    |  Setanta  |    28
    龍神     |幽鬼               -------------------------------------
    龍神     |妖鳥                  56-71    | Valkyrie  |    36
    龍王     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    龍王     |堕天使                 72-87   |Cuchulainn  |    44
    霊鳥     |邪龍               -------------------------------------
                                   88-   |Kurama-Tengu|    48
                                   88-   |  Hayagriva |    57
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    天津神    |凶鳥                  4-15     |    Alp      |   8
    地母神    |妖魔               -------------------------------------
    幻魔     |鬼女                  16-27    |   Empusa    |   11
    妖魔     |龍王               -------------------------------------
    妖魔     |霊鳥                  28-39    |   Lillim    |   20
    天使     |地霊               -------------------------------------
    妖精     |死神                  40-53    |   Fomoria   |   27
    堕天使    |鬼神               -------------------------------------
    堕天使    |魔獣                  54-61    |  Incubus    |   31
    堕天使    |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    龍神     |鬼女                  62-73    |  Succubus   |   37
    龍神     |妖鬼               -------------------------------------
    龍王     |妖獣                  74-93    |   Kaiwan    |   47
                                 94-      | Queen Maeve |   57
    -妖精(Fairy) -
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |龍王               *Rank Down* | Pixie    |    2
    夜魔     |堕天使              -------------------------------------
    天使     |龍王                   6-21    |Jack Frost|    11
    天使     |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    地霊     |妖鳥                  22-29    |High-Pixie|    15
    地霊     |妖鬼               -------------------------------------
    妖獣     |妖鬼                  30-35    |Jack Lantern|  20
                                 36-45    | Gandharva |   23
                                 46-49    |  Kelpie   |   25
                                 50-61    |   Elf     |   31
                                 62-75    |  Troll    |   38
                                76-104    |  Oberon   |   52
                                 104-     |  Titania  |   57
    -龍王(Dragon King)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    地母神    |凶鳥                   4-27    | Nozuchi  |    14
    地母神    |魔獣               -------------------------------------
    鬼神     |地霊                  28-47    |  Naga    |    24
    邪神     |龍神               -------------------------------------
    天使     |妖魔                  48-61    |  Mizuchi |    31
    天使     |夜魔               -------------------------------------
    天使     |霊鳥                   62-     | Nagaraja  |    40
    堕天使    |龍神
    堕天使    |霊鳥
    龍神     |聖獣
    龍神     |魔獣
    龍神     |外道
    邪龍     |妖魔
    邪龍     |妖精
    霊鳥     |魔獣
    凶鳥     |魔獣
    神獣     |魔獣
    -神獣(God Beast)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |龍神                  17-43    |  Makami  |     25
    女神     |聖獣               -------------------------------------
    天津神    |聖獣                  44-61    |  Kaichi  |    41
    天津神    |妖鬼               -------------------------------------
    地母神    |聖獣                    62-    |  Nandi   |    46
    鬼神     |幻魔
    幻魔     |邪龍
    幻魔     |聖獣
    妖魔     |龍神
    霊鳥     |龍神
    聖獣     |魔獣
    -聖獣(Holy Beast)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |魔獣                   4-25    |   Shiisaa   |    13
    天津神    |龍神               -------------------------------------
    天津神    |魔獣                  26-41    |   Unicorn   |    21
    鬼神     |神獣               -------------------------------------
    鬼神     |魔獣                  42-47    |     Apis    |    24
    幻魔     |龍神               -------------------------------------
    幻魔     |凶鳥                  48-53    |   Hakutaku  |    27
    幻魔      |魔獣               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |幻魔                  54-61    |   Pabilsag  |    31
    夜魔     |神獣               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |魔獣                   62-71   |    Senri    |    36
    天使     |魔獣               -------------------------------------
    霊鳥     |神獣                   72-81   |    Kirin    |    41
                                   82-    |   Slepnir  |     62
    -魔獣(Devil Beast)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |神獣                   4-13    |  Cait Sith  |    7
    女神     |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    地母神    |地霊                  14-25    |   Cu Sith   |    13
    夜魔     |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    天使     |鬼女                  12-35    |   Inugami   |    18
    堕天使    |聖獣               -------------------------------------
    龍神     |妖獣                  22-51    |   Nekomata  |    26
    龍王      |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    龍王     |妖鬼                  32-61    |   Orthrus   |    31
    聖獣     |地霊               -------------------------------------
    鬼女     |妖鬼                   62-73   |    Tanki    |    37
    鬼女     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    地霊     |邪鬼                  72-83    |    Dawon    |    42
                                   84-    |   Cerberus  |    49
    -妖獣(Wicked Beast)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    邪神     |邪龍                   3-17    |    Garm     |    9
    妖魔     |地霊               -------------------------------------
    妖精     |地霊                  18-33    |   Bicorn    |    17
    堕天使    |鬼女               -------------------------------------
    龍神     |凶鳥                  34-49    |    Gyuki    |    25
    邪龍     |凶鳥               -------------------------------------
    妖鳥     |魔獣                  50-79    |   Mothman   |    40
    神獣      |凶鳥               -------------------------------------
    神獣     |邪鬼                  80-99    |  Catoblepas |    50
    魔獣     |外道               -------------------------------------
    鬼女     |地霊                  100-     |    Fenrir   |    57
    鬼女     |外道
    妖鬼     |外道
    -地母神(Earth Goddess)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |鬼神                   3-17    |   Hathor    |    18
    女神     |鬼女               -------------------------------------
    女神     |地霊                  18-33    |Kushinata-Hime|   26
    鬼神     |天使               -------------------------------------
    鬼神     |鬼女                  34-49    |    Artemis  |    30
    幻魔     |地霊               -------------------------------------
    幻魔     |堕天使                 50-79    |   Parvthi   |    64
    聖獣      |夜魔               -------------------------------------
    聖獣     |霊鳥                  80-99    |     Kali    |    68
    聖獣     |鬼女               -------------------------------------
    龍王     |龍神                  100-     |    Skadi    |    74
    -鬼神(Fierce God)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil     |Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    地母神    |夜魔                    -75     | SouchouTen |   38
    地母神    |鬼女               -------------------------------------
    地母神    |邪鬼                   76-89    | KoumokuTen |   45
    邪神     |龍王               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |妖鬼                   90-      | JikokuTen  |   52
    神獣     |鬼女               -------------------------------------
                           Three-Way Fusion| BishamoTen |   72
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil     |Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    邪神     |幻魔                    -117   |  OKuninushi  |   59
    神獣     |地霊               -------------------------------------
    龍神     |地霊                  118-     |   Arahabaki  |   83
    -堕天使(Fallen Angel)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |夜魔                  2-29     |  Andras  |    15
    女神     |凶鳥               -------------------------------------
    天津神    |夜魔                  30-57    | Forneus  |    29
    天津神    |鬼女               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |龍王                  58-85    |  Eligor  |    43
    夜魔     |邪龍               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |邪鬼                   86-99   | Decarabia|    50
    妖魔     |魔獣               -------------------------------------
    天使     |妖獣                  100-     |  Berith  |    58
    天使     |外道
    龍王     |地霊
    龍王     |外道
    妖獣     |鬼女
    -龍神(Dragon God)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    天津神    |幻魔                  23-65    |Coatlicue |     33
    天津神    |霊鳥               -------------------------------------
    天津神    |神獣                  66-77    |  Ganga   |     39
    地母神    |霊鳥               -------------------------------------
    鬼神     |龍王                    78-    |Quetzalcoatl|   55
    鬼神     |霊鳥
    龍王     |幻魔
    龍王     |神獣
    -邪龍(Evil Dragon)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |  Devil   | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    鬼神     |外道               *Rank Down* |Cocktarice|    8
    邪神     |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    邪神     |凶鳥                  26-33    | Tarasque |    17
    邪神     |神獣               -------------------------------------
    堕天使    |邪鬼                  34-85    | Basilisk|     43
    龍王     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    神獣     |妖鬼                   86-     | Nidhogg |     57
    -鬼女(Demon Woman)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    女神     |妖魔                  2-17     |   Datsueba  |   9
    女神     |妖鬼               -------------------------------------
    女神     |邪鬼                  18-49    |    Taraka   |   25
    天津神    |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    地母神    |鬼神                 50-63     |   Gorgon    |   32
    地母神    |幻魔               -------------------------------------
    地母神    |堕天使                64-69     |Yomotsu-Shikome|   35
    地母神    |龍王               -------------------------------------
    地母神    |幽鬼                 70-93     |    Lamia   |   47
    鬼神     |夜魔               -------------------------------------
    鬼神     |妖鳥                 94-105    |  Yaksini   |   53
    妖魔     |妖鬼               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |龍神                 106-      |   Dakini    |   65
    夜魔     |霊鳥
    凶鳥     |妖鬼
    聖獣     |妖鬼
    魔獣     |妖鬼
    地霊     |外道
    -妖鬼(Wicked Demon)-
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    鬼神     |妖精                   2-9     |  Shikigami  |    5
    鬼神     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    邪神     |堕天使                 10-19    |    Azumi    |    10
    邪神     |鬼女               -------------------------------------
    妖魔     |鬼女                  20-29    | Koopa-Tengu |    15
    夜魔     |妖鳥               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |外道                  30-37    |  Momunofu   |    19
    妖精      |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    幽鬼     |外道                  38-45    |   Turdark   |    23
    龍王     |魔獣               -------------------------------------
    龍王     |幽鬼                  46-49    |     Oni     |    25
    妖鳥     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    妖獣     |地霊                  50-55    |Karasu-Tengu |    28
    妖獣     |邪鬼               -------------------------------------
    邪鬼     |外道                  56-87    |Yomotsu-Ikusa|    44
                                 88-      |    Yaksa    |    51
                                 ??-      |  Shiki-Ouji |    63
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    天津神    |外道                   3-7     | Poltergiest  |    4
    地母神    |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    邪神     |夜魔                   8-13    |    Gaki      |    7
    邪神     |地霊               -------------------------------------
    邪神     |外道                  14-21    |    Ghoul     |    11
    妖精     |凶鳥               -------------------------------------
    妖精     |鬼女                  22-33    |  Choronzon   |    17
    妖精     |外道               -------------------------------------
    妖鬼     |邪鬼                  34-47    |    Yaksa     |    24
                                 48-65    |Laughing Skull|    33
                                 66-71    |   Pisaca     |    36
                                 72-82    |   Legion     |    38
                                   83-    |   Vetala     |    44
    Devil A | Devil B         Level Range |    Devil    | Devil's Level
    -----------------         -------------------------------------
    邪神     |死神                *Rank Down*|Will o' Wisp |    1
    邪神     |魔獣               -------------------------------------
    邪神     |妖獣                  02-11    |    Slime    |    6
    邪神     |妖鬼               -------------------------------------
    邪神     |邪鬼                  12-21    |   Mouryuu   |    11
    邪神     |幽鬼               -------------------------------------
    夜魔     |地霊                  22-31    |     Blob    |    16
    堕天使    |凶鳥               -------------------------------------
    龍王     |凶鳥                  32-61    |  Black Ooze |    31
    妖鳥     |妖獣               -------------------------------------
    凶鳥     |鬼女                  62-71    |   Specter   |    36
    凶鳥     |地霊               -------------------------------------
    凶鳥     |邪鬼                    72-    |   Shadow    |    52
    魔獣     |鬼女
    鬼女     |幽鬼
    妖鬼     |幽鬼
    地霊     |幽鬼
    邪鬼     |幽鬼
    Three-Way Fusions
    -霊鳥(Spirit Bird)-
    Suzaku(Lvl 49)  |Phoenix+Kirin+Badhbh Cath
                    |[Possible only with Suzaku's Plugin]
    Mot(Lvl 85)  |Odin+Hel+Chernobog[Possible only with Mot's Plugin]
    -鬼神(Fierce God)-
    BishamoTen(Lvl 72)|JikokuTen+KoumokuTen+Rakshasa/Yaksini
                      |[Possible only with BishamoTen's Plugin]
    Uriel(Lvl 80)   |Dominion+Virtue+Power[Possible only with Uriel's Plugin]
    Surt(Lvl 72)  |Jikoku-Ten+Fenrir+Shiki-Ouji[Possible only with Surt's Plugin]
    Loki(Lvl 69)  |Odin+Fenrir+Hel
    Hecate(Lvl 59)|Artemis+Quetzalcoatl+Yakushi
    King Frost(Lvl40|Jack Frost+Undeveloped Jack Frost+Mutated Jack Frost
    -魔神(Pagan God)-
    Mithra(Lvl 74)|Throne+Jikoku-Ten+Kali
    Odin(Lvl 70)  |Yata-Garasu+Slepnir+Valkyrie
    Thoth(Lvl 42) |Sarausvati+Phoenix+Kaichi
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