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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyberTractor

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                           Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine
                         A Walkthrough and Helpful Guide
    Copyright 2008 CyberTractor
    26 January 2009
    This guide may not be reposted onto any website without my consent. 
    An email will pretty much always get you the permission you want.
    Any questions, suggestions, and inqueries may be sent to
    My character's name in-game is Gillispie.  If you see me on, drop a line. :)
    Table of Contents
    A. Update History
    B. Introduction
    C. General Information
        C1. Demons
        C2. Playing the Game
        C3. Macca and Magnetite
        C4. Dying and Homepoints
        C5. Alignment towards Law or Chaos
        C6. Expertise
    D. Walkthrough
        D1. Chapter 1 - DB License
            (The D## terms are searchable terms)
            D11 - Act 1: A Demon Friend
            D12 - Act 2: Omen
            D13 - Act 3: The Raid
            D14 - Act 4: Azura
            D15 - Act 5: The Thick Forest
            D16 - Act 6: The Obelisk of Balance
            D17 - Act 7: DB License
        D2. Chapter 2 - The Children of Adam
            D21 - Act 8: The Obelisks of Form and Power
            D22 - Act 9: Setsu's Concerns
            D23 - Act 10: Azura's Search
            D24 - Act 11: Azura's Training
            D25 - Act 12: The Visionary of the Past
            D26 - Act 13: Emissary to the Messians/Gaians
    E. Dungeons
        E1. Suginami
        E2. Hacked Chips
        E3. Shibuya Quartz
        E4. Old Ichigaya Camp
        E5. Shinigama Catacomb of the Knights Temple
        E6. Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern
        E7. Celu Tower    
        E8. G1 Trials
    F. Quests
    G. Fusions
    H. Demonic Compendium
    I. Cards
    J. Frequently Asked Questions
    K. Closing
    = A. Update History ===========================================================
        1.0 - 26/1/2009 - Prelimenary formatting and basic information added.
            1.1 - Fixed indenting on the guide.
            1.2 - Added Fusions, Demonic Compendium placeholder, and act 7.
            1.3 - Added Expertise, revamped dungeons, and added a lot of fusions.
            1.4 - Added more quests.
            1.5 - Added a lot of fusions and up to act 11.
    = B. Introduction =============================================================
    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine is an MMORPG set in the world of Megaten. This
    unique series of games encompasses a dozen or so wonderful RPGs, 
    among them
    are the series of Persona, Digital Devil Saga, and Shin Megami games, with a
    few stand alone games like Devil Summoner. If Imagine interests you enough, I
    encourage you to play some more of the games, though they can be quite rare to
    = C. General Information ======================================================
    This game has a few unique aspects that may need to be explained to people new
    to the Shin Megami games. The most unique aspect are...
    -- C1. Demons --
    Demons in the Shin Megami world are, for the most part, intelligent creatures
    from various mythologies that have manifested themselves in the real world as
    data. There are dozens of different demons to capture and battle with, and
    practically every one that you see can be under your command.
    Demons can be set to attack stance, where they will attack according to their
    AI. This AI can be trained, and will learn what you tell it to do after an
    amount of time. Also, it will heal when necessary, and will cast Recarm when
    it can.
    To manually control your demon, hit tab (default key) and your camera will
    pan in the demon's direction. You can move it and control it using the hotkeys
    at the bottom, as usual. Pressing escape will cancel its action. This is handy
    if you die and your demon is fighting something. You can cancel his action to
    make him come ressurect you.
    - Contracting Demons
    Demons can be contracted mainly through two different ways:  talking and
    threatening. Intellectual demons which talk in complete sentencesm such as
    "Let's play a game!" will respond better to talking, while less intelligent
    demons which talk in more neanderthalic sentences with varied capitalization
    "sUcH aS tHis!!!" respond better to threatening.
    Taunt can also be used, but I've yet to encounter a demon that likes it.
    After talking to a demon enough, one of four things will happen.
        - The demon will attack you.
        - The demon will teleport away.
        - The demon will leave a treasure, and teleport away.
        - The demon will want to join you.
    If the demon joins you, a green egg will appear. Click it and then set the
    contract to be able to summon it. If you leave the egg there for a few minutes,
    members of your party will be able to contract it instead. This is helpful for
    helping friends find a particular demon.
    - Summoning Demons
    To summon a demon, you must click the 'demon' button normally located in the
    bottom right of the screen, then 'demon list'. This brings up a list of demons.
    Select the demon you want and click 'summon'. If you have the proper magnetite,
    you will start summoning the demon.
    Magnetite is gathered by killing demons, or you can sometimes find it for
    sale in a bazaar shop.
    - Skills
    Your demon has room for 8 skills, which are normally hotkeys F1 through F8. As
    your demon levels up, he will learn new skills which can be accessed through
    the demon's status window. You can get there quickly by pressing 'info' under
    your demon's picture in his status box.
    Click on 'Learn Skill' to bring up the skills your demon has learned.
    Acquired Skills are skills your demon has learned by leveling up. Inherited
    Skills are skills your demons can learn because of what he was fused by.
    These skills will be learned by being hit with a skill of the same class. For
    instance, if your demon is learning Recarm, casting Dia on it will raise the
    percentage of Recarm because both are curative magic.
    To use a skill, drag it from the Acquired/Inherited Skill boxes onto a Learned
    Skills box. If you drag a skill over a previously learned one, your demon will
    'forget' the old skill to learn the new skill. Forgotten skills cannot be
    relearned, so be careful.
    -- C2. Playing the Game --
    The game is comprised of various chapters. These chapters are divided into
    various acts. Each chapter is a different story arc. Completing acts will
    grant you various bonuses, such as reward experience, macca, or items.
    These quests are generally "Kill X amount of Y monster" quests or  "Deliver
    item X to location Y.", or sometimes a mixture of both.
    A standard leveling system is in the game. When you level, you get variable
    amounts of Attribute Points, which you use to boost your base stats. Your stats
    and equipment determine your battle stats, which are both displayed on the
    players "Status/Equipment" page.
    -- C3. Macca and Magnetite --
    There are two forms of currency in the world: macca and magnetite.
    Macca is the money used by humans to buy and sell goods. Magnetite is the
    resource used to summon demons.
    Both can be found by killing demons throughout the world, but this is the only
    way to acquire magnetite. Macca can be acquired by selling goods to an NPC or
    through the bazaar.
    -- C4. Dying and Homepoints --
    Homepoints are respawn points if you die and have no way of being ressurected.
    You can be ressurected in several ways. You can ressurect on the spot for a
    hefty EXP penalty and minimal life gain, at the zone entrance for a slightly
    smaller penalty, or at your homepoint for a minimal penalty.
    You can also 'accept ressurection' from other players to only lose one percent
    of your EXP, which is really useful in parties. This option is the best when
    If you are level 10 or below, you incur no penalty for ressurection, so feel
    free to explore and die as much as you'd like.
    -- C5. Alignment towards Law or Chaos --
    Your actions throughout the game will shift your alignment towards Law or
    towards Chaos.  If you are aligned with Law, it costs less magnetite for you to
    summon Law demons, but more for Neutral and Chaos.  Vice versa for Chaos.
    Neutral allows you to summon Neutral demons cheaper, but you pay more for both
    Law and Chaos, but not as much as you would if you were the opposite alignment.
    -- C6. Expertise --
    Leveling up skills is done through a system called Expertise.  You may choose
    from many skills to gain expertise in.  The more you use the skill, the more
    expertise you earn.  When you gain 100 points in the skill, you go up a rank.
    Gaining 1000 points will earn you a class.
    As you gain rank and class, more skills become available to you.  All skills
    are viewable through the expertise menu.
    To start gaining expertise in a skill, open the expertise menu and click on the
    gray [-] on the right.  It will turn into a red [^] indicating it is going up.
    A good place to grind some expertise is the first level of the Virtual Battle.
    It is filled with nonaggressive slimes with a high respawn rate, however you
    can't talk or threaten them.  To do this, grind with the demons right outside
    Home 3.
    Some expertises that I suggest increasing are
    - main attack (either attack or shoot)
    - side abilities of main attack (spin, rush, rapid)
    - defensive abilities for melee attackers (guard, counter)
    - talk and threaten
    - demonology
    - weapon knowledge for melee, gun knowledge (or firearms) for long range
    - medical sciences
    - magics for whichever class you wish to learn
    = D. Walkthrough ==============================================================
    Chapter One: DB License
    Note: All acts for Chapter 1 start by talking to Snakeman in Virtual Battle.
    -- D10 - Act 0: The Sin of Weakness
    -- D11 - Act 1: A Demon Friend
    For this mission, you must travel outside of Home 3 and travel south to
    find a Leader Pixie. You must be level 3 before you'll be able to
    capture one. If you have trouble finding the area, open up the minimap
    by clicking the symbol in the top right corner of the screen new to the
    moon phase. The Leader Pixies can be found around (16,23). Do not 
    confuse Leader Pixies with regular Pixies.
    If you have trouble catching one, read section C1 on demons to better
    understand how contracting works.
    After you get the Leader Pixie, return to Snakeman in Home 3. He'll
    want to take the Leader Pixie from you to take her wings. If you choose
    to let him, you get 1000 makka, lose the Leader Pixie, and move
    slightly towards Chaos. If not, you keep the pixie and forgoe your
    Either way, act complete.
    -- D12 - Act 2: Omen
    You have to go to the Cathedral of Shadows after talking to Snakeman.
    The Master will give you a bronze plate and tell you to get 10 soul
    shards from the Suginami Tunnels.
    You can acquire soul shards from shops in the bazaar, but chances are
    if this is your first time through, you can't afford them. No worries,
    you will level up by going through the dungeon and earn some good items
    if you beat it.
    The Suginami Tunnel is a place that you'll become very well acquainted
    with at later levels. There, you can create a dungeon complete with a
    boss by using different colored plates. Bronze is the lowest level, and
    the one you will be going through.
    The Suginami Tunnel is located at (18, 24) and can only be reached by
    crossing the bridge at (17, 20).
    There is a home point here that I advise you use.
    Walk downstairs. Here you will see a Yagiya, Yagiya Express, and a big
    fountain looking structure. The Yagiya will sell you various plates for
    the Suginami Tunnel. If you happen to clear the bronze dungeon without
    getting enough soul shards, you'll have to buy another plate. They
    don't cost much, so don't worry about running out of money.
    I highly advise looking around for a party before going into a bronze.
    At a low level, the creatures inside will be hard. Use your Cerberus's
    fire breath to kill the Jack Frosts, and just pummel the Slimes and
    Kodamas appear commonly, and be sure to loot the Kodama's bodies for
    the soul shards.
    Check the Suginami Tunnel section if you want additional information
    about what awaits you inside.
    After you get 10 soul shards, go back to the Master, then to Snakeman.
    Your reward is 1500 makka.
    -- D13 - Act 3: The Raid
        Level 10 requirement.
    Go to the Home 3 Camp at (17, 18) of Suginami. Its the area in the
    north that has the Yagiya on your minimap. 
    Before you go, he'll ask you to fuse and Erthys. If you don't have the
    demons you need on hand, go recruit them and return to get the next
    part of the quest.
    Talk to the guard here and he'll ask you to kill 20 Cait Sith and 
    1 Turbulent Incarnation Cait Sith (the giant one). Neither of these are
    too hard. 
    To check your current progress, open up your quest menu and double
    click on Act 3 to see how many you have left to kill.
    After killing them, report back to the guard to be asked to kill
    10 Inugami and 1 Shikigami. Inugami are aggressive and have a weakness
    to lightning. 
    Contrary to what Snakeman suggests, I would ditch Erthys
    and recruit a Cait Sith instead. They have a charge move that is
    lightning elemental, which deals more damage if you haven't leveled
    up Erthys.
    The Shikigami can be found farther north and has a weakness to fire,
    so if you have problems, whip out Cerberus and use fire breath to make
    the battle quick.
    After finishing these off, return to the guard. He'll ask you to meet
    him at the entrance to the warehouse. Return to Home 3 and go to the
    north. You'll see the guard standing in front of the door.
    Talk to him and he'll send you to the next area, which has a home point
    You can bring a party into this area after you enter it, which is
    Use it if you'd like, and continue through the tunnel until you come
    to  another guard. This guard gives you a card that you can use on the
    After using the card, you'll be transported to an area that has about
    15 Shikigami and 1 Taraka (the one from Act 0).
    Take out the Shikigami in whatever fashion you please.
    When the Taraka is alone, go all out with your attacks. Taraka is
    weak against ice Attacks, so Jack Frost may come in handy.
    After killing the boss and receiving a lot of bonus EXP, head back to
    Virtual Battle.
    Before talking to Snakeman, summon Cerberus. Snakeman will reward you
    with 2000 makka and he will take Cerberus away, letting him rest now
    that Taraka has been killed.
    -- D14 - Act 4: Azura
        Level 15 requirement.
        Bronze Suganami plate required.
    Talk to Snakeman with the plate in your inventory and you'll start the
    quest.  He will send you to the Cathedral, where they ask you to obtain
    an Old World Stone. The Junkerman in Suginami (21, 23) is your next
    For the next part, you must have at least one demon over level 12. At
    the end of the act, you will have to sacrifice a demon over level 12,
    so plan ahead.
    The Junkerman says a demon can go into the tunnels to get the stone.
    The higher their level, the higher chance they'll come back. A level
    thirteen demon should have a 100% chance of coming back.
    After obtaining the stone, summon the demon you want to be sacrificed
    and head back to the Cathedral. The Master will take the demon and
    stone from you. At the next full moon (it takes about 15 minutes for
    moon cycles to change by 1/8) he will give you a rare Gray Plate. If
    you lose it, you can return for another.
    You will definitely want a party before coming into this dungeon.
    Higher level characters are always willing to help out with this
    dungeon because it gives you a whopping 100,000 bonux EXP upon
    This is a six floor dungeon with bosses on floors two, four, and six.
    On level two you fight a Forneus which is only weak towards fire and
    lightning elemental physical attacks and has a lot of defenses. A Cait
    Sith is helpful. He is immune to shotguns, and all magic.
    On level four you fight Decarbia, which is weak against blunt attacks,
    rifles, shotguns, and holy attacks. He is immune to thrust, blowback,
    and fire. He is much easier than the previous one.
    On level six you'll fight another boss, along with several of the
    previous bosses as minions. The new demon is weak to force and pierce,
    and nullifies holy, shotguns, handguns, and blowback attacks.
    After the battle, enjoy your bonus experience, grab a cube, and leave.
    Head back to Snakeman for a 2500 makka reward.
    NOTE:  If you go back into a gray dungeon (by helping someone else),
    talk to the Jack Frost at the beginning. He'll give you a Jack Frost
    -- D15 - Act 5: The Thick Forest
    Take the job from Snakeman. This act will be a lot less hectic since
    there is no mandatory fighting. You are going to travel through
    Suginami to (27,19) and go to Nakano.
    After exiting Home 3, travel to (18, 22) which is right by the Yagiya and
    talk to Nonaka in Nakano. He will send you to the Clumsy Researcher,
    which is on the east end of the building on the north.
    The researcher will tell you he dropped the data. A man near the
    entrance to Babel has the data at (27, 18). He will want 1000 makka for
    the data. If you threaten the man, you move slightly towards Chaos and
    only pay 100 makka.
    After obtaining the data, go back to Snakeman. He'll give you 3000
    -- D16 - Act 6: The Obelisk of Balance
    Snakeman will send you back to Nakano. This time, after entering 
    Nakano, go to the Obelisk in the center (20, 20). Talk to the Innocent
    here. He will have you talk to the DB's around him.
    Helping Yamaguchi will move you closer to Law and make you kill
    10 Gyuki and 20 Azumi. Helping Kano will move you to Chaos and have
    you kill 10 Kelpies and 20 Cockatrices. Both are the same difficulty,
    so help either one then report back to the Innocent.
    You'll see an event where a high ranking DB slaughters a mass of
    After watching this, the Innocent will have you report back to
    Snakeman. Do so, and you'll be rewarded 4000 makka.
    -- D17 - Act 7: DB License
     Level 25 required.
    This act consists of four battles: three of which are back to back.  You'll
    need a variety of skills at your disposal if you'll want to come out of this
    mission unscathed.  Fire, ice, and rifles will make these battles easier.
    At level 21, a Fallen Angel Andras has both bufu and agi, as well as Lemegeton,
    which casts 2x Makakaja.  He is very useful in the fight since he hits every
    elemental weakness these fights throws at you.
    After you talk to Snakeman and get your License Test Card, go to the far
    right side of the room next to the Vizionz Girl and click on the terminal.
    Insert your card and you'll start the fights.
    The first three fights must be fought on your own.
    The first battle is against 10 Garms.  Just like the Suginami bronze boss, they
    are weak versus fire and guns.  Attack one generates enmity from all of them,
    so wait for one to seperate itself from the group before you attack.
    The second battle is against a Jack Frost and Pyro Jack.  Jack Frost is weak
    versus fire and shotguns, while Pyro Jack is weak versus ice.  If you start to
    charge magic around them, they'll attack you immediately, so either charge up
    away from them, use magic stones, or avoid magic altogether.
    The third battle is against an Orthrus and Cerberus, both of which are weak
    versus ice.  Orthrus is immune to all melee attacks, so pound at him with
    ice magic and bufu stones.
    After this, you'll see a cut scene.  Head to the service entrance (the same one
    from act 3) and this time you'll be choosing to go to location B.  You can
    bring a party into this fight, and its highly advised to do so.  You'll fight
    more Shikigami whose stats have been increased but are still succeptible to
    fire, and an Oni who is weak to poison (and doens't have any resistances from
    what I saw.)  This battle shouldn't be hard with a decent party.
    Afterwards, enjoy your 200,000 bonus experience.
    Talk to Snakeman and you'll finally receive your DB license and tell you to go
    to Babel and talk to Yamamoto to get further acts.
    The biggest benefit is that you can now teleport directly to Shinjuku Babel by
    talking to the Home 3 homepoint.  Just select 'use teleporter' to warp there.
    -- D21 - Act 8: The Obelisks of Form and Power
    Head to Shinjuku Babel (don't forget you can teleport there and back once a day)
    and head all the way to the north.  Talk to the guard at the door and head
    Directly in front of you is Yamamoto the Steel Willed.  He is who you're going
    to get your quests from from now on.  Talk to him to see a scene.
    It seems that the Messians and the Gaians are doing missionary work in Babel,
    and you are going to be the mediator.  You are given two codes and told where
    the two people are.
    First, talk to the Messian who is at (24, 23).  Give her the code LM5988 and
    then she will talk about the Messian philosophy.  She will then ask you a few
    questions about it.
    The answers are
    - Shinigawa
    - Judah the Dilligent
    - Millenial Kingdom...
    Answering these right will shift you towards Law.
    Now go find the Gaian who is directly north.  Give him CG5991 and he will talk
    about the Gaian philosophy and ask you a few questions which will shift you
    towards Chaos.
    The answers are
    - Ueno
    - Doukan the Dauntless
    - A World of Freedom and Liberty
    Return to Yamamoto and he'll now ask you to check out the other two Obelisks.
    You'll gain 50,000 bonus experience at this point.
    Now head south to Shibuya.  In this new area you should see demolished
    buildings and crystals everywhere.  Head to (21, 20) to the west side of the
    Obelisk.  Talk to the Innocent.
    If you chose yes to this, you get a big shift towards Law.
    Choosing no has no effect.
    Return to Yamamoto and now leave Babel to the east.
    In Ichigaya, you should find the Innocent and Obelisk at (21, 19).  This time,
    the Innocent's question will have shift you to Chaos if you say yes.
    Return to Yamamoto and you'll finally be introduced to Setsu, Azura's brother,
    and be rewarded with 100,000 bonus exp.
    -- D22 - Act 9: Setsu's Concerns
    Yamamoto now has interest in Celu Tower, which is in Shibuya.
    There are a lot of Divine demons in this dungeon, and it is very dangerous and
    unwise to go in without a party, so get a decent one together and have at it.
    Once inside, head south and into the Celu Tower and use the Inspection Plate.
    Talk to DB Yamaguchi at the beginning to record data on the Divines.
    DB Kano at (24, 18)
    DB Watanabe at (23, 22)
    DB Matsudo at (24, 19)
    DB Saito at (25, 22)
    Throw the switch (30, 20)
    Friendly Demon Buster at (30, 17)
    Go to the next floor.
    If you talked to all the DB's, the DB at the door will let you pass.
    Now you'll fight a boss.
    4 Archangels and a Power.  The Archangels are just like the ones from Suginami
    Silver, and the Power is a more powerful Divine.  Take them on one at a time.
    After the fight, talk to the DB and you'll be teleported back to Babel.
    Talk to Yamamoto and you'll finish the quest and earn 500,000 bonus exp.
    Leave the room and see a scene to actually finish the quest.
    -- D23 - Act 10: Azura's Search
    Yamamoto will tell you to go to Snakeman.  Trek or teleport back to Home 3 and
    talk to Snakeman, who will give you a Kingdom plate for the Suginami Tunnels.
    Head to the tunnels (with a party, preferably) and use the Kingdom plate.
    Forneus is weak to electicity.
    Decarabia is weak to expel, long range, and blunt.
    Eligor is weak to electricity.
    Andras has no weakness.
    One the first floor, there is an ore in the little room at (15, 22) and another
    at (28, 19).  You must pick these up.
    Use the two ores to open the door on the second floor.  After the scene, you'll
    fight a boss.  You are rewarded with 200,000 bonus exp upon his defeat.
    After the boss, talk to the Kingdom Crystal.  These choices have very obvious
    effects on your alignment.  Afterwards, you will be teleported to Babel.
    Talk to Yamamoto to complete the mission and receive 500,000 bonus exp.
    -- D24 - Act 11: Azura's Training
    Yamamoto will have you trek back to Home 3 again to retrieve Azura.  Talk to
    Snakeman to receive a VB Card C, which you need to use on the terminal on
    your right.
    Talk to Azura and you'll get a Comp (modified).
    Take it to Snakeman, then head to the accessory shop (where you buy armor).
    Talk to the intern (guy on the right).
    Go back to Snakeman, then head to the Service Tunnel.
    Talk to the man by the Security Computer, then talk to DB Yamaguchi.
    Return to Snakeman, then go talk to Azura in the terminal again.***
    *** - You can bring a party in this time.
    After a humorous scene, prepare for a fight against 2 Fenrir.
    Fenrir are weak against guns and reflect fire.
    After battle you receive 100,000 bonus exp.
    Talk to Snakeman and he'll teleport you back to Babel.
    Talk to Yamamoto to finish the quest and receive 300,000 bonus exp.
    -- D25 - Act 12: The Visionary of the Past
       Level 30 requirement.
    -- D26 - Act 13: Emissary to the Messians/Gaians
    = E. Dungeons =================================================================
    The general format will be:
    -- Plate type -- Number of floors --
    Enemy name (level) - weakness
    NOTE: Additional notes go here.
    E1. Suginami Tunnels
    NOTE: All Glittering Ore must be turned into the Yagiya before you may reenter
    a dungeon.  You get 1 Revival Bead for each ore you turn in (one at a time).
    Located at Suginami (18, 24)
    -- Bronze -- 2 --
    Onmoraki (1) - force, penetrate
    Kodama (3) - fire
    Slime (6) - fire, expel
    Cait Sith (7) - long range
    Jack Frost (11) - fire, spread
    Angel (11) - none
    Sudama (17) - fire
    Nekomata (26) - electricity
    BOSS: Great Beast Garm - fire, long range
    General Notes: Sudama can suicide bomb you for 80+ damage, and the Nekomata
    can aggro you and be quite nasty in packs.  Nothing here should cause that
    much trouble, really.
    -- Silver -- 3 --
    Onmoraki (1) - force, penetrate
    Slime (6) - fire
    Blob (16) - ice
    Deformed Onmoraki (19) - force, penetrate
    Black Ooze (31) - electricity
    Deformed Cait Sith (33) - long range
    Troll (38) - fire, spread
    Deformed Black Ooze (46) - electricity
    Deformed Troll (48) - fire, spread
    Deformed Jack Frost (51) - fire, spread
    Deformed Archangel (53) - ice
    BOSS: Column Dwellers Decarabia - long range, blunt
    -- Gold --
    -- Gray -- 6 --
    Onmoraki (1) - force, penetrate
    Slime (6) - fire
    Cait Sith (7) - long range
    Jack Frost (11) - fire
    Blob (16) - ice
    Sudama (19) - fire
    Deformed Onmoraki (19) - force penetrate
    Nekomata (26) - electricity
    Black Ooze (31) - electricity
    Deformed Cait Sith (33) - long range
    Troll (38) - fire, spread
    Deformed Jack Frost (51) - fire, spread
    MINIBOSS: Column Dwellers Forneus - electric, may reflect all 4 elements
    MINIBOSS: Column Dwellers Decarabia - long range, blunt
    BOSS: Column Dwellers Andras - reflects force
    NOTE: Gray dungeons are only available for act 4, but a party may be brought.
          Completion yields 100,000 exp.
    -- Kingdom --
    E2. Hacked Chips
    Sometimes you'll find a Broken IC Chip when you kill an enemy.  These can be
    taken to the Virtual Battle girl (the one on the bridge) and be turned into
    Hacked Chips.
    NOTE: For this section, the demons listed in the seperated section are prizes.
    -- Home 3 -- 3 --
    Newbie Demon Buster (21, 20)
    Electric Fairy - death
    Cyber Wood Kodama - fire
    BOSS: Oberon -
    Accomplished Erthys (1)
    -- Camp Ground --
    Young Demon Buster (
    Electric King Oni (small) - fire
    (4 rounds of increasing difficulty)
    Accomplished Unicorn (21)
    Accomplished Aeros (1)
    Inexperienced Mothman (20)
    Feng Huang (20)
    Kikuri-Hime (18)
    Apis (24)
    -- Shinjuku Babel -- 2 --
    DB Watanabe (19, 23)
    TROJAN.DD.SLIME - fire
    C64.BLOB@dd - ice
    WORM_B.OOZE.dd - electricity
    NOTE: The second floor has 1 giant version of each.
          The black ooze blocks magic.
    After the battle, return the repair data to Watanabe for a mid level demon.
    Sarasvati (30)
    Baphomet (30)
    E3. Shibuya Quartz
    Located at Shibuya (20, 21)
    This dungeon is annoying in the sense that you keep teleporting all around
    the map, not knowing where exactly you'll be going.
    -- Bronze -- 4 --
    Inexperienced Harpy (3) - long range, force
    Harpy (7) - long range, force
    Inexperienced Ocypete (14) - long range, force
    High Pixie (15) - none
    Inexperienced Elf (16) - none
    Accomplished High Pixie (15) -
    Ocypete (25) - long range, force
    Mirror Inugami (27) - reflects all magic
    Inexperienced Aello (28) - none
    Kelaino (30) - long range, force, reflects charge
    Elf (31) - none
    Lucky Hua Po (33) - ice
    Inexperienced Oberon (36) - none
    Aello (36) - long range, force
    Inexperienced Titania (38) - none
    MINIBOSS: Dangerous Matter Sudama - fire
    BOSS: Furiae - long range, force
    E4. Old Ichigaya Camp
    E5. Shinigama Catacomb of the Knights Temple
    E6. Kagurazaka Zhu Que Cavern
    E7. Celu Tower
    E8. G1 Trials
    Any bronze, silver, or gold dungeon can be turned into a G1 Trial by
    using a stopwatch (which is bought from the Yagiya express) while
    creating the dungeon.
    By going through the dungeon quickly, you earn Yagiya Seals. These
    can be traded in at the Yagiya Express for items, or entrance into a
    gem raffle.
    The gem raffle will always reward you with random gems of variable
    rarity and quantity.
    = F. Quests ===================================================================
    Quests follow this general format:
    -- LOCATION --
    Quest name
    - Who gives it to you
    - Where you get it.
    - Any other requirements.
    - What you have to do to finish the quest
    - What you get for beating it.
    -- Home 3 --
    The Guard's Desire
    - Guard
    - (16, 19)
    - Talk to the home point girl, set Home 3 as your home point,
      then report back to the guard.
    - Small amount of experience.
    Soul Shards: The Sequel
    - Master of the Cathedral of Shadows
    - Cathedral of Shadows
    - Must be under level 20.
    - Gather 20 Soul Shards and talk to the Master while the
      moon is 'new'. 
    - Experience based off of your current level.
    - Discarded Woman
    - (27, 21)
    - Give the letter to the woman's husband in Shinjuku Babel.
    Fellow Adventurers!
    - Experienced Demon Buster
    - (24, 20)
    - Form a party and talk to her, then fight against 5 Garms
      and a Cerberus.  These only inflict 1 damage per hit.
    - 1000 experience.
    Let's trade!
    - Experienced Demon Buster
    - (24, 20)
    - Talk to her to learn about trades, then talk to her again.
      You'll get a random ticket A through E.  Find someone who has
      a different ticket and trade them.
    - No reward, but you get the keep the ticket.
    -- Suginami --
    Close Counters
    - Guard
    - Suginami (17, 18)
    - Defeat 5 Victory Rainbow Jack Frosts.
    - You do not have to use dodge.
    - You get a small amount of experience.
    A Gentleman's Lesson
    - Curious Demon Buster
    - Suginami (21, 20)
    - Defeat 5 Kissy PIxies.
    - You do not have to use counter.
    - You get 500 experience.
    Understanding Plamsa
    - DB Harumi
    - Suginami (18, 17)
    - Acquire 20 Empty Cans: Oolong Tea and
    - 10 Wrinkled T-Shirts: Sweaty.
    - You get 500 experience.
    Extract the Aluminum!
    - DB Harumi
    - Suginami (18, 17)
    - Gather 10 Aluminums by deconstructing the 
    - Empty Cans; oolong Tea.
    - You get 500 experience.
    Gain Expertise in ***!
    - Friendly Demon Buster
    - Suginami (14, 20)
    - Raise your Expertise in *** to class 2.
    - *** is either attack, magic, or shot.
    - Your expertise cannot already be 2 before 
      accepting quest.
    Troubled Pixie
    - Pixie
    - Suginami (14, 19)
    - Register an Unseasoned Jack Frost in your Compendium.
    -- Shinjuku Babel --
    Albertus' Oratorio
    - Saint Germain
    - (20, 19)
    - Acquire 1 Faded Earring: Garnet.
    Nettesheim's Biblio
    - Saint Germain
    - (20, 19)
    - Collect 5 Makanda Stones.
    Hohenheim's Embryo
    - Saint Germain
    - (20, 19)
    - Collect 30 soul shards OR an item belonging to Hohenheim.
    - You get 1 class in Occultism.
      Make sure you have 1000 expertise points available and Occultism is active.
    Mount Quest
    - DB Okabe
    - Shinjuku exit to Nakano
    - This does not appear in your quest log.
    - Talk to him and go through the 3 lessons.
    - After, you'll be given a level 20 Nimble Cerberus
    - and a ring that lets you mount him.
    Seeking Demon Info!
    - DB Saito
    - (19, 22)
    - Gather DC Memory for both a Hua Po and an
      Unseasoned Hua Po. One DCM is given to you.
    The Road to Smithing
    - Masterly Dwarf
    - (24, 18)
    - Gather 10 opals, then raise your Weapon Knowledge expertise to class 1.
    - 1 class in Compounding.
      Have 1000 expertise points available and Compounding active.
    = G. Fusions ==================================================================
    Fusions are the combination of two demons to yield a different demon. These may
    seem random at first, but they actually follow quite a simple formula.
    The race of the two demons are added together to get a third race.  The levels
    of the material demons are averaged together, and that level will determine
    what demon you get.
    There are 24 families in all.
    Any family fused with itself will yield an elemental.
    EE - Earth Element
    FO - Foul
    YO - Yoma
    BR - Brute
    WB - Wild Bird
    HA - Haunt
    FA - Fairy
    WI - Wilder
    BE - Beast
    SN - Snake
    DI - Divine
    AN - Fallen Angel
    RA - Raptor
    FE - Femme
    HB - Holy Beast
    NC - Nocturnus
    AV - Avian
    ED - Evil Dragon
    GD - Goddess
    ME - Mother Earth
    DM - Evil Demon
    DR - Dragon
    HG - Heavenly God
    NR - Nation Ruler
    XX - Can't be done
    AE - Aeros
    FL - Flaemis
    AQ - Aquans
    ER - Erthys
    How to read the chart: find the intersection of the row and the column of the
    two families that you are fusing.  That is the family of the demon you'll get.
    EE|ER|FE|WI|  |  |  |WI|BR|YO|  |NC|YO|  |WI|BE|  |DI|  |ME|  |  |  |  |  |
    FO|FE|  |  |  |  |  |  |WB|WI|  |AN|XX|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    YO|WI|  |  |  |  |  |  |DM|AN|  |  |  |  |BR|DI|  |NC|  |FE|NC|  |  |  |  |
    BR|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    WB|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    HA|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |EE|BE|  |  |YO|  |FO|  |  |  |  |VI|  |  |  |  |  |
    FA|WI|  |  |  |  |  |  |WB|DI|  |  |YO|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    WI|BR|WB|DM|  |  |EE|WB|AE|EE|  |AN|NC|  |AN|  |  |  |  |BE|HA|  |  |  |  |
    BE|YO|WI|AN|  |  |BE|DI|EE|AE|  |HB|NC|  |AN|  |  |  |  |HB|DR|  |  |  |  |
    SN|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    DI|NC|AN|  |  |  |  |  |AN|HB|  |  |XX|  |BE|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    AN|YO|XX|  |  |  |Yo|YO|NC|NC|  |XX|  |  |WI|  |  |  |  |DI|  |  |  |  |  |
    RA|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    FE|WI|  |  |  |  |FO|  |AN|AN|  |BE|WI|  |  |ME|  |GD|  |ME|  |  |  |  |  |
    HB|BE|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |ME|  |  |ME|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    NC|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    AV|DI|  |NC|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |GD|ME|  |  |  |HG|  |  |  |  |  |
    ED|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    GD|ME|  |FE|  |  |VI|  |BE|HB|  |  |DI|  |ME|  |  |HG|  |XX|  |  |  |  |  |
    ME|  |  |NC|  |  |  |  |HA|DR|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    DM|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    DR|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    HG|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    NR|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    ** This chart is not yet complete.  If you can help fill it, please do. **
    -- Using Elementals --
    Fusing elementals with demons gives you various results.  You could get the 
    same demon with altered stats, a lower class demon, or a higher class demon.
    SD - Same Demon
    HC - Higher class
    LC - Lower class
    XX - Can't be done
    AE|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    FL|  |LC|LC|  |  |  |  |  |HC|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |HC|  |  |
    AQ|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    ER|LC|  |  |  |  |  |  |SD|HC|  |SD|SD|  |HC|  |  |  |  |LC|  |  |  |  |  |
    -- Inheriting Skills --
    A demon made through fusion can learn skills from the two demons he was made
    from.  These are shown under "Inherited Skills" when the demon is being fused.
    The more a demon is hit with a skill from the same family as the inherited
    skill, the more he will learn it.  Once the guage is at 100%, the demon will
    be able to use the move.
    = H. Demonic Compendium =======================================================
    **soon to come**
    = I. Cards ====================================================================
    Every monster in the game has the chance to drop a card.  There are numerous
    cards to collect, and numerous sets to make.  In every town there is a Card
    Maniac who will (along with other NPCs) ask you to make sets out of the cards.
    Name of set
    - (how many you need)x what you need111111
    - What you get.
    Jack Bros
    - 1x Jack Frost
      1x Pyro Jack
    - 3x Ointments
    = J. Frequently Asked Questions ===============================================
    Q: What's the best demon for a warrior build to use?
    A: Well, there is no definitive 'best demon'. It depends on your playstyle. If
       you were going for purely offensive, go with a good physical attacker.  If
       you were going to solo a dungeon, bring some demons to hit the elemental
       weaknesses of whatever you were going to come against.  In a party, a healer
       always comes in handy.  If your player is doing most of the damage, a demon
       which can cast buffs and cure status effects is always helpful.
       Tailor your demon to best suit whatever it is that you are lacking.
    Send your questions to fllmtlchcb at yahoo.com and I'll try my best to 
    = K. Closing ==================================================================
    A big thanks to Illuminatia for helping with a lot of quests and fusion
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email them to 
    at fllmtlchcb at yahoo.com

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