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"It had potential..."

The Moment Of Silence is an Adventure game developed by House Of Tales. For me Adventure games have died with the last survivors being Syberia and The Longest Journey. Efforts at reviving the genre had been made and all where disappointing and guess what… that game is disappointing too… why? Read on please…

Story: 5/10

You are Peter Wright, an employer in an advertising company who hates his life for a reason. One night you witness the arrest of your next-door neighbor and for no apparent reason you, a person that is talking like he is constantly bored with everything, tries to find about why he was arrested. The year is 2044 but things aren't so futuristic as you might expect, no robots walking around or flying vehicles or something. However it has that Orwellian feeling or at least tries too. All information, transportation and communication is controlled by a Big Brother kind of government, the city is full of big screens spreading out their brain washing propaganda and everyone seems to be ok with it. So far so good since this is actually a good setting for an adventure game, but after that things don't go so well. First of all you'll spent a lot of time in the game doing irrelevant things before you can actually get some clues about the actual plot. Most characters are just people that give you some details about the minor things you'll have to do and even main characters lack that something that made older adventure game characters so great and unforgettable. Here even the main hero is a boring person that never gets excited and is at a constant state of melancholy. Generally the plot presentation is very bad although it had potential due to its Big Brother kind of scenario.

Graphics: 7/10

Average Adventure game graphics, something that means very good graphics, (adventure games usually have great graphic quality). Character design is ok, all areas are full of detail and very colorful and look futuristic but not too futuristic if you know what I mean. All in all don't expect to view something that will leave you with your mouth open. Even the last screens where things are a bit more… unusual, nothing is a, art masterpiece.

Sound: 5.5/10

Sound effects are ok, music is ok, if not forgettable and voice acting is ok too… well not so ok actually. Almost everyone in the game is talking as if they are bored and most of all your character even when he sees places that most people haven't even heard of. Finally the ambient sounds could have been a bit better in order to add some atmosphere to the game.

Gameplay: 4.5/10

Lets start with the basic stuff. The Moment Of Silence is a typical third person point & click adventure game where you keep in your inventory every possible thing you wouldn't carry in real life and use them in certain spots or characters. Puzzling solving is quite easy in this game and actual puzzles are limited to 3-5 only, since most of the time all you'll have to do is talk with all the characters until more dialogue options appear and then fetch them an item only to proceed with your boring quest to save the world. That doesn't help a game whose only promising feature is its plot and that because most item fetching quests don't actually give you more info about the story. An extremely irritating thing in the game, (apart from the looong and boring dialogues), is the fact that in order to move from a main area to another one, you'll have to run a LOT!!! Running in an adventure game? Yup, you're reading correctly and I mean a lot of running that takes a lot of time as if the game wasn't boring already.

-Ok graphics, (gee, I'm excited…)

-Boring characters and a plot that could have been in a much better way
-Boring puzzles and item fetching quests that don't have to do anything with the plot
-Boredom oozing voice acting no matter what the occasion
-Boring long dialogues and long distances between key areas
-Boredom, boredom, boredom…

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Overall: 5.5/10

Generally interest wears off in this game, because you'll have to spent a lot of time doing boring stuff before actually finding something interesting and before you know it onto the boring stuff again. Finally the plot seems like a framework for a much better one…

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/16/08

Game Release: The Moment of Silence (EU, 11/05/04)

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