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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Zairoll the Squirrel

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Counter Strike: Source FAQ/Guide
    Written by Zairoll the Squirrel (AKA Ian McNamee)
    Version 1.0
    Copyright 2005 Ian McNamee
    4-27-05 UPDATES
    -Added new general tips.
    -Fixed various errors in weapons section
    -Added strategies for cs_compound and de_train
    -Edited dust level strategies
    -Added new useful spots for several levels
    Table of Contents
    1 Intro
    2 General Information
       2.1 Game Concepts
       2.2 Controls and Buy Scripts
       2.3 General Tips
    3 Weaponry and Equipment
      3.1 Pistols
      3.2 Shotguns
      3.3 SMGs
      3.4 Rifles
      3.5 Machine Gun
      3.6 Equipment
    4 Specific Map Strategies
       4.1 de Maps
         4.1.1 de_aztec
         4.1.2 de_cbble
         4.1.3 de_chateau
         4.1.4 de_dust
         4.1.5 de_dust2
         4.1.6 de_piranesi
         4.1.7 de_prodigy
         4.1.8 de_tides
       4.2 cs Maps
         4.2.1 cs_compound
         4.2.2 cs_havana
         4.2.3 cs_italy
         4.2.4 cs_office
       4.3 Custom Maps *COMING SOON*
    5 Frequently Asked Questions *COMING SOON*
    6 Legal Stuff
    7 Contact Information
    8 Thanks
    // 1- Intro \\
    This is my first attempt at writing an FAQ for GameFAQs, but I hope it will
    prove useful to any new Counter Strike: Source (AKA CS:S) players, as well
    as maybe even help out a vet or two somewhere out there.
    My main goal with this FAQ is to focus on providing detailed strategies for
    specific maps, both strategies for a single player and for the team as a whole.
    In addition, I hope to provide complete newbies to the game with enough
    background knowledge to jump in and start scoring kills.
    I would also like to point out, that although I am good at CS:S, I doubt my
    knowledge of the game is flawless.  If you spot anything about this guide
    that should be changed, revised, added or moved, let me know. I can be
    contacted on AIM at Zairoll7 and via E-mail at zairoll@gmail.com
    // 2- General Information \\
    :: 2.1 Game Concepts::
    What is Counter Strike: Source?
    Counter Strike: Source is the follow up to the intensely popular Half Life
    mod, Counter Strike. CS:S feature refined game play, including improved
    graphics, physics, and plenty of subtle game refinements.
    However, CS:S is very different from many other first person shooters because
    it takes great care to mix realism into the game play.  Unlike many shooters
    where team-based means, "The team that has better players wins," CS:S relies
    heavily on a team's ability to play well as a whole.  Even a team of great
    players can be crushed by newbies if they can't work well together. In
    addition to this, life is a precious commodity.  CS:S is divided into rounds.
    During each round, players will buy weaponry and battle to either complete an
    objective or to kill the other team.  However, if you die, you don't get to
    come back until the next round, so running forth and getting killed is rarely
    a good strategy.  Also, camping is next to impossible and also unwise.  This
    is because players almost always travel in groups.  If a camper kills one of
    them, then the rest will quickly determine the camper's position.
    At the end of each round, both teams are given money to buy more weapons with.
    (Significantly more money is given to the winning team.)  Also, every time
    you successfully kill an enemy, you are awarded $300.  Because of this, the
    winning team will often continue to win, because they have the needed money
    to afford the best weapons.  Don't let this discourage you though, as you
    can simply not buy anything for a few rounds to save up for some good
    In CS:S, communication is a must.  If you have a mic, dig it out, because
    they're far superior to textual communicating.  Valve has also kindly
    added several commands that can be quickly called that give information to
    your team members.  Learn to use these, and try to plan your next attack
    between rounds.
    On each map, there is an objective.  On de_ maps, the goal is for the
    terrorist team to plant a bomb and protect it until it detonates.  On
    cs_ maps, the goal is for the Counter Terrorists to liberate a group of
    hostages from the terrorists.  Therefore, if you can win by completing
    an objective, you are on the offensive. You get three kills for managing
    to complete an objective, so always try for it.
    **NOTE** - If you are on the offensive, attack.  Hanging back will very rarely
    work for your benefit, and many dead spectators will get very mad if you're
    the last living player on the offensive team and refuse to move forward.
    Therefore, the following things should be taken into consideration:
    -Travel in groups, splitting up means a lower chance of survival.
    -Do not camp, even a newbie can find and kill a camper.
    -Communicate with your team.  If you are losing, it might be because
      you aren't coordinating yourselves.
    -You can, and will die quickly.  Try to not expose yourself.
    -If you're on offensive, push forward when you get the chance.
    :: 2.2 Controls and Buy Scripts ::
    WASD - These keys move you around.  W is up, A is left, D is left, S is down.
    Mouse1 - This fires your weapon.  Pretty straight forward.
    Mouse2 - This will perform a secondary fire, if available for your weapon.
    MouseWheel - This goes through your weapons.  Pick one and click to switch.
    SPACE - Jump.
    Ctrl - Crouch.
    Shift - Walk. (Silent)
    1, 2, 3, 4... - Accesses the weapons in these slots.
    Q - Switches between your current weapon and the one you last held.  This is
        extremely useful, and will be discussed more in depth in the next section.
    E - Use.  This can open doors, as well as defuse bombs.
    R - Reloads your gun.  Careful, this can take a while.
    F - Flashlight.  Avoid turning this on, as your position becomes obvious.
    G - Drops your current weapon.  Useful if you see a better gun on the ground
        or run out of ammo.
    B - Buy.  This accesses the buy menu when you're at your team's spawn point.
        This is used to purchase your guns for a round.
    Y - Speak.  Note: This can be seen by all teams, so don't reveal anything.
    U - Teamspeak.  On U, on your team can hear you scream.
    K - Voice communication.
    Z - Standard Radio Messages.  All of the radio messages are very useful.
        Don't hesitate to use them.
    X - Group Radio Messages.
    C - Report radio messages.
    M - Select Team
    TAB  - Display Scores
    N - Nightvision toggle
    T - Spray (Paints a chosen image onto the surface)
    f5 - Screen Shot
    J - Cheer
    BUY SCRIPTS - Buy scripts are setups where you tell CS:S to recognize certain
                  keys as commands to purchase your weapons.  GameFAQs has a great
                  FAQ on this, so check it out.
    :: 2.3 General Tips ::
    - BURST FIRE!  With a few exceptions, you never want to hold down the trigger.
      Most guns in CS:S quickly lose accuracy after two or three bullets, you it's
      crucial that you merely tap the mouse button.
    - HEAD SHOTS  Head shots are utterly devastating, resulting in instant kills.
      Train yourself to aim for the upper chest, and if you burst fire, the recoil
      from your gun is likely to plant a bullet in your foe's brain.
    - JUMP  When you hear that gunshot, jump.  Unless it will give your cover away,
      try to jump.  Most players aren't prepared for their prey to leap in the air,
      which may just give you the time needed to kill them.
    - QUICK MOVEMENT The speed of your player is based on the weight of your gun,
      so when the round starts, switching to the pistol or even better, your knife,
      will result in much faster movement.
    - BLOOD IS GOOD  When someone gets shot, they will leave blood decals on the
      side away from the shooter.  Therefore, with a keen eye, you can almost
      always figure out where an enemy is hiding.  Just remember, blood stains are
      away from the shooter.
    - DIRECTION OF SHOTS  When shot, one, two, three, or four red bars will appear
      on the screen.  These tell you where you're being shot from, so if the left
      bar lights up, don't go looking behind you, because the gunner is obviously
      off to the left.
    - SOUND AND SILENCE  Sound is important.  You can frequently figure out where
      other players are from their noisy footsteps.  If you're alone, pause every
      so often and listen for footsteps.  Also, you can silence yourself in two
      ways.  By holding either Ctrl or Shift (crouch/walk) you will stop making
      noise.  Use this if you're nearing an enemy's position undetected.
    - SHADOW LEAKS  Often times enemy shadows will "leak" through walls.  Even if
      you have to turn down every other feature on the game, try to turn on high
      shadow detail. (Not shader) This can help detect enemies around you, though
      technically a glitch.
    - USE SPECTATOR  When you die, you enter spectator mode.  Provided the server
      has not disabled the ability to watch enemies, search through your foes.
      Try to find out where they're hiding so you can catch anyone that hides there
    - SMOKE, FLASH, NADE  Always consider buying a nade at the start of a round.
      Each has its own uses, which are discussed in weapons.
    - SIDEARMS  Your sidearm is far more useful than you may think.  If you're
      using a gun with a long pause between shots (like a sniper rifle), just
      press Q twice to switch to your sidearm and back to your rifle.  Also, if
      your ammo runs thin and you're in a firefight, switch to the sidearm instead
      of pausing to reload.
    - CROUCH TO AIM  When you're taking your first shot, if you can, try to crouch.
      Crouching increases your accuracy a huge amount, and also makes you a smaller
      target.  However, don't try this in an intense firefight, as you'll get
      quickly gunned down because of your decreased speed.
    - FRIENDS ROCK  Stay with your team.  Unless you're unbelievably good, you'll
      quickly die alone, and being in a group does nothing but increase your
      chances of survival.
    - DO NOT BLOCK  Blocking is when you get in the way of your team members, and
      should be avoided.  Just hang back, even if it means fewer kills for you.
      If you do block, apologize at the next chance, and if you were there first
      and are blocked, don't get too pissed.  Many people have trouble grasping
      this one.
    - MIX IT UP  Your team isn't going to win by being predictable, so try to
      alter your strategies occasionally.  Especially if what you're doing
      isn't working.
    - SNIPERS HATE NADES  For snipers, few things are worse than getting flashed
      or having vision obscured by smoke.  I recommend smoking, then having one
      person run in and through out a flash. A very important point: when you
      smoke a sniper, get the smoke at their end of the arena.  If the smoke is
      on your side, they can still hit you, and they can fire wildly into the
      smoke where you'll be popping out.  Get it on their end, and they lose
      these luxuries.
    - ANTICIPATE  Many players like to do the exact same thing if it works, so
      try to expect them and respond in advance.
    - SILENCERS  Silencers are a mixed bag.  They reduce accuracy, but quiet
      your guns and get rid of muzzle flash (very useful when in smoke).
      However, keep in mind that at a close range, the accuracy reduction is
      small, so in close quarters, go ahead and put on the silencer.
    - YOU CAN DEFUSE  Many newer players don't seem to get the simple process
      of planting bombs, defusing bombs, and getting hostages to safety.
      To plant the bomb, select it from your weapons and hold mouse 1.  To
      defuse a bomb, simply look at it and hold down E.  A defuser speeds this
      up.  To get a hostage, press E to talk to him.
    - TURN UP GAMMA - In order to better see your foes, go into video and
      turn up the screen's gamma (brightness).
    - USE SCOUTS - If a teammate is trying to rescue the hostages, run on ahead,
      being sure to stay in their field of vision so they can expect attacking
      enemies.  Or if you're mean, let them go on ahead, and if they die, steal
      the hosties to earn points for yourself.
    - WEAPON BAITING - Got a gun everyone likes?  Running low on ammo?  Bait.
      This is a really vicious strategy, but can work very well.  If you have a
      gun most players like (m4 is a good choice), but you're running low on
      ammo, deplete the ammo and throw it somewhere.  Then, hide off to the
      side and if someone goes for the weapon, nail them with your sidearm. Try
      to get the weapon to land in a place where they won't think they'll be
      exposed. (Source: ShadeKun)
    - EMPTY WEAPONS - This is outright mean, but it can work.  If the server
      you're in starts rounds with somewhat high cash (around 1400 is great,
      since you can just barely afford the low end SMGs), then buy a cheap
      weapon and empty its ammo.  Now, make sure your sidearm is ready, and
      when you see an enemy, throw the empty weapon.  If you're close enough,
      they'll grab it, but auto-switch to it.  Essentially, they will have an
      empty gun as you cap them in the head. (Source: ShadeKun)
    - SIDEARM OVER PRIMARY - ShadeKun writes: "There's a technique I mastered
      using, which is side arm over primary.  Which means use the Side arm instead.
      It doesn't work against people who are 1337 at CS (they generally kill you in
      1-2 shots, and you have to hit them 2-3 times), but will work against decent
      people.  Keep the side arm out and fire 1-2 shots into the enemy go for
      cover, and switch to your primary, this usually catchs a lot of people by
      surprise because they thought you were pistoling it, and you can get a quick
      kill. It's also good for softening people up for the kill, so 1-3 shots from
      a side arm such as the .228 compact, and then switch to the AK, and you're
      guarenteed to kill them in 1 shot from the AK :D  You won't use this for just
      one guy, it's much easier just taking them down with your primary, but for
      2-3 people, it's a great way to deal with them, because you just have to hit,
      and run, and pick them off..."
    - BLOCK SNIPING - Do this, and you will be accused of hacking.  It's very
      simple, just find a box about the same height as you.  Stand behind it,
      and use the top of the box as a guideline to nail people in the head.
      You'll be hard to see, hard to shoot, and racking up headshots.
      (The best places to try this are on dust and dust2, since the boxes are just
      the right size to go box sniping.)
    - SPRAYING - In most situations, burst firing is a better choice than spraying
      your gun, but there are exceptions.  The key is that when you spray, the
      bullets will go upwards.  So, at close quarters, you can safely spray at the
      feet or lower torso of an enemy and hit them in the upper body/head.
    - LINE UP CROSSHAIRS - Before you turn a corner, try to guess where the enemy
      is most likely to be.  Then try to guess where their head will be.  Then turn
      the corner.  You'll quickly learn to do this instinctively.
    - DON'T BE A HERO - Do not rush in, trying to act like Rambo.  You won't last
      long, and you probably won't kill much.  Unless your whole team is charging,
      shouldn't.  CS is about teamplay.  Remember that.
    Got more tips?  Send them in!
    // 3 Weaponry and Equipment \\
    To buy your weapons, press B at the start of a round, or make a buy script.
    (Check automatkalashnikov47's FAQ on GameFAQs for details on this.)
    Grading Scale:
    1/5 - Minimal practical application. Avoid.
    2/5 - Limited application.
    3/5 - Little application, but useful in some situations
    4/5 - Versatile, capable of being used in many or all situations
    5/5 - Extremely versatile and deadly in most or all situations
    ----NAME----             -ALIAS-     -COST- -ROUNDS PER CLIP-  -GRADE-
    Px19MM Sidearm             - glock        - 400         - 20     -2/5
    KM .45 Tactical            - usp          - 500         - 12     -3/5
    228 Compact                - p228         - 600         - 13     -1/5
    Night Hawk .50C            - deagle       - 650         - 7      -5/5
    ES Five Seven              - fiveseven    - 750         - 20     -2/5
    .40 Dual Elites            - elite        - 800         - 30     -5/5
    Leone 12 Gauge Super       - m3           - 1700        - 8      -3/5
    Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun  - xm1014       - 3000        - 7      -4/5
    Schmidt Machine Pistol     - tmp          - 1250        - 30     -2/5
    Ingram Mac-10              - mac10        - 1400        - 30     -2/5
    KM Sub-Machine Gun         - mp5navy      - 1500        - 30     -2/5
    KM UMP45                   - ump45        - 1700        - 25     -1/5
    ES C90                     - p90          - 2350        - 50     -3/5
    Clarion 5.56               - famas        - 2250        - 25     -4/5
    IDF Defender               - galil        - 2000        - 35     -2/5
    Schmidt Scout              - scout        - 2750        - 10     -4/5
    Maverick M4A1 Carbine      - m4a1         - 3100        - 30     -5/5
    CV-47                      - ak47         - 2500        - 30     -5/5
    Bullpup                    - aug          - 3500        - 30     -4/5
    Krieg 552                  - sg552        - 3500        - 30     -4/5
    Krieg 550 Commando         - sg550        - 4200        - 30     -5/5
    D3/AU-1                    - g3sg1        - 5000        - 20     -4/5
    Magnum Sniper Rifle        - awp          - 4750        - 10     -4/5
    M249                       - m249         - 5750        - 100    -3/5
    Kevlar                     -vest          - 650
    Kev+Helm                   -vesthelm      - 1000
    Flashbang                  - flashbang    - 200
    He Grenade                 - hegrenade    - 300
    Smoke Grenade              - smokegrenade - 300
    Night Vision               - nvgs         - 1250
    Defusal Kit                - defuser      - 200
    :: 3.1 Pistols ::
    Px19mm -  This is the standard terrorist pistol, often called the glock. It has
    *T-START* a nice clip size, as well as some great accuracy. Unfortunately it
              does next to no damage.  Fortunately, you can make up for this by
              using the 3-shot burst at close range, or just headshotting someone.
              It's definitely an undervalued pistol, especially given its tendency
              to score headshots with ease.
    KM .45 Tactical - This is the standard counter terrorist pistol, and is very
    *CT-START*         useful.  It fires very fast, has a decent 12 bullet clip,
                      and is reasonably accurate.  It also has a silencer, which
                      is great for the opening pistol round.  Head shots are very
                      possible with this gun as well.
    228 Compact - This is a mediocre gun.  It's better than the glock and USP, but
                  it can really match the Deagle or Five-Seven.  Still, in a pinch
                  it can be useful with its decent clip size and good power.
    Night Hawk .45C - The deagle is the classic sidearm.  Though it's clip is tiny
                      and the firing rate is laughable, the sheer power of this
                      handgun makes it worth the cost, as it is capable of downing
                      an enemy at alarming speeds.  Also, if you crouch, the first
                      shot can be made extremely accurate. Overall, a great pistol.
    ES Five-Seven - This pistol is fast, furious, but lacking in power. Accuracy is
    *CT-ONLY*       incredible though, as it provides great first shots and can go
                    up to head shots with ease.  Also, it's armor piercing, so
                    kevlar won't stop it.  It makes it great for softening up an
    .40 Dual Elites - The elites are monsters among pistols. Though expensive, 
    *T-ONLY*          these babies have it all.  They can be fired very fast,
                      and their clips are huge, ticking in at 15 per gun, or 30
                      total.  Unfortunately, they aren't very accurate, so they
                      act mainly as cover-fire weapons.
    :: 3.2 Shotguns ::
    Leone 12-Gauge Super - This pump-shotty is definitely a powerful weapon. With
                           eight shells that all have a massive impact area, it
                           acts a cannon at close to medium range, and can rip up
                           players.  Be careful though, it has to be pumped between
                           shots, which means you won't get many chances, so you
                           must make every kill count.  Also, you don't lose much
                           accuracy with this, since it's a spread weapon, so try
                           jumping in combat to throw off your enemies.
    Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun - The auto-shotty is brutal. It can be fired very
                                quickly, and at close to medium range is completely
                                brutal. Like the pump, it can be fired while
                                reloading, but no longer needs to be pumped with
                                each shot.  If you're going to be at very close
                                range, then you'd be hard pressed to find a better
    :: 3.3 SMGs ::
    Schmidt Machine Pistol - The TMP is a fully silenced SMG.  This thing is very
    *CT-ONLY*                quiet, and the first shot is quite accurate.  Sadly,
                             it does very little damage and the accuracy quickly
                             worsens.  On the other hand, if you spray at someone's
                             feet, it transforms into the headshot wand.  The gun
                             has so much recoil when spraying that you can score
                             lucky headshots with relative ease.
    Ingram Mac-10 - This tiny SMG packs quite the punch.  Its accuracy is weak, but
    *T-ONLY*        for the size and price, it does plenty of damage, so for early
                    game close-quarters confrontations, it's a great choice. Like
                    the TMP, it has a brutal spray, which can nail someone in the
                    head from the feet.
    KM Sub-Machine Gun - This is the standard SMG.  Everything about this gun
                         screams middle-of-the-road, but when you're strapped for
                         cash, it's a great choice.  First shot accuracy is great,
                         and it's powerful at a short range.  A very balanced gun.
    KM UMP45 - Maybe I'm missing something, but this gun sucks.  Its accuracy is
               atrocious, and the firing rate is unbelievably slow.  Add a tiny
               clip and not even the decent power of this SMG makes it worth the
               cost. It can, admittedly, kill with one headshot, but that doesn't
               make it worth the other faults.
    ES C90 - Ahh, the p90 is a wonderful gun.  With a massive 50 bullet clip, it
             is easily one of the most useful SMGs.  It's power is moderate, and
             the spray is great.  Also, the first shot on this thing is astounding
             considering that it's an SMG.  If you're buying an SMG and have the
             money, get this one.
    :: 3.4 Rifles ::
    Clarion 5.56 - For the price tag, you can't do much better than the famas.
    *CT-ONLY*      The clip is a bit on the small side, but the other features
                   make up for this.  It's very accurate, even when on the run,
                   and the secondary fire sets it to a triple shot burst. If
                   needed, it can also unleash a decent spray as well, making it
                   a gun that is both versatile and deadly.
    IDF Defender - People often seem to overlook the defender, but it's
    *T-ONLY*       actually a very useful rifle.  In addition to the low price,
                   it packs an incredible punch, along with a pinpoint first
                   shot. In addition, it has a 35 bullet clip.  The spray is a
                   little too inaccurate though, but the pros make that easy to
    Schmidt Scout - The scout is the real man's sniper rifle. It's fast, cheap,
                    accurate, and powerful. Many of the best snipers will use
                    this and score constant head shots with it.  Also, the power
                    is good enough to take down enemies without armor with one
                    shot to the chest. The AWP does beat it, but if you're not
                    playing seriously, then the scout is a better choice, since
                    when you shoot someone with the scout your sexuality won't
                    be questioned.
    Maverick M4A1 Carbine - This is the monster rifle of the game.  It blends
    *CT-ONLY*               astounding accuracy, nearly rivaling a sniper
                            rifle, with excellent power, and a silencer.  The
                            spray is brutal as well, and stays extremely
                            concentrated. At any range and against almost any
                            other gun, the m4 provides a huge advantage.
    CV-47 -  The terrorist signature rifle is almost as good, if not better than
    *T-ONLY* the M4.  The first shot is unbelievably accurate, making it
             effectively a sniper rifle with no zoom.  It also does a lot of
             damage, and when fired in bursts can quickly stop a fully armored
             foe.  Unfortunately, its spray goes everywhere, so bursting is a
             must, even at point blank.
    Bullpup - This rifle is designed to be as versatile as possible. It's bullets
    *CT-ONLY* are very powerful, and it's accuracy is superb.  Secondary fire
              zooms it in, allowing for quick but responsive assaults.  Zoom out
              and the spray becomes very useful and far more concentrated than on
              most rifles. In short, if you don't know what you're in for, bring
              the bullpup.
    Krieg 552 - The terrorist equivalent of the bullpup is almost identical.
    *T-ONLY*    This one packs a better punch and an even better spray, but it
                unfortunately is not as accurate for zoomed in shots. Still, in
                a pinch, this is the terrorists' all-purpose rifle.  Fire at the
                feet for incredible results.
    Krieg 550 Commando - The Krieg 550 is the CT autosniper, and is therefore
    *CT-ONLY*            loved by some and hated by others. Effectively, this
                         rifle features a full-zoom, 30-bullet clip, and can
                         be fired without cocking the gun between shots.  It
                         can definitely hold some areas well, but watch out, as
                         enemies will get pissed if you use it and do everything
                         in their power to slaughter you.
    D3/AU-1 - Imagine a Schmidt Scout.  Now give it autosniper capabilities. You
    *T-ONLY*  have just envisioned the D3/AU-1.  This monstrous and expensive
              sniper rifle packs one hell of a punch, and fires very fast.  As
              with the Krieg 550, expect cries of foul play, but this is one
              astoundingly powerful rifle.
    Magnum Sniper Rifle - Possibly the most controversial CS:S weapon, the awp
                          is the game's version of a one-hit kill gun. Capable
                          of killing with a shot to the knee, this brute of a
                          gun is hated by many, loved by many more.  It's a very
                          slow gun, but that's to be expected with its power. When
                          fired, it unleashes an extremely loud blast, making it
                          blatantly obvious when someone is using it. If you're
                          playing seriously, then this is the sniper rifle of
    :: 3.5 Machine Gun ::
    M249 - The spray and pray gun, the M249 packs a 100 bullet clip and a spray
           that can take down the best of the best at close range.  Though slow
           and expensive, you'll still be blasting away with this as your foes
           frantically reload.  Also, if you let it calm down, you can pull of a
           moderately accurate first shot with this.  It's not the most useful
           gun, but in some situations it reigns king.
    :: 3.6 Equipment ::
    Kevlar - Kevlar is your body armor.  For 650, it's a good add on if you 
             have the money, but if not, don't worry too much.  If someone has
             your number, kevlar isn't going to stop them.
    Kev+Helm - A good choice if you've got an extra 350 to spare.  These can stop
               headshots outright, much to the bane of others.  When you have the
               cash, get this!
    Flashbang - This cheap grenade flashes, blinding enemies and obscuring their
                audio.  It can be useful, but make sure your team mates don't get
                hit as well, since they'll get pissed.
    He Grenade - A standard nade, the HE grenade is useful mainly to chip away at
                 health and to intimidate.  Chuck them around corners to put your
                 foes on edge and hopefully knock off some health here and there.
    Smoke Grenade - The smoke nade does what it sounds like, makes a smoke mask.
                    If you're on defense, don't use these, but when you're on the
                    offensive, they'll help hide you as you push forward.  A great
                    method is to use silenced guns in them, since the enemies won't
                    be able to see muzzle flashes.
    Night Vision - Plain and simple, these aren't worth it.  Too expensive for that
                   extra light, though they look cool.
    Defusal Kit -  CT's use these on de (bomb) levels to speed up their defuse time.
                   You don't need one to defuse a bomb though.
    Knife - Everyone has a knife, and it stabs.  Not much damage here, but great
            if you want to humiliate someone whose back is turned.  It's an
            instant kill if you use the right click stab in someone's back.
            (Please verify that, I'm pretty sure it works like that, but I don't
            knife enough to be sure.)
    // 4 Specific Map Strategies \\
    :: de Maps ::
    || 4.1.1 de_aztec ||
    Level Info: Aztec is a massive, wide open level.  The terrorists are trying to
    blow up the ruins (No one knows why), while the CTs defend them.  Points of
    interest are the double doors, which are one of the prime rushing spots for the
    Terrorists.  Also the bridge, on which there are frequent sniper battles.  Also,
    players often go water, taking the path under the bridge and through the swampy
    ground to try to catch the CTs off guard.
    Terrorist Strategies
    Rush DD - In this, the terrorists barrel towards the double doors, run though,
    and begin to slaughter the CTs as fast as possible.  If the CTs aren't ready
    for this, it works like a charm, quickly tearing the CT force apart. However,
    if they're expecting it, then the T's won't stand a chance. Someone should be
    sure to smoke in the doors, but avoid flashes.
    Rush Bridge - Like rushing the double doors, the terrorists haul ass towards
    the bridge and run across, disregarded snipers and chucking HE grenades. Do
    *NOT* use flashes here, as your team will probably be hurt far more.  Just
    don't stop, and if you're not expected there will be an easy victory.
    Rush Water - Same as the above two, except you rush the water. Water is often
    poorly guarded, so this can be used occasionally for an easy slaughter. You
    should also try to specify the ramp to go up, so the team doesn't split on
    the way.
    Hold Back - Under this, the T's hold back until one side weakens enough to
    be broken through.  This doesn't often work though, as the CTs can easily 
    outcamp you. However, with good snipers at the bridge and water, it can be
    very successful.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    There really aren't any CT strategies for this map, so just hang back, and
    if you need back up, call for it.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- By the CT spawn, there is a bunker shaped ruin with a crate next to it.
    You can climb on this box and up onto the bunker, and people rarely check
    here, so it's a great spot to surprise someone at.
    2- On the CT side of the double doors and next to the big water ramp, there
    are a couple of boxes and stones.  It's not easy, but you can climb up these
    and leap onto the big overhang, which people don't often check.  Practice this
    before trying it in a game though.
    3- In the tunnels to the right of the CT spawn, you can hide behind the doors
    and most people won't notice you.
    4- In the water, there is a bright light above a cube stone.  Jump into the
    light on the stone and your outline will be obscured, making you very hard to
    5- By the CT and T spawns, there are strange wooden door frames with rocks in
    them. It's possible to leap into these, making you hard to see, but it won't
    last long.
    6- At the terrorist spawn you can hide along the ledge by the stairs, but most
    people check there quickly.
    7- At the tunnel below the terrorist side of the bridge (in water), you can
    sometimes see CTs from below and snipe them, but this isn't easy.
    8- At the bottom of the long ramp is a very dark area you can often hide in.
    9- At the end of water closest to the Ts, there is a stone slab lying against
    a wall.  This makes a great crevice to hide in.
    || 4.1.2 de_cbble ||
    Level Info: Cbble places the T's and CT's in a large villa complex.  The T's
    can either head to a large courtyard, or into some hallways to the left.  There
    is also a large tower by the Terrorist spawn. The CT's can either head to bomb
    site B, where the terrorists will bottle neck leaving the halls, or to guard the
    ramp and corridor, which both connect the courtyard to bomb site A.
    Terrorist Strategies
    Rush B - This is pretty simple.  All the terrorists simply charge towards the
    hallways towards B.  They charge out of the door, throwing grenades and simply
    flood B as fast as possible.  From there, the bomb is planted and they simply
    guard B until detonation.  Unfortunately, the whole team needs join in on this,
    since the snipers that can stay at B can easily stop this rush if there are too
    few people.  However, if everyone does it, it will provide an easy win.  Don't,
    however, try it two times in a row.
    Rush A Middle - Another flood tactic, the T's get to the courtyard and run
    down the ramp.  Often times, the majority of CT's go to the left corridor
    and to B, so this will often work multiple times in a row.  Be sure to smoke
    the ramp as you go down it so that snipers on the far side can't do too much.
    Rush A Corridor - The corridor to A, left for CTs, right for Ts, is the target
    this time. Unfortunately, this requires unbelievable speed, so only Ts who
    spawn closest to the courtyard can do this efficiently.  As you run in, spray.
    It's a small corridor, so if the whole team gets in, the sprays will coat the
    hall, making it almost impossible for the CTs to stop.  Remember, this will
    typically only work once, and requires a lot of people who are moving *FAST*.
    Hanging Back - This is often what happens, and surprisingly, it often works
    well.  For Ts going to B, be careful to not pop out for too long, as snipers
    at B can make fast work of you.  For those are A, keep popping out and
    attacking both the corridor and ramp.  Be wary of snipers above the ramp,
    but they're relatively easy to take down.  Eventually the Ts will either
    break through somewhere, or the CTs will.  Whoever breaks through first
    gets to loop around and kill the other team from behind.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    Multiguard - Unless there are special circumstances, CTs should just try to
    guard everything.  It is best to have a few campers at A, snipers over the
    ramp, snipers and gunners at B, and lots of firepower in the corridor.  If
    the T's seem to be rushing, call for help, and hopefully backup will come
    Rush Courtyard - Often the Ts focus more on the courtyard than the halls,
    and this is the solution.  Simply run right down the ramp and swarm up into
    the courtyard and waste the Ts.  Also, consider sending a person to snipe from
    over the ramp, since the distracted Ts probably won't take them down quickly.
    Keep an eye on the T's tower, as they may try to snipe from it.
    Rush Through B - This doesn't happen often, which is why it works.  If the CTs
    simply charge through B, it will only take a few seconds for them to come into
    the courtyard from the side, which the Ts will not expect.  It makes for quick
    and easy slaughter, but won't work many times in a row.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- Sniper points: cbble is loaded with prime sniping spots, so here they are.
      1-Terrorist tower overlooking the courtyard.
      2-Terrorist windows overlooking the T's spawn ramp.
      3-Counter Terrorist windows overlooking the courtyard
      4-Counter Terrorist platform at the back of B.
    2- The connecting room to the right of CT spawn is great, since Ts at A will
    have difficulty spotting you easily.
    3- At A, there are some boxes in the back corner next to the bomb marker. If
    you climb onto these and crouch at the back, you can some how shoot into the
    dark room, but they cannot spot you.  This is great for guarding A for
    whatever reason.  Also, as a bonus, sometimes you'll get shot and fall into
    the boxes, which looks awesome.
    4- As the Ts come up their ramp from spawn, they normally head left into the
    courtyard.  However, you can go right and hop into the bushes.  From a
    distance, you'll be impossible to see, and if you procure a silenced weapon,
    you can safely pick off anyone who enters the courtyard.
    5- At A, there are a whole lot of boxes next to the dark room. If you go
    around to the far side of these (close to the edge of the level), there
    is a small crevice you can hide in.  It's great for guarding a planted bomb.
    6- At B, there is a lone box on the side of the room.  People rarely pay
    attention to it, so you can easily hide behind it and waste anyone who tries
    to plant without plenty of support.
    7- In the corridors the terrorists take to B, right next to the entrance into
    B, the Terrorists can climb up some boxes.  This lets you shoot out into the
    B courtyard, but be careful, you'll be quickly spotted, so don't stay there
    for long.
    8- At the spot where the terrorist corridors connect with a, there is half
    of a massive door lying against the wall.  Slip into the opening this makes
    with the wall, and you've got a great snipe/camp spot.  If you're being
    pursued through the halls, duck into this as you exit, and you can turn the
    tides quickly.
    9- At the door where the T-spawn connects with the terrorist corridors, there
    are several boxes next to the door.  You can both hide behind these boxes, and
    use them to climb up onto the door frame.
    || 4.1.3 de_chateau ||
    Level Info: This seems to be the most hated level.  It's a complex, but small,
    mansion that produces very close quarters firefights.  The Ts can go left from
    their spawn to A, head right and either go to B, or go through the planks to B
    or A.  (The planks are the second left in the sewers.)
    Terrorist Strategies
    The terrorists will basically go either A or B.  The key is to make sure that
    *ALL* of the terrorists go the same way.  If the teams divide, then the Ts
    lose all hope of victory.
    Rush A - This is simple.  The T's run to a and start climbing into the windows.
    They should also smoke the center to the bomber can plant safely. Also, for
    some added force, have some terrorists head up into the window. (Check Tricky
    and Useful Spots) and also go up through the planks and approach A from the
    Rush B - Run towards B.  Rush up the stairs and into B.  Oftentimes, people
    pause here, which isn't actually that bad, but don't wait too long or the CTs
    from A will catch you from behind. Once in B, have some people swarm the lower
    floor and some sweep the upper.  If you're fast enough and the CTs didn't swarm
    over here, it'll be an easy win. Plant the bomb in the very center of the
    B courtyard if possible, so it can be more easily guarded.  During this rush,
    have a couple Ts go to the planks to catch anyone guarding B from behind.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    As far as the CTs are concerned, the key to winning this map is to always
    keep putting pressure on the Ts.  The team *MUST* divide somewhat evenly,
    or one side will be quickly rushed and crushed.  Once you determine what
    side the rush is coming from, call for help, and hopefully CTs from the
    other bomb site will catch up quickly and stop the terrorists before the
    bomb is planted.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- The terrorist spawn site.  I've witnessed good awpers cause major
    problems for the CTs by camping here and picking off the reinforcements as they
    pass.  If you're a CT, watch out.
    2- On the upper floor of B, there is a shortened pillar, which you can climb up
    and use to reach a wooden ledge up top.  It typically takes a while for people
    to check there, so you can often stop bomb defusals at least once.
    3- The CTs have some very nice guard spots at B, that are oddly hard to stop.
    Firstly, if you go around the left side of B, you can shoot into the sewers
    through a small hold in the window, which can really slow down a B rush. Also,
    by going to the right, you can crouch in the door frame on the right, which is
    hard to see into.  You can often mow down a couple of Ts who rush through,
    expected their prey to be on the far side of the hall, not a few feet away.
    Finally, you can hide in the stairwell next to the sewers and shoot Ts who try
    to rush out.
    4- When going A, Ts will notice a small piece of earth beneath a window. By
    having one T crouch on this plot, other Ts can use him as a stepping stone to
    climb into the windows.  This is good, but if two or even one astute CT checks
    this spot, then don't count on getting through.  That said, CTs, *CHECK THE
    5- Above the planks.  CTs can go upstairs from their spawn and camp above the
    planks to help keep invading Ts out.
    6- The grassy knoll.  Remember the piece of earth beneath the window?  If you
    climb onto it and make a big leap to the right, you can get on that land mass
    that separates the planks from the A route.  This is a *great* sniping spot,
    and can really cause problems for the CTs guarding planks.
    7- To the right of the barrels.  This isn't much of a spot, but no one ever
    remembers to check, so I'll point it out.  When going B, sometimes a T will
    turn right at the big barrels and camp in the corner with a shotgun.  Later,
    as CT reinforcements file through, this lone gunman can easily wait a second
    then slaughter the reinforcements effortlessly, so CTs, *CHECK FOR A GUNNER
    8- THE EASTER EGG ROOM. IN spectator mode, enter free fly mode and fly into
    the main door of the mansion (at bomb site A).  You'll find a small easter
    egg room with a map of the Chateau.
    || 4.1.4 de_dust ||
    Level Info: Whether you love dust or hate dust, you can't argue that this is
    the classic Counter Strike map.  Here, the Terrorists will find themselves at a
    large disadvantage, as they chose the wrong side of this middle eastern level
    to begin their assault.  The Terrorists will go to either the tunnel or the
    underpass.  At the tunnel, the terrorists can either go left or right, left
    leading to bomb site A, and right leading to the area above the underpass. If
    they go to the underpass, they will have to attempt to outsnipe and outgun the
    counter terrorists who camp above and around the underpass.  The keys to this
    level are that the Terrorists need to constantly change their route of assault,
    while the Counter Terrorists must be ready for anything to come at them.
    Terrorist Strategies
    Rush A - This is the technique where the terrorists charge the bomb site as
    fast as possible, gunning down CTs as they get to the bomb site.
    Unfortunately, this results in the deaths of many Terrorists, which makes lots
    of players hesitant to participate.  However, if the ENTIRE team gets through
    to A at full speed, then the victory will be fast and brutal.  What's more, the
    CTs will rarely get their stuff together fast, so you can often pull this off
    at least twice before it gets too risky.
    Rush Tunnel Right - Similar to A, the terrorists rush the tunnel, but this time
    turn right.  Often the only real problem here is snipers, but they will often
    be distracted, trying to get a look into the tunnel.  This also can work well,
    but once again, only if the *ENTIRE* team makes the rush.
    Rush Underpass - Not the best strategy, but useful on occasion.  Rushing the
    underpass can work, but if the snipers are good they can really tear into the
    terrorist force.  I recommend only using this after many successful A rushes,
    so that the CTs will be distracted. It only works once, so make it count.
    Hanging Back - Hanging back is a strategy used to mix up your game as a T.
    Sooner or later, the CTs will get the hang of countering your rushes.  The
    solution is, of course, to not rush.  When you're feeling beaten, convince
    the team to hang back.  Guard the tunnel from both sides, and have a few 
    people cover the underpass as well.  Don't do this often, but do it a couple
    times when things need mixing up.  Often, the CTs will be anxious and will
    come to you, allowing for an easy slaughter.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    The CTs have one main strategy for this level.  Basically, they want to run
    to A as fast as possible to counter rushes.  If the Ts hold back it will be
    an easy victory, and if they rush away from A, snipers can call for help.
    The CTs have the advantage here, so use it, and try to discourage the Ts from
    rushing by cutting them off.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- A single terrorist can control the whole underpass with a single autosnipe,
    because he can either stand behind the car at the T side of the underpass or
    crouch closer the entrance.  If any CTs try to get in, he can gun them down
    with relative ease.
    2- At the Terrorist entrance to the tunnel, there is a large box.  If one CT
    crouches, another can use him as a stepping stone to climb onto the box, which
    can be useful once, since Ts don't often look there quickly.
    3- To the right of the T-entrance to the underpass, there is a small area that
    has a pair of barrels in it.  If you hide behind the barrels, you'll be able
    to see any CTs that exit the underpass, as well as have a good look towards
    the main tunnels.  It won't work more than once, but you can often get a few
    good kills by camping here.  (Source: ShadeKun)
    || 4.1.5 de_dust2 ||
    Level Info: Dust2 takes place in the same middle eastern area as dust, but this
    time around it is far more balanced and very well thought out.  This map offers
    a great variety of strategies, as well as excellent tricks that can be used to
    quickly turn the tides.  The Level is shaped something like an 8, with the
    teams spawning at each "middle" part of the 8. Heads up, as people can sneak up
    on you from anywhere. The terrorists, if well coordinated, simply need to do
    quick rushes, while the CTs will spread out and attempt to halt the advances.
    Terrorist Strategies
    Rush Short A - A is to the right of the terrorist spawn, and can be reached
    from two directions.  The shorter path is aptly named, "Short A," and denotes
    going down the very center of the level, and following the catwalk into A.
    This is one of the most efficient rushes, as CTs often seem to pay little
    attention to short A.  In addition, it's very large, making it far easier
    for the Ts to swarm it.
    Rush Long A - The other way to reach A is through two sets of double doors to
    the far right of the level.  I would argue that this is the *WORST* terrorist
    rush, as Long A can be very easily guarded, and by throwing grenades into the
    sets of doors, the terrorists will fall like flies.  Do this only if you're
    sure you won't be expected.
    Rush B - Instead of going right from the spawn, go left and go to B. The CTs
    can easily counter this, but if you're prepared it shouldn't be a problem.
    When you enter the dark tunnel before B, turn and look to the right, as the
    CTs can come from the right faster than the left.  To the left of this
    building is a thin corridor, which is often sniped by the CTs, so while
    team mates act as cannon fodder here, head to down the stairs on the right
    and sneak up on B from behind.
    The Other Rushes - Though possible, I never have seen the Terrorists rush down
    then center than turn into A or B, but it could be done.  Just don't expect it
    to work particularly well, as the CTs can then attack you from both sides.
    Fake Out - In a small team, there is a particularly powerful play on this map.
    Send a couple of Ts towards B, but have them hide.  Meanwhile, have the other
    Ts smoke the middle and go long A.  Make one hell of a ruckus.  Soon, the CTs
    will loop around to A, leaving B wide open for an easy plant.  This works
    wonderfully because if any CTs try to spot the center, it will look like the
    Ts went to A. (Source: BigRam)
    Around the World - Send the entire team to B, throwing smokes, flashes, HEs,
    and some kitchen sinks.  Then, don't enter B, but go back to the middle and
    up to short A.  The CT team will be struggling to get to B, and you'll go
    right around 'em. (Source: BigRam)
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    Guarding Short A - Guarding short A is relatively simple.  Have some people run
    out to stop the Ts as they come, while a few others hang back with snipers and
    good rifles to provide backing fire.  This is very good, because if the Ts
    don't make an appearance, you can then run out and catch the Ts from behind
    else where in the level.
    Guarding Long A - The Ts have to really bottle neck at the double doors, so use
    this to your advantage by throwing HE and flashbang grenades into the doors. 
    When they finally come out, it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel. Also,
    someone should hide down the ramp near here, because if the Ts are foolish
    enough to not check down there, that person can provide extra firepower. Like
    guarding short A, this is a great method because if they don't rush Long A, you
    can pass through and pick them off from behind.
    Guarding B - This is the camper's spot, as you probably won't want to move from
    here unless help is requested from others on your team.  Basically here, have
    some snipers shoot down the tunnel, and also have a couple gunners stationed
    around the room, and also guarding the door access.  It's a simple matter of
    being patient, and you'll almost always get a few strays coming through here,
    if nothing else.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- From the terrorist spawn, you can see a tiny tunnel leading down towards the
    CT spawn.  Just buy a good sniper rifle and unload on any CTs that try to get
    through the doors at the base of the ramp.  Also, in a smaller server, you can
    use this to determine if the majority of the CTs are headed in one direction or
    another.  Just call to rush the other direction afterwards. Also, CTs can do
    this to determine the direction of the T rush.
    2- In the building at B, shoot the barrels down onto the stairwell.  This will
    help slow anyone from getting up to nail you from behind.
    3- At B, there is a hole in the wall.  If you get up here, you can see in B, as
    well as out towards the CT spawn and the base of the ramp.  It's risky since
    you can be shot from two directions, but you can see attacks coming.
    4- Camping the CT spawn is a decent idea, since it's so dark.  Unfortunately,
    it's a ruse that won't last long, so leave after you take someone down.
    5- Looping near B.  This level's design is such that you can get anywhere from
    anywhere.  Near B in particular, you can loop all over the place.  For example,
    if you're a CT guarding B, and it's obviously under attack, leave and loop back
    in by the staircase and nail the Ts from the side.  The Ts can do this as well,
    looping out and hitting B from the other side.
    || 4.1.6 de_piranesi ||
    Level Info: Piranesi is set at a large castle setting, where the Terrorists
    try, once again, to set off a bomb.  The level is large, complex, and dynamic.
    Do not stop, because you will almost *ALWAYS* be exposed on this level. No
    matter where you are, you can probably be shot from several places, so a lot
    of intuition is needed to play this level well.  However, as the level is very
    complex, I must first explain what I mean by each place.
    A: the huge courtyard containing the A bomb site.
    B: The smaller courtyard with the B bomb site.
    Roof: The flat area by the castle ramparts.
    Hall: This is just below the roof.
    Gate: This is the set of doors beneath the hall and roof.
    Corridors: This is the set of corridors within the building. Some are closer
               to A and some closer to B, so I'll probably make distinctions
               about these.
    Terrorist Strategies
    Rush Short A - This may sometimes be called other things, and may even be
    mixed with rushing straight A.  It depends on the server, so keep your wits
    about you.  When I say short A, I mean running towards B, but turning and
    bursting through the gate.  This is a fast method, but the Ts will have none
    of the higher ground, so be cautious doing this.
    Rush Straight A - This may be mixed with Short A, but this is heading towards
    A and tearing into the courtyard.  Like short A, this isn't the safest method,
    but its speed makes up for it.
    Rush Straight B - Simply run straight to B from the bomb site.  Simple, sweet,
    and a very effective method.  Use this if the CTs are ever providing too much
    pressure at A.
    Rush Roof - This is probably the best method for the level, simply charge the
    roof and take it over.  A couple Ts can use the window (mentioned in Tricky
    and Useful Spots) to speed things up, while the others should head A and run
    up the stairs.  If you get to the top and take control, just plant the bomb at
    A (you can see it clearly from the roof) and guard it.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    The key to playing a CT on this level is simple.  Send a lot of people to take
    the roof, which can prevent A plants.  Send a few snipers to the CTs entrance
    to A, as they can snipe invading Ts.  Also, send a few to to Hall to fend off
    any T attack, and also get some scouts to B, who should call back for help.
    If your team balances itself like this, you can probably hold back the Ts with
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- This applies to both teams.  If the terrorists run straight to B, they
    should be wary of people above them, because the CTs can stand out on a
    tiny platform and gun down invading Ts.  This platform is right above the
    sharp turn into B.
    2- By the B bomb site, there is a heavily indented door.  Hide in here, as
    very few players seem to check it, surprisingly.  This is superb for
    guarding the bomb, as well as for simply surprising the Ts.
    3- The window to the roof.  If you're a T, you've surely seen the window
    overlooking your spawn.  What some don't realize is that you can get in
    this.  Just get out your knife for increased speed, and run down the rail
    near the window.  If you crouch-jump, you can just barely get in, which
    can really speed up roof assaults.
    4- The sniper stone.  If you look from the CT entrance to A, there is a
    window on the far side that Ts will often try to snipe from.  However,
    people often disregard the rock just below this window, which you can
    sit on and blast unsuspecting people.  It's not fool proof, but it will
    often work at least once.
    5- The scaffolding ladder. If you're a CT and go to the hall, before you
    enter the room with the boxes, you'll notice a small ladder going up the
    scaffolding.  Climb this, and shoot the big box in the hall.  You now get a
    clear view of the terrorists, and they won't notice you quickly most of the
    6- The invisible spot.  In the A courtyard, the variety of entrances make it
    very dangerous to hang around. However, if you come in from the CT entrance,
    you can turn a sharp right and camp next to the wall.  Because of this spot's
    location, you cannot be seen from above, or to the left.  Essentially, you will
    see almost all enemies before they see you.
    7- Many unscrupulous players will slip into the CT spawn with either an awp or
    an autosnipe, and will proceed to nail anyone who passes through their field of
    vision.  Therefore, be cautious when passing the CT spawn.  You never know if
    someone is watching.
    8- The Easter Egg room!!! From the CT spawn, in spectator mode, strafe to the
    right side of the spawn and move forward.  You'll find a secret room with a
    statue of... a giraffe?
    || 4.1.7 de_prodigy ||
    Level Info: Prodigy takes place in a run down science lab, or something along
    those lines.  The terrorists must get in an plant a bomb, while the CTs must
    merely camp and hold off the terrorists.  This level has great spots for both
    sniping and all out combat, and requires great teamwork from both sides.
    Terrorist Strategies
    Rush Tunnel - This method is done far too sporadically, as it works very well
    most of the time.  The terrorists simply rush the tunnel, but rather than camp
    by the entrance, start throwing smokes and flashes in.  Once it's sufficiently
    obscured, have the team charge through.  Most snipers won't be able to function
    under these circumstances, so you can get in.  It probably won't work twice in
    a row though.
    Camp Tunnel - Simply stay at the outer edge of the tunnel.  Poke your head out
    occasionally and take a shot at where you think enemy snipers will be hiding.
    If your team has good snipers, you can win this way, but watch out for people
    blocking you.  It has been the death of many a good sniper.
    Rush Bunker - Exactly like the tunnel, simply throw smokes and flashes then
    hurl yourself into the fray.  It's less sure to work at the bunker, but it can
    be pulled off if done quickly and in large numbers.
    Camp Bunker - Instead of rushing the bunker, do your best to sniper out from
    within.  The hole in the wall can be good for hitting many people, and the
    angle can allow for some flexibility.  Watch out for inside the bunker, the
    bunker roof, and the tree, as many people will hide in them and crush you.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    Guarding the Tunnel - Have some people hide in the vent to be able to catch
    a foolish terrorist force.  Place snipers at the better sniping points
    (mentioned below), and have some people hide behind the giant spools with SMGs
    and Rifles.  Don't leave the tunnel unless you're sure it's safe.  Remember,
    you're on defense, so you don't need to move.  Let the Ts move.  If they smoke,
    either go guard a bomb site or hurl yourself into the fray and start shooting.
    If you have an awp, fire blindly into the smoke, as you might hit a T more
    often than you may expect.
    Guarding the Bunker - Basically place yourself where ever you can't be seen
    from within the tunnel, and camp. The tree, the switchbox, the bunker (both
    the room and within), and both sides of the tunnel are all good spots.  Just
    don't rush out and let them come to you.  If they smoke and flash, back up a
    little.  They'll bottleneck a little and you can get them.
    *IMPORTANT* On Prodigy, you need to know when to expect Ts from the other side.
    Occasionally call out and ask how the tunnel/bunker is doing.  If you get no
    reply, check the scores, as you can figure out from that whether or not
    Ts will come from the back.  If a whole lot of CT deaths are displayed, and you
    don't see the deaths, that's another good sign to freak out.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- Sniper spots in the tunnel. The large tunnel the CTs snipe down has several
    great spots, and both Ts and CTs should know these so they can use them or beat
    them, depending on the team.
      1- At the stairwell.  You're harder to see, harder to flash, and harder to
      2- When heading here from the CT spawn, the first set of spools on your right
         can be shot through, just barely, and is rarely checked. Ts should take
         special care to shoot here.
    2- Bunker spots.  The bunker has two unexpected camp spots that should be used.
    First, you can jump from the roof onto the tree.  Second, there is a little box
    on the wall near where the CTs enter the bunker from.  You can jump and stay on
    this.  You're a clear target in both of these places, but the Ts won't be
    expecting you.
    3- The vents. From the CT spawn and at the bomb site deep in the labs you can
    climb ladders into the vents. These provide great methods of both quick
    transport and unexpected attack.
    4- The CT vent.  The vent at the CT spawn has a large fan blocking it, and if
    you climb up the ladder you can hide yourself with the fan and shoot incoming
    enemies.  It won't last long though, but you have a quick retreat.
    5- The tunnel vent.  Near where the T's enter the tunnel, there is a vent that
    drops down into the tunnel.  CTs can use this to catch Ts from behind, or drop
    on top of them for an unexpected attack.
    || 4.1.8 de_tides ||
    Level Info: Tides is a huge, wide, low, and complex level.  It is what appears
    to be a Renaissance fair, and is packed with crap that makes it hard to see
    your enemies. It features a great deal of close quarters combat and sniping.
    It is also a very balanced level, with each bomb site requiring different
    tactics to control.
    Terrorist Strategies
    The key to Tides is that everything is connected to everything else. Basically
    there are four rooms: A, B, T-Spawn, and the center room. Here's where you can
    get to from each room.
    A - B, T-Spawn, Center Room
    B - A, Center Room
    T-Spawn - Center Room, A
    Center Room - A, B, T-Spawn
    So basically, you can get anywhere from anywhere, which makes it *VERY* easy to
    change your plan each round.  If you go from T-spawn to A, make sure you smoke
    the tunnel exit so you don't get sniped, and that aside, everything depends.
    You can conceivably run into enemies at any time, so be constantly prepped.
    More important than planning your attack is being able to change your personal
    plans on a dime, so as to keep the CTs guessing. Making good use of the spots
    mentioned in Tricky and Useful Spots will be more likely to assure victory.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    The key to playing as a CT on Tides is to guard as much as possible at once.
    From your spawn, you can either head to A and snipe, head straight to the
    center room either low or high, or go through A to reach the center room from
    the side. Try different things each time, even consider camping B.  CT victory
    is, for once, derived from splitting up and trying to cover everything, since
    a single CT can often hold his ground easily even against many T due to level
    design. Just try to go where others aren't, and try to catch Ts off guard and
    you'll do well.  The exception is when the bomb is planted.  When that
    happens, don't expose yourself until you have some backup to defend yourself
    at the bomb.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    Of all the maps, Tides has possibly the highest number of great hiding spots,
    and keeping track of them all isn't easy, so keep your wits about you.
    1- The truck.  You can jump in the back of the truck at the T spawn, which is
    rarely expected, but pretty boring.  Just be careful that no one is hiding
    there when you pass by.
    2- The T's center room spot. I love this spot.  It makes the T almost 
    invisible, while giving you a great view of the enemies.  When you run from
    the T-Spawn towards B, you'll enter the center room.  Instead of running down
    the tunnel or up the side, go in between them.  By standing still, facing the
    wall, and looking through the wooden board and the stone floor.  You're in the
    right spot if a red and white road block is in your way.  Shoot it and watch.
    You'll be *VERY* hard to see, hard to shoot, and you can easily head shot anyone
    who tries to come to the center room from upper B.
    3- Bombsite B.  Camper heaven.  This place has so many great spots, and they're
    all easy to reach.  You can climb very high into the trees, along the walls, or
    hide behind walls that jut out.  This makes B hard to get into, but easy to
    control.  Try experimenting here, you may be surprised by the number of great
    hiding spots.
    4- CT snipe.  By heading up the stairs from the CT spawn, you can reach a great
    spot that lets you freely snipe towards the Ts A access.  This is a pretty
    obvious spot.
    5- Counter Snipe.  If you can get into A, either by slipping past snipers or
    entering from the center room, and you have a gun with a good zoom, you can
    eliminate CT snipers.  The door to A from the center room has three paths you
    can take from it.  Right to the snipers, down to the grass, or left to a dead
    end.  You guessed it, you can see over half of the sniper space from this dead
    end, and you're *VERY* hard to see, not to mention the snipers can't afford to
    check there often.  So take a seat and unseat the CTs.
    6- Every entrance and jut.  Throughout this level, you can hope onto little
    ridges on the walls.  Also, the walls jut out all over the place.  Therefore,
    you can almost always hide behind a while or next to a door, and it'll take
    several people to find you.  These are great if you're retreating and need
    to cover your team.
    || 4.1.9 de_train ||
    Level Info: This map takes place between a pair of trainyards, in which the
    terrorists are attempting to bomb one of two trains that hold a large,
    spherical, yellow tank.  Counter terrorists must stuggle to cover the large
    area, which is easy since the terrorists have choke points, but the level
    is so complex that once one terrorist gets through, they can often wreck
    havoc single handedly.
    Terrorist Strategies
    The Stairs - From the T spawn, there is a staircase in the nearby wall.
    Going up here gives you two options.  Firstly, you can continue the full
    distance to the B Trainyard, or climb down a ladder midway to enter the A
    Trainyard.  Going A is pretty risky though, since a CT is almost bound to
    keep an eye on the ladder.  Going B works far better in most instances, as
    CTs often devote far more of their team towards covering A.
    Into A - Just past the stairwell in the T spawn is a massive doorway that
    leads out into Trainyard A.  If you rush through here you can probably make
    it through safely, but it is difficult if you wait too long, since the path is
    large and easily guarded once the CTs reach the A trainyard.  Amass enough
    people and it will work, or simply get through quickly.
    Into Far A - At the very far side of the T spawn is another path.  This area
    is pretty easy to get through, since a single smoke will cover the hallway,
    which is nearly mandatory since you can be shot at.  From here, you can either
    plant A or head on past and plant at B.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    Cover EVERYTHING - Train is very complex, but the Ts begin with a very limited
    selection of paths.  Each can be easily held, but if you leave an opening, the
    Ts will get through and destroy you.  If you don't see many people going one
    way, join them.  It may be tougher without a lot of people, but it's not too
    difficult to guard a choke point.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- High planting.  You can jump onto a train bed to plant to bomb, which will
    slow down other players, and often confuse newbies.  Try to do this every time.
    (I've always wanted to try planting on the very top of the yellow tank, but have
    never had the chance.  Could someone climb up there [getting a boost] and verify
    that the bomb can be planted up there?)
    2- T-Spawn.  All around the terrorist spawn are great camping points.  Try
    behind the truck, on the big dumpster, behind the fence, up the stairs, and in
    the shadows behind the dumpster.
    3- A-Trainyard high ground.  At the A trainyard, you can climb a ladder to get a
    nice spot that overlooks most of the yard.  You can make this better by walking
    along the metal beams to hide in the upper corner.
    4- The pipes.  From the CT spawn, take the most direct route to A and you'll go
    up some steps.  To the right of those steps are some pipes, which you can climb
    on from the top of the steps for a nice defensive spot.
    5- When taking the direct path from B to A, you will notice a large tank with a
    pipe coming out the back of it in an L shape.  You can use this to get up on the
    tank, and then turn around and jump onto the fence behind you.
    6- Boosting.  At the bomb sites, you can boost someone onto the yellow tanks by
    having one person crouch, having another stand on them, then having the lower
    person stand up.  This is great, because no one EVER looks up there.
    7- Under and over.  Most of the trains have ladders and empty space beneath
    them.  These can be useful when trying to escape, or to camp.
    :: cs Maps ::
    || 4.2.1 cs_compound ||
    Level Info: Compound is exactly what it sounds like, a compound.  The counter
    terrorists must break into this heavily guarded building, and rescue hostages
    from a shed in the back.  It is extremely difficult for the counter terrorists,
    as the terrorists have a wealth of sniping points, as well as great chances to
    catch CTs off guard.  From the CT spawn, a warehouse, you can either head to
    the right, through the crates, to the left, past the gate, or over the trash
    in the wall in front of you.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    1- Go past the crates.  This is a very common method.  Basically, just slowly
    force your way around to the back side of the compound and hope for the best.
    Bring some smoke with you, as it's very difficult to pass the open gate
    without being slaughtered.  Be ready to shoot snipers in the upper windows,
    and avoid pressing up to the walls, as people can shoot through the cracks
    between crates and the walls.
    2- Break past the gate.  This method is iffy.  On the one hand, the Ts rarely
    converge here as often as at the crates, but it's sniper heaven for the Ts.
    Keep your wits about you, as there are sniping places here not only in the
    windows, but on ground level, using shadows and trucks to conceal themselves.
    Also, your feet can be seen under the gate, so they'll quickly see you coming,
    and maybe even blast you through the gate.  On the other hand, if the whole
    team swarms here, you can probably catch the Ts completely off guard and earn
    a sweeping victory.
    3- Up and over.  This is tough, because the Ts guard the walls like hawks. If
    you throw plenty of flashes and maybe some smokes though, the CT team can
    climb over the compound walls and slip into the building for an easy takeover.
    Also, you can have someone crouch by the dumpsters to get a boost over by the
    gate.  Just be careful, as this won't work often, and you need a lot of flashes
    to pull it off.
    4- They're camping the hosties!  Once in a while, the CTs will actually win.
    The T response is to camp in the little hostie shed, making it very hard to get
    in.  I've seen this happen with over seven Ts in the building, and the results
    were hideous.  Do NOT blast through the walls.  Yes, it will work, but you'll
    kill hosties and lose money, and who does that when there's a safer method?
    Refer to the tricky and useful spots section to find out how to get on the
    roof for a rish free cleaning.
    Terrorist Strategies
    1- CAMP!  Seriously, that's all there is to this.  You're on defense and have
    the upper hand, so hang tight until the CT numbers fall.  Snipe from the upper
    levels, hide where you can on the ground.  Counter attacks from the three main
    attack points.  It's really hard to lose this one.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- The CT Spawn is a surprisingly good spot.  You can see many of the upper T
    sniping points, but you'll be shrouded in shadow.
    2- Up on the roof.  To climb onto the roof of the hostie shed (or the crate next
    to it), hop on the bed of the truck, then jump on the top of it, then on the
    bar. From here, if you pull out your knife, you can jump-crouch onto the shed's
    roof, or the nearby crate.
    3- Just past the gate, there are several pipes jutting out of the compound.  You
    can hide in these, and the grass makes fantastic cover.  It's an excellent
    hiding spot, especially if you just broke into the compound as a CT.
    || 4.2.2 cs_havana ||
    Level Info: Havana is an odd level, in that it changes each round. There are
    four paths, which I have numbered from right to left from the CT spawn. 1
    is to the right of the spawn, and leads out to the garage.  2 leads to the foot
    of a stairwell.  3 goes to the center of the courtyard.  4 leads past the
    window and into the second courtyard/garage.  Two of these four will be open
    each round, and it forces players to change their strategies from round to
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    1- Path 1 leads to the garage, which has two good points. First, you can bust
    into the garage, but more importantly, there is a little niche just past the
    garage.  If you get in here, you can climb a pipe up towards the hostages.
    A good strategy for here is to have someone slip up the pipes while the rest
    of you open the tunnel.  Once the hostiles are rescued, they can fall down into
    the garage and be quickly taken to freedom.
    2- Two has two choices.  Firstly, you can rush out, which will let you into
    the courtyard and up the stairs quickly, but many terrorists guard this, so
    it may be better to hide.  Eventually, terrorists will either leave or get
    curious and peek in.  It's dark inside, so you can easily pick them off.
    3- Three is a simple bust in area.  You'll probably get holed up in here, so
    just do your best to break out.  There will probably be Ts both on the ground
    and upstairs, so be cautious. Also, if you can convince the team, rush through
    here and turn left.  Run up the stairs as fast as possible.  If done, you will
    often keep the Ts from getting started before the hosties are rescued.
    4- RUSH THIS!! It's very simple, this is a focal point, and if open, you
    should rush it. Terrorists can get out here *VERY* fast, so if you don't run
    quickly then it's highly likely you'll be overrun from behind.
    Terrorist Strategies
    1- This is hard to guard.  This is because the CTs will often slip up the pipe
    to save the hosties.  Therefore, try to nail any CTs that pass by, and make sure
    that someone stays up top to guard the pipe. 
    2- Just crouch at the top of the stairs.  It'll be hard for the CTs to break
    through.  If they try to smoke it, just enter the smoke and use it as cover
    to reverse the attack.
    3- Do whatever you can.  Sometimes this will be poorly guarded.  If not, just
    stay either up or to the side and try to keep the CTs from getting through.
    4- If the window is open, tell everyone, because this is the focal point. If
    the window is open, charge it and get everyone out there and rush the CTs.
    They'll probably break through if you camp, so get moving here.
    Rushing? - Although it seems counter intuitive, if you can get the team in
    agreement, then rush the CTs like mad.  Done properly, you can keep them
    from leaving the spawn, which will completely unbalance the map.  Mind you,
    this requires a ton of teamwork, so make sure everyone is with you.
    *NOTE* If you want to snipe from the window, wait for other Ts to get out.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- The car at 4.  In route 4, there is a car.  If you can rush fast enough,
    this car can be used as a shield, just crouch.  It's amazing how rarely
    people will edge out to shoot you, for fear of getting shot by your back
    up.  This works well for both teams, so run fast. There is also a car
    like this outside the garage, but it's less useful.
    2- The dark space.  In the garage, there's some shadow-covered rubble
    in the back.  Camping here is very useful if you can get here, regardless
    of your team.
    3- The partitions within many of the hallways are rarely checked, so in a
    pinch, duck into these and catch your foes after they pass you by.
    4- Both hostage rooms have windows/bars that can be seen through.  Using
    these, you can either shoot into the courtyards, or shoot in to stop people
    5- In the courtyard with entrances 2 and 3, you can get onto a small platform
    just next to and above entrance three.  You'll be hard to see and you can catch
    people off guard easily.
    6- When the second path is open, a CT can climb on the oven and leap onto the
    refridgerator.  This allows you to look out the door, but people often won't
    see you here until they've been blasted in the head.
    || 4.2.3 cs_italy ||
    Level Info: Italy puts counter terrorists in the winding Italian streets,
    trying to rescue hostages from a little building uphill.  It's a complex level
    with many paths and tricks.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    Heading Left - If you head left from the CT spawn, prepare for slaughter or
    siege.  From the left, terrorists can pour out of the upper door that leads
    to the cellar, or they can rush along the ground, or climb up high and snipe
    you.  If you go this way, you can either try to go up the stairs and force
    your way down into the cellar, or you can stay on the ground, which takes you
    along a straighter, if more dangerous route to the center of the Terrorist
    encampment.  If you go through the cellar, you will be dumped out at the bottom
    of the stairs leading up to the Ts.
    Apartments - To the right of the spawn is apartment access and the market.
    To get to the apartments, climb up the stack of logs, and into the apartments.
    Doing this requires a mixture of weapons, as terrorists may rush the
    apartments, which forces up-close weaponry.  However, as you leave the
    apartments, you'll have to deal with far off snipers, so rifles and snipers
    are useful. Just be cautious in the building, and NEVER block anyone. Blocking
    in the apartments will kill your teammates, and probably yourself eventually.
    Market - If you bypass the apartments, you'll enter the market.  From here you
    can either head to the center route or up the long hallway.  The hallway
    is typically being sniped, so it is recommended that you take the center
    instead.  Heads up, the Ts can get here VERY fast, and will cause lots of
    trouble if you aren't ready to fight the whole time.
    In The Compound - Once you reach the terrorist compound, you still need to nab
    the hosties. If you get in from the apartments, snipe down towards the T base,
    as you won't be expected.  If you come up the hallway or from the center
    stairs though, get ready for hell.  The Ts can camp this place VERY well, so
    have lots of people go at once.  Keep an eye on the building as you come up,
    as snipers stay up there a lot.  Try throwing in HE grenades and flashes.
    Often the Ts will surround the central entrance and try to gun you down as
    you enter, so nades and teammates are VITAL for getting in safely.  Even then,
    you have to deal with the difficult task of getting into the building itself.
    There are two ways in.  The door, or through the window.  Both can be easily
    guarded, so flash before getting in too deep.  If you can, grab a shotgun off
    of any dead Ts (or CTs), as they're VERY useful in the close quarters of the
    building.  If you can manage to get the hosties safely, make sure you have
    scouts lead the way back, and be wary of the CT spawn, and some Ts will camp
    there and try to pick you off as you bring the hosties.
    Terrorist Strategies
    Camp - This is a good one.  Get SMGs and shotguns to guard the building and
    grounds, while using snipers to guard the long hallway and apartment.  If you
    load the building with shotgunners and SMGers, you'll probably manage an easy
    Regular - Just spread out and try to impede the CTs.  This is very common, and
    works well.  Just pick your style, close, medium, or long range, and pick a
    spot where you can do it.  Easy as pie.
    Rushing - This isn't easy, but can work.  Coordinate mass rushes to the market
    and through the cellar, and you can often stop the CTs in their tracks. Just
    make sure everyone is moving together.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- The upper building.  If the Ts run to the apartments, they can climb the
    boxes, jump to the door frame, then leap up onto the platform high above the
    apartments.  This is great for stopping the CTs going left, and well as any who
    get through the apartment.
    2- Long hallway hiding spots.  In the long hallway, hide on the catwalk near
    the T spawn or next to the tree.  Often invading CTs will be so worried about
    snipers that they won't notice you hiding there, and you can cap them from
    behind with relative ease.
    3- CT spawn.  If you go to the very back of the CT spawn, you can shroud
    yourself in darkness.  Great with an autosnipe.
    || 4.2.4 cs_office ||
    Level Info: The office is a very small, compact hostage situation. The CTs
    spawn in a small garage and must break into the office complex and nab the
    hosties.  Easier said than done, as the terrorists can camp, rush, or swarm
    the office easily, creating a very dynamic level.
    Counter Terrorist Strategies
    Normal Swarm - Just run out the apartment and take any and all paths into the
    office that you can.  There is a side room with multiple access windows, as
    well as a front door and several sniping spots in neighboring buildings which
    you can use to shoot into the office.  If you make it in deep, just force your
    way into the heart of the office and either nab the hosties or slaughter the
    Back Defend - Often the Ts will rush the backside of the garage to take the CTs
    from behind.  Always have a few people guard this.  Use the boxes, dumpsters,
    walls, and even the car for cover and slow their assault.
    Back Rush - Instead of sending most to the front and the rest to guard, send
    the whole CT force in the back, rushing the terrorists far more rapidly than
    normal.  This is hard though, as you need a large force, especially if the Ts
    choose to rush back.
    Terrorist Strategies
    Full Camp - Stay at the very heart of the office and guard the hosties.
    Often the conference room is totally filled, and the back entrance hallway is
    practically swarming with a mass of Ts.  Arm yourselves with shotguns, SMGs,
    and when affordable, the bulky machine guns.  In the close quarters of the
    office, these are deadly tools.  Just watch out for CT nades.
    Back Rush - From the office, hurl yourself towards the CT garage from the
    back side.  Done properly, you can quickly wipe out their defenses and hunt
    those that made it into the office from behind.  This is a brutal and often
    used tactic.  Make use of it, but don't rely solely on it.
    Regular Camp - Spread through the office and hold it.  There's more tolerance
    if your people start going down, but you have less compressed forces.  This
    is, however, a very effective method.
    Tricky and Useful Spots
    1- On the dumpster.  If you're a CT guarding the garage, you can use the boxes
    to climb up onto the big dumpster in the middle of the garage.  You're not easy
    to see here, and can easily waste your foes.
    2- Sniping from the car.  Once again, if you're a CT guarding garage, get a
    sniper and jump onto the car at the back.  You can hit a ton of Ts as they
    bottleneck coming through.  On my second day of playing, I was able to score 7
    kills in one round with this method, which should give you an idea of how easy
    it is to pull off.
    3- In the dark hall.  Towards the front side of the office is a dark hallway
    that can be used to get into the office safely.  If you like, you can hide in
    here and nail unsuspecting visitors.  But it's very rarely used.
    4- The back hall.  When getting into the office, the Ts often pile up in a big
    hallway that leads to the back of the central office.  They're all over here
    normally, so be careful.
    5- Machine gunnin'.  In the center of the office, there is a blue hallway
    that turns several times.  Go in here and load up a machine gun.  As CTs try
    to slip into the central office, you can spray them down effortlessly.
    6- Behind doors.  Many of the open doors in this level leave tiny niches that
    you can hide in.  Very useful if the hosties are halfway out and you need to
    guard them.
    7- From the CT spawn there are two flights of stairs that lead into good
    sniping rooms.  Often, Ts will take the right hand one of these so as to
    expose themselves less getting back into the office.  If you hide in the far
    corner, you can use the boxes to hide yourself and get unsuspecting terrorists
    in the back.
    8- In the front entrance to the office, there is a small exit sign.  Hop onto
    it from the boxes for a quick and easy kill. (Source: ShadeKun)
    9- WHAT?  To be honest, I can't get up here myself, but I have watched people
    do it, and it works wonders.  You know the windows overlooking the courtyard
    behind the garage?  Look out them and you can see several ledges on the far
    wall.  From the windows, you can hop around the right edge of the courtyard to
    get over there.  The first jump is very difficult, but if you can make it, you
    get a delightful view into the office, which effectively covers half of the
    level, since you can see hosties being rescued from here.
    :: 4.3 Custom Maps ::
    Counter Strike has plenty of fun custom-made maps, and I intend to cover the
    better known ones.  In the next update, I will try to add the upper tier custom
    maps I've had the chance to play.
    If you have a fun custom map I should add, send me an e-mail with a link to
    a site where I can download the map.  It would also be good if you could give
    me the IP to a good server that routinely plays the map.
    // 5 FAQ \\
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    Ian McNamee.  It was compiled solely through the author's own experiences with
    the game, unless otherwise stated.  All content used may be used with only the
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    author's permission.  If you have any interest in using this FAQ on your site,
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    GameFAQs Username: Zairoll the Squirrel
    // 8 Thank You \\
    ShadeKun: For your additional hiding spots, as well as error-correcting and
    your great help on the weapons section.
    BigRam: For the great strategies, hiding spots, and yet more weapon fixes.

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