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    Break Floor 101 Guide by Rogwell

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/14/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Break Floor 101
    Game: Counter-Strike: Source
    Map: Breakfloor
    Version 1.1
    Author: Zach Stark
    Alias: wWooDd
    I. Table of Contents
    I. Table of Contents
    II. Legal
    III. Introduction
    IV. Contact
    1. Human Habit
      A. Rushing
      B. Camping
      C. General
    2. Break Floor Fundamentals
      A. Tools of the Trade
      B. Movement
    3. The Obvious
      A. Tell Tale Signs
      B. Hey! Listen!
      C. Using Radar
    4. Assumption & Perception
      A. Match Start
      B. Mid Game
      C. End Game
      D. Campers versus Rushers
    5. My Strategies: The Meat & Bones
      A. Spray & Pray
         Destroy the Cover
      B. The Hole
      C. Blitz Rush
      D. Back Stab
      E. Surprise from Below
      F. Deception
      G. Breaking Your Tunnel
      H. Dig at Angles
      I. Dig in Parallels
      J. Sniper Fights
      K. Know the Regulars
      L. Know your Self
    6. Closing & Acknowledgments
    7. Contact
    II. Legal
    This guide is Copyright Zachary F. Stark, 2007
    This Guide may be freely distributed under the circumstances that this FAQ does
    NOT CHANGE, remains FREE, and the contents are ORIGINAL in its ENTIRITY.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance permission.
    III. Introduction
    This is a cumulative guide to Break Floor that I have put together after a
    couple years playing breakfloor; newb to pro. My hopes with this guide is that
    it will help people realize the potentional breakfloor has and have the ability
    to use that potential. Unlike the static maps such as Dust or Office,
    breakfloor is a changing environment with a hole new range of strategies and
    ways of thinking giving way to a whole new dynamic of gameplay. This guide is
    to open up the player's eyes and realize that there is much more than randomly
    breaking tiles. I am not perfect and neither is this guide - with the aid of
    the community and you (yes, you!) I would love to see this guide evolve into
    some thing great.
    IV. Contact
    This is as much as a breakfloor community project as it is my own compendium
    of knowledge. Feel free to email me questions, suggestions, errors, or just
    the thoughts about the guide. I'd like to see this guide grow into some thing
    even the newest player can read and get a great foundation in breakfloor or the
    experienced can get refreshed.
    Email me at: wwwoodd-at-gmail.com
    1. Human Habit
    The psychological factor in strategy - studying how players behave and why in a
    given situation. This is an extremely important in determining what your enemy
    is going to do and how. Before any strategies can be taken into consideration
    we must first lay down some fundamentals that will ultimately determine the
    outcome. This will be separated into sections, pros versus newbs, campers and
    rushers. Each with a different set of habits. These are reminiscent of a
    variety of strategies but are in fact steps performed out of pure habit.
    Keep in mind that these are separated into extremes with the average player
    falling some where in between these categories.
    A. Rushing
    -Weak rushers often are very slow to dig
    -Will often not cover their 6 (keep tabs on what's behind them)
    -Will often dig in long, unbroken tunnels
    -Will often dig a tunnel network or large hole to camp under the enemy spawn
     before attempting to surface
    -(restate) Will often dig them selves open areas leaving them selves vulnerable
    -Favors rushing in the corners/sides of the map
    -Ignores reloads, sounds, and shadows along with other player vulnerabilities
    -Very fast - (fast = can be in enemy spawn in 10 seconds)
    -Will dig in very short, broken tunnels
    -Always has their entry covered
    -Favors digging from the center and moving outward or
    -Favors digging from the corner/side and into the center (either way, not center
     or against the walls)
    -Waits for vulnerable moments before surfacing (reloads, sound, shadows)
    -Rush happens in three ways:
      -Digs to the center and covers the center divide
      -Digs down to the center and immediately digs up (shortest route possible)
      -Digs down and over - same pace as prior but more cautious (lands center map)
    -Will destroy their staircase after surfacing (covers tracks)
    B. Camping
    -Will dig a variety of random holes - often confusing them selves
    -Sticks around the center/back of the map along the ramp
    -Often will dig along the back ramp
    -Will dig out the corners leaving gapping holes
    -Will dig wide holes on top and small holes towards the bottom
     So, the top layer is effectively gone leaving the bottom layer a perfect
     defense for those on offense.
    -Enjoys making holes and/or cutting off access to the other side
    -Trenches (trench = making it impossible for the enemy to cross over, either
     by physically preventing it [leaving a pit] or by effectively eliminating any
     body that attempts to cross)
    -Enjoys sitting at the bottom of a hole, typically in a back corner ramp
    -Will offer some sort of recognizable pattern in movement
    -Only will stay on the top side or top layers of spawn - is not limited to
     players digging poor tunnel networks on their side
    -Will keep top layers intact while removing only the bottom layers
    -Will keep access points covered, does not allow staircases to remain long
    -Will stick to the sides of the map or near center divide
    -May dig along the ramp to attempt to dig & snipe to the other side
    -Does not randomly dig, WILL keep watch over every hole in some way
    -Is very lethal any way I put it - must catch off guard
    -Will dig in and cover lower layers in a guerrilla fashion
    C. General Habits
    -New/weak players will leave every thing for granted - will not cover where
     they came from or where they are going
    -Pro players will ensure people cannot follow (destroying staircases) and
     will be vigilante with every tunnel they enter
    -New players will follow existing tunnels to no end
    -(restate) new players will rarely dig new tunnels after their rush
    -Players will often camp in extended tunnels fully exposed to attackers
    2. Breakfloor Fundamentals
    A. Tools of the Trade
    There are a few basic fundamentals relating to breakfloor and general gameplay
    that should be followed as an advisory - these change between players but from
    my own experiences these helped me the most
      It doesn't matter what kind or the size of the headphones. Stereo headphones
      work just find for Counter-Strike but if you waste money on some 5.1 surround
      sound headphones then kudos - but I my self use a cheap $10 pair of Sony
      earbuds from Wal-Mart. TURN UP THE AUDIO. Don't make your ears bleed
      but quiet audio does not reveal very much about your surroundings.
      Lets face it. If you can't aim you are not going to live. Any optical
      or laser mouse will do just fine, DITCH THE BALL MICE. Having a side button
      or two will greatly help as well. I have an MX510 and it has yet to fail me.
    -Sound Effects/Equalizers
      Make sure that you are not over mixing your audio! If you have a lot
      of fancy effects on or a custom equalizer setup TRY TURNING IT OFF. I love
      the EAX effects my Creative gives me but it really messes up with the
      in-game audio.
      Turn it off.
    B. Movement
    How you move is important. Here are the points I keep in mind every time I play
    - Burst of two's & three's. Only full auto if you aim to reach the other side
      very quickly.
    - Keep the tunnels short and twisted. Straight & long tulles offer easy bait.
    - Keep very deep or very shallow. Sitting at level with the center divide
      offers more of a chance for crossfire or an early death to the experienced.
    - Watch your ammo - try not to go below half a clip before reloading.
    - Dig first, move later - players dig where they hear you break.
    - Use surrounding gunfire to hide your digging. If people are digging they
      may not be paying attention to your location or cannot hear you.
    3. The Obvious
    A. Tell Tale Signs
    These are some of the tell tale signs and triggers that if taken into account
    and considerably increase your chances of survival. These are crucial to
    your survival and the effectiveness of future strategies.
    - Silence weapons are very helpful - the player can may only here the broken
      brick and not your weapon (unless close range)
       +Can break bricks as a distraction
    - Muzzle flashes CAN be seen within a 1 brick radius
    - Shotguns have extended reach, splash damage extends multiple bricks
    - A player hiding behind a brick is exposed very little but can see everything.
      Only the tip of the player's head may be revealed in the lowest layers.
    - Shadows. Pay attention to were shadows fall on surrounding walls and bricks.
      These are subtle and easily missed; but like sound it comes with experience.
    - Watch Your Own Sound. Don't make me repeat it.
    - Burst fire. It conserves ammo, accuracy, and forces you to be patient.
      Visit My Strategies for the appropriate usage of full auto.
    This is the single most important aspect of breakfloor. This may be debatable
    between players but you cannot find an enemy that you cannot see - there for
    you must use sound to locate the general location. Experienced players can
    easily pinpoint an enemy within several bricks.
    The basic premise is that the game renders the sound closer or further away
    from the player, up or down, left & right. Breakfloor is not fantastic at this,
    you can accurately find a player within a certain radius but if they are on the
    other side of the map it become a guessing game and can be confusing. My only
    suggestion is to just practice listening.
    Get your headphones and crank up the volume. Listening is a skill - you do not
    simply ^know^ where the enemy is as soon as you throw on the headphones.
    The game processes noises to that they either sound close or far away. Your
    job is to determine if the sound is closer to your right or your left - closer
    to the front or in the rear. The game (and any sound hardware) works to provide
    semi-3d surround audio by polishing up the audio this way. Again the problem
    is that it ISN'T surround and you need to PAY ATTENTION. A skilled listener
    will find you 90% of the time. Only exception is a large crossfire - audio
    will be rendered virtually useless as you try to decipher twenty weapons fire.
    I repeat my self on this point a lot, but it is the one point that has given me
    the most success.
    C. Using the Radar
    I also want to point out the radar from the get go. It is the most useful yet
    most under rated tool this game has to offer. Thanks to Valve's upgrade to the
    radar you can briefly see where the enemy is at if your team mate spots them.
    Incredibly useful for keeping tabs on sounds & people. Also, while I hate to 
    say it, the radar is also useful for when a teammate dies. Their death, marked
    by an X, reveals the location of at least one enemy. You don't know where they
    are exactly but you have a good idea. That is one less person to find.
    Learn it, use it, love it.
    4. Assumption & Perception
    This section goes in depth in a variety of scenarios that occur during
    breakfloor and how I handle them. Combined with a later section, My Strategies,
    this is how I know where people are, how I find them, and how I effectively
    remove them.
    The section is split into several parts: Match start, Mid Game, End Game,
    campers, and rushers. Each part details a brief method and mentality and
    the scenarios that may happen and the most effective way to deal with them.
    A. Match Start
    The way you begin the round in breakfloor can lead to success or epic failure.
    Listening and determining where to dig and how to advance is very important.
    To start: DONT SHOOT - LISTEN. If you have headphones on you should
    be able to get a basic idea where the enemy is. For small sized matches
    (3-5 people per team) this should be easy. Large games (10+ per team) this can
    be very difficult. Don't spend a minute figuring this out, you should have
    your priorities set within the first few seconds.
    The obvious question: Where to start digging? The best place to dig is right
    next to the nearest enemy digger and get the first few rushing individuals or
    for the passive try digging where the least gun fire his happening.
    Scenario: I can hear the enemy digging under me! What should I do?
    Answer: If you can determine where they are open up the floor and let them
            have it. A good strategy is to dig down 6 levels and see if some one
            pops out in a moment or two - a hole if you will.
    Scenario: HELP! The enemy found my hole and I'm trapped or about to die!
    Answer: You have three options. You can attempt to kill the attacker by edging
            forward toward the attacker - or you escape by digging your way back
            up to your own spawn or sideways away from the original hole.
    Scenario: I'm in my hole but people are already dieing in my spawn or the enemy
              is up there. Where should I go? Am I trapped?
    Answer: Begin aggressively digging in and away to either escape the enemy
            or attempt to fool the enemy into a baited situation where they jump
            into your hole without knowing your there. Refer to My Strategies
            "Deception" for more information.
    Scenario: The enemy has dug a hole right next to me, but is not aware that I'm
              there. What do I do? If the enemy knows I'm there?
    Answer: There are a couple ways you can handle this: aggressive or passive
            First instinct is to run right up to that hole and shoot the guy or
            dig off into the opposite direction as far as possible. The best way
            to handle this situation is to apply some Deception and lure the enemy
            in. The same case if the enemy knows you are there. Dig away but keep
            the hole in sight - use an extra brick to hide behind. Remember to keep
            in mind every thing else that is happening around you. You could always
            be aggressive as well but instead of digging right to the enemy try
            maneuvering around him and flanking him unexpectedly.
    Scenario: I'm at the center divide and can see several heads & people. Shoot?
    Answer: SHOOT!
    Scenario: I want to show my love for every body by shooting them into the pit.
              Happy times?
    Answer: Ban-Hammer.
    B. Mid Game
    Mid Game should be the point where every body has dug in and exploring
    each other's sides. You should still be very aggressive from the start
    but paying more attention to details and audio. Back tracking and tunnel
    security are not your prime issues but keeping out of sight is. Keep
    tabs on where you team is at and work your way to higher (or lower) ground.
    Say you dug to the enemy's spawn but nobody is around. There are a couple
    things that must be done at this point. Break your staircase. Get rid
    of the entrance that YOU used so the enemy cannot use it against you. Next
    follow up on any open holes. LISTEN for where the enemy might be at. This
    plays a huge role as you lead into your end game. This, of course, is barring
    that the enemy is currently NOT in the spawn. In which case you take another
    approach to your mid game.
    Scenario: The enemy is the spawn. One, two, or many targets are waiting around.
              What is the best way to dispatch the enemy or stay alive?
    Answer: Skill and good decision making is really key at this moment.
            The aggressive stance is to pop up and start killing. Of course the way
            an aggressive approach is handled really depends on where the enemy
            is at and how skilled you are at being able to kill quickly &
            efficiently; managing many targets at once.
            The passive approach is to simply retreat and let the enemy figure
            things out for them selves. If they are in spawn when you popped up
            chances are they are camping and should be dealt with appropriately.
            Use the bricks as cover, dig a small trench if necessary; or hang
            back towards your spawn (not in spawn) and lure the enemy in.
    Scenario: The spawn is empty, all holes are empty and there is no sound or sign
              of the enemy. 
    Answer: CHECK YOUR OWN HOLE. Remember the Human Behavior list? The enemy
            will more likely jump into your hole than make a new one. You can
            safely assume that they are not making a new hole because there is no
            active digging. Good way to trap the enemy in your own hole is to start
            digging up where your path leads. Expose your hole to find the enemy.
            Don't wait for them to pop up as they -still- have an advantage
            underground by having brick cover.
    C. End Game
    End Game is exactly what it sounds. This is the portion of the match where
    the game has wound down and only a couple people are left. Generally a lot
    of camping and tedious searching happens at this point. Only a couple people
    are left alive and the pressure is on simply finding them or baiting them
    to come to you.
    The end game can be in one of two things: In your advantage or not. Your
    advantage comes from having a rough guess of the enemy's position through
    sound and assumptions. No sounds means the person is either hiding or using
    old holes. If you need to find this person and they refuse to come to you the
    simple solution is to keep it fresh. Holes closer to the center divide are
    used and watched more than those dug further out. Keep away from open areas
    under the floor and if need be keep digging. If you dig keep it short & fast.
    If you chose to remain underground keep your back against a wall and keep
    as many entrance points in view. BE PATIENT but DONT CAMP. Camping works,
    some times. How ever an offensive end game works best. Remember that the enemy
    is keeping the same points in mind, sticking away from open areas and using
    the surrounding walls & bricks for cover.
    Scenario: The last enemy is camping, you have an idea where, but are unsure.
               The tunnel you believe s/he is in is long or is a hole trying to
               bait you in. What do you do?
    Answer: The best way to handle this kind of camper is to dig around them. The
            obvious question is "Wouldn't they here me?", yes they would but they
            are most likely to stay than move. If they are tucked into a dead end
            then they have to dig as well revealing their position. As long as you
            have a general idea where they are sitting this shouldn't be too hard.
            It is not guaranteed that you may find them a brick high or low and
            you may end up dead your self; but 90% of the time digging behind/
            next/Above the camper works best. TYPICALLY if you can find them from
            above they will die.
    Scenario: The enemy is waiting patiently in spawn and is either systematically
              checking holes or is sitting tight in a corner. What do you do?
    Answer: Depending on your own play style and how good/aggressive the enemy is
            this can be done in a few ways. The lame way is to camp your self and
            see who cracks first. The second way is to hunker down in the 6th
            layer and start opening up the spawn above you (forward & away). If
            the player is aggressive and likes to check holes you have a good
            chance. If they are passive just root them out by systematically
            removing their cover.
            If you your self am aggressive and have a good aim I suggesting just
            blitzing the spawn & pop the sucker in the head. Distance and diligence
            is key here as you don't want to be staring down the enemy's weapons
            when you decide to pop out.
    D. Campers vs. Rushers
    People are either rushing forward or taking their time. Listen for what is
    happening. You can find a rushing person by listening to where the bricks
    are breaking and where your team is at. If the bricks are breaking under you
    but your team is not around (CHECK YOUR RADAR) then you got a mole. Dig deep
    and fast and you are sure to find them.
    A camper will not be so apt to dig and is harder to find. Say there it is
    1 vs. 1 and it is match start - you hear the camper break only 1 tile or a
    couple tiles. Chances are he is waiting for you in-side the hole - only
    his head will show if you come up on his side. To find the camper simply
    dig under where you heard the tile break. This becomes hard as he may have
    moved or intentionally set you up.
    -Favorite Strategy
    This is my favorite strategy that is incredibly effective. Find out where the
    most noise is coming from on the other side. Dig a hole one brick length away
    from the wall (not next to the wall) and dig down 6 layers - straight down. If
    you like to play defensive you can wait to see if a head pops out the hole. If
    you like to play offensively you can jump in and dig at eye level - leave the
    lowest bricks for chest protection as you dig forward to find the enemy.
    Scenario: The enemy is trenching or making massive holes! What do I do?
    Answer: The best idea here is to either rush to the other side or wait for
            the enemy to finish their digging frenzy and start picking off the
            ones that venture close to the edges. Many times in the case of
            trenching you can dig behind the enemy and pop up behind them as
            most of the time they are lined up along the edges of their trench
            or hole. Most servers have a buy time, let the enemy waste their ammo
            then pop up once they are running out.
    Scenario: The enemy has completely destroyed the center! There is no way to
              get across the center divide!
    Answer: This is about patience now. Get down as low as possible and destroy the
            floor from under the enemy to rid them of their cover. Worst case is
            if the ramps are the only things left. Its just a sniper's game from
            there. There -IS- one way across and that is using a small map secret.
            Find the edge of the ramp that has a gap next to the wall. With all the
            bricks gone from around the wall get up next to the edge and slowly 
            crouch & fall off the ramp. You should land on the seemingly invisible
            edge. Being careful you can run forward and hop up on the enemy's
            ledge. If you are on the side without the ramp gap then you are out of
            luck - your stuck!
    Scenario: The enemy has trenched down to the bottom and has made a virtual
              fort out of the bottom floor - they are slowly chewing their way
              through out spawn! What do I do?
    Answer: Sit tight. Jumping in a hole now may mean certain death. Let the 
            stragglers move into your view & get rid of them. Watch the shadows
            and drop the owners into the pit below. Once the crowd thins you
            can start to jump into the holes your self and start rooting out
            the dedicated campers.
    Scenario: The enemy is rushing in groups! Multiple people appear at once!
    Answer: The enemy is hitting your spawn fast and you cannot handle the
            number of people popping out? The best answer then is to dig and
            get out. Visit My Strategies on a lesson on deception and trapping
            the enemy in their own holes. The basic idea is that the enemy has
            rush your spawn and they are going to rush right into your own holes.
            Logically if they are in your spawn then nobody is home on the other
            side. Hang tight over there as they have to come back some how.
    5. My Strategies: The Meat & Bones
    This is it. This is the way I play, think, and strategize through a match.
    Some ideas I already described and others I couldn't fit in because in
    reality this are all independent strategies that can be used when ever
    and where ever they are needed. This is my survival guide to Breakfloor.
    A. The Spray & Pray
       Destroy the Cover
    I'm putting these up first as people do not understand these concepts on
    breakfloor very well. What you don't see can STILL die. If you even THINK
    the enemy is behind a wall DESTROY IT. If the enemy has the drop from above
    you aim in their general direction and SPRAY. Just because you don't see
    them doesn't mean your bullets cannot reach them through the bricks.
    DESTROY. ADVACNCE. KILL. Following the enemy through their own tunnel may
    only get you killed, take shortcuts, head them off. Destroy the very brick
    they are standing one and put your self in the advantage. You can't see the
    enemy? MAKE THEM VISIBLE. See a shadow? DIG. Hear a sound? DIG. I cannot stress
    this concept of destroy the bricks around the enemy any more than this. Most
    people dig their first tunnel and then they do not dig ever again.
    Use this against them.
    B. The Hole
    This is the single most effective strategy I have ever used. It uses a
    combination of offensive and defensive advantages that nearly almost always
    puts you in a winning situation. The key is crouching and using the bricks
    for cover. Remember: A player crouched behind a brick underground is has
    significantly reduced exposer but can see up into the enemies spawn just fine.
    Dig a hole 6 layers deep. Dig a path on either side so you can RUN in a short
    tunnel that is about 3 to 4 bricks long. Dig forward at eye level (protect the
    chest!) in the general direction of gun fire. If you are close to the center
    divide you can crouch & dig up into the enemy spawn. If the enemy is near you
    then you have a tunnel to retreat into. Keep in mind your advantage is in
    keeping your tunnel in tact and not completely open to the enemy.
    This concept can be applied any time any where - using a single brick to cover
    then aiming right up into the enemies spawn. This is extremely useful against
    campers and stragglers as well as the initial match opening.
    C. Blitz Rush
    This requires a lot of skill and in cases luck - one of the most popular
    strategies. This can be done using an automatic ranged weapon (AK, Krieg,
    Carbine) or the shotgun. When the match starts immediately dig three layers
    down, two layers over, and shoot the first three bricks on the over side of
    the dividing wall to make your staircase. Leave the top brick there for a
    moment to reload. Once your ready (or if surrounding gunfire ceases) blow out
    the top and reign hell on who ever is near by. Work a variety of depths
    so that the enemy doesn't always expect you to pop up right next to a wall
    or the center.
    D. Back Stab
    This strategy is very effective for clearing out teams that rush. Dig down and
    beyond the center divide 2 bricks (so you are one brick away from the enemy's
    side of the divide). This is so that you are directly behind the enemy if they
    dig down right next to the wall. Dig a tunnel straight sideways the length of
    the divide. The goal is to find a hole some one dug & jumped into. Remember,
    players hardly ever, ever check behind them in the initial opening moment of a
    match. This is a great way to catch a few people off guard.
    E. Surprise from below
    It is habit for people to find a hole, get next to it, and then STAND there.
    If you are listening and can tell if they above you or you see a shadow DIG UP!
    You will more than likely catch the enemy off guard and kill them before they
    know what is happening. In the case you miss, SPRAY & PRAY. Remember my opening
    strats. Pay attention to patterns; typically aggressive players will go around
    checking all the holes all the time or find a hole that is their blind spot.
    F. Deception
    A favorite strategy of mine plays on the fact that people go into existing
    tunnels. One method is to dig down 7 levels (wood level) and dig a long
    tunnel out. When a player follows you in you should hear them land hard.
    Depending on your situation you can clear the floor and let them fall to their
    death or dig behind them/wait for them to come. This can be a nasty camping
    strat so I kindly suggest not to camp & keep moving (you have this whole guide
    for Pete's sake!). This strategy also works well to deceptively dig a hole,
    then dig forward to make a fake tunnel. Dig behind your hole and wait for the
    enemy to pop in. These are not the greatest, but camping never is.
    Other forms of deception would include having a circular tunnel - basically
    force the enemy into trying to find you while you simply sweep around either
    corner and pick any body off that has ventured into your maze. Be creative, as
    long as the line of sight isn't clear you should be safe from nasty surprises.
    G. Breaking Your Tunnel
    Another strategy that plays on the fact that people go into existing tunnels.
    After exiting my own tunnel and I clear the spawn my first objective is
    to secure my own tunnel. First I make sure to break the staircase. I make
    sure that I dig down deep so they don't have easy access to the surface.
    Depending on who is playing and where I can hear them. Aggressive players will
    launch right into the tunnel on your heels. You may or may not know or hear a
    player in your tunnel but it is a good idea to expose the length or part of the
    tunnel any ways. This is a nice way to prevent people getting the drop on you
    later in the end game.
    H. Dig at angles
    Digging in angles eradicates the line-of-sight issues as well as can expose
    some nasty hiding spots people have. For instance, players like the corner
    of the center divide and like to try to get headshots in the gap. From your
    spawn you can stand back about 4 bricks and shoot into the corner to eradicate
    that hiding spot. Nasty and effective.
    I. Dig in Parallels
    Dig NEXT to other tunnels. Don't follow the enemy into their own tunnel
    but go hand & hand next to them to find the prime opportunity to bust out
    and put them all over the walls!
    J. Sniper Fights
    You and the enemy are facing off against eachother up top either fully exposed
    or hidden a brick down. Combat this by either being a good aim or get creative
    with your position. Dig forward, shoot the bricks and dig a shallow tunnel
    to get closer to the enemy. When they duck to reload jump up and get them
    inside their own hole.
    K. Know the regulars
    Know the people you are playing with. Know which ones are highly aggressive and
    which ones are generally passive. Know the weapons they work with, how they
    work with them, and whether or not they are more apt to dig to find you or
    if they like to sit tight in a tunnel or spawn. Knowing the details greatly
    improves your chances of finding them and using the correct strategy.
    I don't intend to say make your friends into a little science study but
    knowledge is power
    L. Know your self
    This is a huge issue I find with my self. Some times you get stuck because like
    the above strategy says, people know you too well. Some times I can get into a
    solid week of bad games because my strategies never change. If you find that
    you are using a particular strategy a lot then change the way you play. This can
    be difficult and result in a lot of lost games & deaths but in the end you come
    out on top. The end result is that you are a far more flexible player.
    6. Closing and Acknowledgments
    I'm really hoping that people find this guide helpful and find out that
    break floor is a wonderful map full of a lot more than just randomly breaking
    bricks. This map can be so much more fun than what people are used to
    experiencing and hopefully this guide will help with that.
    Shout Out!
    I'd like to thank my friends and the wonderful H3 clan community for being
    really cool and extremely talented at breakfloor. I couldn't of done it
    with out you!

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