What is the best way to approach combat?

  1. I am playing a tiefling warlock. Level 5 right now, and my character dies on an extremely regular basis. I am at Neverwinter and working with the guard. Is there anything I can do to not have to reload after dying every few minutes?

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    Jalor218 - 9 years ago

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  1. Send your companions into the fray first, and keep your warlock towards the back, away from the action. Warlocks are casters first and foremost, and casters should not be at the front unescorted and unbuffed.

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  1. Don't put neeshka in your party unless there's a good reason. - She is just about useless in combat. Khelgar can bash locked doors. If you are killed by a trap, you are instantly revived unless you are in combat. Rest often. Plus- *SPOILER* - she betrays you anyway. Also, let Qara buff you BEFORE entering a new room. for that matter, buff everyone. Oh, and give Khelgar the Magic Heavy armor and tower shield, as well as the awesome waraxes and warhammers. Use Khelgar as a tank. Get his AC higher than his attack bonus and he will be almost unstoppable. Qara should make liberal use of fireball and lightning bolt. Also, at level 10, give her cloudkill. You may find that githyanki have low fortitude saves. Don't bother with negative energy or non-cloudkill death spells. They are useless against undead, a common foe late in the game. Oh, and Hellrime blast is incredibly effective against rogues, such as neverwinter thugs. (Wink Wink) Elanee is likely to wild shape into a badger, so turn her into a bear manually first. Now for Tactical suggestions: With Elanee in bear form, send her and khelgar into the fray, but make sure you and Qara are covered safely. Now weaken the thugs with your hellrime blast, combined with eldrich spear from a safe distance. Each hit will lower their Dexterity, considerably weakening reflex saves, and leaving rogues in a useless sluggishness. Finally, Start pelting them with fireballs using Qara. With their severely lowered reflex saves, this should be doing VERY massive damage

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  2. The AI isn't all that bad at handling 'Locks so you could just play through using Khelgar until you level up a bit. Mostly, just try and stand really far back and sling blasts at everything.

    Hang in there though, Warlock gets exponetially better with levels.

    User Info: BrayneDrayne

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