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    Barbarian FAQ by CaptainKO

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    Barbarian FAQ
    Barbarian FAQs created by CaptainKO
    Date: 4/5/07
    Version 1.04
    (c) Tony Mark, March 2007
    Table of Contents
    A.	Attributes & Skills
    B.	Feats
    C.	Gameplay
    E.	Races
    F.	Multi-Classing
    G.	FAQs
    H.	Copyright
    A. Attributes & Skills
    Strength - (17) + 5
    Strength is need for carrying items, raise you're Attack Bonus (aka AB) for
    melee weapons and doing more damage. The amount of weight you can carry goes up
    with every point of strength you receive and the damage you do with a weapon
    does up every 2 points for +1 to damage and attack bonus. If you have a
    Strength score of 10, you'll gain no benefits to damage, attack bonus and the
    weight you can pick is standard. If you're Strength goes below 10, you'll start
    to suffer -1 penalties towards AB, damage and the amount of weight you can
    carry with every -2 you lose. (Penalties apply to weight every point taken from
    There is an old saying about how you should start certain attributes and that
    saying is, "Start with an odd and end with an even" meaning, a barbarian should
    start with a score of 17 for a Barbarian and add all 5 points to Strength every
    4 levels, ending with a score 22 even. With Mighty Rage, your Barbarian can
    achieve a score of 30 for a total of 10 to AB and +10 to damage. With Weapon
    Focus, you can achieve an AB of 31 alone.
    Dexterity - (14)
    Dexterity is need to raise your Reflex saves against damaging spells, raise
    your Attack Bonus (aka AB) for range weapons, Dexterity-based skills and traps
    as well as raising your Armor Class (aka AC) for a better defense. Your Reflex
    saves, Dexterity-based skills, Range AB and AC are raised by +1 points every 2
    points of Dexterity you get. If you have Dexterity score of 10, you'll gain no
    benefits to your Reflex saves, Dexterity-based skills, Range AB or AC. If
    you're Dexterity goes below 10, you'll start to suffer -1 penalties towards
    Dexterity based-skills, AB with range weapons, reflex saves and AC.
    Dexterity should be a score of 14 for a bonus +2 because that
    is how much a Breastplate allows.
    Parry (Dexterity-based skill): This skill allows you to go into a defensive
    mode to block an attack. The calculations for this is Parry DC + Dexterity vs.
    Enemy AB. If the roll is 5 or higher, you'll perform counter attack.
    can only block and counter attack as many attacks you can perform in
    one round,
    which means you can only perform 4 successful blocks and 4 successful counter
    attacks. This is quite useless since you'll be wearing a breastplate, which
    will reduce your Parry score.
    Tumble (Dexterity-based skill): You are able to roll and save against attacks
    while moving. The calculation for this is Tumble DC + Dexterity + Dice Roll vs.
    DC of 15. Adds +1 AC Every 10 points of tumble. This isn't one of the Barbarian
    skills, but it's better than the Parry skill and will make for the fact you
    won't be to pick the dodge feats.
    Constitution - (14)
    Constitution is need to raise one's Health Points (HP), Constitution-based
    skills, and Fortitude saves against poison, disease, negative energy affects &
    death spells, attacks and traps. Your Fortitude saves, Constitution-based
    skills, and HP are raised by +1 every 2 points of Constitution you get. If you
    have Constitution score of 10, you'll gain no benefits to your Fortitude saves,
    Constitution-based skills, or Health points. If you're Constitution goes below
    10, you'll start to suffer -1 penalties towards Fortitude saves,
    Constitution-based skills, and HP.
    This is one of the most important attribute for a Barbarian as this class uses
    Constitution to stretch the duration of their Rage. A score of 14 is good you
    gain 3 + 2 of your Constitution + Rage Constitution when using Rage for a total
    of 7 to 9 rounds. With extended Rage, you can go a total of 12 to 14 rounds.
    Intelligence - (13)
    Intelligence is needed to gain another skill points and raise your score for
    Intelligent-based skills. Your Intelligence-based skills and Intelligent-based
    skills are raised by +1 every 2 points of Intelligence you get. If you have
    Intelligence score of 10, you'll gain no benefits to your Skill points or
    Intelligence-based skills. If you're Intelligence goes below 10, you'll start
    to suffer -1 penalties towards Skill points and Intelligence-based skills.
    Barbarians aren't the stupid morons you see in the Conan movies. Just because
    you can't read or write doesn't mean you aren't smart enough to be tactical.
    With that being said, a Barbarian should have an Intelligence score of 14, and
    14 only.
    Craft Armor & Craft Weapon (Intelligence-based skill): These are the
    Barbarian's best skill. These skills keep you from making frequent trips
    to the
    local vendor to buy armor and weapon. Plus, it makes you more useful to
    the team.
    Spellcraft - Spellcraft (Intelligence-based skill): This skill allows you to
    identify spells that are being casted. By level 20, you'll be able to identify
    half the spells cast at you with a score of 10. This also adds universal saves
    points towards spells every 5 points.
    Wisdom - (10)
    Wisdom is need to raise one's Willpower save against mind spells, attacks &
    traps and Wisdom-based skills. Your Willpower saves and Wisdom-based skills are
    raised by +1 every 2 points of Wisdom you get. If you have Wisdom score of 10,
    you'll gain no benefits to your Willpower saves and Wisdom-based skills. If
    you're Wisdom goes below 10, you'll start to suffer -1 penalties towards
    Willpower saves and Wisdom-based skills.
    Barbarian only needs a score of 10. You're Rage provides +2 Will Power in the
    beginning, at level 14 you'll gain and +4 later with Mighty Rage allow your
    Barbarian to have +10 Will at level 20. Don't let this attribute go any lower
    than this.
    Listen (Wisdom-based skill): This gives the bard the ability to hear anyone in
    stealth sneaking up on them. This'll allow you to see sneaking characters, but
    not invisible characters. Mildly useful unless you use amplify because most
    dexterity-based classes who use stealth have above a score of 23 towards their
    Move Silently skill.
    Survival (Wisdom-based skill): The Survival skill allows the
    Barbarian to see enemies within the area who are hidden or behind closed
    doors on the mini-map. This skill can only be used those with a track
    feat. The more points put towards Survival, the bigger the
    detection radius becomes. As a Barbarian, you won't be using this much.
    Charisma- (8)
    Charisma is needed to raise points toward Charisma based-skills. Your Charisma
    based-skills are raised by +1 every 2 points of Charisma you get. If you have
    Charisma score of 10, you'll gain no benefits to your Charisma based-skills. If
    you're Charisma goes below 10, you'll start to suffer -1 penalties towards
    Charisma based-skills.
    Barbarians have no use for charisma at all so you may take 2 points out of
    Charisma, lowering it to an 8 and put the points into a more useful attributes
    like Strength or Dexterity. You'll rarely have the opportunity to actually use
    their Charisma based skills.
    Intimidation (Charisma-based skill): This skill is mainly for role-playing
    conversations in the campaign. When the option comes up, you use intimidate as
    scare tactic to lower the NPC morale and fleeing. This skill is rarely used at
    all compare to Bluff and diplomacy.
    Taunt (Charisma-based skill): This is a combat skill that lowers the enemy's
    AC by 2 with a Taunt. However, your enemy gains an attack of opportunity
    against your character when doing so. With every 5 points the range of Taunt
    is increased. This skill is mildly useful in beginning, but at later levels
    it's useless unlessyou combine this skill with knockdown. It's also important
    to note that this skill is best used when going one-on-one with a boss
    B. Feats
    -	Class Feats
    Barbarian Rage: When activated Barbarian Rage, boosts the Barbarian's Strength,
    Constitution and Willpower save, but takes -2 AC away from your base AC.
    Barbarian's Rage last 3 + New modified Constitution. So if you have
    Constitution of 14 and you go into a normal rage, which will boost your
    Constitution to 18, you'll have be able to rage for 3 rounds + 4 from
    Constitution. When the rage ends, you suffer penalties to Strength, Dexterity
    and movement.
    Rage: The Barbarian receives +4 Strength, +4 Constitution and +2 Willpower save.
    Level 1 through 10 - +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, +2 Willpower
    Greater Rage: The Barbarian receives +6 Strength, +6 Constitution
    and +3 Willpower save.
    Level 11 through 19 - +6 Strength, +6 Constitution, +3 Willpower
    Tireless Rage - The Barbarian no longer suffer penalties fatigue when rage
    ends. You gain this at level 17.
    Mighty Rage: The Barbarian receives +8 to Strength, +8 to Constitution and +4
    to Willpower saves.
    Level 20 - +8 Strength, +8 Constitution, +4 Willpower saves.
    Fast Movement: The Barbarian's movement is increase by 10%. This is movement
    helps the Barbarian blitz towards his primary target and it stacks with other
    feats or spells that increase movement.
    Indomitable Will: At level 14, The Barbarian gains +4 to their will saves,
    which stacks with their Rage and Mighty Rage. No, doubt this is good for the
    Barbarian as it makes saving even easier for the Barbarian to save 
    against mind-inflicting spells, attacks or traps.
    Uncanny Dodge: This feat is gained at level 2 and this fear allows the
    Barbarian to retain his Dexterity when being flanked or sneak attacked
    by an enemy.
    Improve Uncanny Dodge: This feat is gained at level 5 and it
    offers the same benefits as Uncanny Dodge except the Barbarian
    is now immune to sneak attacks.
    Trap Sense: The Barbarian gains +1 to saves (per level) vs. traps when a trap is
    triggered. This is useful when a Rogue isn't present in the party.
    Level 3 - Trap Sense +1
    Level 6 - Trap Sense +2
    Level 9 - Trap Sense +3
    Level 12 - Trap Sense +4
    Level 15 - Trap Sense +5
    Level 18 - Trap Sense +6
    Damage Reduction: Starting at Level 7, the Barbarian gains the ability to
    reduce 1 point of universal physical damage. (Not elemental or magical damage)
    Every three levels this goes up by additional 1 point. No enchantment is
    required to bypass this damage reduction. Rather it continuously reduces any
    physical damage require from any enchanted weapon. This feat is useful only in
    low enchantment servers against creatures who use natural weapons or against
    enemies with low strength and low critical modifiers.
    Level 7 - Damage Reduction 1/-
    Level 10 - Damage Reduction 2/-
    Level 13 - Damage Reduction 3/-
    Level 16 - Damage Reduction 4/-
    Level 19 - Damage Reduction 5/-
    -	Selectable Barbarian Feats
    Extended Rage: This feat adds an additional 5 rounds to your Rage. This is a
    requirement if you plan on being a real Barbarian. Humans should get this feat
    at level 3 while other class should get this feat at level 6.
    Extra Rage: This feat adds an additional 2 rages per day. This would be useful
    if the Barbarian could spare another feat.
    -	General Feats
    Power Attack: This is a good buff to your damage when fighting two handed and
    only fighting two handed. It add +3 to damage when fighting with a
    sword &
    shield and +6 when fighting with a two-handed weapon. Power attack is
    prerequisite for Cleave, which is the other reason why you are getting
    this feat.
    Cleave: This feat gives you a free attack against a nearby enemy in any
    direction whenever you kill opponent This only works once per round.
    Great Cleave: Great Cleave is the greater version of Cleave allowing you an
    endless number of free attacks. This is great early in the game when the enemy
    NPCs' ACs and Health Points are low, but after level 6, the enemy NPCs become
    harder to kill and Great Cleave becomes somewhat useless.
    Knockdown/Improve Knockdown: Knockdown gives one the ability to
    knockdown their opponent based on the PC's strength vs. NPC's
    strength bonus. Knockdown only works against those the same
    size and smaller, leaving the opponent prone and unable to defend 
    oneself, losing a certain amount of AC for one round. Improve
    Knockdown is the same Knockdown, but a better version as you are
    able to knockdown opponents a size larger than yourself. Overall,
    knockdown is a good defensive feat for a Barbarian as they are
    hurting in AC early in the game. Knockdown is best used after
    activating one's rage so you can gain the extra strength advantage.
    Disarm/Improve Disarm: Disarm gives the character the opportunity to disarm by
    knocking their weapon to the ground. However, the trade off is that you suffer
    an Attack of Opportunity. (AOO) Unlike Knockdown, Disarm works depending on
    your character's size and weapon. The big you are or the bigger the weapon, the
    more likely you're going to disarm someone. If you're getting disarm, it's best
    to follow with Improve Disarm because Improve disarm eliminates the AOO against
    you, improves your chance to knock a weapon out of your opponents hand and
    allows you to steal their weapon. (If the weapon isn't destroyed) This feat is
    yet another good defensive skill when fighting humanoid opponent whom wield
    nasty weapons and sets them up for AOOs when they try to attack the next round.
    Weapon Focus, Improve Critical, & Power Critical: These are all good feats to
    increase the Barbarian's offensive potential. Without these skills, your
    Barbarian is next to useless. Weapon Focus gives you +1 extra to hit and who
    doesn't want a better chance at hitting their opponent. Weapon Focus is
    also a prerequisite for Improve Critical lowers your threat range by 2. 
    Power Critical
    lowers the threat range required to confirm a critical on the second roll. With
    this skill, you're strength goes to waste as critical hit modifiers double the
    damage of your weapon, physical damage from your strength and any additional
    * Improve Power Attack: An improve version of power, which trades 6 of your AB
    for 6 of your damage. Damage doubles if you use a two handed-weapon.
    * Toughness: +20 to live even longer and achieve a
    300 HP.
    **Note: The feats are only recommended if you're playing a Non-human Barbarians
    or if you're on a server or module that features characters that can't be
    C. Gameplay
    The Class
    The Barbarian is like a football player. And like a football player you can
    give yourself some of that "rage juice" to improve your gameplay. The
    is required to blitz up the middle of a group to sack the quarterback.
    (Spellcaster or archer) The Barbarian has enough HP and DR to go the distance,
    even if it means going to sudden death. The Barbarians are good clipping,
    blocking and spearing their opponents. Sometimes, the Barbarian is required to
    co-quarterback, shotgunning his arrows, bullets and throwing weapon at the wide
    receiver. (Or the enemy NPC) Unlike football, they are no downs and as far as
    you see everyone has the football.
    You barbarian...you Rage...you crush enemy in melee...
    Really, you should be buff yourself using potions then use rage right before
    running into battle. You want to start the battle prepare so you can gain the
    In the beginning, you probably using your longsword, dwarven axe, battle axe,
    war hammer, bastard sword, great-sword or great-axe in a two-handed fashion
    like Conan the Barbarian. This is great for the first 5 levels, but as you
    start to reach levels 6 and up, the enemy NPCs' HP goes up and your damage
    output is overshadowed by enemies with HP +50 and up. Because the fights
    last longer than you can end them, you're going to find yourself resting
    almost after every fight. Each person will last you at least 4 or more rounds
    and your Rage only last 3 rounds + 2 of your Constitution bonus + Constitution
    Rage Bonus and 5 extra rounds from Extended Rage for a total of 10. The best
    thing to do at this point is to use a shield until you reach level 17.
    The reason, I didn't pick Great Cleave is for this reason alone. Great cleave
    was meant to be used on very weak crowds of enemies with low AC. At higher
    levels, the battles become more one on one (depending on the server or module)
    so the best feat to have at this point is either Improve Knockdown or Improve
    Disarm. Improve Knockdown is better as you'll be more useful being able to
    knockdown tall enemies and you'll keep opponents prone and defenseless while
    landing free "licks."
    Why are you in the back row? You specialize at melee so you have no
    reason to consider using a range weapon. The only reason, you'll
    even be using a range weapon is to pull the enemy to you. That's
    - Early in the game, the Barbarian's high damage output can end fights very
    - A Barbarian's Rage gives them attribute boosts in Constitution, Strength and
    Will saves.
    - Barbarians are more likely to knock characters down using Knockdown.
    - Barbarians get fast movement and universal physical Damage reduction.
    - Barbarians get Uncanny Dodge and Traps
    - Barbarians can make their own armor.
    - Barbarians are straightforward to play as a Fighter.
    - Barbarians do a great in low level enchantment servers.
    - Barbarians have a lot of HP and have little down time.
    - Barbarians are great tanks against mages with high damage spells and
    will saves.
    - Barbarians acquire a lot skill points and acquire a lot skill that are good
    for scouting such as Survival and Listen.
    - Barbarians don't specialize in one weapon, allowing them to freely use any
    - At later levels, the Barbarian's damage output is greatly overshadowed by
    enemies with a lot of Health Points.
    - Barbarian Rage deducts 2 AC away from your overall AC, which can lead
    receoving more damage and somewhat counters the Health Points given.
    - Non-human Barbarian's who don't have a score of 13 Intelligence
    cannot apply
    their strength to bigger creatures using Improve Knockdown.
    - While fast movement maybe useful, the universal damage is useless soon as you
    get it since most enemies will do more than 8 damage by level 7 and more than
    15 damage by level 20.
    - With a Rogue in the party, Trap Sense is useless as they disable every trap.
    - Barbarians lose money having to identify items that may only cost 100gp
    or less.
    - Barbarians, as a class, have little roleplaying options.
    - The Barbarian's abilities are underminded in high enchantment servers.
    - Barbarians are very hard to heal.
    - Many non-human Barbarians have few tactics to rely on, thanks to their low
    Intelligence scores or lack of extra feats.
    - Barbarians cannot get more useful skills such Lore or Heal.
    - Barbarian can only get a limited number of feats.
    - In order to for Barbarians to do real damage, they have to specialize in a
    D.	Races
    Humans are by far the best well-rounded Barbarians because they
    can get 5 to 6 skills points per level allow them to nearly max
    out every skill and they get an extra feat allowing them to land
    improve Knockdown or Improve Disarm at later levels. The only
    setback to humans is that they don't get attribute bonuses to
    Strength like an Orc or Constitution like a dwarf score.
    Now, non-human Barbarians have one minor setback when compare to
    humans and that's the fact they don't get an extra feat except
    the Strongheart halfling. Human have an extra feat to spare to
    get Improve Knockdown or Improve Disarm. However, non-human
    Barbarian can only take feats up to knockdown before to select
    weapon focus and the other "chain feats" that come with it such
    as improve critical. So most non-human Barbarian have to
    look forward to a 10 based Intelligence and knockdown. However,
    the small advantage most non-humans get is a higher Constitution
    and Strength score than a human Barbarian, granting more damage
    and health.
    Tieflings are the second best race to qualify for Barbarians as Barbarians
    don't need Charisma. Tieflings get +2 towards both to Dexterity and
    Intelligence and a -2 penalty towards Charisma, allowing you to spare points
    for other attributes such as Strength and Constitution. They also gain Damage
    reduction of 5 toward cold, electrical, fire damage, darkvision and a free
    darkness spell, which helps with survivability.
    Aasimar are the third best race to be a candidate for a Barbarian because like
    the tiefling, they get extra points to spare towards Strength and Constitution
    because they +2 to Wisdom and Charisma. Unfortunately, the +2 Charisma isn't
    needed unless you really want to win your intimidate rolls against NPCs.
    Dwarves are the fourth best race for a Barbarian because they gain +2 universal
    saves against spells, a dodge AC when fighting against giants, attack
    roll/damage increase when fighting against orcs or goblinoids and a dwarven axe
    proficiency. They also get +2 to Constitution and -2 to Charisma allow them to
    spare points in other attributes the Barbarian needs. The dwarf also counts as
    a medium size character so he has no problem taken down human and orc size
    characters. Gold dwarves make for poor Barbarian, though.
    Elvens are the sixth best race to be a Barbarian for ther fact they have -2 to
    Constitution, which hurts duration of their Rage. The +2 to Dexterity, saves
    vs. enchantments, skill affinity to Listen and immunity to sleeping spells are
    nice, but their Elven proficiency is useless as the Barbarian comes with the
    martial proficiency feats that gives them access to longswords, rapiers, short
    and longbows.
    Half-Orcs are the seventh best Barbarians because they lack anything
    good to make them Barbarians. Being a Barbarian isn't just about
    Strength, which they get a +2 to, but it's also about survivability.
    Half-Orcs lack anything to give them advantage against spells or 
    monsters. Half-Orcs also get penalties toward Intelligence and
    Charisma of -2. While you don't need Charisma, you should at least
    raise your Intelligence to 8 or 10 to avoid penalties towards
    crafting armor and weapon with your Barbarian.
    Half-Elves are neutral as they don't get racial attributes benefits as their
    Elven parents nor do they get extra feats and extra skill points from their
    human parents. They offer saves vs. enchantment and skill affinity to listen,
    but that's it.
    Lastly, you have the Halfling and Gnome who make poor Barbarians. Granted you
    can make them into Dexterity-based dual-wielding Barbarians, but Barbarians
    are known for their solid damage output with medium and large weapons as point
    guards and dreadnaughts, not fighting like Rogues. There is no reason to go
    into detail about what they have or lack. I'll only say that a Halfling and
    Gnome get a -2 to Strength and are small statured.
    E.	Good Classes to take in consideration when multi-classing.
    Fighter: Two levels will give you some extra feats, heavy armor proficiency, a
    tower shield, but you'll fall short of your mighty rage and 5/- Damage
    reduction at level 19.
    Frenzy Berserker: 2 levels of Frenzy Berserk will offer Supreme Cleave and an
    additional 3 levels (for 5 levels total) offers Enhanced Power Attack, which
    doubles the damage for the Power attack feat. Also, if you decide to go the
    full five levels, you should consider getting Improve Power Attack instead of
    improve knockdown or disarm as you can gain +12 when using a weapon and shield
    to +24 damage with a two-handed weapon.
    Rogue: Three levels of Rogue offer 2d6 Sneak Attack, Evasion and some extra
    skills points to play with. However, you will miss out on your 5/- Damage
    Reduction and Mighty Rage. The Traps sense you get at the Rogue's third
    level will make up for the one you missed at level 18.
    Cleric: One level of cleric offers heavy armor proficiency and Cleric
    domains such as Travel to increase your movement speed by an extra 5%, Water
    for Evasion and Plant for Woodland stride.
    F.	FAQ
    1.	Is this build for the original Campaign?
    A. No, as with my Bard build, it's more of a well-rounded Barbarian build
    any server or module.
    2.	How does the Barbarian compare to other frontline classes.
    A. In low enchantment servers, Barbarians are extremely good as their DR and HP
    can handle the damage output of the monsters in such servers. Where a lot of
    frontline classes like the Fighter struggle to find +3 enchantment items to
    boost their attributes, the Barbarian comes with his own boost and feat to
    protect them against certain attacks. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said
    about in high enchantment servers. The major setback in high enchantment
    servers is that most players tend to gravitate towards the best build rather
    than sticking with pure class. The other setback is that they are items
    that offer DR to physical damage, better chances for a higher damage output,
    immunity items and haste items that dwarf the Barbarian abilities.
    Survivability is no longer the case in these servers either because the damage
    in such servers is very high. Most players prefer to end their
    fights quickly
    before the damage starts to stack.
    3.	Is there any other way to build my Barbarian?
    A. As with my Bard build, the feats will not be the same because 
    Attribute advantages and disadvantages as well as the number of
    feats and skills each
    race gets. A pure class barbarian Human is very well rounded
    getting 8 feats and
    extra skills points. Non-human races get 7 feats, but make up for it with
    attribute benefits and racial defense.
    4.	There are any other feats you didn't mention here. Why?
    A. Again, as with my other FAQ, if I didn't mention any feats it was because
    they weren't worth mentioning. For example, Dodge is a good
    defensive feat. However, if you build your Barbarian the right
    way, you should have need of this feat.
    5.	Who is Conan?
    A. Conan is a fictional character created by in 1932 by Robert E.
    Howard as a series of pulp stories known as Weird Tales. He's a
    long raven hair or dark-brown muscular man with an anti-hero
    personality who wields a bastard sword called the Altantean Sword. He is
    very superstitious, yet very materialistic. In the beginning, he was
    driven by the need to adventure
    and later to rule over his own kingdom. Despite his brutish appearance, Conan
    is very cunning, could read & speak in several languages, was strategic &
    an outstanding fighter. Most of all, he had a sense of humor.
    Conan has appeared in license comic books, video games, an MMORPG and two
    movies featuring actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones, Mako, and
    Grace Jones. (She appears in the sequel) Since his debut in the 1900s, Conan
    has become widely recognized in pop culture and has had many characters imaged
    (or parody) after him as well copied theme music. Many of the Dungeons and
    Dragon players who play Barbarian played an anti-hero Barbarian in the spirit
    of Conan. However, many players have the misconception that Conan was dumb and
    very serious one-dimensional character (due to the movies depicting Conan as
    just being a brute) so their characters are often betrayed as being big dumb
    rage-a-holics who get mad if you crack the slightest joke. To be fair, DnD
    also depicts Barbarians as being unintelligent, which only fuels
    the dumb angry Barbarian stereotype. Moreover, the stereotypical
    Barbarian in the DnD world is an Ogre, Minotaur, Orc or Half-Orc,
    all of whom aren't very bright.
    Lastly, one of Conan's biggest fans was J.R.R Tolkien of Lord of the Rings fame
    knew a lot about the series. In fact, Lord of the Rings came out four years
    after Robert published his stories.
    G.	Copyright and Permission
    All the material written here is copy of myself and will not be used without
    permission from me.

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