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"A great game that suffers from "consolization""

Project Snowblind is a game that is a loose spin-off of the Deus Ex series. Originally it was planned as either a sequel or a more closely related spin-off. However, plans changed, and the end result is a game that takes most of its game play features from the Deus Ex games. Unfortunately, this game also carried over Dues Ex:Invisible Wars worst flaw, the PC version of this game, which I am reviewing, was designed around the console, and it really hurts the game.

Within minuets of playing the game, you will immediately notice that the graphics are nice, but nothing special. The main flaw, however, is that the graphics needs Anti-Aliasing, as some of the nice cut-scenes are not so nice looking because of a few pixilated area's. Again, the graphics aren't that bad, but it's very obvious that the graphics were built around the ps2's graphic chip, which can't support AA. You can probably force AA on through your graphics card settings if you really must have it on. Besides the AA problem, the textures are actually quite nice, and the vehicle models are well done as well.

This game is full of explosions, gunshots, helicopters, and people shouting. All of them sound realistic. The music is ok, nothing too special.

First off, you have your basic WSAD controls for your average FPS game. However, you also have augmentations that you can activate and deactivate. The controls to do this are a little overwhelming at first, but as the game progresses you get the hang of it, and are soon able to quickly activate whichever augmentation you want.

Game play
This is where Project Snowblind starts to lose some of its spark. As stated above, the graphics engine seems to be built around a console. That alone wouldn't be so bad, except that one major game play feature is also built for the console, saving. To save in this game, you have to look for “save doors” and go in them to find a checkpoint, where you are able to save your game. The people in charge of porting the game to the PC got very lazy here, they could have at least added a quick save feature. Other than that, there isn't really much to complain about. There is plenty of action and many guns you can use. You can snipe people from a distance, use a sub-machine gun and blast your way around, or even blow up tanks with a rocket launcher.

You will also have multiple augmentations at your disposal. The best combo is probably using a ballistic shield, which protects you from fire, and charging with the Shotgun. There is also a vision enhancement and a cloak. You can probably get through the game without using these, but it would be very hard. The ballistic shield and the cloak alone make your job a lot easier. Another cool thing you can do is take control of the camera's and turrets, which is another element that's inspired by Deus Ex.

The story of this game is what kept me playing. You are in Hong Kong during a revolution. The game starts with you getting injured, and they save you by implanting you with these augmentations. You then get to go out and kill people! The story develops more and more as the game progresses. You invade and enemy base, you defend your own base, you rescue your teammates, and so on. Each mission leads you further and further leading up to a final climax. And believe it or not, the ending isn't that bad.

Project Snowblind is one of those games the probably could have been a contender for game of the year. However, too many minor flaws drag it down. It might be a contender for the XBOX or PS2, but not as a PC game. It is yet another PC game that has suffered from being a port of a console game. The game is also short by today's standards. I finished in about 6 or 7 hours. You could finish it on a rainy weekend, if you breeze through it. There is some incentive to replay, but not much. Most levels have alternate solutions to problems, but they are mostly just different ways to get around an obstacle.

Overall, this isn't a bad game, it's just downsized because the PC version is viewed as a port, and not much effort was put into it. As a game in general however, this is a decent game, especially if you are a fan of Deus Ex or its sequel, just don't expect Deus Ex when you buy it. If you are a Deus Ex fan, or someone just waiting for the next blockbuster game to come out, its worth it give this game a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/16/05

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