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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MACHINA weapon

    Version: 1 | Updated: 11/05/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    System: PS2 (Can also be used for PC and XBox)
    FAQ/WALKTHROUGH by MACHINA weapon (mishugina_weapon@yahoo.com.my)
    Date: 28 October 2006
    Ver. 1
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    the permitted domains is considered violation of copyright.
    I.  Intro 
    II. Control Scheme (PS2)
    III.How to expand Tony's empire
           - The drug business
           - Proxy meter
           - Balls and Rage
           - Satalite Phone menu
           - Obtaining business goods
           - Selling the goods
           - Fronts
           - Distribution Runs
           - Heats
           - Gang nests
           - Exotics
    IV. Missions
           - Mansion Shootout
           - Finding Gaspar Gomez
           - Pedro's Pawn Shop
           - Cabana Cigar
           - Oakley Drive-In
           - Babylon Club Redux
           - Havana Storehouse
           - Freedom Town redux
           - O Grady's Liquor Store
           - Fidel's Record Shop
           - U-Gin Shotgun Bar
           - Babylon Club
           - Marina Storage
           - Nacho Contreras
           - Dock boss
           - Nacho Tanker
           - Macau Fast Food
           - Chi Peso Trattoria
           - Swansong Hotel
           - Sun Ray Hotel
           - Shoreline Storage
           - Un-load
           - Deliver
           - Angel Dust Donut Shop
           - Whippet Gambling
           - Peninsula Hotel
           - Stein Jewellery
           - Coco's Lounge and Disco
           - Leopard Storage
           - Plantation 
           - Tranquilandia
           - The End
    V.  Appendix (Exotics Reputation Points)
    VI.  Frequently Asked Questions
    VII. Credits
    I. Intro 
    26 October 2006 - Published first FAQ, ver.0.75
    28 October 2006 - Published update, called ver.0.80
    5 November 2006 - Published update, completed ver. 1
    This is my first FAQ and for sole purpose of helping gamers 
    since FAQ for this game has been surprisingly lacking for quite 
    some time. Parts may feel rushed even facts might not be 
    accurate, but for now my sole purpose is to provide brief but 
    very useful contents and tips to help gamers with this game. 
    Right now my writings lack descriptive  skills, but I'm giving 
    my best. This is a practically spoiler-free guide.
    During the past versions, some mission descriptions are either
    under construction or mismashed with errors, such as in ver 0.80
    I've mixed up missions between Marina and Shoreline Storage. My
    apologies for errors.
    Feel free to post criticisms, errors, etc to my e-mail. 
    II. Control Scheme
    left/right directional button - cycle weapons
    down directional button - cover weapon
    Circle - Talk/Taunting, Rage (hold for few seconds)
    Triangle - Action, enter/exit vehicle
    Sqaure - Reload, melee counter, reverse car
    X - Run, wall cover, car accelerate
    L1 - Lock on
    R1 - Fire, melee punch
    L2 - Access satalite phone menu (map, exotics, turf, heat, 
    business etc)
    R2 - Rear viewing (when driving a boat or a car)
    L3 - toggle crouch-- horn/taunt
    R3 -  center camera-- cycle camera angles
    Start - Options, Cheats
    SELECT- next music track
    saving games - go to bank and talk to employee using the 
                   circle button
    III. How to expand Tony's empire
    The drug business
    As the game says, yeyo is stronger than Yankee currency. 
    Drugs are your bread and butter. Profits from drug business 
    are used in buying exotics, buying and upgrading weapons and 
    buying fronts. Of course as we all know, drugs aren't any way 
    legal. Any kind of cash you profitted whether from drug deals 
    to snuffing out gang nests nets you dirty cash. Dirty cash are 
    perishable, uninsurable in event of death or confiscation 
    by cops. To "insure" your money, launder your money in banks. 
    Banks charge interest for every time you launder cash. The 
    more heat you accumulate, the more interest they charge. 
    The "proxy" meter
    For lack of description, much of the "dealing" in this game 
    uses a proxy meter, Tiger Woods, whatever you call it. The 
    proxy meter is a gauge which measures how successful in 
    your art of persuasion and such. When the meter is full, 
    you're successful and if it's barely or not adequetly full, 
    you flunk. Hold circle to fill up the meter. Note that you 
    can hold circle as long as you want and let the proxy 
    complete full circle for few times, when you release it 
    that's the result. When dealing with streets dealers, cops, 
    negotiating interest rates for laundering cash or even 
    intimidating people the proxy meter is used. 
    Balls and Rage
    Your empire expands depending on how much balls you have to
    take Miami. You accumulate balls by conversations, 
    surviving gang intimidatings, successful deals with street 
    dealers, suppliers and cops. After a certain time of 
    accumulating points for balls, a femme fatale will request to 
    see you. Find her on map, then just trigger a conversation 
    with her. Keep talking until she agrees to stay in your 
    mansion. If you converse with the femme before she requests 
    to see you, she'll tell you to **** off and won't join you at 
    mansion. There are five femme fatales to unlock, the remaining 
    five will give you a "surprise" when continue accumulating 
    In combat, your Rage meter can help your survival. Taunt 
    your victims whenever you kill them (circle). You can 
    accumulate Rage faster by manual targeting. Your Rage 
    meter goes full instantly when you kill certain gang 
    leaders. When it's full, unleash Rage by holding circle 
    for a while. 
    Some Rage using micro SMG and AK weapons feels short, 
    but I discovered your Rage lasts slightly longer if 
    you use a chainsaw. Also most fun and most effective way 
    to dispose enemies.
    Satalite Phone menu
    Tony is dependable on his satalite phone to conduct his 
    business and expand his empire. Access it by pressing L2. 
    You can check the map for whole Miami and besides that, 
    there are options for Music, Exotics, Weapons, Driver, 
    Boat and Business. You can call Driver from anywhere, 
    anytime to ask him deliver your cars. You can also access 
    Weapons anytime by purchasing Arms Dealer from Henchmen 
    section in Exotics. Purchased weapons are delivered into 
    Weapons Locker, accessible from your vehicle and Tony's 
    office in mansion. You can only access boat when you are 
    at docks/piers with anchor markings at the map.
    Obtaining your business goods
    To obtain drugs for selling, you must do Felix or Sandman 
    leads. These leads are missions ranging from wiping out 
    rival gang members to delivering courier boxes. In return, 
    you get to purchase bulks of drugs from suppliers for selling. 
    These range from few hundred grams to 30 kgs maximum. Of course 
    the drugs aren't free. You also need to deal with these
    suppliers the way you deal with street dealers. For 20000 
    dollars say, maximum value nets you 3000 grams or 3 kg worth 
    of drugs. If you're not successful in using the proxy meter 
    you only manage to secure either 1 kg or no deal at all.
    Watch your heat when you deal with suppliers. Too high and they 
    won't trade with you of offer less than the best value. Always 
    get the best value. Bribe gangs using vice or hire enforcer and 
    snuff out your gang heat.
    Selling the Goods
    You start small by dealing with street dealers. On the radar and 
    map, the dealers are marked with white dot. You trade 100 grams 
    with a dealer, and all of what you have if less than that. To 
    deal with a dealer, talk to him using the circle button. There 
    would be a proxy meter which deals with how successful you are 
    in dealing. Hold circle to fill up the meter. Filling up the 
    meter would grant you 10000 dollars or maximum value for yeyo 
    that you trade. Less than that would give you around 6000 or 
    60% of value. If you flunk by barely filling up the meter, 
    deal is off and the dealer attacks you. If you manage to kill 
    him, you get to take back your yeyo, plus any additional ones
    that he has. Small dealers cannot trade with you if gang heat 
    is too high.
    Each time you acquire drugs for selling, you earn some huge 
    profits. For example, you bought 1000 grams worth of coke for 
    5000 dollars. You managed to dispose every 100 gs for 10000 
    dollars. That nets you 100000 dollars by end of the day. 
    That's 95000 dollars of profit! No wonder most people are 
    reluctant todeal drugs with Tony, they fell ripped off 
    every time =P
    Later on, you will acquire fronts as operation outlets for 
    drug distributions on bigger scale. Once you conquered a 
    territory's storehouse, you can start drug distributions. 
    This involves driving to your fronts and collect money from 
    your drug distributions. You end the distribution by going to 
    the nearest bank, usually stopping at a drive-in spot with red 
    market prepared for you. By doing so, you pocket your dirty 
    cash. All you need to do now is to launder your dirty cash to 
    secure the income for good.
    Fronts are legitimate businesses which would serve as operation 
    centres for selling drugs on bigger scale. These range from 
    restaurants, hotels, stores etc. 
    During distribution runs, your fronts are vulnerable to attacks 
    depending on your gang heat. The more your heat accumulates, the 
    more frequent your fronts get attacked. Only ONE front gets 
    attacked at a time, so sometimes when you have more than two 
    territories (when you start taking over North and South Beach 
    for example) and distribution runs gets tough, that attacked 
    front can serve as a "cushion", a sort of distraction so that 
    you can collect more money from more fronts. 
    Your front needs to be equipped with "armor" or a sort of 
    insurance against attacks. By accessing Business at menu and 
    Turfs from Sat Phone, press a territory and check each fronts 
    belonging to your territory. Purchase "armor" by pressing 
    Square. You'll need to purchase surveillance and then 
    additional henchmen to guard the front, maximum five henchmen. 
    After a front gets attacked, additional costs maybe required 
    to repair the front and "replenishing" the "armor" as mentioned. 
    The longer the front gets attacked, the more it wears out. 
    Sometimes an attack on the front costs you no single penny 
    should you arrive there very quickly. Be warned if the front 
    gets destroyed, you cannot collect money from there any 
    longer for the duration of your distribution run. 
    Distribution Runs
    Distributions helps you to distribute large amounts of coke, 
    usually in keys (one kilo = one key). After purchasing coke 
    from large supplier, you would be given option to speak to 
    the supplier's guard and drive that supply back to a 
    warehouse. This is where your drugs are stored. Later on by 
    stepping the green marker in warehouse, you will choose a 
    vehicle to distribute your keys.
    Later on, drugs from 10 keys above can only be bought from 
    the islands. From there, you'll need a boat to transport 
    your goods back to Miami. Be wary of pirates at islands. 
    When you've accessed the boat, all you need to do is rush 
    to the nearest border on the map. You don't need to head 
    north, by triggering any nearest border from north, south, 
    east, west you'll be transported back to Miami.
    Here, you're given options which docks to go. Personally 
    east and south docks have the shortest route to nearest 
    storehouses. Watch the radar and be careful not to bump 
    on marine patrol boats. You do not need to stay too far 
    from them either. I've not managed to get in trouble 
    with a single patrol boats.
    When you've transported your coke to a storehouse, 
    remember to save first incase you bailed halfway during 
    a run. Check your turf from Sat Phone and max up your 
    fronts "armor" by repairing fronts, purchasing surveilance 
    and henchmen. Most importantly DIMINISH YOUR GANG HEAT BY 
    Best vehicles used are fast cars even though armored trucks 
    have good armor. Speed is essential in tackling attacks on 
    fronts and running away from rival gangs trying to blow up 
    your vehicle. When you've finish distributing drugs or feel 
    like quitting, drive to the nearest bank and stop at red 
    market to end the run. Next, launder your money. 
    In extreme cases, quickly lower your gang heat after you've 
    ended distribution run. When gangs retailiate or you're under 
    attack, it might be impossible to launder money until after 
    you've dealt with them. In case after distributing coke to 
    all fronts in four territories, your gang heat is maxed up, 
    so try bribing vice until you diminish about a quarter of 
    gang heat.
    This kind of business isn't legitimate business and of course 
    all kinds of risks are involved. The heat indicator is located 
    above the radar screen. The greater the heat, the riskier the 
    business becomes. The Vice people from whom you bought back 
    your mansion helps to lower your heat. All you need to do is 
    to pay them for services. Access Heat from Sat Phone and you 
    would be given options to clear either Cop or Gang heat. The 
    more heat you accumulate, the more you pay.
    - Cop Heat
    If you get too much police heat, you'll get dragged to court 
    and you'll have to pay fine. Cops are small fry, though you 
    might want to get out of trouble if you run afoul. Read about 
    cop Visibility below
    In event of complication whether in missions or gang wars, 
    best way to lose cop visibility is to stay in "shadows", 
    literally indoors or back alleys or anywhere. The 
    visibility line would cease quickly.
    To get rid of cop heat, access vice and pay off the cops or 
    hire an assasin to help lower cop heat. Read henchmen 
    section under exotics for more info.
    - Gang Heat
    Too much gang heat can distrupt your distribution missions. 
    Also, when your gang heat is full, they may launch 
    retailiation attack against you. Either gangs will spawn 
    when you walk around Miami, or while attacking gang nests 
    or attacking your fronts even when you're not doing 
    distribution missions.
    Bribe them off using Vice by accessing Heat from Sat Phone. 
    However if you think rewarding your enemies is pitiful, hire 
    an Enforcer to help you lower gang heat. He can be bought from 
    Henchmen section in Exotics menu by accessing Sat Phone 
    as well.
    Access Enforcer by going to Business menu. Below Tony's 
    missionsare three henchmen columns. The enforcer one is at the 
    middle. For more info, read henchmen section under exotics.
    Later on when you're doing big distribution runs, enforcer 
    missions can get repititive and tireless. A couple hundreds of 
    and even a million or two bribe is better than wasting time if 
    you ask me.
    - Cop Visibility
    Your visibility of crime to cops are indicated by the whiteline 
    surrounding the radar screen. The more it trails around the 
    screen, the more vigilant the cops become. When it gets full, 
    it's time to lose the cops. This time, the white line sorts of 
    de-trails but you must lose them or else when the white line 
    ceases you get "YOUR ARE ****ED" notice and you can no longer 
    access the L2 menu and you'll be pulverised by cops in no time.
    In event of complication whether in missions or gang wars, best 
    way to lose cop visibility is to stay in "shadows", to say 
    indoors or back alleys or anywhere that covers up your crime. 
    By doing so, the visibility line would cease quickly. Sometimes 
    triggering Rage would cause cop visibility to disappear 
    When you spot a cop, quickly cover your weapon and go to him. 
    The cop will interrogate you and the proxy meter shows up. If 
    successful the cop goes away and the visibility line ceases. 
    However if you fail, all your drugs and dirty cash is gone so 
    be careful. In middle of gang wars, the cop might not 
    interrogate if he's caught in the line of fire.
    Gang Nests
    contribution from sawzyone:
    1) go here and print out each map 150%. Thank you for 
    whoever made that.
    2) begin your search on the outer areas near bridges. bridge 
    gangs are very shy and annoying. They are usually lower than 
    you might think. For instance, the Downtown bridge gang is 
    actually two floors down from the street on the south side, 
    next to the water. 
    3) use a felt highlighter to light up all the areas on the map. 
    As you roll by each one, check it off with a slash /. If you 
    kill a gang, make an X on the map. If you see a grey circle, 
    you found a gang. Use the MARTHA cheat to change the time of 
    day until they are a skull and take them out. 
    4) Always roll with the bodog. That cannon will make short 
    work of any gang and not leave you screaming because you got 
    decapitated by a two-shots-to-kill chainsaw melee gangster 
    while on foot. 
    5) BEWARE of grenade launching gangsters. They will sit in a car
    across the street from a fight and lob nades at you. Even if you 
    survive the first hit, you won't be able to recover and avoid 
    the second. A prime example of why you should be in the Bodog, 
    or ANY car.
    5) Remember how these things end. It's either a gang boss 
    (rare) or the last gangsters flee, OR there is a boat you need 
    to take out. Be proactive in rounding up stragglers while fighting 
    so theres no one on the outskirts once you kill the last one that 
    makes the rest flee. Take out any car driving gangsters pronto. 
    6) "But I cant find the last one!!" Listen, get the maps. Cruise 
    through each area. If you want to be 100% certain change the time 
    of day with the cheat. Make sure you go over EVERY vertical 
    level. For instance, in the downtown freeway construction area, 
    the gang is on the TOP level of the ramps. 
    7) Not sure if i was just drunk but... the bridge gangs seems to 
    respawn? If you think you checked off all possible areas but 
    still have one left, check under the bridges.
    8) SAVE YOUR GAME as much as possible. If you die while taking 
    out a gang, you still get credit for those you killed before, but 
    I had a major incident last night where the game GLITCHED while 
    loading and I hadn't saved. So be wary of that.
    9) Best weapons? the silenced mac 10 to avoid the police. the 
    deagle for close encounters, but be aware, the chain saw freaks 
    will take two hits! manual aim with the deagle will give you 
    huge cajones mang. and the SAW. if you dont have that use the 
    ak or carbine but be careful about cop attention. The Bodog's 
    cannon seems to not attract police so your very best bet is to 
    have yr henchmen in the bodog with you while you skirt around 
    taking out gangsters. Never stop moving so they can't pull 
    you out of the car. 
    10) If you have to leave, leave. Go get health. Run from the 
    cops. You already set off a gang war if you see red dots, so 
    you have to go pretty far off the map to send them back into 
    hiding. Remember your fronts can give you health too if you 
    talk to the clerks at the front desk.
    I hate to tell you, but even if you take out EVERY gang, you 
    don't get anything special. Your fronts will still be attacked. 
    You don't even get a congratulatory message. Bah. 
    (Note from MACHINA: But it helps you in getting 100% 
    completion stats though)
    Exotics speaks of your reputation in Miami. Not all exotics are 
    useless, some are pretty useful like garages, boathouse, henchmen 
    and investments. For each exotic you purchase, you obtain 
    reputation points which helps you to level up. 
    Here are exotics which are useful for Tony Montana. 
    - Henchmen
    Henchmen are loyal but key members in helping Tony consolidate 
    his empire in this game.
    a) Driver
    You'll need this guy to get your vehicle from the mansion. 
    Access Sat Phone and call Driver from the menu. He can also do 
    jobs for you in Business section.
    b) Boat Driver
    This guy gets your boats from the boathouse. He is only 
    accessible when you're at certain docks/piers with anchor 
    marking in the map accessible by Sat Phone.
    b) Enforcer
    Basically the guy who help to remind gangs that you're the boss. 
    Access Business and select him from the henchmen column. Then 
    you'll get to control the enforcer. Select Business from Sat 
    Phone. Press Tony at the top of missions column to get back to 
    him or press Enforcer missions below that to get the party 
    Each mission are set of errands Tony instructs you to get rid 
    of gang heat. His health is tougher than Tony's but he is 
    still vulnerable. The guy equips himself with a shotgun and 
    grenade launcher. Later on when you purchase weapons, he has 
    additional two slots to hold extra weapons. The enforcer can 
    help you win turfs in gang wars and he can also kill pedestrians 
    and basically just about anybody compared with Tony. 
    c) Arms Dealer
    He's basically the weapons delivery boy. By buying him the 
    weapons menu is accessible from Sat Phone. You no longer have 
    to find weapons dealer on map. After buying weapons, he'll 
    deliver it to your weapons locker.
    d) Assasin
    Cannot be purchased until you level up your reputation level a 
    few notches (I think level 5). She helps to lower your cop heat 
    by killing key police members. She's accessible by Sat Phone. 
    When you get to control her, you can trigger her missions pretty 
    much like you do Enforcer missons. Basically when you spot your 
    targets, snipe them from as far as possible. Then you may have 
    to lose cops incase they chase you. Personally, I find bribing 
    cops using vice more convenient. She can also help to win turf, 
    but her health is more brittle when fighting rival gangs.
    - Garage
    I'd prefer buying vehicles to stealing them if you know what I 
    mean. You can have any car you want at your disposal by calling 
    your driver. These cars can never be stolen even if you abandon 
    them anywhere in Miami. Cars in your garages range from utility 
    vehicles, sports car, limosines to armored trucks. The Ariel 
    MKIII is the fastest car in the game. Stampede and Bulldog 
    Stampede are useful in gang wars, they have decent speed and 
    very tough 
    armor. Monteray Shark, Lakota Fastback, Conick, Bacinari and 
    Rattler are some of best fast cars in this game. The most useful 
    is the Stretch Limo which can transport you to any fronts or 
    storehouses you obtained in the game.
    - Boathouses
    You'll need boats to navigate waters of Miami, not to mention 
    doing large distribution runs later. Attack Boat (and Cigerette 
    Attack Boat) is the most useful for distribution runs and 
    missions where your henchmen can mount a machine-gun and fend 
    off threats. 
    Purchase also the floatplane for you to navigate from one dock 
    to another and islands for convenience. Other boats are only 
    useful for accumulating reputation points
    - Investments
    Investments are the costliest exotics in this game (hence 
    they're called investments). These are very useful assets 
    which can benefit Tony Montana in big run. 
    a) Montana Records - Unlock new music tracks and create new 
    b) Montana Holdings - 10% discount on purchasing fronts
    c) Montana Fitness - Henchmen gain additional 50% health
    d) Montana Productions - Customize Tony's clothing in cheats menu
    e) Montana Legal - cop Visibility reduced by half (they look the 
                       other way)
    f) Montana Sports - Maximum bets go up for all gambling
    g) Montana Financial - The best investment. You can now launder 
                           money with 0% interest.
    h) Montana Defense - Montana can carry extra weapon. Maximum slots for
    - Unique Collectibles, Furniture, Decor 
    Decorate your mansion using Pimp My Mansion feature! Go to Tony's office 
    in mansion and access it by pressing triangle. However all your items 
    will disappear after some time due to unfortunate glitch in this game. 
    You can purchase reasonable amount of reputation points for good prices 
    though. Check the appendix at end of FAQ for more information on 
    reputation points.
    IV. Missions
    -    Mansion Shootout
    Note: Your assault carbine has practically limitless ammo, so don't be 
    trigger shy and use manual targeting plus taunts to accumulate Rage 
    meter faster.
    Wipe out those annoying pests downstairs. Don't gun down your assasin 
    yet, waita bit while longer. Then feel free you knock him out (for 
    those who didn't watch the movie, watch your back). Your RAGE mode 
    may be triggered by computer and rush to your west downstairs to a 
    pool room while wiping out as much enemies as you see. Try wall 
    hugging for protection. Move NorthEast of the poolroom after a 
    At the underground, gun down the bugger and leave the red medic kits 
    alone. Should you health gets critical, backtrack for the medic kits. 
    Be careful while following the path. You should end up at a large 
    passageway where large number of gangs are shooting you. Unleash 
    RAGE if it's full, rush to a generator room on your left. Gun down 
    enemies that are trickling from right side of the room. When you 
    exit and follow the passage, you will exist the underground and 
    trigger a cutscene.
    Run towards your henchmen. A cutscene is triggered and now you must 
    head east. Keep going straight and keep notice for a medic kit on 
    your left. Try to keep your Rage if possible. Descend the flight or 
    stairs and keep going. Don't worry about the tiger, it won't bite 
    you. Then focus on going to a small gate at NorthEast. The enemies 
    are crowded here, so it's good time to unleash Rage.
    You'll spot a garden that leads to some sort maze. Keep heading 
    north, not a good time to stop and shoot enemies. You'll be much 
    safer by running now. You'll trigger a cutscene and you're off 
    from your mansion - for now. 
    - Finding Gaspar Gomez
    You'll arrive at a hotel to find Gaspar Gomez. Shoot your way through  
    the gangs and head all the way to the top where you'll spot an 
    outdoor swimming pool. After you've watched a cutscene, head 
    downstairs to the basement car park. Ignore the chopper shooting you 
    and dispose gangs throughout the way. It's best to use shotgun when 
    it comes to close range encounters.
    You'll be at the basement. Just dispose the remaining gangs and get 
    onboard the armored truck. Don't worry it won't freakin' blow up 
    easily unless you're REALLY taking your own sweet time too much.
    Pedro's Pawn Shop
    The Pawn shop is part of tutorials and as far as I remember 
    there is not much to do. Thanks to Nite1
    Cabana Cigar
    Call you driver and drive towards the pier. This is one of the 
    toughest boat missions you'll ever encounter, no thanks of using 
    only a puny micro SMG as a weapon. When the game tells you not 
    to kill the woman, ignore it. Do not wait until you finish 
    collecting the 10 paper documents to shoot, otherwise you don't 
    have much time. Pull the trigger whenever you get any chance. 
    Ignore the goons who are chasing you, they won't do much scratch, 
    it is your target you should worry. The toxic cans that floats 
    around the river are easily enough to 
    be avoided, so don't bump into them. You may fail this mission 
    a couple of times and I know how frustrating it is, but it is 
    not impossible. Should you succeed, go back to Cabana Cigar 
    and talk to the owner.
    Oakley Drive-In
    Weapons to use: Micro SMG, shotgun.
    Try to fill up the Rage meter before initiating the mission. 
    Use the Micro SMG to finish the cars more effectively. Switch 
    to shotgun incase anybody is on foot trying to shoot you. Try 
    not too ram your car to others too much, the SMG should do a 
    decent job. You can replenish your ammunitions as muchas you 
    want at the back of the drive in. There is two sets of first 
    aid kits, one in washroom. 
    After two rounds, a leader on a four-wheel vehicle will leap 
    out. Ditch your car, his machine-gun will tear it shreds. I 
    died several attempts, but the last effort I made was to get 
    to front of the cafe, then when the leader drives by, I 
    crouched (press L3) and gun him with Micro SMG while moving 
    around. The abandoned car around the drive-in are useful as 
    shields, but they blow up after a while. Unleash Rage as 
    soon as your health depletes to criticallevel. Try to make 
    sure he doesn't run too far or it's a waste. Try aiming the 
    gunner as much as possible as well. When it's done, talk to 
    the manager of Oakley Drive-In.
    Babylon Club Redux
    Weapons to use: Shotgun, Micro SMG, chainsaw 
    Before going for drink at Babylon, fill up your Rage meter. 
    After the cutscene,switch to an Automatic or SMG then trigger 
    Rage and gun down as many enemies from where you're standing, 
    don't budge too much. Then stay away from the dancefloor and 
    and run to where the entrance to Babylon is. Wait for the 
    gangs to creep on you and blow them up with shotgun.
    You'll be transported to a chop shop. With only a chainsaw, 
    work your way towards the enemies fast. Hold R1 and press the 
    right analog button to dismember any gang. If you have Rage 
    filled up, trigger it and run towards Edgar Diaz as fast as 
    you can and dismember him. You will spot him when he is about 
    to descend down stairs after you exit from the office.
    After the cutscene, turn back and head to door southeast QUICK. 
    Grab the car you see and chase Alfonso Diaz. A little delay will 
    mean mission fail. From here onwards just fill his car with lead 
    and ramming him with oppurtunity. As soon as he exits from the 
    car, finish him off - preferably with a chainsaw.
    Havana Storehouse.
    Get rid the guards, do not unleash Rage yet, then head towards 
    the manager's office at west. After entering the building, gun 
    the manager and his goons outside instead of going inside the 
    office. A cutscene is triggered. now your two trucks are on 
    threat, go and gun down anybody who shoots the trucks. 
    Unleash Rage for convenience. After a while, you'll acquire 
    Havana Storehouse and you can finally do a distribution run.
    NOTE: The bank besides Pedro's Pawn Shop has a drive way with 
    red marker. By stepping inside it, you are given an option to 
    end your distribution run. DO NOT end it unless you've collected 
    all money from your fronts in Little Havana; Pedro's Pawn Shop, 
    Oakley Drive-In and Cabana Cigar.
    Freedom Town Redux
    A lot of people are having difficulty with this mission, but it 
    isn't a big deal frankly. There are at least three medic kits 
    scattered around the area if you look carefully. Punch the nearest 
    guy who's holding a machete, pound him until he's gone and grab his 
    weapon. Now run off to a safer place, the gang will spread out. 
    They carry a handgun, micro SMG and an AK-47. Try to tackle as few 
    gang members as possible at a time. Your machete deals a one-hit 
    kill for your convenience. As soon as your grabbed an AK, accumulate 
    Rage meter by not locking on and using as much manual targeting 
    using Left Analog stick as possible. When Rage meter is filled, 
    unleash it and blow up the off-road vehicle that's been chasing 
    you. Be careful of gangs shooting from above, take them all out.
    Next, move towards the dock and dispose the guards. Pedro should 
    be easy to dispose compared with the Cabana Cigar mission thanks 
    to the boat's equipped machine-gun.
    O-Grady's Liquors
    Not too hard. Just equip shotgun for duration of this mission and 
    if possible dispose the gangs as soon as they crowd towards the 
    doorways of the shop. The gangs come in three rounds. Talk to the 
    owner of O-Grady's Liquor Store once you're done.
    Fidel's Record Store.
    You need to chase down the guy who stole the manager's records. 
    Ram his car as hard as possible but do not try and use a weapon 
    firing the car. When the game says you've stunned him, get out 
    quickly and drag him out from the car. Pummel him out and drive 
    back to Fidel's record store and talk to the manager.
    U-Gin Shotgun Bar
    You're taking control of Tony's assasin. Follow the marker and 
    hold on to accelerator as much as you can. You'll leaping off 
    from one cargo ship to another next. When you land, take your 
    time if possible to reverse and speed up to the next ramp. When 
    you fall into the sea, mission fails as you get out of the car. 
    The next assasination part is tough. There are cruise yachts 
    coming from one direction and fan boats from another. Spotting 
    the guy with blue hat and purple sweater might be tough. You may 
    shoot anybody who might fit the description but be warned. 
    Everytime you killed an innocent target, the other boaters speed 
    up making it harder to spot the real guy and shoot him. Kill 
    everyone when the game says the guy maybe among the last batch 
    of boaters. The last time I killed him it was that part.
    Babylon Club 
    You'll use a Deagle at the beginning. Good thing is it's one-shot 
    kills. The bad thing is the VIP. 
    Rush to a toilet north of the radar where the VIP is and protect 
    him from the gangs. Accumulate your Rage meter. Watch the 
    "traffic" influx of the gangs using the radar. At one time, there 
    will few gangs, so take the oppurtunity to escort the VIP across 
    to the manager's office. DO NOT bring him out when the place is 
    swarming with gunners. If your timing and prediction goes off, 
    just guide him back to the toilet and take out the ever spawning 
    gangs until you fill-up your Rage meter.
    At the office, there is a Medic Kit at the shower. Slowly escort 
    the manager across the kitchen to the back entrance of Babylon. 
    Observe your radar for the gangs. When you're outside, draw the 
    VIP to the red marker. Step on the marker until it triggers a 
    cutscene. The VIP's car is coming. Use Rage now and take out the 
    ever spawning gangs that are coming out from the club. Try not to 
    let them spread out too far from the doorway or they can hurt the 
    VIP. Once the car arrives and the VIP leaves talk to manager of 
    Babylon club.
    Marina Storage
    Weapons to use: AK/Assault Carbine
    Dispose the guards around the warehouse. Now you need to secure 
    the stairs to all the way up at the top of warehouse. Be 
    careful of explosive barrels and kill anyone on the way.
    On ground floor and each floor as you ascend the stairs there is a 
    medic-kit each. At the top of the floor it's pretty hard here 
    so unleash Rage. After killing all enemies at rooftop, another 
    batch of gangs are coming from below. Just wait and finish them as 
    soon as they reach the top.
    Afterwards there will be a cutscene. The chopper is dangerous with 
    explosive barrels around, so destroy all of them if possible. Then 
    try crouching and shoot the chopper while moving around. I find the 
    bullets harder to hit when you crouch. I do not recommend using 
    bazooka here because by aiming at the chopper you're exposing 
    yourself to enemy fire and it's harder to aim compared if you just
    gun it with AK/Carbine.
    Sandman and Venus missions: You need to upgrade your reputation in 
    order to progress this game. Speak to locals around Venus' bar to
    do missions which boasts your reputation, or do distribution runs
    and use money to purchase exotics which boats your rep. Refer to
    appendix section for exotics and their rep points.
    Nacho Contreras
    Weapons to use: Chainsaw, Assault Carbine, Shotgun
    Do not unleash Rage unless indicated
    -  At the start, shoot the gangs coming from your left side at 
    To your right is a bank office with a medic kit inside.
    -  Head west where the gangs first came. There is a hatch on your 
    left wall. Go inside the hatch and head straight. Watch the radar 
    for gangs and use the wall as cover when necessary. 
    -  Move on until you spot a flight of stairs. Huge batch of gangs 
    are spawning. Switch to chainsaw and go nuts with Rage! Move 
    forwards and slaughter anybody you see.
    -  You'll end up in a control room. There is a medic-kit near by. 
    Outside is an open-spaced deck. Take down enemies below with 
    You'll need to follow the path all the way until ground level. 
    Observe the radar for gangs.
    -  Afterwards follow a flight of stairs way up. Kill anyone who 
    obstructs your way. At the end is a medic-kit. Enemies are 
    spawning here. Switch to Chainsaw and unleash Rage, mow them down 
    as you move along.
    - You're now at outside compound of the ship. Careful with the 
    explosive barrels.
    - You'll find a hatch heading inside the ship again. Kill the 
    enemies from outside the hatch.
    - You'll end up in another control room, dispose your enemies. 
    Step outside, descend stairs and go straight. Get to the X 
    marking on radar. Careful with the explosive barrels again. 
    - As soon as you arrive at X, there is an ambush. Use wall cover 
    for protection and do not unleash Rage yet. You'll need it later.
    - A Cutscene unveils where a pair of snipers are guarding Nacho. 
    Switch to carbine and unleash Rage. Rush forwards and dispose 
    the snipers. Kill them before you ascend up the stairs leading 
    to Nacho. 
    - When you ascend up, you'll trigger a cutscene. Time to gun down 
    Nacho, but watch out if there is anymore remaining sniper behind 
    you. Now, be patient and observe the radar and the sea. You'll 
    spot a small boat. Try to find a fleck of white dot and zoom in 
    with the sniper scope. That's Nacho. Snipe him quickly, he needs 
    a few hits before he's down. Watch the cutscene. 
    Dock Boss.
    First mission: At start, dispose the enemies. Don't try and blow 
    up the truck it'll take too much time. Observe radar there are 
    gangs coming from your east as well. After a cutscene, kill the 
    gangs from your radar direction. Watch for gangs shooting from a 
    platform above the fuel barrels.
    After another cutscene, gangs are scattering from all direction. 
    Your best bet is to accompany the dock boss and kill anybody you 
    Informer: Run to the dock, then drop to the seas before you reach 
    there. Access Sat Phone and call for an attack boat, swim to it. 
    Now chase the informer's yacht.
    Kill the pirates if you take too much damage but remember not to 
    get far from informer's yacht. Aim for his body rather than 
    shooting the yacht because you do not have enough ammunitions. 
    This part is very hard, but try your best. A DEA yacht will pick 
    him up after a while so be quick.
    Nacho's Tanker
    Weapons to use: Assault carbine, missile launcher/bazooka
    When you start the mission you'll be escorting a helicopter. 
    Always keep your eye on the radar and destroy any incoming boat.
    Anyway there's nothing you can do to prevent the escort chopper
    from being blown (the armor miraculously depletes itself). You'll
    arrive at Nacho's Tanker. Do not take your fingers off the trigger
    and spread the gunfire as much as possible. The chopper will go
    one round around the tanker and then you'll land.
    Now, you have bombs to defuse not to mention incoming attack 
    boats. First bomb is at the bow. Kill a gang hidden behind a pillar
    when you start. Then head downstairs. You'll spot a red marker. 
    Press triangle and you'll trigger a proxy meter. Don't panic, if you
    screw up you can start from checkpoint again =P
    Now you need to target two boats that are firing against the tanker.
    They sail quite fast, but it is not impossible to kill. Sometimes 
    there's a glitch where they get stuck somewhere, making it easy to
    blow them up (kill two birds with one stone)
    Next you must defuse another bomb at cargo hold. Head to the yellow 
    X marker on the radar. You'll need to descend one floor down using
    the stairs. When at a doorway leading to at cargo hold, be careful 
    you may die from one hit. Dispose the gangs, but keep going until
    you spot the bomb. They will keep coming until you defuse the bomb.
    Now for the last bomb. At the same time you need to tackle attack 
    boats at the back of the ship as well! Dispose the boats at 
    starboard, then you need to ascend back one floor. You need to rush 
    to the last bomb ASAP. Again the gangs won't cease coming at you 
    until you dispose the bomb. Using Rage here helps.
    After disposing the last bomb, it's time to dispose the captain. 
    Follow the stairs where you last defuse the bomb and head to the 
    upmost top of the ship and that's where the captain is.
    Just when you think it's over, it's not. The last thing you need to 
    do is to clear the dock and kill the foreman. The foreman is marked 
    red X marker. Accumulate Rage by manual targeting and kill the gangs 
    surrounding him by triggering Rage. Afterwards you will acquire 
    South Beach.
    Macau Fast Food
    Shark fin hunting time! You're given an infinite ammo SAW. 
    That gun can rip the pirates to shreds in seconds. You cannot 
    fail the mission if you observe the radar and focus your gun 
    on every pirate boat that comes across. After collecting 
    eighth shark fin, talk to manager of Macau Fast Food.
    Chi Peso Trattoria
    Weapons to use: Missile Launcher/Bazooka, Assault Carbine, Shotgun
    Before initiating the mission by talking to the manager, get a large 
    vehicle like a truck or preferably the Odin (which can be bought from 
    Garage at Exotics menu). Block the main front entrance and get another 
    truck (or car) to block the side entrance at the left side of front 
    entrance. Make sure nobody can enter or exit the entrance. This will 
    make the mission easier for you.
    As soon as the mission starts, head northeast of the entrance where 
    the first batch of the gangs are. Kill them and switch to missile. 
    Head to west side of the restaurant and blow up any gang vehicles 
    that comes by. Be careful not to blow up your "barrier" which 
    blocks the entrance. Do not take too long, switch to 
    carbine if possible.
    After a while when there's no gang around, drive your "barrier" 
    out to let the manager run out from the front entrance. Just move 
    enough to let him out. Keep an eye on him. At the back of the 
    restaurant there are stairs leading to first floor. As soon as 
    he head towards the stairs, block the entrance. When the gang 
    comes, finish them off as soon as possible. Don't let them run 
    to the back and reach the manager. The manager can still sustain 
    a bit of damage if the goons fire from the blocked entrance. 
    When it's done talk to the manager of Chi Peso Trattoria.
    Swansong Hotel
    Drive quickly to the pier. Take out the gangs by sniper if 
    possible but watch out police visibility on your radar. Use 
    grenade launcher and aim at the stairs down by end of the pier. 
    Board the boat, speed towards the cruise yacht and tear it 
    apart (your vehicle is equipped with SAW). Ignore the other 
    gang boats that are shooting your boat.
    Sun Ray Hotel
    Weapons to use: Assault carbine
    Before initiating the mission, get a Rattler and park it 
    outside the hotel. Sometimes the car might disappear when you 
    start the mission, call one again after gunning down the 
    three gangs. At last resort, there is a four-wheel drive 
    beside the stairs. 
    Chase the madman. if you're fast enough you might dispose him 
    before he boards a helicopter. When he does, be careful 
    leaping from one cargo ship to another. You can auto-aim at 
    his chopper using L1. After blowing up his car talk to the 
    manager of Sun Ray Hotel.
    Shoreline Storage
    Weapons to use: Assault Carbine, Deagle, Missile Launcher, SAW
    Drive your car to the right side of the warehouse when the 
    mission starts at the direction of Angel Dust Donuts. Speed up 
    and get past the slope. When you land stay in the car,kill two 
    gangs at your right and one on your left. Get out of car and
    enter the manager's office, be careful. There are two gangs on 
    top of racks and two at ground. Dispose them with Deagle. There
    is a max deluxe medic (that's what I call) at southeast of 
    manager's office. Head upstairs and dispose the manager.
    After you kill the manager, head out the office and go back
    downstairs. A swarm of gangs are coming, best dispose them 
    with assault carbine. When you head outside, there is more
    of them so unleash Rage here. You will not be able to wipe
    out the snipers at top of the warehouse and such for short
    period of time so be careful. At the left side of the locked
    gate where there's a flight of stairs, head up and you'll 
    spot an enemy wielding a SAW. Kill him and take his weapon, 
    you'll need it.
    Attack boats are coming south from the locked gate. Go to 
    the dock and watch out for one or two gangs hiding behind
    the dumpster on your way. The attack boats can tear your 
    health easily and sometimes you can miraculously dodge their
    shots. I advice use of MEDIC cheat here to avoid inconvenience
    also use the SAW to dispose the boats easier instead of 
    missiles. After disposing about six attack boats you've 
    acquired Shoreline Storage.
    alternative FAQ by Ralph S. Musco:
    When you trigger the mission, you will get a message that you 
    have to find another way in.  Call for a vehicle (I use the 
    Mojave). Equip weapons from the truck (I used the MAC 10 and M16).  
    The guards here all have M16's and will take down your health 
    quickly.  You will want to stay in your vehicle as much as 
    Drive around the right side of the building and up the embankment 
    into the complex.  From your car, take out the three guards who 
    appear outside the building.  Drive your vehicle up to the door.  
    You will get a message that you need to take out the manager.  
    Fire a few rounds through the door while still in your vehicle 
    and two more guards will come. Mow them down.  Park your vehicle 
    at the door so you can quickly run out of the building and get 
    into it later.
    Time to enter the first floor of the warehouse...  There will be 
    two guards with M16's standing up high on some storage racks.  
    Using the column for some cover, take out the right guard first 
    and then the left guard. There is a health pack down here if 
    you need it.
    Run up the stairs and take out the manager.  A bunch of guards 
    will now enter the building to take you out.  Position yourself 
    next to the file cabinet in the manger's office watching the door.  
    Stay there and take out each attacker as they appear.  If you have 
    your stupid henchman with you, he will insist on standing in the 
    line of fire.  Just mow him down too.
    The building is empty now, but the parking lot is swarming with 
    guards, including two snipers on upper levels.  Get in your car 
    and from there take them all out.
    Gun boats will now appear at the warehouse dock and additional 
    guards will start coming to get you from the boats two at a time.  
    If you need additional health, there is a health pack up the stairs 
    closest to the door of the warehouse.
    Equip your M16 and drive down the corridor at the right side of the 
    building toward the dock.  From your vehicle, take out the gunboats 
    and any guards using the M16.  If your vehicle starts sustaining too 
    much damage or catches fire, just drive or run out of the complex 
    the way you came in, call for another vehicle and drive back in and 
    finish the job.  There are six gunboats to destroy. The warehouse 
    (and their stash of coke) is now yours.
    Weapons to use: Assault Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher
    Head north to the red market. However, use the sniper and try 
    to eliminate enemies you can spot from as far as you can. 
    There is a health kit not far at right side of the compound. 
    The first truck is in the first warehouse you saw. Check for 
    enemies hidden in containers left side of the warehouse. Try 
    firing the fuel barrels for advantage. Inside the warehouse 
    is also a health kit, try not to use it unless absolutely 
    necessary. Do not unleash Rage when trying to protect the 
    driver since there is only three of them.
    Afterwards, be wary of enemies at the left container where 
    the truck was. Take them out and head straight. Be careful 
    and stay away from a set of barrels when the enemies are 
    shooting. You need to head to another warehouse where the 
    red marker is. Save your Rage until you're inside the 
    warehouse. You need to be careful since enemies are shooting 
    from above and some are hidden among containers. There is a 
    medic kit at middle of a bridge at first floor. Descend to 
    ground floor. Near a forklift and a crouching civilian is 
    also another medickit. Secure the truck and shoot the goons. 
    Be careful to watch your back or else the driver will run 
    you over =P
    Last truck is at a chop shop far west from where you are. 
    Take a car and drive to the shop. At one point your truck 
    may be destroyed, but mission still goes on. Arm your sniper 
    and take out any enemies from afar. Once you're inside the 
    compound, head left to the containers and kill the enemy 
    hiding there. Go straight. You'll spot a warehouse. Fire 
    any barrels to dispose your enemies.
    After a while you'll have to kill Nacho's liutenant(that short 
    ugly midget/cock-a-roach) inside his office. This part is VERY 
    tough. The guy's a chicken and he's packing some serious 
    ammunition like a grenade launcher of some sort. Even with 
    using MEDIK cheat I find myself getting a one-hit kill which 
    is annoying. Even by using Rage and storming in, the midget 
    will hide somewhere impossible for your bullets to reach him. 
    You'll have to use a wall as a cover and shoot from the office
    entrance and also gun down his henchies that are protecting 
    him. The missile launcher is your only hope denting some 
    serious damage on him. When the coward's on your sight, aim at his 
    He won't cower off very fast and when it's hit, his full health 
    will deplete significantly, maybe even kill him instantly. But I 
    find that's not the case and it took me three missiles to kill him, 
    one missed. After killing him, there's nothing much to be done 
    except securing the last truck.
    Swerve right after exiting the storehouse. Find your way up the 
    freeway and deliver the coke to Marina Storehouse. First Gaspar 
    goon will come to shoot you. Exit the truck and finish them. 
    Then keep accelerating and ignore the other Gaspar goons that 
    are chasing you. Try not to let them stall you down, otherwise 
    your truck will take too much damage before you arrive at 
    arina Storehouse.
    Exit truck, take the nearest car and regardless your mission 
    objective, head west to the way of Havana Storehouse. When 
    you spot Maribel's truck, exit your car and finish the goons. 
    Now take the truck. It is imperative on the way to Havana 
    storehouse that you repair the truck. There is a carwash far 
    west from Cabana Cigar (on map/radar, the carwash is marked 
    with a spanner sign). Get in 
    the carwash, fix it and continue driving to Havana Storehouse.
     Again, ignore the goons and keep the accelerator. Mission is 
    complete once you reach there and loaded the coke. 
    NOTE: There are 15 kgs of coke each at Havana and Marina 
    Storehouse for distribution.
    Angel Dust Donut Shop
    Time to clear out some corrupt cops. Firstly, your copmobile 
    isn't a Monteray, Bacinari or Rattler you're used to drive. 
    Hold to your accelerator and try not to crash or even slow 
    down a little. Follow the markers, it's the only way. You 
    will speed a little while on the freeway and then afterwards 
    you'll descend down to a carwash station. After the cutscene, 
    KEEP ON TO YOUR PEDAL! Don't even think about stopping and 
    getting your car repaired because the white line 
    on your radar is trailing (you're on your way to get ****ed). 
    You will reach your destination a little while more. It's 
    tough, but you must keep your momentum for an upcoming ramp 
    or you'll fall into the sea and it's game over. 
    As soon your copmobile fly over, you'll get a cutscene. Ditch 
    that car afterwards (it's pretty much banged up anyway), 
    call your driver and drive back to Angel Dust Donut Shop and 
    talk to the owner.
    Whippet Gambling.
    Yet another car chasing mission. This time it's a little bit 
    harder here. Call your driver before initiating the mission. 
    Try using the Rattler. At the start after the cutscene, be 
    careful not to go too straight since he will turn right.The 
    tough and annoying thing is that once you stun him, he might 
    run you over once you get out of the car. Get him in a 
    compromising position (like if he's stuck at a tree with 
    another car). Every second of his immobility counts and then 
    you can force him out. Drive off to the chop shop, that 
    ****er will come back and stalk you. Ignore him anyway and 
    once done, you can finish off that pinata if you like then 
    go back and talk to owner of Whippet Gambling.
    Peninsula Hotel
    Weapons to use: Assault Carbine, Sniper, Shotgun.
    Before this, it is adviced to fill up your Rage meter. 
    Snipe the two buggers across the pool table. Then 
    switch to shotgun and gun down that last pinata by the 
    doorway. Reload, then ascend the stairs carefully. As 
    soon as you hear a motor rumble, quickly descend down. 
    Four chainsaw buggers are coming, so be on your toes. 
    Descend back to the entrance and blast them out. Retreat 
    back whenever you hear a rumble otherwise one hit to your 
    neck and that's it. Switch to carbine. Walk out and 
    continue to the dock until a cutscene is 
    triggered. Then switch to Rage mode and wipe out the gunners. 
    At the dock, forget that boat you see and call an Attack Boat 
    (purchase one if you don't have because it's practically 
    impossible without it). Trail the cop and shoot him (you've 
    got a measly AK-47 but that's better than nothing). I must 
    warn you if you take too long and he stops at a repair boat 
    some miles away with gangs blasting at your boat, it's 
    practically game over so finish his arse ASAP. You might die 
    a few times, but if you follow tactics prescribed above, 
    there is little possibility of failing. Especially when you use 
    the Attack Boat.
    Once he's gone, just use the same route back to Peninsula and 
    speak with the owner.
    Stein Jewellery
    Weapons to use: Assault carbine, chainsaw, missile launcher.
    Drive towards the bank. As soon as you step in the bank, run 
    out before you get ripped to shreds. Dispose the "robbers". 
    After a cutscene, get into your car. Be careful tailing the 
    stragglers because they'll swerve right bypassing the back 
    of the bank straight away when you spot them. Don't waste 
    too much time or you'll lose them. As soon as they've 
    bypassed the bank, trail them.
    Follow thme until they enter a carpark lot. Now do not trail 
    them too close or your car gets too damaged and blows up. 
    Ditch the car as soon as the game instructs you to kill them all. 
    Try blowing up the first car you spot at rooftop with a missile 
    launcher. Be wary of chainsaw-wielding goons. If you Rage is 
    full, switch to chainsaw and unleash it. Dismember as much 
    gangs as you can spot and by the time you're done, the game 
    tells you you've done your job. Head back to Stein Jewellery 
    and talk to the owner.
    Coco's Lounge and Disco
    Weapons to use: Missile Launcher, Assault Carbine, Sniper Rifle
    For this mission, enemies will come in four waves. Each will 
    send goons to capture the boss of Coco's lounge and one sniper 
    will be placed somewhere for you to gun down. The first sniper 
    at the rooftop is at green-colored apartment building a little 
    bit on your left and easy to spot. Kill him and rush down to 
    Coco's office and protect her. Wait for gangs to come to 
    office then gun them down.
    Afterwards, the second sniper. There is a highest orange block 
    of building at West beside the sets of green apartments. Head 
    eastwards when you arrive at rooftop to get clearer view.
    Go down and protect Coco again. After gunning down her 
    assasins, head out to rooftop. The third sniper is located at 
    ground. Observe the Coco's Lounge sign.There's an orange 
    building and below it are trees. The sniper is at one of 
    those trees. 
    Now there is another sniper and at the same time gangs are 
    coming to kill Coco. Prioritise Coco's safety. Dispose all 
    enemies until the sniper is left. Head out to the back 
    entrance located at back alley of the Lounge. The sniper is 
    located right at the highest peak of the orange building 
    right above the entrance. Your sniper scope can't reach him 
    so remember his position, run to rooftops and dispose him. 
    There is chopper that comes before the sniper of after he 
    dies, but I can't remember. Anyway dispose the chopper with 
    a missile launcher. Talk to the manager once the mission is 
    Leopard Storage
    Weapons: Assault Carbine/SAW, Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher
    This mission again isn't hard. Gun down the enemies, then 
    watch out for snipers at top of the warehouses on your 
    right. Head west and gun down the gangs. The game will ask 
    you to open the gate at east, so proceed. Then you will 
    have to blow up two choppers.
    Head up the stairs at the gate where you came from. Use the 
    missile to blow the choppers or just unleash Rage and gun 
    them with a machine gun. Your numerous henchies will help 
    you blow those two SOBs up so no worries =p
    Sandman Plantations
    Weapons to use: Missile Launcher, SAW, Grenade Launcher
    Get down to the archway where the enemies just blew up a 
    tower. Watch out for a bugger with bazooka. Once he's 
    taken out, take out the gangs who are storming in. Switch 
    to missile once you spot a truck and take it out. Your 
    SAW can even blow these vehicles, but use missile launcher 
    whenever possible. 
    Afterwards, you'll need to go to where Sandman is. Get rid 
    the two gangs, then call an Odin and try to obstruct the 
    doorway. It may not work, but what is important make sure 
    Sandman can't go too far out from the house and it is 
    convenient for you to use Weapons locker because you'll 
    need to use the missile launcher. As soon as you reach 
    Sandman, rush out ASAP and position yourself. 
    Keep your eyes on the radar. At your north, an offroad 
    vehicle is coming. Blow it out. A chopper will come to 
    land at a rooftop north of you as well. Blow it up as 
    well. Quickly go to weapons locker and reload. Choppers 
    and offroads willcome to get Sandman, so blast them out. 
    Even when the choppers succeeded in disembarking the 
    gangs, keep firing and leave no one alive or they'll 
    get to Sandman. Find the opportunity to reload your 
    missile as soon as you get. In no time, the game will 
    ask you speak with Sandman. When that happens, mission 
    Weapons to use: Sniper Rifle, Assault Carbine, Missile 
    This mission requires a little patience and that's it. 
    You'll spot red dots at the radar, the gang are waiting 
    for you. Shoot the idiots from your boat (make sure you 
    use Attack Boat for assistance) then get down and swim 
    over. There are four sections for this mission where you 
    need to secure hostages and stashed drugs. This mission 
    is not easy and to avoid frustration, MEDIK cheat is 
    useful. After wiping the gangs out there and across the 
    river, you'll need to head north. You'll soon spot 
    another outpost. Use the sniper to make things easier. 
    Use the missile launcher to get rid annoying guard towers. 
    After wiping all enemies and collected yeyo packages, 
    crawl all the way back to your boat and load your sniper 
    rifle. It's troublesome, but worth it. Move east to the 
    third outpost. Use the sniper again for convenience. 
    You'll rescue one hostage from there. 
    The last section is the tough cookie. You'll need to use 
    a boat you spotted. If you don't want to cheat, I'd advice 
    you to get Rage meter full. When you disembark from the boat, 
    unleash it and run straight for shelter at either one of the 
    Once you wiped the gang out, you'll need to use that boat and 
    sail out to the open seas. Don't be hasty, do not panic and 
    things would be just fine. Don't get your boat dented to 
    more than half the armor, or else you'll be sorry.
    The End
    That's it, end of the road. You have only a Deagle at the 
    start. Quickly take down the buggers behind you and take 
    their AKs. Keep shooting until you initiate a cutscene. 
    Get to a room NorthWest for protection. Do not do try 
    going too far to the middle of the Garden where George 
    can spot you and blast you dead with his bazooka. At the 
    room, wipe out threats and accumulate your Rage. Once full, 
    unleash it and try wiping out gunners above the balcony. 
    Once done, run back to the room for protection. 
    When no more gunners are coming to your room, walk out and 
    clear off the gunners above. Stay close to the walls and head 
    all the way to the east. You noticed all ways to George is 
    locked but there is one gate unlocked there and that's the 
    way you should head. Gun down any threats, don't worry about 
    the bazooka once you ascend up the stairs. Get to where 
    George is and finish him. Don't forget to take his bazooka, 
    you'll need it.
    Go back down, head north until you spot this huge door. Use 
    the bazooka and blast it. Walk in until you trigger a cutscene. 
    Until you kill Gaspar, the idiots would be spawning to no end. 
    Then run to a room at northwest. This is a "refuge" room. Gun 
    down anyone who tries to enter the room and accumulate that Rage 
    meter. Once full, run straight to Northeast. You'll see a flight 
    of spiralling stairs, unleash it and fight your way up. At the 
    first floor, the threat shouldn't be too bad. Up the stairs, 
    you'll exit to an open-air balcony.
    Go straight to the next doorway. You'll spot a set of staircase 
    leading down. Accumulate your Rage meter first, then unleash it 
    when you use the stairs. You'll spot Gaspar. Just kill everything 
    on sight and follow his ass. By the time you use up your 
    Rage meter, he should be in the same room you first sought 
    refuge. Keep pulling your trigger against him and a cutscene 
    is triggered.
    Now for that bastard Sosa. Gun down any last remaining men, don't 
    lock on and accumulate as much Rage if you can, you need it 
    against Sosa. If is is full, even better. You know where he is now.
    One-on-one against him, you'll need to unleash the Rage ASAP. 
    If it's not full keep gunning him. If your health is near zero, 
    for God's sake use the MEDIK cheat or you'll start from scratch. 
    He won't die unless you trigger Tony's Rage.
    Game Over maricon. The World is practically Yours. watch the 
    cutscene and bask in delight. Afterwards, it's up to you to 
    finish the game at 100%, whatever. 
    V. Appendix
    Below are reputation points for each exotics
    Driver              11,000
    Boat Driver         60,000
    Arms Dealer         32,000
    Enforcer            40,000
    Assasin            200,000
    OM Convertible         100
    Bandit ST            2,400
    Orient YV            3,000
    Stretch Limo        20,000
    GPV Offroad            N/A
    Santa Monica         2,000
    Monteray Shark       3,000
    Caballo El Ray       1,500
    Lakota Fastback      1,500
    Mojave               5,000
    Tomahawk SS          5,000
    GS Wolhabend        20,000
    Lightning           25,000
    Delphine            40,000
    Conick N24          20,000
    Ambassador         140,000
    Fellini             60,000
    Panther             45,000
    Brahma              55,000
    Bacinari           240,000
    Pumah              100,000
    Stampede           150,000
    Rattler            400,000
    Albatross          250,000
    Ariel MKIII        290,000
    Odin VH88           50,000
    Whiskey Ghost    2,000,000
    MPD Cruiser        200,000
    Bulldozer          100,000
    Bodog Stampede     400,000
    Powerboat                 100
    Jet Boat                4,600
    Picklefork             25,000
    Antique Trickcraft     45,000
    Floatplane             60,000
    Cigarette             180,000
    Attack Boat               N/A
    Fan Boat                5,000
    Sports Fishing Boat   120,000
    Racing Boat           250,000
    Cigarette Gun Boat    250,000
    Yacht               1,000,000
    Mansion                47,000
    Modern                100,000
    Eclectic              300,000
    Unique Collectibles
    Manny's Remains            10,000
    Gina's Remains             19,000
    Modern Art                 90,000
    Authentic Spacesuit       750,000
    Inca Gold                 450,000
    Genghis Khan Armor      1,000,000
    Easter Islang Head      2,000,000
    Apollo Space Capsule    2,500,000
    King Tut's Sarcophagus  4,000,000
    The Liberty Bell        3,000,000
    Faith Diamond           3,000,000
    Liquor Cabinet              8,000
    Comfy Chair                 1,000
    Cigar Stand                 5,000
    Jukebox                     4,000
    Projection TV              45,000
    Vending machine             3,000
    Liquor Display              5,000
    Antique Comfy Chair        20,000
    Drink Machine               4,000
    Beer Cooler                 2,000
    Grand Piano                50,000
    Humidor                    68,000
    Phone Booth                 5,000
    Marble Bench               12,000
    Hardwood Chair             40,000
    Slot Machine               10,000
    Chaise Lounge             250,000
    Video Poker                 5,000
    Stuffed Pelican             2,000
    Bong                        1,000
    Stuffed Tiger              60,000
    Exotic Fern                 2,000
    Vintage Wine               11,000
    Marble Statue               5,000
    Tropical Plant              1,000
    Bronze Bust                19,000
    Pizza Man                   6,000
    Solid Gold Pelican         68,000
    Giant Liquor Bottle       120,000
    Flowers                     2,000
    Cognac Fountain           600,000
    Solid Gold Bust           350,000
    Eoxtic Palm                 5,000
    Genuine Ming Vase       1,555,000
    Inca Mummy                550,000
    Solid Gold Tiger        2,550.000
    Montana Records            61,000
    Montana Holdings           40,000
    Montana Fitness           200,000
    Montana Productions       443,000
    Montana Legal             700,000
    Montana Sports          2,000,000
    Montana Financial       3,000,000
    Montana Defense         5,000,000
    VI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    "How do you save the game"
    After completing missions, you're given option to save. Other
    than that the banks are your save points. Talk to the employee
    to save.
    "Does the game follow the movie?"
    Only briefly. The game starts off during the last scene of the 
    movie, allowing the player to sort of re-write that scene.
    "Doesn't Tony die in Scarface the movie? How does this game exist?"
    The game starts off DURING the last scene of the movie, not after. 
    You as the player re-write the last scene in Scarface and then 
    follow a "what-if Tony lived" story 
    "How long is this game?"
    The estimated playing time through the storyline is about 20 to 
    30 hrs.
    "How Big is the map/playing area?"
    Fairly large. Compared to other games in this genre, it is about 
    twice the size of Vice City but not quite as big as San Andreas.
    "Is this another GTA knock-off?"
    Not at all. There will always be comparisons between the two titles 
    and they do play alike, but Grand Theft Auto (namely Vice City) is 
    essentially a cartoonish parody of what Scarface does realistically. 
    With Miami built to scale, (not so in Vice City) over 200 unique 
    conversations and interactions, blind rage mode and an effective 
    targeting system, Scarface is unbelievably immersive. There is alot 
    to be said about Grand Theft Auto but in terms of realism there 
    really is no comparison.
    "I can't kill innocent ppl. This game sucks!"
    You can if you control enforcer (or even other henchmen). He can 
    kill anybody on his own whim. Tony can't because even bad guys has 
    their own set of ethics (remember why Sosa wants to kill him in the 
    original movie?). Besides, using Al Pacino's character on a killing 
    spree isn't good for the actor's image >_>
    "Are there codes for this game?"
    Yes they can be found in the cheats, codes, secrets section.
    "Is there a money cheat?"
    Not without cheat devices like gameshark or AR MAX. 
    "Does using in-game cheat affect your stats?"
    No as far as I know.
    "Are there really sperm banks?"
    yes, at this time there are only 2 known locations: one in little 
    havana in an alley and one in the industrial zone. Here is the one 
    in little havana:
    the one in the industrial is just off the exit ramp next to a gas 
    "What are the sperm banks for?"
    You can trade the rage built up in your balls meter for cash.
    "I'm missing a few gang nests, how do I find them?"
    Gang nests you've seen show up as skull icons on your map. Some gangs 
    appear only during day or night. Read sawzyone's gang nests guide for 
    more info.
    "I can buy coke for 250k, but now all I got is 50k and 10k. WTF?"
    You can't get 250k deals ALL the time. Distribute these cokes then 
    the 250k ones will come along.
    "WTF? Why I only can purchase 20 kg of coke for 250k whereas you 
    could get 30 kg?!"
    Again, before going to teh suppliers, lower your gang heat to zero 
    to get best value.
    "Why I'm doing Felix/Sandman Leads and I can't find a supplier at 
    Your storehouses maybe full. Get rid of the cokes there by distributing 
    them first.
    "How to obtain 100% completion?"
    as far as I understand:
    - all gang nests wiped out
    - all exotics purchased, all vehicles (garage, boathouse) repaired
    - all fronts purchased and all missions completed (including additional 
    side missions at the islands)
    - all femmes (10 of them)
    conversations and races do not count towards completion.
    "What do I get for so much trouble?"
    The game declares you a SCARFACE and you've got more balls than anybody 
    in this world. Plus your femmes will follow you everywhere armed with 
    "I purchased unique collectibles, furnitures, decor, etc and decorated my 
    mansion using Pimp My Mansion feature and the items are gone suddenly. 
    What is wrong?"
    Unfortunately there is a glitch for this Pimp My Mansion feature where 
    the items you decorated will be gone after a while. Dunno if they have
     patch for PC version.
    "I heard people could bail out when they get ****ed"
    Yes, I've been getting e-mail feedbacks, however as I understand the 
    process is tough but not impossible. Also it's fun to try escape that
    "verdict". Just some note; you cannot escape using floatplane and 
    stretch limo which transports you to Sat Phone menu, the best you can
    so is manually drive them.
    VI. Credits
    Thanks to arnseker for his permission to use material for FAQ section.
    Thanks to sawzyone for his killing gang-nests guide.
    Thanks to other members of Gamefaqs Scarface board who assisted me in
    this FAQ =p
    Thanks to Radical Entertainment for creating this fine game.
    Thanks to GAMEFAQS, cheat code central, supercheats and neoseeker for 
    publishing this FAQ
    Thanks to YOU, you ******** piece-of-**** for reading this 
    (just kidding mang)
    2006 MACHINA weapon

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