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    FAQ by bullet sword

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    Stronghold 2
    Rated T for TEEN
    Made by Firefly Studios and 2K Games
    BEFORE YOU READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This FAQ is made to describe the 1.2 version of Stronghold 
    2.  If you have any questions about this, contact me or 
    just simply download the 1.1 patch and 1.2 patch.
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Story
    3.  System Requirements
    4.  Starting out
    5.  Building and buildings
    6.  Money, Honour, and Economic Things
    7.  Military and War (UNIT GUIDE INCLUDED)
    8.  Building A Good Castle  (Defense strategies included)
    9.  Kingmaker and Freebuild
    10.  Hints and Tips
    11.  Websites involving Stronghold 2
    12.  Questions and answers
    13.  Contact
    Stronghold 2 is the third game in the "Stronghold" series.  
    First, Stronghold was released and Stronghold: Crusader 
    soon followed.  Both were great castle sims that involved 
    castle building and war.  Now, Stronghold 2 has been 
    released with many, many new features. 
    Stronghold 2 takes place in the medieval times.  The king 
    has fled and his whereabouts are unknown.  The last Viking 
    threat is yet to be eliminated.
    3.System Requirements
    512 MB RAM
    Graphics:  64 MB
    DirectX 9.0c
    These are the recommended requirements.
    4.Starting out
    When you get to the main menu, you should press "Play" at 
    the top.  You have three choices from there:
    The Path of Peace:  A campaign with less war and more 
    economic stuff and a "Free Build" mode.
    The Path of War:  Play against AI opponents, play the "Lost 
    King" campaign, and a mode where you get to control armies 
    from real battles in history.
    Tutorial:  Located on the bottom right area.  You will 
    learn the basics.
    Screen Display:
    The top area of the screen contains these things:
    Menu: Access the pause menu
    Current Rank and Promotion Button:  Your current rank. This 
    will be discussed later.
    Date:  What month and year it is.
    Gold:  Money, money, money.
    Honour:  You can use these to buy estates and other things.
    Population:  How many people are living in your castle.
    Popularity:  How much the people like you.
    The bottom part of the screen:
    Delete (eraser icon):  Delete your buildings or structures.
    Show Estates:  Show what estates you own.
    Magnify:  Control the camera a bit.
    Building categories:  Clicking on each one shows different 
    building options.
    Building selection panel:  Shows what buildings you can 
    build in that category.
    Mini-map:  A map showing where the camera is looking at.
    Report Status:  View things about your castle (military 
    power, crime rate, popularity bonuses, etc)
    5.Building and buildings
    To scroll through what available buildings there are to 
    use, check out the building categories on the bottom area 
    of the screen.  Then click on the building you want to 
    build.  Click on the location you want to put it on.  You 
    can use the mouse wheel to rotate the building.  Some 
    buildings require some gold and resources (wood and stone).  
    Resources will be explained in section 6 of this FAQ.  Many 
    economic things will be explained there also.
    Building guide:
    The person who works here can cure disease spreading around 
    town.  Disease will kill people and damage troops if they 
    are too close to the infected area.  Those who work here 
    are immune to it.
    Apple Farm
    An apple farmer will pick apples to be sent to the granary.  
    Armourer's Workshop
    Metal armor is made for your troops.  It requires iron to 
    make metal armor.
    This is where your weapons are stored.  Unlike the 
    Stronghold games released in the past, the armory can hold 
    unlimited weapons.  If the armory is destroyed, everything 
    in it goes with it.
    Bakers can bake bread by using flour milled by the workers 
    there.  See "Mill" for more info.
    A military building where you  can buy units (not mercs).  
    For more info, read the military section(s) of this FAQ.
    Bee Hive
    You can get beeswax and the chandlers can make candles for 
    Blacksmith's Workshop
    A blacksmith can make maces and swords.  You need iron for 
    You can make ale for your inn.  You must get hops from hop 
    Carter Post
    It allows goods and things to be exchanged between players.  
    Estates can also supply your main estate.
    Chandlers Workshop
    Chandlers collect beeswax and make candles.
    They can add a popularity bonus for religion.  You can also 
    use candles to hold some services in there.
    When criminals strike and get caught by guards, they get 
    brought here and see a judge.  Then they get punished.  See 
    section 6 of this FAQ for more info on crime.
    Dairy Farm
    You can get cheese to be added to your granary.  The tanner 
    at the Tanner's Workshop can also get the cows here for 
    leather.  Cows will come back after they are killed.
    Engineer's guild
    You can get engineers and laddermen.  You need to build an 
    Engineer's Guild in order to make things from your siege 
    camp if needed.
    Traveling Fair
    A traveling fair will come to this building to do their 
    stuff.  The building will disappear if there is no fair.  
    Then it will reappear some other time.
    Falconer's Post
    They kill rats running around town.  They have a high 
    chance of turning to crime.  
    Eel Pond
    A worker here gets eels and brings it to the lord's kitchen 
    to prepare for a feast that may come.  Geese can also be 
    found here and taken to the kitchen.
    Fletcher's Workshop
    You make bows and crossbows here.  You need wood.
    Gardener's Hut
    Get some veggies for the lord's feast.
    Guard Post
    They watch for crime.  There must be a courthouse for him 
    to take the criminal to.
    Gong Pit
    Back then, people left their "droppings" around.  The 
    worker here can clean up the mess, then drop it into a pit.  
    YUCK!  The bad thing about this guys is that they have a 
    high chance of turning into a criminal.
    It stores food.  Unlike the previous Stronghold games, you 
    can now hold infinite food.
    Hop Farm
    You get hops from here that can be brewed into ale.
    Every time you build a hovel, 8 more people are added to 
    your population.  If a hovel is destroyed, you must replace 
    it or else there will be overcrowding.
    Hunter Post
    They can hunt for meat.  Almost any wild animal can be 
    You can only build one of these.  Here, the worker gets the 
    ale and people go there and have a good time.
    Iron Mine
    You must build this over iron ore.  You can get iron for 
    A nice event to watch.  You get a good popularity bonus and 
    lots of honor.
    Saxon Hall
    One of the castles you can get.  It's really bad.
    Small Keep
    A small, but decent stone castle.
    Medium Keep
    It's pretty good.  A bigger stone castle.
    Large Keep
    Now that's what I'm talking about.  The biggest castle you 
    can get made of stone.
    Lady's Bedchamber
    The Lady can weave cloth for dances here.  The lord will 
    marry her and sometimes, they go there to, well, you know...
    Lord's Kitchen
    When you have the royal food you need, it is stored here 
    and then brought to the keep for feasts.
    Running short of cash or other stuff?  Trade them here.
    Get flour for the bakers.  You need wheat from wheat farms.
    Mercenary Post
    Get mercenaries.  Although they come with their own 
    weapons, they prevent you from paying a greater price.
    Get your monks here.  Also the gathering point for monks.
    Musicians Guild
    If you want to get more honour from your feasts, build one 
    of these.
    Oil Smelter
    Engineers can boil oil to be used for castle defenses.
    Ox Tether
    They can transport stone and iron.
    Pig Farmer
    Pigs are sent to the kitchen and turned into meat for 
    Pitch Ditch
    If you have some pitch, you can place them for castle 
    defenses.  Use a flaming arrow to light them up.
    Pitch Rig
    Build this on swamps to extract oil.  Then it's turned into 
    Poleturner's Workshop
    You can make spears and pikes.
    Use these punishments on a criminal so you can turn him 
    into a peasant.
    Basically, this is where the woodcutters go.  They fetch 
    wood and bring them back here to turn them into wooden 
    Sheep Farm
    The shepherd shears the sheep and stores it for the weaver.
    Siege Camp
    Create siege weapons here.  You may need an Engineer's 
    Guild to use this.
    When you build this, you get honour every once in a while.  
    It comes in small amounts, but it's not as pricey as 
    jousting or hard as feasts.
    Stone Quarry
    3 workers come here to mine stone for castle walls and 
    buildings.  You need an ox tether to transport them.
    It keeps your horses for your lord and knights.  Mercs that 
    have horses automatically come with their own.  It can hold 
    a few horses, but they will reappear later for more riders.
    Wood, stone, pitch, and other things are stored here.  You 
    may need to make more since they have a limited capacity. 
    Tanner's Workshop
    A tanner works here and kills cows for leather armor.
    Torturer's Guild
    Torturers live here to punish the criminals.  You may need 
    to make a few for punishments that require more than one.
    Your money is stored here, but you can still use them 
    without one.  If you want to tax people, click on it.
    You can harvest grapes.  They are taken to the stockpile 
    and a vintner will get them and bring it to his workshop.
    Vintner's Workshop
    He gets the grapes and turns it into wine for feasts.
    War Hound Cage
    They contain vicious dogs that will kill the nearest person 
    friend and foe alike when released.
    Water Pot
    Put out the fire by hiring peasants to work here.  It uses 
    3 people and is much more useful than a well.
    Weaver's Workshop
    The weaver uses sheep's wool and turns it into cloth which 
    the Lady uses to turn into dresses for royal dances.
    One person can slowly put out a fire with this.
    Wheat Farm
    The farmer can gather wheat that will be taken to the mill 
    where it is turned into flour for the baker.
    6.Money, Honour, and Economic Things
    You will need to learn how to wage war as well as managing 
    your economy because you can't get much of an army without 
    The people like their lord and treat him well... if he is 
    doing a good job, that is.  Popularity is very important 
    and can be easy to handle.  Popularity is located at the 
    top-right corner of the screen.  If it is above 50, people 
    like you and will stay in your castle.  If it is below 50, 
    it's even worse than being hated.  People will start to 
    leave your castle.  If people leave your castle, there will 
    be nobody to be recruited as troops or farm or do any work 
    that will keep your castle up and running.  The only people 
    that won't leave are the troops that are already recruited.  
    To gain popularity, you can:
    -Increase food rations
    -Have traveling fairs and jousting
    -Have candles for the church mass
    -Have a good supply of ale/consumption of ale
    -Bribe your people with money or have no taxes at all
    To lose popularity:
    -Having too many criminals running around
    -Too many rats running around
    -Too much gong laying around
    -No food/lower food use
    -Have high taxes
    It's easily one of the most important things in the entire 
    game.  Money is the only thing getting your troops and 
    buying resources that you need.  To gain money, you will 
    need to make a treasury.  Then click on it and set the tax 
    rate.  If the taxes are too high, then your popularity will 
    fall.  If you want to trade the things you have, build a 
    marketplace and click on it.  Then click the things you 
    want to sell and want to buy.  You can also tax your 
    Here is a chart showing how you can tax people:
    Large Bribe- +8 popularity
    Small Bribe- +4 popularity
    No Taxes (default)- +1 popularity
    Low Taxes- -2 popularity
    Normal Taxes- -4 popularity
    High Taxes- -6 popularity
    Extortionate Taxes- -8 popularity
    Cruel Taxes- -12 popularity
    Extra Cruel- -16 popularity
    Depending on your population, the amount of money you get 
    will differ.
    Not only do you need to use money to buy troops, but 
    honour.  Really good units like archers, crossbowmen, and 
    knights need them.  You can get honour by holding royal 
    dances, feasts, and many other things.
    To gain honour:
    -Make sure there is jousting
    -Build a bedchamber for your Lady
    -hold feasts (the bigger, the better)
    -Hold royal dances
    -Make statues and other honour gaining buildings
    You can also use honour to buy estates (mentioned later)
    To hold a royal dance, you must get sheep's wool to be 
    turned into cloth.  The cloth must be stored so the lady 
    can make dresses for a royal dance.
    To hold a feast, make the Lord's Kitchen.  Then make a pig 
    farm, eel pond, and a vineyard and vintner's workshop.  
    They will be stored in the kitchen and when the time comes, 
    the food will be at the feast.  You will get a big honor 
    boost depending on how many people are dining.
    How does the Lady's Bedchamber get honour?  I don't know, 
    but you get some anyway.  If you see the Lord following her 
    back to the bedchamber, zoom in with the mouse wheel so you 
    can see through buildings.  When they are both in there, 
    both will start kissing, then jump on the bed, then the 
    curtain closes.  Then a big crown symbol with a 1 appears 
    (+1 honour).  BLING!
    Jousting is a big hit in those days.  You get a great 
    honour boost.  It's also fun to watch and bet with someone.
    In certain missions and maps, there will be estates you can 
    own.  When you own one, you can ship their goods to you.  
    You can buy estates with honour.
    They are extremely important.  You will need a lot of them.  
    They will be stored in the stockpile.
    Wood:  The most used resource in the game.  You can get 
    wood from woodcutters that work at the saw pit.  The 
    woodcutter must find a tree, cut it down, go back to the 
    pit, and cut it into planks.  Then they are stored.  Wood 
    is used for wooded walls, buildings, and some weapons.  
    Wooden weapons are bows, crossbows, spears, and pikes.  
    Stone:  If you want your castle to last for a long time, 
    you need stone.  Stone can be mined on, well, stone.  They 
    look like white rocks.  If the land is even and there is 
    enough, you can build a stone quarry there.  It takes 3 
    peasants to work there.  If you want to transport your 
    stone, build an ox tether nearby.  You can use stone for 
    walls and buildings.
    Iron:  Need swords an armor?  You definitely need some 
    iron.  To get iron, make an iron mine on iron ore.  Iron 
    ore looks like this reddish stuff on the ground.  If the 
    land is even and there is enough of it, you can build a 
    mine.  Then you get an ox tether and transport them to your 
    stockpile.  Iron is mainly used for weapons.  You can make 
    swords, maces, and metal armor.  The oil smelter also needs 
    Fighting Crime
    Criminals will run about your castle.  A worker becomes a 
    criminal and the work he does will be affected by it.  To 
    catch a criminal, you need to place several guard posts in 
    the area.  Then immediately make a courthouse.  Once 
    captured, they go to face the judge.  If you want to turn a 
    criminal back into a peasant, use these punishments:
    Stocks:  This is an awfully slow way of torturing anybody 
    for being a bad person.  No torturers needed.
    Humiliation Mask:  The criminal gets his hand leashed on a 
    pole while wearing a donkey mask.  It's still pretty slow 
    Gibbet:  Suspend the criminal in a cage.  It still takes 
    some time.
    Wheel:  Attach them to a wheel and spin them round and 
    round.  Where it stops, nobody knows.  A torturer is needed 
    for this.  
    Flogging Post:  Ouch.  Tie a criminal's hands onto a 
    suspending bar and whip him like crazy.  It is a bit faster 
    than the other punishments above.
    Burning Chair:  Burning hot.  You need a torturer to use 
    this.  It is a little fast.  
    Rack:  Stretch them out and make them taller.  You need a 
    torturer to use this.
    Burning Post:  A slow, unpleasant deal of pain.  Two 
    torturers are needed.
    Gallows:  Hang them up.  It is pretty fast and you need two 
    Block:  Off with his head!  It is easily the quickest way 
    to get rid of criminals.  Sorry folks.  This is a rated T 
    game, so don't think you are going to see any action.  Just 
    do this for the sake of the economy.
    Gong farmers and falconers are most likely to turn into 
    criminals.  If criminals run around for too long, they will 
    steal from your granary.
    Once you have upgraded your version of Stronghold 2 to 
    version 1.2 or higher, clicking on a punishment in progress 
    will show a bar that shows how long it will take for the 
    criminal to become good again.  
    Food is very important.  It's probably a good idea to keep 
    the supply up.  You will need to place a granary to store 
    food.  If there is no food or if you set it so that no food 
    will be consumed, you will get a big popularity downfall.  
    To adjust food consumption, click on the granary.
    No Rations- -8 popularity
    Half Rations- -4 popularity
    Normal Rations- +0 popularity
    Extra Rations- +4 popularity
    Double Rations- +8 popularity
    You can see an arrow on the granary menu on the bottom 
    right.  Clicking on it sends you to your food types.  They 
    tell you how much of each food is left.  Meat, apples, 
    cheese, and bread are displayed.  The green checkmarks next 
    to them tell that people are eating those foods.  You can 
    click them to stop consumption of that food.
    To get apples, make apple farms.  To get cheese, make a 
    dairy farm.  To get meat, build a hunters post (if there 
    are any wild animals around).  To make bread, make a wheat 
    farm.  Then make a mill to mill the wheat into flour.  Then 
    make a bakery so the flour can be turned into bread.  
    Additionally, you can get food by using the marketplace.
    Depending on you population, your food consumption speed 
    will vary.
    Gong and rats
    The smelly gong and annoying rats are always a big problem.  
    To get rid of gong, make a gong pit.  Then the worker will 
    scoop them up and dump them into the pit.  Then make a 
    apothecary to get rid of the disease the gong made.  To get 
    rid of rats, make a falconer's post.  The falconer will 
    send his bird to kill the rats.  Be warned, though, that 
    falconers and gong farmers can turn into criminals more 
    often than other people.
    There may be more things to do with economy and stuff, but 
    this is pretty much the basic stuff you will need to know.
    7.Military and War (UNIT GUID INCLUDED)
    If you want your castle to last long enough to complete 
    your goals, you will need to get an army going.  To make a 
    unit, click a building that can produce them.  You will 
    need peasants available and weapons.  Gold and honour are 
    required too.  Peasants will regenerate if they are used 
    for military.
    Military buildings:
    Barracks-Get troops that are not mercenaries here.  They 
    require weapons.
    Mercenary Post-Get mercenaries
    Engineers Guild-Get engineers and ladder men.  Also fire 
    Siege Camp-Get siege weapons
    Armory-Store weapons
    Units that are not mercenaries
    These units are not mercenaries.  All but one need weapons.  
    Most of them need honour.  These units are made at the 
    Non-mercenary units:
    Armed Peasant
    Cost:  very very cheap.  No weapons.
    Attack:  very very low
    Defense:  very low
    Ranged attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good against:  nothing except other armed peasants
    These armed peasants are really, really bad.  The good 
    thing is their price.  If you get hundreds of them, you 
    have an okay fighting force, but if you need to slow down 
    an enemy advance, use a bunch of armed peasants to do that.
    Cost:  cheap.  1 spear
    Attack:  low
    Defense:  low
    Ranged attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good against:  really weak units
    It is not a good unit, but if you cannot get anything 
    better, use your money for some cheap units.
    Cost:  cheap.  1 bow
    Attack:  Good.  Bad hand-to-hand
    Defense:  medium-low
    Ranged attack:  bows and arrows
    Range:  hand-to-hand and far range
    Good against:  light armored units
    It's a great ranged unit.  With a cheap cost, you can get 
    plenty of them.  Archers are probably the most used unit in 
    the game and is a really good unit to put on the towers.
    Cost:  Medium gold. 1 crossbow and 1 leather armor
    Attack:  Moderately High.  Bad hand-to-hand
    Defense:  Medium
    Ranged Attack:  crossbow arrows
    Range:  hand-to-hand and medium range
    Good Against:  Armored Units
    It is a bit pricey, but their attack is great.  They have a 
    reload time that is short and can't fire as fast as normal 
    Cost:  Medium Gold.  1 mace and 1 leather armor
    Attack:  Good
    Defense:  medium-low
    Ranged attack:  None
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  lightly armored units
    The macemen have a good attack speed and fast movement.  
    They are also eager for battle.  Use them when you need to 
    get rid of something fast.
    Cost:  Medium Gold.  1 pike and 1 metal armor
    Attack:  medium-high
    Defense:  good
    Ranged attack:  none
    Range:  hant-to-hand
    Good Against:  armored units
    Pikemen are good for guarding the insides of towers and 
    castle walls.  They move slowly, but they can really take 
    care of annoying units.
    Cost:  high gold.  1 sword and 1 metal armor
    Attack:  great
    Defense:  great
    Ranged attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  all units (except knights)
    One of the greatest units in the entire game.  With great 
    offense and defense, they can really cause some trouble.  
    They are slow and are no match for knights and lords.
    Cost:  very high gold.  1 sword and 1 metal armor  
    Attack:  Excellent
    Defense:  Excellent
    Ranged Attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  all units
    They are so powerful, they are almost equal to lords.  They 
    cost a lot of honour and gold.  You can even put these 
    noble knights on horses (described later in this section)
    The Lord
    Cost:  Nothing.  You must have a castle though.
    Attack:  BEST
    Defense:  BEST
    Ranged attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  EVERYTHING
    You can only have one lord (the first campaign mission lets 
    you have 2, but you must check it out for yourself to see 
    what I mean) and if the lord dies, you lose, but if you 
    kill enemy lords, you get closer to victory.  Lords can be 
    placed on horses.  NEVER use your lord in battles on the 
    field.  Health can't regenerate and make sure that your 
    lord sees the smallest amount of battle.  When you kingdom 
    is at the edge of defeat, the lord will retreat back to his 
    You need weapons for non-mercenary units.  They may take 
    some time, but you can buy some.  You must have an armory 
    to store as many weapons you can get.
    Bows and crossbows:  made from Fletcher's Workshop.  They 
    will start producing bows unless you click on the workshop 
    and switch production to crossbows by clicking the crossbow 
    symbol.  You need wood to make these weapons.  Some 
    campaign missions will not allow crossbows to be produced.  
    Crossbows take longer to make and it will require more 
    Spears and pikes:  Made from Poleturner's Workshop.  You 
    need wood and they will start producing spears until you 
    switch production to pikes by clicking on the workshop and 
    switching production to pikes by clicking the pike symbol.  
    On some campaign missions, you can't produce pikes.  You 
    don't need any metal for the tips of spears and pikes.  
    They are automatically put on by whoever works there free 
    of any charge.
    Swords and maces:  Made from Blacksmith's Workshop.  You 
    need iron and they will start producing swords until you 
    switch production to maces by clicking on the workshop and 
    clicking the mace symbol.  Some campaign missions might not 
    let you build maces OR swords or the workshop itself.
    Leather Armor:  Made from Tanner's Workshop.  The tanner 
    will kill a cow from a dairy farm and turn it into leather.  
    After that, it will go to the armory.
    Metal Armor:  Made from Armorer's Workshop.  You need iron.  
    Once the armor is made, it goes to the armory.
    Mercenaries are made from a mercenary post.  Click on it to 
    view the available units to make.  Mercenaries come with 
    their own weapons, but their cost is greater.  They will 
    take peasants and some will require some honour.
    Cost:  Medium gold (unbelievably high honour)
    Attack:  Good
    Defense:  Medium-low
    Ranged Attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  Average units
    They are some good combat units.  Assassins possess a great 
    ability to climb walls with a rope leaving them defenseless 
    from arrows.  You can use this ability to creep into some 
    other person's castle or sabotage gatehouses or the plain 
    old archer massacre.
    Axe Thrower
    Cost:  Very High gold
    Attack:  Great ranged, bad hand-to-hand
    Defense:  low
    Ranged Attack:  throwing axes
    Range:  Short
    Good Against:  most units
    Their attack power is great when it comes to ranged 
    attacking.  They have a short range and bad defense, but it 
    is still good for some castle protection.
    Cost:  High gold
    Attack:  Excellent
    Defense:  low
    Ranged attack: none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  most units
    They go berserk indeed.  They have great attack power but 
    they can be easy to kill due to bad defense.  
    Horse Archers
    Cost:  high gold
    Attack:  medium-high
    Defense:  medium-low
    Ranged Attack:  arrows
    Range:  Hand-to-hand and long range
    Good Against:  Lightly-armored units
    They are pretty fast and have the unique ability to shoot 
    while moving.  Use this to your advantage or die trying.
    Light Cavalry
    Cost:  Low
    Attack:  medium-low
    Defense:  medium-low
    Ranged attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  weak units
    The fastest unit in the game.  Their attack power is a bit 
    low, but make a big group and you got yourself a cavalry 
    team.  Combine them with horse archers for great effect.
    Cost:  High
    Attack:  medium
    Defense:  Low
    Ranged Attack:  Javelin
    Range:  hand-to-hand and medium range
    Good Against:  lightly armored units
    They can throw a javelin, but then they switch to a close 
    combat weapon until the javelin throw ability recharges.  
    Not a good choice for castle defense, but good for offense.
    Pictish Boat Warrior
    Cost: low
    Attack:  low
    Defense:  low
    Ranged Attack:  None
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  weak units
    There really isn't much of a use for this unit in heavy 
    combat.  It does have the ability to travel on water.
    Cost:  very low
    Attack:  good
    Defense:  low
    Ranged Attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  weak units
    A thief is a thief.  Once a thief, always a thief.  Now you 
    can use them against the enemy.  They look like farmers to 
    the enemy, so look for farmers that look suspicious.  Click 
    on him and press the "uncover" button.  Guards also can 
    catch them but must engage in combat.  You can steal gold 
    with thieves.  
    Monks can be created from a Monastery.  There are 2 types 
    of monks that don't cost too much.
    Fighting Monk
    Cost:  low
    Attack:  Medium
    Defense:  low
    Ranged attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  lightly-armored units
    (no comment)
    Warrior Monk
    Cost:  medium
    Attack:  Medium
    Defense:  medium
    Ranged Attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  lightly-armored units
    They are a bit stronger that fighting monks and have better 
    Siege Equipment and laddermen
    Siege equipment is great for offense, but does little for 
    great defense.  They are a bit on the expensive side, but 
    they all pack a decent punch.  Siege equipment require 
    engineers (that now come with them when built), so you will 
    need peasants.
    Engineer's Guild:  Hire engineers.  You can also make fire 
    billistas and catapults and the engineers will 
    automatically come with them.
    Siege Camp:  Make siege equipment here.  Click on it to 
    view the siege equipment you want to make.  Engineers will 
    automatically come with them.
    Cost:  Fairly high
    Attack:  Great
    Defense:  Good
    Ranged Attack:  Fling rocks
    Range:  Far
    Good Against:  Large groups of enemies
    They fling many rocks.  It's accuracy is very bad, so 
    targeting a large group is a great way to use one.  You 
    must build this on a tower big enough to hold it.  To make 
    one, click on the military buildings tab and click the 
    symbol for this.  Then place it on a tower that is big 
    Cost:  fairly high
    Attack:  Good
    Defense:  Good
    Ranged Attack:  Large arrows
    Range:  Far
    Good Against:  Armored Units
    They are fairly accurate and powerful.  Those knights, 
    however, can withstand a whole bunch of these (whoa!).  If 
    you fire it at a good spot, you can hit 2 enemies at once.  
    This must be built on top of a tower.  Repeat the steps for 
    making mangonels except using the ballistae icon.
    Battering Ram
    Cost:  Somewhat high
    Attack:  Good (only attacks walls and buildings)
    Defense:  Great
    Ranged Attack:  none
    Range:  Close
    Good Against:  Gatehouses, walls, and wooden buildings
    They are good for breaking down walls and it can withstand 
    a lot of arrows.  The only bad thing is that it is slow and 
    melee attackers can bring this thing down in a couple of 
    Siege Towers
    Cost:  Somewhat high
    Attack:  None
    Defense:  Great
    Ranged Attack:  None
    Range:  Close
    Good Against:  None
    It is basically a giant ladder.  Have this "attack" a wall.  
    Then units can climb onto walls using the tower.
    Large Siege Tower
    Cost: a little higher than regular STs.
    Attack:  None
    Defense:  Great
    Ranged Attack:  None
    Range:  Close
    Good Against:  none
    The Large Siege Tower can hold archers on top of them to 
    provide great protection.  It also does all of the normal 
    siege tower's things.
    Cost:  Medium-high
    Attack:  Great
    Defense:  Medium-high
    Ranged Attack:  Rock
    Range:  Pretty long
    Good Against:  Walls, buildings, and units
    Catapults are good for bringing down walls.  They are not 
    useful for firing over walls or objects.
    Cost:  High
    Attack:  Great
    Defense:  Great
    Ranged Attack:  Rock
    Range:  Very Far
    Good Against:  Walls, buildings, and units
    Trebuchets fire up high making it useful for firing over 
    walls.  The problem with them is that once it is set up 
    somewhere, you can't move it.  Once you build a trebuchet, 
    it can move to its location to set up.  They take longer to 
    fire than catapults.
    Fire Ballista
    Cost:  Medium-high
    Attack:  Great
    Defense:  good
    Ranged Attack:  Big flaming arrow
    Range:  Far
    Good Against:  Units
    They can move around slowly and pick off targets.  If you 
    are lucky, you can hit 2 enemies at once.
    Cost:  Medium
    Attack:  None
    Defense:  Great
    Ranged Attack:  None
    Range:  No attack range
    Good Against:  none
    When you need to get the job done with infantry, you can 
    make a "cat" to shield soldiers from above.  No, this is 
    not the animal.  Just a name.
    Burning Cart
    Cost:  Medium-high
    Attack:  Burning good (fire damage)
    Defense:  Good
    Ranged Attack:  none
    Range:  Surrounding
    Good Against:  stuff that will easily fall to fire.
    Need to burn up something?  Two engineers will get a cart 
    full of hay and pitch.  Then they will light it on fire 
    making everything around it burn.
    Cost:  cheep
    Attack:  none
    Defense:  good
    Ranged Attack:  None
    Range:  none
    Good Against:  none
    These are basically shields to protect things at the front 
    line of battle.
    Cost:  Cheep
    Attack:  very low
    Defense:  low
    Ranged Attack:  none
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  None
    You only need engineers to get control of the oil smelter 
    and siege equipment.  They can also make tunnels.  Make a 
    tunnel entrance near enemy territory and they will dig.  
    Cost:  cheep
    Attack:  Very Low
    Defense:  low
    Ranged Attack:  None
    Range:  hand-to-hand
    Good Against:  none
    They can put ladders on walls so your troops can conquer 
    enemy walls.  They will go back to a siege camp to get 
    another ladder.  Very bad at combat.
    8.Building a Good Castle
    Make sure your economy is good, but you will need to make 
    walls to ensure your safety. 
    You have wooden and stone walls.  Wooden walls can be taken 
    down with melee weapons and stone walls now can't be harmed 
    with weapons except heavy power like catapults.  For wooden 
    walls, you can only make one layer at a time while for 
    stone walls, you can make up to three layers at a time.  To 
    do this, go to the castle buildings tab and click the icon 
    that lets you make three layers of stone walls at the same 
    time.  One block of wall costs 1 wood/stone.  NOTE:  In 
    order to access walls, make towers with entrances 
    connecting to them.  There is also a building called a 
    stairway.  It is as high as a stone wall, but it is 
    actually a stairway inside of it.  To get on top of wooden 
    walls (you can do that this time), make a wooden platform.
    Some towers allow you to mount some siege equipment and 
    some have arrow slits that allow archers to shoot at 
    enemies without suffering returning damage.
    Lookout Tower:  The highest tower in the game.  It doesn't 
    require that much stone.  At the top, only a few units can 
    fit.  There are no arrow slits and can't mount siege 
    Short Round Tower:  A short and round tower that can hold 
    siege equipment.  No arrow slits.
    Square Tower:  They are a bit bigger than lookout towers.  
    It has two arrow slits and can hold siege equipment.
    Tall Round Tower:  A tall round tower that can hold siege 
    equipment and has two arrow slits.
    Great Tower:  The strongest tower.  Also the biggest.  It 
    has FOUR arrow slits and holds siege equipment.  
    Horded Square Tower:  Provides defense for troops on the 
    top of the tower with cover until it burns off, turning 
    into a normal square tower.
    Horded Tall Round Tower: Same as a tall round tower, but it 
    has protection for units on the top until it burns off.
    NOTE:  Each tower has stairways.  When you are deciding 
    where to build your towers, look for the green arrow 
    telling where the entrance to the tower is.  
    Gatehouses are important if you want to leave your castle 
    and come back in.  To make a gatehouse, go to the castle 
    buildings tab and click on the gatehouse you want to use.  
    Click on the gatehouse to open and close it.  NOTE:  When 
    enemies get close, YOU MUST close it manually.  It doesn't 
    seem to close automatically.  And ALWAYS use wooden 
    gatehouses with wooden walls and stone gatehouses with 
    stone walls.
    Wooden Gatehouse:  Used with Wooden Walls
    Small Gatehouse:  A normal gatehouse for stone walls.  You 
    can make rolling logs and stone tippers on them (mentioned 
    Medium Gatehouse:  It is bigger and better than a small 
    one.  There is more room for troops.  Highly Recommended.
    Large Gatehouse:  Highly recommended.  It is even better 
    than medium ones, but this one has a moat.
    Sally Port:  Looks like a thick normal wall.  When troops 
    fall back to this wall looking thing, you can smash it into 
    a small gatehouse for your troops to get back into a 
    If you're going to live through any of this, you need a 
    good castle defense.  These are just the basics and more 
    advanced and helpful tips will come near the end of the 
    You have three kinds of traps to put around your castle.
    Man Traps:  Your enemy cannot see this.  Once an enemy 
    walks on this, spikes will pop up and kill the poor guy.  
    Then delete the trap and make a new one because it is now 
    completely useless.
    Killing Pit:  Ow.  They hurt.  Your enemy cannot see this.  
    It is larger than man traps, but there is something you 
    need to know.  In order for this thing to work, there must 
    be enough weight to make them fall inside.  A knight or 
    swordsman will work.  A bunch of spearmen will work, too.
    Pitch Ditch:  You need pitch to make this.  Place this 
    where none of your own buildings are near and your troops 
    should not get too close to it either.  Place a lot of 
    pitch ditches, but if you want maximum effect, make sure 
    that each one is adjacent to each other.  Then have an 
    archer stand on a wall and build a brazier near him.  The 
    archer can now shoot flaming arrows.  Select the archer and 
    tell him to shoot the pitch ditch.  Now it will go up in 
    flames.  Enemies can't see this.  
    Besides troops, you can place some other stuff to help your 
    Brazier:  Archers can shoot flaming arrows if they are 
    close enough to it.  It can light pitch ditches and does 
    extra damage.
    Rock Basket:  Units that can't use ranged attacks can throw 
    big heavy rocks.  It is fairly a short range thing, but it 
    hurts.  Be careful where you place them, though.  If you 
    place archers near them, they will throw rocks.
    Stone Tipper:  Place them on the edge of your wall.  When 
    enemies are right at your wall, click on the stone tipper 
    and click the little icon that pops up.  It will drop a 
    bunch of stone rocks that does heavy damage.  Rocks will 
    recharge after a while
    Rolling Logs:  A new little trick that people really, 
    really like to see.  Place this at the edge of a wall.  
    Logs will roll until they stop for too long or go too slow 
    for too long.  They leave a trail of fire and do good 
    damage to enemies.  They will send enemies flying, so try 
    to send them flying into water (instant kill) or off high 
    places (not towers/walls, but tops of hills and stuff) for 
    great, great damage.  The higher the drop, the better.
    When making walls, make sure that there are NO open spaces 
    or else you will die quickly.  If your castle is at a 
    corner of a map, use that to your building advantage.  If 
    there are no corners, try to make your out walls stretch 
    out as big as possible to give your buildings some safe 
    space.  Try to make it look as round as possible on the 
    mini map.  Make plenty of towers, too.  When you want to 
    place troops on the wall, put some melee units on there to 
    push of ladders and fend off those who came up on them.  
    And make some braziers every few areas.  Since that rolling 
    logs and stone tippers cost a lot, put them at weak points.  
    If you have enough money for trebuchets, place them behind 
    walls to increase defense.  When you are on a hill, make 
    your walls around the higher points so your archers can get 
    better range and rolling logs get increased speed and 
    power.  Also, always have a good mix of archers and 
    crossbowmen.  And be careful of mangonels because they can 
    kill your own units and damage your own buildings.
    9.Kingmaker and Freebuild
    Kingmaker is like a skirmish mode.  Much like the one in 
    Stronghold: Crusader where you choose your opponent and 
    fight.  You can choose several opponents to fight.  There 
    are a variety of maps to choose from.  Only 8 players can 
    play in a game of Kingmaker.  When you select your players, 
    you can choose how much of an advantage you want over 
    computer players by looking at the peasant and knight on 
    other sides of a scale.  Clicking on the peasant's side 
    increases the money human players get while clicking on the 
    knight's side gives computer players an advantage.  Then 
    there are these symbols that tell what rank is everyone.  
    The rank will affect how much money you get and what troops 
    you get.  
    Then select a map.  You and the other players will have 
    different colors.  The castle icon tells you whose castle 
    and estate they control.  If you want to control other 
    estates, click the person's castle and click on one of the 
    flags and that player will start with that estate.  Then 
    once you play the game, you must defend yourself and 
    eliminate all other players.
    Freebuild is simply a game of peace.  Manage your economy, 
    make weird castle designs, whatever you want.  When you 
    feel like you can take on an invasion, press F1 to bring up 
    a menu telling you how big you want the invasion.  
    Small-Few weak enemies
    Medium-Some more enemies that are not very strong
    Large-Many enemies with strong units
    Very Large-Many many enemies with strong units
    When you select your invasion, you see a siege camp that 
    you must build.  Make it far from your castle since the 
    enemy will gather wherever you put this special enemy siege 
    camp.  You must survive the onslaught and destroy the siege 
    camp.  You can make multiple invasions at one time if you 
    10.Hints and Tips
    1.  Use rolling logs to damage enemies and buy some time 
    since logs knock them over.
    2.  When using rolling logs, try to knock off enemies from 
    high heights to inflict more damage.
    3.  When using ballistae and fire ballistae, try to knock 
    enemies off high heights to inflict more damage.
    4.  When using fire ballistae or ballistae, target a center 
    of a group to inflict damage to multiple enemies.
    5.  Stone tippers are very effective, but it has a very 
    short range.  Use them for gatehouses in case enemies bring 
    up battering rams.
    6.  Place killing pits and man traps around gatehouses.
    7.  You should place gatehouses and walls around the 
    entrance to your stronghold to buy your lord some time to 
    prepare for his final stand.
    8.  Place knights, swordsmen, and pikemen inside your 
    stronghold and crossbowmen on top of the stronghold.  Your 
    elite units are great for defending it.
    9.  To do serious rolling log damage, make 2 walls like 
    this:    |   |
             |  X|  X=rolling logs  
             |   |
    Obviously, connect one of the walls to your main wall for 
    defense and to lure enemies.  Once the enemy comes in 
    between those two walls, release the rolling logs and they 
    will knock the enemies over, bounce off the other wall, 
    then hit them again.  The distance does not matter but must 
    be close enough for it to bounce off the other wall.
    10.  Place trebuchets behind walls to provide extra 
    11.  Place pikemen inside towers.  They are good defense 
    12.  If there are any wolves or bears in the area, kill 
    them or make walls around your castles and let them live to 
    get your enemies.
    13.  When invading someone else's castle, use the burning 
    cart in between gaps in buildings to take out more 
    14.  Since your marketplace requires no resources and 
    workers don't need to get to them, build it on an island or 
    where nobody can get to it.
    11.Websites involving Stronghold 2
    Find cheat codes, faqs, reviews, and message board at
    www.gamespot.com (same as above except more news and 
    Find many reviews at
    Find movies at
    12.Questions and Answers
    Q:  I can't get my formations on walls.  How can I?
    A:  You can't use formations on walls so if you want a line 
    formation, you have to select them one by one and put them 
    in a line.  
    Q:  Help!  My archers are throwing rocks!
    A:  You made them stand to close to the rock baskets.  You 
    must delete the basket or move the archers away.
    Q:  Can crossbowmen shoot flaming arrows?
    A:  Nope.
    Q:  Can you still shoot cows from trebuchets and catapults?
    A:  Yes.  Click on them and click the cow icon and attack 
    where you want.
    Q:  Do I need to get rocks for my catapults/trebuchets?
    A:  Not anymore.
    Q:  Where do horses go when my knights go on foot?
    A:  Back to the stables.
    Q:  What the heck happened to my graphics?  The buildings 
    look like crap!
    A:  You need to buy a new graphics card.  Get one of those 
    ATI Radeon things.  If it still doesn't work, contact the 
    company.  It is not a glitch.
    Q:  What the heck happened to my sound?  People talk weird 
    and repeat some of the same stuff.
    A:  Well, for one thing, people are supposed to talk weird 
    but if the sound sounds like it got seriously messed up, 
    try a new sound card.
    Q:  Why does it take so damn long to kill knights?
    A:  Because they're so damn good.
    Q:  Can I dismount horse archers and light cavalry?
    A:  Nope.
    Q:  Why can't I make anymore stockpiles?  I can only get 3.
    A:  Hey, I'm wondering about the same thing here.
    Q:  Why didn't a red bar show up when I clicked on a 
    punishment in progress?
    A:  Download the 1.2 patch to get one.
    Q:  My popularity is suffering because of rats.  I need 
    A:  Falconers turn to being a criminal more often than most 
    other jobs.  Catch them.  It could also be because you 
    don't know where the rats are running around.  Zoom in very 
    closely until you see these little black figures with tails 
    running around.  Place the post around those areas and you 
    might be able to catch them.
    Q:  Alright then, but I see many rats in one group.  Will 
    the bird have to get every single one?
    A:  When the bird kills rats, it kills that whole group.
    Q: My criminals have been in the dungeon for a long time 
    and they are not punished.  What should I do?
    A:  It is some sort of glitch.  Destroy the 
    courthouse/dungeon and immediately make a new one.  The 
    criminals will be loose, so catch them again and they 
    should be punished.
    Q:  Can I place trebuchets on walls like in the third Lord 
    of the Rings movie?
    A:  No.
    Q:  Can I make a stairway to get on top of buildings?
    A:  yes, for some of them like the kitchen, courthouse, and 
    Q:  Can I make low walls like in Crusader?
    A:  No, you can only make high walls.
    Q:  Do any of the other Stronghold Characters return?
    A:  No.
    Q:  My game crashed after a while.  How do I stop this?
    A:  Well, it happened to me too.  Download the latest 
    patches to fix this.  The 1.2 patch can fix this one, not 
    the 1.1 patch.
    Q:  How much does Stronghold 2 cost?
    A:  around $40-$50 in the USA.
    Q:  Where is all the blood?
    A:  Good question.  I don't know either.
    Q:  Where are all the burning bodies?
    A:  Good Question.  I don't know either.
    Q:  Can you play this game with Gamespy Arcade?
    A:  yes, but on the main menu, clicking on multiplayer will 
    automatically bring you there, but you can't access it 
    using Gamespy Arcade.  You must connect to the server by 
    clicking on the multiplayer selection on the main menu.
    Email me at
    Describe your problem in full detail so I can understand 
    it.  If you need professional help, email the game company.

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