• Cheat Keys

    During game play, press ENTER to bring up the Chat bar. Type in "cheat keys on" to activate the functions listed below.

    Alt+F5+1,000 to all resources
    Alt+F9Speeds up selected research/building/unit in progress

    Contributed By: mikaa.

  • Cheat Mode

    Press [Enter] to input codes:

    cheat bird Creates a bird where your cursor is
    cheat die Kills anything selected
    cheat safe10 Submachine gunners are created
    cheat age researchcancel tour age researches
    cheat military researchcancel your civic researches
    cheat civic researchcancel your civic researches
    cheat commerce researchcancel your commerce researches
    cheat science researchcancel your science researches
    cheat sandboxControl all players
    cheat finishFinishes what you are building
    cheat nukeNukes where your cursor is
    cheat revealReveals the whole map

    Contributed By: Zen, Kblopes, and vegetarian_onos.

Rise of Nations Cheats


  • Cheats

    Hit ENTER and type in a code below

    cheat deploy Deploys the currently selected unit(s), if they are deploying units
    cheat damage (damage(o[,who]|select)[+|-]damage )Adjust damage to object
    cheat explore (explore[normal|explored|all])Change game explore config
    cheat safeCreates a lot of machine guns around every human capital
    cheat defeat (who)Defeat nation
    cheat achieveDisplay achievements
    cheat nukeDrop a Nuke at mouse position
    cheat birdDrop a Wild Bird at Mouse
    cheat finish (finish)Finishes selected building(s) or next item in queue
    cheat ally (who)Force alliance with nation
    cheat meet (who)Force encounter with nation
    cheat unmeet (who)Force encounter-off with nation
    cheat peace (who)Force peace with nation
    cheat war (who)Force war with nation
    cheat resource (resource[who][goodtype|all][+/-][amount])Give/take away resources
    cheat insert (insert[#]typename[who=RED][x,y])Insert unit or building at mouse loc
    cheat add (add[#]typename[who=RED][x,y])Insert unit or building at mouse loc
    cheat die (die[o[,who]|select])Kill object or all selected
    cheat age ([age]who)move to certain age
    cheat packPacks the currently selected unit(s), if they are packing units
    cheat pause (0-1)Pause Game
    cheat sandboxSets all players to human
    cheat diff (0-5)Sets difficulty
    cheat ai (on/off/debug)Sets the AI
    cheat ranges (1|0)Show combat ranges
    cheat age (age[age][who])Show or change age
    cheat library (library[level][who])Show or change all library tech levels for nation
    cheat civic (civic[level][who])Show or change civic level for nation
    cheat commerce (commerce[level][who])Show or change commerce level for nation
    cheat military (military[level][who])Show or change military
    cheat military (military[level][who])Show or change military level for nation
    cheat science (science[level][who])Show or change science level for nation
    cheat tech (who)[tech|all](on/off)Show or change technology
    cheat bbox (1|0)Toggle bounding box mode
    cheat reveal (reveal[1|0])Toggle reveal map
    cheat human (who)Turn off computer control
    cheat computer (who)Turn on computer control
    cheat victory (who)Victory for nation

    Contributed By: balder.

  • Faster Research and More Resources

    When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, press enter to bring up the chat and type in: cheat keys on. Then press enter. No dialog box should come up. Now just press the following buttons to get exactly what you want.

    Alt+F5+1000 to each resource
    Alt+F9speeds up creation on selected building

    Contributed By: Yengeon.


  • Editing units

    Doing this can allow you to change stats of units.

    First find your rise of nations folder. then go to the ''data'' folder. Find the file called ''unitrules''. right-click on it and go to properties. be sure to select only archive and disable read-only. open this document using preferable mircosoft word. Then be sure to read the information. Next you can edit any unit. Be sure not to change the names of the units this can cause errors

    Contributed By: makotech222.

  • Increase population limit

    PART I -- Find your Rise Of Nations folder in your Microsoft games directory in the program files folder in your C drive. Go into the data folder, and look for rules.xml, right-click the file and select open in notepad. Press Ctrl+F, and type in <POP_CAP> to search for it. From here you can edit the desired population limit entries in quotation marks. Also, search for and edit <MAX_POP_LIMIT> value and type in the same number that you entered for the last entry in the pop cap field.

    PART II -- Then press Ctrl+F, and search poplimits. Edit each category to the desired population cap you would like. Then type in the desired population limits in the data brackets under each category.

    For example, the end result would be:

    <POP_CAP entry0=''2500'' entry1=''5000'' entry2=''7500'' entry3=''10000'' entry4=''12500'' entry5=''15000'' entry6=''17500'' entry7=''90000 pop cap''/>


    <MAX_POP_LIMIT value=''90000 pop cap''/>


    <CATEGORIES id=''poplimits'' title=''Population:''>
    <CATEGORY name=''5000''>
    <DATA>5000 </DATA>

    Contributed By: The New Blueguy.

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Cheats


  • Faster Research and More Resources

    When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, press enter to bring up the chat and type in: cheat keys on. Then press enter. No dialog box should come up. Now just press the following buttons to get exactly what you want.

    Alt+F5+1000 to each resource
    Alt + F10Refills a selected unit's mana. Also recharges that unit's abilities. Can only be used on one unit at a time.
    Alt + F11Refills a unit's health. Can only be used on one unit at a time.
    Alt+F9speeds up unit creation, building creation, and research.

    Contributed By: Yengeon and Jobe11.

  • General Cheats

    Start Typing.

    Then put in one of the codes below

    /cheat mana (who-hero name) (+/-)numberadds mana to the hero
    /cheat resource (who) (what) (+/-)numberadds resources
    /cheat safeadds some Juggernauts and Air Destroyers around your capital (race does not matter)
    /cheat add eagle bomberCaraven
    /cheat explore (normal/explored/all)changes explore configurations
    /cheat damage (+/-) (number)Changes the amount of damage on selected units or buildings
    /cheat add death sphereDeath sphere
    /cheat add eagle bomberEagle bomber
    /cheat add elite sun idolElite Sun idol
    /cheat add fallen priestFallen Priest
    /cheat add fallen snakeFallen snake
    /cheat finishfinishes the selected building (can be used for units if building is making units)
    /cheat mapgengenerates a new map
    /cheat dominance (which) (whogives the desired dominance
    /cheat add glass horrorGlass horror
    /cheat add czinGod of death
    /cheat add chicken hallucinationHallucination
    /cheat add (number) (what)his adds a unit or a building to the locattion you are pointing with the mouse
    /cheat dieKills selected units or buildings
    /cheat add moon jackalMoon jackal
    /cheat add moon sentinelMoon Sentinel
    /cheat add obeliskObelisk
    /cheat tech (who) tech (on/off)researches all tech
    /cheat revealreveals the map
    /cheat add scout eyeScout eye
    /cheat add siege elephantSiege elephant
    /cheat add XilSun god
    /cheat add sun idolSun idol
    /cheat (ally,peace,war) (who)this forces peace, an alliance, or war with a player
    /cheat add unholy arkUnholy ark
    /cheat victorywin the mission

    Contributed By: jfhkdjfhkd, arun2212660, and jdt532.

  • List of force added Special units

    These are found by pressing enter and typing:/cheat add #(number of that unit) and the type of unit. An example is /cheat add 15 imperial musketeer.
    You get 15 groups of musketeers. Make sure you don't use plural words for this cheat and no capitalization(like shok). These are forced added units I found that can make your game lag if you put too much units.

    /cheat add (#) giant Creates a Queen Spider.
    /cheat add 1 AndromolekAndromolek
    /cheat add 1 ArriArri
    /cheat add 1 CarliniCarlini
    /cheat add (#) zekeCreates a scout form zeke.
    /cheat add (#) greatCreates sun idol.
    /cheat add(#) zeke (attack form) or (siege form)Creates the form that you entered.
    /cheat add 1 czinCzin,the God of Death
    /cheat add 1 death templeCzin's hidden temple (not revealed)
    /cheat add 1 DakhlaDakhla
    /cheat add 1 DamanhurDamanhur
    /cheat add (#) queen spiderFor some reason it makes a queen Salamander.
    /cheat add 1 GiacomoGiacomo
    doges hammergives you a doges hammer
    mega glass golemgives you a elder glass golem
    eldergives you a elder salamander
    false idolgives you a false idol
    master fire golemgives you a fire golem
    lavagives you a lava spider
    supergives you a super clock work man
    super juggergives you a super jugernaut
    turretsgives you a turrets
    sawugives you another sawu hero
    darkgives you the standard dark alin troops
    /cheat add 1 moonIx,the God of Moon
    /cheat add 1 moon templeIx's temple
    /cheat add 1 kakoolhaKakoolha
    /cheat add 1 lenoraLenora
    /cheat add (#) siegeMakes a siege zepplin.
    /cheat add (#) pirataMakes a useless pirata base ship.
    /cheat add 1 petruzzoPetruzzo the lord of miana
    /cheat add 1 SawuSawu
    /cheat add 1 shokShok,the Goddess of Storm
    /cheat add 1 rain templeShok's temple
    /cheat add 1 theThe Doge,Ruler of Venucci
    /cheat add 1 xilXil,the God of Sun
    /cheat add 1 sun templeXil's temple
    /cheat add 1 YontashYontash

    Contributed By: noobhunter634, RoMyths0000, and kie6921.

Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots Cheats


  • Faster research & building and free bonus resources

    When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, press enter to bring up the chat and type in &quot;cheat keys on&quot; (without the quotes) and press enter. No dialogue should come up. Now just press the following buttons to get exactly what you want.

    ALT + F5Gain 1000 of each type of resource
    ALT + F9This either complete finishes the research, building, or unit creation or gives you a significant boost towards creating/researching the selected unit

    Contributed By: Fiel.


  • In-Game Codes

    You can enter these codes by pressing the Enter key in-game. To make sure the codes work, substitute the bracketed area with the item you want to replace it with. For example, with &quot;cheat diff [0-5]&quot;, if you wanted it at its hardest setting, you change it to &quot;cheat diff 5&quot;.

    cheat diff [0-5]Change Difficulty
    cheat birdCreate Bird at Pointer
    cheat defeat [name]Defeat Player
    cheat dieDestroy Selected Unit/Building
    ffwd #(minutes)Fast forwards the game time by however many minutes you entered
    cheat finishFinish Selected Building or Item in Queue
    cheat safeGet Heavy Machine Gun Infantry
    cheat resource all+[#]Get Resources
    cheat library [#]Get Technology Level
    cheat nukeNuke at Pointer
    cheat reveal [0 or 1]Reveal Map
    cheat sandboxReveal Map and Control All Players
    cheat victory [name]Victory for Player

    Contributed By: eggman n3 and vegetarian_onos.

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