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"One of those short and sweet one timers"

Demon Stone is an Action game developed by Stormfront Studios. Note that the reviewer isn't your average Forgotten Realms fan, so expect just a simple review… also expect a good but extremely typical experience with this game…

Story: 4/10

Fate forces three characters, (fighter, mage, dark elf rogue), to meet each other in the battlefield and then get trapped in a big cave where they unleash a great evil and set off to seal it once and for all. Can you say cliché? Yes, of course you can, as you can also predict what will happen long before the game even start explaining all the small details. Not that the whole story is bad but it could be presented in a better way to make you feel more attached to it. What saves the plot is the background stories of the characters that are slowly revealed throughout the game, but only one character gives enough detail to satisfy you.

Graphics: 7/10

Very good graphics I must say. The best thing in graphic terms, are the characters who although have a typical look, are well designed and have very good animation with the Rogue having standing out with the best animation quality in the game. Also your characters change appearance throughout the game when changing equipment. Enemies consist of goblins\orcs, Trolls, snakemen and stuff like that and all have good design too. The various sets look quite good also but they have the same problem with the rest of the game, VERY TYPICAL!!! A castle, a swamp, a cave, a forest and a dragon's hideout are some of the places you'll have to visit. The camera positioning although doesn't create problems is fixed instead of being allowing you to rotate it in order to enjoy the view. But of course that's nitpicking. Finally the special effects are good but not special, fireballs, thunderbolts… the usual…

Sound: 6.5/10

What you would expect from a game like this and nothing more. Swords clinging, spell casting sounds, arrows flying around, explosions and the various enemy screams\roars. Voice acting is ok and not too “medieval”, (this is something good for me actually). Music is at the same level with the rest of the game, good but forgettable.

Gameplay: 4/10

What about the core of the game? In Demon stone you have three characters and you control them all at once, actually you control one character and the rest are in some sort of auto-pilot. Of course you can toggle between these characters in real time. You can set the AI of your characters to offensive or defensive but keeping them as they are would do you no harm actually. Fortunately the AI is quite good making characters smart enough not to fight blindly without caring about their survival. You can make some basic attacks or use some combos in order to pull off some better moves, but don't expect something special though, just right click - right click – left click – right click and things like that are what you'll have to learn. Of course each character has its pros and cons. The fighter is… a fighter, the rogue can make instant kills or become temporarily invisible when stepping on certain areas and the sorcerer has good ranged attacks. Another thing available are the special moves that are the typical massive attack skills available in most of the older fighting games and can be used after you fill an energy gauge by hitting enemies. If you manage to fill all three gauges you can perform a special three-character explosion that looks quite good.

But are the battles fun? The answer is, for a while yes. You see, in 90% of the game you fight big waves of bad guys that don't actually require some great strategy to beat them thus making the battles annoyingly repetitive after a while. The bosses are much better but then again nothing too special. After completing a stage, you buy some items and skills and then start over again in a new stage.

A train has more freedom to move than you since the game is extremely linear and doesn't even have some secret items or something. Finally it lasts only for a couple of hours making it a short but fortunately sweet experience.

-Teamwork gameplay since you control three characters at once
-Good graphics with great character animation and design

-Predictable and very typical storyline
-Repetitive gameplay
-Short and very linear

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Overall: 5.4/10

Don't buy it and don't rent it. Borrow it and play it, but just don't spend a single coin for it…

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/22/08

Game Release: Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (EU, 02/11/05)

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