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"Age of Empires at it's finest"

If you haven't played this series, this is the game to get to start.

This game (like the others) - include a tutorial on how to play the game, so you can get a feel for what to do, and how to move your units around. Including in the Tutorial is campaigns for several Hero's, including Joan Of Arc, El Sid, Attila The Hun and more.

Aside from the campaign when you play On-line, or offline you can choose between numerous civilizations, and each having their own Hero . Which makes each civilization, that much more unique. Adding to this, each civilization gets special bonuses in which the other civilizations do not get. Some bonuses include; extra villagers, extra food, faster Trade-Carts, higher HP, plus a lot more. Each Civilization receives at least 3 bonuses, as well as a Special Unit. Each civilization has a different Special Unit - which can be granted when in the right Age.

There's countless maps to play on. Anything from a drab, dry desert where vegetation is slim, to a heavily wooded forest where you might even need Siege(fire) equipment for some quick escape and attacking routes! But it's not only for land lovers! Plenty of Water maps, including where each civilization will get their own island, or even maps looking like the earth!

This game includes several game modes. A few in which I feel are the most popular are: Conquest, Death Match, and Regicide. Conquest is where you go through the map, conquering all the civilizations and opponents, until they submit / give up. Death Match is explained in it's name. It's a fight to the death. Each civilization is given an ample amount of resources to help build their Army quickly - to defend against on coming attacks. The opponents will play until every military unit is defeated, and they are out of resources. Regicide is where you guard your king. If your King dies, your team Loses. Each Civilization is given a little amount of resources, an has to build up their Army slowly in order to protect he King.

The multi-player for this game, is what gives this game it's replay value. Even after playing the campaign, and playing this game for hours and hours on end on-line, you can still turn it on and play the AI.

This game has great replay value - especially since it includes an offline multi-player of up to 7 additional AI opponents, or team mates.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/20/09

Game Release: Age of Empires II: Gold Edition (US, 08/24/01)

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