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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NostalgicX

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    Super Text Twist
    Document Version: 1.00
    By Topher Tweten [dragon_eye398@hotmail.com]
       NostalgicX, SuperNova, NOVA
    · 06. CREDITS
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    -                           01. LEGAL AGREEMENTS                              -
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    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
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    Websites that are currently allowed to host this guide are:
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    The only website I will regularly upload the newest versions of my guide to
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    it is in your sole responsibility to keep up to date.
    -                           02. INTRODUCTION                                 -
    Well, this is a guide way far off of the usual types of games that I play, but
    I'll give you some insight on why I'm writing it and what purpose this will
    Just about everyday of my life, I am forced to wait to get on the computer,
    while someone is playing Super Text Twist. It's always, "Let me finish this
    level. I'll minimize it and finish later." With such a pro at this game living
    in my house, I decided to just watch the game being played how it should be
    instead of waiting around text messaging people or just making an attempt at
    sleeping on the couch.
    Anyways, I'll just cut to the chase. I learned uber 1337 strategies from
    watching someone who gets a minimum of 100 000 points every game. In this
    guide, I'll teach you some basic strategies to achieving this and hopefully
    with enough practice and vocabulary growth, you'll be able to overcome this
    standard in the Text Twist leaderboard.
    -                           03. HISTORY OF JUMBLE                             -
    Text Twist was based off of the popular 1954 game, Jumble. Jumble was created
    by Martin Nadle (aka. Naydell or Dell & Nadel), and is one of most important
    properties of Tribune Media Services, which holds the rights to the JUMBLE
    trademark. Daily and Sunday Jumble puzzles are featured in hundreds of 
    newspapers even today, more than 50 years later.
    Jumble puzzles found in newspapers often have four-base Jumbles. Once these
    base Jumbles are solved, a player uses the circled letters of each base
    Jumble word to obtain a new set of letters. This set of letters will then
    complete a phrase or sentence. The correct answer usually involves some sort
    of visual or verbal pun, relating to an illustration and its caption published 
    with the puzzle.
    TextTwist, a Java game by GameHouse, is similar to Jumble. Players form words
    from a set of six scrambled letters, and must find at least one 6-letter word
    using all the letters to get to the next round. Additional points are granted
    for words using at least three letters.
    The original version of TextTwist was a freeware edition and had limited
    features. This version is featured over several different websites, each of
    which has their own high score board. The latest edition of TextTwist,
    Super Text Twist, was released on December 12, 2001 to the United States.
    Soon after, a worldwide pay-download was embarked. This newer version of the
    game didn't really offer anything much extra compared to the freeware version
    other than an expanded vocabulary and the ability to save your own highscores
    in your own board.
    -                           04. GAME STRATEGY                                 -
    Sounds easy enough, right? There are either six or seven letters and you must
    solve as many words as possible within the time limit. In order to pass on
    to the next round, you MUST solve at least one word using all the available
    Since you'll just lose the game if you don't solve the largest word, you must
    take an approach that will help you solve the Winning Word (WW). It doesn't
    even matter if you solve for anything other than the WW, but you'll want to
    get as many words as possible to increase your score.
    Solving the WW right away doesn't come naturally to all people, so I'll try
    my best to explain some ways to approach this easier. Go for the smaller
    words first and build upon that. If you establish even a few three letters,
    I can almost guarantee that you can get more words if you follow these steps:
    · Pluralize the words you have
        Add an "S" or "ES" to any solved word right after guessing
    · Reverse your three letter words
        Many three letter words of the English language make another
        word by reversing the order of the letters.
        ie. NAT > TAN
            NIT > TIN
            PIT > TIP
    · Be smart about what you guess
        Do you really think that the word you're guessing is a real
        word? If it actually is, do you think it would be a common
        enough word to be in an outdated game's dictionary?
    · Make use of the Twist option
        Similar to other word games such as Boggle, taking things
        from a different point of view can make all the difference.
        By hitting the Twist button, the letters will rearrange in
        a random order. You could even fluke out and find some words
        in the newly found order!
    · Practice makes perfect!
        If you play this game enough, your vocabulary will grow and
        you'll find yourself using small words that you never would
        have used in your lifetime. Hell, you might not even use the
        word, but at least you know it exists. Through practice, you
        may even stumble upon a puzzle that you've come across in
        the past and you can use this to your advantage.
    -                           05. VERSION HISTORY                               -
                                   - Version 1.00 -
    Version Updates:
      Version 1.00 - March 15, 2008
         First Draft
    -                            06. CREDITS                                      -
    Teresita Tweten
      Forcing me to witness this game out of boredom
      Information on Jumble
    |                         (c) Christopher Tweten 2008                         |

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