Review by gonepostal90

"Great game, poor graphics"

Story- 9/10
Carl Johnson a gangsta from Los Santos that left the hood because his brother died returns to bury his dead mom. Carl will then find himself on a journey across the state. The story is well written but will often confuse you especially if you don't know what some of the Ebonics mean.

Sound- 10/10
The game has an extremely realistic sound. The punches sound fake but I can live with that. The radio DJs change after recent events around the state especially WCPR. The news is about recent events mostly pertaining to CJs adventures and some other things that CJ never witnesses.

Controls- 7/10
Controls are easy to get used to but can be lacking, vehicle's often turn to sharp causing you to crash. If your used to past GTA games you should probably pay a visit to the options menu because of the changed controls.

Graphics- 5/10
Even on a top of the line computer San Andreas graphics are lacking. They are a slight improvement from Vice City but are still a great disappointment. No independent fingers and bland textures. The best looking thing is the cars and the Ventura's casino signs.

Gameplay- 9/10
The game has great and fun features, drive-bys, dancing, bouncing, fence-jumping, customizable character, and the first GTA game that allows you to swim. The customizable character was lacking though maybe some more clothes and haircuts would do it.

Missions- 8/10
Some of the missions can be difficult but are none the less fun. Race and chase missions are easily the hardest. The actual in your face missions are extremely fun. A lot of different mission types keep the game going. Some are very interesting and others are dull.

OVERALL- 10/10
This is a great game it is only lacking in one department but Rockstar has done it again and pissed of Washington doing it. This is easily one of the greatest games I've played in years.

Buy, Rent or Pass- Buy
This game is worth buying you'll never have time to play all of the missions if you only rent and with a $20 price tag its hard to resist. The game is extremely innovative and definitely a good deal.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/13/07

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