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"Best of the six GTA games on computer."

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is now finally on PC, and it definitely up there for being one of the best games on PC, however it is still not perfect graphic wise… Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the sixth of the GTA series, and probably is the best one to date. Mainly because there are plenty of new features and missions to try out.

Game play: The game play of this game is what makes up for the blotchiness in the graphics. There are heaps and heaps of new things that have improved. For example, you can no longer stuff your face at the pizza shop with out turning fat. Also you can turn your guy (CJ) into a tank by working out at the gym. You can also get stamina my either working out at the gym, or just running or riding your bicycle around. There are plenty of missions yet again, including missions on the side of the main storyline. Also these missions are a variety, some require you to take someone's life away, and others simply require learning how to fly a plane.
Another fantastic thing that Rock-star games have added into GTA, is that you can not only change the outfit and hairstyle of your character, but you can also do up his car! There are plenty of new added cars in San Andreas, and you can do up most of them at garages, this included adding NOS to your car to make it faster. There are also plenty ways to travel around San Andreas, plane, car, taxi, boat, helicopter, motorbike and bicycle.

Story: The story is good in this game, because it is very entertaining and surprising and there is a lot to do before you can complete the game 100%...a hell of a lot to do. In this story you mission is to get your old gang back into power in San Andreas, while also trying to find out who killed your mother. There are well over 70 missions to complete before you can finally complete the story mode.

Graphics: There is nothing special about the graphics in San Andreas, but you can tell that the designers have tried their best to make the graphics make the game as fun as possible to play. One problem that there is with the graphics of this game, is that sometimes objects seem to appear out of nowhere, for example buildings, mountains, and even tress. So it can be very difficult to fly an aeroplane around in the countryside, because there will be trees magically appearing in front of you. However the game play makes up for the very little mistakes and mishaps in graphics.

Final Word: GTA: San Andreas is a fantastic game, and to be perfectly honesty, you could find yourself playing this game all day and all night without getting bored, because there is just so much stuff to do! Even once you do manage to pass the story mode missions; there is still territory to take over, car and motorbike races to win, and lots and lots of items to collect. My advice is to not bother renting the game, just get your hands on it as soon as possible, because you will have a great time playing this one.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/07/05

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