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Many people complain that GTA San Andreas is basically a glorified Sims with Guns and Violence, but I completely disagree, from what I know about the Sims, Sims is basically the process of living through a day, doing the same things…all over again. San Andreas is nothing like that, nowhere near. San Andreas is a mixture of freedom, enjoyment and endless amounts of excitement. San Andreas is not any old game; it's a mixture of free roam, driving, racing, shooting, RPG, Strategy and many more. Of course, one feature may have a stronger influence than another, but the important thing is that you choose what you want to do and what you can do.

San Andreas Structure 9/10

The San Andreas city and Island structure is one of the best I have ever seen and many people have ever seen, the features, shops, centres, stadiums you can visit and interact with are endless. There are three major states which to explore takes up immense amount of time anyway, but the main thing is, there's things to do and explore, even once you've finished the game.

Unlike Vice City, San Andreas doesn't really bore you that quickly, it has different areas with their own Characteristics, their own unique features, and you can't can really get to from the top of the first city to the bottom of the next city in two minutes, because the states have a nature and enlarged structure of roads and buildings which add to the excitement. But, there have been times in which you can get pretty fed up with the distance you have to travel and time it takes, for which I will take away a point.

San Andreas Gameplay

The Gameplay is much more realistic in SA compared to VC, for example, you have a wide range of aircraft to fly, helicopters and there is also a lot more to do. You are free to go to casinos and play mini-games, Pool being one of the most advanced. You can even play the Console featured in CJs own house. You have the choice of robbing houses at night, to going to clubs, to dating with your Girlfriends. There are also many sub-missions you can do in order to achieve your 100% Game completion target.

Of course the new addition of controls and features such as the ability to swim, parachute from the air really makes a big difference. I have also noticed that cars go much faster in the freeways in SA unlike VC, which was really annoying.


The missions have been more widespread and are more enjoyable in SA, since you have a large location to cover, you find yourself discovering new locations and uncovered more and more land. But however there are missions proving to be excessively boring. There are a wider range of missions and submissions fitting into different varieties and categories, adding to the enjoyment of the game.

Graphics, Sound and Radio

The graphics are better that VC, but it doesn't have a great difference. There are new shine-textures for the vehicles and many other new textures that enable a better visual quality, but the graphics is not really something to be excessively praised about. It's the same with the sound and the sound effects in the game.
SA also a has a new feature in the Radio which enables easy playback of a users choice of MP3s or audio tracks.

Demand for PC Specs

San Andreas (IMO) has a high demand on computer specs, when first install the game would really stutter and the performance would be horrible, I own a 512mb system, even though it seems not much, San Andreas SHOULD be configured to handle at-least those specifications. The only way round the horrible Gameplay was to reduce from 32Bit to 16Bit, which, for me seems to be a great loss in colour and visual quality. SA also takes up 4.7GB of space compared to the minute 1GB taken by VC.


Even though V2 is claimed to be ‘Unmoddable', there are a few files that enable modification. But then again I don't really see myself fantasizing over car and map modifications. There are quite a few mods out for SA, but not as many as were released for VC.


San Andreas is a great game, and serves its purpose to be enjoyable, never ending and just plain ‘fun' to play, and I clearly think it deserves a 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/12/06

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