Servant of the dawn mod under siege?

  1. When u are under siege like after u become the mythic dawn leader can you actually save the places from being taken over because everytime i go there i cant find the enemy who are supposed to be attacking.
    like the oblivion gate of kvatch i cant seem to stop it from being closed again.
    please help

    User Info: deadline320

    deadline320 - 8 years ago


  1. Yes you can save them. You just have to properly protect them and ensure that the attackers are distracted by attacking enemies at all times! Otherwise they'll just rush in and destroy the place or kill your priest.

    Sometime during the quest you should have gotten a staff that has a paralyze radius effect that lasts two seconds. That works great for stopping the attackers. Also you should position some defenders near where the attackers come in and definitely have at at least 4-5 defenders around the key point.

    If all else fails open up the console, select the attackers one by one, and type in "kill" for each of them. That will save you from having the place destroyed this time, but in the future you should go with the more legitimate solution of setting up a good defense.

    Also remember that Servant of the Dawn comes with a guide.

    User Info: JC_Phoenix

    JC_Phoenix (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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