Anyone know a way around purification?

  1. Not so much around the whole quest, just killing everyone. I know I could just kill one, then reserrect, then kill another, then resurrect, but that's on the cheating side, and I'm trying to run at least one one clean character, lol. (that's how I did it in my other files, but I want to do one without any cheats what-so-ever).

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    malikhithdstryr - 8 years ago

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  1. Nope, no alternate solution.

    User Info: BadProfessional

    BadProfessional (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. First, THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! Thats funny how they set it up. I forget his name, but the khajiit that doesn't like you, he apologizes for being so mean. You want to kill him before, but now you have to, and maybe, don't want to

    User Info: Lilhieb10

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  2. There is/was a mod called "Whispered Warning" I can't remember if it worked but you told that to the people you wanted to keep, and 24 hours later (I think) was a replacement. You killed the replacements and you fufilled the requirement of the purification. After you finished the quest line, they'd go back to the Sanctuary.

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  3. You have to kill them. If you want to Advance in the brotherhood anyway. Even cheats wont work because there are replacements later on. A mod would probably work, but if you have a problem with cheats you might have a problem with the mod....
    Well, no way around it without the use of alterations to the game.
    Here is the mod file if you want it though:

    Story is they fake their own deaths and go into hiding then come back and you complete the quest.

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  4. Without modding, there is no alternative. It's the storyline and you'll have to live with it. Try to buy any equipment from M'raaj Dar, the spells with stay because when you complete the Dark Brotherhood storyline, some murderer with sell it.

    User Info: Poseigod

    Poseigod - 7 years ago 0 0

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