Where to find good equipment when starting off?

  1. Any1 know any good locations for good starting equipment (easily procured) like the sword of white woe from morrowind?

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    balrog_lord - 8 years ago

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  1. A list of all items that can be accuired at level one.


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  1. Look in the Faqs for Fin Gleam, and also umbra, if you turn the difficulty way down and manage to do some damage you might just kill her.

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  2. If you sign up for mages and fighters guilds you can take weopaons and armor and buy spells from them

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  3. Or go to oblivionitems UESPWiki

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  4. Joining the fighters guild can get you a Silver Long Sword and half a set of steel in Anvil if you look around you can find steel items for sale [most case's a shop will have a helm, an other will have the boots] just keep looking you will find things.

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  5. If you do the Azani Blackheart quest and you kill Azani, it gives you Sinweaver, an enchanted elven claymore.

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  6. If you join the fighters guild in a display case in anvil fighters guild there is a elven cerimonial cuirass?

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  7. The ceremonial items in the fighter guild houses are worthless.

    You can pick up a silver bow and some steel/Legion armor northwest of Bruma by watching two imperial foresters fight each other and looting the corpse of the loser. There is a fine steel bow and two magical arrows on top of Fort Nikel. You can get the Honorblade sword by completing the Missing at Birth quests starting in Chorrol.

    More difficult: You can kill Umbra (swords and armor) and the Uderfrykte Matron (Frostwyrm bow) at level one by using a lot of Damage Fatigue + Damage Health poisons (35-40).

    If your game is not patched you can get permanent-glitch bound armor and weapons from blue doom stones.

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