Shadowmere is missing, she's not even at Fort Farragut?

  1. (I'm going to put some stuff in here that may be usless, but I think it may help figure out where she is.) So I had fast traveled to go into a farm (i don't remember which) and Shadowmere was beside me, when I first arrived there. After I went in, I killed some girls, (I haven't played in a couple of days, so I don't remember what the quest was called, but it's where I have to go see that gang of only girls, and they steal from only men, and they wanted me to join, but i didn't so i had to kill them) and finished the quest. I also went to sleep in the farm, and turned into a vampire! (I didn't even know i got biten...) When i left SHadowmere wasn't there, but i didn't pay it much attention. I then fast traveled to Imperial City, and did some random stuff there. I then left and fast travled to Wawnet inn, and that's when I noticed that she was no longer following me to places. I couldn't find her, so i fast traveled to Fort Farragut, because i heard that if you lose her, she goes there. She wasn't! I soon got annoyed of not having Shadowmere to ride, so i bought a paint hore. He then died, and, once agasin, I am left horseless. I don't want to keep having to buy new horses, since they cost 500g. Also the guy who gave her to me is dead, for I'm the listener in the Dark Brotherhood. Can someone please tell me where Shadowmere is!! (Sorry for all the extra crap, I didn't know if I should put that or not, since i don't even know why Shadowmere left me.)

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    GamegirlTay - 7 years ago
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    Okay, thank you!!

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  1. One of the things you should know is that when you fast travel, with ANY horse (especially Shadowmere and the Unicorn), if the horse seems to be walking away from you when you get somewhere, then you need to mount and dismount them to get them to stay in one spot. If the horse you leave somewhere is attacked by an enemy, it will either be killed or, in the case of Shadowmere, start walking home. Try going back to the last place you knew you had Shadowmere and start walking to Fort Farragut. Make sure you don't walk over mountains. Shadowmere's script forces it to walk the path of least resistance so mountainsides are a no go. The wiki for Oblivion says that it can take weeks (in game time) for Shadowmere to return to the Fort where you first got it. If you are need of Shadowmere, walking to find it is often faster that waiting at Fort Farragut. Remember, whenever you're active in world so are all the essential/non-essential NPCs, enemies, guards, horses, deer, and Shadowmere. This means Shadowmere can, and will, be attacked and knocked out. This makes Shadowmere's journey back to Farragut all that much longer since it will be attacked often and never usually fully recovers it's health between being attacked. I hope you find Shadowmere. Good luck!

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  1. Could also try these console commands:
    <b>prid 00032BF5</b>
    <b>moveto player</b>

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