Fast Travel Glitch because of cheat?

  1. First I attacked Sheogorath for funz, ofcourse he sent me to the heavens, then I used the console to type "EnablePlayerControls" and "tgm" to make sure I wouldn't die when I land..
    And then afterwards I went to do some castle killed some things here and there, scavenging treasures.

    Finally I went out and I noticed when I try to use Fast Travel, that I can't and it says " Fast Travel is currently unavaible for this location".
    Now I know this is because Sheogorath send me to the heavens, making me unable to use Fast Travel while he puts certain death on me.
    But I was wondering if anyone knows how I can undo this so I can use Fast Travel again?
    Maybe by using some console code?

    Thanks in advance,


    User Info: Akkikram

    Akkikram - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I thought about that and tried it with the quest called "The Antipodean Hammer" and I failed. :S
    I didn't change location at all.
    Maybe it will work if I do that with a other quest..
    What I did try though was visiting another city, and I even visited Sheogorath again to see if it would undo it.
    But no, that didn't work either. T.T

    Maybe you can explain to me how "movetoqt" exactly works?

    User Info: Akkikram

    Akkikram - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I would just set a quest with a specific destination as your active quest and use movetoqt

    i think what happened is that he sends you to a low-def version of the SI landmass when you attack him, and since it's not meant to have anyone walking around on it, it doesn't have a fast travel option available, and the fast travel gets stuck on "off" somehow

    User Info: chris930

    chris930 - 8 years ago 1 0

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