Count Hassildor is stalking me?

  1. Ever since I've taken the vampire cure quedt from vount Hassildor he's been popping up everywhere!! First time was in my jail cell when i went to jail, creeped me out, second time was two days later when i recieved a message frim gray fox, he was standing behind the messanger, third time was whule I was in the middle of assasinating a dark brotherhood target, and last was after I was released frim Burma jail, he was just standing infrint of the castke... Is thus meant to happen!?

    User Info: Ryol

    Ryol - 7 years ago


  1. May be a bug or something like this. I got stalked by people because they wanted to say something to me to a quest, but there's was a bug that they didn't say until i asked them, so they just were stalking me the whole time. Have you tried to talk to him?

    User Info: Leonard77

    Leonard77 - 7 years ago 0 0

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