How to uninstall oblivion and remove the mods with it?

  1. I have to many mods on my game and they are messing up my game and most of the mods i dont use so i decided to try and take the all off so then i uninstalled oblivion hoping that it would remove the mods too then when i installed it again the mods where still there,is there a way to take the mods off when i uninstall the game? Help!

    User Info: thomaspaquette

    thomaspaquette - 7 years ago


  1. Navigate to where you installed Oblivion (usually C:\Program Files\Bethesda\Oblivion)
    In the data folder is where all the mod files are located, though I recommend you uninstall before deleting all the files in there.
    Oh, and check for any mods that have an uninstall process of their own.

    User Info: jadems_evolved

    jadems_evolved - 7 years ago 0 0

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