Why do shadows flicker?

  1. When i set my shadows, int and ext, including self shadows on, shadows flicker on people's faces. Now let me mention that when i first installed the game (i have the GOTY edition) i didn't have this problem. But one day whilst starting up a game, it happened - just like that.

    My pc is top of the line so no need to comment on my specs. I would also like to mention that my power supply fried so i got a replacement AND THAT'S when the shadows problem started, once i put my replacement PS back in i mean. PS was installed the right way. I even reinstalled Oblivion but nothing helps except turning shadows off.

    User Info: nickstick111

    nickstick111 - 7 years ago


  1. turn off self shadows.

    they ONLY appear when your characters shadow is cast on someone, and they flicker like that.
    3rd person shadow is still there.

    User Info: treetop

    treetop - 7 years ago 0 0

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